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Deborah Fitchett

Deborah Fitchett

Fully paid up Library Society of the World member, and digital access services coordinator.
Oh so I'll be in Melbourne for a few days next week for work-stuff if anyone I know wants to do dinner. Also please put on good weather thx.
So that's why it lands butter-side down. RT @SarahLibrarina: “@owlcity: whoa.”
RT @AlisonWnz: Any libraries got events planned for Open Access week this year?
I think I need to write a paper on "When all you've got is a hammer: solving all of libraryland's problems with javascript bookmarklets".
You saying bookmarklet are not a good idea? - aaron from YouFeed
They are how we attempt to inject the library back into the researchers' work flows. I think that they can provide some useful services, but wonder what a well designed "research support browser" might look like. Zotero already does a bunch of the stuff that libraries create bookmarklets for. - DJF from Android
New blogpost: Te Wiki o te Reo: on learning the useful languages
Te Wiki o te Reo: on learning the useful languages -
RT @CC_Aotearoa: Welcome to Te Wiki o te Reo Māori! A good time to announce that we're translating the Creative Commons 4.0 licences into te reo Māori.
RT @CC_Aotearoa: I'm proud to announce the launch of NZCommons, a site dedicated to opening up Aotearoa NZ's culture and knowledge:
RT @temihinga: Tīhau Atu! 7 te reo Māori words for tweeps Te Wiki o te Reo Māori #tekupu .@DigitalMaori
Who wants to come work with me? Digital Access Analyst job at @LincolnULibrary - really great place to work!
By contrast, no-one on Facebook expected that their feeds would be manipulated to see if it would make them more depressed. That's not okay.
Look, manipulating people into buying things isn't very ethical but it's *expected*: most people know what they're signing up for.
RT @brenda09: Check out a game for learning NZ Sign Language. World first! #nzonair #digitalmediafund
RT @TeachingConsult: Contribute here to "a free legal notice that Māori can use to release cultural works more openly": | @CC_Aotearoa
Term I never knew I needed until I saw it: ASCII-betical sorting.
RT @kiwialexNZ: After 2 years of research with @chawnerb, our article is live :) Explores the restriction of NZ public domain books:
New blogpost: Random XMPPHP note with autobiographical footnote
Random XMPPHP note with autobiographical footnote -
#FridayFreeStuff wasn't enough for me so I started @freeasinsmiles to tweet an open access site a day. Haven't got bored or run out yet. :-)
RT @CameronNeylon: .@Impactstory Research finds privilege, success and luck get circular reinforcement in a cultural system #surprisedface ;-)
Testing software. Find replicable bug. Start writing report. Try to replicate to facilitate memory. Bug no longer exists. Yay?
RT @jransom: You read it here first folks: the Koha NZ trademark is now safely registered to Te Horowhenua Trust #kohails for the win
There's a website for sharing flies. I love the world.
RT @flashman: This is a quintessentially 21st century photo
Wow, I didn't realise there were so many cyber farmers around. RT @PressNewsroom: Demand rising for organic farmers
That point in doing your lit review when you switch from "There are no papers about this!" to "Why are there so many papers about this?"
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