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Deborah Fitchett

Deborah Fitchett

Fully paid up Library Society of the World member, and digital access services coordinator.
A thing I'm thinking about trying if it seems like a good idea: Would you visit/use a time capsule website?
RT @openaccess_oz: BETA: ‘JournalGuide’ service for authors with info about speed, responsiveness, OA status and commentary on journals
RT @rtfeldman: This inverted Y-axis is brilliant! "Crap, this shows the exact opposite of what we want." "Wait, EXACT opposite?"
Could be really useful for when vendors send us screeds of statistics in PDF form. #ttrtpt
Just tested this - fantastic! RT @neerav: free software to get the data tables out of PDF files
Coining "sisyphean scroll" for when you move to click a link in the footer but more results appear and push it down out of reach again.
oh, I am so going to use that - Christina Pikas
I heart this page if for no other reason than it correctly defines "gold open access".
RT @aarontay: Can you help? Looking to study Uni libs membership privileges for short term contact,alumni, affiliated staff etc -
The librarian in the context of eResearch #vala14 #s43 -
Professional development in the social media age #vala14 #s36 -
Customary practice when the law says ‘No’ #vala14 #s34 -
Bringing maker culture to cultural organisations #vala14 #p5 -
Loyalty cards for scholarly publishing -
The Top 6 Reasons This Infographic Is Just Wrong Enough To Sound Convincing - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal -
The Top 6 Reasons This Infographic Is Just Wrong Enough To Sound Convincing - Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
That is probably the most meaningful and useful infographic I have ever seen. Thanks! - Walt Crawford
I admit I thought of you when I saw it. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
Reporting a crime to the police (aka my #roastbusters post) -
For those outside New Zealand: I've put a trigger warning on this post, but there ought to also be an even bigger one on that hashtag for discussion of rape and the reporting thereof. - Deborah Fitchett
"The ReDBox (Research Data Box) system provides organisations with the ability to describe research data and make these descriptions (metadata) available to national/global registers. These registers allow researchers from around the world to locate and access research data. Primarily a research data registry, ReDBox provides workflows and interfaces for the creation of metadata. It is assumed that the actual research data (which can be very large) is hosted via another service. However, ReDBox does allow for the upload of data as well as supporting evidence files (e.g licences or IP statements)." - Deborah Fitchett
PREQUEL moves your data to SQLite3. The aim is to enable sophisticated queries over data that is currently stored in the wild as JSON, CSV and spreadsheet form. It is inspired by SQLShare, which aims to empower people by enabling them to access to a raw query interface. PREQUEL differs markedly however though, in that it seeks to give people access to structured data on their own machine rather than need to do that via the cloud. - Deborah Fitchett
Why DRM Doesn’t Work -
"or, How to download an audio book from the Cleveland Public Library" - Deborah Fitchett
Creating charts with Datawrapper -
"Datawrapper does three things: it makes it easy to generate charts, it allows you to embed them directly into your webpage (using an tag), and it is Open Source software (MIT license, Github repo here) so that you can help improve the code and host this service on your own." - Deborah Fitchett
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