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Deborah Fitchett

Deborah Fitchett

Fully paid up Library Society of the World member, and digital access services coordinator.
I bet this keynote was amazing to be at: "Science that cannot be seen, does not exist" (PDF link contains A++ slides)
Aw, it's really not all Eugene Garfield's fault. - Meg VMeg
New blogpost: The confusing jargon of free
More free image search engines -
"OpenHistoricalMap collaboratively stores and displays map data throughout the history of the world" - Deborah Fitchett
Argh. I love SQLshare. I've used it and want to again. But I login with Google account & now Google would force me to make G+ profile. D-:
Huh? I thought they were backing away from that. - Meg VMeg
A thing I'm thinking about trying if it seems like a good idea: Would you visit/use a time capsule website?
RT @openaccess_oz: BETA: ‘JournalGuide’ service for authors with info about speed, responsiveness, OA status and commentary on journals
RT @rtfeldman: This inverted Y-axis is brilliant! "Crap, this shows the exact opposite of what we want." "Wait, EXACT opposite?"
Could be really useful for when vendors send us screeds of statistics in PDF form. #ttrtpt
Just tested this - fantastic! RT @neerav: free software to get the data tables out of PDF files
Coining "sisyphean scroll" for when you move to click a link in the footer but more results appear and push it down out of reach again.
oh, I am so going to use that - Christina Pikas
Nature web focus: Access to the literature: the debate continues -
"For Reader Pays publishing, data on price and quality of journals are abundant. For the nascent Author Pays model, not much historical information is available and the academic world has not yet had time to adapt fully to the technological capabilities of the Internet. To predict the eventual shape of the academic publishing market, it is useful to think about the economic fundamentals of this industry and their likely effects." - Deborah Fitchett
Ten things you need to know about ORCID right now -
I heart this page if for no other reason than it correctly defines "gold open access".
phpA/B quick start guide -
Open source (PHP-based) A/B testing software. Requires Google Analytics to track/analyse - Deborah Fitchett
RT @aarontay: Can you help? Looking to study Uni libs membership privileges for short term contact,alumni, affiliated staff etc -
Lit Review: #PLOSFail and Data Sharing Drama | Data Pub -
Includes refutations of anti-data sharing arguments - Deborah Fitchett
Professional development in the social media age #vala14 #s36 -
Customary practice when the law says ‘No’ #vala14 #s34 -
Bringing maker culture to cultural organisations #vala14 #p5 -
TAPoR - Text Analysis Portal for Research -
Collects research tools for textual analysis - search/browse by tag. - Deborah Fitchett
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