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Michael Greene

Michael Greene

father of one, chess enthusiast, out-of-practice zen buddhist, caffeine addict, failed blogger, Maritimer-Vancouverite, urban hiker.
I crushed a 6.4 mi run with a pace of 8'40" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
Great-looking game - although the dice aren't great. Anyway, I look forward to busting it out with 3 or 4.
It's estimated to take 60 mins. With 2 players, it's more like 15, tops. Kind of felt "over before it began."
I've never even seen the show! - Drinking a Game Of Thrones - Fire And Blood by @BreweryOmmegang -
I just earned the 'Land of the Free' badge on @untappd!
I crushed a 8.1 mi run with a pace of 8'10" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
How much clickbait do I avoid on principle? The answer may surprise you!…
Oh well. I’m going to have to listen to a bunch of music I've never heard before… or I won’t “get” any of Weird Al’s new spoofs.
I need to unburden myself of a dark secret I’ve kept for many years… (sigh) Here goes… I’ve never seen Blade Runner. Or The Princess Bride.
This is a joke, right? LuluLemon’s runsie: the “running onesie”
LOL! RT @RobDenBleyker: .@Starbucks This morning your coffee was too strong + gave me a boner at work, very embarrassing. FYI
I crushed a 8.0 mi run with a pace of 8'22" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
Behold animal cruelty at its stupidest RT @BoingBoing: The world's fluffiest bunny rabbit.
RT @saladinahmed: Not until I see a verified account.
I crushed a 3.1 mi run with a pace of 14'16" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
Hey, when is the @13thAge Starter Set coming out? :)
I don’t know if PFRPG is the best #DnD, but I’m damn sure the Pathfinder Beginner Box kicks the arse off this “Starter Set” #dollar4dollar
It’s better than last time (circa 1980), because I didn’t need to colour in the dice numbers with a crayon. :) @farbrortheguru
Hurray for my #flgs! (Couldn't wait for Amazon.) #DnD
RT @Oatmeal: I've given it some serious thought
RT @theresa_lauren: And on this day in 1776, America screamed "WHATEVER, ENGLAND, YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM" and slammed its bedroom door.
I crushed a 6.0 mi run with a pace of 8'13" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
RT @Wizards_DnD: The free #DnD Basic Rules are out! Download, devour the rules, then start making characters and planning adventures!
I just earned the 'The Great White North (Level 4)' badge on @untappd!
Well, it SOUNDS like good news, but what the hell is “Yahoo Screen”? #community #season6
I crushed a 5.3 mi run with a pace of 8'6" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
RT @JKent__: A man walks into a zoo. The only animal in the entire zoo is a dog. It's a shitzhu.
I crushed a 8.4 mi run with a pace of 8'20" with Nike+ SportWatch GPS. #nikeplus:
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