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Michael Greene

Michael Greene

father of one, chess enthusiast, out-of-practice zen buddhist, caffeine addict, failed blogger, Maritimer-Vancouverite, urban hiker.
RT @BoingBoing: Zombie Dice game: eat brains, avoid shotguns.
RT @AlanWattsDaily: Language is full of spooks, like the “it” in “It is raining.”
RT @birdandegg: Yes, no, or maybe? I am firmly in the “yes” camp. RT @Edudemic: Should The Oxford Comma Exist?
I like my smoothies "upside-down-right thick"...
If you want a 2-player game timer for iOS that’s free & excellent, I might have had something to do with this one…
Broke out the shorts! 8 miles of sunny False Creek...
What’s the point, really…
Heh heh. #minimalrunning RT @TheOnion: "Jeez, is there even a word for what she’s doing?"
*Finally* got a print-copy of @Dungeon_World! I just rolled a 7 on Carouse & chose "You gain useful information."
A great talent for groundbreaking news satire “retiring” to host television’s oldest, saddest genre. #sadness
RT @usedwigs: Want to send a 4-year-old boy into a blind rage? Repeatedly tell him he’s wrong and you are positive their names are “Batman and Robert”.
…Be one thing if I had 100 e-chess games going but I develop insomnia and nosebleeds if I go over 5 at a time.
Is it sublimated contempt for the genre? Is “I F#$KING HATE SLOW CHESS” the secret I’ve been keeping from myself all these years?
If you spend LESS time thinking about your correspondence-chess moves than you do about moves in a regular game, why bother?
I live in Friendship Town!
Unfortunately for her, I can’t be with anyone whose winkies face right and smilies face left.
The lady knows a good thing when she sees it.
Ringing in #TableTopDay with Dominion!
RT @PocketHits: Every 25-Year-Old In America Should See This Chart - @bySamRo, @BusinessInsider - #MostSaved
20 miles... for SCIENCE (last long training run for the @BMOVanMarathon) #tapertime
By now I reckon we've sunk more than enough money, time & effort into assessing the scientific merits of the 5-second rule.
Hearthstone for iOS is a thing I currently can't get enough of, despite all the terrible losses...
Sometimes I think getting a divorce would be less effort than trying to permanently remove a Google-Talk contact.
Is Dungeon World a #dnd gateway drug, or a system you can settle into for the long haul?
RT @13thAge: Get 13th Age for just $9.99 at @DriveThruRPG for TableTop Day:
This SKYRIM glitch is weirdly hilarious. via @youtube
This SKYRIM glitch is weirdly hilarious. via @youtube
…machine. Which, incidentally, is required to escape the desert since you crashed your helicopter before the game started.
They are fundamentally similar cooperative games, but “Desert” executes it in a way that just seems more interesting.
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