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Michael Greene

Michael Greene

father of one, chess enthusiast, out-of-practice zen buddhist, caffeine addict, failed blogger, Maritimer-Vancouverite, urban hiker.
Check out this #chess game: DanielRensch vs DeepGreene - via @chesscom
RT @BoingBoing: What deduction games like Werewolf tell us about human nature.
I have some Ello invites to share, if that’s the sort of thing you’d be into…
This is certainly the farthest I've gone on a pre-work-day eye-opener... #running:
… I think that ‘flu shot is making me cranky
Ugh. Apparently, there is no block/mute/filter/stfu filtration feature on Twitter sufficient to stifle the accursed nanowrimo crapnado.
So I got that going for me...
Tell Vancouver & BC leaders to support Uber in Vancouver! #VancUBER
I feel this. Don't judge me. I DID read one of the books RT @TheGeekMind: What it’s like to not watch Game of Thrones
Dungeon World feels so mainstream, now that it's joined the ranks of fantasy RPG trilogies. ;) Glee! -
14 - 1
So, like... @Dungeon_World is just another #rpg trilogy now... Feels kinda mainstream. #hipsterdisdain
Made my first Rainbow Loom bracelet. 😷 😤
Hurray! My copy of Nightmare Chess just arrived! Thanks for bringing the chaos back, @SJGames #boardgames
I think I’ll just buy him a book…
Unfortunately, after I “opened the door” it took less than 3 minutes to arrive at the question of why condoms come in flavours. :\
My 9-yr-old has started asking sex-related questions, mostly (so far) to his mom. So I’m trying to step up and do my bit… #gooddad
A page from one of my favourite children's books! -
14 - 1
RT @theresa_lauren: I see Twitter and Facebook are doing that creepy thing where long-term couples start to look like each other.
.@birdandegg !! RT @WIRED: This new Minecraft mod teaches you to code as you play
Ooh. Just like that, now down to only 2 nights in the woods. I have a fighting chance at survival after all…
Well, looks like it’s one fully charged iPad and one fully charged iPhone vs three nights in the god-forsaken woods. Pray for me.
A trifecta of 13th Age goodness in the Great White North... -
14 - 1
Well, it's not exactly GenCon, but my @13thAge trilogy is now complete! #GenCant2014
Love King of Tokyo? Check out King of New York! Wheeee!
RT @BFriedmanDC: The gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq.
Total madness…
Gygax vs DeepGreene - Live Chess via @chesscom
I ♥ running in the rain!
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