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Weather & climate-related disasters since 1971 have cost $2.4 trillion via @HuffPostGreen
Here's another beautiful collection of #wildlife sightings from our great fans!
“The new critical habitat designation is a great step forward for loggerhead #seaturtles.”
Do you really want to accept a world with fewer species? You’ll be surprised at who thinks we should:
Wolves give new meaning to the term "kiss & make up"
Our Florida staff members studied #gophertortoises at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve
Interesting fact about #seaotters!
If you missed last Friday's #wildlife sightings album, check it out here!
RT @JClarkprez: Forget #xmen, real #wolverines need protections now. Less than 300 left in US but FWS taking a pass
What are the latest findings on wolf pack behavior? Conservation scientist Dan Thornhill discusses
Join @ElamStoltzfus for a free FL #Wildlife Corridor film screening on Aug. 8. Our own Kent Wimmer is a guest!
Hope for loggerhead #seaturtles: gov’t designates largest critical habitat area in history for the species!
Trapping. Winter recreation. Habitat destruction. These are all threats to wolverines.
Thanks to @NOAAFisheries for protecting the scalloped hammerhead shark! Now what about the rest? #endangeredspecies Our experts were honored to speak at this year's #NACCB2014. Huge thanks to all involved!
RT @JClarkprez: Awesome DOW event for Rep George Miller last night! Our thanks to Ldr Pelosi for joining us @askgeorge @nancypelosi
We’re demanding federal protection for the wolverine (the real one, not Hugh Jackman).
Congrats to Utah! First CA condor chick in the state has been spotted at @ZionNPS
RT @joelsartore: Prairie dogs face uphill battle in maintaining population via @Defenders
RT @JClarkprez: Defenders Kim Delfino re-appointed to CA Water Commission! Congrats Kim!
RT @denisejoines: C. Miller @Defenders: MX Wolf Coexistence Council, mostly ranchers, have 3 goals, inc. healthy wolf pops. #NACCB2014
RT @denisejoines: Rancher Jim Stone, Blackfoot Challenge: "What do you get when you cross a rancher with @Defenders? Opportunity" #NACCB2014
Scalloped hammerhead sharks are finally protected under the ESA! #endangeredspecies
RT @CarnivoreSci: Amazing numbers from Stone @Defenders 100,000 sheep, only losing 30 to wolves #NACCB2014
Reality Bites: Why Sharks Aren't Always to Blame for Attacks @b0yle @NBCNews
Why do sea otters always hold their hands up? They aren't just being cute - they're keeping warm!
Black-tailed prairie dogs are gaining ground in Thunder Basin & more endangered species coming soon!
3D technology used to help California condors and other endangered species via @physorg_com
An update on AK's rescued wolf pups in today's Wolf Weekly Wrap-up! That & more at
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