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Study shows blue whales frequent “hot spots” for shipping vessels via @NatGeo
Last Friday's wolf weekly wrap up featured a home run for #Mexicangraywolves!
RT @YellowstoneMatt: Interesting @nytimes article on evolution, hybridization, adaptation, human-caused threats, etc. --...
"The Service is ignoring the numerous serious threats to wolverines”
Bring a shark home today! Find out how
Death of over 6 million bats in North America since 2007 due to White Nose Syndrome via @CBSNews
Nearly extinct purple cat’s paw pearly mussel gets new hope for survival via @sciam
RT @JClarkprez: Thanks to supporters in AZ & NM who showed up to let USFWS know they support Mexican gray wolves!
“It’s clear that to secure a future for sharks, a lot of work still needs to be done.”
Great #SharkChat with @NOAAFisheries Fisheries Service scientist Tobey Smith!
Help us fight #sharkfinning & other threats to sharks! Adopt a shark today with Promo Code 20SHARK
In today's wolf weekly wrap-up: Mexican gray wolf hearings, a predator derby & non-lethal wolf control in Idaho
RT @LIONS4Mercy: In last 5 yrs there have been 179 #sharkattacks, 3 fatal. Humans killed more than 100mil LAST YEAR
"We're killing about 6.5-8% of the sharks out there per year" via @USATODAY
98% of those who carry bear spray will come out of an encounter uninjured
Today's album of #wildlife sightings from our fans features birds, snakes, insects & more!
Sharks play a vital role in our oceans. They impact entire ecosystems & many marine animals! #SaveSharks
“A competitive killing derby is not hunting; it’s mass killing for fun based upon hatred and fear.”
40 years after Jaws, we're at a #shark conservation tipping point via @SmithsonianMag
RT @RisottoAndrea: The ugly side of #SharkWeek - Shark Week, Shark Meat: Endangered Species for Dinner via @Newsweek
RT @GLScienceCtr: Want to learn more about whale sharks? Check out this infographic! #SharkWeek2014
Sharks have few natural predators, but humans remain biggest threat #SaveSharks
RT @sharkdefenders: Shark attacks are very rare. You are more likely to star in a movie with @kevinbacon than be killed by a shark
Ever wonder why sharks maneuver so easily in the water? #SaveSharks
RT @pewenvironment: Respect your elders: Sharks evolved 450 million years ago, before insects & dinosaurs
If you missed last week’s wolf weekly wrap-up check it out here
Did you know that 25% of shark & ray species are threatened with extinction? #SaveSharks
RT @Oceanwarrior: Sharks are involved in the fatalities of only 5 people a year, some perspective here
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