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Demain la veille

Demain la veille

Demain la veille, blog professionnel de Aref JDEY - Consultant chercheur -
RT @jeffdachis: Digital Transformation Moves Pharma 'Beyond the Pill' via @forbes
In praise of slowness and reflection
“@InsightOnWork: Digital native? There’s no such thing | Science and technology | spiked”
“@TheAtlantic: The typical white-collar professional spends 28% of the workweek on email”
RT @printmag: Six Seconds or Less: Is Vine Actually Worth Your Time?
RT @AdobeMktgCloud: "Every business must transform into a digital business." - @cteo_forrester
Our love/hate relationship with technology, charted (via @Pocket)
Daimler Employees Can Set Emails to Auto-Delete During Vacation (via @Pocket)
L'économie du partage crée une nouvelle classe sociale : le précariat
RT @ceptional: Elsevier profit 36% and Wiley 42%. How? By paying authors nothing and charging taxpayers to read work they funded.
“@unautre: Notification trolling.”
RT @WiredUK: As if mannequins aren't creepy enough, they are now tracking your every move:
Futur de l'emploi dans le secteur IT/Tech : fragmentation, flexibilité, précarité, court terme.
Social Media Monitoring by employers predicted to rise - PwC Report
RT @TheNextWeb: Overcoming the flawed paradigm of social media measurement
RT @evgenymorozov: Spotted in a cafe in Bochum
RT @pmarca: For news junkies: -- Tracks edits to stories in place, over time, on major news web sites. Shows how news evolves!
RT @doctorow: How the Strand sells print books to ebook readers
RT @Bill_Gross:'s warehouses are so large they could hold more water than 10,000 Olympic pools!
RT @TheAtlantic: What if your inbox auto-deleted emails while you were on vacation?
RT @EricScherer: Cannes, Paris, Marseille : 3 villes françaises dans le top 5 des villes les moins accueillantes du monde
David Grossman looks at a new trend - digital detox
“@cypoun: Triste vérité... (cc @Hitekfr )”
RT @AdobeMktgCloud: How have we been consuming media? Here's the answer:
RT @AFP: US dominates Chinese world university rankings
RT @azizhaddad: This Entrepreneur Raised $2M With A Five Slide Presentation - About Nothing
RT @Pulsar_Social: How conspiracy theories emerge ( and are consumed ( on Facebook (via @abc3d)
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