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Demain la veille

Demain la veille

Demain la veille, blog professionnel de Aref JDEY - Consultant chercheur -
Il se trouve que Mars est la seule planète aujourd’hui dont la population est entièrement composée de machines et robots !
52% of the Fortune500 Companies since 2000 are gone ! Vanished !
RT @good: Pawel Kuczynski draws frank & provocative cartoons about global problems that plague our world
Mindfulness: it's good to be busy doing nothing (via @Pocket)
Why are our telephone manners bad (NYT, 1913)
The Reluctantly Quantified Parent (via @Pocket) #longreads
RT @emitoms: A Technicolor tree that produces over forty varieties of fruit! RT @good
RT @Medium: “Science Says You Should Leave Work at 2 p.m. and Go for a Walk” by @inquiringshow
“@SuB8u: "BMW is slowly becoming a software company"”
“@LensShutter: Leica X2 Edition Limitée Paul Smith”
RT @ThinkwithGoogle: Learn how people's search behaviors change during summer, in a new piece by @allimooney & team
This browser extension turns Amazon into a pirated ebook search engine (via @Pocket)
RT @evgenymorozov: The reputation economy! “US hotel fines guests $500 for bad reviews”
RT @JonStanbrook: Do you use Facebook’s Messenger app? This is what you’ve agreed to.
RT @workdesignmag: 4,400 new mousetrap patents issued since 1828, two dozen of those ideas "have made any money, and only 2 designs have dominated the market."
Y’a moyen d’avoir des codes wifi SFR ou FreeWifi_Secure ? Merci !
Wrestling with the always-on social web, and trying to relearn the value of boredom
RT @HarvardBiz: Why pitch contests are bad for start-ups and investors by @DerekLidow
RT @TheAtlantic: A steampunk Twitter: In 1858, people said the telegraph was "too fast for the truth"
RT @Libroantiguo: Marie Curie's experimental notebook - which after almost a hundred years, is still radioactive. Wellcome Library.
RT @NewYorker: When It’s Bad to Have Good Choices: @mkonnikova on the “neural correlates of First World problems”
“When you have more good choices, you don’t feel better. You just feel more anxious.”
RT @Amazing_Maps: The largest company based in each european country -
« As late as 1908, “genuine Egyptian mummy” could be ordered through the E. Merck catalog » #pharma
Thanks To Technology, We’re About To Come Out Of The Longest Dark Age In Human History.
Average Internet of Things device has 25 security flaws
RT @BestOscarWilde: The world is divided into two classes, those who believe the incredible, and those who do the improbable.
RT @thejuggle: RT@tim_leake: Takes 23 minutes to resume focus after being interrupted. On avg, we're interrupted every 3 min. Ouch. #how2focus #SXSW
People want to be *in* public, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to *be* public.
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