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Demain la veille

Demain la veille

Demain la veille, blog professionnel de Aref JDEY - Consultant chercheur -
RT @mims: "The worst thing about prophets of technological progress is their fondness of universalizing the particular."
RT @PaulMarks12: Aviation research is pointing to one thing: no more pilots (by me @newscientist)
RT @Pulsar_Social: "Reputational risk, return on investment & lack of experience are barriers to social media adoption in the boardroom"
RT @evgenymorozov: The plan is clear now. Russia is going to hit the West where it really hurts: it will change everyone's Facebook passwords.
Aiming to Be the Netflix of Books
RT @visionmobile: App development is contributing $16.5 billion to EU GDP - Read our research note on the European App Economy
Schedule a 15-Minute Break Before You Burn Out (via @Pocket)
RT @EricScherer: Attention, la mutation numérique n'est pas que technologique ! #vf
RT @azizhaddad: Amazing Surprise for the World’s Most Loved CEO:
We judge people before consciously seeing their faces (Wired UK)
Can Technology Really Change Your Habits?
RT @invoker: 6 battle-tested hacks to end email overload: My latest for @LinkedInPulse
What will yesterday’s news look like tomorrow?
« when we are removed from any benchmarks of ethical thought, we tend to stray into dishonesty »
RT @WiredUK: "Sexism [in tech] is almost so common now that a lot of people don't recognise it":
Flipboard Users Have Created More Than 10 Million Magazines
RT @RWW: Twitter is experimenting again, sending you tweets from people you don't follow
RT @chrismichel: One of the most beautiful places on Earth. #torresdelpaine #chile
RT @InsightOnWork: A third of BYOD use is invisible to the organisation, claims new report #News #Surveys #Technology
RT @BestOscarWilde: The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, and the young know everything.
It’s Official: There Is a New Edward Snowden
RT @nationaljournal: The U.S. government has confirmed that there is another leaker of surveillance secrets, according to @CNN
RT @good: This is what life looks like on less than $2 a day around the world. #INFOGRAPHIC
RT @HuygheFB: Exclusive Google ‘Camp’ Draws Elite to Sicilian Resort
Il se trouve que Mars est la seule planète aujourd’hui dont la population est entièrement composée de machines et robots !
52% of the Fortune500 Companies since 2000 are gone ! Vanished !
RT @good: Pawel Kuczynski draws frank & provocative cartoons about global problems that plague our world
Mindfulness: it's good to be busy doing nothing (via @Pocket)
Why are our telephone manners bad (NYT, 1913)
The Reluctantly Quantified Parent (via @Pocket) #longreads
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