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Demain la veille

Demain la veille

Demain la veille, blog professionnel de Aref JDEY - Consultant chercheur -
RT @erikbryn: What comes after machine learning about customer preferences? Here's *one* scenario:
RT @ThibaultSouchet: "les deux tiers des 30 meilleurs éditeurs de Wikipedia sont des robots"
43% des collaborateurs abandonnent la lecture de longs emails au bout des 30 premières secondes. #Attention
RT @davos: Do you embrace spontaneity? @stevenpoole on the myth of living in the moment @tnr @NBCNews
“Contra Casey N. Cep” by @quinnleesimon
Stop Calling Everything 'Breaking News,' Please (Part 5,264)
What, How and Why People Share on Social Media [Infographic]
« By nature people are similar; they diverge as the result of practice. »
RT @Prismatic: You now have the power to block unwanted publishers and topics on Prismatic
RT @nickbilton: War from space: Explosions and rockets flying in Gaza and Israel, by @Astro_Alex on the ISS.
Droit à l'oubli ou recours à la dissimulation ?
RT @loeilaucarre: "Guide" Social Media Reuters à l'usage de ses journalistes, bon sens et bonnes pratiques #SM
RT @lukegee: “Twitter I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” by @quinnnorton
“the more we read online, the more likely we were to move quickly, without stopping to ponder any one thought.”
“Multitasking causes a greater decrease in IQ than smoking pot or losing a night’s sleep.” (via @Pocket)
RT @Prismatic: Ever wanted to remove a story from your Prismatic feed? Now you can:
RT @TweetsofOld: The first "Vines?" Printed "Ten-second news movies," (zoetropic portraits, really) NY1921-22 attn: @alexismadrigal
Dans une culture où c'est le sensationnalisme qui guide la production de l'information, le fact-checking devient une anomalie.
“Paying attention in a distracted world: It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight.” James Shelley
RT @BoredElonMusk: An "unverified" twitter badge.
RT @brainpicker: Over on @99u, I shared some thoughts on living with presence in the age of productivity
RT @hellofdp: Liste des fournitures - rentrée des agences 2014|2015: ◻ case study virtuels ◻ faux stunts ◻ vidéos Studio Bagel ◻ soirées RP ◻ stagiaires
"Today everything comes to an end virtually as soon as it begins, and vanishes almost as soon as it appears." -
RT @NewYorker: 1. Our entire archive—dating back to 2007—is available, for free, through the fall.
RT @PasteBooks: How sci-fi writers predicted the current crisis in #Ukraine:
RT @Sprinklr: Whitepaper: Social Governance 101 -- a guide to protecting your brand online:
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