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Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Life coach and motivational speaker - known for being a crazy lucky person. I can teach you to be lucky!
Who is getting kicked off your success team (and who are you promoting)? -
Forgiveness: The One Exercise that Can Change Everything in Your Life -
The Mouldy Banana Moment: A Huge Lesson in Self-Love -
34 Lessons on Life and Business -
When People Think You're a Show-Off… -
Leaving Fiji this morning!! Great business planning retreat!
The Highly Mundane Secrets to Becoming a Media Superstar -
Why not? You know you can do it.
I'm so committed to achieving outrageous luck and success, I even made my husband throw out his favourite underpants!
Sharks, Rejection and Other Useless Fears -
"The starting point of all achievement is desire." - Napoleon Hill
How To Become A Ridiculously Lucky Person -
How I Manifested 6 Months PAID Luxury Travel Using the Law of Attraction (Part 1) -
Did you realise that keeping a regular journal will hugely increase your manifesting power? -
The World Doesn't Revolve Around You -
Describe Your Ideal Day (This Will Change Your Life) -
Are you an eagle hiding your talents in a chicken coop? -
The Easiest Way To Make Money In Your Business (Without Stress or Burnout) -
The ONE Thing You Need For a Fabulously Lucky Year -
I didn't go full Monica but totally had to get a few white-girl cornrows. When in Fiji.....
Stop being such a know it all + become a genius instead -
Are you due for a money cleanse? @LisaConsiglioR and I talked all about it here:
Almost Getting Evicted + Giving Up Money Responsibility -
New Level, OLD Devil (My Recurring Money Block) -
Create Your Own Success Mastermind (With Awesome People Of Course!) -
Some People Will Think You Suck, No Matter What You Do -
Invest in Yourself + It Always Comes Back -
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