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Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Life coach and motivational speaker - known for being a crazy lucky person. I can teach you to be lucky!
How to Beat that Fraud Feeling and Have Confidence In Your Biz
Just a few more days to nab my MEGA manifesting bundle. More than $500 worth of new products for one low price....
very very stooopid @clairebrewster gah it makes me mad that there's a need to comment on this
It's okay, you'll be fine without them.
Mitt Romney has 22 grandchildren. I'm pretty sure Hillary will be fine running for President with one. #CalmYoTits
It's safe for me to release money worries.
@gusrogers what is a vampire waltz?
Naomi always wins the challenges on The Face because all the guest judges, clients and mag editors are terrified of her too.
Fascinating! Are you a chronic "sorry-er" I've trained myself not to do it over emails. I will go through the...
Lovely present from Jen Mazer. How did you know I felt like chocolate right now?
I'm shared the 3 biggest money blocks for health + wellness entrepreneurs with @VintageAmanda. Check it out here:...
You're so welcome!! @franchiseebizsc: Having a fab relax with a good book Thank you @DeniseDT for writing the awesome "lucky bitch"!!”
Me too- love that ppl are so open @faridehceaser your "best month" posts are my "most favorite ever" posts”
@OnBeingAnya Could you send a note to my team so they can help? It's xx
Best Month Ever – Sarah Maccarelli Jordan:
Whhhhaat? awesome! @HannahLisaMang After I bought it I received $1000 the next day. True story. via @denisedt
This is pretty epic hair.
It's safe for me to make fabulous money.
Have you manifested anything cool from listening to it? @buttonland I often listen to the seagull subliminal of yours! :)
So beautiful @smdoula Much of my art inspired by the strength of women and mothers xx
What are you manifesting ladies? @SocialMediaLinc @SamCollins100 #getrichluckybitch
Nice! My new theory is that free food should count for at least double in the vlaue column! @minxywitch
you are SO welcome! What are you manifesting? @SallyKaizen FABULOUS book! ' Get Rich lucky bitch' HUGE THANK YOU :-D x
RT @buttonland: Your clients do not buy into a brand. They buy into the life you inject into it.
The maternity jumpsuit gets a workout. #WishIKnewHowToQuitYou
Ok, for everyone who says Willow looks like me... This is her dad as a baby. Crazy!!
Walking and feeding at the farmer's market #multitasking
Make An Inspiring Dream Board To Create Magic In Your Life >
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