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Denise Barone Jim Dupre

Denise Barone Jim Dupre

We are partners in life as well as in business~ Visit our blog
Being real and having fun is like winning only better ♥
Yesterday 'was'... Today 'is' ... Tomorrow 'will' be !!! I love good surprises !!!
I keep learning that one way of being happy is doing things for other people ♥ ♥ ♥ Every time I allow the lesson I share a blessing ♥ ♥ ♥
We all have Great Possibilities with in us ... some people are just more aware and allow it to shine...
Thanks-giving ... Thanks-receiving : ) to give one - must receive
Saturday.. The last day of a fabulous week... Have Fun ... Live well , Laugh often and Love more ♥ ♥ ♥ You are someone's hero or s'hero
I am grateful and thankful for all the blessings of today ♥
Brad, Amazing yes ~ always simple yes ... always easy no... LOL What a good feeling I got reading your message : ) Thank You... Congratulations on your launch and your connections with such a well establishment company and leaders... I decided to mediate for guidance... after reading your message... When we decided to step away from MLM, we began...
Laughter is like shock absorbers ~ when your path is not so smooth...
You know that 'stuff' U think about everyday?That is the 'stuff'' you ask to be in your future~You are what you think about~Keep on asking
Laughter is a spark from the soul ~ A jump start to having FUN...
Laughter is the spark of the soul”
It's Positively a beautiful day ♥ Begin with a positive Thought ♥ What you think~say & do will always come back to you ♥ Be the way today ♥
It's Positively a beautiful day ♥ Begin with a positive Thought ♥ What you think~say & do will always come back to you ♥ Be the way today ♥
Today I dared and I struggled ...Tomorrow I will dare again and I shall win...
Turn of the lights... Pull down the shades... Let the rains come... No matter what I am still gonna shine... The light is from with in... it is a choice ♥ ♥ ♥
Above all else Have FUN today ... Smile... Laugh...Dance...Sing...Be Outrageous.. whatever it takes...Just do something FUN!!!
Accepting people as they are and not trying to change them does not mean you agree with them... It simply means you accept them as they are.
It is my belief that a real leader resist impulses to dominate others~ lifts others with examples~has good intent~and listens to others ♥
It is not important what you believe, It is important that you do believe.
You Ain't Different You Ain't Normal ♥ ♥ ♥ Do you agree?
It is my belief that people need to feel good about themselves~ I believe my purpose is sharing my light so they can see their light shine.
What is more important than believing? Answer is "nothing"
All the strengths, values and insights you need already live in you ♥ ♥ ♥
Trust & Love yourself so that you trust & Love the wisdom that created you ♥ ♥ ♥
♪ Happy Birthday ♪ to my daughter Jaclyn Maire It was 26 years ago at 8:10 AM "she" chose to be born ♥
There's no place that God is not.If this God-force is everywhere,then it must be in you.
Find the good~ it is everywhere~look for it~believe it~ you will see it~ a clue~start from with in~ display it~be a magnet~ attract it ♥
We all are leaders... We all lead by example, whether we intend to or not...
Feeling grateful & expressing it~ is like giving a gift & getting a gift at the same time ♥ You get what you give~It is The Law
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