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Dennis Nangle

Dennis Nangle

If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.
RT @Jezebel: A disturbing montage of Real Housewives crying through botox
Political reality: to work in #libraries in the US and to work toward digital equity and #erate is to engage in a "battle of ideas"
I just realized that I might be on cspan right now.
Updated #Maryland #Library card count: 13/24, after visiting @MCPL_Libraries for the @MD_DLDS Youth Coord. Mtg
Love it when new music comes out right in time with the season that goes with its mood @robynkonichiwa @royksopp #RainyTuesday #Momentum
!!!! MT “@robynkonichiwa: Something from the minialbum @royksopp & I made. Syked 2 share Monument w U. 💗 #DoItAgain
!!!! MT “@robynkonichiwa: Something from the minialbum @royksopp & I made. Syked 2 share Monument w U. 💗 #DoItAgain”
RT @baltimoresun: On one West Baltimore block, residents see cherry blossoms as sign of hope.
Gah! I've been bursting at the seams with a question for the panel but the Q&A was cut :-( #lisdiversity
RT @michcoll: They "Are You White? Quiz" would have been a lot easier if the only question was "Do you believe in The Secret?"
Major takeaway from today's #lisdiversity symposium: I went to MLS school with the library director at the #RHoNJ town!
Plus, those who elect to take a standalone diversity course are largely not the crowd who needs to be taking it #lisdiversity #IMO
Standalone diversity courses that are offered as an elective are rarely and infrequently taught #lisdiversity
Risk in "fluffy" diversity education: reinforcing stereotypes and bolstering fetishizing of the other by those in power #lisdiversity #IMO
We could start by comparing diversity course req's of other Master's programs that are community-focused (M.Ed, social work) #lisdiversity
Teaching understanding privilege, dynamics of power, etc. would help us move beyond just learning abt cultural trappings #IMO #lisdiversity
Next up here at #lisdiversity: @iDiversityUMD discussing their MLS student group focusing on inclusion in information dissemination
Question came up re: assessment for deaf and blind community. Immediately thought of @SinaBahram's work in Universal Design #LISdiversity
RT @lizdecoster: Have licensed Microsoft Office 2010 or later? You can download Window Eyes (screen reader) for free. #justdoit #lisdiversity
Dr. Lazar from @TowsonU discussing the exciting partnership with @BCPL and students re: a11y assessment. #LISdiversity
“@mmikkel: Next speaker Beth Ziebarth, Dir., Accessibility, Program at Smithsonian Institutions...” #ILSdiversity
Hastings: form a diversity leadership group. Applies to any/all contexts: academic, public, school, special, state #LISdiversity
Hastings: we're not yet aware of the value of diversity and inclusion. Again, the larger meaning beyond just reaching quotas #lisdiversity
Problem isn't about numbers or data; we don't "reflect the complexion of the people we serve" #lisdiversity
Hastings: 8% of US library workforce reflects only 40% of our population #lisdiversity @iDiversityUMD
104 speakers, 89 sessions, 2.5 days: the MD/DE Library Associations' Conference Lanyrd site is live! #mladla14 #phew!
Smart Table at #MEEC conference
RT @jbdunne: Latest smartwatch design
Taking advantage of my youth when dealing w/ vendors...I have the freedom to explore w/o being hounded bc I'm clearly "not a decision-maker"
In the App Store, @Microsoft has organized educational apps by common core standards. A librarian's dream #MEEC
Top 5 Windows 8 Education Apps: Emerge, Career Path, BookReader, My Study Life, Mind 8 #MEEC
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