Beautiful story to have worked on #wallfall25 weekend starts with #BelongAnywhere
This has been my life for 4 months: Airbnb presents: Wall and Chain - Based on a true story #BelongAnywhere
RT @jowyang: A short film by airbnb, note the URL:
There was an earthquake greater than M6! - Mw 6.9 NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G.
"I’d just go on Fiverr and get 100 exact-match anchor text links from Romania for my biggest competitor" @localseogu
Really Pretty Video Captures One Day in SF
Oh shoot. Looks like Mr Jetlag just knocked on the door… Was super tired at first, but now…
Because, sometimes you have to let go… #BOOM!
Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability
Is this really what Seth Godin meant by permission marketing?
T-2 days for launch. Will be a busy time tonight and tomorrow… Lots of work still to be done! #BerlinWall #wallfall25
The bar at Copenhagen airport sells half glasses of champagne for full price!
The Guardian Is Being Swamped With 'Dark Traffic' And No One Knows Where It's Coming From
A Voter's Guide to SF Propositions
If smartphone batteries charged as fast as these drain, there would be less #firstworldproblems #justsaying
The Pierre Omidyar Insurgency -- #longreads #media #journalism Must read this, important stuff cc: @pierre
The Nomads New Adventure | @scottpolk & @SarahCarling new brand launched. Congrats!
With Magazine, CNET Tech Site Makes Jump From Screen to Page
Ellison Becomes Oracle Chairman as Catz, Hurd Split CEO Job
30 Expert Marketers You Should Follow on LinkedIn and Twitter
How @Buffer Made My Day, for Days in a Row -
Buzzfeed Love or Hate? How a Buzzfeed article made me open my mind for more Pulp -
Crazy fire in San Francisco Mission district watch live:
Squirrel Confuses GoPro For Lady-Squirrel, Sexually Assaults The Camera
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