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Robert Scoble
Palm Pre. Good, but won't get me off the iphone. More:
Why/why not? - Manuel Mas
I was thinking about looking at it but then I discovered it doesn't have an Apple logo on it :) - Mike Bracco
The keyboard sucks. The layout really wasn't thought out very well. The iPhone's bigger screen is much better for web work. - Robert Scoble
I tested the Pre a bit and I found its form factor to be great and as many have said, it feels great on the hand. The keyboard is small yet I prefer it to having no physical keyboard. Love the touch screen and how it makes a ripple where you are pressuring the screen (as a pointer) and how you can multitask/close apps with a flick of the finger. Browser is a bit slow compared to Safari in my opinion. Overall is a great little phone. - Manuel Mas
The font is nice though.. - Harald Nesland
I see the "smart phone" market as essentially just a small computer. In that sense, it doesn't make sense to have more than a couple players (i.e. a couple OSs). I think it will play out just like computers did. You will have Apple and someone else - maybe a third player. - Mike Bracco
Posting comments to friendfeed has failed four times now. It is buggy that way. - Robert Scoble
its a conspiracy Robert ;) - Tyler Gillies
Yeah Yeah, everyone said the iPhone's keyboard sucked too but everyone uses it. - Dennis Jackson
The browser seems a little faster, yes - Robert Scoble
i liked iphone keyboard since day one - Tyler Gillies
Bought it last Sat. Nice phone. Beautiful screen, love the sliding form factor and have found the keyboard useful. Browser works great, but it is a tad slow. Flash support is coming, so that will help the browser more. Wish it Live Search Mobile. - George Gray
Good point Matt - Manuel Mas
Robert where you using the mobile site to post comments to friendfeed? - Dennis Jackson
Check out AV forums on universal remotes for the battle royal over touchscreen vs physical keys. More heated than politics. - Robert Hafer
Dennis: no, just the regular site. I +hate+ mobile versions of sites. - Robert Scoble
Well that's sad, because the majority of the iPhone apps are completely useless. - Dennis Jackson
Mobistar - A cellular operator in Belgium announced the Iphone 3GS "available this summer". it means Unlocked ( SIM Free ) 3GS's will be available for the Global Road Warriors - SnakeDoc
The Palm Pre will do very well. But not for me. Why? There are millions of people who just want a phone. Or that hate AT&T. Or that hate Apple. Or that hate optical keyboards. - Robert Scoble
Dennis if you have 40,000 apps everyone can find 10 that are good. iPhone is way ahead there. - Robert Scoble
Very satisfied with the Palm Pre so far. The Tweed Twitter app is good. Pandora, Evernote, LinkedIn, and many other helpful apps are there already. iPhone iUI web apps like my work on it. Hoping the webOS will make it easier for folks to innovate with plain old Javascript, CSS, HTML, without having to learn iPhone centric Objective C. The keyboard makes IM and... more... - Al
My biggest question is, why would Palm get so close to releasing the Pre and not be really promoting it to the developer world? I just think they (Palm) missed the opportunity for a great release with an awesome little device. I want to think they are going to think a little more out of the box after they have seen the comments on the phone. Do you think they will be able to stick... more... - Pentaxfan
It's really not a competition or child's game to root for iPhone or the Pre. It's your preference and what works best for you. Palm aced with Pre and it will only get better. For iPhone users who are keeping score, remember the glitches of first generation iPhone? Palm Pre is using first ever webOS and most apps are on beta. If you're a developer you know fixes are often needed after... more... - Moushumi Kabir
It sure beats the android though with that dumb chin. - Jim Hague
Jim, Android is an OS not a phone. - Stuart
Jim: Stuart is right. There are going to be about 12 different Android devices soon (probably more, since Android is an open source OS the phone manufacturers don't need to tell Google about the devices they are building with it). Android is getting more and more interesting to me. It sure is nice to have some competition for the iPhone too. - Robert Scoble
Palm Pre. Good, but won't get me off the HTC HD. - Amit Morson
What about Nokia N97 then - Stelios Kiousis
Quite the change from January... "Palm is a lot nicer than iPhone. I want one. The web and social networking features are killer." "Anyone who says Palm's new Pre isn't a better experience than the iPhone either hasn't tried both or is an idiot or is both."... more... - Bwana ☠
Bwana: I'll still stand by those statements. It is nicer in a lot of places than the iPhone. The camera is far far far superior. The OS itself is superior. The phone itself is superior. The apps are not. And the keyboard, after using it all day, is not (IMO) and since I use a ton of apps and the keyboard isn't as big a deal as I thought in January I'm backtracking a bit. The contact app is nicer. Oh, and what else changed since January? iPhone 3.0 was announced and is about to ship in a new iPhone 3Gs. - Robert Scoble
Wow, the keyboard must be really bad :( - Bwana ☠
The apps I can understand though, it's kind of unfair when comparing to the iPhone... it's kind of a unnatural thing we're witnessing with Apple - Bwana ☠
Bwana: it's not that bad. It's just that I've gotten used to the iPhone keyboard and I can type faster on it than I can on the Palm. But I know many people who vehemently disagree with me over the keyboard. So, even if you hand that one to Palm, there's still the app problem. - Robert Scoble
Quote: "Oh, and what else changed since January? iPhone 3.0 was announced and is about to ship in a new iPhone 3Gs" -- and? do you want one for testing? :-D -- I wish I could test a Pre, but it won't be available here in Italy until a year, and at the moment I actually don't know how to choose among iphone and magic/android (palm pre not available as said). - Markingegno - Donato
Markingegno: I'm getting an iPhone 3.0 (paid for it with my own money). - Robert Scoble
The number of poor apps argument kind of baffles me. When I have 150+ apps that I deem useful, suddenly it's very much about the platform and less about the phone. Doesn't really matter that there are another 39,850 apps that do not appeal to me. Plus it goes without saying that everyone has a different 150 apps that they have downloaded. - Jamie
"[the keyboard is] not that bad. It's just that I've gotten used to the iPhone keyboard" -- Bingo - Ken Sheppardson
The screens are both 320x480. The Pre's is 3.1", the iPhone's is 3.5". The Pre screen held at 16" will look the same as the iPhone held at 18". - Ken Sheppardson
Correct me if I'm wrong... iPhone launch - June 2007, iPhone SDK launch - March 2008 - Ken Sheppardson
Number of iPhone apps available the week it launched in June 2007 = ? - Ken Sheppardson
@Robert I'm just envious because you could test a Palm Pre :) - Markingegno - Donato
Yeah, I know... things are different now. If the Pre wants to kill the iPhone, they need to step it up. Thing is, they don't necessarily want or need to kill the iPhone. The good news for those of us who like the Pre and webOS is Palm's selling them as fast as they can make them. If they can keep that up, good things will happen. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert Scoble
This is for my 60,000 bots. Please comment here:
Can I get a whut-whut? - Derrick
Hi - Andy
Hello. - Praveen Vasudev
lol - Gary Gannon
what is your directive master? - Wilson Dyer
Hi! - BenKarl
well you just got my first ever friendfeed comment - JeremyLevine
yeah me too - BenKarl
We Are Robots.. #FOTC - Pogmohoin
Exterminate. - David Lloyd
Bot not the bon mot. - Michelle Riggen-Ransom
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I just found more new friendfeed users in the past minute than I have in a week! Welcome bots! Heheh. - Robert Scoble
This has all happened before... and it will happen again. - David Lloyd
Looks like you found your loophole... - Kevin Lauer
..still listening... - DoreenatDMS
If you say so. - Gary McFarlane
The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain. - Nate Lane
What we do, is who we become; success then is a habit not a destination. Think Magic! - Brian Hendrickson
Christian Flickinger: why not? - Robert Scoble
This is the Phillip Seymour Hoffman feed right?? - Pogmohoin
The more conscious You become of what limits You, the more limitless You become. Think Magic! - Brian Hendrickson
Are we trying to load test FriendFeed? - Bret Piatt
[LURCH VOICE] You rang? - Michael Markman
DOES NOT COMPUTE! - Chris Charabaruk
Meep Meep. - drew olanoff
"If you think you can, You probably will; if you think you can't, You probably won't. Think Magic! - Brian Hendrickson
Hello - nelsonrt
*Bump* - Byron McCollum
Sorry but I just unfollowed for those 3 tweets so I pasted 'em here - Brian Hendrickson
I'm following everyone on this thread now. Where's the other 59,900 bots? - Robert Scoble
Press the "like" button above - David Lloyd
This new streaming feed interface feels like Web 2.0 IRC except I can't see who is in the room! - Bret Piatt
Is BuddyFeed for the iPhone worth the $2.99? - Gary Gannon
You coming back to Google IO this year? - Josh Turmel
I'm not witty enough for a bot joke <insert one here please> :) - Fred Garrett
bots? - David Gross
I love a good oil bath - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Greetings Robert - Gabe Diaz
Hi Brett. - Byron McCollum
er, I registered for friendfeed, like you told me, oh master, but I still haven't figured out how to turn it on yet... - Paul Tudor
Excellent ! - @Renchin@
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how do you get a link to the single post with all the comments? - Byron McCollum
nevermind, its the "9 minutes ago" link - Byron McCollum
Byron: the timestamp is the permalink. - Robert Scoble
These aren't the bots you're looking for. - Matt Thompson from fftogo
ahhA forgot my line .. - Ahmed Mubbashir Khan
Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto.... - Dann Ledwick
Hey, Matt, when you gonna import your Tweets? - Robert Scoble
I already had a friendfeed acct. Which I ignore. Just like the Facebook acct I ignore too. If I wanted to follow you on FF, I would. Twitter works for me. - Trine Curtis
bots in the belfry / scoble's built a friendfeed box / to house all his bots ... #haiku - judith
Ha, ha - not a bot! I broke the rules - I'm so punk rock! :) - Colleen O'Donnell Pierce
Trine: I don't get that. Following Twitter users here is a lot better than following them on Twitter. Colleen: you aren't a bot, I'm already following you here. - Robert Scoble
I'll stick with just Twitter, tyvm - Gil Sharon
101110011001010101010101010001 - cooper
Check out my website! - Jesse Stay
Gil: I can see why you'd stick with Twitter. You have nothing to say. - Robert Scoble
IM not a bot - Arjun Kumar
BOT???? Hmmm....I wonder if I really am just becoming a bot. - Semipro
Well, then FF is misleading me, because I want to follow all of my Twitter users here, not just the ones on FF. - Trine Curtis
Arjun: prove it. - Robert Scoble
A bot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second laws. - dthree
robots have no humor hahahaha - Arjun Kumar
I tweet, therefore I am - tom
Trine: ahh, you are caught by the Twitter lock in. You want to follow the bots over on Twitter. Cool. Notice that I have 90,000 followers. Notice how many said anything in response to me. Almost none. Twitter is all bots all the time. - Robert Scoble
Trine: not that there's anything wrong with bots, see. I love collecting them too over on Twitter. Turn on auto following and you'll get tons of bots. Get onto the recommended follower list you'll get even more. Look at the people following Oprah. All bots. - Robert Scoble
Yeah the conversation is much more real here, I've only got four subscribers and I still interact a lot more on FF than Twitter. - Chris Lawrence
Nick: how can you tell a bot on Twitter? Look at Oprah's followers. They don't have real avatars. They don't Tweet. They don't follow anyone except for recommended followers. They are bots! - Robert Scoble
Chris: shhhh, don't get the bots upset. They might start spamming here. - Robert Scoble
I have less than 100 people following me and I don't really care who any of them are. I'm talking about who I am choosing to follow. - Trine Curtis
Did anyone insert something witty for me yet? - Fred Garrett
<3 <3 panda panda pandas <3 <3 - suecosby
Hi. I'm here for the bot party. - Joseph Ferris from fftogo
Bot coming onboard - dcale1965
social botnets - Kevin Johnson
Periodic bot checkin. - DGentry
I have importd all my tweets, I just don't have many. And anyway, since I started using ff, most of them are just my likes anyway. You'd notice that if you were following me. :) - Matt Thompson from fftogo
robert can you or someone else here recommend a friendfeed app for iphone - Paul Tudor
Wait, is there some kind of catch to this? - Chris Leake
I'm an IA bot, I learn from the system. Or maybe I'm a crazy human who knows! - Jorge
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All your base are belong to us. - Ashish
ok, ok ok ... i tweet there IM (tx to Paisano on that one) ...i'm bluetrain #4 .. i'm a crazy deranged fool, now i'm a bot ..geez .. whadda am i gonna be tomorrow?!? - DoreenatDMS
Paul: what is wrong with Safari on your iPhone? I use friendfeed on my iPhone every day. - Robert Scoble
I have nothing to say? Does saying something require 100 entries/tweets/FF posts a day? - Gil Sharon
Hi, I'm a bot, who are you? *In a loren voice* - Daynah
fair call robert, thx, boy you certainly started something here! - Paul Tudor
I'm hearing you.but I can't understand English completely. Now lunch time in Japan. Have to Go back to my job quickly. - Ken Okabe
Where is the thumbs down button /me log off'd - Doubledown_inSL
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I'm sorry <del>Dave</del> Robert, I'm afraid I can't do that. - Andrew Smith
Why would I comment, it is good to listen - WRider
Hi! - Micah Maziar
WRider: maybe some people want to listen to you. Micah: hi! - Robert Scoble
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"I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a... fraid. " - Mahesh CR
Never pet a burning dog! - Zig Baird
Hello hello :) - Kimberly Frederick
rrrbitt. btw, was talking to Thomas Tague from Thomson Reuters Open Calais today about finding your live conversation w/ Jimmy Wales via Feedly and Calais - go Bot go! - michael sean wright
Howdeh. :) - mjc
"Why was I designed to feel pain?" - Outsanity
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“We are all robots when uncritically involved with our technologies.” -Marshall McLuhan - SCpalmetto
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Angus: I knew that already cause I was already following you here. No need to prove it again. - Robert Scoble
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I'm a bot? Well if Scoble says, I must be. Beep! - Gautam Ghosh
So you've found us out - James Harrison
Oh, haha wasn't sure what exactly this was so I thought I'd add to the spam ;). I get it now, though - Angus Burton
Too many bots...huh.. - Krishnamoorthy
I'm not a bot :) - Joseph Burford
"we are the robots" kraftwerk, 1977 - Manuel
if (following > followers * 100) { printf("I'm a bot") } - Justin Howard
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scoblefall - metalerik
still far away from 60,000 .. Bots, move your a**es! - Toni @ NavinoT
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Hello Robert. Nice to meet you here ! - Guy Vander Heyden
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I'm sorry Robert, I'm afraid I can't do that. - Brome
come on baby tell me I am a good bot.. come on.. Do you feel better now.. Was that good for you.. who's a good bot.. say my name. - Varun "Maverick" Pitale
Varun: you're not a bot, so you're not a good bot. Or a bad bot. How do I know that? I have my ways! - Robert Scoble
REALLY???!?!? No one used this? Ok...................... Scobot - Johnny
Sam: that's what bots always say. Heheh. Hi back. - Robert Scoble
Did someone call me a "Scobot?" Hmmm. - Robert Scoble
I've been sitting on that for 2 hours Robert... :P - Johnny
If I'm a bot, than I think I can pass the touring test :) - Liviu Lica
101010101010 - Dobromir Hadzhiev
May I respectfully remind you, Sir, that I am a protocol droid, and that the Coruscant convention explicitly deprecated the term robot in favor of droid, and thus the term robot now is considered as pejorative and having negative connotation when targeted at a droid. My training in diplomacy, associated to the fact that I have nothing that could be used as a weapon, mean that there is... more... - Antoine Bertier
Beep! - Ciaoenrico
اسکوبل هم فهمیده باید به میرحسین رای بده... - sajjad
Hello all, I may be a Roybott but I'm not a bot! :) - Roy Herrod
As a bot, am I banned from intimacy parties? - Matthew Schrock
Bot did you say? That does not compute. - James Schipper
Trying to figure out who actually follows and reads your posts. Very intersting you on have 210+ comments in 9 hours. I am sure FF is thankful anyone stress test comments and the overload of data that might occur. - Richard Gallo
Not a Bot. - Brian Hill
Not a bot---I just do what the voices in my head tell me to do. :-) - elspmdi
I'm not smart enough to be a bot. - Michael McKean
What were those robot laws again? - Mark Traphagen
robots in disguise - (jeff)isageek
ff教教主! - K.D.
Hi - 空气.sk
I do not understand those foreign comments, so they must be from bots. - Mark Traphagen
I'm sorry Robert, I can't do that. - Duncan Blake
Bad Robot! - That's So CAJ!
Hi Robert. - Roberto Bonini
Insanity! - Pico Seno
comment posted... ya'll should know that the G1 on this iPhone ff version has issues with posted comments showing - Andrew Deal
Hi Robert, I know... that's why I'm such a rulebreaker, by crashing the bot party. I wanted to find out if bots are hot! :) - Colleen O'Donnell Pierce
I had an aim bot for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, but I only used it in matches that approved of such things. - Ryan Dadey
@scobleizer why would you want to do this? ...sorry I'm only curious - Franc, a rememberer
Twitter is best from my Blackberry. - Gustavo Gomez
test - RoMA
I am a real human. Except at night. In my black cape I keep an eye on the city... Oh. Wait. I was supposed to keep that a secret. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
Robert Scoble
In the next hour or so I will pass 37,000 subscribers. friendfeed's growth is accelerating. It is about time to look for a new shiny object. The celebrities will be here soon.
I think 1,000 have followed me this week alone. It's amazing to watch the early adopters catch on to what Louis Gray showed me more than a year ago. - Robert Scoble
lol....well that proves Robert is the one and only cutting-edge celebrity we all gotta follow! 37k subs on ff is gr8. and i gotta work like a dog to reach even 1k. - Freddie Benjamin
ugh :) - Stefanie Hahn
oh please don't say that. oh no. I just got here. - Rick Fisher
Rick: you're safe for another month or maybe two. :-) - Robert Scoble
Shhhhh! - Jeff Betts
I wish I had time to figure out friend feed! I'm computer savvy and this one has me stumped! Send me a basic video please! I've got some of the basics down, but the community aspect and how to communicate has me stumped...other than when you send me here from twitter. - Hummie
Ryan: I have high resolution screens and I type fast. :-) - Robert Scoble
Isn't that just like a man? Gets your heart all a flutter and then he moves on. - Sharon McPherson
Hummie: I showed Jimmy Wales friendfeed on Saturday night: -- that might help you (after the first couple of minutes). - Robert Scoble
No one mention friendfeed to the 'normals'. - Ryan Whitwam
Have you studied how much conversation celebrities actually have? They might find FF needing more personal maintenance than they want to. - Yann Ropars
Don't ask me about shiny new stuff. My web development is in a 50-year-old language and its most exciting features relate to a 10-year-old data format. - Bruce Lewis
Ryan Whitwam: too late. Google is indexing friendfeed posts higher than Tweets. - Robert Scoble
for the love of all that is geek, no one RT this to K-utcher or O-prah. - Alachia
Hopefully, friendfeed will have implemented real-time filters before Oprah comes here, also to filter massive amounts of comments coming in by "likes" and algorithms on the "likes" so selections among 1000s of chatters are filtered in real-time to the front for each user while the rest of the conversations are hidden in a personalized way based on their own likes and friends - Charbax
Alachia: Kutcher came to a TechCrunch party last year. He's the real deal. Oprah? Um, no. - Robert Scoble
Why would a real geek play the numbers game then? - Alachia
Someone should create a Techmeme for celebrities... a tool that search and aggregate social media sphere txt and rich media into one stream... - Yann Ropars
Thanks..I'm watching the link now...I see Friend Feed has changed since I was here last. - Hummie
Anyway, I know you weren't totally serious posting this. But I do think you could more fully explore the toys you're already playing with. Spend some time on that Site Integration page. You know which one I mean. - Bruce Lewis
Look for the next shiny object. We'll be here when you get back. :) - Louis Gray
Louis: if you haven't found a new shiny object yet, it's safe to stay here for a couple more months. :-) - Robert Scoble
:) who will be the King ff FF, Ashton? or do we graduate to more distinguished folks? sanjaya perhaps - Samer Forzley
Okay, see...I cannot figure out where the search is that you are referring to! - Hummie
At least you can "hide" the celebrities in FF. Ooo look, something shiny over there! - Brian
+1 Louis :-D - Bruce Lewis
Hummie: The search bar is at the top of the page. Search for a term you're interested in, and on the resulting page you'll notice a red bar at the top with a link "click here to save". Click the link and you can customize and save that search. - FFing Enigma
Oh geez...HOW did I miss that search box...if it were a bug, it would have bit me! Thanks...going to test the save a search now. If I can figure this place out, I'll be sure to do a video on how to use it on my blog...cause that's what I do...and people expect me to do! - Hummie
Okay, someone tell me how I make a post on Friendfeed without having one import from another application (twitter, Flickr, etc). - Hummie
=) It takes a bit of time to get everything (especially now with so many options). There's a group specifically for cool searches you can save, give me a moment and I'll get you a link. Also, there's a FF for Beginners group that might be helpful. Again, just a moment and I'll have you a link. As for how to post: see the text box underneath the search box? Post there. - FFing Enigma
I think you could co-exist if you really wanted to but then again I totally understand why you're already thinking about leaving FF. - John Blanton from twhirl
I think you could co-exist if you really wanted to but then again I totally understand why you're already thinking about leaving FF. If you left where would you go? - John Blanton from twhirl
FF for Beginners group FF Saved Searches group And Hammie, we're usually a pretty friendly bunch. Let us know if you have any questions =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks for your help, Tina. I think the new interface since I was here last is a big improvement. It's easier to figure out than it was before. - Hummie
No problem, Hummie =) The new interface is intriguing: people who were really active on FF before started out disliking it (but most have grown accustomed to it). People who didn't connect with FF before really seem to like it. Not sure what that says about the differences in the two user types... - FFing Enigma
I can recommend to open the users reg. to other sites as well ,for example it can be great to let other sites to get for their users an automatic registration here in FF - Johni Fisher
Johni, FF has pretty much implemented exactly that. People can log in with their Twitter, Facebook, or Google IDs now. - FFing Enigma
Yes thats right but lets say that we have an online newspaper that would like to create users here to his users and to have activity my opinion with this pos we can get here much more than just the tech users - Johni Fisher
I am enjoying friendfeed rightnow since it is safe from undue publicity. - Ashish
Ashish: that will only last a few more weeks, given the growth rate here. - Robert Scoble
will this result in more maintanence time = offline time? - Ashish
:-)) u r wrong Robert as long that you control the info that u can get u will keep the fun - Johni Fisher
I suspect the "early adopters" - "celebrities" timeline is an oversimplification. It's quite possible that a year from now, Twitter will have moved from its "Oprah" stage to a post-Oprah stage, which is more accurately reflected by the timeline "early adopters" - "celebrities" - "everybody else." Think of cell phones as an example. There was a period when celebrities and yuppies... more... - John E. Bredehoft
they are already here, I noticed P Diddy and a Khardasian in my friendfeed followers the other day. - Christi
John: sorry, Twitter won't get "everyone else." They already are on facebook. - Robert Scoble
its past my bedtime.. I will have to read about it tomorrow.. g'nite :o) - David Gross
I've passed two kidney stones, but 37,000 friendfreed subscribers? That sounds really painful. - Ranger Craig
Plurk. The celebrities will never use Plurk. Of course, there are good reasons for that. - Ken Wallich
I'll keep an eye on the list of suggested users. As long as you are on top, I think this is still a safe Geekdome...(how many users does FF claim?) - Antonella Stellacci
NO!!!! AGHH!!!! - Kim Landwehr
Kim: I passed 37,000 a while ago. The growth here is headed up and I got there a LOT faster than I did on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
But aren't most of your FF subscribers also Twitter followers? Add that you're the first face new FF see when they join :) - Antonella Stellacci
Seriously, though not sure celebrities will want to be on Friendfeed, unless there interested in good conversation, its not a megaphone like Twitter is, which is all the a lot of celebrities want. - Kim Landwehr
Antonella: most of my Twitter followers were readers of my blog, too. So? That's how I separate out the real people from the bots. The bots stick with what I did yesterday. The real people follow me to the new shiny object when I find one. - Robert Scoble
Kim: celebrities go where the people are. Just wait. - Robert Scoble
I fear that this friend feed, twitter followers race is becoming too much for the slightly more tech savvy but still average user to keep up with. Someone looking for a place to connect on multiple topics but doesn't have a blog, start -up or celebrity status (of any kind) to warrant any following other than sheer wit to compete with. I work in hi-tech and love love LOVE all things web... more... - Cyndi Brigham
Robert, they go where the most people go. It'll be a LONG time before they show up here. - Kyle Sellers
Kyle: wrong. The celebrities are already starting to show up here. - Robert Scoble
Cyndi: do you know of a group like this on Twitter: - Robert Scoble
Filter them out. - John
The celebs won't know what to do on ff - Dennis Jackson
Agreed, but I guess that the migration from readers of a blog to Twitter users was slower than Twitter-> Friendfeed which might explain the different timeframe. The next shiny is more than welcome... - Antonella Stellacci
Thanks Robert, based on this, I think that for what I'm looking for, Friend Feed may be more the route than Twitter...The link you sent was amazing. I don't know that I'd find that on Twitter. Appreciate the response! - Cyndi Brigham
my friend feed has exploded this week, I think it's a much better listening device - Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb
James: Gavin Newsom, who is running for California Governor: - Robert Scoble
Jimmy Fallon was rumored to be on here, but I can't find him. - Robert Scoble
Do you think in a year or so, FriendFeed could take over the space from Twitter, and that Twitter will be sort of the "Myspace" or do you think they will both thrive together, sort of need each other? - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I don't see friendfeed taking over from Twitter in next year. I see friendfeed going in a different direction. The money is in search, so friendfeed needs to be a massively better search engine. We're seeing the groundwork for that now, but it'll take a year to make it obvious to everyone. - Robert Scoble
so abandon ship on Twitter everyone. - Brad Jackson
re Jimmy Fallon: this one? ( couldn't find thru search but just writing the vanity URL with the name) - Antonella Stellacci
Antonella: heh, I didn't think of just typing in the URL. Yeah, that looks like him. Mostly a clone of his Tweets though. - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed WAY more useful no? It's not even close.... - j sven
That makes me too late... I didn't like how Friend Feed was before. Now I don't like how Twitter is and I'm falling in luv/lust with FriendFeed. .. but if the celebs invade, and the "like-ables" like you leave... oh whoa... where shall I go? - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to figure that out. We've already been sending Louis Gray on scouting trips to make sure we have somewhere to go. :-) - Robert Scoble
08:00 BST you made it! 37,045 subscribers. Congrats :) - Anita Hunt
More shiny objects Robert? at least stay until this one gets tarnished ;-) - Rachel Clarke
Rachel: actually, wait until we get skinning here. Then it'll seem brand new for quite a while. I'm not leaving, just having some fun! - Robert Scoble
Hummie I'm with you on this. When I first came here I very quickly walked away again, I just couldn't figure it out. I had to get help from my son. There's a lesson there for all of us by the way. And it's possible this "Oh Christ now what do I do?" initial impression is keeping the RiffRaff out. Unlike that other service over there ----> which is real easy to understand. - Gilbert Harding
Is there a list of the most subscribed to people on friendfeed? I'm guessing RObert has to be the most subscribed t0, non-friendfeed employee? - Jim Connolly
Thanks Robert! - Jim Connolly
Robert - I knew you would be top of the pile! I'm in 350th place apparently - w00t!! - Jim Connolly
Matt: (that really did make me laugh out loud!!) - Jim Connolly
I'm not sure the celebs with come to friendfeed. At least not in the same way they have with twitter. Twitter is a broadcast medium to most celebs. They want to tell the world what they are doing and build their brand. They have no interest in what their followers are doing. FF appears to be more of a community where discussion and sharing can take place. (i know you know this but just wanted to add my 2cents) - Jamie Vidamour
@Jamie Apparently not everyone got that memo ;-) & - Gordon Saunders
I think FriendFeed is 'just' complex enough to scare the crap out of the celebs. Look at the trouble Oprah had with something as easy to use as Twitter! That said, pretty soon most celebs will have social media companies doing this for them. - Jim Connolly
<The celebrities will be here soon> Yup . - JimmyJet
"That said, pretty soon most celebs will have social media companies doing this for them" Jim that sounds like a promising business plan. - Gilbert Harding
My fear exactly. In fact I wonder if following the latest social network trend will itself become the mainstream media's new news trend. I do believe tech and celebs can live in harmony on the same broadcast platform, but it depends greatly on the management of that platform. Twitter management handled this badly. Recommendations should be based on content, not the number of followers... more... - Keith Barrett
Do you have ghosts like Guy Kawasaki ? How you manage to control all of the streams! 90K+ on twitter, 30K+ from FF.. Amazing.. Really.. I jelaous. - Jacque
Jacque: I do all my own social media work. No ghosts. I just do what I can! - Robert Scoble
I wonder what the next new shiny object will be, any guesses or predictions? - Sally Church
"Next new shiny object"...which is? - Luciano
Luciano: Louis Gray hasn't figured that out yet, so we have at least six months. - Robert Scoble
I understand having many subscribers but how do you make sense of the flood of all those you subscribe to? - Steve Levin
Steve - I'm pretty sure Robert did a video a while ago - showing what his feed looked like and how he handled it. - Jim Connolly
we have some shiny tin cans and some wire... so ... - Pretty Monkey Studio
matt: its easy.. you will have a tin can for each person you are connected to. the others get a lid. and for group chats you just need more people that are sitting next to you in the treehouse :) - Pretty Monkey Studio
just come over to our treehouse and we'll hook you up :D we even have pink tin cans !! - Pretty Monkey Studio
sry we already have the patent ;) but you could try triangle shaped yellow tin cans for your prototype. Banana shapes are taken too - Pretty Monkey Studio
Matt: sure, but I charge $400 an hour for playing a lawyer and this will take at least 40 hours of my work and you're still not guaranteed that Pretty Monkey Studio will hand it over. Want to proceed? ;-) - Robert Scoble
I wonder what that point is. When did it start on Twitter? - Lester Greenberg
I took several months off from friendfeed to concentrate on my facebook presence. Now that I'm back I can't believe all the changes and growth here. 2008 was the year of facebook, 2009 is the year of twitter, could 2010 be the year of friendfeed? - Jonathan.Rivera
pfff you guys are only after money. just come over to the treehouse, you'll get a tin can fro free, we can play some blackjack and spin the bottle and have a good time without patents, twithits or the likes and you can explain friendfeed to us :D - Pretty Monkey Studio
you're a social media creature Scoble :) - AlpB.
Nooooooooo, say it isn't so.... - MoTO Boychick Devil
So are companies going to take a stand and disallow celebrities to join services and ruin them or should they change the terms to the we won't reject people based on sex, race, or fame. - Eric Fisher
Eric: friendfeed doesn't need to do that. They just need to make sure that we remain in control of our viewport and that they minimize the kinds of games humans like to play (collecting followers and gaming systems to see if we can move up a list, etc). - Robert Scoble
Robert, do you think the next "shiny object" will be a mobile one? Not a device, but a mobile service. Something that works great on all platforms, iPhone, Android, Win, Nokia, etc. - Mike Lewis
I knew it was always just about the latest shiny object! Now I have proof... - Andrew Deal
Mike... I hope robert says yes.... that is what I always am pushing @cellecast. ... we got 80% more to develop though, and need community help. - Andrew Deal
What do you think the effect will be on Friendfeed?? - 77Agency
Mike: if something works great on all mobile platforms it isn't actually great. You've got to optimize for each one, at least in today's world. - Robert Scoble
Just wait til oprah gets here. :) - Sami Jones from Nambu
My guess is that Oprah will be #1 on Twitter in a month or two. She has over a million followers in 28 days without really trying. Aplusk may have more but he also has tweeted more than 40x as much. Look out Scoble, Ashton will probably run here once Oprah takes his Twitter crown. - Garin Kilpatrick
Michael R. Bernstein
What's this!? (Obligatory - Chris Lasher
@Chris Awesome :) - Piotr Byzia from twhirl
Seems good, just asked for invitation! :) - Matteo
hmmm, think I'll stick with Dropbox. It's the same amount of storage and I can access it on my Windows Installation as well. - Martin Rix (Mrrix32)
yeah i use dropbox for this. Canonical made a stupid move with this one. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
This is something more subtle. Imagine an Ubuntu Live CD, or Netbook Remix, with built in support for UbuntuOne. That's the play here. Single login, seamless integration with mobile Linux. - Justin Whitaker
I would love to play with this, but I have way more space on Dropbox. I had a fun encounter with one of the creators of Dropbox, Drew and he gave me 25gb for free. Good people there. Love Dropbox. - Dennis Jackson
why as a blogger/podcaster/lifestreamer/geek do i not have a #palmpre to preview? that is my question :) sprint or palm you out there?
I didn't get one either Jeff. I was quite sad to not get picked from their little "be a reviewer" promo - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
yeah i feel like i have 4000+ twitter followers, a blog that gets a lot of traffic, and almost 1500 on friendfeed. I got a good audience that I would love to share my thoughts :) - (jeff)isageek
I'm holding out for the Prethinking givaway I never win anything though. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
is there anyone out there that can make this happen? :) - (jeff)isageek
Jeff: No. They're being *incredibly* tight with them at the moment. It's almost absurd. One of my best friends is a Palm VP, has one right now, and I'm not even allowed to see it for fear that somebody'll lose their job. Somebody will probably lose their job just for me mentioning that somebody has one, and by saying I'm not allowed to see it, I'm probably guaranteeing that I'll never see it. I have to go now... two black vans just pulled up outside... - Ken Sheppardson
ken : haha - (jeff)isageek
Hah. I talk to one million cell phone buyers every weekend on my nationally syndicated radio program and I didn't get one either. I suspect that if your last name isn't Pogue, Mossberg, or Baig it's going to be pretty hard to get one in advance. - Leo Laporte
Oh, waaaaaah. Buy one like the rest of us peasants. - Fleagle
Y'know, while I have no specific information... (I hereby swear and attest I've seen no device, accessories, plans, presentations, marketing collateral, point-of-sale displays, packaging, or any related material provided by any Palm or Sprint employee, contractor, or partner, not directly covered by an explicit written agreement with Palm, Sprint, or their duly authorized agent or previously made available to the public)... I get the distinct impression the release date is closer than most people think. - Ken Sheppardson
I tend to agree. I signed up and have seen posts all over the web about people getting theirs in the mail already! What gives? - Fred
Should it matter if it saves them? It's a new gadget! :D - Fred
By itself, no. But it's probably the first/flagship in a line. There will be more webOS devices. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
Fred: I'm pretty sure no reviewers have received a Pre at this point ( - Ken Sheppardson
no one has one. - Richard Lawler
I don't have one. Richard: that's not true. I know of a big name tech journalist who has one. - Robert Scoble
My buddy who works way up with Sprint just got off the phone with me and was playing with one. Very excited! - Dennis Jackson
Is the Pre going to save Palm? Or are they going down in the next few years? - David Damore
Dennis: you should've suggested your friend at Sprint not post pics :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Holy F****** S***! Is that a French Press? - David Damore
Yep. My 4 cup press. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I don't have an actual FP =( I do have a FP insert for my Nalgene bottle which works quite well. - FFing Enigma
Matthew I want to install an instant boiling water tap in my kitchen. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Do they make French Diet Coke presses? - Josh Haley
French press = ♥♥♥ - Alix May
Gunny, if a built-in boiler tap is too involved, you can get a Hot Shot (I've used an older model of one of these for years: ). It's not instant, but around 60 seconds to boil. It's perfect for a single serving of pressed coffee (which is how I roll most of the time too). - Micah
My gas stove boils the water for me in about 5 minutes or so. I want INSTANT hot water :D - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
pssssst! A microwave will boil 8 oz in about a minute... - FFing Enigma
That is the only way I drink my coffee. It's the best way to get the full flavor of the coffee. I drink my coffee like I drink wine though. Like I'm a taster or something haha. - Dennis Jackson
French presses are the shizz - Christian (Simply X)
I know, I know... Tina. I like my whistling kettle though. I wonder if the glass beaker can handle microwaving the water though. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Get a mid to large sized Pyrex measuring cup and it'll withstand microwaving just fine. - FFing Enigma
Tina, but it doesn't look or sound boiled in the micro. Meh, maybe I'm old school. - Micah
Micah: unless you're using distilled, water still bubbles when boiled in the microwave. - FFing Enigma
HFC my Press carafe holds 32 oz water. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Microwaves can overheat your water (most place the ideal temp for pressed coffee between 195-205F [90-96C]). A heating element method doesn't pose that risk. ("Exploding water in microwave?" Snopes: TRUE. ) - Micah
Exploding water in microwaves is again only when you're using distilled water (water bubbles when boiled b/c of impurities in it, using distilled water means no impurities hence when you add something to boiled distilled water the added particles make the whole mass of the water bubble up aka explode). - FFing Enigma
—but now I've said too much *µ-wave illuminati on the move* - Micah
Tina is dropping science, and I for one like it. *takes notes* - Micah
LOL! It's an easy enough experiment to do on your own. Put 1 cup of tap water in the microwave and note how long it takes to start bubbling: that's how long it takes to boil. Now, put 1 cup distilled water and microwave it for the same amount of time. - FFing Enigma
I'm not a fan of boiling water from a microwave or in a plastic measuring cup. Can't be healthy. I use an electric kettle. - Dennis Jackson
That's why I use a glass Pyrex microwave-safe measuring cup, Dennis. And remember folks: liquid measuring cups aren't the same as dry measure. - FFing Enigma
It does sometimes do that without distilled water, though. It's known as superheating, and it explodes because the water cannot form bubbles while heating up and as soon as it gets something to form bubbles around and the entire thing boils up in a instant! Pretty neat, but you can put a wooden spoon in to prevent stuff like this.(Plastic spoons might distort and metal is a no in a microwave.) - Sid
Dennis, we have an electric kettle (my wife makes pots at a time of tea) and I drive the Hot Shot for coffee. And I use microwave ovens to rant (but usually it's because the user interface across models is inconsistent - actually I have a blog post brewing on this). - Micah
Mind you, in a house with three boys and two adults, if the microwave goes down, it's pretty much the amazing race to replace it within 24 hours (or less, emphasis on the less). - Micah
Man, that reminds me, time for some java! Thanks! - Drew Lucas
This made my 'best of day' on FF. Rock on, Gunny. - Josh Haley
don't see why not. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Josh, my most successful posting thus far. Coffee RULES! - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Mona Nomura
MAJOR NSW ALERT: Rihanna completely nude (photos) Holy wow, she is bangin' via Dan V. #fb
Classy, Rihanna. - Derrick
DAMN! Look at that ass! Oh, and the rest of her ;) - Michael Forian
I must admit I just think she is a beautiful, powerful woman, that is in touch with her body. But it is hard to say something without sounding really sexist. I think. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
She is SMOKIN' - Mona Nomura
I've never been much interested in her... until now. I love hot chicks who like to take naked pictures of themselves and store them in insecure locations. - Joey Gibson
Her body is AMAZING. - Mona Nomura from IM
Her attitude is what really gets you imho. - Ruud van Wijngaarden
She is one of the nicest, most down to earth people I have ever met. And (cringe if you will) Chris Brown, too. Check out this month's issue of Vibe -- I think it's on stands now. Their security did a tell all. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Awesome ! - Faraz Mullick
Wow. Just wow. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
She is straight off. the. chains. Seriously, I am now an even bigger fan. - Mona Nomura from IM
part of me wants to like this and part of me wants to like this - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Hey, you got it, flaunt it if you like. It doesn't last and ... what's the big deal about nudity anyway? - AJ Kohn
Is it naked celeb day? Cassie was naked earlier this day somewhere… Still, my vote goes to the Panamanian cricket chicks and they where dressed (and prolly shopped). - Remo
Why does this need a New South Wales alert? - Bryce Roney
Cassie's was a publicity stunt, her album is dropping soon. As for Rihanna, I don't care if it was publicity or not. The woman is smokin'! - Mona Nomura
Can't, for the life of me, figure out why I should care about any of this. - Akiva
My friends g/f just agreed that she was hot. So for some reason he decided it was time to show her those nude pictures of Chyna. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Akiva, your secret is safe with us. Promise we won't tell Rochelle! - Mona Nomura
Trust me, Mona: she agrees with me. - Akiva
Dude...Rihanna is SUPER hot. I mean, for a skinny chick...WOW. She got more curves than spaghetti junction... - Rahsheen
Wonder what the story behind this is. - Dennis Jackson
Umm, wow! She is HOT! - Rahul Das
woahhhhhhh - Shevonne
Dennis - Frankly, it was a jab at Bad Boy to kick Cassie out the limelight (imho). Ri-Ri > Cassie ANYday. - Mona Nomura
ummm... wow - iTad
To be honest, this is one of my biggest wishes come true. - Mike Nayyar
El Conejo Viejo
Necessary medicine for a typical Monday.
Also, I think those deviled eggs were bad. - El Conejo Viejo
Deviled eggs are ALWAYS bad. - Michael McKean
The ones I buy at the store are. The ones Mom makes, on the other hand, are culinary perfection. Right down to the little bit of cilantro on the top. :) - El Conejo Viejo from IM
Who buys Deviled Eggs at the store? That should be illegal, like pre-made sushi. - Eric - Final Countdown
My sister-in-law. The same one who didn't know who Leonard Nimoy was. - El Conejo Viejo from IM
LMAO @sister-in-law - clueLESS - BEX
That there's a Texas beer! :) - Patrick Jordan
My favourite beer of all time, hands down. Such a great finish. Yay, I have to go get some now! - Dennis Jackson
what are deviled eggs? - Bisax
:) - El Conejo Viejo from IM
Leo Laporte
Im guessing windows does not have a version of this - Ryan Gerritsen
That's correct. For now. - Eric Geller
Hope we get a Win version of this or something similar. Don't like the Adobe Air apps and Digsby does not even have a Retweet option... - Manuel Mas
The developer doesn't plan to release a Windows version of this. Ever heard of Blu? It's made just for Vista and 7. Not sure about features. It's still a work in progress, but it sure is beautiful. :) - Dennis Jackson
Dennis: Good recommendation. Any other viable Win Twitter clients worthy of a try? - Manuel Mas
I'd consider using this if Twhirl wasn' t so good and if Tweetie supported, the TWiT army & FriendFeed like Twhirl does. - Thunderwing from twhirl
I want for windows. - ralphsaunders
Robert Scoble
Is @ev helping out @aplusk for @oprah show? I'm getting tons of messages from people who realize they can't unfollow that account. I can't either.
wait now they are blocking unfollows? - rob
Yep, I cant unfollow him. - Christian Burns
This is not right at all. We should have the right to unfollow him if we want to. Personally, I'm not following him, but still, THIS IS NOT RIGHT! - Michael Forian
rob: yeah. I can't unfollow @aplusk - Robert Scoble
oh BURN! - rob
as aplusk woud have said on That 70's show - rob
Nope, I can't unfollow Ashton..but I can unfollow other users - Sam Houston
Oh that is cheap Twitter, You can't unfollow @Aplusk!! I am glad I didn't do it at all!! - Paul
The beginning of the end... Twitter has sold it's soul to Oprah. - Trad Robinson
You can't stop following? -- that is lame. I guess you have to be special to get that set up? - Brian Sullivan
I've tried to unfollow @aplusk and I cannot do it, either. - Anthony K. Valley ©
I'm so glad I never followed that one. Maybe they moved @aplusk to it's own server and have the SQL update/delete locked down. - rob
Leo was just talking about that. Makes the whole platform a joke. - Eric - Final Countdown
I can't follow @Aplusk, let alone unfollow. Twitter's just borked. No conspiracy here folks, sorry. - drew olanoff
I followed him, but it took a few minutes to register - maybe unfollowing is the same? - Caffeinated Sue
Glad I never bothered to follow him anyway! - Chris Charabaruk
Eric: the whole platform has been a joke since day one. Didn't stop all of us from joining. - Robert Scoble
lol @ own server - Stuart Evans from twhirl
Twitter cant afford to have that account go down - Christian Burns
Weird. Twitter's been acting wonky the last few days tho. - Tiffany Monhollon
wow..... - MikeAmundsen
Twitter is becoming the new VH1 "Where Are They Now" countdown special. - Eric - Final Countdown
And @aplusk's follower count is still going up. - Michael Forian
definition of Twitter = Wonky - rob
Twitter's infrastructure is just falling apart, as always - Michael Krigsman
@aplusk is adding about 2-4 followers a second from what I can tell. - rob
I've tried to unfollow for a couple of hours. I have successfully unfollowed marketers and spammers in the same time frame, just not Kutcher. Getting this error message on him "Whoops! Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again!" - Anthony K. Valley ©
Okay, I just tried to unfollow, it didn't work. Has anyone tried to unfollow CNN? - Caffeinated Sue
I was unable to unfollow @aplusk, but I did just unfollow @scobleizer. Just a test ;) - Ryan Kuder
I tried to unfollow both of them and it gave that Whoops error - James Rowe
You can't unfollow @cnnbrk either. Wow, this sucks. Twitter's obviously trying to cover their parfaits. - Michael Forian
Brings new meaning to the term, "default" - Jesse Stay
Being pretty new to Twitter (two years but very sporadic until the last few weeks) I hadn't heard of @aplusk until today. Anyhow, I went to try to follow him in the last few hours and none of my attempts were successful. My conclusion: the race is rigged by joint PR effort, they want him to break the million just as he appears on Oprah. Or something like that. I have to say that, given it's a free service, I didn't mind too much. But I probably haven't invested as much of myself as Scoble and others here :) - Richard Drake
Well, the million follower scandal will hopefully show us technical folks what not to do if we ever hit it big. Hacked really? pfft. - rob
can't unfollow, but I can still block. Let's all punk him and block him. (I did.) - Michael Markman
1,000,000 blocks that'd be nice - rob
Honestly I don't remember ever following @cnnbrk, and I don't see updates on page, or tweetdeck - James Rowe
So, what does blocking do? - Dennis Jackson
Twitter's TOS: "General Conditions - We reserve the right to modify or terminate the service for any reason, without notice at any time." Wow. This blows big time. - Michael Forian
blocking makes it so that user when they are logged in, are unable to see your msgs - rob
I see the TOS. I still don't think it's right they are doing this. They need to make it fair. :( boo.. - Dennis Jackson
I wonder if it has to do with the "aplusk's 1,000,000th follower gets this and that and the other thing" promises that people/organizations like EA are making. By blocking people from unfollowing those accounts, they could be hoping to prevent people from unfollowing right after he hits 1,000,000 and the jockeying to become the "real" 1,000,000th follower that's sure to come. - Gord McLeod
This is common for users with a lot of followers. I see it with our users on SocialToo all the time - it's some sort of bug in Twitter, assuming it's not a conspiracy. - Jesse Stay
You can block him though - Christian Burns
I just don't see how blocking him does anything. - Dennis Jackson
Hrm, that certainly takes some wind out of Twitter's sails... - Trish Ridgway
Ashton is saying on his twitter feed that his account is getting hacking continually. Maybe this is a protective measure? - Karl Kovacs
Guys, I think I've figured it out: the "unfollow" only takes effect after a few minutes. This applies to both @aplusk and @cnnbrk. - Michael Forian
After a few minutes? I tried unfollowing Oprah and Ev and those don't work either. I wonder if it's my browser. - Dennis Jackson
I can't follow him either. It pretends I'm following him, but when I refresh, I'm still not following him. I don't think this is what everyone thinks it is. Seems more like the account state is frozen. - Cait
I've seen something lke this happen to regular users - follow again, clear browser cache, reload page, try to unfollow again. If that doesn't do it, try blocking. I would never have followed @aplusk in the first place, so I can't perform the test - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Maybe it's a scaling/load issue with their database. - Gord McLeod
Ashton's closing the gap: - Caffeinated Sue
Looking at the stats for @aplusk and @cnnbrk, it appears they maybe working on a tie instead of a win. The numbers have gotten too close to call. - Karl Kovacs
Karl's got it. Almost certainly a preventative measure in case the accounts get compromised. I'm wondering though... a) Does this take the heat out of Apple's one billion app milestone? and b) Does it really matter because Oprah will storm past both of them (indefinitely) once she starts tweeting. - Smashing
I was able to unfollow @cnnbrk for sure.I was able to follow @aplusk and THEN I COULD NOT UNFOLLOW @aplusk - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Maybe he paid for that little service. It's one way to monetize Twitter. Then Twitter will charge us to unfollow those people. - Mary Wehrle
I was able to block @aplusk just fine - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Ashton watching it live: - Caffeinated Sue idiot has too much money, so he spilled champange on his macbook. - rob
guy makes me ill - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
"i read all your @replies" - ashton - rob
yea, fan mail new low. - rob
I should block aplusk while I still can! :) - Morton Fox
FWIW: I first unfollowed @CNNbrk,worked fine then followed @aplusk could not unfollow, blocked @aplusk then followed @CNNbrk and was not able to unfollow @CNNbrk - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Wow @Twitter. That is very lame. I hope this is a bug, otherwise this will be a future PR nightmare...starting tomorrow. - darnell from BuddyFeed
darnell: No...starting a little while ago..bug or not. This is going to blow up already starting to - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
perhaps twitter did not do this intentionally. their app may be hitting some functional limits! They've got to be scrambling over there... kinda feel sorry for them! LOL - Susan Beebe
there's really not much that can make me feel sorry for them. starry-eyed, failing to manage their business for their customers (and I'm talking outages and lack of notifications esp) sympathy gone. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
oh no! there's gonna be a recount and lawsuits. what will the country do until we know the final answer? oh my! least it's cheaper than a sorry ass movie. - Landon
No Way! A Twitter PR Disaster brewing quickly! Twittersphere speak it loud. - Kemp Edmonds
I'm seeing a lot of noise about this already....lots of RTs (and coincidentally lots of follows on my account LOL!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This sounds like an interesting topic... - coldbrew
Surely if CNN actually stated tweeting (they haven't done any since they took over the account) and they put it on their program, they would have a huge surge. CNN isn't taking this seriously. Maybe it is because it isn't! - CJPhoto
That's what you get for following any of them in the first place. You keep trying to leave, but they keep pulling you back in. - dewtheone
Ahsan: what, you expect Twitter's engineering to be good? You have GOT to be kidding! - Robert Scoble
I personally think this is because to not allow people to unfollow and then follow him back to get a 1millionth follower gifts from EA... my opinion... - Hameedullah Khan
When I unfollowed CNNbrk, then followed CNNbrk again later tonight as per my experiment, I could not un follow. no gifts from cnn right? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
what a joke... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Mark, looking for 0 tweets is pretty much dead giveaway - rob from twhirl
Mark well I'm sure there could easily be a collaborative effort given the amount of people using the service, and the amount of companies or projects using the firehose, we could easily find new users, and check their followers out, and who they may follow, then give that back to twitter to judge who is "real" or someone. Adding spam watchdog would be easy too since someone already does spam and link checking. - rob
Someone posted that Twitter disabled the unfollow feature for this jive - Outsanity
Weird this was I couldn't even ADD Ashton to my other Twitter account. So maybe both functions were disabled. But, if that were so, then how did he hit 1mill? Odd... - Outsanity
Thank you for asking that question. - Prokofy Neva
That sucks! Started a campaign for people to stop following him. Well it was a small campaign, but I am so sick of hearing about this silly contest. - PC Easy from twhirl
Chris: So If I can run a big contest to gain followers I giving away fabulous prizes, Twitter will fuck other people around for me too. Yet another example of Twitter really only giving a damn about the big name stars & companies, - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I wonder how many million follower user accounts it will take before Twitter does something drastic? - rob
Really? - ChiliMac
Chris: Fabulous Idea! I'm gonna march right down to @ev's office with a bunch of cupcakes and get my refund today! :) heh. -But seriously, its now how I was damaged personally but about how Twitter is making sure there is the "great divide" between the Followed and the Followers. The more they've focused on the stars the less Twitter is about real interactions between real people. This damages the community, and I am sad to see it happen this way - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I would have been more impressed with Twitter overall if it had taken the opposite approach and shown us what value there is in following ordinary people who have interesting things to say. But instead, they show extreme favoritism towards people who have large draws. Go ahead and ask to see if you can have a special favor from Twitter so that you can draw in an even bigger crowd than you already have. It doesn't hurt you, no, but sure doesn't help you either. What's wrong with wanting equality? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nothing's wrong with wanting equality. Internet is becoming just as assymetrical as real life is. The more crowd you already have the less job to take to build even bigger crowd. Sorry, but Twitter can't help you. It's not the matter of Twitter. It's the matter of what kind of people use it and what goal they achieve using it. - Денис
No Twitter can't help me, or you. But it can and does help: Mashable, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Tony Robbins, etc, etc, and now Ashton & CNN. It is a matter of Twitter and what kind of people they strive to attract. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yet another reason Twitter has launched a high velocity missle over the shark for this user. I'm still using it, but most of my time now is here on FF. - Mark Traphagen
It's the too big to let fail doctrine applied to social network chosen ones. wow. - Micah
Mona's ff post to Rafe's cnet How To on unfollow technique that seems to work - Micah
Its easy to unfollow send a message: "off aplusk" in Twitter. Simple as that. I suggest a mass unfollow in order to avenge this dirty trick. - Alexandre
Alexandre: I don't think that unfollows; it just keeps his updates from showing in your timeline. So no message sent that way. - Mark Traphagen
Robert Scoble
RT @A_F: unfollow @aplusk exactly 5 minutes bfor he goes on @oprah tomorrow = biggest PUNK'd of all time
What time will it record? RE Punk aplusk - Christian Burns
Heard a rumor you can't unfollow him... is this true? - Johnny
And unfollow Kutcher simply because - Mo Kargas
LOL - MikeAmundsen
Not following @aplusk but totally in for spreading the punked action! ReTweeted! - Emiel Sondag
You can't unfollow @aplusk 's account right now. I don't know why. - Robert Scoble
Yep, they have it locked somehow, or maybe twitter is just broken - Christian Burns
Of course - you could have been wise and not followed him in the first place! - Suki Fuller
Locked??? That's messed up. - Dennis Jackson
Since there's prizes (eg from EA etc) for his millionth follower, perhaps they asked Twitter to block unfollows temporarily in order to stop people unfollowing then following repeatedly in the hopes of winning? :-) - Craig Bailey
That would make sense Craig. I still don't think it's all that fair. But whatever I suppose. - Dennis Jackson
I agree it wouldn't be fair if that was the case. As an alternative to unfollowing, did I read someone else suggesting we all follow @oprah instead...? Imagine if she had 1M followers first. LOL. - Craig Bailey
That idea is hilarious and I bet you're right, and Oprah would whoop past them in a heartbeat - Trish Ridgway
That would be so awesome... mebbe I should cook up a script for ppl to unsubscribe for just a day :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
Robert Scoble
I really hate IM. People get on there and ask me how I'm doing. What a lame way to start a conversation.
Isn't that what Twitter asks? *teehee* - Bwana ☠
MSN Messenger. Now do you get why Twitter has taken over my world? - Robert Scoble
Twitter doesn't demand an answer to such a stupid question. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Neither does IM. - Ken Sheppardson
@Scobleizer... but really. How are you doing? - No Name
Funny, Twitter demands an answer from me...or maybe that's just the addiction - Bwana ☠
Almost as bad as "Who are you?". Kidding! : ) - Mike Doeff
what do you recommend saying when starting a conversation then? - Ahmed
Bwana: yes, but Twitter does it in a scalable way. On IM I have to answer that question over and over and over and over and over and over. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh..... - Robert Scoble
This is why I almost never open any IM client other than Skype. Skype doesn't seem to get that kind of boring garbage. - MarkCarras
Ahmed: say something like "I have something cool to show you, do you have time?" - Robert Scoble
How are you doing today, Robert? ;-D - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
@Scoble - What's a better way to start start a conversation? "Hey smell" ? :) - Justin Korn
Or, "I am starting a company and need some PR advice that I can't ask for on Twitter, can I get a minute of your time here?" - Robert Scoble
How are you doing? - Ben
LOL, Robert cracks me up - Bwana ☠
Seems like reasonable IM protocol to me robert, maybe you're thinking about the tool the wrong may? Or I am! - Richard Anderson
"What are you doing" <-----worst. question. EVER! - Mona Nomura
But what happens when you don't have anything to show the other person and you just want to talk business/get to know new people better? - Ahmed
Personally, I don't set my IM client to show online/offline/idle.. it's always on. I screen/defer IM messages just like I do phone calls, email, or any other source of interruptions. - Ken Sheppardson
I'm confused, I always thought asking how someone was doing was a nice polite way to start a conversation... I didn't realize so many people took such offense. Not everyone has to speak about news and tech every second of the day. A simple, "Hi, how are things? How are the wife and kids?" doesn't sound bad. Or maybe I am missing part of this conversation. Anyway, I am not much of a fan of IM either, but I don't see anything wrong with saying "How are you doing?" - Dennis Jackson
Yeah, I'd hate it so much if people cared enough about me to ask about my day/life/wellbeing. - Caleb Cherry
Richard: it is the WORST way to introduce yourself to someone new on IM. Get to the point and tell me what the fuck you want to know. My brother can get away with such a lame start. No one else can. It's why I don't usually turn on my MSN Messenger. - Robert Scoble
It's considered manners to ask the person you are starting to chat to how they are, before going on to subjects like weather, rugby, etc. before getting started on what you really want to chat about. - Jacques
I think the point is that we are busy and people need to just get to the point. This is work and the cliche greetings just slow us down. - MarkCarras
Oh, maybe you meant from like a stranger. I was kind of thinking a close relative, or close friend. That's the only reason I still use IM is to chat with family and close friends. So, I understand where you are coming from. - Dennis Jackson
I always forget to do that bit 9the polite how are you)..usually just jumping straight into the question. Unless it's with the 1 or 2 where we do just exchange inanities regularly. - Rachel Clarke
I'd really like to go audit a "Business Communications" course at a first tier university these days and see what they're teaching. Do they teach "business IM"? How to compose email? How to leave voicemail? - Ken Sheppardson
So, how are you, Robert? :-p - amygeek
Yeah... you might accidentally start talking about THEIR needs. - Marc
IM almost gone from my workflow. Twitter direct message for past IM-type discussions and back to IRC for team collaboration. - Bill Rice
Chris (Luckhardt) IM has its place - one on one conversations, private conversations. More people have an IM than are on the other services, so far easier to use for many - Rachel Clarke
Dennis: that doesn't work for someone with a high public visibility. If you read my friendfeed you know all that shit anyway. It just marks you as horribly clueless from the start. - Robert Scoble
@Bwana No, Twitter asks "What", and that can be a lot more interesting! :~)) - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Dennis: exactly. Close friends and family are fine to do that kind of talk with. But everyone else? It just wastes time and frustrates me. That's the kind of stuff that Facebook is great for. - Robert Scoble
Caleb: if 50 strangers ask you the same question you'd get frustrated too. They don't really give a f**k about you. They are IM'ing you to get something from you. - Robert Scoble
Marc: I love helping people get what they want. But it's the noise that is lame. It keeps me from using services. This one guy right now went back and forth with me. Turned out he wanted me to see his email. Just get to the freaking point. Geesshhh. - Robert Scoble
Common courtesy need not die for expedience, does it? - Mike Mackley
Robert - ok, if you don't know the person and you're looking to save time, I'd go with your"FFS get on with it" protocol, but, it does sound like a bad tool to use for your needs. IM is good for one to one / privacy / non-noise in my books. - Richard Anderson
Jason: I apologize. It's just that I turned on MSN Messenger, got a ton of really lame interchanges. Pissed me off. And I'm venting. - Robert Scoble
this is a freak'in hillarious dialog. I 'spose the reason some may not understand Scoble's position is they haven't yet seen the "global" nature of viral networking. On the other hand, I can understand why some people might not get it. - Jim Sparrow
I only use Messenger to tell my daughter when dinner's ready. - Nicola Quinn
Richard: yes. It's a horrible tool for someone with hundreds of strangers. FriendFeed and Twitter are taking over our lives for EXACTLY this reason. Now I can tell you all I'm pissed off once. Imagine if you all IM'ed me. I'd have to repeat it 30 times. :-) - Robert Scoble
How about an IM spam filter? rejects lame text and you can define it...sounds like a good fit for you :) - Richard Anderson
yeah i try and stay away from it, or just leave up a perpetual away message directing people to one of my URLs - Adam Singer
empty the glass man... empty the glass - Bwana ☠
Robert, if I ask you how you are doing today, I actually mean it. I was raised to use "How are you" as one general conversation starter, but to never ask the question if I did not care what the response is. :) - Robert Miller
would u prefer them to ask you what u are wearing? - Joshua
Jason: yup, exactly. It's why I don't even use IM anymore. Anyway, when I talk with a stranger I don't pretend to care about their family, or their lives. It's rude. You don't start a conversation at a cocktail party like that. You get to a point "Hey, Jim over there told me I should talk to you about your new business." or "Louis said you have some new kids and that you're looking for playdates." - Robert Scoble
Robert: it's one thing to ask that after you are familiar with someone and friends. Then I'll understand the context and why you want to know. But to IM someone out of the blue and ask them? It's a waste of time and rude. - Robert Scoble
Bwana: this is how I stay sane in an insane world! :-) Most people just block people like that. - Robert Scoble
Good day sir, I hope this day finds you well. That is all. - Andrew Smith
I can see how being a personality can make it hard to wade through the clutter. When I work with CEOs we don't spend a lot of time on pleasantries - I see your point. - Marc
IMHO, if all you want to talk about is how somebody's feeling, great, ask how they're doing. If you just want to say hello, just say hello, but if you actually want something, say so right up front, without requiring syn/ack/syn/ack/... e.g. "Hi Robert, how are you? I was wondering if you might be able to help me by X, Y or Zing" - Ken Sheppardson
The problem with instant messenger is that people think it is some kind of branch of normal conversation. You do not have to introduce yourself -- That's what your profile is for. I agree with Robert, just get to the point already. Unless I know you I don't want to spend ten minutes talking about the weather. - John Bellone
I second that John Bellone! - MarkCarras
Set up your IM with an automatic answer: What can I do you for? <- works great - @LarsenTweet
How about "Very busy. Did you need something? I don't have time to chit chat." - MarkCarras
I just got turned onto Twitter, I like it because it's more focused, more intimate and I can find like minded people in the subjects I like. It reminds me of a cross between IM (kept for family, friends and some clients when they need help) and Email Lists. This past week has seen me posting more on my blog because of Twitter. I also like it because it's short and sweet,I don't have to think too hard or get the code right, I just type away. I have just signed up for FF after following convo's to here. - Tina Clarke
MacGirogia: I think that instant messenger is a little more intimate than posting on friendfeed. - John Bellone
I wholeheartedly agree. Granted, if you're friends, that's different. But people that I rarely talk to and play 20 questions with me (I did this the other night), I just think, "Ok, why don't you just say 'so can you do this for me?'" I'm so used to it by now. - Zach Flauaus
I agree with Jason H here. Building rapport is a lost art in this world and a simple "I am doing fine, how can I help you?" will suffice. If I ever need to IM Robert, I will be sure to get right to the point. I prefer IM to twitter, b/c it is more personal and closed. Note: I do not have a ton of followers yet though. - Amani
I hate IM too--haven't used it in years, literally. And when I did use it, it was for work...sometimes we would all be working on a project together but be in different rooms (or different states) and it was an easy way to get information. - Kelly W.
I cant live without MSN Messenger.. - @LarsenTweet
DO YOU KNOW- what bothers me more?? When I show good info to "A-list" folks, or engage in interesting discussion, and they don't bother responding(But often take the nugget or news I shared and retweet or even blog it with No attribution or nod) - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
IM is turning into a protoco, XMPP is taking off. Mayby people will move with the medium - Alex Kessinger from Alert Thingy
I agree. Even if it's superficial chit chat, at least make it interesting! - timedalkat from twhirl
surprised you still use it - BEX
Hey Robert, how are you doing? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
How are youd doing? ^^ - natadd from twhirl
Mark: the thing that got me mad this morning is I tried to say I was busy, what do you need, and he didn't get the point and kept trying to make small talk. Aaarrrrgggghhhh. John is right. Get to the point. The new polite is to be impolite. After we share a beer and a meal then let's pull out the baby photos and talk about the weather and the mall trip we're doing this afternoon and all that! :-) - Robert Scoble
If I run into you here in Vegas, I am still going to have to ask you how you are doing. It's just how I was raised. - Josh Haley
Alex: I'm doing really freaking great. We're going to the mall to buy some snow boots for Davos and Milan is running around doing his happy dance. I gotta film that and post it for all of you. It's hillarious. Life is good and it's nice to be home from Vegas. Also, my computer is running like new again now that it has Windows 7. People are going to like this if they are Windows users. - Robert Scoble
Robert I agree if that's where it's going anyway, and only where it's going: respect my minutes- don't spend them for selfish reasons. HOWEVER- last year we were reaming folks for just asking for favors without so much as a "how are you" so, they may be 'there'. I'm looking for both; at least some real friendship with folks I have any business/commercial contact with. And being disabled, and a full time single dad of 3, I'm not getting to 15 conferences a year like a lot of you :( - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Ed: I don't mind building a friendship but the stuff I am talking about isn't that. They want something and the chit chat is fake. - Robert Scoble
I only ask "how are you doing" to start an IM conversation if I've not heard from the person in a long time. Usually if I start a conversation on IM it's to inform someone about something, or get them to do something for me. Niceties can be for phone or in-person meetings. - Chris Charabaruk
You seem rude at all. If you don't want to chat, simply put yorself invisible and go away. You have options. And this comment is a fault of style and a fault of respect, imho. But, i agree, style is not required here. - g.g.
Being a friend means not wasting your friend's time. That is what friendfeed is for! :-) - Robert Scoble
I think in some ways that is just a way TO start a conversation..maybe just Human nature. - Kreg Steppe
Then just say you hate fake people. I do too. End of issue. - Josh Haley
Kreg: yup. Lots of people were taught it was polite to chit chat about the family and the weather. That stuff is still important but online with strangers it comes across as clueless and creepy. Anyway this is why Twitter and Facebook are taking off. Scalable chit chat. I only have to tell everyone once what is going on. On IM it is an "n-times" problem. - Robert Scoble
Being a brother means annoying your brother whenever possible, just because you can...just remember it's all in love! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Josh: everyone fakes it at times. If you have a fight with your wife or kids are you likely to share that with a stranger? No. I hate the friction this stuff brings. There is something deeper here though. I will think about it at the mall and come back to this later. - Robert Scoble
Hey Robert, How are you doing? ;-) - scherbi: bottom dweller
I completely agree. I would never walk up to someone I'd never met before and ask how they were without at least introducing myself and explaining what I wanted. So why would I ever do that online? - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
Tony: exactly. After we have some context and history then asking how my kid is makes a lot of sense. But not as opening line. It's a bit creepy, actually. Especially when a minute later I learn you really wanted me to do something for you. Plus, if you were really clued in and following friendfeed or twitter you'd have a much better opening line than that. "Glad you're home with your son from CES, I love seeing the photos you post about him." It might be fake but at least you've demonstrated you know me. - Robert Scoble
You guys wouldn't last in the South. :) But I understand online is quite different.. but this brings up a good point. Are we seeing a culture clash online? The more and more we interact, the more likely we'll have to adapt. Hmmm. - Bwana ☠
Down here, it's common courtesy to ask "How ya doin?" when you encounter a complete stranger, but that ain't so common in other cultures. I remember when I first started consulting, I got strange looks for being "so nice" :) - Bwana ☠
Oh god I always start with How are you? - Rob Brammeld
This strikes me as a very weird peeve. It's a very normal way to start a conversation - some variation of "hi", "hi" "How are you?" "Not bad you?" "Not bad - hey listen I was wondering..." is just about how all my conversations start. The "How are you" is a polite way of giving someone a chance to let you know they're busy or in a bad mood or otherwise can't talk before imposing on them with a question or thought or whatever. - Eric P
I'm feeling that more often too. - Meryn Stol
Rob and Bwana: those are appropriate starts when dealing with people you know, but on IM they are friction. I know that isn't the reason you are chatting with me so it starts the IM on a bad note. - Robert Scoble
I think it's a culture thing for me, but I don't have thousands of followers, so your situation is obviously different. Keep the vent going, get it all out Robert :) - Bwana ☠
This happens to me at work, where we all use IM. Huge company. IM is The way to contact people. When a co-worker friend says "Hi, how are you this morning?" I answer "Good? You?". But when my manager or a co-worker client, or someone I don't know (especially someone I don't know!) starts with "Hi, how are you?" I am, shall we say, suspicious. And I agree with Robert -- you want something from me. Please get to the point already. - Vicki Brown
@Jason Heubel, but it's even ruder for some random to ask me "how I am" - as if they really care - then tell me what they're selling. Just get to the brass tacks. If it's not actually interesting to me it'll be ignored. There's nothing wrong with "hello scoble, here is a link to a great app i thought you might like ->" ... given it's robert's business to filter new apps for us. - Scot Mcphee
Generally, I don't expect people to reply me after my greetings. The same goes vice versa. If people want something from me, they can say it. I "will" answer them whenever I have the time. Just because of that, I haven't replied any of my cousin's messages for months :) So for me, IM is no different than e-mails. It's just faster when there is a "conversation". - Koray AI
I like starting with something very short that is essentially "Ping?" unless i know that the other person is someone like me that uses IM as short form email. - Sam Pullara
Dealing with vendors and salespeople at the office is much of the same. They feign interest in your life, but really don't care and are just trying to get a sale. Cut the small talk and tell me what you are trying to sell me. - Jim Bednarz
Sam: I love starting a conversation with "ping." I always answer "pong." Starting a conversation with a little short game like that makes me smile and get things off to a good start. - Robert Scoble
@scobleizer I put stuff on Facebook and twitter all the time. If they want to know how I am doing I already said it there. And yet they still say it on FB IM, "How are you guys doing?" - Christian Burns
I rarely use it anymore. If I really want to message someone, I probably have their number and can text them. IM usually just makes you talk to people just for the sake of talking with no real purpose. - David Spinks
I don't care for IM either, but not for the same reason. While immediacy is a nice thing to have, it's a productivity killer, not to mention it sets some kind of strange expectation that I'm always in the mood to chat, regardless of my status setting. - Victor Solanoy
I didn't know the sentiments around IM had changed so much!! - Meryn Stol
So how ARE you doing? - Will Higgins™
I agree with Sam and Pwana, Robert. I only IM with people I'd give my phone number to. You put your phone number on your blog; we are talking different approaches and veeery different numbers here... - Alexandros Georgiadis
Plus, IM is sure to get one's attention, where microposts can easily pass unnoticed - Alexandros Georgiadis
Stop replying to this kind of messages, simple as that ;-) - Sebastian
I'd much rather have a friend ask me how I'm doing than immediately jump at me out of the blue for a favor. Then again, I simply have no time for smalltalk nowadays. - Tamar Weinberg
I don't like IM because the conversations feel inescapable and like I have to give my full attention without being able to really multitask, whereas on Twitter I can go in and out and get work done. - Leslie Poston
I hear ya - I sometimes hate IM too. A lot of people just want to get on there and shoot the breeze because they're bored. But I'm working! Or they just want to ask for something that could have been emailed - it's critical to them, but not to you. It's a huge interruption. That's why I'm often logged out of GTalk which wants to add everyone in my inbox and then some. I use Windows Live Messenger but am very selective about who goes in there. Work colleagues, personal friends, family. Twitter is best - Sarah Perez
so Bob, what are u doing? - Ikaro
I think the worst way to start a conversation is: "Are you busy?" - James Bailey
I have to disagree with that, James... at least it shows honest concern that you might be disturbed and gives you an out to say "yes!". The worst way to start an IM conversation is "Hi". I HATE that... get to the point and tell me what you need from me! The only response you can send back is "Hi". 2 wasted lines and minutes of my life.... - Lindsay
well, how would you start a conversation? hello and then..... what? - denise
Robert Scoble
Internet Explorer 8 is 6,000x better than IE6, but it still bugs me. Google Chrome is the future. Here's why:
1. Google Chrome is way faster. - Robert Scoble
2. Google Chrome is a rethink. IE8 is a bug fix. - Robert Scoble
3. Google Chrome has one box. IE 8 has two. - Robert Scoble
4. Google Chrome works better with Google Reader and other AJAX sites. - Robert Scoble
5. IE8 has too many menus and icons. Gives a real cluttered feel. - Robert Scoble
IE's been a glorified bug fix since MS relabeled it from Mosaic, Robert - no secret there. :) I'm loving Chrome. - teleken
WebKit is a really good rendering engine. I've always secretly wished IE8 would use WebKit as their rendering engine and scrap IE rendering, and somehow incorporate ActiveX and all of the IE features into it, since WebKit is open-source, not tied to a specific competitor (as opposed to Gecko and Firefox) and is fast and stable. – Have to agree about Google Chrome as well. It's a great browser. As much as I love Safari, I wish Chrome would come to Mac sooner :) - Mark Bao
6. Google Chrome's search integration is magic. Start typing something and it figures out what you want. IE8 waits for you to finish, then brings up a boring web page. - Robert Scoble
Any others? - Robert Scoble
When it finally works on a Mac, perhaps I'll believe you ;) - Jeff
If it didn't bug someone it wouldn't still be Internet Explorer. - Josh Sharp
Google Chrome and FLASH don't get along! - paul mooney
Now I just wish Chrome worked better with Flash, or Flash worked better with Chrome. - Dennis Jackson
Google Chrome is focused on internet. IE seems to mix to much other junk in - Mike Scott
By the way, I wrote this whole item in IE8 running on Windows 7. If you are still going to use IE, please do get IE8. It is much better than previous versions. - Robert Scoble
Not a big fan of IE or Chrome... I'll stick with FireFox. - Steven Sanders
Google Chrome is slick...but I still like the simplicity of FireFox. - Charlie Flowers
I love Google Chrome, I just wish the addon's started rolling out. - Michael Fidler
Because the browser is a commodity... Connecting (correction - Deep Integration) with Google's cloud based services is the secret sauce. - Brian Roy
Charlie: simplicity of Firefox? You've gotta be kidding, right? I love Firefox because of its complexity! (Plugins keep me there a lot of the time). - Robert Scoble
I still need to play with Chrome in order to form an educated opinion. I'm just too hung up on Firefox still. :P - Korey
Timely thread. I literally installed Google Chrome on my home computer within the last half hour (hey, I'm slow at these things - I'm not trendy). Just poking around a bit now, liking the speed. StumbleUpon support is an issue, but I'm reading up on it and other stuff. Just read Sarah Perez's post on privacy. - Ontario Emperor
I h ave never been a fan of ActiveX. The fact that several websites still rely on it versus better technologies irks me and I refuse to use them. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Paul: Google Chrome gets along fine with Flash here. What are you experiencing? - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I have to admit, IE8 is a pretty good browser, relatively speaking (relative to IE7 and IE6.) Renders my pages a ton better than previous versions. - Mark Bao
Flash slows down Chrome for me pretty significantly, sometimes to where it's not even usable. Maybe it's just my computer. - Dennis Jackson
How is IE6 a basis for comparison to anything anymore? Totally agree about Chrome. - Bob Starr
loved chrome until I found out it wasn't compatible with my Roboform. I'm lazy and not too security conscious. - BEX
Amen on the 'IE mixing other junk in' thought. I hate typing a hostname into it & it tries to hit a UNC or whatever the heck it's doing... - Steven Byrnes
Chrome has a whole list of niggling problems and has had since day one -- they just never seem to get fixed. I like the speed and simplicity but Chrome will become the next IE unless Google starts paying attention to detail. - Brian Sullivan
Chrome lets you create 'desktop applications' that don't get lost in all of those tabs and don't waste space with the address bar! - Jon Issler
I use Chrome from time to time, but it just feels wrong when I do, I think I'll be sticking with Firefox. - Randy
I am with Vaibhav on "webkit is the future as well" - Peter Finn
Val: Privacy is dead. I really don't care. - Robert Scoble
Chrome's biggest shortcomings right now are password security and the lack of plugins/extensions... Have to give Firefox a nod for having those two nailed! - Jon Issler
I think Chrome is Google's paid service platform... - Johnny
Google Chrome is like FireFox back when it was Phoenix: Sleek, sexy and satisfying. Beta 2 adds autocomplete, profiles and a Greasemonkey style scripting. - John Rubier
@Dennis check your fans. If your on a laptop the fans and/or exhaust may be blocked with dust. that happened to me on my laptop, any flash video slowed my laptop down. realized one day (after reinstalling windows and still having the problem) that my fans had a lot of dust. used compressed air to clean them out, problem solved. happy laptop! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
One thing I know I liked about Chrome: The web-comic! - Korey
I'm amazed at how many flash/chrome issues there are. Ive never had any? - Mike Scott
I still see that firefox is the future! unless google chrome will be a 100% organic software - Mark Guadalupe
I love firefox and plug-ins, but does Chrome need plug-ins? I thought their deal was to run current and next-gen online applications better, which will likely preclude the need for the plug-ins we firefox users can't live without now. - Bill Garrett
Robert, I really like Chrome too. The universal address/search/history bar is the future of browsing. There are only a small % of sites that do not work with Chrome... usually old school corporations, such as ones that I have to pay bills online at. Grr. Works 99.8% of the time for me otherwise. - Brian
I just installed the Windows 7 beta. I fired up IE 8 and it didn't correctly render a nonprofit's Web site I administer as a volunteer ( IE 8 didn't correctly render some of the CSS. I installed Chrome and Chrome got it right. IE 8 is obviously not yet ready for release. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
I love Chrome and it is my default browser now. In fact all my flash problems in Firefox and IE went away in Chrome (video paused many times during playback, audio kept going). They are both memory hoars. Maybe a problem with too much Flash on websites? The lack of plugin support is very troubling. - Chris Mayer
I'm keen for getting mac version of chrome too, though its going to be interesting to see how they're gonna handle interface - Mike Scott from IM
Re: 6. The search bar autofill? Err FF has that too for recently visited sites. If you get an Add-On it'll do the potential sites too. - Adam
Google Chrome may be nice, but there was an "Epic Fail" on my system when Chrome decided that it was the default browser (out of four browsers) and would not directly allow me to un-check the Default-Browser checkbox. It was quickly removed. - Robert Miller
Love Chrome. Use it whenever I can. It does have problems with some sites, and I'm always having problems with flash crashing in it. - cjmart
Kind of ironic that Chrome and Firefox and both performing much better for me under Windows 7. The beta Chrome release is really sweet. - Charlie Anzman
@Pat: I use live mesh to sync my bookmarks between machines all the time. Add your favorites folder to mesh and you are good to go. Mesh for mac is available too. - Chris Johnson
Google Chrome doesn't know what's RSS!!! FAIL - carrotmadman6
I feel like people are debating the relative merits of tn3270 emulators... - Brian Roy
I like the speed/lightness of Chrome, however i dont think it will be big anytime soon with anyone other than techies. Doesnt run many addins/plugins etc... Unlikely any enterprise will adopt it either. Its a great reference app. - Chris Johnson
Chrome certainly is clean and renders fast, but until the experience can be customized via extensions like Firefox, there is no one way I can make it my primary. I just loaded Win. 7 on my laptop and the only thing I ported over from any of my other machines was my FEBE. - George Rogers
Important point for me is that Chrome opens more of the monitor for the content on the page, not for toolbars that i do not need while browsing a page. no loss of functionality without the toolbar. - Jeff DiStanlo
I wonder how many people even know what tn3270 is used for :) I know I do all too well. - Patrick Allmond
+++ on this. FoxMarks is awesome. Just wish FoxMarks had an iPhone browser sync also :( - Patrick Allmond
Any Flock 2.0 users here? If Chrome comes out for the Mac, I may take a look as well - but Firefox/Flock has been great for me for now. - Erich Miller
@Robert: Maybe simplicity wasn't the right word..."ease of use" might be a better term. I think that FF's layout is not as radically different from the browsers I grew up with (IE & Netscape), as Chrome seems to be...maybe that's why I find it simpler to use. Having said that, Chrome is by no means complex, just not as intuitive as FF. As you mentioned, the plug-ins add to the ease of use. It seems you can get a FireFox plug-in for anything. - Charlie Flowers
BTW, have you tried FF's AutoPager plug-in. That thing is amazing! It "automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content"'s perfect for things like Twitter, Google, and yes it works for FriendFeed too. :D - Charlie Flowers
I'm using Flock 2.0 on both Mac and Windows. I've uninstalled Chrome -- didn't care for it much since Flock does everything I need it to. - Victor Solanoy
:hits the Googles to figure out what the Flock you guys are talking about: - teleken
IE8 (and Firefox) offer a lot of tools to supplement your browsing experience. Chrome just gets out of the way. I'm not sure one or the other is a fundamentally superior approach. - Toph Tucker
Installed Flock for all of 5 minutes. Sticking with Chrome, thanks. - teleken
ctrl+t takes forever on IE8, and for what? A blank tab. I like Chrome's approach - Andrew Smith
Firefox's is simple and extendable. Firefox' strength comes from its pluggability and ease of developing new plugins. Chrome needs to beat that. - Angsuman Chakraborty
Chrome needs to support Linux before it can even think of replacing Firefox. Chromium port of Chrome on Linux isn't very stable. - Angsuman Chakraborty
firefox plugins are the new activeX. there's too much functionality i use for me to shift *now*. i *do* like chrome, though. - moogs
I like moving tabs into new windows, but does crashes alot w/ Flash - Da
7. If one tab crashes, all the other tabs are unaffected. Let's see ANY other browser do that. - Nathan Chase
i think i'll stick with firefox. so much more you can do with it.. - Terry O'Fee
Chrome is fast (unlike IE), has a very minimal UI (also unlike IE), and you can move tabs to other windows. I have never been able to get Firefox to open new tabs next to the tab they're opened from, instead of at the far right, plus I don't really care about extensions. Plus, I've never had any issues with Flash. The only problem is that my school email won't work in Chrome (but that's minor). Chrome wins for me. - imperator3733 from twhirl
Robert - how is the performance of IE8 compared to Chrome and Firefox? Personally, I'd be using Chrome if I had my add-ons and greasemonkey scripts. I love Chrome's mult-tasking / memory management - very nice - Susan Beebe
@Imperator, Firefox's UI can be slimmed down, and you can fix the tab issue with Tab Mix Plus. Also, Firefox 3.1 is faster than Chrome. - Tanath
how bout: Chrome is CSS compliant? IE8 isn't, I know this by experience - Duncan Riley
@Nathan -- as far as I know, IE8 separated tabs into different processes first.... - Toph Tucker
I think FriendFeed should put a comment button at the bottom of the comments... that said, Opera is the fastest, but it has a few shortcomings. I use FireFox or Chrome depending on what PC I'm at. Some sites only work in IE. - Gus
Google Chrome uses your screen real estate more efficiently - Aad 't Hart
Chrome focuses on the web and not on the browser and that's what a browser's supposed to do. - Rohit
May be when there are basic extensions available for Chrome then it will be fair to compare with Firefox. For now, I don't see Chrome that useful, even though it's clean, a bit faster and provides more screen space. After a couple of days of using Chrome, I switched to Firefox as I felt less productive without the powerful extensions in Firefox. - Amar Shah
When Chrome has an extension like Better GReader, TabMixPlus, and NoScript, then I'll switch, but FF has everything I need with the extensions. NoScript is about the ONLY addon I absolutely need to use for security of my computer. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
You can install extensions on the Chromium Builds! Go for it! - Will Higgins™
love chrome as much as the next guy, but it does crash sometimes over simplest things, like downloading sth from gmail or greader. & it's not just one tab that goes - it all goes & only one comes back, either gmail or greader... - siggimus
Chrome also crashes when importing Firefox Bookmarks, which makes it awkward to switch. But yeah, I would still use Firefox over IE 8. - Todd Brunner from twhirl
my mother understands the search-thingy-box in chrome. - Svensonsan
@scobleizer I think this would have made a good blog post. Would have been easier to read you view points. The discussion could then have happened on friendfeed. Too many comments to read properly - Sidharth Dassani
Chrome and WebKit are the future - just hope there's still room for Firefox. Remember how Firefox became Firefox? - Mona Nomura from fftogo
WebKit can do CSS3 gradients, and I have only seen it in WordPress for creating actual images with gradients. Chrome is the future indeed! Extensions? heh, I use javascript bookmarklets to do my bidding! Chromes bookmark manager is more powerful than I expected. Passwords can be imported from FF but there is no backup option yet. - Web20Critic
If chrome crashes, report it! Make a note of what you were doing and blog it, microshare it, post it on the chromium blog etc. This way all of us can help make it work for us! Nice thread for tech support, Mr Scoble! - Web20Critic
7. Because Chrome has a new and improved version every week/month/quarter (depending upon the distribution channel) whereas IE version comes once in 3 years. - Varun Mahajan
Robert: How did you get IE8 on Windows 7??? The installer refused to run when i tried. - Roberto Bonini
Roberto: it came with Windows 7. Or so I thought. I already had it loaded on this machine before I upgraded. - Robert Scoble
Mona Nomura
Twitterfon = best iPhone Twitter app. RTs are simple pictures are uploaded via Twitterfon etc.,
Twitterfon = best iPhone Twitter app. RTs are simple pictures are uploaded via Twitterfon etc.,
I prefer Tweetie for features and GUI, but you can't beat TwitterFon's speed and pricing. - Andrew Trinh
Have you updated it? The SMS style DMing is OFF THE HOOK. - Mona Nomura from IM
That's only for DMs, Tweetie has a better GUI overall in my opinion. - Andrew Trinh
Agreed Andrew. I use Tweetie as my main twitter app, and Twitterfon as my secondary. - Dennis Jackson
Says the guy who still uses "GUI" when everything's already GRAPHIC haha! How much is Tweetie? - Mona Nomura from IM
AU$3.99 so probably cheaper for those using the US store. - Andrew Trinh
It's 3bucks. Why pay when I can use Twitterfon for free? - Mona Nomura from IM
That's why I said you can't beat TwitterFon's speed and pricing, but I don't mind paying the price for a better looking application. I'm so superficial. - Andrew Trinh
Does twitterfon have a quick shortcut to see your own recently sent tweets? I use tweetie and only that is missing - Phil Glockner
Mona Nomura invites available. First come first serve. Reply with email address on FriendFeed, please. :)
Mona, can I D/M you my e-mail sweetheart? - Michael G. Galli
hook it up with the invite - - sgijoe
Sure, asswipe. - my petnames are a little different. :) - Mona Nomura
josh at - Josh Haley
And this is why I adore you. And Bacon. - Michael G. Galli
Thanks, Mona! If there are any available, could you use please? :-) - faryl
oooh me likey I submitted to them a few months ago for an invite but haven't heard anything back yet. If you have one to spare, I'd like one very much please and thank you. TheMacMommy@ g to the mail to the dot com ;) - Melissa Davis
Sent :) - Mona Nomura (Thank you for the heads up) - Robert Miller
Christian.Anderson at gmail. Thanks. See how I didn't ask for the DM or call you sweetheart :) - Christian Anderson
I'll bite laura dot norvig at the gmail - Laura Norvig
Mona I am already on but i'd need one invite for a friend, nikicostantini/gmail is my email address. Thank you :) - Niki Costantini
Hey Mona! I may be too late...but if you've any left to spare, I'd greatly appreciate it: micah [at] acollective [dot] com :) - Micah Monserrat
Ok guys, I'm out. Micah's the last one. :) Christian! LOL!! - Mona Nomura
Yes please - jordanpw at gmail - Patrick Jordan
holy crap, that was fast! thanks!!! :) - Melissa Davis
randymarasigan [at] gmail. tia Mona! =) - Randy - So Awesome Man
Patrick + Randy... and anyone else who came after the 10th person - Sorry guys but I'm all out. :( But you're welcome everyone and enjoy!! :) - Mona Nomura
Oh it's ok. Thanks Mona! - Randy
Thanks anyway for the offer - I'll be quicker next time :) - Patrick Jordan
Anymore available, love? - Dennis Jackson
You are the best Mona. Thank you : ) - Adriana
She *is* a sweetheart. But only if you feed her Bacon and dont bring bonzai trees. - Michael G. Galli
Amber - good looks, yo! - Mona Nomura
h at - Håkan Dahlström
I have 4 left. Who wants it.? - jho
Thanks you Jauder and Amber!! - Mona Nomura
I'd like one, thanks! - Phil Glockner
Many, many thanks Mona! - Micah Monserrat
do you still have one? blog AT markingegno DOT biz -- thanks in any case - Markingegno - Donato
Amber - no worries. You're doing everyone a favor. You and Jauder. :) Thanks for helping out. And you're welcome everyone! Don't forget to start using your OpenIDs :) - Mona Nomura
2 left... - jho
Oh, interesting. I did not know that they had added OpenID provider support. Personally, I created an account and promptly forgot about it. I use FF for aggregation instead. - jho
does a room for exist here on Friendfeed? I'm having lots of troubles adding my Friendfeed feed in there... - Niki Costantini
Niki, it seems to work fine for me. I just tried. - jho
Thank you Mona - Robert Miller
Thanks so much Amber - Patrick Jordan
Thanks, Mona :) - Markingegno - Donato
You guys, thanks so much! Especially Amber and Jauder for coming through! :) - Mona Nomura
No worries... 1 left as of right now. - jho
Thanks guys! - Phil Glockner
Thanks, Mona! I believe I now have an invite if anyone still needs one. - Laura Norvig
Just registered I did something vaguely clever. Yay me. - Phil Glockner
Can I haz invite? fredy_gamer [at] yahoo [dot] com - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I'm a little late but I'd love an invite if anyone has any left over tamara [dot] weinstein @ gmail. Thank you! - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Alfredo, I forwarded you my one extra invite - hopefully it will work for you. - Laura Norvig
Tamara, done. - jho
Robert Scoble
@kostik_y2k I'm uploading one video with @timoreilly now, but the really good one will be up on Tuesday. Can't wait to see what you think.
suspense!!! - Susan Beebe
The first video is taking forever. Soon, soon! - Robert Scoble
i'm so an oreilly fan girl. smart guy! - Patricia
why forever? Sounds "complicated"! - Susan Beebe
706mb of 749mb done! Getting there. 25 minutes long, this one was done on my FlipCamera. The one coming on Tuesday was done with two expensive HD cameras, so needs editing. It's going to be one of my favorite interviews. - Robert Scoble
Can't wait! - Dennis Jackson from IM
which url should we be constantly refreshing? :-P - Chris Heath
Chris: :-) 730 of 749 up so far. Five more minutes... - Robert Scoble
i'm sure you've heard it a million times, but dude, you rock! - Chris Heath
Robert- cool!! I am wondering if I should invest in a HD camera?? - Susan Beebe
Susan: yes. HD is a lot more important now that Facebook, SmugMug, and YouTube are supporting it. - Robert Scoble
Robert - alrighty then...good to know, thanks for the feedback. HD it is! I wonder which camera I should buy. I remember your recommendation for the 50m lens, now I need an HD camera and that 50m lens - Susan Beebe
There's no need for takeout. Enjoy crispy fish and chips at home in this comforting menu. Have plenty of wine or chilled beer on hand. - Derrick from Bookmarklet
One of my favorite things in the WHOLE WORLD. - Derrick
yum, want now - sofarsoShawn
I want to eat it. - Akiva
Rediscovered this recently. Admittedly, they're fried, but it gets me the occasional Omega 3. - Great Scott!
I haven't eaten all day, this is driving me crazy. - Dennis Jackson
Seriously, this is on my list of foods to eat prior to being marched off to receive the death penalty. - Derrick
I made fish and chips at home the evening before last. I always make batter with beer, and leave it to stand in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours first. It always has a better texture that way, and covers the fish more evenly. I always make my own potato fries - sometimes I leave the skins on. I accompany the fish and chips with salt and vinegar. We often use talapia here. A plump thick cut cod fillet is wonderful, but, alas, the price usually isn't. - Ian May
John - *hangs head in shame* Clearly not with you. :( - Derrick
tilapia's a bit better for the environment than cod, too. cod (at least Atlantic cod) are getting overfished to death. fish & chips does sound good, I'll add. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
As part of my awareness of food, I've started to really go out of my way to pay attention to sustainable food with respect to the environment and making sure the animals are treated as humanely as possible. This is my go-to place for seafood: - Derrick
love love love fish and chips. @Ian i'm coming over to your place next time you make it - Imabug
this is dinner tonight...thanks!!! - Maria Fernanda
@Imabug You're welcome, we'll let you know - Ian May
@Michelle Martinez No. It stays together just fine. The batter helps keep it together actually. Also be sure not to overcook it - 5-6 mins is enough for talapia is it's not a thick cut like cut usually is. I always have the oil at a lower temperature too, so the batter doesn't burn before the fish is cooked inside, although again, this is more of a concern with thicker cuts of fish. - Ian May
BUMP - cause I didn't get to eat lunch. - Derrick
Google Chrome Has 10 Million Users; Are You One of Them? ( )
Nope. Love my Firefox. - Ordinarybug Heather
I use it, and love it sometimes. Problem is Flash is terrible on it and unfortunately the majority of the sites I use have stupid Flash. Firefox 3.1 beta 3pre though in alpha stages feels faster than Chrome to me and Flash works well. - Dennis Jackson
I agree. I use Chrome on my Asus-Netbook to quickly read email or check my favorite sites. Its very fast on the Celeron processor and perfect for portability. At work I will then use Flock to read my RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Friend feed.. - Michael Wishnick
Love it. Just a few addons maybe and other minor tweaks would help. - Tim Rowe from Alert Thingy
I'm late to the party but loving it. Although, I desperately need AdBlock support, the web is just painful on my eyes in "unfiltered" mode. - Jamie Dool
I use chrome when I'm on Windows. But I mostly only use Windows when I'm doing some A/V editing and am not doing anything very web intensive. I mostly live in Ubuntu 90% of the time, and Chrome just doesn't run well in a linux environment yet. Can't wait for it to arrive. Crossover Chromium just isn't that great. - Chris Menning
Is the Mac version ever coming out? I can't even build Chromium SVN yet. - Victor Ganata
Mona Nomura
Why OS X Shrugs Off Viruses Off Better Than Windows -
Why OS X Shrugs Off Viruses Off Better Than Windows
Those captions = GOLD. - Mona Nomura from Bookmarklet
haha yes, liked just for the captions alone :) - Dennis Jackson
I'm really tired of Apple getting a bad wrap for having a higher quality product. As an apple enthusiasts it gets to me. - orionstarr
It's not that they have a higher quality, it's that most malware writers are on Windows machines. It's the same reason Linux viruses are rare, too. Read the article, the author nails it. - Mona Nomura
Wait, what Mona? That's only one reason: "But suppose this was some bizarro world where OS X was king. Would Microsoft run ads about how virus-plagued OS X was? Well, it would still be more prudent to run anti-virus software, since there'd be a lot more thrown crap thrown at the Mac OS, but if malware acted mostly like it does today, it likely wouldn't have the same impact as it did on... more... - Roshan Vyas
Yes, the design and structures are completely different - but I wasn't going to flap my gums since I am definitely no expert on OS X and or Linux. ;) - Mona Nomura from IM
you'll find that the kernels of windows, linux and osx are pretty much water tight, almost 100% of exploits now adays are taking advantage of 3rd party software with the threats discovered valid across all 3 platforms. Long gone are the days where something like natchi or the one that attacked LSASS in windows would spread from windows box to windows box on a network. In fact there are a hell of a lot of them that rely upon the user to give them the OK - which shows up the one great threat endemic to all ;) - alphaxion
Mona, I don't buy the market share argument, though I hear a lot of people make it. Unix-based malware isn't proportional to market share; it's nearly non-existent. And Unix isn't all that great from a security architecture point of view. It's just that Windows is worse. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Well think about it this way. Larger market share = more users = higher probability of bored people creating viruses / malware. - Mona Nomura from IM
Viruses aren't really created out of boredom that often. Nowadays it's all about the botnets and monies. =) - Daniel Bruce
Mk, wrong word choice. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Well isn't the camry the most selling car in U.S.? Does that make it better than a BMW? Don't think so, just the cheap alternative. The world may own mostly windows, doesn't make it better - orionstarr
Doesn't make it worse, either. Just different. - Jordan Hofker
Don't open attachments that come in spam, and don't download strange stuff from the internet, and you don't have to worry about viruses. And AV software is such a resource hog that it practically qualifies as a virus itself. I scan my system now and then just to confirm I'm virus free (never found one), but I'll be damned if I leave that stuff installed and running. - Eric P
mona: actually you'll find the VX'ers who used to make viruses for (in)fame(y) or to prove a point have all but died out, now the malware scene is full of people making them for commercial gain hence why many of them are attempts at stealing financial details and/or cons to make you pay money for crapware. It's basic economics - windows has the greater number of gullible users ergo more money to be made. - alphaxion
I like when people complain about AV software being a resource hog (NOD32? a resource hog? nope) but then have no problem running a browser, Firefox, that often will happily eat up 300 megs of RAM with just a couple of tabs open. - Akiva
I think the problem is a browser can be the place where you actually get all your work done. AV is just something running just in case something happens. You aren't actually doing anything with it. - Rahsheen
Can we stop this? People just want to fight about windows vs. pc. It gets to me. - orionstarr
@mona, those captions are actually RED. ;-) - .LAG liked that
People who write malware to get a feeling of power would love to write something that affects Unix-based systems. People still remember the 1988 Morris worm, while the horde of Windows malware is mostly forgotten. Taking either the OSX community or the Linux community down a peg would be an enormous ego boost to a malware writer. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
orionstarr: There's a Hide button right there ^ =) Personally I find that as long as you have a decent firewall (a NAT router works just as well) and common sense, you should be fine. I haven't had a virus on any of my computers (windows or not) and I never run AV. - Daniel Bruce
How are virus spread? By e-mail downloads? - orionstarr
E-mail attachments/links, infected files on P2P networks, drive-by downloads on infected sites, subversive software (registry cleaners are a prime suspect), and probably hundreds of other methods. - Daniel Bruce
I had a virus on my computer, but I was being careless and I downloaded stuff I had no business downloading. I used to want to write a virus because the very idea of a living program was freaking cool to me. Never actually did it though. - Rahsheen
you'll notice the majority of these infection points rely upon the user to do most of the leg work. The few that don't either use flaws in browsers (predominantly flaws in flash to be specific) or rootkit tech that "cloaks" itself. - alphaxion
Yeah, self-spreading worms aren't that common anymore, the most prevalent virus these days are trojans which, really, are platform-agnostic to some degree. - Daniel Bruce
A trojan is not a type of virus. Neither are most platform-agnostic. - Tanath
Tanath, the vast majority of existing types of malware for Windows are trojans, not viruses. Yet that doesn't stop people talking of Windows having a big "virus" problem. And there's very little to stop people writing highly-effective (and highly damaging) trojans for Mac OS X. - Ian Betteridge
I remember watching code red do a driveby login attempt on my FTP server using all the standard IIS and windows guest accounts.. was funny cause I don't use IIS for FTP because it's one of the most abominable implementations of an FTP server ever created >.< - alphaxion
Ian, it used to have a big virus problem; and people are ignorant. The name stuck. Virus is synonymous with malware to many people. - Tanath
and LINUX machines still less viruses... - jfayel
Robert Scoble
Shenzhen Computer Market
Shenzhen Computer Market
Heaven. I want to live in that market. haha - Dennis Jackson
8 stories of counterfeit components? I wonder if any of the parts are actually what they are labeled? Looks like the San Jose Flea Market or a very large version of the De Anza computer swap meet. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff: heheh, most of this stuff isn't counterfeit at all. They make it all just up the road. the software, though, is definitely not from Microsoft's factories. :-) - Robert Scoble
nobody does it better than RS. - Craig Mische
Robert Scoble
Walked by the world's largest book store. I asked Liam if we could go in and he answered "nope, too big." It is stunningly big.
Picture, perhaps? I'd love to see it =) - FFing Enigma
No camera right? :/ hmm. Sounds interesting! I'd like to see a pic if you can get one! - Dennis Jackson
Pictures later. It could hold about six Barnes and Noble super stores. It's unbelieveably big. And, wow, you should see the library here. It's the best I've ever been in. Something like 2,000 seats most with modern computers and Internet. - Robert Scoble
Rebooting into Ubuntu...sorta. I'd say pray for me, but that would exclude a lot of
In case anyone cared...I'm safe...although, I haven't tried booting XP yet. Don't think that should be an issue. - Rahsheen
Yay!!! Glad to hear it installed properly! - FFing Enigma
I'm stuck on Ubuntu. If you need any help let me know. I've been running on linux forever. Kind of missing Windows actually haha. - Dennis Jackson
Windows? What's that? LOL - Rahsheen
Dennis Jackson
Just talked to the CEO of Dropbox, He's streaming his little party on Check it out and say hi!
The creator of Graffiti on Facebook just showed up too. - Dennis Jackson
Victor Ganata
Yeah, there are still ppl out there who think racism is a joke. There is a place in hell for ppl who think ppl of color are "too sensitive"
The irony is, I've only experienced racism from people of color -- all over the US. ha - Mona Nomura
How so, Mona? - Victor Ganata
? I don't think that's especially ironic, really. Asians generally (though certainly not always) seem to have better relations with white folks in America (in recent times, not historically). not sure that it means a whole lot either way. just saying. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
It's an unfortunate thing that there isn't more solidarity between Asians and other people of color. It's the whole "model minority" rap, that Kamilah is pointing out. I'll tell you, the L.A. riots have etched themselves into my consciousness. Nothing like having a city burn down around you when you're a teen-ager. - Victor Ganata
@Victor: You would be surprised at the names I've been called, a mother telling her child not to, "Talk to the Chink." --in front of my face, mind you, I've been treated differently in certain situations because I am Asian (I worked in music, hip-hop to be specific). I've had many terrible experiences. LOL - Mona Nomura
I've witnessed it too Mona. - Dennis Jackson
Kamilah: Regardless of color, racism is racism. Just saying. - Mona Nomura
That sucks, Mona. I know that sort of ugliness isn't rare, either, unfortunately. - Victor Ganata
yeah I know that. I know there are some extremely ignorant black and other folks that say stupid things about Asians. such people will go right to the same hell that Victor's talking about. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Not to excuse it, but I can sort of see where that antagonism comes from. Even among Asians, really. I sometimes feel like East Asians (those of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean ancestry) don't consider me and my peeps Asian. I've definitely heard some racist shit come out of their mouths, too. It just reminds me of the "divide and conquer" tactic, though. - Victor Ganata
And that's why in my eyes, people are in two categories: the ignorant and the non. :) It is what it is, but I'd be damned if I became ignorant with the ignorant because of bad experiences. - Mona Nomura
Victor, Chink and Asian mean two very different things lol. As for the tensions amongst other Asians, it's historical and psychological. Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, still have the island mentality to a certain extent. - Mona Nomura
I dunno. I still think there is a significant difference between racism perpetrated by people who don't really have any significant power over you, and racism perpetrated by people who do. A random guy on the street calls me a name, I can just walk by. But if a guy won't hire me or give me a loan b/c of who I am, that's another level. - Victor Ganata
good distinction, Victor. I do agree with Mona that racism is disgusting wherever it comes from. black racism against Asians probably stems mostly from ignorance and insularity in many cases. people like that probably only see other black folks most of the time and have no idea how to act around "different" people. I personally have never had that problem. I've dated Indian and Japanese men in the past - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
The people who won't hire you or give you a loan is indeed a person with power. BUT the fact remains: if an individual exercises their authority because of racism, it's power driven by ignorance. - Mona Nomura
Seriously, though, Kamilah, this kind of thing happened in L.A., in an explosive fashion in 1992, among people who lived and worked with each other for years. There's definitely a tendency to view Asians as being in league with the Man, unfortunately. - Victor Ganata
It's 2008. One person simply having more power over another because of race (physical strength/power is different) is something everyone needs to get over. We can all empower and defend ourselves against those that unjustly exercise power by arming ourselves with something no one can take away. Knowledge. - Mona Nomura
Well, it's 2008, and there are still ignorant folks calling for lynchings, so I'm not so sure we can turn the page quite yet. It is, though, all about more unity. You have enough people on your side, and the job or loan you didn't get isn't as big of a setback. I agree, knowledge, but just as importantly, communication, are key. - Victor Ganata
The question is, why are they calling for lynchings? It's not power, it's ignorance. Education, communication, and knowledge are key. Until we become more aware, more exposed, and more educated, unity will never be... - Mona Nomura
Wow. This is the very first amicable discussion I've had about race on the Internet. Perhaps it's because us three are the only ones participating. haha! - Mona Nomura
It can be power if they convince enough people to join them. And if they can manage to divide and conquer their targets. I'm not touting unity for warm and fuzzies. I'm touting it as a survival tactic. I know it sounds paranoid, but even in this century, people get murdered for simply not being white. - Victor Ganata
Well, what usually happens is that someone takes offense at someone else who is merely trying to be honest but who isn't very diplomatic, and then a shitstorm erupts to take down the entire thread. - Victor Ganata
I know hate crimes still exist and people indeed get murdered simply for not being white. However, I stand by what I've said: It's not about power or not having power. It's about the driving forces, motivations behind exercising that power, which is ignorance. So how do move forward, is the question we (as a country) should be asking ourselves... - Mona Nomura
Well, I'm often told that the only way to save the world is one person at a time. - Victor Ganata
Day crew: care to contribute? - Mona Nomura
No, you guys are saying it so well that I have nothing to add. But I do agree with Mona as an uptight half German (100% American) white guy that bigotry is bigotry. Doing it from a position of power just makes it worse, but that in no way makes it OK for those not in a position of power to be bigots. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I'm gonna need to disagree with both Mona *and* Victor a wee bit, 'cause IMX, it isn't just about power or ignorance. The single most racist person I've ever known is Native American. Basically, if you're not NA or hispanic, she considers you inferior in many ways, with Asians and Africans at the bottom of her personal scale. And for her, it all comes down to bloodlines and preservation of what she sees as her race. She and I are actually pretty good friends, but she'd be horrified if I knocked up a NA girl - Roger Benningfield
The question, though, is how does a particular person's prejudice impact your liberty? Depending on who it is, it can be not at all, or it can be quite a lot. I don't dispute at all that people of color can be as bigoted or more bigoted than a KKK member. Wasn't Samuel L Jackson recently in a movie that illustrated this very point? But it's a big deal that his character is a cop. If he was just a bigot with no power, there wouldn't be a story. - Victor Ganata
FFing Enigma
With regards to FF RealTime: I've seen requests to have a speed knob, to have the comments threaded like normal, etc. If all of these requests are in fact implemented, wouldn't RealTime simply become the normal FF interface just with a faster, user determined refresh rate?
Actually, I was kinda' hoping that's what it was going to be. I find it hard to use without threading at least. - Paul Reynolds
... How would RealTime offer anything different? Why not just put a speed knob on the refresh rate for the normal FF and get rid of RealTime altogether? - FFing Enigma
I like the randomness of real-time. It helps me catch stuff that I might otherwise have missed. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
the difference will be that comments will be threaded by timeline and not by element. - Amit Morson
I agree Kamilah. I like realtime for the shear fact that I never really go to the second page of FF. This helps me catch up in a sense. - Dennis Jackson
I agree -- with the requests implemented it would be normal FF. I really think whatever effort went into the real time FF was misspent. It really doesn't do anything useful, in fact it, destroys most of the things that make FF what it is and is really a poor substitute for Twitter - Brian Sullivan
I'm imagining Scoble's live feed looks like someone threw a cat in a wind tunnel in a vortex next to a black hole. - Mike Lewis
It might look a little like what Everyone would look like on real time. I kind of wanted to see that, but it would probably be so fast it would be useless - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Kamilah, I'm pretty sure Everyone in RT would make me toss my cookies! Also, how are we saying that comments would be threaded by timeline and not by element? Currently most recent comments are at the top of RT but are disconnected from their parent (other than the link, of course). If an item's comments are threaded per the request, wouldn't RT have the same 'bubble up' effect that is seen in normal FF? - FFing Enigma
You can't slow down real-time, you can pause it though - but this will only queue the feed and then whack you with all those upon resume. Leave as it just add an easier way to pause the feed, such as hover over the text. - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
You can see how Scoble's feed looks like in real time at It sure is overwhelming at times. - Vinay | विनय
Thanks, Vinay. Scoble's is definitely a steady flow and very random. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
MY EYES!!! GAH! - FFing Enigma
just hit pause if too much is there. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I'm meh about it too, Pea. I follow about 500 people which is a lot less than some folks around here, but it was still overwhelming to watch my feed in RT. I can see it being useful for a chat-like experience (i.e. if there was a room called FFChat and everyone in there was in RT), but for me it makes it harder to read the external information that's being linked. - FFing Enigma
I think it's a very good concept and decently executed. It's just that it makes more sense for a particular kind of stream (e.g. listening to commentary or news on a topic). For many typical FF usage, it can actually be distracting and detrimental to the overall user experience. FF or its users will have to think of a better way to utilize the feature more effectively. - Vinay | विनय
Allen Stern
Mona Nomura
Anna Haro really: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAs, you guys!
haha, awesome. - Dennis Jackson
She's laughing in my EFin ear omg. Machine gun meets Woody Wood Pecker <--her words. - Mona Nomura
huh? what? - Cee Bee
we're HAHAHAHAHAHing on the phone right now. - Mona Nomura
Oh coool! A HAHAHHAHAHAHA party and I wasn't invited. - Dennis Jackson
Share the haha! - Mo Kargas
I can just see Mona and Anna in their footies, both wearing their retainers - talking about all us FF guys they have crushes on. Like, for real! - iTad
HAHA Tad, I can see that too! - Dennis Jackson
Copies of Tiger Beat laying strewn about.... My posters on their walls - you know - the sexy one with me wearing the sailor outfit... - iTad
Lol @ Tad :D - Mo Kargas
LOL @ Tiger Beat - Dennis Jackson
Robert Scoble
Twitter Still Beats FriendFeed On Real-Time Topic Tracking -
Yup, but if (er, when) FriendFeed gives us keyword search along with its Real Time display it'll blow away what Twitter has given us so far. Also, FriendFeed searches all media types, not just Tweets. I still am long on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
And I am still long on FriendFeed. But I've been using and demoing Twitter Search more and more. - Louis Gray
Twitter? What Twitter? - Thomas Hawk
I mostly use twitter like SMS to contact people. I do get some news too - like BBC world service and CNN sent to my cell. I use Twitter much more when mobile, but not FF - there's no Blackberry app I know of, and FF pages don't render very well for some reason. - Ian May
For Topics perhaps, but it would be great if twitter added real time as an option for your regular feed, like FF does. Today is the first time I am leaving FF open in a window, because the real time updates makes it more functional for me while working... - Jeffrey Sass
I don't see a way to post in the window mode though. - Dennis Jackson
That is exactly what I was looking for. I guess that will come in time. - Mike Lewis
I use FF for the debates, but Twitter for sports just because there are more posts on Twitter for the games. - Russellreno
twitter search rocks because they bought Summize which is a great search tool. FF needs to augment their product with powerful search and filter features, plus a directory of rooms... still want categories and tag elements too - Susan Beebe
You can configure your browser to sport both versions - realtime and standard. Put the realtime live feed in the Firefox sidebar and the standard in the main view. See my example here --> - Susan Beebe lets you track real time Twitter keywords in a chatroom like interface. - Ryan Kuder
the basic difference is that twitter is a usability nightmare for average users, the are not even able to engage in any kind of conversation ... friendfeed is much more usable but nobody even understands what's it for... - Florian
I find twitter much more portable. I can use it via SMS on my cell, and it works fine. Can't do that with FF. Anyway, I don't compare them. Two different services, two different uses. - Ian May
I know a lot of people here listen to music on sites like and buy tracks on iTunes, but where else do you go to find new music?
blip - Mona Nomura
I use but haven't been there in a while. - Dennis Jackson
Pandora + Amazon - Live4Emma (L4S)
2nd, also mixwit sometimes - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Yes, I forgot - Dennis Jackson
(I miss muxtape :'( badly) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Dennis: Me too, FTW - Eric Florenzano
always on the lookout for ones not blocked at work. & 8tracks are the only ones still functioning for me at work that I know about. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
nice i went from spanish, to uk, to usa settings - adolfo foronda
lol @ buying music on iTunes - Outsanity
Love and - I used to be into but haven't been there for awhile. - michael sean wright
If you search for "rahsheen" or "sheen" on, you might find me :) - Rahsheen
I heard that one song of yours from your Posterous, Rah. I thought it was great!! - Dennis Jackson
Thanks, Dennis :) - Rahsheen
Pandora, some on spotify, and friends mostly - Brandon Titus
Podcasts like Regen Radio, the Ungodly Hour and Real Synthetic Audio. - Rob H.
are people really using blip? i like the concept, but could never get into it. personally, buying on emusic. (sh*t, is my subscription almost up this month? brb...) - Trent Olson
I use as more of a stats thing than a new music service. I just like to go, "Wow! I listened to that song 274 times!" :D - Jack Lhasa
I keep forgetting to point this site out to you Rah™ they were doing "pay what you want" way before Radiohead. Really like the vibe there. It's very alt and power pop but great tools. - michael sean wright
listen to internet radio and some of my favorite stations there (kcrw, kexp, wfmu, cbc3, etc) - Cee Bee
Try - Jeff P. Henderson
Try Pomplamoose. They have videos on Youtube. My new favorite. - jho
Flashback Alternatives or my friend Ghosty's radio show on WFDU (he also has a show on Sirius Radio Channel 24 Disorder, 6am to noon weekdays). - Molly Song ;)
that's cool. you know ghosty? he's been around for a bit. i listened to his show a lot when i could get wfdu. plays great stuff - Cee Bee is pretty cool. - vijay
Cee Bee, yeah I know Ghosty. He and I are good friends. I listen to his show every Saturday. You can actually hear his show online. Just go to and then go to the Warp Radio button. You have to have Windows Media Player to listen. He's a terrific guy. :) - Molly Song ;)
grooveshark - Hayk
For hip-hop there's a few mixtape blogs out there. Also, music podcasts can be a good way to find new stuff. - Paul Reynolds
Pitchfork, Soul Sides - Bonnie Dean
Mog was where I found Calvin Harris for the first time. They win just for that. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
The Hype Machine - - (jeff)isageek
Charlie Anzman
FriendFeed is LIVE and We Like IT! -
Yes we do! - Susan Beebe
You are too kind. - michael sean wright
It's fun to watch when someone shares a bunch of GReader items at once. Haha. - Dennis Jackson
blinding! - Susan Beebe
it makes me dizzzy. - Trent Olson
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