#TMLTalk conference should start soon. Guess Nonis wanted to wait until half time in the #USAvBEL game. They just watched soccer all day smh
Leafs press room same as their war room. Important day, nobody there… #TMLTalk
Go ahead #TMLTalk you can all start drinking. Apparently #FireNonis started at 7am. #FireCarlyle starting McClement and FML on third line…
Big Z Chara with the #OG #Habs #game7
Head over to MacHeist to get $1,776 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple http://macheist.com
Head over to MacHeist to get $1,776 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple! http://macheist.com
Re: Is there life after hockey for TSN? Rogers deal a huge body blow for Canada’s largest sports network - http://sports.nationalpost.com/2013...
"I can almost guarantee you that, if a huge swath of TSN talent doesn't move under the Rogers umbrella in the next few years, it would only be because they turned down large offers out of loyalty to Bell Media. Think about it, the current media buy is not only a huge investment by Rogers, but also a signal as to the strategic importance of this media asset to Rogers' portfolio. Do you think they wouldn't ear-mark 5.2B on media rights without budgeting a huge investment in increasing their broadcast quality? As an analogy, look at the investment CBC makes into broadcasting the Olympic games. They (we) pay through the nose for broadcasting rights, and the CBC goes above and beyond in terms of wrap-around access, analysis, accessibility, and production values. It's a commensurate investment to the weight of the rights buy. This will be what Rogers does. They have the worst coverage right now because they have the worst claim to the content. Why invest in salary, set, coverage, graphics..." - Derick Valadao
Every single #ps4 game so far is terrible derivative (it's MYST); surprising for a console with the numeral 4 in its name…
omg, superheroes in modern futuristic space?!?! I haven't seen anything that amazing since Crackdown… #ps4
OMG time shifted multiplayer on #ps4 where have I seen that before? (Real Racing 3)
If I wanted to see a game lag trying to be pretty, I'd go play crysis on my PC... #PS4
Wake me when they announce the #PS4 is really a steam box.
Even the electric company was like "yup, game over." #superbowl
"@LukeRussert: Somewhere Nate Silver just dropped the mic" that's putting it lightly. Still votes to count but its looking like batting 100%
So meta, nice :)@fivethirtyeight: Obama has an 82.66543% chance of winning the Electoral College in tonight's forecast. http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/
Sketchy Deal! Epic! #debate
I just got the MacHeist 4 Bundle! http://macheist.com/bundle...
#veep debate. Paul Ryan is CRYING!!!!
#veep debate: an unmitigated disaster for Romney's ticket. Biden doesn't let Ryan stand on any solid ground. Obama take notice.
2012: you're no Jack Kennedy!!!
Every time Biden laughs, I clap for joy.
OMG. Biden is a fact-checking, straight talking, steamroller!
Day after: response is a clear case of one candidate gladly letting out rope by which to hang himself #bigbird #2012 #POTUS #debate
#CTVOlympics #closingceramonies and the hits keep on coming. Truly epic. #thewho
“@Marc_Soares: Any significance to the giant octopus? #ClosingCeremony #ctvolympics” pretty sure it's a Beatles reference: Octopus' Garden
“@WhiteCabana: Wait a minute. Was someone just set on fire? #closingceremony #CTVOlympics” Reference to the Pink Floyd album cover. Awesome!
#CTVOlympics, frustrating commercial breaks, switch to omni during the breaks. #CTVFail #NoClass #forshame
No idea what all the hate about #bellsocialscene is about. Got me using twitter. I say keep it as a full time ctv segment! #ThingsNobodySays
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