At the adobe digital marketing symposium at mbs. Anyone else here? Hit me up, 82680360 - I'd love to catch up with you. #adobesymp
Offline conversations still matter; “modern day street teams” can help drive that:
RT @armano: The fine line between creative brilliance and mental illness
5 wearable items working together to create magic: @Dilbert_Daily's vision of the future HT @davewiner
8 ways to improve engagement on FB, from @MandyModGirl
I think this potato salad kickster project is AWESOME. Brilliant example of how opportunities are everywhere; money can always be made.
I'm seeing people react to the Potato salad kickstarter project with "this is why I don't get kickstarter" and commenting on its "stupidity"
RT @LeslieMcLellan: Build a network of people you would bet your reputation on. Great takeaway from #GeniusShared.
RT @eskimon: If you're paying for followers but won't invest time to engage in conversations, you've got your priorities all wrong. "There is power in small wins and slow gains."
RT @nickbilton: Polish proverb: “Every time you feel yourself being pulled into other people's nonsense, repeat these words: not my circus, not my monkeys."
To be perfectly honest, I'm scared as hell. Just trying to put that aside, ignore it and push on.
Why you should be engaging to advocates (or as we call them, true fans), not just influencers. (via @jackiehuba)
Unable to be at #communicasia2014, but I’m really grateful for @mhisham’s live blog =)
This #1Connection thing sounds interesting. I’m in.
Great thoughts by @mitchjoel on digital and its effectiveness for brand building.
RT @Ligitasocial: Communication isn’t about what you say – it’s about what other people understand: @wearesocialsg
This is the opportunity for bookstores, CD stores, etc. Provide meaningful human connection.
Lunch with @uniquefrequency. Good catching up after all these years. Maybe I should revive the SMB Singapore
Great cheatsheet on #socialmedia image sizes, via @constantcontact (HT @coolinsights)
RT @AvolynFisher: Dear Millennials, We’re Sorry
87% of blog posts are published during the workweek, but the 13% published on the weekend get shared the most.
I think this goes beyond just sports websites. All websites should be moving towards more personalisation.
RT @GlenGilmore: #ContentMarketing Join the conversation - don't interrupt it.
Alcohol helps you be more creative and come up with great ideas. (by @bardofboston)
Hey y’all. How was everybody’s Mondays?
Interesting #SocialMediaMarketing stats.… B2C marketers say FB is most important, B2B say LinkedIn (HT @MackCollier)
Some interesting #SocialMediaMarketing stats. B2C marketers say FB is most important, B2B say LinkedIn
RT @briansolis: Scott Monty, the Value of Humanized Brands and the Future of Community Management
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