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E-book reader vs tablet? Any opinions?
Nice... RT @lizstrauss: Year-long exposure of Toronto skyline produces 'dreamy' image h/t @minutrition
Back in Singapore in about 8 hours. Anyone wanting to hang out, drop me an email or something (no local phone yet)
Veuve Cliquot vs Moet & Chandon vs Perrier Jouet vs Taittinger La Franciase. Any opinions?
Collecting stories of awesome people succeeding doing what they love. Email me yours?
Anyone in Boston willing/interested in hiring a talented graphic design intern? =).
Starting to think about the potential of using Google+ for poker discussion/hand analysis.
Looking up design ideas, for a portfolio website for a photographer. Any suggestions/sites I should look to for inspiration?
Yes, finally on Google+! =).
Looking for a designer to work with for a personal portfolio/resume site. No coding required, just .psds. Anyone have any recommendations?
Just came across Looks intriguing, to say the least.
Google+ has opened more invites? Can someone shoot me one?
Just realized that the "wait" emoticon on Skype, kind of looks like a "fuck you" emoticon.
I don't mind losing hands which I get it in as a 70/30, 60/40, 80/20 fav. I understand, that's poker. But >90%, that's when I really tilt.
Why is everybody on Google+. I want in!! *sobs quietly in corner*. Lol.
And that's it. Out in 457th.
Well, I'm pretty much out. So sick. AA < AK, and down to 1 bb.
This tournament is technically too expensive for my bankroll. But couldn't pass up a $23k+ overspread.
At the first break in the $100k guaranteed. $23.7k overspread. Currently 417th, out of 672 remaining.
Why am I even here...
Taking a shot at the 100k guaranteed on Merge. Down to about 2.4k in chips (started with 5k), after losing AK vs 55 on a KK5 flop.
Apparently my spending habits are really irregular. Bank of america keeps suspending my debit card on suspicion of fraud.
Reading up about Google+ now, and I have to say, it looks highly intriguing.
Ahh..out in 15th. Lost half my stack when I called a 12bb shove with QJs < KT. And then open-shoved A8o for about 10bb, and ran into AA. Ow
Playing the $9k guaranteed, $33 buy-in (with 2R1A) on Merge. At the 3rd break, 6th in chips, 28 remaining. Top 20 cash. Close to bubble time
Thinking about my play from Montreal. Made the most profit with moves which people didn't agree with. There's a lesson in there somewhere.
Never understood shows/movies which are "inspired by a true story". Everything is *inspired* by a true story. Doesn't mean anything.
Having one of those nights where I feel like shooting myself. At least I have scotch.
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