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Benjamin Golub
PEP 3003 -- Python Language Moratorium -
"This PEP proposes a temporary moratorium (suspension) of all changes to the Python language syntax, semantics, and built-ins for a period of at least two years from the release of Python 3.1. In particular, the moratorium would include Python 3.2 (to be released 18-24 months after 3.1) but allow Python 3.3 (assuming it is not released prematurely) to once again include language changes. This suspension of features is designed to allow non-CPython implementations to "catch up" to the core implementation of the language, help ease adoption of Python 3.x, and provide a more stable base for the community." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
This is exciting. I hope this means Python adoption will be much more widespread -- I'm convinced it's going to be the successor to Java. - Adam Derewecki
Benjamin Golub
Facebook saves the page state after modifying it dynamically (ie clicking on "Older posts" to load up some older entries, click a link, and your browsers back button; it just works). We did some work at FriendFeed to make sure the state is saved as new entries stream in and I'm happy that Facebook took a similar approach.
I'm sure you guys will teach FB a thing or two about building next-gen web sites. Nice move posting this "from Facebook" :) - Carter ♥ JS
I'm happy .. that you are happy!! Plus I love the fact that you are digging under the hood to make sure the core bits are there.. a good sign!! - Chris Myles
Andy Bakun
16:56, 3250g, 51cm
2009-07-28 17.12.40.jpg
Katie said he has her chin. - Andy Bakun from email
Such a serious little face. How's Katie doing? - Heather Seay Artman
Congratulations. He looks a lot like Andy! - Will Townsley
HOORAY!! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile - Michael Artman from email
awesome!!!!!! - Clay Bowman
:) what up jt. nice hat. (congrats you two!) - Jack Stahl
Looks as grumpy as his father! - Art Witczak
Such a handsome feller! Katie, I know your dad is looking down on you all - just so proud. Love you. - Margo Moomaw
Hoorj! Congrats! - Evan Fribourg from iPhone
He had his eyes open right before this shot, the camera was too slow for him. - Andy Bakun from Android
Gratz! Now when are you going to start feeding him bacon? - Jon Ursenbach
absolutely beautiful baby boy!!! Congrats to both of you! - Jessica
he does have katie's chin! and so beautiful. hope everyone's doing well after a night of rest. - Heather Crocker
Congratulations! - Joel Furman
Congrats! - Brian Paul
Congrats! - Jason Bradford
Jason Bradford? From Cole HS? Wow, word gets around. - Andy Bakun from Android
Benjamin Golub
More details on rumored Toyota Prius coupe — Autoblog -
More details on rumored Toyota Prius coupe — Autoblog
"The latest reports out of Japan indicate that a shortened, 2+2 Prius-based hybrid sports coupe is under development, packing an uprated version of the 1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE four-cylinder putting out around 134 hp – 36 hp more than in its sedan counterpart. Naturally, Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive system will carry over and the additional power boost will have an adverse impact on fuel mileage – albeit a minor one." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
That concept drawing looks pretty sweet. - Dan Hsiao
I love my new 2010 Prius. This looks hot! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
LOL, calling a 3000 lb. car with a 134hp engine a "sports couple" is hilarious. - dthree
Wow, a Prius that doesn't make me want to slap it for being ugly! I was never against the hybrid idea, just the wedge-of-cheese design. Maybe this one will handle better than a car that doesn't care about handling (like the current Prius)? - Adam Derewecki
Thanks to Al Gore's son, we all already knew that the Prius was capable of some pretty sporty speeds. A look to match would go a long way. - Brian Chang
All opinions aside this is Toyota doing what any progressive company does.........invest earnestly in the future. - Kevin J Hatton
Adam: the 2010 Prius is a lot nicer looking than the 2009. David: I can go just as fast on the freeway as a $300,000 Mercedes can! :-) Personally I gave up a BMW for the Prius and, while I miss the BMW once in a while, I get 2x the milage now which I appreciate a lot more. If we're going to get out from dependence on foreign oil we must change our culture. - Robert Scoble
Benjamin Golub
Fwd: FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more - (via
Fwd: FriendFeed API v2: Real-time, OAuth, file attachments, and more - (via
Does this mean OAuth is live now? - Jesse Stay
OAuth is live! - Benjamin Golub
Yay! You guys are too fast - I'm not finished yet! :-) - Jesse Stay
Let me know as soon as you guys have an "official" sign in button I can use. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: we definitely will, I'll get some of the more artistic FriendFeed developers (read: Bret) on it right away - Benjamin Golub
I think I can at least have a very simple version working in the next week if you guys have that. - Jesse Stay
Of course, assuming Twitter doesn't break my entire app again. :-) - Jesse Stay
any hints on the non-web oauth flow? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike: non-web OAuth flow is coming but not available yet - Benjamin Golub
you just got my hopes up when you showed a curl command line above - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Benjamin Golub
Thanks for making the group. 18% of the FriendFeed employees went to CWRU :) (Paul and I)
Benjamin Golub
Case Western Reserve University - Student Life -
CWRU is using a photo I took of Megen again front and center on their website - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
Congrats! - Anne Bouey
I love that it is GIANT. - Megen Vo
Wow!! Congrats! - Marci Golub
You guys are famous!!! Case really loves you guys!!! Congrats!!! - Tim Costantino
Benjamin Golub
Loki sat on Megen's head about 5 minutes ago. - Benjamin Golub
Will: on Jess or you? Loki never does this sort of thing to me; we think she considers Megen to be her equal and me the alpha - Benjamin Golub
such a lovely hairdo Megan! - Rachel Lea Fox
Benjamin Golub
The History of Python: Origins of Python's "Functional" Features -
Benjamin Golub
April 19, 2009: Frost Flower - The Cellar -
April 19, 2009: Frost Flower - The Cellar
"Frost flowers aren't flowers at all, and well, they're not even frost. They occasionally form after the season's first heavy freeze kills a small plant. Even though the leafy matter is dead, the root system continues pumping water up through the stem -- by capillary action. When water reaches ruptures in the stem it leaks out and freezes instantly. As more and more water moves up through the stem, the ice is forced away from the plant and into an infinite number of odd shapes. Frost flowers are exceedingly fragile and the "petals" often break when touched and disappear the moment they're exposed to the first rays of the morning Sun." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
Benjamin Golub
"Come and look at both of our buildings" via Brian Beck: - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
Ben wins. - DeWitt Clinton
hahaha W 6th - Megen Vo
Benjamin Golub
Given a list of N integers, how would you determine all of the sets of triplets such that each set's sum equals 0?
Not my homework :P. A friend just asked me this question and I thought it was a good one. - Benjamin Golub
Octomom's next attempt at monetization. - Mona Nomura
This is a variation of the subset-sum problem.. my follow up question is what about 4 numbers that sum to 0? (I'm the friend who asked) - Adam Derewecki
Eric: that's kind of the worst case solution but yeah it works. I haven't written any code but I think you can make it faster by separating it into two problems because you know you'll need at least one negative number in each set of triplets (either a negative and 2 positives or 2 negatives and a positive). - Benjamin Golub
with a pencil. - Jim #teamFFrank
Ben, yeah that would be much better for large sets. it would need a little work because a set of 0s works too. Is the list already sorted? The best case would probably use some sort of interval halving and recursion, but it depends on what you know about the list beforehand.. - Eric Kerr
I assume the list is not sorted. - Benjamin Golub
N integers.....based on just a glance at that post I thought you were being racist! My bad... - Matthew Gottlieb
I came up with this in Python, assuming the list of integers is not unique. - also Adam you can then easily look for combination of 4 numbers. - Aviv requires that the list is sorted, but it should be a lot faster for large sets. feel free to modify and/or suggest an alternative. - Eric Kerr
Benjamin Golub
Pink dolphin appears in US lake - Telegraph -
Pink dolphin appears in US lake - Telegraph
"Charter boat captain Erik Rue, 42, photographed the animal, which is actually an albino, when he began studying it after the mammal first surfaced in Lake Calcasieu, an inland saltwater estuary, north of the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern USA." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
The grey ones weren't selling as well in this economy so they had to introduce a compelling new color. I'm totally gonna ebay my old dolphin1 now. - Kevin Fox
Also, the pink one blends in better with the tuna meat. - ⓞnor
way. - j1m
I blame Skittles - Bwana ☠
Pink is the new black - David Z
Paul Buchheit
Interview with Paul Buchheit -
"In terms of impact, it's much better to build a product for people who spend several hours/day using email instead of those who login once every few weeks to delete their spam. For the latter case, just about anything is good enough (even Hotmail)." - Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit
How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data -
"Another interesting detail is that this is roughly the 4th iteration on the FriendFeed backend since we launched 17 months ago. If you look at the the graphs at the bottom of Bret's post, you can see that our previous system was about to die -- average pageview latency had increased from about 135ms to 260ms in less than a month! (not a good trend) This new design also accommodates some important upcoming features that would have been problematic in the old system. This experience reinforces my belief that it's better to be quick than brilliant. If we had wasted a lot of time trying to build some really smart, super-scalable system right from the start, it would have inevitably been over-optimized for the wrong things, since the product and requirements have changed quite a bit since launch. By continually rebuilding the system, it stays relatively simple and close to our actual needs (plus it incorporates everything we learned from the previous iterations)." - Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit
Where was April?
Beautiful pictures - both of the subject and scenery. - Louis Gray
Heaven? - Mark Krynsky
natural bridges? - anna sauce
no, wait, up north, like, near fort ross - anna sauce
fort ross? Is there rain forest there now? how about hi? - j1m
Not with Carmen Sandiego - Outsanity
Makena? - Casey
that's makena beach - big beach, south maui. I was in maui this past december. very nice! - David Vasileff
David (and Casey) got this one too: Big beach, in Makena Maui. - Paul Buchheit
Right behind March, and in front of May (who is, presumably, taking the picture) - Kevin Fox
She's like, 100 feet tall! - John Craft
And she can turn invisible! - Kevin Fox
Strawberry fields...nothing is real...and nothing to get hung about... - Tom Guarriello
And she made the earth move! - Jesse Stay
WOW, gorgeous pictures! Paul is a talented photographer!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Great PIC! Love it ♥ - AJ Batac
One of the most creative pieces I've ever seen. Superb. -
One of the most creative pieces I've ever seen. Superb.
Simply great! - Sasha Kovaliov
Wow, so cool... must watch - Juan Pablo González
Very good, thanks for sharing, Zee. - Kol Tregaskes
a definite win - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
That's so depressing I only lasted about half way. - willdarling
you need to go past half way to get the 'creative' aspect...and to see the positive. - Zee. from IM
superb! i'm speechless... - «Weird & Sons»
WOW!!!!!!! this is really great! Thanks for sharing - Susan Beebe
Very creative! - asiriusgeek
Genius! - AJ Batac
Brilliant! - Moushumi Kabir
That was really good. - darodave
very cool. thanks - Cee Bee
The best part is that I didn't see it coming! - embee
Awesome! - Éric Senterre
Very sharp! - Jim Goldstein
Benjamin Golub
Twitter Bowl 2009: Commentary on the Super Bowl provided by Twitterers -
Created by Adam Derewecki:, upvote it please! - Benjamin Golub
Benjamin Golub
I sold my first item on craigslist today. I almost chickened out of the exchange...suddenly it felt like I was just asking for trouble giving out my address. I was just going to not answer the door when a very nice woman and her young son knocked. I'm glad I went through with it.
I sold a bulky monitor that's just been taking up space on my desk. So I couldn't exactly bring it to a public place like Starbucks. - Benjamin Golub
I'd bring it across the street and hide behind a tree. I'm sort of paranoid. - Daniel Ha
Just kidding. I've sold and bought plenty o' things through Craigslist -- including selling and buying cars. - Daniel Ha
You've got to trust in the general decency of man -- I've never had a bad CL experience - Adam Derewecki
In Manhattan, the de facto Craiglist meeting place is Starbucks. Safe middle-ground where even if your buyer is a crazy psycho, there will be plenty of witnesses ;) - Jennie Lin
Just send a Twitter before you open the door "If I don't Twitter again in 5 minutes, call 911!" :) I sold a laptop on CL a few years back and met the guy in the Millbrae Bart parking garage at night after work. It was like 9pm, I handed him the laptop in a briefcase and he handed me some $100 bills. It looked like a drug deal - Roshan Vyas
@Roshan - that was me a few years ago! We met at a Starbucks - I slid my laptop across the table for him to boot up and check, then he handed me an envelope of cash under the table for me to count. Hehe. - Jennie Lin
I have bought and sold quite a few items via Craigslist. Always did it at my place or the seller's. Course this is in (relatively) safe Toronto. - Brian Sullivan
Be careful with big ticket items and with housing. If a "rental"has a for sale sign in the yard, it's probably a scam. If it involves Western Union, it's probably a scam. If it involves people out of the country for whatever reason, it's probably a scam. - Mr. Gunn
The experience was a good one. Next up I'm going to sell some old Canon lenses and a film SLR body I've had since the early 90s. - Benjamin Golub
When I sold an HDTV on CraigsList, the buyer switched meeting locations on me 3 times during the 45 minute drive to Berkeley. I think he was nervous that I was setting him up to be robbed, given that he had more than 1K on him in cash. I was nervous that he would beat me up and take my TV. I think we were both pretty relieved to have the transaction completed. - no name
@Bill Was this a few years ago? I remember there being a string of Craigslist related robberies in the East Bay. One happened in the Target parking lot in El Cerrito, and another happened in the parking lot of a police station! Both of you had good reasons to be nervous :) - Roshan Vyas
This was in Sept of 2006. I hadn't heard of any CL related robberies and didn't even think about it until the 3rd location change. Maybe there is a business opportunity for a secure, safe and asynchronous item/cash exchange service that would allow buyers to pick up items in a safe place and sellers to drop-off and deposit cash in an equally secure way. Liability could be mitigated by requiring membership in a "club" that had a credit card on file for all users. - no name
I always meet buyers at a public place. - xero
Benjamin Golub
Kayak has awesome email alerts -
I've been watching prices for a trip over New Years for over a month. Every morning Kayak emails me the current price and a graph tracking the price overtime. It makes it really easy to get a cheap fare. - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
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