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DES Daughter

DES Daughter

Activist, Blogger for the DES cause.
Sharp rise in the misuse of antibiotic #ceftiofur in #livestock poses a threat to public health -
Video de l’étude 2013 DES 3 générations : contexte et organisation -
Drug Labels will become Clearer for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women -
What is Nanotechnology? @theNCI alliance for #nanotechnology in cancer -
Endocrine disruptors alter thyroid levels in pregnancy, may affect fetal brain development -
How poultry firms systematically feed antibiotics to flocks #antibiotics in #livestocks @CIWF_USA -
Can Brain Scans diagnose #Autism accurately? @autismspeaks @mandyoaklander -
The Cost of Inaction with #EDCs on Male Reproductive Health: Billions Euros/Year @nordenen -
Résultats de l’étude Réseau DES France 2014 #DES 3 Générations #Distilbène #Stilboestrol -
To all DES People out there, this Song is for you ; from a DES GrandSon -
About Female Sexual Dysfunction and (new) sex drugs for women @RxISK -
#BPAfree: estrogenic chemicals often leach from BPA-free plastic products -
Team @WUSTLnews new #BreastCancer Vaccine shows promise in small clinical trial -
VitaminN, a Potential Natural Treatment for Children with ADHD -
#Glucocorticoids action disruption by #EDCs: potential mechanisms and relevance @_atanas_ -
Retha Newbold about CLARITY #BPA: a Novel Approach to study #EDCs – by @che_for_science @SlideShare -
L’envers de la pilule, les dessous de l’industrie pharmaceutique -
#VitaminD Deficiency Screening – US Preventive Services Task Force Final Recommendation Statement -
Will there be a male contraceptive pill any time soon? Carl Djerassi’s interview… -
Little Things Matter: see the impact of #EnvironmentalToxins on the developing Brain @SFUResearch -
Team @UofCincy designs #Nanoparticles to infiltrate and kill #cancer with no harm on healthy cells -
The Museum of Human Atrocities – a comics by @HealthRanger on Flickr -
Secondary sex ratio among women exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero -
Time to pregnancy and secondary sex ratio in men exposed prenatally to diethylstilbestrol -
How dangerous is the soaring use of medical imaging tests that rely on ionizing radiation? #CTscans -
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