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DES Daughter

DES Daughter

Activist, Blogger for the DES cause.
Maternal #BPA programs Offspring Metabolic Syndrome – via @JillEscher on @SlideShare -
#Vaccin contre le #cancer du col de l’utérus: fausse santé publique? #Cervarix #Gardasil @PrJoyeux -
The War on Cancer begins with You – a #cancer #infographic via @DailyInfographc -
GlaxoSmithKline #GSK fined £300 Million by China in Bribery Case -
RT @SunishSebastian: The Intersection of Neurotoxicology and Endocrine Disruption Via @DES_Journal
Prenatal Exposure to Phthalates may increase the Risk of Asthma among Children -
Cervical Cancer Screening: could a simple Urine Test replace invasive Smear Tests? -
Benefits and Dangers of Supplements, by @LoyolaHealth -
Will we see Children Brain Scans for #ADHD early Diagnosis in the Future? -
The Intersection of Neurotoxicology and Endocrine Disruption -
I Got No Idea if my Treatment for #BreastCancer was necessary… or not… -
How Humanity has changed since the Dawn of the Plastic Age, via @ReadMatter,‬   #menshealth -
The Dawn of the Plastic Age.jpg
How Humanity has changed since the Dawn of the Plastic Age, via @ReadMatter -
Choosing Wisely will Make You Happy, a Superb Video by @MedMyths -
Financial Conflicts of Interest in #FDA Advisory Committees @aaronecarroll -
No Link found between Assisted Reproduction and Autism #ASD #IVF @uvmmedicine Infertility Treatment -
Selective Reporting of Analyses and Discrepancies in #ClinicalTrials – @PLOSMedicine #AllTrials -
The 999 March for the NHS – @999CallforNHS fights for the @NHSChoices -
Prescription Mortelle, par Robin Cook, les grandes problématiques actuelles de la e-santé -
The History of DES, Lessons to be learned – @SpringerSBM -
Pertussis Vaccine recommended for Pregnant Women amid 2014 Spike in Whooping Cough Cases -
Anxiety, Sleeping Drugs: Benzodiazepine use associated with Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease -
#Cancer, perhaps the biggest stymie to modern medicine, is also preventable in most cases. This is good news depending on how you look at it... -
The good news about cancer.jpg
The Good News about Cancer – a #cancer #infographic by @DailyInfographc -
Intervention in 6-month-olds with #autism ameliorates symptoms, alleviates developmental delay -
The Vitamin D Deficiency – a #comics by @HealthRanger on Flickr -
The Health of the UK NHS Cancer Services in 2014, by @CR_UK -
Are Pesticide Risk Assessments compromised by the actual Evaluation Process? -
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