According to some anti-#gamergate people this is why @nero was banned from @twitter
Waiting to hear why journalist @nero was banned from @twitter and whether it heralds a new era of censorship on social media.
RT @jaspergregory: Oh wow, Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopoulos got banned from twitter. This has chilling implications for twitter and free speech.
It looks someone (or many someones) got Milo Yiannopoulos' account suspended on @twitter
RT @JennOfHardwire: Penny Arcade cartoon strip that's still relevant today. @PA_Megacorp #GamerGate
How unbiased do you think Slate is? RT @Slate Has #GamerGate finally burned itself out?
This sounds like it's an effective business model: 1) insult gamers and tag #gamergate 2) feign surprise at result 3) link to Patreon
RT @CHSommers: Fascinating! Adam Baldwin on How #GamerGate is defeating the authoritarian left. @RawStory
"By high school nearly all girls lose interest in video games" - is this accurate ladies of #NotYourShield?
Note the title on this Gawker article. Now scroll down to the bottom and read what the 4 people were charged with:
Finally found a concise article explaining some of the "Ethics in Journalism" concerns behind #gamergate
This has been useful data for predicting how mainstream media will report on things like #gamergate
RT @OfGloriousLife: If I was hired at a restaurant and started bragging about the "power" to spit in people's food, I'd expect to be let go. "LOL J/K" or not.
RT @Angelheartnight: Saying "Men were sexist before so women can be sexist now to catch up" is the attitude of a 5 year old. You don't end sexism by being sexist
I think it's this phenomenon extended to all aspects of life, including hiring:
All of this might have been avoided if fans had called out posers and fake fans earlier on instead of letting "no fake geeks" silence them.
Which creates a dysfunctional situation where the fans feel like they're being attacked by the industry and prominent voices in their hobby.
The posers start saying things like "gamers are dead" (which started #gamergate) or "comic fans need to grow up", or "SCIFI is sexist" etc.
You see this in geek culture discussions like #gamergate or debates about comic book costumes. Posers often have a louder voice than fans.
And then they use these hobbies as a platform for what they're really interested in: usually political activism, or attention-seeking antics
And these posers are often very good at getting themselves into positions where they have influence over the hobbies they aren't fans of.
There are no "Fake Geeks" in comics, tabletop, video games, or other geek hobbies. There are posers though who fake being a fan of hobbies.
"Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings."~Heinrich Heine cc @CHSommers
Is there some kind of arms race in the indie games / game 'journalist' community to see who can make the most extreme comment today?
RT @Roran_Stehl: #GamerGate should be unnecessary. This industry should be self-aware and better balanced.
RT @AlioTheFool: Hey everyone. I have fantastic news! My son was found and we are now with him! Thank you for all of your help!
UK Poised to Muzzle Extremist Speech or speech that shows a total lack of respect for the law
RT @igfnews: @EgoSumLetum @AlvinJenners The 1st-round judge in question (1 of many 100s this year) has asked to be removed from any duties now/going fwd.
This has nothing to do with #gamergate, but a lot of you pay attention: Help a fellow gamer find his missing son!
RT @AlioTheFool: My son is missing. Please RT to help find him. Details on image:
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