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Louis Gray
Louis Gray
Kim Neunert
Why Wolfram Alpha fails - Joel on Software -
“They create an incomplete model of the giant electronic brain in their own, non-giant, non-electronic brains. Of course, since the giant electronic brain is a million lines of code which is constantly changing, this is a painful, inadequate and error-prone task.” ... verwenden die etwa keinen mdsd-ansatz? Wäre gerade für die eigentlich tragisch ... - Kim Neunert
Berci Mesko, MD
Berci Mesko, MD
Am both amused & depressed that so many newspapers online now have comment threads that reveal that reading is no guarantee of intelligence
Capitalism's disappointed father -
In a seemingly perverse way, the current financial climate of the credit crunch and crisis of capitalism, which has led to some revival in Marx, has also drawn attention to Adam Smith's legacy. - Emsquared
Thank you for the link. :) - Roland Hesz
Apple Falls to Third Place in Reliability Report, Loses to Asus and Lenovo/IBM -
Apple Falls to Third Place in Reliability Report, Loses to Asus and Lenovo/IBM
Apple, the previous champ in RESCUECOM's consumer reliability 2008 report, just got demolished by Asus in an almost 3 to 1 score for Q1 2009. It even loses to Lenovo. - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Yeah, it's too bad that for some of the new products, Apple's quality control seems to have slipped. On the other hand, their return and repair services are great, and they seem to bend over backwards to fix or replace to cover any problems you're having. - Stan Scott
Shots Leak of Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook, Looks Like it Actually Fits In a Pocket -
Shots Leak of Lenovo Pocket Yoga Netbook, Looks Like it Actually Fits In a Pocket
Toooooooooooo mutherf*ckin' small! - Russell Wagner
Pretty much yeah. - Shevonne
Erm... so its a Sony ripoff? - Gerard van Schip
or a nokia communicator ripoff. - Carolyn Chan
that's a great one Zehra! - Laura Norvig
or a Jornada 680 ripoff? circa 1998 - April Russo (FForever!)
Ballmer: Microsoft Still Wants Yahoo! - BusinessWeek -
"Microsoft (MSFT) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer says he's still interested in buying Yahoo! (YHOO), or at least part of it." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
What are you essential WordPress plugins?
For example, what pluings to do you use for Flickr, caching, SEO/meta tags, Google Analytics/Sitemaps, Twitter and FriendFeed? - Kol Tregaskes
I'm not a big Flickr user, but for some of the others - All In One SEO, Super Cache, Ultimate Google Analytics, Google XML Sitemaps, Akismet for spam of course, WPTouch for iPhone friendly theme, Tweet This, Subscribe Remind (reminder to RSS subscribe for new visitors), Subscribe to Comments - Patrick Jordan
Patrick, I have most of those listed, yes very important. - Kol Tregaskes
Here's what I use: Disqus, All In One SEO, Clicky Web Analytics, FeedBurner FeedSmith, Google Analytics for WordPress, Google XML Sitemaps, MediaRSS, Redirection, WP-Cache, FriendFeed Comments - Michael Hocter
Sean, some new ones there for me, sill check them out. Thanks, Michael. - Kol Tregaskes
Disqus/Intense Debate (different blogs), Zemanta, FriendFeed Comments, FlickrRSS, Feedburner, SEO All-In-One, Most Tweeted Commented, Most Recently Tweeted. Not sure about the names of the Twitter plugins. - Shevonne
Oh yeah Akismet - Shevonne
Sociable, Disqus, MediaRSS (for posting to FF!), the rest are built in now. Akismet (comes with) is necessary. - anna sauce
I'm glad it comes with Akismet now, makes sense. - Kol Tregaskes
Amber, FF comments for me too... once I get it working. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Amber, never got it working. I was actually very quite on FF this weekend as I worked on my sites for most of it. Posted a few things here and there not much. Ah well, I'll stick to FF until I can get that working. - Kol Tregaskes
i think BudyPress is one of the most innovative plugins . possibly the future of the 'fluid social web' - Alensa
Akismet. Too much spam otherwise. What else do I use? The Stats plugin is useful. Google sitemaps generator. Reply-to-comments so that emails go out when there are replies to a comment someone subscribed to. I'd like to use the FriendFeed plugin, but my posts don't get discussed on FriendFeed (more on Twitter, which isn't really great for discussion) - Colin Charles from twhirl
I'll try to only include ones I didn't see above...Add to Any, flickrRSS, Ozh' Who Sees Ads, WP Post Ratings, WP-Simple Viewer, pageMash, Social Homes - Justin Korn
Zong is also a great plugin if you are into monetizing premium content - Alensa
AVH Amazon, cforms II, flickrRSS, Math Comment Spam Protection, Netflix-X2, Picasa Photos, Publish To Facebook, Search Everything, Sticky Menu, TwitterCounter, Twitter for Wordpress, WP-EMail, WP-Print - Patty Bradley
I use All in one SEO pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Sociable, Tweetroll, No Ping Wait, among others included. - Carlos Lorenzo
Akismet, All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, FriendFeed Comments, Dagon Design Sitemap Generator, and a few others - Tamar Weinberg
Add to Any Share/Save/Bookmark Button - Pat
Pat, I saw that while browsing yesterday. I'm currently using ShareThis which I think covers similar services. - Kol Tregaskes
I would have to agree Akismet sits up there pretty high. - Sean
Thomas Hawk
New Law in the UK May Make it Illegal to Photograph the Police After February 16th -
New Law in the UK May Make it Illegal to Photograph the Police After February 16th
There should be an angry emoticon, the smiling face does not express what I feel about this - M F
from Paul's post here: - Thomas Hawk
It's nice to see the UK becoming a police state, too. (not really, just being bitter). - Jason Shultz from twhirl
ridiculous - MikeAmundsen
This makes me so angry! With this and all the other erosion of civil liberties in the UK clearly the Muslim extremists have won the 'war on terror'. - Mel Buckpitt
Well this isn't right. - Michael Forian
I loved London but with all this crap, I wouldn't want to live there. - Juan Pablo González
Considering they randomly stop and searched me under the same act, because I didnt look scared of a man with a semi automatic.. It doesnt suprise me. - Mark
somehow 'liked' is not an accurate way of stating my opinion on this subject...if this happens it will be a sad day for the UK. - Greg Lato
It reminds me of another system where it was forbidden to take photos of the police. The UK labeled it a "communist dictatorship" - I don't see the UK down the road toward communism.... - Roland Hesz
So who's going to be monitoring the police? MI5? - sofarsoShawn
I think this is not as bad as people are making it sound. As I commented on Paul's post (see: Parliament has modified the bill and also seems to have gone the extra mile (err, kilometer) to clarify that the bill cannot punish people who do not have demonstrable terrorist intent. I'll post a quote below. - Anthony Citrano
From the UK Parliament site ( one should read the final bill as "Royally Assented" (the last version.) The language is different. Also, this quote from the House of Lords Committee report on the bill: "For the offence to be committed, [the] information obtained, published or communicated would have to be such as to raise... more... - Anthony Citrano
I think I may want to carry a copy of this around with me. Just in case. Especially sobering is the fact that its an amendment to the Terrorisim Act 2000. - Roberto Bonini
The thing is, all of the anti terrorism laws have been abused for things totally out of the realm of terrorism. This law makes it very easy to shut down anyone trying to get evidence of police abuse of powers or brutality. Our government needs to learn a very important word - transparency! - alphaxion
I do agree with you guys that it's a concern, I was just saying the intent of the Parliament is not what it's made out to be. Having said all that, i don't see why we (US, UK, wherever) need more laws. - Anthony Citrano
How the English could give away their personal freedoms so easily is beyond me-first it's the CCTV capital of the world, then it was Habeus Corpus and now this, all in the name of terrorism! British MP's should be ashamed at being so hoodwinked by this insidious legislation which is just re-enforcing what has become a police state. - Jack Sagel
Horrible, but not at all surprising. Even before the rise of the “war on terror” Britain has been walking down the path toward becoming a tightly controlled police state. This is just another step that the UK government is taking toward its fascist future. - Chris Charabaruk
Marshall Sponder
Ah!!! So Seth puts his finger on a great truth - many businesses can't adapt to social media because they're not structured to. Ha! - Marshall Sponder
T.A. Abinandanan
Seth's advice on how to deal with assholes in the bully avatar. - T.A. Abinandanan
Muthu Ramadoss
Some developers really code the requirements blindly -
Extra Person per night on a Honeymoon?? LOL. - Muthu Ramadoss
Well, you should not rob them of the possibility of a threesome I guess? :) - Roland Hesz from twhirl
Ha! Thoughtful thinking then :) - Muthu Ramadoss
Tyson Key
Hmm, idle thought - both Facebook, Inc and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation share the initials FBI, and both collect and hold information on a vast number of people on a global scale. Coincidence, no?
Freud with us:) - Igor Poltavskiy
Orli Yakuel
Scobleizer, you can learn so much about your followers behavior with:
Cool. Interestingly, according to this service I lost 1 follower when i posted a link of Atari’s 1984 Touch Tablet unboxing. Imagine the hard feelings one can get from this revelation. - Nir Ben Yona
Carlos Granier-Phelps
When will we have Xobni for Gmail? -
When will we have Xobni for Gmail?
When will we have Xobni for Gmail?
A great idea. Probably about the same time it comes out of beta. - Keith - @tsudo
If you add your gmail account to outlook you can use it now - Michael Johnson
that would be ok except non webbased email apps tether me to a single machine - Keith - @tsudo
Karen Swim
7 Limiting Beliefs Fatal to New Business Owners -
Louis Gray
New Blog Post: As I Get Older, Some Online "Friending" Gets Creepier
@Jim, it could be worse. I didn't check to see if "barely legal" was taken. And maybe it's better that I have it than somebody else who would be linking to a darker place. - Louis Gray
I think that the fact, that someone at 31 is having problems with being followed online by a 14 year old geek - who is probably seeking a role-model - or by a 20 year old girl (isn't that what people used to call woman in saner times?), and instantly starts to worry about "people assuming things" is telling. When I was 10-14 I used to hang out with older people, learning from the collegues of my mother - usually mechanical engineers or such - or of my father - working in the computer industry. - Roland Hesz
@Roland... telling? Explain a bit for us. - Louis Gray
I think it is a sad thing that you have to worry about "what people will assume??" If a teenager can't follow adults, how in the heck will they find a normal, everyday role model? How will they learn something useful? Why don't we just wall off people of separate ages? Sorry, but this is just plain crazy. - Roland Hesz
I'm 36. I have friends and colleagues who are 20. Ay 18, one of my best friends - and a great mentor - was nearly 30. Don't worry about it. - Didi Chanoch
@Louis Gray telling that you have to worry about it. That's a problem I think. - Roland Hesz
Part of this is also that the perspective is changing as well. I've been at the same company for about 8 years, starting there when I was 23. I've always been the youngest, or one of the younger, people in a specific category. As I grow older, and the next generation starts to be in the peer group, it takes getting used to. (Not creepy per se, just new) - Louis Gray
@Jim problem is, that if a Hungarian teenager wants to learn about, say rocket science, he will have to look for a US engineer say. Given that it takes about 20 hours to fly to the US, or more, the offline bit is impossible. The online thing will work, and sometimes that's the only way. And a 20 years old is not a youngster. That's an adult :) - Roland Hesz
Louis, that tinyurl link is throwing 500 errors. - Duncan Riley
@Duncan it works perfectly for me. maybe try the full. - Roland Hesz
Roland, ended up going to Louis' site directly, but the tinyurl... here's a pic - Duncan Riley
@Jim I agree. I still think it's not about the age, it's about the 1) reason and context of contact 2) modified by age. What is perfectly normal with someone over 20 or your own age is weird with a teenager, and the other way around. But I would not say that "I won't contact people younger by X years". I will not in any circumstances welcome a kid on Second Life, but I will gladly talk with him or her about software development or music on twitter, msn, plurk, whatever. - Roland Hesz
@Duncan I see, well, I believed you, just tried to help, but then all is good :) - Roland Hesz
Michael Arrington just tweeted that TinyURL appears to be "completely hosed." - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
To find all relevant conversations, search for "creepier" and ignore the older stuff. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
This is an ancient thread, but I just read the article. My life situation is strange (10-yr-old at college), and I wish that people would just value others based on who they are (not title, class, sex, race, age). I'm 41 and take ballet/jazz/hip-hop classes with people -29 yrs younger, and was at a springboard diving competition with a lady +64 yrs older. One relationship was with a lady +16 yrs older, but always with older women. My Facebook friends are 17-75 (avg 37). - Mitchell Tsai
ancient thread perhaps, but thanks to things like FF, I get to be alerted to it in all my business lately and it was very thought provoking. got my wheels-a-turnin. I might just write something on it soon. This is what I love about technologies like this and other aggregators - posts that normally might have escaped me are brought into the foreground for me to "munch" on and digest and... more... - Melissa Davis from twhirl
Melissa: I saw this article in Louis's monthly recap (July 2008) Have you read that yet? - Mitchell Tsai
But don't you seperate who you add on twitter for example compared to maybe Facebook. I hardly check who adds me on twitter, compared to Facebook which I only add people I've met in real life, and non of 'virtual friends' Mind you, so far I know... I don't have any kids following me or adding me 2 FF, FB or Twitter... To a great extent, its just how much of your life willing to put online for whole world to see. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
I think it is refreshing that someone actually thinks of this. So many just want the followers. Age wasn't really the focus to me, but it seems that was the stopping point for many. It was more about that weird feeling of when you know you've stepped into a maturity level that is not your own. And frankly, at some of the levels things can get dicey. And generally, that has some relationship to age (but not always). It is creepy. - Boo
Apologies for coming late to this discussion, but don't see a point having been made here tht I think needs to be made: wrt twitter, ffeed and (at least), following/subscribing is very much NOT the same as "friending" on other, more deliberately "social" social media e.g. facebook. I've never used the latter, so actually have trouble groking this issue. For me, subscribing/following says nothing about any desire for reciprocity; I'm just using a tool to make it easier to read your stuff. - Tegan Dowling
Oh, crud, sorry -- I see my point/issue *is* well-addressed over on the other thread, at Come on, Ffeed, get that de-duping stuff done! - Tegan Dowling
I'm 47 and my feelings on this issue are complicated. I do feel creepy when I find myself occasionally in situations surrounded by people 22-25 years my junior (in other words, 22-25-year-olds). Or more -- I felt totally gross when I innocently friended my 17-year-old niece on Facebook, only to find that I was apparently more than twice the age of her next-oldest friend. Eww! (con't on next rock) - Mitch Wagner
OTOH, it's wrong to judge people based on their age. And, as we get older, we have to work to keep our brains from becoming calcified, and one way to do that is to associate with people of *all* ages. I surround myself with people whom I consider peers, aged from early 20s to nearly 70, and I think that's good. When I find myself in a gathering that's much younger than me, I try to behave in a manner appropriate to my age -- which, I think, involves being a bit aloof and avuncular. (con't on next rock) - Mitch Wagner
That said: I like to go to clubs in Second Life, and when SL introduced voice, I was pleased to see a lot of people were using voice in one of my favorite clubs. I switched on voice myself -- only to discover that most of the people on voice appeared to be teen-agers. Ewwwww! I had no idea that they were teens -- I guess when we're clubbing in SL, we all behave a bit in an adolescent fashion. I never went back to that club again. - Mitch Wagner
Leopard savaging a crocodile caught on camera - Telegraph -
Leopard savaging a crocodile caught on camera - Telegraph
"A series of incredible pictures taken at a South African game reserve document the first known time that a leopard has taken on and defeated one of the fearsome reptiles." - edythe from Bookmarklet
WOW! that's amazing...I've never heard of a big cat taking on a croc! - Susan Beebe
Whoa...kinda like the question we had as kids, "who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman?" Leopard got this one. - Hutch Carpenter
Quote from the article: "It just doesn't make sense. The meat you get out of a crocodile is just not worth the risk it takes a predator to acquire." LOL Ok, *you* tell that to the leopard. Clearly, this leopard has not been on the interwebs and keeping up-to-date on prey meat quality risk-to-reward ratios. I'll be rolling up the windows on the Range Rover. :-D - Karim
Two of my favorite animals. - James
poor hunting, Croc does not make a nice meal - Duncan Riley
Reminds me of a great quote from the early days of the Web, when the heat was between an upstart Netscape and a (then) predatory, monopolist Microsoft. The press quote, attributed to Marc Andreessen (but clearly originating from Jim Barksdale) was: "In a battle between the bear and the crocodile, victory is determined by on whose turf the fight is waged" or something like that. - John McCrea
Maybe it was not a hunt for the meal, but a precautionary kill. Leopard's morning strolls are 1 croc safer now. - Roland Hesz
This looks like a revenge killing. Just as odd, if not more so, I know. Yet, that's what I see. Maybe it was a territorial thing. I would also expect, once you find yourself a leopard in a fight with a croc, you better go to the death because he will. - Michael W. May
Video or it didn't happen - Shey
Yeah MWM I agree. This is one of those things that if you (the leopard) start, you'd better finish, and fast. - Anthony Citrano
=O - Mona Nomura from fftogo
I think the croc is attacking the leopard with his back. - Barak B
You plan your day around, and mentally prepare for hippo activities AND THEN THIS HAPPENS! Sheesh. - Micah from twhirl
Barak: you reminded me of the Woody Allen line from Play It Again, Sam: "I snapped my chin onto a guy's fist, and then hit another guy in the knee with my nose." - Anthony Citrano
@Barak..LMFAO!!! That comment gave this pic a whole new meaning for me - Rahsheen
great photos! that leopard must've been hungry - Cee Bee
Big cats are territorial by nature- the croc might have invaded its space. - Peter Dawson
alex de carvalho
The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy -
The Cost of Copyright Confusion for Media Literacy
Just read an article that used "likelier" - sounds weird to me - is it "likelier" "more likely" or either?
haha i think it's more likely - Hao Chen
Definitely more likely - Sergio Cruz
Her Most Highest Majesty declared it to be more likelier. - Roland Hesz
It's actually both. - Colin Walker
likelier just sounds so weird - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
this editor says, "more likely" - Linda Mills
More likely is properer English but I think likelier is at the point where it's commonly accepted (unlike properer.) ;) - Anthony Citrano
I'm voting for "more likely". Two syllables generally calls for "more" instead of "-er". - xero
BTW I agree with Linda: likelier feels ok to me verbally but I'd never write it. - Anthony Citrano
@Ole, nice. - xero
Karen Swim
JibberJobber Blog » Blog Archive » LinkedIn Maintenance: Do This Right Now (or else?) -
Great reminder from Jason Alba on why we can't trust everything to work perfectly. Take 2 minutes to read his post and another 2 to take his advice. - Karen Swim from Bookmarklet
I am glad I did this before - not because of fearing to lose my data, simply I keep an offline copy of everything. It is an annoying thing, and actually I am astonished that they have no backup in place. If they can not restore an account, doest that mean that in case of some big trouble (DB server dying), LinkedIn will be wiped out? No daily backups or archives of the DB? - Roland Hesz
Steve Isaacs
E3 2008: More Creatures in Spore Than in Real Life -
E3 2008: More Creatures in Spore Than in Real Life
Louis Gray
Some might say social media is a myth - do you? -
I do think that the "Social Media" label sounds a bit up it's own arse, but what else would you call it? I don't believe that it is a myth though; just look at the interactions that take place here on FF (as one example) - relationships develop as people share and comment; no one can deny that it's not social! - Andrew Terry
Thomas Frütel
V12 Designs’ Dual-Touchscreen Notebook Coming within Two Years -
V12 Designs’ Dual-Touchscreen Notebook Coming within Two Years
Now this looks interesting. Curious. - Roland Hesz
Dare Obasanjo
The "Popularity" of FriendFeed is a Bug in the Social Software Ecosystem -
To be honest, as I avoid Facebook like fire, FriendFeed is a way better solution than a Facebook app :) If you consider people like me - ie. not on Facebook - then you can see that FriendFeed is not exactly a bug. - Roland Hesz
Totally different vibe on FriendFeed and Facebook. I'm not having to ignore Zombies and Pirates and Poker Games (etc.) on FriendFeed. FriendFeed is open, Facebook isn't at all. - Jon Galloway
I still don't have a Facebook account. I don't feel like I'm missing anything I can't get elsewhere, at a finer granularity level, and without having to deal with an irritating walled garden mentality. - Dave Walker
The only reason why I have accounts on MySpace and Facebook is to reconnect with people who I have lost touch with - and to communicate with people who SOLELY use them. Other than that, I largely ignore them. - brian cors
Ontario Emperor
Has anyone written the book How to Lose Friends and Disinfluence People yet?
Have not seen it yet, but I would love to read it. - Roland Hesz
They have but they made a really bad impression with the publishers they met with so no one would agree to print the book, they were going to print it themselves but they pissed off the distributors and buyers for major book stores so no one would carry it, they were going to just throw it online as an e-book but every time they had the slightest glitch with their isp or blog host they were so offensive to the customer service reps that their access was shut off. - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Yes, there are several versions, but the earliest seems to be - Rob Diana
More information on the Irving Dart Tressler 1937 parody referenced by Rob Diana: - Ontario Emperor
This thread, among other items, inspired a blog post on Irving Dart Tressler: - Ontario Emperor
Robert Scoble
How far ahead of the world are all of us? When I showed researchers at HP my live Qikking cell phone they couldn't believe it.
Well, sites like Twitter still have about a year before true mainstream acceptance. Something like FriendFeed is probably 18 months or more from mainstream acceptance, and it would need more filtering capabilities to get there. Video on a mobile is probably a little closer, but not sure about the publishing aspect. - Rob Diana
Rob: try again. Blogging still is barely mainstream and it's been out for 10 years now. Facebook just got to 110 million users. How many people in the world are there? Six billion? Funny how we consider things "mainstream." - Robert Scoble
Well, if 110 million users isn't "mainstream", then yes, I will change my estimates :) I think twitter (or microblogging) will go mainstream soon because it is so simple, and IM-like. "Real" blogging requires too much work and thought, and that is probably why it took so long. That and the tools have not been around for the full 10 years. Not sure when things like LiveJournal and WordPress really came about. - Rob Diana
LiveJournal was out in late 90s, I remember seeing it 2001 and I'm sure I wasn't early. WordPress came out shortly after that. Probably around 2003. Yeah, microblogging will probably be more popular than regular blogging. I'd agree with that, but it has a long way to go. Twitter has, what, a million or two users, not all of whom are active? - Robert Scoble
What's amazing is it seems that you guys beat the mainstream by days, not hours- for example, Andreesen/Facebook - Dino
LiveJournal, early 1990s? Try 1999, as late 1990s as it gets. ;o) - Fraser Smith
Sorry, I meant early 2000's. I'll fix that. - Robert Scoble
you are talking about heads down researchers from the nihs hp though robert :-p - mike "glemak" dunn
LiveJournal is huge in Russia, apparently. And the biggest search engine there is something called Yonex (useless info 4 the day alert) - john conroy
For me, I've gotten used to think in terms of mainstream for techies and mainstream for the general public. - Joey Lo
@Rob Diana - You're wrong - FriendFeed does not need more filtering to become mainstream. Mainstream users don't filter, they expect it to work and that's it. You're also wrong about FriendFeed becoming mainstream anytime soon. People don't use many services, therefore FF is useless for them. Not even blogging is mainstream, and probably won't ever at a scale like Facebook. Most people haven't got interesting things to tell. - sebmos
I'm no techie, compared to some of the folks around FF anyway. I know "just enough to be dangerous," according to my wife's IT dept. But I rely on posts from folks like Scoble et al. to expand my knowledge of the tech world. FF is invaluable for that, but even though I signed up for it months ago, I didn't really start using it until the last 4-6 weeks. I think new sites and apps take a little getting used to, esp. if you're not really "out there" in terms of knowledge and know-how. - Steve Lowe
steplow - like your comment, very reality based :) - mike "glemak" dunn
This says more about the researchers being out of touch than it does about social media. - Sam Pullara
I use my father and brother as 'touchstones' for mainstream. My dad, at 71 is an attorney who uses the computer for work only, doesn't regularly use email for personal reasons (but does for work) and can use the internet (he tracked down my twitter!) but doesn't see the need for it. My brother, at 44 is a judge who majored in CS & Psych in undergrad. He's a computer geek, but more into gaming than SocMed. They keep me from buying into the 'echo chamber' - yes, we are that far ahead. - Lucretia Pruitt
The Fins sold us the phones. So maybe we're not that far ahead. :-) - Dave Winer
I agree with Scoble,blogs, twitter, friendfeed, plurks won't be mainstream for a while. There is actual nothing in them that would give people a reason to hop on them in droves. E-mail yes, IM yes, static webpages, forums yes. And that's all. - Roland Hesz
I asked a bunch of people I work with regularly about Friendfeed and 1 person knew what it was. I work in the web industry. Maybe I was asking the wrong people. - Kate
Our focus is different. I don't know jack about sustainable architecture, for instance, but my friends who don't give a damn about blogs are all about green energy, sustainable city planning, etc. That's something that a lot of people on FriendFeed don't understand or care about. "Ahead" is a relative term. My dad is on FriendFeed, but he just sees it as another way to follow what I'm... more... - Steve Lynch from Alert Thingy
I like what Steve Lynch replied, re. his friends/other people having a different focus, especially the bit re. his friends "who don't give a damn about blogs are all about green energy, sustainable city planning, etc. That's something that a lot of people on FriendFeed don't understand or care about. 'Ahead' is a relative term." I see that in my own communities of interest, where people are comfortable with forums (ew!), have made tentative forays into FB, but don't get blogs, much less Twitter, FF, etc. - Yule Heibel
This discussion is a bit self-congratulatory, wouldn't you say? I would frame it a different way: how out of touch with the mainstream are we? The answer, of course, is very much so. Another question: are we out here on the cutting edge or just hunting snipe? - Juan Aguilar
I doubt Twitter will ever go "mainstream" if we define mainstream as a majority of the people who are online via computers or cellphones. Blogs, wikis, RSS, none of that is mainstream. Browsing, email, SMS...those are mainstream. - wrecks
now that it is mentioned, SMS reached mainstream pretty quick. - Ruben Llibre
@Jua Aguilar Hunting snipe. It's not in any way a cutting edge. It's just a way to pass time. - Roland Hesz
@wrecks: Good point. Maybe it would be better to talk about functionality rather than platforms, then. I'd say that social networking and IM are mainstream. I think real-time video on cellphones (for example) could go mainstream in a few years, but it wouldn't necessarily mean that "Qik" goes mainstream. I think wiki-like functionality will become more common... because it is very... more... - Steve Lynch from Alert Thingy
Lots a of great points, regarding Robert's original post I think that online video is finally taking off in a big way thanks to YouTube and that speaks more to the mainstream than any of the social applications we use to create and share content and conversation. Live mobile video broadcasting is still relatively new but video chat with Skype seems to be reaching a mainstream audience thanks to Oprah using it on her show and recent New Earth web casts. How much does the generation gap play into this? - Larry Kless
I just started work at, Nick is working to bring at least blog reading and following to the masses. but its hard work. - Tim Hawkins
R U KIDDING ME!!!!! OMG no wonder HP is not in touch anymore..dang! - Susan Beebe
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