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The first spectacular views of the sky from WISE | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine -
The first spectacular views of the sky from WISE | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
The first spectacular views of the sky from WISE | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
The first spectacular views of the sky from WISE | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
"Blogs / Bad Astronomy « Godwin godwinned. FTW. The first spectacular views of the sky from WISE submit to reddit . . NASA’s fledgling Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) opened its eyes a few weeks ago, and astronomers have just released the first of a torrent of spectacular images from it. Since its launch last December, WISE has been surveying the sky, taking data continuously as it spins on its axis and orbits the Earth. A few images have been released before, but these new ones are fully processed, scientifically-calibrated, and gorgeous." - M F from Bookmarklet
Iván Abrego
China Trip (Yunnan) 1-8 Oct 09 - a set on Flickr -
China Trip (Yunnan) 1-8 Oct 09 - a set on Flickr
China Trip (Yunnan) 1-8 Oct 09 - a set on Flickr
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ruguru: Знакомимся. Фотограф Marian Matta (фото) -
ruguru: Знакомимся. Фотограф Marian Matta (фото)
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عالیه:) - وارَش
اوج آسمان و ابر - Mahdi
What a view. - Lit
That's where I wanna be - Jay
My favorite mountain! - Mahdi
Kevin Fox
National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009 -
National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009
National Geographic's International Photography Contest 2009
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This is one of my favorite Big Picture installments yet. It's only a coincidence that the three shots I picked involve water. - Kevin Fox from Bookmarklet
Kevin Fox
[big] Amazing photo from gondola in China. Also my new desktop picture.
I wish. - Kevin Fox
Woooohooooo. Damn. - Fossil Huntress
Nice ;) - niniane
WOW! - Carlos Ayala
I just got vertigo, tipped forward and smacked my forehead into my monitor. Thanks, Kev. - Mark Novak
I think that may be the flu more than the pic, Mark. ;-) - Kevin Fox
LOL @Mark. - Anika
Dazzling Scenic Picture. Not recommended for people with Vertigo - Gökçe K.
GAH. Clicking away from this! *vertigo in full effect* - Hookuh Tinypants
WHOA that is scary and cool all at the same time ... just stunning! - Susan Beebe
just added this to "things I must see IRL before I die" list. - Just another Bubba
Neat. So where is this? - Kekoa Proudfoot
Coooool !! - keiko-san
What if... - Özkan Altuner from iPhone
Seems like Huangshan to me: - yinhm
Amazing, indeed. - Onur Kabadayi
I need to go there. - Parvez Halim
i would poop my britches. - Big Joe Silenced
Amazing! Do you where in China? - Frank Da Silva
/r location - Chris Hofmann
Woah... crazy! :D - Joel Lovato
I'm guessing it's the only lift mentioned on Wikipedia for China: "access to mountain tops of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, China" a few pics via Bing: , , - Andrew C (✔)
What if they took the gondolas off one day a week and turned it into a zipline? - Kevin Fox
I'm wondering where the gondola locates in China? - Xitong Liu
That's great- Thanks DAN ! - Wlassak
via -
Love the colours. Too bad around here they look like this for about 1 day and that was 3 days ago... now it's just brown and mushy and soon it'll be white and frozen. :( - Jan Ole Peek
Anthony Citrano
No PhotoShop, no digital camera - not even any *lens*. - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
oh, this is awesome. He's a friend of a friend, also involved in experimental photography, and he went to great detail explaining his technique (which, incidentally, I find is among just a handful of really innovative things in photography, lately) - dario
here's Alan's flickr stream: - dario
Robert Scoble
Re: How Microsoft Office 10 will be locked out of my toolbag -
"Yeah, I keep trying Nokia phones. They suck compared to Android, Palm, or iPhones." - Robert Scoble
Well, my E71 is a hell of a phone, with a physical keyboard, all the GSM protocols, support for SIP and Skype, support for VPN, synchronization with Exchange, more thant three days of battery with all turned on, video, MMS and a lot of things that where missing in the previous releases of the iPhone. Todays iPhone compare feature for feature and can leverage their great usability... more... - Michele Costabile
David Sanger
180 shots for one great #composition of black swans. good lesson there for #photographers @ColinAnderson1
180 shots for one great #composition of black swans. good lesson there for #photographers @ColinAnderson1
Benjamin Golub
Amazing interactive 360-degree panoramic view of the entire night sky | Mail Online -
Amazing interactive 360-degree panoramic view of the entire night sky | Mail Online
"A new magnificent 800-million-pixel panorama of the entire sky has been unveiled online today. It was stitched together from 1,200 photos by astronomers at the European Southern Observatory from viewing sites in Chile." - Benjamin Golub from Bookmarklet
wow! - Chris Myles
Oh wow. Totally resharing this, thx! - Ayşe E.
You're not going to see anything like this in the Northern Hemisphere. This is only the night sky for those south of the equator. But it is cool. - Nina Jansen
WOW! - Susan Beebe
LOVE it!! - Roshan Ramachandran
hmmm didn't supply a link in the article! Ahh its the Daily Mail, to explain to non-UK-ites, the Daily Mail is the UK equivalent of Fox News. - Toby Graham
wow thats huge! 800 megapixels... - Matt Ellsworth
Truly beautiful! Makes earthlings so small! - Cool Wired
wow it's beautiful. - Benjo Castillo
MG Siegler
Closing In On Launch, Twitter Tweaks Its Retweet API And Shares A Picture Of How It Will Look -
Closing In On Launch, Twitter Tweaks Its Retweet API And Shares A Picture Of How It Will Look
How did TechMeme beat you to FriendFeed? - Jesse Stay
cause i manually push to FF, usually when i'm done updating for a breaking item. TC tweets out immediately though. - MG Siegler
Wow - TechMeme's fast. I'm impressed. - Jesse Stay
Thomas Hawk
Photographer Showcase – Edward Burtynsky | The Photo Argus | A Photographers Resource -
Photographer Showcase – Edward Burtynsky | The Photo Argus | A Photographers Resource
Photographer Showcase – Edward Burtynsky | The Photo Argus | A Photographers Resource
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"Burtynsky’s images are intriguing in many ways. He captures the price we pay for our industrialized planet and yet somehow makes it beautiful. That’s what I find so interesting about his work. To find and convey the beauty in a strip mined mountain or a pile of dismantled oil tankers is what really sets Edward Burtynsky among the elite of modern day photographers. “Burtynsky calls his images ‘a second look at the scale of what we call progress,’ and hopes that [they] acquaint viewers with the ramifications of our lifestyle.” -Washington Post" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
There's some good stuff in here, including some amazing video from a chinese factory: - Patrick
Anyone been using Firefox 3.6? This thing is blazingly fast… -
Anyone been using Firefox 3.6? This thing is blazingly fast…
no one? - Zee.
Not yet. Started looking for it, it is really alpha, isn't it? - Ruud van Wijngaarden
works better than 3.5 for me - Zee.
How is it performace-wise compared to Chrome? - imabonehead
I didn't feel it being that much faster to be honest. - Rich
@imabonehead I'm on a Mac so not sure. Compared to the current Mac Chromium, better all round performance. Speed, maybe Chromium is a tad faster, hard to be sure. - Zee.
@Rich strange, for me, it's the most notable speed increase i've experienced yet and every other version of firefox has slowed down over time. This version has mantained its speed - Zee.
It also depends what plugins you have installed on your Firefox instance. Generally the more plugins installed, the slower Firefox will run. - imabonehead
yeah true, but i do have 14 installed and 24 tabs open - Zee.
@imabonehead: i've found that the more add-ons you have the higher your chances of instability are - slowness seems to come from having large sqlite tables for white/black lists - Chris Heath
or other profile bugs like things with cookies and such - Chris Heath
Ah, I was using 3.7 - perhaps it's not as finely tuned. - Rich
still on 3.6 - tamper data & web developer always lag the new versions, so I usually wait. :) - felix
You can disable compatibility checking for extensions - I have both those install on 3.7 and they seem fine. - Rich
scared to loose my extensions... i'll wait - Tate
Bret Taylor
Bolt Needs Little Urging to Crush His 200 World Record - -
Bolt Needs Little Urging to Crush His 200 World Record -
"It is as if the digital clock that reflects the quality of Bolt’s work has begun to operate independently of the track and field continuum, allowing him to post numbers that bear less and less relation to those that the world’s fastest men have posted before him. So it went again Thursday at the world championships on the blue track he has made his latest playground, as Bolt proved that he did not require the hot breath of a dangerous challenger like Tyson Gay to obliterate his own world record in the 200 meters." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
The guy is insane. Totally awesome - Bret Taylor
he's from the same planet as Phelps... lol - @RelativeTheory
Saw Bolt do it. Twas awesome - jenniferbhalahansen
Robert Scoble
I just spoke with FriendFeed cofounder Paul Buchheit. Did you know that he promised family that FriendFeed would continue? More:
He told me they messed up by not communicating better last week. The deal happened so fast that they didn't pay attention to everything. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I like how this is starting - Robert DeBord
o0o0o0 - Mark
as its own service? - Lee
you are the one who keeps proclaiming its death - Mark
That's what Compaq said when they purchased DEC. (for those of you old enough to remember) - RobinDotNet
A promise is not a guarantee. - Amit Morson
Such a tease, Robert. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
More smoke-blowing. I don't care of Paul swore on the graves of his ancestors. Actions speak louder than words. Some vague promise to a group of people I'm excluded from doesn't do much to assuage my unease. - Akiva
Akiva, you're right, but it's not smoke. - Louis Gray
Okay, Louis, true. I retract that first sentence. The rest of it, however, I'm sticking by. - Akiva
Akiva: well I feel a lot better about things today. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Continue just as it is? Or with key changes? - Karma Martell
I would expect them to post more on this topic soon - on their personal blogs. - Louis Gray
If that's what Paul wants to promise us, he needs to release some kind of official statement, not send a message through Robert. - Rochelle
Soon. - Louis Gray
I bet you as part of the contract, its in there not to shut this down - Stephen Pickering
Rochelle: there are too many unknowns to make a definitive statement yet. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
keeping my hopes up. but i do remember working at a few radio stations that were bought, we'd get a memo saying 'the format is not going to change' about three weeks before we switched to spanish. i think there is just too much here for ff to vanish. keep the dream alive! - michael sean wright
How can he when it`s lost all of its autonomy? Supplanted by Facebook, bought outright no? - sofarsoShawn
It couldve been part of the deal not to let the site die - Stephen Pickering
Robert, like you said, one can hope. However both of us know how corporates work and it takes one small decision from share holders to close down the service, no matter what. - Nir Ben Yona
They want to get to Facebook and get those unknowns nailed down first. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Holden and Rochelle, etc., let's be patient. If you see the post I put up last night and add Robert's comments here, we should be feeling a lot better today than we did on Monday. - Louis Gray
Robert, all right. Well, after my initial freak-out over this, I've gone into complete wait-and-see mode. More of these vague promises and 'coming soon' messages don't really do much for me. When someone say something definitive, then I'll be there to consume it. The rest of this just doesn't add up for much. - Akiva
That was a great post Louis - Stephen Pickering
Thanks, Stephen. I thought it was important. - Louis Gray
Akiva, exactly, waiting for official word. - Kol Tregaskes
Nir: the way it was told to me contractually it can't be closed down anytime soon. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I hope they don't change it so you have to have a Facebook account to use it. I have one, but share it with very few; I use Twitter and FF for everyone. I want to be able to use it the way I do now. - RobinDotNet
Like any takeover/merger, some details just take time to work out. Hopefully FF can stay around in some form and help make FB better. We'll just have to wait and see. Thanks, Robert, for the info. - Mark Edwards
I agree, we haven`t seen anything substantive in the way of contract etc but fingers crossed. - sofarsoShawn
But doesn't mean it won't be shutdown at some point? - Kol Tregaskes
And, Louis, I didn't see your post from last night but I'll read it as soon as I get back from the store. - Akiva
was Pownce a bit like Friendfeed? I never used it - Mark
I can't get my hopes up when Facebook is in the picture. :-( - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Stable Door and Horse comes to mind. - Kevin J Hatton
The fact that the FF folks haven't yet said "This is how we want it, so this is how it's going to be" is just evidence that they don't have the final say on the matter. If it's subject to some additional authority/approval, nothing is certain at this point. - Ken Sheppardson
Kol: it won't be shut down anytime soon. He was quite clear about that. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Kol, the truth is they work for Facebook now, and therefore, FriendFeed can/will change, and it may not change 100% how you and I want. It may be part of Facebook's site later, and it may not. But Facebook is changing from what we know of it now to something new where they overlap. - Louis Gray
In other words that was in the contract. Makes sense, since they were hesitant anyway - Stephen Pickering
Robert, OK but maybe at some point though. - Kol Tregaskes
I sure would like it if FF continued indefinitely. - Jason Nunnelley
Kol: nothing in life is guaranteed. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Patience is a good thing. That said, if FriendFeed wasn't growing at a rate much higher than it has been, something would have to change. You don't bottle up such talent and experience and have it work on a product that was losing. - Louis Gray
Robert, What about death and taxes? - RobinDotNet
Good to hear. I am sure they will take time to decide what exactly to do with FF. How to integrate them together. What to do etc. FF the R&D for FB I think it could be - Robert Anderson
Robert, true. All a bit vague still though. - Kol Tregaskes
Scoble: encourage Facebook to keep FriendFeed as a premium brand. Let them tie it to Facebook data or whatever, but keep the system separate. - Gary
Louis, right, this gives them legitimacy and exposure - Stephen Pickering
Kol... if they wanted to grow they way they "deserved" to grow, this place would have changed underneath your feet to something you might hate. This is one way to put real capital and people behind the site as it is now. - Louis Gray
If this thing grows by leaps and bounds, FB is not going to close it - Stephen Pickering
Mark: anytime a blogger says something is dead ALL that means is that it is less interesting than yesterday. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Over time, we will learn, Sam. It's a classical marketing/engineering decision. Do you build for the current user base, or the potential user base? With change. some were bound to leave anyway. - Louis Gray
Louis, not arguing that at all. My point was about shutting it down or not. I'm at the wait-and-see stage, waiting for more news from FF. - Kol Tregaskes
And any time I write a headline that says it's NOT dead... maybe I know what I'm talking about. :) - Louis Gray
But this service grows more useful the more users there are - Stephen Pickering
Something needs to happen. Twitter is useless now - maybe a new denial of service attack. I would love to see the Friendfeed technology spread to the mass user base that Facebook has. - Frode Stenstrøm
Well, at least he acknowledged they messed up. - Rodfather
Frode: that was what Paul told me too. He wants the tech here to be used by everyone. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I don't understand why Google didn't buy it instead. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Rod, FriendFeed has no PR or Marketing. Maybe if they did, this would have been handled differently. Some things come naturally, and others are hard. But I bet you will see a lot more soon. - Louis Gray
I've heard the same from another founder, Robert. - Anne Bouey
Franz, no official word, just wait for an announcement from FF. - Kol Tregaskes
They didn't want to work for google again. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Makes you wonder about a due diligence ckecklist and the speed of getting this deal done - courtney benson
Kinda why they left. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Right, look at Google Reader. They don't know how to do social - Stephen Pickering
It's all wonky and hard to understand - Stephen Pickering
But GR is going in that direction. - Kol Tregaskes
Companies come and companies go. They can go by closing their doors or by being acquired. Only time will tell whether FriendFeed has come and gone. - Jeff Sayre
GR is trying, but its all wonky and totally un understandable - Stephen Pickering
Oh. I just don't trust Facebook at all and can barely stand using it after being here. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Jannifer, I think we have to look beyond the caricatures of people like Zuckerberg, and recognize that he too may want the same things we do. Facebook is growing up and I bet FriendFeed and its team is a big part of that. - Louis Gray
Louis, hope so. - Kol Tregaskes
courtney: Paul talked about that too. He said once the team made the decision they knew it had to be closed overnight to prevent it from leaking. - Robert Scoble
Louis I think its a perfect marriage, genius engineers + genius Marketers - Stephen Pickering
Well, he didn't quite say "prevent it from leaking" but he said "it's important to do it all at once." I knew what he meant, though, that it had to be done fast to keep things from getting crazy, like they do once decisions like this get taken into public sphere. - Robert Scoble
I am sure paul is truthful in that he would like for it to go that way, but this is a M&A situation, and even if it is written into the agreement, there are a million ways around it. At the end of the day, shareholders make the rules in a majority vote. If ff isn't integrated in fb somehow, I fail to see how it benefits fb. - Erik Boles from iPhone
Kol: Paul was emphatic that Facebook is a far more interesting company at this time in both company's history. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Somehow this doesn't sound too convincing. If Friendfeed has been losing a LOT of regular users because of their deal with Facebook, they'd be concerned. Friendfeed is likely to get you to speak on their behalf, since you are their most popular user. Maybe Paul is trying to convince you, so that he can indirectly convince others too. That might save an early end to Friendfeed brought on by the rapid loss of users. - K N Ajit Narayan
I totally agree with Paul, by the way. Facebook is a much more interesting company to join right now than Google is. - Robert Scoble
Facebook = Microsoft 2.0 - scott anderson
Robert: Did he mention anything about Mashable reporting an acquisition had been talked about since `07? - sofarsoShawn
YAY! thanks Scoble for letting us know - i feel alot better today! - Chris Clayton
Hey, Microsoft had a decent run - Stephen Pickering
Louis: yeah, Zuckerberg is a lot smarter and a lot more down to earth than most of the press gives him credit for. He's always been straight up with me. Much better than other companies have treated me. - Robert Scoble
And that's even including getting kicked off of Facebook for 24 hours. - Robert Scoble
@ Scott, LOL Facebook = Microsoft 2.0! I see your point, but it far surpasses Microsoft Live attempt at a social network. - Nakeva Corothers
Erik: technologies that have great audiences don't get killed. If anything will kill it, it will be us. By leaving. - Robert Scoble
Robert, cool. Well if they can ditch a lot of their annoying features, like this FB Lite might be, then I might be interested in moving over with all the FF features implemented but I just can't work with FB in it's currently state. I had another go this weekend and still didn't like it. But I'd be even happier if FF stayed here. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
this is gonna be an interesting story to follow for sure. For now I am just using friendfeed the way I have been and see what comes out down the road. life is about changes. - (jeff)isageek
sofarsoShawn: I don't know what you're talking about regarding Mashable. - Robert Scoble
Maybe I missed it earlier in this thread but why can't they just come out and say something directly to the community? Obviously a lot of people are concerned and anxious about it... Why do we have to hear second-hand? And why has it all been so vague? No news is not necessarily good news in cases like this. - Lindsay
Robert, Leo called himself Leo Scoble today because he deleted his 5000 FB friends and moved them over to his fan page - Stephen Pickering
jeff: yeah. Visiting Facebook is going to get more interesting. He also said that the first month at Facebook (which starts Monday) will be all about learning about Facebook's code. So, no new features will come quickly. - Robert Scoble
Ok. I hope Facebook changes a LOT so it's more tolerable. Although I don't like it, I need to set up a good Facebook page for business so I can remain competitive. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I hope they do right by you. You brought them to the party. I hope that gets recognized somehow monetarily. - Jim Posner
Saying that it might be shut down at some point doesn't tell us anything new, though; after all, any site might be shut down at some point due to going out of business etc. - Tristan Seligmann
When anything comes out of this it was always going to be long term. - Kol Tregaskes
Can i just add - Paul never said friendfeed was going to die in the first place... instead they said the complete opposite - " will continue to operate normally. We're still figuring out our longer-term plans for the product with the Facebook team." - Chris Clayton
sofarsoShawn, yes, Facebook had been talking to FriendFeed since 2007. - Louis Gray
Lindsay, I bet the FriendFeed team has a very busy week and maybe you hear from them on all this soon. - Louis Gray
Robert: "technologies that have great audiences don't get killed..." oh, come on, you know better than that! My dad worked at IBM so I've been seeing tech companies kill great stuff that their customers liked for most of my life!!!! - Fred Davis
Jim, Scoble has gotten no money from FriendFeed (nor have I). Neither one of us expects to, as that would change the relationship. - Louis Gray
Fred, right, the Innovators Dilemma, but in this case its cost of running a website is halving every year - Stephen Pickering
Louis: yes, but Paul told me that when I last was in the office they hadn't yet decided to go to Facebook. Everything happened in the past two weeks. I think you even walked in on one of their key decision points. He said they worked all weekend long on the agreement. - Robert Scoble
Fred: nothing in life is guaranteed, yeah, you're right. But there's no business reason to turn this off anytime soon. If we all leave there will be. - Robert Scoble
Robert: e.g., consumer company changes focus to biz or gets acquired... new company direction leads to consumer products getting killed despite popularity... that's just one of many ways that good tech gets killed all the time!!! - Fred Davis
No disagreement on that at all, Robert. I know I walked in on something big, and that was my mistake for not calling ahead. - Louis Gray
Seems their valuation stood on Roberts shoulders to some degree. At the least, a public thanks would have been nice. - Jim Posner
Jason: i know, thats what got me freaked out too - i just thought i would add it in incase anyone missed it :) and because im a little bored! lol - Chris Clayton
Fred, can you give any examples? Any software I used to use that is no longer available was replaced with something better. - RobinDotNet
No business reason that WE understand... 'cuz we don;t go to Facebook board meetings ;-) Facebook may have their own agenda... in fact, I assume they do... - Fred Davis
Jim: I do this because I love it, not because I expect thanks or goodies. - Robert Scoble
Why even bring this up if they can't talk about it? Nothing has changed just more innuendo and smoke and mirrors and a lot of 'what ifs'. Wake me when there's something concrete. - Derrick
Robert: when you talk to paul next, can you push him into doing a public announcement on it all? Just give him a nudge in the right direction! :) - Chris Clayton
RobinDotNet... god, too many to count! First one I was bummed about was in '85 when Musicworks was the best MIDI program on the Mac... got acquired by some jerky game company that decided it wasn't a game and stranded all the users! Yeah, eventually new better stuff came along... but that didn't do the users of the current any good at that time... - Fred Davis
Derrick: sorry, I totally disagree. I didn't know that contractually they can't kill the service anytime soon. - Robert Scoble
Derrick, there is more than smoke. - Louis Gray
It makes sense, they had leverage to make that deal - Stephen Pickering
Fred -- Okay, so that was one that was 24 years ago. Have any more recent examples? If you can't think of any, then they obviously weren't that important. - RobinDotNet
Because they were hesitant, they had the leverage to make that part of the deal. Makes total sense - Stephen Pickering
Um, apple buys leading music sequencing package and kills of PC version because, um, they want to force you to use a mac... come on, the list is endless!!! Companies screw customers by killing good products for their own reasons all the time.... - Fred Davis
Fred, you keep saying the list is endless, but the only one you can name is one that came out about 2 years after the 1st Mac, 24 years ago. I'm just saying.... - RobinDotNet
Fred, but what if part of the deal was not to kill it? - Stephen Pickering
Derrick: believe me, Louis and I have been talking and concerned about the messaging coming out of this deal more than anyone. We both invested a lot of our time/careers here. Louis has been talking with the team too and that's where his post came from yesterday. I suggest you read it and read between the lines too. - Robert Scoble
Understand Robert, Really not about your motivation, just good manners in my opinion for Friendfeed to thank you publically. Maybe they have and I missed it. I think you did more for promoting the service than the founders. - Jim Posner
now, what facebook decides to do with friendfeed... who knows... Yahoo kept Flickr going... so far... but that seems like the exception... no one's really using jabber any more, but it lives on in the upcoming Wave and as XMPP at Google... - Fred Davis
Jim: thanks, appreciate it. Paul did thank me in the interview I did with him right after the announcement was made. - Robert Scoble
If there is a contractual obligation on FB's part to keep FF running, the obvious question is what does this contract state and does it give a duration. Hopefully we'll hear more later. - Kol Tregaskes
Why? What would be the point? I respect you two enough and all that you do in the world of social media and that's fine. I want a place I can converse, post my pictures, air my gripes, and continue to establish the friends I've made via Friendfeed. Will I be able to do that or not? I'm so tired of the conjecture. Some of us, are just people who love the service and more than anything, very simply, we just want to be able to utilize it. - Derrick
Kol: I call it the "Paul is sleeping on the couch for a month" clause. ;-) - Robert Scoble
LOL, Robert. - Kol Tregaskes
For a company like Facebook, I would imagine that the consolidation of branding advantage would lead me to suspect that even if Friendfeed is kept going in some way, it will be re-branded as Facebook... just like Longs, Wamu, and Wells Fargo are going through right in Facebook's backyard. - Fred Davis
Derrick, this is the place to do that. :) - Louis Gray
"For now". ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Throws sheep at Kol - Louis Gray
Hehe, Louis. - Kol Tregaskes
The other main issue I have is that, now we are creating content for Facebook. Facebook owns our data. For some reason I didn't mind Paul and his team, they were blacksheep. If I wanted to make Facebook richer I would type in Facebook in the URL. I dont want to make Facebook richer. - Robert Higgins
What are the alternatives to FF? Isn't there Streamy, Plurk, SocialThing? - Eric
Louis, I'll be counting sheep soon, need sleep. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Of course, since I'm hoping Grabbit will replace Friendfeed for most people, I'm more than a little biased, and that makes me care a lot less about what happens to Friendfeed... even though I love the service, and hope Facebook keeps it going. We're already planning to support Friendfeed in Grabbit, and the new Friendfeed API is awesome, so who knows what the extent of the disruption... more... - Fred Davis
Sam, I know there is something. I am upset, because I wanted to buy FF someday! :) - Eric
There has to be an alternative. - Eric
Jason: too early to know that for sure. I'd start with the API. From what my friends are telling me who are good developers the API is actually very well thought out. - Robert Scoble
There was an alternative, but I think it shut down. - Eric
There is no need to replace FriendFeed. That there are options to decentralize our info is great, but I'm not going anywhere. - Louis Gray
It was called SocialThing. - Eric
Fred: I just don't like Facebook's service for WHAT I DO. For my wife? It's freaking awesome. And the execs there have always treated me very well (Zuckerberg walked around Davos with me, while every other journalist was drooling over the opportunity to do that -- he's a lot nicer and smarter than most people give him credit for). - Robert Scoble
Eric & Jason: my new web thingie Grabbit, will do everything Friendfeed does and more, so much more... it's still in alpha, and the beta won't be out until next month... but already the alpha features better Facebook and integration than Friendfeed, IMHO... so, check out and ask to be on the beta list, and we'll keep you posted... - Fred Davis
It was called Rejaw, and it was shut down. - Eric
Fred: can't wait to see more about Grabbit. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Hey dude, I TOTALLY agree with you about Facebook! I've been telling people for a while that I think Facebook is in the process of Yahoo-ing themselves... and that ain't no compliment! - Fred Davis
FriendFeed family or real family? - Mona Nomura
FF is crazy to sell. They should've sold to Google, what were they thinking? - Eric
louis i agree with you. i am not going anywhere either. this is the place i love and think is awesome - (jeff)isageek
Robert, is Paul referencing his FriendFeed family or real family? (not expanding thread - too long) - Mona Nomura
Mona: real family AND FriendFeed family. They are one and the same if you look at it the right way. - Robert Scoble
Sam: what do you mean "intergrate email" friendfeed already has email features so it depends on what you mean... - Chris Clayton
Same here, Jeff. If FF is still around I'm not budging. It it goes FB on us then it's bye-bye. - Kol Tregaskes
Google Wave is like FF? - Eric
Sam, got that in Grabbit... email, RSS, blog alerts, news alerts, and more... plus the coolest friend management stuff to help you sort all that out, not just the messages, updates, and alerts... - Fred Davis
Mona: if you want me to do something for you, talk Maryam into it first. :-) - Robert Scoble
Eric: just like the others you mentioned, it has 1 or 2 similar features, but completely different! - Chris Clayton
and twitter, facebook, friendfeed, etc., of course... we're starting a signup on - Fred Davis
I used to use FeedEachOther which was like FF. - Eric
Now there is Google Reader. - Eric
Google reader is improving, but still has a long way to go. On the social side. - Bluesun 2600
That's the one thing I've always liked about FriendFeed - the founders (and staff) interacts with the community, as do their family members. The community members were treated like family, too. :) Whatever which way, hopefully Facebook will integrate FriendFeed's functions to carry on the "feel" over there as well. Personally, I have the more the merrier approach! BTW see you Thursday, Robert! Gnomedex sold out! - Mona Nomura
I'm not up to speed with this discussion, but FB must have bought FF to merge FF tech into FB. FF for everybody, not just Scoble and tech friends. - Zato Gibson
Sam: i was actually looking for a way to have the subjects of my emails show up on my friendfeed dashboard awhile ago - do you mean like that? Because that would be awesome! - Chris Clayton
i would love to see friendfeed get a killer mobile app...maybe improve on fftogo a little more - (jeff)isageek
Google Reader is my current alternative btw. I've found the share box today and now using it like FF's share box. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Google Reader is great, but it's not built to replace FriendFeed. It's not an aggregator, for one. - Louis Gray
one thing is I don't think you can share images from pages as easily as FF's share. - Bluesun 2600
Life2front has anyone heard of it? - Eric
i think you can look at two services that were bought up and never really changed all this time in flickr and delicous so hey maybe friendfeed stays around as it is...maybe just integrates a bit more or something with facebook - (jeff)isageek
Well you can put your services into a folder then create a bundle and share it. But no not quite like FF. It lacks a lot of features and Comments view is awful. - Kol Tregaskes
and look how long google had grand central before they really even started doing anything with it. - (jeff)isageek
So Friendfeed stays on as a side project instead of being abandoned. Does that really make a difference in the grand scheme of things? The service isn't going to grow by leaps and bounds either in audience or functionality now. I guess a slow death is easier for people to deal with than a quick one. - Dare Obasanjo
Sam: i love that idea... email services dont have RSS (not that i can find anyway) i was looking for 5 hours for one afew months ago so i could put it in a private group to show up on my FF stream. but i ended up being dissapointed! - Chris Clayton
I hope we all converge over to Google Wave and that some clever sod codes a FF-type service built on the Wave protocol. :-) GWave is great fun to use! - Kol Tregaskes
Kol: are you going to send me a download link? :P im still waiting for it from the 'sneak peek' survey i filled out AGES ago! - Chris Clayton
Whhhhhhat how`d you try it already? - sofarsoShawn
Dare: there are lots of things that don't get many new features but are still very popular. FriendFeed still has way more features and is better technology than anything else I've seen in the marketplace. Maybe someone will eclipse it, but that won't happen soon and, yes, a slow death is definitely better than a quick one. Why? Cause you can make plans and change your behavior. - Robert Scoble
Download link for GWave? Don't work like that. ;-) Just wait until 30th September, Chris. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kol: but september is too long to wait :( blame scoble for making me a social media addict! :) - Chris Clayton
Hehe, it will fly by. - Kol Tregaskes
Robert: if this is just about whether they'll shut off the servers or not then why is this even causing hubbub? Given the complaining of a vocal set of users I'm sure that even if they planned to shut off the site, it'll keep going for a while. However it seems obvious that all their innovative ideas and day time hacking should be filled with innovating on Facebook not here. - Dare Obasanjo
As both Louis and I have said - these guys have been nothing but actions thus far and haven't let us down. I see nothing changing from that yet, so I suggest everyone continue that trust. They have done nothing to break that trust yet. And like I wrote about, Facebook needs them as much as they need Facebook - Facebook wants to change into something more of what FriendFeed is, from what I've seen and read. - Jesse Stay
It's not about shutting the servers off for some (most?) folks, it's a matter of how you reconcile FriendFeed and Facebook's views on content licensing, ownership, and privacy; whether we'll continue to see innovation at a pace faster than what Facebook's user base has historically been comfortable with; and whether we'll see a continuation of Friendfeed's openness towards third party developers and the open source community. - Ken Sheppardson
And as I've said over and over again, Jesse, I think most of us trust the FriendFeed folks as individuals, but that trust doesn't necessarily transfer to Facebook as an institution. - Ken Sheppardson
I second Ken. Zuckerbergs plans/dreams are also a kind of wild-card here. They could be favorable to us FriendFeed users, or not. Up till now, Zuckerberg hasn't done much favorable for me. That sucks. I wish it were different. - Meryn Stol
Say what you want about Facebook but Zuckerberg and/or Facebook has revolutionized the Internet by forcing people to be real. (not real-time) It even reflects on Youtube - the commenters aren't as moronic as they were say three years ago, since more and more people are using their real names and identities. - Mona Nomura
It's always like this and it never turns out the way Paul says it will, though I believe his intentions are honorable. At some point you no longer work for the old company and you start working for the new one. My guess is this has already happened. Soon people from the old team will have their new assignments, and then one day the server will go down. They'll bring it back up, but... more... - Dave Winer
Damn, Dave. And I thought that *I* was a cynic. - Akiva
Akiva, I've been through it myself, and been in Paul's position. - Dave Winer
Dave, I don't doubt that at all. It's just amazing from my perspective to see it put so honestly. Well put, sir. - Akiva
Only when I was in Paul's position, I had a simpler situation cause we were developing shrinkwrap software and our mission was supposedly unchanged. We didn't have servers that had to be kept up 24-by-7. Even so, six months after the merger, the whole thing was turned upside down and the team had all-new priorities and tons of people had left, including the top guy (me!). I would get... more... - Dave Winer
Well put, Mona! - Jesse Stay
Dave, I expect it to change, but I also expect that Facebook is doing this for not just the team they just acquired. I think Facebook really wants this technology. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, that may be true but they'll want it for Facebook. And if you're a fan of Facebook, that's great, Facebook's going to get better. But if you're not? If you're a a fan of FriendFeed? Then all you're going to end up with is a bastardized FriendFeed with lots of dipshit apps. - Akiva
Jesse: I'm not so sure. The technology will need to be rebuilt for the Facebook infrastructure. That's one reason why Paul doesn't have good answers for us yet. He said he needs a few weeks to really dig into Facebook's code base before he even has a good idea of where he and the FriendFeed'ers can really add value. - Robert Scoble
Akiva, I'm a fan of both. And you know you can ignore those apps - that's not something you can do on FriendFeed or Twitter. FriendFeed would have gotten just as bad as it grew. - Jesse Stay
Dave: thinking back on why I joined FriendFeed, it was because I expected that the team would do something interesting in the future. That reason has now been fulfilled and now that these guys are at Facebook it'll be interesting to see what they do. - Robert Scoble
Jesse, where is the button to ignore the apps? I want to ignore all of them, all the time. Instead, I have to click hide on every single bloody one of them and still get notifications from people wanting me to add apps. I'd tolerate Facebook better if there was a magic "no apps, ever" button. - Rochelle
Somewhat selfishly, I have just gained a whole load of new friends on Fb, here and on Google Reader and have learned loads about sharing and subscribing for which I thank you all :-) I will just watch and wait now, but I do agree that if everyone dashes off somewhere else and deserts FF, it could well hasten its demise. Best to try and use all the services and interlink them if we can. - Julia Ault
Rochelle: I want you to install the FriendFeed app. :) - Louis Gray
I am sure that FB was not happy if FF was going into MS hands or Google hands ,they bought it and now they will be the most important live and live search player on top of the best social community,,I am happy for them and for us as well ,they will keep our home and thats great news - Johni Fisher
Jesse, this is true. I guess my real point is—aside from the easy-as-punch Facebook app snarking—that the very philosophies on which each service was built are essentially different. I'm not saying that these divergent ideas can't be unified. I'm just not convinced that they're compatible enough to be integrated without irritating one group and overwhelming the other. I'm sure the... more... - Akiva
Wish I was a millionaire like him :/ - Mark
"I'm just not convinced that they're compatible enough to be integrated without irritating one group and overwhelming the other. " - very well put, Akiva. - Meryn Stol
Akiva, who says they will become one site? Why not enable the two communities to remain separate if they want, under the Facebook brand? I don't think we know yet what will happen. - Jesse Stay
Good news because I love friend feed in it's current format. - Rob Cairns
Robert, yes, we don't know for sure, but then again we don't know for sure - I don't see reason to change too much of our trust until something actually happens. I do know Facebook wants to open up more, while still retaining your right to privacy. The privacy thing is something FriendFeed (or Twitter) doesn't have, and I think would be a welcome addition. - Jesse Stay
Rochelle, you have to do it either by app, or individual (unless I've missed the option). That said, I would kill for the ability to do that on FriendFeed or Twitter. They don't even have that. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: FriendFeed doesn't have apps, so I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to; if you mean the ability to hide posts aggregated from a particular service, that's already there. - Tristan Seligmann
Last I checked, Jesse, FriendFeed didn't have MafiaWars or Superpoke. - Akiva
(If you click on "Hide", and then "hide other items like this one", you get a whole list of options) - Tristan Seligmann
FriendFeed has a finite number of things to hide ("all items from Bob", "all Flickr posts", etc.). That's much more easy control than the thousands of apps on Facebook. It's like playing whack-a-mole over there. It feels like the more I hide, the more they appear. - Rochelle
Akiva, Tristan, it's only a matter of time before the auto-dm apps appeared on FriendFeed. So long as FriendFeed grows, they will come. So long as it doesn't grow, it *does* disappear. There's no "hide all from the app that generated this DM" option on FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, and, with all of the hide options already present on FriendFeed, you don't think the devs would have had the presence of mind to include something similar for any supposed FriendFeed apps? - Akiva
Akiva, I trust that they'll add that as much as I trust they'll continue to fight for FriendFeed at Facebook. - Jesse Stay
They don't even need any extra options; you can already hide direct posts based on the application that created them. For example, if you hide this post of Robert's, you'll get the option to hide all posts by iPhone. - Tristan Seligmann
Jesse, I think no-one doubts that *they* will fight. The question is if they win. They're just employees now. - Meryn Stol
Again, I'm surprised that my own cynicism—legendary in its own right—is being beaten about the face and neck in this thread. - Akiva
Meryn, I also know the Facebook team - they're just as competent as FriendFeed's. Their original audience started different than FF's, but they too have to expand. - Jesse Stay
Holden: engagement. - Robert Scoble
It's hard for innovators to stop innovating, and for entrepreneurs to lose the total freedom and self-reliance that drives them. Every entrepreneur that I know personally (only a few, alas!) who has sold for the big bucks has eventually gone on to create something else. - Kathy Fitch
Jesse, as I said earlier, my lack of knowledge on the plans of Zuckerberg is the problem. Do you know Zuckerberg? In the end, he's gonna decide what appears on Facebook or not. Also, it's not so much a matter of competence than it is a matter of vision and taste. - Meryn Stol
I'm sure the FB engineers are competent. - Meryn Stol
And wouldn't it be fascinating to have a gander at the kinds of separation agreements folks who leave FB must sign? Almost as interesting as seeing the acquisition agreement in this case. - Kathy Fitch
It's totally unclear if future conversations we might have on FB will ever be indexable by Google. (or any other search engine) That all depends on Zuckerberg's final say. I can't look in the guy's head. - Meryn Stol
Sure seems like you're scrambling, Robert, to place yourself in the center of this when you were completely blindsided by the sale. Justs sayin' - Mattb4rd
Louis, nope! Those are two separate worlds for me and I intend to keep it that way. - Rochelle
Once you stop owning something you lose the ability to make promises about it. Good intentions or no. One hard headed business decision like FF is not earning its keep or we need the resources elsewhere and it's done. Been on both sides. - Todd Hoff
The only thing that would make a real difference in this case would be an unambiguous statement from Mark Zuckerberg himself. Let him address the FF community and actually say what he will commit himself to. I suppose he's a man of his word. - Meryn Stol
Good news. Doin' the right thing! - Rob Schieber
Yeah sure! Promises Promises!!! - Jose Luis Santos
Hmm. A whole lot of the sale was in stock options. Takes awhile to get fully vested. The next few years should prove very interesting. - Kathy Fitch
How can you live up to that promises when you no longer own it? - John D Reasor
Actions speak louder then words, and the key is the final decision is no longer up to him. I am sure Paul means every word he says I just not sure he is going to be able to keep it. - Kim Landwehr
"Promises are a bourgeois invention and, anyway, they're meant to be broken." [V. I. Lenin quoted from inexact memory] by - ianf ⌘
@louisgray's »If you see the post I put up last night...« <> If you cared for others to read that post, you'd have included a direct link to it. It's the essence of hypertext, and any "Silicon Valley early adopter, tech geek blogger" worth the name would have done just... more... - ianf ⌘
It would make some business sense to keep FF as some kind of separate site/module, if just to stop another site taking it's place and becoming another competitor. - Robert Littlejohn
Hi Ian! I get what you are saying, but sometimes, dropping links to my own posts in other people's threads looks like spam. I also believe a good number of people saw it, and know how to get it otherwise. That said, it's right here: - Louis Gray
Robert - To say Facebook is more interesting to work for than Google may be a stretch. While Facebook is growing exponentially and has challenges, Google faces HUGE challenges just staying Google ... while exploring new areas of growth. Keeping the index relevant is a big challenge in itself. On the other hand ... the 'FF guys' have worked there already and know how they feel about what direction they wanted to go ... which .. I think ... makes a little more sense? - Charlie Anzman
Charlie: remember most of this team already worked at Google. Facebook is pre IPO. Google is not. The potential rewards are much larger at Facebook and the potential to have an impact is much larger at Facebook too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Posting links (references) to one's other posts "looks like spam"? That's news to me, and a lame excuse. In any event, given main difference between worlds of analog and digital publishing being ability in the latter case to refer back to source in unambiguous and granular fashion (rather than, as in analog, to indicate issue, chapter, page, verse, line, etc - if at all), not including... more... - ianf ⌘
ianf, I agree, but it feels like spam when you're doing it. Encourage him nicely. - Bruce Lewis
i suspect that, if FF were to survive relatively unchanged it will be through an open-source effort. i doubt FF will survive as a stand-alone site w/ Fb paying the freight. - MikeAmundsen
Keep in mind that despite the best intentions, nearly half of all sincere promises end in divorce. - April Russo (FForever!)
Robert: I agree that the technology with great audiences don't get killed off, but the name of the game to the shareholders is money. It makes a ton more sense for facebook to integrate friendfeed into facebook, an already monetizable model, vs. leaving it as a de-coupled technology that has to have a new revenue model built for it. - Erik Boles
like x1000 - Vezquex
With so much money still on the table in the form of stock options, there's certainly plenty of motivation to make FB stellar. If FF ends up being treated well, too (for whatever reason--a promise, a warm fuzzy feeling, its potential role in helping to make FB stellar), then I'm all for that. - Kathy Fitch
There is a way to argue keeping FF going makes sense to FB: The important thing in social software ISN'T the software, it's the people who use it. If the people who use FF are sufficiently different to those on FB, then it could make sense to keep both services. Possibly they may end up using the same software, but have different brands. Think of VW group in cars (SEAT/Skoda/VS/Audi are... more... - Nick Lothian
Interesting thread. I think that Paul has the best intention and he will do everything he can to keep the existing service up. Dave Winer has a good summary of the forces he will have to fight against. Making a Facebook vs. Google vs. Microsoft decision was probably a hard one. I am wondering if Twitter was in the race too...Twitter + Friendfeed could have been a great team to go... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
Why the outreach now and not earlier in the week? Has something spooked the FF team? Seeing people looking for alternatives, and poking around Google Reader, Streamy, SocialThing, perhaps? Robert said it himself, if people leave here, FF dies, and the team doesn't have a whole lot to sell to FB (yeah, arguably) and that could scotch the whole deal. So I'm just wondering why the outreach now? - Dominic Jones
ianf: don't you know, links are dead? ;) - Tristan Seligmann
read it from the begining, I'm happy FF crew is beginning to acknowledge the questions, Dave definitely has a point, but all-in-all I thought death was near, it looks like it gets delayed for some time. The main thing is ppl are still here although reader is the new playground...unfortunately the communication with their team isn't all that good... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Dobromir, "read [297 more comments] from the begining" is not a good advice for anything, least of all here, in the Kingdom of Perpetual Constant Fragmentary Attention Overload, where realtime fly-by comments are the rule. - ianf ⌘
Robert, thank you for sharing this info. I hope everyone got the message clearly. Wonderful news! - Michael Fidler from iPhone
It is not whether Friendfeed lives or dies. It's whether our free-wheeling, anarchic, community-driven approach will be replaced by the bland family-oriented guidelines of Facebook. Will we still be able to chuckle of Asian men on a beach, for example? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
hey all, we can't return to the past, what happen has already happened, now the question is this one, may a micro community survive inside a large community, the answer is YES, FF community can and may have the same social behaviour it has here, and when move to FB, we need just to preserve our connections, and to maintain the same behaviour. that all, but even ancients tribes don't survive without scarifying some of their tradition. - abdellah
Will Friend feed just get - morphed into Facebook now? clearly they want to take on Twitter. I noticed that I tryed to remove my Friend feed from facebook recently because less techy friends complained that I take over there Friend feeds...! But I can't... mmmm -
FaceFeed. Nom nom nom. - Marlin Forbes
My goodness, there needs to be a way to search comments...I scanned to see if Paul had chimed in, but didn't see that. - Chad Gesser
Scobe: I hope he does chime in. I think he needs to since you broke that. - Chad Gesser
Chad: I think he'll say more after he has a little time at Facebook and can give definitive answers as to what the FriendFeed team is going to do there. He told me that will take several weeks. - Robert Scoble
no i didnt know that - Chris Nwakalo
if so wonderful news - Ronald
Facebook is genuinely interested in best in class customer experience. I can't yet envision what features or practices are incorporated or left behind, but it seems a positive move for users. There is always a die-hard loyal following that doesn't want to see their Freind (feed) go away. Heck, I still record The West Wing on Bravo. - Jeff Marmins
Yeah i sure hope so robert. . i really rather not be on facebook. - RamirezG
Chad, to aid in scanning, you can do a Ctrl-F (or equivalent) and search the current page for "- Paul Buchheit" and/or install my user script that adds a mini avatar to the beginning of each comment - Micah
Scoble, why do you think FriendFeed won't get sacrificed by Facebook management? Most sensible thing, to me, is to get FriendFeed integrated as a feature of Facebook, then eliminate the individual brand. Fact is, it's Facebook's decision at this point, unless the FriendFeed guys got something in writing to the contrary (which likely didn't happen). Sometimes you've got to go with your... more... - Jason Nunnelley
Jason: it doesn't really matter. I've been on Facebook all morning and they already have a lot of FriendFeed's features. Soon the rest will be moved over too. And the servers won't get turned off anytime soon, based on conversations with FriendFeed and Facebook. So, for now, use it and be happy. Me? I've already been spreading out my social networking time just in case. - Robert Scoble
and before he disappears into a part of the web that I can't do you say his last name? Boo-Kite? Buck-heat? Really, I don't know and I wanna know. Just so I know, You know? - Morgan
Leo Laporte
I left Twitter for Jaiku. Then Jaiku left me for Google. I moved in with Pownce but it died. I went back to Twitter, but flirted with Plurk, Identica, and Rejaw, and even tried doing it myself with Laconica but it was Twitter I really loved. Twitter finally broke my heart so I left it for Friendfeed. Now Friendfeed is leaving me for Facebook. No...
It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives - Jonathan Hardesty
HAHAHAHAHA.... - David from IM
Haha. ROFL - Roberto Bonini
is friendfeed going anywhere or will it just get better? - Craig Shipp
I'm with you Leo. - Oracio
It reads better than Soap - my roadmap is very similar but I'll forgive FF and live happily ever after with it (for the time being, anyway) - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
You're the best Leo. Canadians are the funniest people. - Dan Lessard
And we keep following Leo all over the place! - Robert Scoble
When will we all get in a long term relationship and stop getting our hearts broken? - Nate Pilling
so what is more important, the medium or the people, hope that FF will let us export our content, and our social netork :) (in my wild dreams) - abdellah
Need ice cream? I'm new to FF, and kind of sad I didn't jump on the proverbial wagon sooner! - Elizabeth K. Barone
Feels to me like maybe it's time to go back to building a distributed network, rather than hopping from service to service. - Ken Sheppardson
But where to next? That's the question. Wave sounds great, but the implementation will be a PAIN. So where? Oh LeoMoses...where is our path in the desert? - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Sounds like a hurtin' country song in the making. - Bill Rodman
Well you can't say that what is happening in the 'social sphere' is boring by any means! - Matt Cassem
I think Leo's audience is more likely to click "Like" or "comment" than Scoble's is. When Leo and Rob are both posting on FF, Leo gets more likes and comments - Mark
Didn't you leave a post earlier saying how funny it was that people complain anytime there's a change (referring to the FF buyout)? This sounds like a complaint to me. - Fleagle
Not complaining - just thinking about the future. I think a little Friendfeed DNA will vastly improve Facebook. And I think Facebook is already the big winner with the general populace. I also think we geeks need a corner somewhere else to hang out in. - Leo Laporte
And I have no plans to leave Friendfeed. Yet. - Leo Laporte
Yet being the operative word..... - Roberto Bonini
sounds like a country song to me - gavin
As for this geeky alternative, just showed up in my feed this morning. Thoughts? - Craig B.
I feel more of a personal connection with the FriendFeed team than I have with other services I've left, and that will be a big part of why I will stay as long as possible. - Louis Gray
The only way to have control is to use your own URL - Craig Shipp
Wait till you meet Facebook's randy cousin Overly Friendly Book =) - Cynthia Yildirim
what Louis gray said. I'm going to hang around until the lights go out. - Jordan Brock from BuddyFeed
What they said, I don't see any reason to leave FriendFeed unless something actually changes that makes the service worthless to me. - Craig B.
And many times you cheated Twitter, she was always loyal to you. Thats mean someting! - Jacque from
yup me too Louis and I don't know any of them - Thomas Power
Plurk's not worth leaving anyone for. - Rachel R.
Leo, I think you need to change your FaceFeed status to "It's Complicated" ;) - Daynah
Play this thread off, keyboard cat. - Fleagle
You have to go back to your blog. It still loves you Leo. - Dave Winer
Screw you, Friendfeed! - Andrew Leahey
Users today are investors too - only the 'exit' for us is not lucrative.... its the other way sometimes :) - Mrinal Desai
I just had the idea: wow, how good will Faceboook become though this input? (JUST imagine tagging ppl in FB the way U can Tag them in FF.) - oliver gassner
Love Stinks. - shelter watch
Leo Laporte listed his relationship as: "its complicated." - Randy Shapiro
Damn thats complicated - drmacintosh
Don't worry Leo, its not you, its them... - Steven McGurn
I agree with Jonathan Hardesty "It's like the internet version of Days of Our Lives" - And sites keep getting killed off only to come back to life a month later! - Amy Flynn
very true, however on the other hand, we are getting closer to that one service which everyone will be on... and I dont think twitter is going to be that one - Bryce Campbell
Facebook buying FriendFeed is like having to MOVE just when you got your house all dressed up and made into a comfy HOME! I don't feel like doing it again! - Arleen Boyd
Now that Facebook and Friendfeed have married, I'm waiting for Twitfacefeedplebospacening. - Anthony Marco
Leo, u by your self made two companies (services) out of 3 famous and made Google interested enough to buy 2 of them (Jaiku & FF). Google also tried to flirt with Twitter as well. So which one u choose now? Cause we will follow u :P - Sam Ehsan
Sounds like some of my past love affairs. Of course, I'm married now. That, um, was prior. - Paul Chaney
lmfao, its so true leo, so true! - Derek Bender
Feeling a bit worn around the edges? ... me too! - Susan Beebe from iPhone
Speaking of Days Of Our Lives: Didn't that show jump the shark when the serial killer was unmasked as Marlena (a character I used to have a mad crush on, and who's now mostly a professional victim)? Then all the "killed" characters came back to life, since they were only what I call "soap opera dead"... - Dennis Jernberg
And if everyone follows you, then your all having affairs all over the place! LOL - Technogran
I think it's back to the TWiT Army! - Paul Salzman
It's not like we have proposed Healthcare reform, or anything really important, going on in the U.S.A. - Steve de Mena
it's getting ridiculous, FEDERATED is the word! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
who is actually leaving FF? have many people vowed to do so yet? I'd like to but there isn't any alternative. - Denise Young
the joys and sorrows of everyday social IT folks... :-) - Thomas Lee
Not to mention Pownce was shutdown as soon as it got good! - Kenneth Reitz
No mention of Microsoft Vine? - Robert MacEwan
Why do we all assume this is a bad thing? Maybe the FF Facebook combo will be better?? - Craig Shipp
Maybe they'll keep both open -- FF is the open side, and FB is the closed side. - John Flinchbaugh from IM
Social Networks are sluts? - TheDiva Rockin
It sure is. - Jason Hill
I know exactly how you feel. What's a person to do? I am mad at Twitter for suspending some of my accounts. First, the accounts kept causing the password to reset, then they were suspended, all around the time of the DOS attacks. All I ever used Twitter for was to advertise my businesses, and for fun. Now I don't know where to go. - DogPatch
Here's some thoughts on what's going to happen: - Kenneth Reitz
It's like my beloved Archie comics romantic twists from childhood! Archie loves Veronica who loves Reggie who loves Betty who loves Archie... ;) - Shawn Zehnder Rossi
More like "As the worm churns" - Houseofmax
한글 와서~ 루거 .. 당신은 정말 잘 생기고있다 누드 사진 기다리다 :] - HealingBrush
One of the funniest sad stories I've heard in a long time... - Aviva Gabriel
Gotta find one who is a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom. One who looks like a woman, but thinks like a man. One who tells you you're the only person in their world and worships the ground you walk on. One who's from Venus but want's to live on Mars. One who you know will always be there even when the chips are down. One who looks like a movie star, but doesn't bust the credit... more... - Jan Simmonds
I think a lot of people LOVE to think negatively and don't want to think positively. They think FB is BAD and will ruin FF, but I think if they do it well, FB won't be the bad guy. I think most people who are irked about this are irked because they think the FFers "sold out" to the "man". - Molly Song ;)
@Mollyanna - I disagree. I am irked because the future of FF is completely uncertain. It's more likely that FB will let FF flounder and close it down than it is that FB will invest time and resources in maintaining and enhancing FF. FB has other interests and is splitting up the FF dev team. That does not bode well for FF. I don't begrudge the FF devs for taking the money. I would be... more... - Lindsay
@Jan You're an asshat. - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
leo, check out I'm actually commenting to friendfeed from there right may like it better. - Casey Petersen
Haiku Laporte - Outsanity
that was cute! :O) - Jeanne
@ian - "Wordsmith. Public relations undergraduate at The University of Texas. Feminist Capitalist. WordPress geek. Future commercial rights attorney"...surely that kind of asinine comment is beneath you! - Jan Simmonds
Maybe they're just not that into you. - Elizabeth Johnson
Wait... who's on first? - Michael Rosenau
Logged in to suggest that many of us have tridden a similar path, but a lot of people have beaten me to it! I miss Pownce - Gary Purvis
wow, Leo. You've got relationship issues! - Justin Bradshaw
there there, Shawny's here... - sofarsoShawn
I sense a pattern here.. maybe you always seem to go after web2.0 services that are bent on ditching you :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
"It is interesting to see that Facebook is working on this now, especially given that it only announced the acquisition of FriendFeed yesterday. If these screenshots turn out to be true, then this would be a full-force attack on Twitter. FriendFeed was often heralded as a potential challenger for Twitter, though it never quite got the mainstream traction to fulfill this promise." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Interesting... Even after 300 million users, Facebook wants more. People get bored after they find out that they don't have anything in common with their old high school friends. Facebook realizes this and they know the interesting interactions are happening on Twitter (and Friendfeed) - Andre P. Siregar
Dave Winer
FB buying FF is bad news for FF users.
Agree totally Dave - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Why do you think so Dave? - Tim Akinbo
10000% agree, its dreadul and the big boys like Leo and Scoble cant seem to see it! - Mark
Leo laporte says "This is a big step toward an open Facebook. This has been their goal all along: a distributed Facebook." What a Crock of SHITE - Mark
They bought the people! - Mark
yeah... but it is also a smart move, they got the team.. - Rob Sellen :o)
I'm trying to give the FF team the benefit of the doubt...but I'm having a hard time with it as well. - Ken Kennedy
Born to be sold, we were used to say in the new economy era. - Federico Bolsoman
They bought the people. We Stick with that. FF guys are Smart/fast and have deep Google knowledge - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
I agree an independent Friendfeed might be preferable for we few brave FF users. But the writing was on the wall. For most users it's Twitter or Facebook or nothing at all. Aligning with Facebook is smart long term thinking if FB is planning to open up as I am convinced they are. - Leo Laporte from BuddyFeed
Let's hope that FB doesn't block people from using the 'competeition' while on FF. - shelter watch
Seems everything's headed for an autumn war Facebook <> Google Wave - Jordi Soler
hmm, an open, new version of FB that uses all of what makes FF great would be nice. - Dusty Edenfield
Leo's got the right idea, and independence is a myth - Steve Gillmor
Well, how could it possibly be a good thing? - Fleagle
Agree, I'm not a Facebook fan although I try but.. I'd definitely take FF over FB anyday. - Sharon Dexter
I prefer a FriendFeed folded into Facebook versus a FriendFeed that quietly fades away, which is the direction this was going. - Mike Doeff
Totally agree - facebook is so tedious and slow. FF is wonderful. - Zphotogal
+1 mike - Riaz Kanani
We imagine FB with the SEO juice of FF, thus intercepting search traffic... - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
I can certainly see the best ideas from FF being folded into FB but not sure what that says about the future of this site and the data it contains - Keith Harrison
Except for the whole FriendFeed dying slowly in the obscure ghetto of the digirati part. As Mike said, FF in FB is better than no FF at all. FriendFeed users are far better off having it than watching it its gradual anemia grow worse and worse until one day it vanishes. - Curtis Schweitzer
While this may never happen, consider it a possibility - your entire FB feed now available in FF. - Tim Akinbo
It is really hard to see how FB will do more than incorporate staff and ideas from FF. FriendFeed's design of being a very open aggregator is very different than FB's walled garden ethic. I also think part of what attracted me to prefer FF over FB is the clean interface, as opposed to FB fire-in-a-bordello presentation style. I hope FB really listens on the UI side and not just on the aggregator side, or works just mines out the staff. - Technodad
This is a good thing for FF and FB both. This will lead to a more open FB and steal Twitter's thunder. - Tim
"the writing on the wall?" ... that's just hyperbole, Leo. Paul Buchheit himself said in his interview w/ Scoble that they could have kept the service alive "for years"...there was no financial issue forcing this, like or something. And while I suppose there are those that believe the most popular site/music/art/people are always the best, I think that's both a shallow way of... more... - Ken Kennedy
Like 4 Ken - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
What I care about most is having a Facebook profile that is *actually* public, viewable by non-users. - Andrew Roche
I definitely DONT LIKE IT grmphhh ! - laetSgo
@andrew that's one thing FF team is very good at: climbing Google :) - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
DOnt like it either. I'm off to a self hosted or wait for a invite. - Mario Valente
i'll agree to wait this one out before being totally devastated about Facebook buying FriendFeed - Chris Heath
Let's leave "en masse" - Giorgio Burlini from iPhone
Facebook is banned from my work computer. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Live *open* BadHair podcast in 8 minutes. (347) 843-4661. Call in if you have a comment or question re FB/FF. Starts in 3 minutes. - Dave Winer
Wait and see ... - Kate Foy
It means you'll have to share. wahhhhh - Andrew Smith
I think it is a bad idea. I don't like to use Facebook except for frivolous reasons. FF has been good for reliable information. I suppose I'll stop using it so much now. We'll see. - Barbara K. Iverson
I want to see where this is going but definitely my favorite social site just got folded into my least favorite. - Braden Douglass
It depends entirely on what direction FF would have taken next (and what direction it will take Dave). Think most of us that have been around FF since almost the start (when it was a MUCH smaller place) miss that but this actually might be a good thing. - Charlie Anzman
Agreed if they lose the FF interface. - Wei-Yen Tan
If we put all our faith into a single platform or a single solution [Twitter/FB/Goog] then we lose touch with people, processes and where history is taking us. In this case, we’re headed more in the direction of where .tel and are stumbling, consciously or not: towards a non-web-centric, permission-based polycephalous set of systems, where discussions and messaging transpire... more... - A Mitchell
Google Wave is coming to replace all this stuff. And Google Reader will get more social features including item recommendations through comparing users likes, and so Google will win this. Good time to sell. - Charbax
Interesting convo we had there dave, thanks for letting us call in and participate. - Chris Heath
But the real question is who will take over who? Isn't there a possibility that FriendFeed will takeover Facebook! I hope FB make it work as I like the idea of FF but it doesn't have the critical mass of people talking about what I am interested in! - Phillip Molly Malone
Very bad I'm sure there will be some changes - Annika from Nambu
I agree it's probably bad news for FF users.FF has reliable info. I don't want it to become chatter. - Leigh Marriner
I'll admit to being a recent convert to FF but it was the best social site I have used yet (and I have used them all). I am sorry to see it lose it's independence. This will not end well for FF groupies. But my reading of the tea leaves is that FF options as a standalone service were not good. I guess this is a sign of a maturing market. Can a Larry Ellison acquisition be far behind? - Michael Liss
simply but clear - Gioia Feliziani
I agree with Dave's original assertion. I'm struggling to imagine the value Facebook could add to FriendFeed, and I can certainly imagine the downsides. Having an aggregator that sits independently on top of the commercial pile, while fleeting as a free service, is a valuable one. - Allred
disagree. - Gus
I have my suspicions too. But Facebook have been wanting to open up more for some time (e.g., they're eliminating regional networks), and I'm guessing they see FF as the key. I'm betting they'll fuse the two services soon. But let's hope they use FF to improve FB. But there's always a big chance FB will ruin FF. Stay tuned... - Dennis Jernberg
+1 for A Mitchell's insights. If and FF have taught us anything, it's that no matter how many open api's there are, a closed platform is still a closed platform, and it can disappear overnight. We need a decentralized yet federated way to do all that FF did (and more). If it's not decentralized, we don't have redundancy. if it's not federated, we lose community an conversation. - Don Faulkner from BuddyFeed
another +1, Don and A Mitchell. I just finished a blog post along almost exactly the same lines, Don...decentralization and federation are both key. Good news is, this is historically how things go...nerds only, then mainstream joins, but centralized (think AOL, Compuserve, and email that couldn't talk to each other). As the systems mature, then value of decentralization becomes apparent. This week could actually be an important milestone in speeding up that process *here's to hoping...*. - Ken Kennedy
But Facebook buying friendfeed is great news for the 250+ million fb users! (And most ff users have fb :) - Garin Kilpatrick
It would have been better (slightly) if they were acquired by Twitter. I'm not a Twitter fan, but I think FF would bring more to twitter, it would be a better fit and the users and the interface would have a better chance at "integration" - Mario Valente
I've read its good for FF, it's bad for FF. It's better than being sold to google, it's better than being sold to twitter. Myriad variations on a theme, which leads me to conclude we haven't got a clue what the future will bring. - Mark
FB will better integrate FF than Google or others ever would -- one hopes. let's see what happens and go from there. Good news is that it will generate a ton of news for you peeps to report on. - Gavin Adams
It's simply time for a distributed story for this type of application. You shouldn't need to rely on any providers who can be down or might be bought. - Christian Scholz
"Google Wave is coming to replace all this stuff." And lock you into yet another platform owned by one company. - Ian Betteridge
@Ian...Wave is a federated, decentralized, (to be) open-sourced solution. It's complicated, but it's at worst an architecture lock-in (ie, it might be hard to move a large corpus of Wave-annotated data out of the Wave infrastructure). Unless Google is pulling a flat-out lying fast one...there won't be any reason why you can't run your "own" instance of Wave and connect to the rest of the Net. So not standard company lock-in. - Ken Kennedy
Ken, to be honest, I'll believe it when I see companies other than Google taking the code and running an equivalent service. Flat out lying? No, probably not. But "only able to do something useful if you're connected to Google in some way"? Probably. - Ian Betteridge
@Ian, I hear ya, but I've read enough of the technical specs to lay my money on the other side of that bet. - Ken Kennedy
Really? I think the old Jaiku community would disagree with you on that. And the people who stored their bookmarks in Google Bookmarks, too. - Ian Betteridge
why? - Thomas Power
Sorry - I meant Google Browser Sync rather than Google Bookmarks. One is dead, the other alive and well(ish). But the point is that Google has a track record of killing or abandoning services when it suits. - Ian Betteridge
True, Ian. Google's "do no evil" doesn't keep them from killing things that aren't panning out for their world domination strategy. They're marginally more saintly than Facebook. - Sean Gallagher
Is it because of the Facebook ad approach that Dave W and Scoble are looking to jump ship on FriendFeed? - Sean Gallagher
Sean: I'm not jumping ship. But I will follow early adopters wherever they go. - Robert Scoble
Or Google Notebook. Even given that and Jaiku, though, which did do a blow to my faith in Google, I would rather a Google-FriendFeed than a Facebook-FriendFeed. Mostly because I think they'd let it do its own thing rather than assimilate it. They left YouTube pretty well alone. Oh well. - Jandy
disagree with FF and LI nxt year bottled up inside Facebook this forces Google MS and Apple to get seriously social and start playing rather than just watching. Google-Twitter, Apple-Facebook versus Microsoft-Bing now that's a battle I want to (socially) watch with all you guys. Oh what fun. Can't wait. - Thomas Power
I'm not sure Facebook or FriendFeed are entities whose well-being I value so highly; users, I care about, and having FriendFeed developper work their magic, their talent and their stand for open standard to benefit 300M people sounds more important to me then having them spend more time tailoring the digerati's private network. I'm far for believing you can't improve FriendFeed, but I'd... more... - Bertil Hatt
@Bertil_Hatt: if there's one thing that FriendFeed isn't it's a private network. Facebook is the one who, on the other hand, operates like a "walled garden" or a private condo. - Miguel Caetano
Only if you believe the FF has a sustainable business model? - Gary Walter (gwalter)
FF is F'ed - Shivanand Velmurugan
Chris Messina
RT @Dropbox: if you like playing with very experimental software, I have a treat for you! :-) (now featuring LAN Sync!)
Jesse Stay
What Programming Languages Do Jobs Require? | Regular Geek #perl -
What Programming Languages Do Jobs Require? | Regular Geek #perl
Java isn't the shiniest/hottest language, but the infrastructure and community around it is immense. If I were starting a new project today, I'd choose it again. - Matt M (inactive)
javascript has high point but generally it is required besides a major language like or php or another web development language. - Enes TAYLAN
Any product you'll build or service you'll provide is "web-something" today. So, I think the data should have been split at least in "server side" language and "client side" language. What do you guys think? - Zackatoustra
Anyhow, I'm a java guy, and I'll show this version of the chart to all of my "perl rocks so much more than java" friends - Zackatoustra
Meh, I used to use Java. Now I'm all for Python and Javascript (and some C#/C++). I have to agree with Zackatoustra though, the languages shouldn't be grouped together like this. - Hugh Isaacs II
With techno like GWT, there is no more split to do between server and client side when using Java. You just need to know one language and you good to go (but you still have to mess with CSS). - Thomas RICARD
I purposely grouped them because they are the popular languages or technologies. There is a ton of technology that allows an application become "web-something" as well. I did not include stuff like Spring, Struts, JSP or any other web-side java framework because of the proliferation of options. I included rails mainly because many people do not consider ruby without it. And I agree with Thomas, the lines of client and server are very blurry anymore. - Rob Diana
Java is immense yet like any technology it has it's strength and weaknesses. While powerful and popular, it can come and go like any other technology prior to it. Again IMO any of these technologies are good just a matter of choosing the right combination for the task at hand. - Altan Khendup
No mention of VB.Net? A quick look at UK job postings shows the spread is very different with C++ and C# both twice as high as Java or Javascript; VB and PHP coming in behind at about a third of the C++ or C# listings; and things like Perl much lower down. - Theo Gray
Theo, I totally forgot about VB. Well, you always forget something when you create one of these lists :( I would expect the geographic specific listings would be very different. Even in the US, I would expect different result between the west coast and the east coast. - Rob Diana
What programming languages does steve jobs require? - Alpay Erturkmen from iPhone
Alpay, that would mean I also forgot Objective C in the list. This is why I hate doing list oriented posts. Hmm... maybe I should update the post. - Rob Diana
Well, Rob. Ain't that great? Looks like you're using the crowd to improve the content. We may not all be experts, but we're all "peers" in some way or another. Anyhow, if I can help you gather the stats data stuff in order to help you update your post, please feel free to ask! - Zackatoustra
hey rob, never thought of obj-c while commenting :) - Alpay Erturkmen
I just updated the post to include VB, Objective-C and Flash. I have no idea how I missed these, I must have been tired. - Rob Diana
Mark, I like the idea, but a company like Indeed is much better suited to do something like that. They have all of the aggregated data and just need to provide the reports. They already have a "trends" section, but it does not include the type of info in my post. It should not take them long to do something like that though. - Rob Diana
Hmm.. So I should start to use Java again? - Winston Teo
Rob, really great stuff! The next, and more important question is - What Programming Languages *Will* Jobs Require? The current state stats are indeed powerful, but adding the dimension of time to the graph would be of even greater insight. As you said, Indeed has a "trends" section, so possibly it can be used to plot some basic and crude projections. - Ivan Zuzak
is rails really a language on its own? I always thought it was a framework. - chrisofspades
Chris, I used "language" very loosely in the post. Ruby and Rails are definitely closely linked, but I wanted to show any differences if they existed. - Rob Diana
Jorge and Ivan, the trends on this could be interesting, so I may have to work on that. Specifically, I am curious about the trends for things like javascript, python and a few others. - Rob Diana
Rob, in that respect, it'd be interesting to see where django falls as well. - chrisofspades
What about the enterprise solutions languages like ABAP, PL/SQL, escript, etc.? custom programming is not the whole picture - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Chris and Aaman, I was trying to limit the post somewhat, so something like django I did not include because it does not have the hype that rails had. For things like ABAP, PL/SQL and other types of languages, it would require some serious research. If I expanded this much further and included trending information I could write a whitepaper on the topic :) - Rob Diana
Rob, as of now, we are all eagerly awaiting your whitepaper. :) - Ivan Zuzak
Thomas Hawk
The Flickr desktop uploader sits on your desktop for heftier uploading needs or offline photo management. Drag and drop single photos or videos, or select a whole folder. Even reorder how photos will be displayed in your photostream. -
The Flickr desktop uploader sits on your desktop for heftier uploading needs or offline photo management. Drag and drop single photos or videos, or select a whole folder. Even reorder how photos will be displayed in your photostream.
The Flickr desktop uploader sits on your desktop for heftier uploading needs or offline photo management. Drag and drop single photos or videos, or select a whole folder. Even reorder how photos will be displayed in your photostream.
Flickr released a new desktop bulk uploader yesterday. For people having recent problems with photos not uploading in order, double uploading, etc. You might want to try this latest version. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
they finally fixed that? thank GOD. - holly #ravingfangirl
Not sure if it's fixed or not, but it's probably worth downloading the new uploader and checking it out. - Thomas Hawk
Downloading as I type, thanks for the notice, Thomas. - Kol Tregaskes
crossing my fingers that it's fixed. I will download when I get home tonight and try. - holly #ravingfangirl
Thanks for the heads up. - Nathalie
Thanks. I've been having so many problems with the old uploader. - Nick Humphries
I have no idea if this fixes much by the way. I just saw that they updated the bulk uploader yesterday and posted it here because I'm hopeful that it addresses some of the problems that the old uploader seemed to be having. - Thomas Hawk
Guess this will kill the 3rd party shareware utilities. - dthree
Nah, David, I don't think that this will kill the 3rd party apps. I don't know actually that this upgrade really is any big deal except that it may improve some of the specific sorting and double posting problems that the uploader's been having in more recent versions. - Thomas Hawk
nice. i was hoping the desktop uploader would get updated. the flickr upload in iPhoto needs some work (hello, PROGRESS BARS, anyone?!) - Glenn Batuyong
Does it work better? - RAPatton
hopefully. I suspect it will. I'm going to try it out with my afternoon/evening uploads in a few hours. - Thomas Hawk
worked fine this evening. - Thomas Hawk
I use the Lightroom plugin for exporting to Flickr. It eliminates an extra step in my workflow. - Sean Davis
I use the lightroom plugin as well. Seems to work quite well though some of the automation (ie. marking certain tags as private) doesn't seem to work. - CJPhoto
Kevin Fox
Cultural differences between the US and the UK
The Top Paid App in the Singapore store is Airport Mania: First Flight. - Kishore Balakrishnan
Is there a site that lists "top apps" from various/all countries ? - Kishore Balakrishnan
Classic... - Rob Kramer
That says it all - Darrell Bell
So when are they going to release an app for "Ow! My balls!" - April Buchheit
@April... +100 - Harold from fftogo
Is the UK bestseller just a re-packaging of CIA world factbook? Or is there more to it? - Hiro Asari
You see, we gotta test for moron's the UK teaches them - Ryan Gerritsen
What does "we gotta test for moron's the UK teaches them" mean? - Gabe
Our beer-drinking football-hooligan contingent are still saving up for their iPhones. - Tim Tyler
World Cup Ping Pong here in France, don't know what that means ?! - Benoit Cazenave
"Zoom in / Camera zoom" : the Top Paid App in Switzerland - tomavana
I'd suggest that in *paying* for an app called "The Moron Test" you've already passed it. - thepete
thepete: passed or failed? - Gabe
that was really great kevin :) - Alp
Is there anything else interesting about the rest of the list? - David Chartier from BuddyFeed
Hilarious! - Vera Hannaford
crushingly depressing. ugh. - daisy
as a dual national US/UK, I can safely say I'm glad to live here. - wannagot from twhirl
World cup ping pong is the top paid app in Italy too. And even top free app. What's the point with that? - ialla
Excellent catch! :) - Özkan Altuner
The engineer in me is irritated by the simple apps make it to the top of the AppStore; the artist in me is delighted :) - Ian
Proud to be an American! LOL - Susan Beebe
Don't need no stinkin' facts... - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
But it's got a red button! - Brian Bufalo
Here Neal, you dropped an "m" and a "t" :) - Richard Walker
well, it's almost a month later but anyway in Canada the top three are currently Sims 3, StoneLoops and StickWars - Richard Akerman
wavesand liked this.... - 拓 | wavesand from email
My cousin dl'ed the Moron Test and tried to get me to take it. I told him he'd already failed because he was a moron for buying it in the first place. He was unamused. I wasn't. - Hookuh Tinypants
Lol Amanda - AJ Batac
To be fair, he's kind of a tool, so it's less a reflection of the app and more a reflection of how much I want to throw him off the nearest high-rise. - Hookuh Tinypants
I notice that the U.S. is no longer a nation of morons -- for the last few days, "The Sims 3" is #1, so we're now a nation of replicants. - Stephen Mack
got this after my first intelligent use of ff filtered search. populist USA likes to feign ignorance and UK likes to superficial awareness - Lane Rapp
Thomas Hawk
Coldplay's giving their new album away for free on their website apparently. But isn't it already available for free on Limewire?
It may be. You can skip the long lines at their Web site by downloading here: - Louis Gray
Thanks Louis! - amygeek
Louis- my god im trusting. downloading your link without even worrying. Thanks. - Kevin Murray
Great link, Louis! - Steve and 4 other people
Here's a question... if they are letting you download the album for free from their site, why would you look on limewire? - Sean Reiser
Sean, Limewire has this Cold Play album but also plus a whole lot more. - Thomas Hawk
Louis: I got asked for a user name and password at that URL. - Robert Scoble
This is from their official site. - Rodfather
I got the login pop up prompt too Robert - Chris Heath
You mean people still pay? - sofarsoShawn
Hmmm... Well, this morning, that downloaded perfectly. I bet they had it open for a user in a specific time period and it expired. - Louis Gray
Following the link provided by Rodfather (, you can entry an email address and proceed immediately to the download page. Based on this information, you can determine what "email address" you'd like to enter. Have fun. - Anthony K. Valley ©
Do artists really need to give their stuff away like this? Wouldn't Coldplay's demographic just buy the album from iTunes or alike? - Jason Remnant
Jason: Need to, or want to? Maybe they decided they made enough money? Or maybe it's to get more interest in a tour, where they make the real money anyway? - mark zero (Jason)
It doesn't appear to work with Chrome. Oddly enough works fine with IE8 :( - travispuk
Evan Williams
Reading people's thoughts on the replies issue. We're considering alternatives. Thanks for your feedback.
We would be happy to provide feedback in advance next time. - Louis Gray
Thank goodness you responded when you did - the frothy mob outside was about finished building the gallows! - Brett Kelly
at the rate that #fixreplies tweets are coming down the pipe they'd be nuts to not re-think their decision and/or explanation - Chris Heath
Nice to know you're listening! - Michael Fidler
You should ask for people's thoughts first. - Michael McKean
I reckon removing the feature was a good things. Has left holes though, that probably shoulda been filled first. - Tim
Louis: sorry, until Twitter fixes how it treats early adopters I'm not giving Twitter free consulting. Only suckers would do that. We helped build Twitter and then it stabs us in the back. That's not making me willing to provide free consulting. Don't know why you'd do that. - Robert Scoble
I volunteer to be your community manager for a month free. If I'm effective at communicating ahead of swarms like this, you can hire me and pay me retroactively. Because seriously? You really need someone to communicate with your users in real time. - Karoli
I hope "considering alternatives" is a euphemism for "we'll have it back right stat, sorry!" - Jandy
@scobleizer; "stabs us in the back" A bit over the top perhaps? - Jordan Brock
Jordon: it absolutely is NOT over the top. When they recommend someone who has only been on Twitter a week or two as a recommended follower they are stabbing users who put a lot more time into the service directly in the back. I have about 1,000 days on Twitter and have put thousands of hours into the service. The way Twitter treats its users is deplorable. - Robert Scoble
Jordan, Mr. Scoble has a propensity for the dramatic. :) - Brett Kelly
Well since it was just a "small setting update" the simplest alternative should be to just undo the change, right? - Ken Sheppardson
Brett: when you put thousands of hours into something and you get stabbed in the back by the owners of that thing you see how it feels. - Robert Scoble
In the meantime, Twitter can get the celebrities to help out with its community problems. I'm not working for free and anyone who does for a company that stabs its users in the back is a sucker. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I can offer my services for free all day to Twitter. I know they won't take me up on it as they aren't interested in what I have to say and their track record proves that. - Louis Gray
I'm really curious to know what kind of stats that were tracked to make this decision. Both @al3x and @dougw are hinting that there wasn't a significant number of people "using this feature", which I am extremely skeptical of. Would tracking the number of times I click out to a profile that I'm not following be enough? It is impossible for them to track whether I personally received value from a tweet even if I didn't click through, right? - Lee Adkins
"The way Twitter treats its users is deplorable" What other instances justify this statement? - Angus Burton
@ev Don't you have more important things to focus on? ie., affiliate marketers who don't disclose what they're doing, follow bots, and all of the spam and manipulation that's ruining twitter?. - Michael Fidler
Louis, I think @ev is listening to you and other Internet celebs, but not nobodies like me. - Vinko
Vinko, I'm no Internet celebrity, and I don't believe I've been addressed by him ever, so he has an odd way of "listening". - Louis Gray
You can't go asking your customers about every checkbox and option. Knowing which is what makes a good decision maker. - Ryan Stanley
Sure you can, when it's a feature change that enough users expect to have. It's not disabling a checkbox, it's disabling community discovery. - Karoli
Karoli, here here!! - Vinko
Twitter is clearly listening, and responding quickly and in public. Now, they need to roll back the change - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Twitter knows all the geeks moved to FF. I doubt Oprah considers it a feature change. - Ryan Stanley
wow what a conversation. - Dustin
+1 to dedlam :) - Jordan Brock
Twitter will "consider alternatives" until #fixreplies starts trending back down, which will happen over the next 24 hrs or so. Then they'll look to see if there's any dip in the user number or sign-up rates. There won't be, as nobody's actually willing to leave Twitter over this and new users who've accepted the default setting don't know this option was there, so this will be the last word on the subject you'll see from ev. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, that's true today and not true in the future. Twitter's continued decision to ignore user feedback and input and make arbitrary decisions will ultimately result in someone creating the next shiny thing. It happened with other services/sites and it will again. - Karoli
Karoli: That'll happen either way. - Ken Sheppardson
There must be a strategy around this, right? They wouldn't just arbitrarily do this. What would be the next feature they implement to make this redundant? - Gregg Scott
Hmm. So, Ev is "Reading people's thoughts." wouldn't it be better if he talked and listened. - Michael Markman
Michael: Thought reading must be something they're testing internally. Probably part of Twitter Pro. - Ken Sheppardson
Could be the move that pushes more people over the FF wall. I've not considered this move until now, but now..... - Debi Jones
@scobleizer, i thought the point of using twitter was because you want to not because you want fame and a pat on the back from evan for "helping". shame on you, that's the biggest douchery i've heard in quite some time. - Snipergirl
Leather is an astute reader! :-) - Robert Scoble
Snipergirl: that's BS. If you are in the media business the size of your audience allows you to build a business. Before the recommended follower list Mashable, GigaOm, and TechCrunch had smaller audiences than I did on Twitter. Now they have far bigger ones and people who don't do many tweets at all are rewarded while the rest of us suckers are left in the back of the bus. If I just... more... - Robert Scoble
The simple alternative is to make is a user preference. Even better would be groups, and then to apply said preference to groups. - Barney Craggs
@scobleizer if it's a business to you then vote with your feet and go to a different service and stop whining about evan not paying you enough attention! - Snipergirl
Snipergirl: that's exactly what I've done. But, sorry, I've put thousands of hours in and 904 days into Twitter. When a service treats someone who has put far less work into it better than me, I deserve to whine a little bit and anyone who says I don't isn't worth listening to. Let's put it this way. I see on LinkedIn that you are a hospital worker. What if you put in the time, do a... more... - Robert Scoble
Not entirely sure I agree with Robert, but I'll say this: it is incredibly frustrating when sites you use as intensely as Facebook and Twitter ignore the intelligent users. I won't say intelligent = early adopters, and I won't even say that it precludes the celebrities, but it is extremely tiring offering "feedback" when you're treated as just one voice. Clearly, CEO's are out of touch and don't understand us; yet, running a [sufficiently large] site by total democracy trends towards the stupid. #fixreplies - tollie williams
Matt: I get what you're trying to say, but, here's another way to look at it. Twitter has signaled to the world that there's no way you'll ever been seen as a "top tier" person. Take me out of it. No matter how many hours you spend, no matter how popular you'll get, you won't be treated the same way as one of their personal friends and/or celebrities that they want to feature. To me that sucks. It is not a meritocracy. It's a closed society and that's everything I work against. - Robert Scoble
The real problem is like this: Twitter was made for broadcasting and was never meant to be a convesational platform. Even friendfeed does the comments half baked. There are no comments for comments. - ThinkEzy
The only feedback users contribute (that matters) is what they buy or use. If you don't like Twitter, leave. - Jason Nunnelley
@Gattoo seriously, wouldn't this conversation be a LOT easier with threading and a respond feature? - Jason Nunnelley
I don't know about meritocracies or closed societies, but i do know that the main way I find new people to follow on twitter is by seeing who the people I already follow are talking to...and if they say something of interest to me in a reply to them, I want to check that person out. If all I see are replies to people I already follow, I won't find anyone knew unless I pay much closer... more... - Shawna Benson
Gattoo: I disagree with that at least in part. The thing that always excited me about this media is that it's two way. You talk, I respond. But Twitter has biased its business toward the serving of celebrities who mostly use Twitter to broadcast and less to those who try to use it to have conversations with people. That's their right. It's my right to whine about it, though. :-) - Robert Scoble
Shawna: yup. I think Twitter wants to push people like you to use search instead of the "@ replies" tab. - Robert Scoble
Robert: that's a problem -- why would I search on something I don't even know to search for unless someone mentions it? Let's say person A tells person B something about daffodils and I find that interesting enough to go check out person B and start following them based on who they are, who they talk to, etc. Now, 'daffodils' aren't normally something I go randomly searching for info... more... - Shawna Benson
@scobleizer It's possible you give them far too much credit. I doubt they've any plan beyond limiting feed size. - Jason Nunnelley
Shawna: I mean you can search for someone who uses your name. I do that on Seesmic Desktop and here on friendfeed and it regularly catches people who both use @scobleizer as well as people who just say "scoble" etc. Then I can go off and check them out, just the same as if I used the @mentions page. - Robert Scoble
Jason: you're right. Twitter's team sure seems like they don't think things out and take the easy road most times. The recommended follower list is just one example of that. They could have done something really magical, but instead they did something half assed. They should have just hired Guy Kawasaki to do an AllTop page for it. That would have been better than what we got. - Robert Scoble
"we've learned most people want to see when someone they follow replies to another person they follow [...] [h]owever, receiving one-sided fragments via replies sent to folks you don't follow in your timeline is undesirable" so despite what we apparently learned that people want we've decided to scrap it anyway. Interesting use of the word "learned" there. - Mark H
Twitter made a mistake by removing this option whatsoever and they have to revert back. We have brains to decide what we do when we have an option! - Jacque from twhirl
The simple way of looking at it for me seems to be- when they say it's what most people are telling them to do, it's actually them telling most people what to do. - Iain Baker
Scoble: You deserve a couple hundred thousand followers, for sure. I joined Twitter bc I read a post you wrote in '07. I hadn't looked at your follower count in a while; figured for sure you had at least been rotated in Suggest Users by now. That just makes me dislike the Suggested Users crap even more. ... The question here, I guess, is: did you do something so bad that Twitter/Ev/Jack/Biz can not forgive you? - john erik metcalf
Scoble: Actually, even if you did, it would still be bullshit. What is this, Texas politics? Good ol' boy system. They need to figure out a better way, obviously things are getting very unequal. - john erik metcalf
I don't know, Scoble, I'm going to take a different angle. Did Ev ever ask you to spend "thousands of hours" and 900+ days on Twitter? If so, then I'd say you've got a gripe. Otherwise, you did it voluntarily for your benefit, and frankly, Ev doesn't owe you anything; he provided a service for free, you used the hell out of it (profiting along the way, I don't doubt). It sounds like... more... - Bob M. Montgomery
I already miss what my followees are saying to other people. I've been using Tweetree for awhile now, because it would display the tweet to which my followee is replying (unless it was a protected tweet). With the new change, that aspect doesn't work, and Tweetree's entire platform is practically destroyed... - Qrystal MqKenzie
If there's one good thing about this, it's that I can probably follow more people: I used to not follow someone if all they do is reply to people without giving context of what they're talking about. Maybe they'll make it so the visibility of @replies to people I'm not following is set on a per-user basis... which would be great, because some of my followees were SO GOOD at giving context, it's a major loss to no longer be able to see their @replies to people I don't follow! - Qrystal MqKenzie
Qrystal: I feel the same way, except now it's a huge hassle for me to actually find all the people I should be following. - Guan Yang
Bryan, this is about a setting being removed that was not the default setting. If you had changed the default setting to this setting you would see every tweet by the people you were following (the default was and still is to hide the @'s to people you're not following). The change is now there is no choice that setting has been removed and anyone who set that setting is now back to the default (which it seems you've always been on). - Chris Heath
I don't want to have to follow a bunch of people just so I can follow a topic to it's close. Am hoping this was more about saving downtime. This is how Plurk etc will find it's market. Maybe this will clear the chaff and all the real people can take the reins again! - Elia Penn from Nambu
@scobleizer please clarify: are you saying that "stab in the back" = "not being on the recommended list"? - Michael Markman
I'm still trying to figure out why Scoble is so upset. While it's noble for him to have helped pioneer the service and offer input on making it better, I don't see how that equates to Twitter somehow owing him any type of allegiance. Also, people seem to have forgotten that Twitter is an independent entity, responsible only to its investors (ultimately) and, as such, they are free to... more... - Brett Kelly
@Brett your suggestion that people go elsewhere to find a similar Twitter service is what makes the free market so interesting and exciting. While Twitter cannot be everything to everyone, every decision Twitter makes affects their future success. Look at what happened to MySpace and the rise of Facebook or Ford compared to Honda. If Twitter leaves enough room, someone else will come... more... - Damond Nollan from email
Michael: no. He's said in the past that he would asked to be removed if he was placed on the list. Thought I can see Scoble's frustration, I agree with Brett on this one. - Angus Burton
I haven't read this thread in its entirety, so I apologize in advance if I repeat anyone else's position. Two thoughts: 1) If the powers that be at Twitter were simply concerned with reducing the noise in our streams, why not simply change the default setting of the @ replies to not show all, while keeping the option available? Instead, they change the default behavior and remove the... more... - Phil Essing
I wonder if Ev has made it over to friendfeed to read this. I can see Robert's points. It would have been cool if more 'meritorious' tweeps were added to the recommendeds. But when the average non-techie person signs up to Twitter they probably find it more attractive to follow P-Diddy and Ellen than to follow someone they've never heard of, regardless of how much valuable content they've added to the service. That being said, Twitter needs to adjust they're listening ears. - Jesse Newhart
Phil: that was the setting. It used to be an option to turn on all replies from friends, now there are not at reply options at all. If you had made the settings change, you're back to the default. - Chris Heath
Jesse: I have to suggest that the average person would probably prefer to follow someone that actually shares their interests, and beliefs, likes and dislikes. Thus the whole recommended users list on any site is bullshit, and completely worthless. In the absence of a personally worthwhile recommendation, the average non-tech would probably prefer to follow typical pop stars (Brittney,... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Phil: The network I've built since 2007 was largely built exactly with the optional feature that they just removed. I don't mean to sound hysterical or overly dramatic, but the change eliminated something that was fundamental to how I used twitter. It is a free service, they can do as they see fit, it's just a less useful free service to me than it once was. - motownmutt
Jay: I find that never lives up to its name. I can't think of an issue I've posted or looked into where the company in question posted something. I've found several companies who reirect all their support questions to there, apparently as a convenient black hole. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Brett: Twitter being a free service and held by private investors do not make it immune to the desires of its user base which are the source of its (theoretical) future earnings potential. The less it chooses to work with its user base, and the more it makes decisions that alienate them, the more likely it it that they bail (as HUGE numbers already do withing 30,60,90days of account... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jay: No one from twitter support supports a damn thing, unless you're oprah, or brittney or aplusk. Not on getsatisfaction and not anywhere. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jay: I have never seen anyone from any company answer any question about anything on This includes WAY more companies that I've looked into than twitter. I never expected anyone from twitter to answer, but I've sure as hell expected someone from to answer when that's where their support link took me, - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Update from Twitter - "...we're making a change such that any updates beginning with @username (that are not explicitly created by clicking on the reply icon) will be seen by everyone following that account. This will bring back some serendipity and discovery and we can do this very soon" And they've started designing a new feature which will "give folks far more control over what they... more... - Sharon McPherson
When I last looked their last response had been over three months prior to the date i was looking. I would welcome my mind being changed, but you're trying to change it on two subjects I don't have much faith in a) twitter support in general, and b) getsatisfaction's overall effectiveness. Links may change my mind. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Chris Heath: It seems I wrongly assumed that the @ replies were set to all by default, likely because I chose that setting a long time ago. Thanks. However, that truly begs the question as to why the folks at Twitter decided to remove the option. - Phil Essing
motownmutt: Like I said, I do understand the frustration caused by this feature removal, a frustration which I share. That being said, I'm not going to lose any sleep as a result. - Phil Essing
i'm going to say this fully knowing the fan boy charges i will open myself up to - u can see how concerned i am about that possibility (yawn) - from my perspective scoble has a valid point (Louis is also welcome to offer help to a service he values btw) - about this time last year a myriad of similar conversations were taking place here as twitter crashed MULTIPLE times a day - i cant... more... - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
I am actually fine with the change because one can always go the persons page to find who he/she has replied to and it makes your page less cluttered. There is always some trade off but i am fine. I am waiting for more options from twitter in the future. - Ashish
Funny take on this - - Brian Kelley
I love the twitter product, but am growing more disgusted by the twitter management team. There is zero user input solicitation and this latest event #fixreplies is a classic mistake of product mgrs who fail to engage their customer base to get valuable feedback on the design prior to go live; instead, twitter mgmt is releasing features that are not vetting by their user base - huge... more... - Susan Beebe
waves at Evan Williams. Hey Ev! - Thomas Hawk
Evan, perhaps with the next major functional change you might consider inviting ideas of your users; a good example of how this can work is presented by 'Idea Exchange' (no suprise is good in gathering and using feedback from their customers; being a CRM company ;-) ) - Jeroen De Miranda
Scoble, you are a follow-blocker, and as such, you laid the groundwork for the devs putting in this nerf. There are quite a few thin-skinned A-listers who hate seeing back-talk in the @ tabs. this accommodated their wailing. It's wrong and should be put back. People who are vain enough to want to broadcast to followers have to accept that they will hear from the public, and often critically. Otherwise, go on a private AIM or FB chat. - Prokofy Neva
Prokofy: bullshit. If you are a jerk you don't deserve to mess up my experience. You can keep commenting on your own place and I'll still see it anyway. Everyone I know searches on their last name. But I absolutely won't back down from your bullying and change my opinions. I will keep blocking people who are jerks and who are spammers. That's the only way we can keep our community from destroying itself over time. You are NOT entitled to get in my face, sorry. - Robert Scoble
Dave Winer
Twitter will soon "crawl the links included in tweets" in its search engine. This is a huge deal. CNET
Gasp. - Nick in Manila
I'm amazed to think what this mean in terms of infrastructure requirement. This takes some serious hardware! - Rene de Vries
They want to protect Fail Whales? - Jemm
yeah, twitter failwhales have become endangered lately. - Roberto Bonini
The buzz about Twitter taking market share from Google suddenly takes shape. Time to start watching referrer stats more closely? - Gerard McGarry
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