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Paul Buchheit
The Man Who Made Gmail Says Real-Time Conversation is What's Next - ReadWriteWeb -
The Man Who Made Gmail Says Real-Time Conversation is What's Next - ReadWriteWeb -
"Paul Buchheit built the first version of Gmail in one day. Then he built the first prototype of Google's contextual advertising service Adsense, in one day as well. Now he's working on a much-watched startup called FriendFeed that he believes just brought to market the next big form of communication online: flowing, multi-person, real-time conversations." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
surely you've got another photo Paul! :) - Zee.
Dugg. "This is why one of the goals of the new design was to accomodate skinning/themes. We don't yet know the exact timing of the release, but we hope to have a version 1 of themes available in a matter of weeks." Thanks Paul + guys - Christopher Galtenberg
not on HTTP... - A. T.
In the interest of completeness, I should mention that those "built in one day" versions weren't very good. - Paul Buchheit
oh and how much are these guys paying you to follow them? i'll cough up too - Zee.
And on Day 2, Paul B. rested - Christopher Galtenberg
Great news Paul :) New friendfeed impressed me and I'll be including real-time feature to my next project. Thank you :) - Alp
um.. IRC? that kinda beat FF to the realtime, multiperson conversation ;) - alphaxion
I do look at FF like IRC on steroids - Deepak Singh
Simply put, Paul is the man. Thanks for all of the above! - Josh Haley
FF is to IRC what IRC is to the horn and copper wire - Christopher Galtenberg
i hope we will see accepting news & irc on lagre scale as soon as possible. all substitutions at the moment are so worse then originals... - marcell mars
Sorry but real time conservation was invented before I was made. - Burcu Dogan
Of course Burcu. Two people standing next to eachother talking is "real time", so real-time is very, very old. Now the web is becoming realtime because of improved technology and ubiquity. - Paul Buchheit
My real-time conversation with you, Burcu, a person I don't know, who I know via someone I only follow by virtue of the existence this place, is very new - Christopher Galtenberg
"Things are changing fast at FriendFeed. Buchheit says that the company believes aggregation to be less important than real time conversation.." + skins?!?... this is so wrong. it's picking up the worst things from myspace, facebook and aol worlds... what about analysis and real time statistics about social and content graph... friendfeed vision fails big time... - marcell mars
Real-time conversation about whatever's hot (or valuable and just found) on the internet -- that's a failure of vision? Come on - Christopher Galtenberg
And it's conversation among your network, in other words that graph is built into the conversation. Now it would be interesting if you could get some analytics out of it, but if there's an API that's easily done, a la tweetstats - Deepak Singh
Aggregation is the means to real-time web conversation. It's the how, not the why. - Christopher Galtenberg
No love from news.yc though... - Paul Buchheit
just +1'd it on HN (but I think the aggregation is important) ;) - Andre
Paul, I suppose you were implying to the different phases of web. It was static, the big old-minded boss makes me get only what he wants. Then that old man started to listen me, making web dynamic. And now it gets even more than that and letting me join him even in making strategic decisions. You call it "realtime". But, it's more likely to be a scalability issue, not an innovation. Dont you agree? - Burcu Dogan
A nice (my baby) mention in that article. - Ted Roden
Also, assuming realtime is what's next, smarter, more automatic filtering is only seconds behind it. - Ted Roden
Trakkies pick up a little more cred. - Ted Gilchrist
Ted it has to be. Without the ability to do that, you lose the other side of the coin - Deepak Singh
Marcell, that's the two points I picked up on this thread of the article: - Kol Tregaskes
Yes it appears aggregation is less important and concentration is being put on the discussion aspect. Cool! So we don't need the service icons back. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Also the news of the themes coming soon is most welcome, so I'll plug this 'themes' group while I'm here: I'll be able to remove the speech marks from around the word "theme" soon, hehe. - Kol Tregaskes
I fully agree. Real time is where it's at. - Drew Lucas
I was a little thrown off by the changes even though I had checked out the beta. But as someone who used to primarily read and like on friendfeed I've found the new format more conducive to posting which I've done a lot more since the switchover. - Mike Elliott
If Gmail and Adsense only took a day, I don't know why Paul is taking so long with FF. - Thaths
I think you are right, but I´m not so sure friendfeed is the place? What can friendfeed offer that you can not find if you combine twitter and facebook? - Terje Sorgjerd
Realtime might be the next big thing because it's an unaddressed niche, but not because it's the most optimal way to communicate. In fact, asynchrony lets people take their time and contribute more substantial things, whereas real-time is exclusively chatty. It's going to be more talk, less links and less text overall. - Mr. Gunn
Is it going to be a set of preselected skins, ability to customize with CSS, or both? - Bruce Lewis
I would have rather seen him put his talent and smarts into designing a flying car. - Rex Hammock
flowing good. multi-person good. real-time NOT IMPORTANT. If I want multi-user chat, I'll use IRC or something. Real-time is useful for monitoring conferences or alerts. Please make FF about conversations around CONTENT, flowing at the *user's* pace around the world across timezones, not jittering every second. - Richard Akerman
real-time is the future. Chats = FF?? HA! Laughable. - vijay
I'm with Mr Gunn and Richard Akerman -- real-time is a waste of time. - Bill Hooker
Right, "realtime" is just going to increase the noise to signal ratio. It's hard to follow, not a suitable content type for most. FF, please dont try hard to sound visionary. - Burcu Dogan
You want an empty marketspace to conquer, here's your slogan: FriendFeed, leader in worldwide asynchronous conversations around content. Rich conversations, informed and engaged user base spending lots of time (maybe once a day, maybe throughout the day, according to their inclinations and schedule)... hmm, you don't suppose a popular site like that might attract advertisers who can put ads NEXT TO RELEVANT CONTENT, not having to fight to be seen for the two seconds a realtime item is at the top of a page? - Richard Akerman
yet Richard, your comment is sitting like a duck for nearly a minute so far. hmm... - vijay
I wish people would be more imaginative and open minded. *sigh* Such short-sighted thinking. - vijay
If you don't like real-time, pause it. There's a button on the right side of the green bar at the top of the feed, or you can hit "q". It'll stay paused until you resume it. Even if you log out. - Ken Sheppardson
But please don't tell the rest of us we have to sit still with you. - Ken Sheppardson
恭喜恭喜 - 阿石
In real life you can listen to one person at a time in FriendFeed real-time not so much. We need a slow/medium/fast switch like Flickr's slide shows. - Gregg Scott
You've never seen a discussion round or podium speech with hundreds of people sharing on different topics..\ - Gregg Scott
Touche Ryo. Hey. You are you calling fairy... - Gregg Scott
awesome article - goutham
Mr. Gunn: friendfeed and twitter combine the best real-time and asynchronous features of irc with social network recommendation - Mike Chelen
I like some of the new FF features, the live view is not one of them. Why? I like the pause function to allow me to browse over my news feeds without getting them live dearranged while I am still not through. Second, I vote for customized and less noisy FF views, e.g. like , the user images do not add anything (just noise for me) and I have a wide-screen, and want to use it. - joergkurtwegner
I never tire of "new feature X adds nothing" comments. /facepalm - Daniel J. Pritchett
Starting to like FF more and more as a "front" end. Still need to jump on the "actual sites" sometimes, for maintenance, etc... - Stan Augustyniewicz
adding my 2cents re: substantial conversations on ff via this ff thread - - mike "glemak" dunn
@Paul - Let me put it differently. I am using FF, because it is since many years the first tool with the potential to reduce my information overload problem on my trusted friend network and news feeds. So, I have a certain reading style and I am *willingly to pay* for a customized view, e.g. as premium FF subscriber. For me the discussion with my friend networks is valuable, any fancy... more... - joergkurtwegner
What the scientists on Friendfeed have noticed is that this new style for FF, even when paused, promotes more "what's your favorite color" kind of stuff rather than more thoughtful content. That's the way Paul is going, we understand. It's the vacuous, personality-driven posts that get the most attention anyways. However, we scientists are content-focused people so the value of the "I'm eating a banana" chat is lost on us. - Mr. Gunn
We're also quite aware of the populist sacrifices that are required to get a larger mindshare. Compare the readership of People magazine to the scientific journal Nature. It's still OK for the most part, because most scientists on FF don't follow the chatters, and because we're handy with userscripts and styles but the days of people in the life scientists room saying science social networks are dead because friendfeed does everything we need have passed - Mr. Gunn
@ryo, he wasn't.. he was speaking for himself, and seems to have a solid foundation for his thoughts that i suspect most scientists would agree with. - simran from twhirl
btw, this "real time" stuff is overhyped... what's the "core difference" in ff's real time multi person conversatinos and a "group chat" (even ytalk did that like in 1993 :) ... its about the way you use it, and ff might "lead" to a revolution, but it ain't it itself... - simran from twhirl
Ryo, I can't figure out how you got from "the consensus of members of the Life Scientists Room(as filtered through my contacts) is that we preferred the old interface as it promoted more content-driven, thoughtful posts" to "science should be dull". More to the point, we tend to come down on the side of aggregation and not real-time chat, which is apparently where Mr. Buchheit thinks the money is. I don't think it's the first time many of us have found we liked that which is less popular. - Mr. Gunn
Aren't conversations already real-time? What does real-time really mean? - Daniel Brusilovsky
i think when referred to this way its the difference between asynchronous and synchronous communications daniel... - mike "glemak" dunn
Ryo - You don't quite understand the point that's being made. It's admittedly a speculative one, but one that I've heard quite a few people make in slightly different ways. Essentially, there are two modes of use for FF - as an aggregator of activity on other sites and as a twitter-like service. The latter of those is the direction friendfeed is moving in, at the expense of the... more... - Mr. Gunn
I suspect that many of the people who think RT is important live in the same timezone as people they communicate with. - Nick Lothian
Mr. Gunn: methods of using friendfeed are mixed together, in some ways conversation & liking is a form of social aggregation - Mike Chelen
as usual - open versus closed - RT versus nonRT - public versus private - commercial versus noncommercial - adds versus nonadds - customization versus noncustomization - ... - just allow both and take the statistics of who was right afterwards. At the end of the day I care about what I get, and I strongly believe in the three possible principles ... love it, change it, or leave it ;-) - joergkurtwegner
I've asked the question how would to improve the real-time and/or the static mode to make it more usable here if anyone is interested: I'm personally happy with the real-time mode, I've not hit the pause button since the first day or two of the beta release. After a while I've got used to it. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm also happy that the service icons are gone. The first day I wasn't be changed my opinion over the first few days of using the beta without them and found it brought more discussion to entries from particular services that were virtually ignored before. - Kol Tregaskes
The design is certainly not to my taste but yes that is down to my taste. I prefer a combination of Lindsey's mockup and AJ's comment-highlighting userscript personally but let's see what options we are given when the themes/skins come in a few weeks. - Kol Tregaskes
If you want some more comments, you might find these interesting: (in response to the inquisitr article, which was very negative but Paul kindly replied to some queries - thank you, Paul). - Kol Tregaskes
But lastly I like to thank FF for the new UI, it's great and look forward to the new features. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Paul, how can services improve speed of pushing to FF? RSS/ATOM is slow. - Cris Pearson
Excellent blog posting by Richard Akerman regarding real-time versus asynchronous conversation. Here's the friendfeed link and here's his blog link: - Steve Koch
I will agree that service icons and avatars may be up to a matter of taste, but the time zone issue remains a major hurdle, especially for people who don't live in the same time zone as their colleagues. - Mr. Gunn
I totally agree with Paul and I love friendfeed and it has great real time stream ;-) - Sakib Mahmud
The real-time conversation facet of FriendFeed is now only emphasize with the appearance of Google Wave. I hope FriendFeed will figure out its place in the emerging space. Would FriendFeed Wave extensions (Wave gadgets and robots) be sufficient to stay in the game? Is FriendFeed experimenting with Wave APIs? I hope it is. - Nenad Nikolic
FriendFeed could just use the protocol with their only features bolted on. Now that'll be cool! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Loic Le Meur
Flickr is in troubles too according to @om maybe I should start backing up my years of photos
Interesting. Backing up photos sounds like a good idea either way. What is the best way to back up Flickr photos? - Adam
There's an interesting paid service idea, archive repository. Just API in and grab the photos etc? - David Eedle
i thought people UPLOADED photos to Flickr, meaning that the originals are on some other computer. that's been my M.O. backup what? my local HDD? already done. - .LAG liked that
But how about people like Robert Scoble who uses Flickr as the repository for his blog's photos? It sounds like a lot of work to go in and relink all the images to a different location. - Edmund Tay
Hmm. I have almost 4000 photos on Flickr and many more on local storage. Where to next? - Victor Panlilio
Use picasa to sync ALL your library online. I just dragged my albums into folders and BLAMO everything is backed up AND synced online :) - Jaime
I use Flickr as my backup... :-( - Benoit Cazenave
i keep all photos on flickr. yikes. - drew olanoff
Lawrence: There are pros and cons to hosting your images on Flickr and linking to it. Pros would be "unlimited" storage and bandwidth and being able to link to that same image from multiple locations. Cons is of course being reliant on the existence of Flickr and also those funky filenames that get generated when you upload to Flickr. That makes migrating image links pretty difficult since your original image filename won't match with that on Fllickr. - Edmund Tay
...interesting. it never occurred to me that some folks would look at Flickr as permanent storage solution. I've always just seen is as an efficient way to share a selection of my photos with people i know, through time and space. - .LAG liked that
Interesting info, guess I'll have to find some other place for my externalized backups... - Benoit Cazenave
I was just looking for the best way to sync my iPhoto lib and a service like Flickr or Smugmug. Not bad to have a service like Flickr to backup 20GB of images for less that 25$/year - Frédéric Sidler
I was just looking for the best way to sync my iPhoto lib and a service like Flickr or Smugmug. Not bad to have a service like Flickr to backup 20GB of images for less that 25$/year - Frédéric Sidler
May be Yahoo will sell Flickr as eBay is wanting to do with Skype. May be SmugMug can purchase Flickr from Yahoo and make it the free/social version of SmugMug? - Vinko
Ok, Flickr are laying off people but there isn't anything to substantiate that they are in trouble - David McDonald
Meh, time to look for a tool to migrate nearly 200 photos from Flickr? - Tyson Key
Yah, but what do you do when you have 20,953 photos on flickr? And all those comments and tags? The thing you want to save is all that social networking, organizing and tagging, you already have a high-res copy somewhere on your hard drive at home... - Paula W
Hmm, but what if you don't, out of interest? For what it's worth, I've used Flickr (and Picasa) as a "final destination" for images after I've taken them, and tend to delete or otherwise archive image files after I've uploaded them. I'm sure there are a few others who do that, too. - Tyson Key
I used to be able to BackUp my Flickr Crap using Website Downloader which was Super cuz it also Backed Up all my Flickr Comments + those from Flickr Friendz - I gotta look into it again cuz they have some Restrictions on me + I don't like it 1 damn bit!! ;)) - Billy Warhol
Leo Laporte
fluidinfo » Blog Archive » A few comments on pandemic influenza -
fluidinfo  » Blog Archive   » A few comments on pandemic influenza
"The acting-director of the CDC has already said: “There are things that we see that suggest that containment is not very likely.” That is a remarkably candid statement. I think it’s very clear that the cat is out of the bag. The question is how bad is it going to be. That’s impossible to tell right now, because we do not know what the virus will look like in the future, after it has had time to mutate and adapt inside humans." - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
MG Siegler
You Will Be Using FriendFeed In The Future — But It May Be Called Facebook -
first of many TC posts, no doubt. - MG Siegler
Congrats MG! - Phil Glockner
thanks jerome - MG Siegler
You're right - people will love this or hate this post. I don't think that Facebook can change its interface THAT much to be as simple as FriendFeed. But now I'm wondering about a related question - will Twitter reduce its simplicity and add functionality to be more like Facebook? - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Great first post! - Daniel Brusilovsky
Fantastic! A refreshing voice in TC! - Mark Philpot
Thanks for the heart attack. That headline is scary. - Chris Charabaruk
Thanks for this stimulating post. Here's why I think it's a mistake for FB to try to emulate FF: My 78 yr old mother is on Facebook, and she would never "get" FF. FB's demographic is getting older, and those folks are joining it not to aggregate the web, but to find old friends and see pictures of their grandkids. Start moving real time and FF's power search and filters front and center and you'll lose those folks. - Mark Traphagen from Nambu
brilliant! - Alfonso Pace
Commented on this post and identified critical FB problem : - Ghodmode from twhirl
Will friendfeed move beyond it's cult status? And if it does, won't it be just as noisy as Twitter? Right now it's interesting to dip into because it's a relatively quiet channel, like Twitter used to be. But if it goes big, not so sure the beauty of FF will translate to the large scale. What works for Twitter is the egalitarian nature of all tweets -- not the popularity of them which... more... - Peggy Dolane
130 comments on this article over at TC already. Way to earn your stripes, MG! - Daniel J. Pritchett
Peggy: The reason I think FF is more scalable than Twitter is FFs powerful filters (which I'm sure will become even more powerful in the future). By building filters, I can slice through my FF feed in ways that are digestible and meaningful to me. If FF every hits a growth spurt comparable to FB or Twitter, the filters will keep it managable, whereas Twitter, once you start following... more... - Mark Traphagen
Mark: Facebook has already announced and demonstrated filters that will be coming soon on Facebook. - Robert Scoble
MG - Hey Congrats again on TC job!! woo hooo! This article makes me sad though... cuz you're prophesying the continued plagiarism of Facebook to copy as much of FriendFeed as they can ... Grrrr! I am annoyed by FB's sheer ripoff of FF augh! - Susan Beebe
Robert: As I said in an earlier comment, I'm not sure that Facebook's increasingly older demographic is going to want too many more techno geek bells and whistles added to FB. It's those same bells and whistles here on FF that I think will keep FF from ever being FB size (though I hope FF will grow enough to remain sustainable). I'm here because I love every tinkling bell and hooting whistle FF throws at me, but I think you're average FB user would be bewildered by FF. - Mark Traphagen
FriendFeed rocks! !.. and well, facebook just drools for this level of quality - Susan Beebe
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