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Bret Taylor
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube -
The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web - YouTube
Ross and Dan made this video to illustrate the advanced technology we use behind the scenes at FriendFeed. (Ross and Dan, you are amazing - I can't believe how awesome this thing turned out) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
How very creative. This is very fluid and cool. - Louis Gray
OK, not exactly what I was expecting, but very cool. - Kevin Arth
Anyone have the video somewhere other than Youtube? it's banned here in Turkey and I can't wait until we get home (next month) to watch it!! - Chris Myles
This is awesome! - Christopher Chung
with a community like this - you just can't roll-it into f.b.. keep the dream alive! - michael sean wright
:O - Josh Haley
Amazing, thanks for that! - dkb
According to Ross, they used about 1030 individual pictures in the final version. Stop motion is a lot of work :) - Bret Taylor
Sure, sure--give away all the secrets. (Are those Lego dudes union?) - Kathy Fitch
very creative. wonder how long it took to do that stop-action? - berchman
Ross's best work so far ! great job Ross - goutham
Major props to Ross and Dan. FriendFeed lives on - Shane
That's priceless. Great job, guys. - John Craft
This is superb. I just showed it to my 5 year old son who enjoys Lego and has already taken some great photos, including one or two of his toys. So now he has the seed of the idea that, in time, he could take multiple stills and put them together to make moving pictures. Thank you very much for posting it and giving me and him that opportunity. Maybe, he might use FriendFeed one day too! - John W Lewis
Great project! - Anne Bouey
AWESOME! - Kevin Fox
I think they need to make a full stop-motion version of the Matrix in legos. Now THAT would be awesome. I wonder what bullet-time looks like in LEGO? - Bret Taylor
i'd pay to see the stop animation lego matrix, but not the sequels - patrick
"Equipment Generously Provided By Casey Muller" - hahaha!! THIS IS AWESOMESAUCE!!! I love the creative energy and vibe in this video... LOTS of work went into that one! Thanks guys!! :) - Susan Beebe
Genius, how much time did that all take? - Wayne Hornsey
Chris Myles: if you want ot - DM me an address and I'll mail you a copy. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That is so awesome - Glenn Slaven
happy-making! - Felicia Yue
I am more proud than ever for being a FriendFeeder :) - Arvind
Wow!!!!! - Mona Nomura
Excellent!! - Kol Tregaskes
That's great! - Devon Govett
Cool! The friendfeed's manufactury - Benedetto Vacca
неплохо, неплохо! Продолжение будет? - atner
hahaha very nice stop motion and music! - Alex man
FULL OF WIN - Jac Falcon
might I remind everyone that we are still loving FrF ^__^ - Peter Fedin
Peter +1. - Ahmet Yükseltürk
This is very cool and interesting, thanks for sharing! - Sarah Stamos
I do love this video and all the time Dan and Ross put in to it. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin! :D - Dan Hsiao
I love that this got bumped!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Me too Rachel! \o, Long live the Real-Time Web! - Zu from AOD
The (original) LEGO Movie - Kevin Fox
bump - Laura Norvig
Paul Buchheit
Google Points At WebFinger. Your Gmail Address Could Soon Be Your ID. -
Google Points At WebFinger. Your Gmail Address Could Soon Be Your ID.
"It’s taking something everyone knows on the web (your email address) and making it immensely more valuable as a way to identify yourself and information about you. Exactly what kind of information? Here are some of the ideas from the WebFinger Google Code page: * public profile data * pointer to identity provider (e.g. OpenID server) * a public key * other services used by that email address (e.g. Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, Twitter, Facebook, and usernames for each) * a URL to an avatar * profile data (nickname, full name, etc) * whether the email address is also a JID, or explicitly declare that it’s NOT an email, and ONLY a JID, or any combination to disambiguate all the addresses that look like * or even a public declaration that the email address doesn’t have public metadata, but has a pointer to an endpoint that, provided authentication, will tell you some protected metadata, depending on who you authenticate as." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I don't want my contact information to be my identifier. I shouldn't have to give a website my email address, just like I shouldn't have to give a store my phone number. - Daniel Sims
Daniel, I think it just takes the form of an email address, but does not in fact have to be one (or could be a "throw away" account). - Paul Buchheit
It would be cool if we could get our act together (as an industry) and make this stuff happen. I'd also like to see ENUM deployed to the point that my phone number can be linked to my identity. ( - Joe Beda
This is a bad idea in so many ways I can't even begin to list them. - April Russo (FForever!)
If a site wants my email address, it's probably in order to spam me. It's usually a bad sign. If legit sites ask for my email more, it will make it harder to identify the spammers. - Tim Tyler
Do gmail users seriously still have problems with spam? I don't. - Robin Barooah
Personally this sounds great - as long as it really doesn't force you to use your actual gmail address. - Robin Barooah
I loved finger. - j1m
Does this mean I can have a .plan again? - Benjamin Lee
Sounds like the .plan which is (again) accessed via an id in email format and returns different information/metadata about a person depending on who's accessing it. Email id is used to do a DNS lookup in order to discover URL for the XRD file (accessed with a HTTP GET) containing the metadata about the person being, er, WebFinger-ed. - Nenad Nikolic
it is like user authenticating, having two three ids won't hurt ;) well i don't want to be identified, they are going same as gravatar - testbeta
It's so curious to me that people have concerns that WebFinger would lead to more spam, and yet don't like the "format" of URLs for IDs. Personally, as far as OpenID is concerned, I don't care what the identifier looks like as long as people can remember it — typically email seems easier to recall than URLs (for most people in today's world). - Chris Messina
Some users who have an email account with Google, myself included, have oodles of incoming mail both standard and secure so it fits the bill to increase security for both vendors and marketers. - frank burns
I have no problem with the idea, but it seems to me that it won't help the current state of affairs much. The kind of information I'd be interested in sharing via Webfinger (my OpenID, a URL to a FOAF file, etc.) will have no better adoption, so the Webfinger configuration doesn't buy me much. I'll hold out hopes that after a couple tight integrations between Webfinger and OpenID providers (say if Google, Microsoft and/or Yahoo provided and consumed both) things will improve ... here's to hoping :( - J. McConnell
Years ago I experimented with FOAF. I didn't fully understand nor appreciate what I was doing. To serve as a warning, if you take this example, ensure that it is blocked. #Example: I sent a file to Adobe which in turn, was sent to another email account I had at the time. I verified it's sender (ME) and sent it back in the direction of travel. A signed FOAF (API KEY) was then returned... more... - frank burns
Dead dolphin covered with oil, sponsored by BP -
"I do. I'm also vegan, which uses less oil, water, and emits less CO2. Not to mention causes no pain to anyone who can feel pain." - Edward
Paul Boag
Update on web fonts and iphone/ipad - I have learnt you need to use a different method not supported by Google at the moment.
David Alfaro
An Adobe Flash developer on why the iPad can’t use Flash (hey @yeco) -
Kevin Fox
Once a good text editor is out for iPad, I'll see if I can use it as my work computer. I probably can't but I want to find out why.
Omni Group has already said they're porting their productivity suite to iPad, so that'll take care of a lot of my early-stage prototyping needs. - Kevin Fox
No photoshop - Jesse Stay
but man, wouldn't that be cool? - Jesse Stay
I bet we'll see an iPad version of Photoshop. iPhone already has a primitive Photoshop app. - Kurt Starnes
Pages is fine for business docs, but I'd like a Coda, Textmate or BBEdit for editing code. - Kevin Fox from iPhone
BBEdit, I assume, would be among the first to get it right. I've been using BBEdit for a decade plus now. Great program. - Louis Gray
Eugh, I'll pass. I can't code on a touchscreen. - Mo Kargas
I'd do fine with vim - Jesse Stay
and a shell prompt - Jesse Stay
dang - Jesse Stay
I think to do code, they'll need a custom keyboard. It's too hard to get to the symbols on the current iPhone keyboard. - Jandy
Jandy, there is a keyboard for it, but for me to do my work right, I really need a shell prompt. There's no way I can code on in iPad until they allow that. Or at least ssh will do. - Jesse Stay
Any of those do c# code?? - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
I'm not sure I understand why you're going to _do_ with the code written on an iPad. No matter what kind of code you're writing, the iPad has no way to run it locally: no Python environment, no webserver for CSS/HTML, etc. It won't NFS/SMB mount either. You could use an editor with an FTP/SSH to some other system which has the runtime, I suppose. Is that your normal workflow now? - DGentry
what about online code editors? i think, after html5 we will see more of that. - ilkay
DGentry, if it's anything like the iPhone it's just a modified OS X underneath. I have FTP on my jailbroken iPhone, could probably install a web server, etc. It's just breaking through to the OS that will be a problem if Apple doesn't allow it. (although I assume iPhone Dev Team is already working on it) - Jesse Stay
I'll be fine with a RDP client ;) - Rodfather
I'm excited at the idea of an iPad-enhanced version of OmniFocus. - Akiva
I like your attitude Kevin.. I must say I am a little bored and frustrated with all the (media induced) hype followed by the (media) bashing. My first thought was that it is a GREAT portable device for my 72 year old dad (he *prints* to mobilize his desktop), my wife in the kitchen (for calendar and cooking) and my nieces for playing/reading etc. Sounds like the only people they haven't... more... - Chris Myles
Rodfather: there is already a RDP client for the iPhone called iTap RDP that I'm looking forward to using on the iPad. And yeah good point. That may be a good idea. Set up a VM somewhere with your dev environment and Remote in. Or just remote into your actual dev machine. Never thought of that. - Roberto Bonini
Chris: Well put - the iPad is meant tot do exactly that: mobilize content. Never thought of it in quite those terms before. The ipad will actually cut down the amount of paper that I print by a considerable amount. I may actually sign up to Evernote as well for the express purpose of using it on the iPad. - Roberto Bonini
The iPad certainly may speed the development of cloud hosted development and deployment environments. My crappy internet connection can't handle it, but I'm sure it will work for a lot of people. - Todd Hoff
Roberto: I'm coming at it from a completely different background. I'm a geek who just returned from a 6 year sailing trip where connectivity (and it's interruptions) were almost non-existent. I'm taking re-integration slowly so that I can understand and help bridge the gap between technologists and "main stream users". To me my *new iPOD* (with dropbox etc) is my portable brain and adds... more... - Chris Myles
If there's support for a Bluetooth mouse when using a RDP client, it's totally possible. I was able to pull off doing minor work with dead slow OLPC & rdesktop ;) - Rodfather
I wonder how the folks making the Litl WebBook intend to compete with the iPad, assuming that the two products are supposed to be directly targeting the same market, for what it's worth. - Tyson Key
Talking of bluetooth, I wonder if the magic mouse will work with the ipad?? - Roberto Bonini
I doubt there will be bluetooth mouse support. I don't imagine seeing a mouse pointer on the iPhone OS - Rodfather
Kevin have you tried Bespin? I'm curious to hear if you think you'd be able to use a web based text editor if it was full featured enough? - Jason Wehmhoener
Eric E. Anderson
Creates a CSS Sprite for you with your images and provides CSS to go with! - Eric E. Anderson
Ben Ho
scripty2: for a more delicious web -
A new javascript framework opening up many awesome possibilities. - Ben Ho
Abhinav Singh
RT @jonasl: Load Data while Scrolling Page Down with jQuery and PHP #php @fhetland) #jquery @hashphp
Did Sports Illustrated Try to Game Digg? -
Brandon Cox
Five Ways To Generate Discussion and Support Blog Comments -
Syed Balkhi
How Nobel Winners Spend Their Prize Money -
Dani McDaniel
How to Create Vector Clouds with the Gradient Mesh Tool - Vectortuts+ -
Create impressionistic, infinitely-scalable vector clouds with the Gradient Mesh tool. It's easy to start, but it takes a lot of time to master. There are several ways of approaching the Gradient Mesh - this one may be new to you. Let's get started! - Dani McDaniel
Mike Lane
The Allure Of Drop Caps In Typography – Practices And Resources | LBOI #typography #resources (via @LBOI)
Mike Lane
6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use -
Louis Gubitosi
Giographix Studios
Giographix Studios
Flash Professional CS5 enables iPhone apps development |
mimojito (aka Efren)
Ruhani Rabin
Now in Google search results: Formatted PDFs
TwTube - URL shortener for YouTube videos
PhotoSketch: better than sliced bread, Photoshop | The Web Life | (via @mager)
Robert Visser
RT @envex "Learning PHP on Mac OS: A collection of tips to get your started" #php #macosx #gettingstarted #osx
Monitor Your Electricity Usage in Real-Time With Google PowerMeter
RT @jchris: Why CouchDB is the File System for the Open Web
Andrew / Web Upd8
Is There Such a Thing as a "Best" Browser? #linux
Fabio Sasso
jQuery Lesson Series: Introduction to Selectors -
20 jQuery Plugins Worth Implementing into your Themes -
Jon Phillips
Ajax Sliders And Slideshows – Examples And Demos -
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