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Joe Hisaishi in Budokan - Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert
Joe Hisaishi in Budokan - Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert
Re: Free Giveaway of Administrating Solr -
"New to Solr, but I have a couple of projects that would directly benefit, like setting up a Reddit clone. I'd also like to experiment with search and information retrieval in some non-web scenarios." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Microsoft's solution for printing emails with BCC field shown in Outlook. I'm speechless. -
"Well, isn't that how email is supposed to work? The bcc addresses aren't saved in a header, or in any other way. When you think about it that way, there's nothing to print." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Banned Australian condom commercial -
"Congratulations. You've won my first NSFW upvote (and comment)." - Don Faulkner
Watching FriendFeed IM service come and go is such a tease.
OTRS IT Service Management Software Solutions - Best Practice Editions - OTRS ITSM Edition | OTRS -
About defining roles with capabilities -
allyoursmurf on Looking for some help with a punch down block. -
"The wiring to the jack looks right. I can't tell for certain where you lines are on the BIX, but that's easy to re-punch if you pick the wrong pair, so I'm assuming you've figured out which is which by now." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Looking for some help with a punch down block. -
"You could run to a single jack, then split from there, but that seems like a kludge given the trouble you're going to. It might make sense if the desks for the phones are positioned close to each other. A lot depends on your physical layout. Here are some options: 1. Run to a single jack, then use a mulit-line splitter; ugly but works. 1. Run all jacks off a single run of wire: BIX==[1]==[2]==[...]; works if all the phones will use the same lines in the same order. 1. Punch multiple wires into each terminal, one for each station; should work for 2 stations, but generally a bad idea, since changes are hard, and each additional wire makes all the other connections weaker. 1. Use a multi-line cordless unit off a single jack; for 2 lines+fax, this may be the simplest solution. For me, the whole point of using a block is the flexibility I get when it's wired properly. It's very easy to change what lines are on each station, and in what order. An additional 66/110 block isn't that..." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Looking for some help with a punch down block. -
"I've found that has a lot of good diagrams, and links to official docs from vendors. You probably want the page on [block wiring]( If you look at the jack itself, the center pins, regardless of color, will be line 1, as far as your phone is concerned. The next set will be line 2, and the outer set will be line 3 (if you hooked it up). So, looking at your image, I see: 321123 WWBWOG GO B if that makes sense: W/G, W/O, B, W/B, O, G. So, your line 1 is your blue pair, and your line 2, is your orange pair. This matches the [25-pair color code standard]( Knowing this, all you have to do is match up the phone numbers you want on line 1 and 2, respectively with the Blue & Orange pairs of your jacks, which you've terminated onto another block nearby: BBOOGGNN|BBOOGGNN|BBOOGGNN 1122 1122 33 (NN=brown/no-connection, to avoid confusion) Take a length of spare cable and patch from..." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Dentists in Fayetteville -
"Dr. Green at Sunshine Dental Clinic gets my vote. The staff have handled my mother, my wife, and myself very well. They're kind and gentle. The kids will be going there soon. I believe they accept most insurance, including Medicaid and ARKids. They've filled cavities for me, and pulled teeth for my mom. My mom, who jokes that she's spent the majority of her life in a dentist's chair, gives them compliments as some of the best dentists she's ever seen. Located at the corner of Zion and Crossover." - Don Faulkner
Don Faulkner is returning from a trip to Buffalo, NY. -
Don Faulkner is returning from a trip to Buffalo, NY. - Don Faulkner
Don Faulkner is about to leave on a trip to Buffalo, NY for 4 days. -
Don Faulkner is about to leave on a trip to Buffalo, NY for 4 days. - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Anyone can have a scumbag sister! -
"Isn't this a country song?" - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on UA wireless -
"You only need Junos Pulse if you want to use the VPN, which can be handy if you're off-campus. Use for the connection URL. Also, make sure you have a current version of the pulse client for your device. There were some problems with the android app just a few revs ago, but it's working fine for me now." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on UA wireless -
"UA Secure uses 802.1x authentication, so you'll need your UARK username and password to connect. In your wifi settings, tap the network name to connect and make sure that it says something like "802.1x" for the authentication type. Put your username in for the "identity" field, and your password in the... uh... password field, then tap connect. If the above doesn't work, long-press on the network name, then choose "forget network," then try again from the beginning. You may be asked to accept a certificate at some point. Some systems do this, some don't. Also, you'll have to change the password in your wifi settings each time you change your UARK password. Don't worry though: android will let you know when it can't connect any more." - Don Faulkner
For a second I thought FriendFeed IM was working again. Too much to hope for?
I don't know what Friendfeed IM is but I've seen several ppl posting that it is indeed working again. - Spidra Webster (use your Jabber/GoogleTalk to post/comment). I'm seeing updates in my IM client: I saw yours for example. I still can't post, though. - Don Faulkner
I can't comment from there either, apparently. - Don Faulkner
It is working, partially. - samet
offline :( edit: after 30 minutes its back :) {to be continued} - Alperian
allyoursmurf on Ask /r/crypto: is data compression now a very dangerous thing to combine with encryption? -
"This, I think. Still reading, but as I understand it, the thing that enables CRIME and BREACH is the conflation of different types of data. In your example, if we were to separately compress T aside from any compression done on M, then my attacks by changing the value of M wouldn't have any measurable impact on the overall length because the backreferences in M wouldn't relate to those in T. Correct? Even then, there's still a concern. For example, if I separately compress content based on origin (e.g. server, document/app, and web browser), the compression needs to be smart enough to separate out document/app-generated content that depends (directly?) on the web-browser content. Otherwise I can still game the system. In the case of authentication, the simpler case is to separate out authentication, authorization, and sesion information into separate compression. Using a different encoding might help, since different encoding would result it different compression back-references. That..." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on What are some unique things to do in Fayetteville/NWA? -
"1. All-you-can-eat crab legs at [Across the Creek]( Ignore how it looks. Focus on how it tastes. 1. Dickson Street Bookshop. If you haven't been, you're missing out. 1. The [Jones Center]( Used to be free, but now costs money. Depending on your budget, though, it's still worth it. 1. [Crystal Bridges]( 1. [Upcoming Events]( at the UofA." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on We all find facebook a pain: Reddit, what other social networks do you reccomend? -
"We had one of those. It was called FriendFeed. Facebook bought them. While the original site is still up for the FriendFeed Faithful, it's a shell of its former self." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on How does this even happen. -
"Topology can really bite sometimes. Now off to have my coffee in my doughnut." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on We all find facebook a pain: Reddit, what other social networks do you reccomend? -
"I'm on I think the whole point is that it doesn't matter. If I were picking today, I'd peruse the [Pod Uptime]( list and pick something active with a current code base. I'm still waiting for the day when ~~I have time~~ it becomes easy enough to install Diaspora on a local system like a NAS or something." - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on Which 10 movies should every person in the world have watched? -
"In no particular order... 1. The Green Mile 1. The Shawshank Redemption 1. Fight Club 1. Blade Runner 1. Sneakers 1. A Beautiful Mind 1. Safety Not Guaranteed 1. Powder 1. Snatch 1. With Honors And because I feel like mentioning a few more... 1. Dark City 1. Good Night, and Good Luck 1. Cradle Will Rock 1. Oscar 1. Hudson Hawk 1. The Matrix 1. Apollo 13 1. Dave 1. Rob Roy 1. Night and Fog" - Don Faulkner
allyoursmurf on We all find facebook a pain: Reddit, what other social networks do you reccomend? -
"Diaspora? Too fringe?" - Don Faulkner
AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System -
AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System
Re: Doctor Who 50th anniversary special to be broadcast around the world simultaneously -
"Sorry, just checking... We are all aware that this is a show about Time Lords, right? ;)" - Don Faulkner
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