Last complaint for today: Companys: AVOID RackSpace. Huge ripoff. Five Nines? Lucky to get 3. Data? They just lost ours.
I'm sorry about Rackspace losing your data. I am getting the big guns to work on your account. That's inexcusable. - Robert Scoble
In the future if anything ever goes wrong like this again I'm at +1-425-205-1921 and I have the ears of everyone at Rackspace and will work to get your account fixed if you haven't gotten it fixed yet. - Robert Scoble
Robert: living proof the Zappos effect is contagious. - Victor Panlilio
Rackspace have been a real disappointment to me for a long time. Just because Robert says he's going to get the big guns involved is a BIG JOKE. - Amanda
Amanda: it's not a big joke. I spent two days with the chairman and another day yesterday. When we fail you we've messed up totally. What services are you using? - Robert Scoble
Just managed hosting. Frankly who cares whether you met the Chairman, I would be more interested to hear you spent a week in their call center but that would not allow you to drop a big "I'm important" name. - Amanda
Amanda: I have tons of contacts in the call center. Is this something I can fix? I'm on the phone with someone there right now. - Robert Scoble
Amanda: by the way, in June I'll be working in the call center. That's a great idea! - Robert Scoble
Amanda: if you go back and read my first two posts here I never mentioned the chairman. - Robert Scoble
Thanks Robert for your efforts. - Amanda
For what it's worth, I've said it before and will say it again. I have managed hosting with Rackspace and they are the BEST. Not by just a little, but by a lot. - Mike
We aren't perfect but we do care and not just about the "loud" voices, I'm trying to learn FriendFeed so I can be available to customers. E-mail me at bret dot piatt at rackspace dot com or call my mobile 210-867-9338. - Bret Piatt