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RT @BobTregilus: I'm guessing @internetcases & @dhowell have seen this headline: "In Policy Shift, F.C.C. Will Allow a Web Fast Lane"
RT @internetcases: Aereo SCOTUS argument transcript here:
.@bc_butler Like #TSAPreCheck for the Supreme Court? ;)
RT @bc_butler: YES. “@ceciliakang: The Aereo hearing isn't really about Aereo, it's about breaking the cable bundle”
RT @bc_butler: Ok, so, some takeaways from #aereo. Judges def grokked the cloud threat issue. Asked repeatedly how they could avoid harm to cloud.
RT @bc_butler: No one mentioned any real threat to bcasters if #Aereo wins, other than lost license fees. No talk of existential threat to OTA tv.
RT @bc_butler: Justices didn't seem to want to upset Cablevision holding. Kennedy said, "assume CV was decided by this court..." #Aereo
RT @bc_butler: Despite effort of #Aereo counsel, Js seemed to buy that 1000s of antennae is legal jujitsu. Roberts: "It's fine. That's what lawyers do!"
On #TWiL today, @jrbarrat & @bc_butler join us to contemplate a future of huge AI & tiny antennae:
RT @rcalo: Oh gosh. Gabriel Garcia Marquez has passed away. A great genius of our time.
RT @zkam: @dhowell if you didn't listen to this week's @Cordkillers, you should. Interview with @Aereo
We have some great resources, but are still looking for a #TWiL Tip of the Week - thoughts? Discussion points here:
What do super-intelligent robots & super-tiny antennae have in common? The next #TWiL, that's what. w/ @bc_butler @jrbarrat @internetcases
Aereo Shows Off Their Rooftop Antenna Farm Ahead Of Supreme Court Ruling By @jordancook
Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology: By @wadhwa
RT @wadhwa: MT @techdirt: Did You Retweet USAir Pornographic Tweet? You May Have Violated NJ Revenge Porn Law >Another example
RT @OrinKerr: How should SCOTUS decide the cell phone search cases? A few thoughts on hard choices here:
Caught a second wind eventually and watched the eclipse live with my son (who was not missing it for the world). So glad, it was monumental.
RT @CopyrightLibn: For a day literally spent talking into my computer, this has been a pretty good one. Thanks @dhowell, @internetcases, and #TWiL!
Our pic in honor of #TWiL 254 ("Girl Scout Cookies in September") w @CopyrightLibn, by @Antigone on Flickr: #nomnom
RT @AJRealMoney: A new French law forbids reading work emails after 6pm. Should we follow France's work-life balance lead? @AliVelshi may use your reply.
How to Really Fix Patents - and Why Congress Is Unlikely to Do It by @derekkhanna
RT @TrademarkBlog: Coulrophobia: Lousiana Fails In Attempt to Suppress Speech Critical of Governor Trademark Blog
Fun panel for Friday's #TWiL: @BiellaColeman @CopyrightLibn @internetcases & me. Discussion points shaping up at
RT @flohmann: © nerds: "The common factor linking those saying ABC v. Aereo can't hurt the cloud industry is that they're not...
RT @dangillmor: Flickr restores Creative Commons attribution ...
RT @BiellaColeman: Folks interested in IP law should rly check out: Treasured Possessions by @haidygeismar by
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