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RT @SimonZerafa: @dhowell 'Delaware becomes first state to give heirs broad digital assets access' ->
RT @HighTechBill: Adam Carolla settles with podcasting patent troll, agrees to ‘quiet period’ cc @dhowell @internetcases
RT @libsyn: So Adam Curry wants Adam Carolla to drop the podcasting patent law-suit altogether. Here's what we think #TheFeed
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll:
Our #TWiL guests this week are #codeislaw personified: @LegalNoise & @shinchpearson join us Friday 11 PT/18:00 UTC,
RT @HighTechBill: Calif. court calls for company reimbursements for BYOD phones cc @internetcases @dhowell @RichNet @maria_h_murphy
.@EW did an awesome #awesomemixvol2, and for various [#nospoilers] reasons there's bound to be a #awesomemixvol3, so:
.@EW did an awesome #awesomemixvol2, and Papa Quill is bound to give Peter another tape, right? So, #awesomemixvol3:
Quick, who can name the *other* movie starring Glenn Close with a super nostalgic, super successful soundtrack? #awesomemixvol0
RT @alisternburg: Yesterday's episode of This Week in Law is up: Thanks to @dhowell & @internetcases for having me & @samglover! #TWiL
RT @twitlive: This Week in Law with @dhowell and Evan Brown is starting soon!
Resolved: 8/15 #TWiL more #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy than nastiness v. @zeldawilliams, though we will do both. And potato chip spying, of course.
70-something neighbor blasting techno-trance while I've got the #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy soundtrack: #freakyfriday
RT @alisternburg: (And I'll be on #TWiL next week! So excited!
RT @peterhoneyman: A woman has won the Fields medal for the first time: Stanford Math Prof Maryam Mirzakhani.
RT @totally_fried: @dhowell RT @RStockmanWSB RT @MorganSmith Here's to transparency in job titles! #foia
RT @padresj: Tomorrow: TWO exploits from Blackhat & the first TWiET/TWiL SuperGeek teamup! @dhowell @internetcases #BadUSB 1100pdt
RT @Techmeme: Obama on net neutrality: My administration is against Internet fast lanes (@b_fung)
#TWiL, 11 PT/18:00 UTC: tweets and monkeys w/out copyright, lots more, w/ @VBalasubramani @MSchruers @mweinbergPK:
RT @twitlive: This Week in Law with @dhowell and Evan Brown is starting soon!
Topics for #TWiL 270 w/ @mweinbergPK @MSchruers @VBalasubramani & me shaping up here:
RT @MSchruers: I now pronounce thee secondarily liable. Boutique hotel fines brides $500 for each Yelp complaint by wedding guests.
Need tips for private caller to Android phone (vms left on @ATT's Visual VM app). Request in to ATT; what if caller used VOIP? #thx
RT @MargotKaminski: It's now very official- I'm @OSU_Law teaching IP and privacy
Stellar panel for this week's #TWiL: @mweinbergPK, @VBalasubramani & @MSchruers. Much to discuss; what are *your* pet topics this week?
RT @MSchruers: "Having reached Mars," the historian said, "21st century man turned to the next seemingly unassailable frontier: properly PDFing Word docs."
RT @MSchruers: Not encouraging news for @Aereo fans. "Judge Waives Off Aereo's Emergency Motion About 'Bleeding to Death’"
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