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Tina Chase Gillmor
Live recording session of NEW Gillmor Gang Studios show called G3. Happening at 12 noon Pacific today.
Hey, so, like, we could use this as live chat. Brilliant idea, huh? Thought of it myself. ;) - Denise Howell
that's a space where Angie's List does plenty of advertising - Jerome Hughes
we will get the chat going some other time but I'm enjoying our new show - Tina Chase Gillmor
there are 11 people watching the stream - Jerome Hughes
Roland Tanglao
RT @siracusa: RT @chockenberry: I've spent more time on Google+ today than I have on Facebook this year. | (me too... curse you Google)
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PST participate at
12:58 PM. Guess we start in about 15-20 min.? :-) - Ralph Henson
is there a lag? - Kevin Marks
I have really missed this. - Francine Hardaway
I see nothing - Francine Hardaway
lag? Is that an British term? - Ralph Henson
Heh. Waiting for the phone call. It's already 1:02. Ralph: we usually get started at about 1:10. - Robert Scoble
well, in British English it means a convict more than it means a delay - Kevin Marks
He can't call. nobody knows your phone number. :-) - Ralph Henson
standby. we are aboutto make ithappen - Tina Chase Gillmor
OK so there mre quite a few 'lags' here! - Ralph Henson
I almost gave up LOL - Francine Hardaway
Heh. I'm standing by on Skype too, which is how we do this. - Robert Scoble
Hi Robert. Got a ticket to the Tech Crunch party, which this year is at AOL! - Francine Hardaway
having a minor tech delay. almost there - Tina Chase Gillmor
there's the stream! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Francine: I thought just the CrunchUp was at AOL. - Robert Scoble
aaah. Next time I will read before clicking. Regardless I have a ticket. and for WordCamp SF. SO up there July and August - Francine Hardaway
They are connecting us now. - Robert Scoble
So, Ralph's guess of about 15-minute delay is probably accurate. ;-) - Robert Scoble
No biggie, we're used to it if we are TWiT fans. hehehehehehhehe - Stephen Pickering
I'll be on TWiT on Sunday too, but everytime I do that Gillmor says I'm fired so please don't tell him, OK? ;-) - Robert Scoble
hahahhahhahahahahahhha - Stephen Pickering
I will keep it a secret. - Francine Hardaway
I heard that Robert! - Tina Chase Gillmor
But I didn't tell - Francine Hardaway
Mottled or dappled rather than motley here - Kevin Marks
Mötley Crüe is an LA Band. - Alex de Soto
Metallica is playing at Salesforce's event. Can't wait! - Robert Scoble
more parties = good :D - Jerome Hughes
like having both buying and selling realtors - Kevin Marks
or husband's and wife's divorce attorneys - Jerome Hughes
geez Steve is orange today. We have to revamp the lighting in here! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I wish skype would surface OS X's white balance controls dialog. I spent some time on that... - Kevin Marks
this isn't a test?? ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
bleaugh at viral loops and addiction - Kevin Marks
+1 Kevin. I am addicted to nothing - Francine Hardaway
Francine: you are addicted to life. - Robert Scoble
That is too true - Francine Hardaway
We're gonna need Gigabit Internet before Web Centric apps become interesting and that will eventually happen but may be 10 years - Stephen Pickering
Wow. Google AdWords is advertising on this Stream - Francine Hardaway
that their customers don't want - Jerome Hughes
For instance imagine a web centric Logic where I could jam with others around the world and the experience was as good as the desktop app - Stephen Pickering
Steve's right - Francine Hardaway
HTML5 cough? I haven't seen that extension to the spec - Kevin Marks
With Apps there is less friction. For instance Photoshop is too intimidating but Instagram and Camera+ are cheap, effective, and fun! - Stephen Pickering
I bet everyone has all their bases covered just in case - Francine Hardaway
isn't Steve always right? ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Or thinks he is - Francine Hardaway
Steve is opaque enough to be interpreted as right after the fact? - Kevin Marks
Others have said that. Oh right, like the Bible! Make him feel good - Francine Hardaway
lots more friction - Jerome Hughes
good point Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
Nothing has ever been more frictionless than the App store - Francine Hardaway
Less frictionful? - Francine Hardaway
iOS users have more $$$ - Alex de Soto
Because "good" android apps are hard to come by. - Darren Bounds
The bottom of the pyramid is on Android? - Francine Hardaway
Google has conditioned us not to pay for stuff, Apple has conditioned us to pay for stuff. - Stephen Pickering
+1 @Stephen - Naor Mark
Google gets us to pay for stuff from people who pay them - Jerome Hughes
Thanks @Naor ! :D - Stephen Pickering
and sometimes that's much bigger stuff with higher $ - Jerome Hughes
6/30 deadline on the in-app purchase thing; grabbing links - - Denise Howell
Gray, the studio cat, is crying to get back in. Usually I banish him while we record. He doesn't lke that. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Safari is an app! heheheheh - Stephen Pickering
Safari share is shrinking - Kevin Marks
on the phone obviously its apps, but on tablet with more real estate browsing may at least be equal - Stephen Pickering
is webkit share shrinking? - Jerome Hughes
+1 Stephen - Francine Hardaway
Webkit is growing, largely due to Chrome. - Darren Bounds
Apple has the richest users... - Kevin Marks
is Apple selling Safari? - Jerome Hughes
On the iPad I use the browser more - Francine Hardaway
I do what Phil does - Francine Hardaway
The most common web browsers and browser versions today -- - Darren Bounds
But what difference does it make if you are using Facebook through an app or the web? - Stephen Pickering
there's more utility on the web - Jerome Hughes
in #FB, that is - Jerome Hughes
I watched all of Season 5 of Big Love on the iPad. Not with Airplay - Francine Hardaway
Adult? - Darren Bounds
I prefer watching movies on iPad to TV. I'm more engrossed in it, more intimate - Stephen Pickering
Robert watches porn on his IPad. Pass it on:-) - Francine Hardaway
Darren: R rated or higher. :-) - Robert Scoble
Francine, do I have to get the video for you that sings "the Internet is for porn?" - Robert Scoble
Kevin's natural light is getting weird - Tina Chase Gillmor
Both are growing and will continue to grow - Stephen Pickering
Breaking out my Gillmor translation device. - Darren Bounds
Is it the internet, or apps, Robert? LOL - Francine Hardaway
The advantage of the web is the Cloud, the advantage of native is speed and processing power, both have their + and - and both will continue to grow - Stephen Pickering
And then how will I watch this live without Flash? - Francine Hardaway
I carry a a big bag with me always now so I can carry my ipad always - Tina Chase Gillmor
Can't enjoy turntable without flash either - Stephen Pickering
If/when Android becomes as or more monetizable than iOS and HTML5 mobile experiences continue improve at the same rate they are now, there shouldn't be much reason to build native applications in 1-2 years. - Darren Bounds
Francine: hopefully soon. Ustream sucks and forces use of a specific workflow. Since Gillmor uses a Tricaster it is flash only. - Robert Scoble
Darren: which is why I focus mostly on distribution. - Robert Scoble
In business distribution is everything - Stephen Pickering
Exactly. Which is why apps are winning. - Robert Scoble
Or, I should say, growing faster. Websites still have Google. - Robert Scoble
someone get a lighting expert to call me! - Tina Chase Gillmor
But when I use Google it usually brings me temporarily to websites. Apps are for things I want a permanent relationship with. - Robert Scoble
Shouldn't there be a dial you can turn to fix this TIna:-) - Francine Hardaway
And that's why to add them to your home scree, - Francine Hardaway
lens flare is cool - Kevin Marks
But with the web you get better syncing so to speak. For instance my weight loss app on iPhone and iPad don't sync but if they were web based... - Stephen Pickering
Waiting for HTML5 - Francine Hardaway
Stephen: mine do. Instagram syncs with the web just fine. - Robert Scoble
apple concedes web apps for icloud: - Kevin Marks
Stephen: lots of weight loss apps sync to other places. If they don't, they should be pushed to. But true webapps can't talk to the GPS inside the phone. - Robert Scoble
The Wells Fargo app is very limited - Francine Hardaway
Because Instagram uses the web as its back end and places the data there - Stephen Pickering
Web (html) apps need to make sure that they have cool icon images built in to their code. Easy to do for iOS. Easy in-app monetization is harder to do but not impossible. And NFC will bring app impulse buy behaviors to retailers and physical goods. WIth each buy, you could give consumer option to "drop" an app on the buyers' mobile device. Does not matter if it's native or not. - Alex de Soto
So if the Apple / Android app store supported the installation of mobile web apps to the desktop the issue would go away? - Darren Bounds
Light. Easy to choose.Cheap or fee - Francine Hardaway
offline issues for web apps are still tricky: - Kevin Marks
I like the idea of a Chrome Webstore-like service for Android and/or iOS. - Darren Bounds
the term is "average" people - Tina Chase Gillmor
Node.js has nothing to do with this arguement. - Darren Bounds
Robert and Steve assuming that normal people have the device density that we do... is a bit much - Kevin Marks
I would have thought we would have a "light" show today... but not so. - Tina Chase Gillmor
We're talking about alternate ways to render and interact with information on a mobile device. Node JS is an application server. - Darren Bounds
apart from the sunlight in the lens form me, you mean? - Kevin Marks
what's the app? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Phil means the node.js support for I think - Kevin Marks
The whole reason for native apps initially was for user experience on a small real estate screen - Stephen Pickering
Wow. I agree with Steve. #firsttimeforeverything - Darren Bounds
Kevin: yup, and I just visited Nowjs yesterday and they are building an interesting real-time system for web. - Robert Scoble
thanks for the link Robert - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'm using the web to watch this show - Stephen Pickering
Average users - Tina Chase Gillmor
Cheaper - Francine Hardaway
The Androids phones are often cheaper - Francine Hardaway
I was waiting for that, Tina :) - Hilary Talbot
They're looking at the rest of the World where Windows brand is more popular and respected than within the Geek community in America and the UK - Stephen Pickering
Having spent the last week in the UK, Apple is definitely running away with the market here. Many Android devices but most users I've spoken with would rather have an iPhone. - Darren Bounds
In UK alone, Google’s Android Operating System accounts for 44.9% of the whole smartphone market. Having grown steadily from last year’s 37.4%, the Android OS gained 8.3% in market share as opposed to Apple’s iOS which showed a decline of 13.3% from 2010′s 32.9% to this year’s 19.6%. Being so, iOS remained Android’s close contender as it holds the number three spot with RIM’s BlackBerry... more... - Kevin Marks
let me find newer ones, but i bet iOS is displacing blackberry - Kevin Marks
i just downloaded a london pocket guide for one trip - Francine Hardaway
Totally agree that Apple is the best, but must have a ton of respect for Google getting in early enough to be a respectable competition. Just that act alone shows the competitive nimbleness of Google to me, the fact that they executed on Android - Stephen Pickering
Is it true that Apple will launch it's own Mapping Service - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Kevin: That's interesting. I definitely see an Android majority but most people seem to want an iPhone. Why they don't buy one, I'm not sure. Cost? Carrier? - Darren Bounds
Darren: answer to why people choose Android over iPhones: - Robert Scoble
Wow, tricky switching today...lots of it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert: Specifically here in the UK. - Darren Bounds
JK Rowling just ignored both Kindle and iBooks with Pottermore - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Pottermore books work on Kindle and Ipad etc - David Lloyd
Robert: Yes, I've read your Quora response. I think it's quite accurate. - Darren Bounds
Darren: it might be carrier focused. Also, use of phones in UK culture is quite different than here. The newspapers put texting numbers on top of front page there, for instance. I've never seen that here. So, there's a very strong texting culture. - Robert Scoble
pottermore is ePub, right? - Kevin Marks
pottermore has been touted as working on all ereaders and tablets so yes probablyepub - David Lloyd
Harry Potter Forever - Moe Glitz from iPhone
That's one Android Advantage the 5" screens - Stephen Pickering
people in restaurants dont talk to each other they just play on their phones! - David Lloyd
and the 7" ones - Kevin Marks
Form factor choice - Stephen Pickering
Similar experience for much less money - David Lloyd
Blackberry users liek their keyboards - Kevin Marks
Damn, I could tear some Logic up on that sucker! - Stephen Pickering
I've got one down from that - the quad-core 15, 12 gigs RAM. Hanging onto the MBP for travel, but I bet I won't open it much. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
someone has people like mine - Francine Hardaway
almost everyone hates it - Francine Hardaway
multicam is needed for live cutting - Kevin Marks
yaaaaaaay - Francine Hardaway
Congratulations! Looks like you had lots of viewers today. - Alex de Soto
Peace, out - Stephen Pickering
Great show all, vintage Gang - thanks! - Denise Howell
Thanks to everyone... especially the chat gang! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thanks everyone! - Robert Scoble
whats that - insulation
Nat Torkington
HAIL! In summer! I love you, Colorado.
Erick Schonfeld
RT @TechCrunch: Is The World Crazy For Bitcoin, Or Has The Bitcoin World Gone Crazy? by @rezendi
Patrick Jordan
Lodsys Responds to Apple, Files Lawsuits Against App Developers -
Ernest Svenson
RT @SteveMartinToGo: Guantanamo to abandon waterboarding for continuous replays of “Achy-Breaky Heart.”
Kevin Marks
RT @tjcrowley: I am pleased to announce that I have figured out Lady Gaga. She's totally a Batman villain.
Asha Dornfest
Michael Krigsman
Want to Speak at TED? Now You Can Audition -
Cliff Gerrish
Requiem for the Flip cam, newsroom video in a box » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism -
Requiem for the Flip cam, newsroom video in a box » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism
"In newsrooms, Flip cams became the latest symbol in a long history of products that could help transform journalism. They were democratizing little gadgets for multimedia that offered news organizations big and small the chance to have video for their website. As the multimedia push swept across newsrooms, it created a new division of have and have nots: on one side, organizations that could afford high quality gear, let alone time for photogs or web staff to produce a piece; on the other, the Flip Army." - Cliff Gerrish from Bookmarklet
Louis Gray
Sarah says Hi FriendFeed!
Photo on 2011-03-26 at 10.23 #2.jpg
hi sweetie! - VALZONE#SCREWED
*waves* - That's So CAJ!
Hi, sweetheart! - Anne Bouey
Hi Sarah. - DGentry
Hello! - LB needs a hero!
Hi Sarah! :-) - Absentee
Hi, Sarah. Have you learned to hack into dad's FF account yet? I bet you are crafty and working on it....We are staying tuned:) - Liza + = ?
Hey. - sofarsoShawn
Beautiful girl! Hi back. - Martha
Hello! - David Cook
Alex Howard
"Social media has made us even more aware of the things we're missing out on"-@caterina [HT @kitson]
Michael Masnick
Live By IP, Die By IP: Sony PS3s Seized By EU Customs For Violating Patents -
Leo Laporte
Matt Haughey
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PST participate at
can you see me on skype? I got a phonecall - Kevin Marks
I'm waiting for the SkypeCall. Hopefully my wifi holds up. - Robert Scoble
Anyone hear from Gillmor yet? Tina oh Tina, where art thou? - Robert Scoble
Hi everybody! - Francine Hardaway
Hi Francine! - Robert Scoble
Hi Francine. - Aron Michalski
Where are you where the wifi won't hold up? - Francine Hardaway
I'm sitting in the middle of USVP on Sand Hill Road. - Robert Scoble
It looks like it's doing OK now. Twitter and FriendFeed are streaming in fine. - Robert Scoble
Robert I'm going to an Apple store in Austin to get an iPad2, but not the downtown one - Francine Hardaway
Hi Aronski, I guess you are not touring lately - Francine Hardaway
It's the quiet season; I get back on the bird in April. - Aron Michalski
Just got the call, so we' should be on now... - Robert Scoble
Sweet! Doc is here... - Francine Hardaway
it's spelled John Borthwick, but it's pronounced Throat WObbler Mangrove - Kevin Marks
there's a lot of SKUs this time. 9 I count. 16, 32, 64 for Wifi. Same for 3G but x2 (GSM and CDMA). Plus they are still selling the old units.. - Jamie
Apps are definitely a deal breaker for me, personally. That said, we can't ignore these facts: 10 Reasons Why The Motorola Xoom Beats The iPad 2 - Nir Ben Yona
Can you take a photo with the iPad 2?? - Ward Mundy
The Air is light enough to use as a portable cam - Kevin Marks
said the connector was good for 1080p - Jerome Hughes
bingo Doc. - Aron Michalski
Yes, you can take a photo. But the camera is not all that good. - Robert Scoble
I'm conflicted, but I want to get one anyway. - Francine Hardaway
Even Hillary Clinton agrees - Jim Posner
You can read about the iPad 2 camera in this post: - Nir Ben Yona
narrowcasting=real name required. - Aron Michalski
I wonder if Doc has any comments re Monitor Consulting based at Harvard that took Libyan money to burnish the image of Gaddafi. Clay Shirky has been caught up in this as well. - Jim Posner
What's Windows? Old story, hardly news. - Michael Krigsman
All my documents are in the cloud. This is irrelevant - Francine Hardaway
Interesting article in Rolling Stone about the entertainers who took money from Gaddafi as well. - Aron Michalski
Why would MS want to support iOS? - Michael Krigsman
MS ship OneNote and Messenger on iOS - Kevin Marks
not that I can remember my Windows Live ID to try it - Kevin Marks
But today's MS doesn't compete on the bleeding edge - Michael Krigsman
Took him 10 years to port Mac OS as Windows. - Aron Michalski
Redmond fighting to restart developer interest in Sharepoint - clive boulton
The problem is not bleeding edge or not -- it's quality of design! - Michael Krigsman
The design sensibilities of the Mac create ease of use, that's the draw for so many new Mac users. - Michael Krigsman
mixing is a tactile experience; touch is a major improvement for Garage Band. - Aron Michalski
The leak of Remond talent to Kirkland turning to a stream - clive boulton
Robert, that VMware product you describe is fascinating! - Michael Krigsman
the difference is that on the iPad you can create the feel of an instrument - Kevin Marks
Steve, you are living in a future ivory tower that is far removed from the life of most of us ordinary users - Michael Krigsman
The 5th Beatle can be the mixer, directing the sound into a cohesive view. - Aron Michalski
GarageBand is awesome, but I really hope they'll have MIDI input somehow... otherwise, it doesn't make sense to play on the screen. - Nir Ben Yona
you mean Midi output, Nir? - Kevin Marks
MS was concerned about Linux going back to the 1997 timeframe - Michael Krigsman
Kevin: sorta. Something that will help connecting a Midi Controller. - Nir Ben Yona
In and out. - Aron Michalski
Not just MS either. I feel less compelled to invest in full Adobe Creative Suites. - Alex de Soto
conversation about iOS and iTunes begs the question ... what about the 'protesters' at the Apple event the other day ?? - studentforce
Canadian government cabinet ministers all have government issued iPads. - Brian Sullivan
funny .... my wife was watching a Xoom commercial yesterday and said ... "take a look at the Motorola iPad" its like calling a tissue a "kleenex' - studentforce
Hey! I have the 3GS still!!! - Alex de Soto
2.5G here - Jerome Hughes
I sold my 3G the day before the iPad2 announcement. Planning to buy a new one next week. - Michael Krigsman
With all that money in the bank, what's keeping Apple from going in the cellphone provider business? - Ward Mundy
Why waste money on ATT/Verizon 3G? I use my Android personal hotspot. - Michael Krigsman
Rumors Win 8 - further ahead on Tablet than letting on - clive boulton
Not sure iPad is really a text production platform though: - Kevin Marks
finally an interface the granola boxers of the 60's can throw some shapes with. - Aron Michalski
Kevin: with a Bluetooth keyboard? Absolutely! - Robert Scoble
I have trouble blogging on the iPad. But I don't use the Bluetooth keyboard - Francine Hardaway
BMW had a L7 - Jerome Hughes
Windows L8 even sounds great. - Ward Mundy
Different circles - the last 4 people whose machines I jumped on had IE6 :-p - Denise Howell
not sure if I get Ditto yet. - Jamie
Jamie: the UI needs a little bit more work to expose what's interesting there. - Robert Scoble
ditto needs an iPhone and Facebook... - Kevin Marks
Denise: I only talk to the tip of the spear. :-) - Robert Scoble
I hope you fixed that for them, Denise - Kevin Marks
The Xfinity apps from Comcast are pretty good. - Alex de Soto
I have an iPhone and Facebook. What I need are friends :) - Jamie
Kevin: there are lots of computers in conference rooms, lobbies, etc that aren't upgradeable by users and no one cares about them to upgrade them. - Robert Scoble
It's becoming one channel, with multiple windows. - Aron Michalski
Someone should caption you with your (er) hand up Robert: "Talk to the Tip!" Re fixing, yes, immediately. - Denise Howell
Imagine; we've reached the point where we want less channels. - Aron Michalski
My gogoinflight+iPad experience last week didn't work, the iPad choked on that connection. Also the hotel's later. Annoying; was glad I had the Air along too. (The good news is both fit comfortably in a purse.) - Denise Howell
I know, Denise. I have both and take them both, too. But that's a problem - Francine Hardaway
They are protecting the interests of the corporation they are part of. - Aron Michalski
the chap gave me a channel list, and I had no idea which show is on which channel, as I use a DVR - Kevin Marks
The network blocking/non-neutrality actions of the providers will be the big issue. - Aron Michalski
Basic TV and Fat pipe for Google TV is what I have. - clive boulton
I get 22 channels over_the_air. - coldbrew
AT&T would give me free install only if I chose a TV package. I'll cancel it. - Kevin Marks
Even the Time-Warner on demand has half of the primetime offerings, then you have to shift to a different provider on their internet connection to watch Fox/ABC on demand. - Aron Michalski
make a good app and pay 30% and relinquish your direct relationship with the customer ..... any thoughts on this ?? - studentforce
The cable company bundling packages are non-sensical. - coldbrew
espn3 is an exception for sports games....watched bowl games that I couldnt get with my limited basic - dlature
It is signatory issues... Robert is right until the production structure of content is changed to incorporate ads/retail in (and hypervideo will do this) they will shift over to the new model... and like Apple, as they just set the precedent, they will take a piece of the revenue from integrated retail). - davidlee
It's the value of intent over the value of "cache" there was a story earlier this week of a girl who sells 100,000 copies of her fiction through kindle without a publisher - Stephen Pickering
Yes, she writes vampire crap for teens, apparently. - coldbrew
The Last Mile is so important, and Comcast is my only choice - Stephen Pickering
Coldbrew, yeah I didn't see what she writes, still its interesting - Stephen Pickering
Pickering: I agree, just pointing it out for those that don't know. - coldbrew
WiMAX last mile, what happened? - clive boulton
How about fiber for the last mile?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!!??! - Stephen Pickering
ZipTV, love it - Kevin Marks
cliveb: tech issues. Spectrum is still valuable. - coldbrew
Superbowl parties, Oscar parties - Kevin Marks
No Reservations - Jim Posner
Comcast keeps sending me notices about DLing Bill Maher shows (like I don't know I'm DL ing them)> - coldbrew
What? Bill Maher is on HBO. Huh? - Stephen Pickering
Idol on HD; kinda like manchego Cheetos. - Aron Michalski
Last mile spectrum issues need FCC solution (Fat Pipe, Fat Chance) - clive boulton
Comcast needs HBO exactly like iOS needs Amazon and Google. - Stephen Pickering
I found the 720p quality on AppleTV better than the HD on the DVR - less compressed looking - Kevin Marks
AJE shows there is a market for serious news on devices. I hope startups move into this space. - Jim Posner
Yes. But, they are getting DMCAs from HBO b/c im on the torrent (and so are ~300 other people). - coldbrew
Ah, IC. - Stephen Pickering
news consumption is always "bursty" - Jim Posner
Apple's pricing is simply stunning. It's flabbergasting the market. - coldbrew
JohnB echos Eric Ries #leanstartup learn from MVP (min value prod) - clive boulton
lovin' the Chartbeat possibilities & Borthwick is right it is about complex television / film production structure. - davidlee
coldbrew: Did you mean flummoxing the market? - Alex de Soto
de Soto: Perhaps. - coldbrew
This has always been about art. What's the point in having the hardware unless you're creating content of interest? - Aron Michalski
I have to choose the ipad for the same reason I've chosen the custom machine up 'til this point. - coldbrew
Robert's right - Stephen Pickering
Robert: My thoughts EXACTLY. The Kinect is definitely a top-notch product. Thing is that Kinect is a Prime Sense development. - Nir Ben Yona
I think they could build the company around Kinect - Francine Hardaway
xPad x everything - Stephen Pickering
A whole company around a UI component? - coldbrew
I mean re-build the company by letting those old divisions die - Francine Hardaway
And yes, a whole company around UI. That is what APple's doing - Francine Hardaway
Or maybe it's UX. At bottom, that's what all companies are built around - Francine Hardaway
The innovator's dilemma is alive and well. - coldbrew
Give me a tool to create. Give me a tool that will push me beyond my current work. The pen, the typewriter, the computer. The will to write and the ability to say something has to be there; the tool can take you to the next level. - Aron Michalski
Talked about Roku+Amazon Prime yet? - Denise Howell
my boys are playing minecraft, not xbox - Kevin Marks
Enterprise can use Kinect to videoconference - Francine Hardaway
xBoxes in the break room of the enterprise - Stephen Pickering
big xbox user myself..wish it had youtube and a browser - Jim Posner
Could MS build a Kinect device to plug into an iPad that's connected to an HD monitor? - Alex de Soto
I want Prezi as a real iPad app... - Kevin Marks
Marks: I have to believe your kids are above average. Not to be a snob about it. - coldbrew
wish apple tv ran iOS or had safari - Jim Posner
sure, I'm scobleing... but MineCraft is a huge phenomenon - Google should fund an Android port - Kevin Marks
the browser doesn't work on the TV - Jamie
I thought the PS3 had a browser that worked pretty well. - Jim Posner
i'm not even convinced apps will - Jamie
I have a PS3 and browsing on it is just terrible Jim. control pad as an input device really isn't ideal - Jamie
ffs, everyone send your good health vibes to Borthwick. - coldbrew
really wish I could browse on my iPad and flick to the tv - Jim Posner
The Apple iOS device platform is also very adaptable or extendable. Medical devices, sensors, etc. will easily hook up. I'm sure Android and MS will move in that direction. - Alex de Soto
the Quick Bar - Jamie
shows you trends and promoted tweets - Jamie
new Twitter App on Android UX blows - clive boulton
i agree Robert....hate it - dlature
annoying ...really annoying - davidlee
it's so annoying .. moved to echofon - Naor Mark
Totally agree with Robert. A petition has been created to remove this - Mark Krynsky
it is very instrusive. - dlature
Tweetdeck for Android; good stuff. - Aron Michalski
it will be gone. If we all hate it they will kill it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Seesmic for Android got a nice update this week - Kevin Marks
Robert will pay for the rest of us. - Aron Michalski
Borthwick reminds me of the trade federation from Dune :) - coldbrew
sry man - coldbrew
Hate that part of the new Twitter app too. They did add some interesting features though. You can turn "Ignore local trends" in the settings and turn off pinstripes, whatever that is. - Alex de Soto
I was happily using the official Twitter client until this update and I'm sure that myself and others will now explore all the 3rd party alternatives again....not good for them. - Mark Krynsky
Hillary says VoA should become more like AJE. Wonder if the US could produce a credible network. - Jim Posner
I really like the new Echofon Pro. - Nir Ben Yona
Hey! I just turned off pinstripes and local trends and the little black bar went away! - Alex de Soto
The spice must flow. - coldbrew
Time to check out Seesmic or Echofon (easier than petitions) - clive boulton
Interesting Alex...I turned off local trends yesterday but it had no effect. Pinstripes I didn't try but will now. - Mark Krynsky
Oh no! The little black bar didn't really go away. :( Sorry Mark - Alex de Soto
local trends are an optional setting. - Mark Krynsky
Do the deal sites have twitter feeds with substance? - coldbrew
Mine doesn't have it, guess I haven't updated yet - Stephen Pickering
pinstripes - Aron Michalski
it doesn't remove it, just make the annoyance local :) - Naor Mark
Yep! Sorry. I thought I'd give it a shot. - Alex de Soto
No Alex...those settings do not kill the bar... - Mark Krynsky
PER device. - Aron Michalski
it makes the annoyance less local - Kevin Marks
People that pay more than $55/ device for 3g are lost. - coldbrew
Right Kevin - Alex de Soto
right. and i agree with Nir, echofon looks nice... - Naor Mark
I use Echofon on mac now - Kevin Marks
Get better, Borthwick.! - coldbrew
Mobile = combining life with technology, creativity with technology, a huge boost in productivity. - Stephen Pickering
Pick it up at the Austin store..maybe I can help..walking distance from me Robert. - Jim Posner
I checked our echofon for mac but it doesn't work well with Hebrew (important for me) i'm using YoruFukurou mainly - Naor Mark
Scoble: If you talk about apps anymore, I'm coming to your house to shut you up :) - coldbrew
Obviously, kidding - coldbrew
apps Schmapps, we need web too. ditto needs a web app - Kevin Marks
Kevin...and Android! - Mark Krynsky
ditto - Jamie
Marks: You are always the voice of reason here. - coldbrew
YoruFukurou - tongue twister - clive boulton
Thank you Doc, Thank you Kevin, John and Steve! - Aron Michalski
Thanks, as always, you guys. - coldbrew
(and Tina...) - Aron Michalski
Almost inspired to buy iPad 2, but living in hope GoogleIO gifts a Tablet - clive boulton
I'll get one but not when the store opens. - Aron Michalski
Thanks Aron. We're both behind the scenes kind of guys, aren't we? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Jeremiah Owyang
Name all the web incubators in silicon valley: y combinator, 500 startups, guidewire's Studio G (new), Summit in SF. Others?
57% of U.S. Internet users are on Facebook, 42% of U.S. population
Matt Haughey
Six inches of SNOMG on the ground and more falling.
Six inches of SNOMG on the ground and more falling.
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PST participate at
Leaving Oracle to cozy up to RIM after securing rights to Android. - clive boulton
who'son today? - dlature
I am - Kevin Marks
I am, waiting for the famous Skype call... - Robert Scoble
Hi everybody. Happy revolution. - Amyloo
I think I'm on. Literally but perhaps not figuratively. - John Taschek
Amyloo: which one? The one in Egypt or the one in Nokia? This is the Gillmor Gang! :-) - Robert Scoble
I figure it's always safe to assume the GG as defined by Steve can very well include politics, music and comedy. - Amyloo
Overthrowing dictators is only slightly more important than phone vendor sports, Robert ;p - Michael Breslin
Amyloo: politics, music, and comedy pretty much explains what's going on inside Nokia. :-) - Robert Scoble
so then happy turkey day? - Ankush Narula
If the army is running things. That doesn't sound much more positive, does it? - Stephen Pickering
Happy revolutionary day! - Robert Scoble
Who knows how either of these stories will turn out? o_O - coldbrew
lol...they say Apple kicked their ass and then do a deal with MSFT? - Karoli
Scoble, who is the dictator? Microsoft? - Matt Terenzio
Not sure I'd like the idea of the U.S. Army taking control but . . . - Matt Terenzio
Nokia's market cap is 35 billion - Stephen Pickering
I'm sure it used to be north of 100 billion - Stephen Pickering
Nokia's existing developer community will now move to Android - not Windows Phone 7. - Ankush Narula
Ankush: the Nokia developer community is irrelevant. If they WERE relevant we would be using Nokia devices. - Robert Scoble
There is certainly a good chance this partnership can work. MS shows a willingness to throw large amounts of cash, but NOK does seem to be throwing in the towel. - coldbrew
Apple and Google absolutely need each other equally. They are like two stars in a dual star system locked in a gravitational dance - Stephen Pickering
I don't get this whole internet + call stuff, I have a Droid Incredible and have basically never wanted to do that. - Eric Florenzano
Ankush: and, anyway, WinPhone7 has better developer tools. - Robert Scoble
Apple needs Google's data, Google needs Apple's distribution - Stephen Pickering
Lost connection - Robert Scoble
Call me back Tina... - Robert Scoble
Robert: It's a big culture shift - essentially Nokia is becoming Microsoft Jr. by dumping all of their platforms and tools. Won't this won't cause a shakeup internally at Nokia and with Nokia's partners? - Ankush Narula
If either Apple or Google got rid of each other, they would lose too much credibility in the marketplace - Stephen Pickering
I'm not arguing against the merits of WP7 - Ankush Narula
I've had this computer for months and just had to install silverlight. That speaks volumes of Silverlight lack of traction. - Matt Terenzio
whats silverlight? :P - Nick Halstead
Great comments, Ankush and Stephen - John Taschek
HP went the other way - Ankush Narula
Thanks John! :-) - Stephen Pickering
Thanks John - Ankush Narula
OpenOffice really needs a lot of's really still not there yet. - Eric Florenzano
Florenzano: Only if you need some of the more advanced excel functions. - coldbrew
coldbrew: I dunno, I find every time I need to use it, I run into something weird that I can't quite do properly in OO. - Eric Florenzano
I dont buy into that Microsoft is going to get any App development traction - and without Apps its doomed - Nick Halstead
Nick: well, Angry Birds isn't on WinPhone7 - Robert Scoble
Nick: I wonder if IE9 will lend any credence to Microsoft's position on HTML5 vs Silverlight - Ankush Narula
Ankush: I've been told that inside Microsoft Silverlight is dead. Windows 8 will be a BIG bet on HTML5. - Robert Scoble
...and the cloud :) - coldbrew
Robert: I've heard similar sentiments - Ankush Narula
Ankush: but Silverlight will kick along for a few years, just like Visual Basic kicked along for a few years after they stopped caring about that. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: I'm pretty sure Silverlight is Windows Phone 7's main development platform, isn't it? - Eric Florenzano
"sure, you pay heavily for a fast internet connection that is always on, but servers are hard. Pay us a monthly fee. It is SO much easier" - coldbrew
:) - coldbrew
Silverlight is dead is a big story. But it makes sense for Microsoft to do this. - John Taschek
I would be surprised if they went all in on HTML5, but hell, that would be the kind of thing that's crazy enough to work...especially to get developers on board. - Eric Florenzano
In the 70s there three networks. Today there are two. hehehheh - Stephen Pickering
Does the death of silverlight mean that devs are already being redirected away from the silverlight WP7 toolkit? - John Taschek
Eric: for now, but it's clear that WinPhone7 will move toward HTML 5 in future. - Robert Scoble
BGR just posted that HP TouchPad planned for June, priced at $699? - Kenny
And so WP7, Android and webOS all seem to be aligning behind HTML5 apps. Even Bret Taylor is talking about killing native FB apps. - Ankush Narula
Shouldn't you differentiate among silverlight wpf AND .net? - coldbrew
Microsoft is now going to be run by engineers - so HTML5 fits in. - John Taschek
Kenny: Single SKU? Contract? - coldbrew
The only third party that would survive would be one that is lighter and faster, especially for mobile. - Aron Michalski
John: will the engineers publicly behead Steve Ballmer first? - Ankush Narula
Newsmix is another Flipboard like player by Sobees that's worth a look - Mark Krynsky
what evidence is there that people are aligning behind html5 apps? if anything it is the opposite... apps are very much still the most popular way to deploy for mobile - Jamie
coldbrew: it doesn't say. Just a quick small post no real details other then price and month. - Kenny
Here we go, Links are dead again. ; ) - Matt Terenzio
Jamie: I'm speaking of deployment methodology as well as development tools. - Ankush Narula
Remember track via XMPP? - coldbrew
Are there clouds or fog in John T's location? ;-) - Aron Michalski
Why does John look like he's dial up using on a Webcam from 1990 :) Bad video - Kenny
John T is in an aquarium - Ankush Narula
track via XMPP...those were the hours... - Aron Michalski
heh, thanks for following my list, John! - Jerome Hughes
I think Facebook's whole philosophy is that your friends need to become your filter on everything, and they think that hasn't happened yet for news. - Eric Florenzano
It looks like the Nokia sauna-cam... - Aron Michalski
asking the crowd, who else should be on that list ? :D - Jerome Hughes
I thought newtwitter took it clearly out of the social network category? - coldbrew
twitter is how I get a lot of my news - Kenny
For those of us normal people there is a huge lurk factor. - coldbrew
I have a pretty similar friends base on Twitter and Facebook (pretty geeky) and Twitter is by far more for sharing news/links whereas Facebook is more about personal status updates. This is in part because of how people treat the services differently. Facebook more about small private friends (reciprocal) vs. Twitter more open (public follows) - Mark Krynsky
I think my wife is running Pandora One and it sucked bandwidth. So I am in the fog and the aquarium, even though it's a sunny day in San Francisco! - John Taschek
people can't always tell twitter from facebook: - Kevin Marks
Is John in Egypt? heheheheheh - Stephen Pickering
Kevin....hah awesome. - Mark Krynsky
Maybe John just is blurry -- even if you saw him in person. - Amyloo
:) - Kenny
Kevin: People can't tell Facebook from ReadWriteWeb :) - Eric Florenzano
Gillmor stubble: the return! Like it Steve, very rugged. - Denise Howell
Amyloo - yes - I have heard that before. - John Taschek
NGL could have done it ;-) - Aron Michalski
johnT must be in pacifica fog zone - clive boulton
Jerome, list looks good; I might prune it a bit rather than add... ;-) - Aron Michalski
Damn, I need to get upgrade my Polaroid "Land" webcam and get into the real world. - John Taschek
We should force Gabe to use a headphone. :-) - Robert Scoble
What is Gabe playing with that makes that weird noise? - Robert Scoble
It's the Dorian Gray model Logitech. - Aron Michalski
Google hired Social star Ed Chi - clive boulton
We should force Gillmor to get a razor ;) - Kenny
Sounds like prayer beads. - Denise Howell
I thought that was Elizabeth Taylor - Matt Terenzio
We had an audible potty flush today on TWiL; perhaps my proudest moment as a host. - Denise Howell
I just want to be a fly on the wall when Arrington has his first fight with Ms. Huffington - Ankush Narula
Well getting the Howard Fineman's to Huffpo, isn't that just play out of Citizen Kane's playbook? - Stephen Pickering
Google moving up social - clive boulton
I like Daily Beast as a competitor to huffpo on the writing side. - Denise Howell
I think they get a lot of traffic to their gossip stories. Gabe might have a idea of how much. - Amyloo
Denise: good point! - Robert Scoble
I can't read any of it. No idea about any of it. Pretty sure its barley tech related. - coldbrew
started off politically wonky, now has a fine crust of TMZ all over it... - Aron Michalski
thx, Aron! find it pretty useful, in a crude sort of way - Jerome Hughes
I'm using my essential list to generate a page... - Aron Michalski
All of a sudden I keep hearing about Readability. The other liberrians were just talking about it. - Laura Norvig
did John request anonymity today? - Kevin Marks
That's it; he's in witness protection!!! - Aron Michalski
Readability and Instapaper are essential these days. The web is cluttered with crappy layouts and terrible font choices. - Ankush Narula
Gillmor said I wasn't allowed to talk as much as usual today so I had to underground. I thought he meant literally. - John Taschek
Been using 2-step authentication for about 6 weeks - it's great. I've generated about 30 passwords for different apps and devices. - Ankush Narula
What's Last Pass? I heard good things about that - Stephen Pickering
That's a simple password manager. - coldbrew
I've used 1Password for a while now - Leah Culver
that's how I feel. I don't care if someone gets my stuff. All public anyway - Francine Hardaway
is Scoble using auto-tune? - Aron Michalski
i have an RSA key for my payroll, but it never works right - Francine Hardaway
Autotune?Is that like IamTPain? - Francine Hardaway
Aron: hahah! That would be fun to try! - Robert Scoble
Chatter UI/UX srlsy needs TLC - clive boulton
now we are talking about my world... - Aron Michalski
Auto tune the building43? :) - Eric Florenzano
If you can get away with just an iPad your not doing much work - Kenny
They can't buy RIM. RIM's too big - Stephen Pickering
They should buy HTC. - Eric Florenzano
RIM has grown 20 per cent per quarter in the last 4 years right in the teeth of Apple and Android - Stephen Pickering
RIMs market cap is 33bn... MS have more than that in csh. - Jamie
Oracle buys RIM after Larry lawyers beat up Googles for Android. - clive boulton
Yeah, so they're gonna give all their cash away to have a metal bender? - Stephen Pickering
very soft focus - Jerome Hughes
I just don't see that RIM is losing - I see Blackberries everywhere and I see them selling all the time. Not to mention that they're pretty entrenched in government and enterprise. - Ankush Narula
Too late -- biz already moving to Android. At least according to my workplace mobile stats. - Amyloo
Buying HTC would not only stunt Android's largest OEM, but HTC has proven that they're competent and well-led. - Eric Florenzano
He's using Cher's cinematographer... - Aron Michalski
not saying they will do it - but the idea that RIM is too big is false. - Jamie
borders going bankrupt, good job ebooks! - Michael Breslin
BlackBerries > BlackOracles - clive boulton
33bn is two years cash - Jamie
RIM just keeps growing like crazy. 1 billion in after tax profits last quarter - Stephen Pickering
SP: exactly - Ankush Narula
Aro nski I think that's the tech behind I am TPain - Francine Hardaway
cliveb: check it out, thoughts? - Kenny
HP seems to be targeting RIm more so than others. cliveb: I like that oracle/rim possible partnership idea. - coldbrew
the range of Android is easily from $29 to $500, and still android makes about $7 a head. - Aron Michalski
Android's notification is way better than iphone - Stephen Pickering
iphone's notification awful - Kenny
they already do use webkit dont they? - Jamie
They have moved to WebKit - the Torch - Ankush Narula
and the bulk of RIMs audience is actually NOT enterprise, but consumer. ppl underestimate bbm - Jamie
Kenny - IcedRobot fork, yes. But Google will cave to Oracle. - clive boulton
Francine, yes it is, as an effect but it is mainly to repair the humanity of the human voice. Watch Glee and see how much soul is sucked out of it by productions decision to run it through the software. - Aron Michalski
Won't Blackberry become less relevant as e-mail use declines? - Amyloo
Exactly. Google and Apple need each other - Stephen Pickering
cliveb: really? hmmm, it'll be interesting - Kenny
I agree with Robert - RIM/Microsoft would be pretty strong - Ankush Narula
yeah and google is broke - lol - Kenny
the cream, the cream, it's on the shelf! - Jerome Hughes
Ankush: RIM/Microsoft/Nokia. :-) - Robert Scoble
If RIM is a loser, I'd love to be a loser. They are doing gangbusters. Look at their financials - Stephen Pickering
Robert: yup - Ankush Narula
Rimsoftia? - John Taschek
JT: Sounds dirty - Ankush Narula
Stephen - have heard the same said of MS here many times - Jerome Hughes
Micrimia? - John Taschek
Stephen: be careful, you gotta read them the right way. RIM is in deep trouble, just like Nokia is. - Robert Scoble
The dumbphone market will go along with my @cgerrish discussion, the off the grid/on the grid one, where identity and legality will blip on and off. - Aron Michalski
RIM OS is what 18 yrs old... - clive boulton
What semi is Oracle going after? Larry said he would acquire? - coldbrew
cliveb: I think QNX is RIM's current bet - Ankush Narula
Marvell? - coldbrew
I will say Apple will remain the leader in tablets, not because it's so much better but it's very good and priced extremely well...unlike the over price Android tablets, they are very good but over priced - Kenny
Voice/text is a given dumbphone feature but will the web be? - Aron Michalski
Thanks Robert! - Stephen Pickering
I don't think the average consumer is buying an Android phone though... they are buying SE, HTC, LG phones etc.. - Jamie
well use them for more then a day - Kenny
If I could only afford 5 phones... - Aron Michalski
Unrelated note: Thought I saw a young Scoble in the HBO Reagan documentary. Is that possible? - Alex de Soto
Ankush - ONX makes sense, but Oracle wants to crush SAP's mobile stratgey - clive boulton
Alex: hah. I was at a Reagan rally once. - Robert Scoble
What context did you think you saw me? My photo of Reagan is still hanging in the Republican Headquarters in Silicon Valley. - Robert Scoble
holy crap - Kenny
iAppleScripting - Jerome Hughes
Tiny, seconds-long clip of someone in a crowd commenting on the country's situation. - Alex de Soto
2.2 does - Aron Michalski
Alex: I doubt it. But I did get a great photo of him. - Robert Scoble
Not all Android apps jump but a bunch do; as well of those who use the browser as an engine so it's just tabs. - Aron Michalski
Robert: Check it out. It just might be you. :) - Alex de Soto
Oops, did everyone's video just drop or is it just me? - Kenny
ah, its back - Kenny
reminds of the TSR daze - Jerome Hughes
It's really cool to see new versions of Android apps all finding these good features, especially the "move to SD card" one... - Aron Michalski
Anyone care to comment on the use of "post-PC era" ? - coldbrew
Someone is typing furiously, ha! - Eric Florenzano
He's counting all that cash he's making - Stephen Pickering
Scobleizer vs. Quora? :P - Eric Florenzano
he's left the building - Jerome Hughes
Talk about Instagram Robert! ehheheheheheheheheheh - Stephen Pickering
Nice when GoogleTV app market opens. Planning a GillmorGang App - clive boulton
iPad 2 will be out before the touchpad - Jamie
also the Pre 2 is about to come out on Verizon but they just announced the Pre 3...who's gonna buy a Pre 2 right now - Kenny
HP? Microsoft/Nokia? Android? Bah. It's about ecosystem. Here's what's coming: - Ankush Narula
THe problem with HP is that great geniuses always have weaknesses, and like how they got rid of Hurd, they won't allow any CEO that has any weakness which loses the genius part - Stephen Pickering
cliveb: I hope I can get some functionality on mythTV :) - coldbrew
careful; Gillmor may be Apple only, an Android app would be blasphemous. - Aron Michalski
Michalski: It makes him feels safe, and I don't think he is alone. - coldbrew
"Groupware!" - Ankush Narula
coldbrew: indeed. Google hired IE leader to head up GoogleTV app market place - clive boulton
ROA! - Jerome Hughes
I learned Twitter from Scoble and Leo. If I'd only joined 3 weeks earlier I could have been @stephen ! - Stephen Pickering
Novell was way ahead of its time - distributed computing, the channel, the CNE ...and Groupware! - John Taschek
JT: Agreed - Ankush Narula
and then there was Newton… - Jerome Hughes
Twitter found its highest, best use today when Steve Martin tweeted "Dancin' by the Nile," followed by "Mubarak's dancin' wear: dress socks, sandals, bag over head." - Denise Howell
Idea: use keyboard drumming as a special podcast way of applauding or saying "Hear, hear!" - Amyloo
Timing is everything. - John Taschek
Let's see what they can do with wave under Apache. - coldbrew
JohnT why did Novell fade away? - clive boulton
They are a lead conributor. - coldbrew
It's like the chorus murmuring... - Aron Michalski
Steve G invariably is right with these predictions - Jamie
transformational - Jerome Hughes
Exactly, Aron. - Amyloo
JohnT: they were out run by Microsoft. When I saw Windows 3.11 and NT I knew it was over for Novell. They couldn't compete with that. - Robert Scoble
Why is it always after companies like Google, FB, and Twitter become big doe their paradigms seem so obvious? - Stephen Pickering
Robert: agreed - Ankush Narula
Twitter was obvious to me in 2007. It just takes a lot of you a long time to catch up. - Robert Scoble
emphatic paper crumpling - Jerome Hughes
Twitter might have aided in the Egyptian revolution. But in the end, a good old phone call to GW Bush from Mubarak helped the former dictator dodge a million pairs of shoes. - Ankush Narula
because once we see them being used, we develop intuitions for them - Kevin Marks
I mean back in 2004 when I was tooling around with a retail store, I could have been building Facebook! - Stephen Pickering
Apple buying boxcar - Jamie
Novell played a game that it wasn't good at - buying WordPerfect to compete with Microsoft. Not upping the ante in the ring 0 versus ring 3 debate. Getting crushed in the channel too. - John Taschek
Golf clap - lol - Kenny
Jamie: Really? - Eric Florenzano
Jamie: That would be interesting. - Eric Florenzano
JohnT / RobertS - novell thx - clive boulton
Re: Novell - agree with Robert. - John Taschek
encore! - Jerome Hughes
you're good. - Aron Michalski
What will the FB and Twitter of 5 years from now be so that I can put my energies to good use? hehehe - Stephen Pickering
skate to where the puck will be... - Jerome Hughes
glimpsing of new loop app? - clive boulton
What was it that Jerry Garcia said? "We would have sold out if anyone was buying what we were doing..." - Aron Michalski
have a good week everyone - Ankush Narula
Hughes: you have to give Gretsky credit there :) - coldbrew
RT: skate to where the puck will be... - Jerome Hughes - clive boulton
coldbrew: and Christensen - Jerome Hughes
See ya everybody. and the Hansen Brothers. - Aron Michalski
hasn't had padded glasses for 38 years -> - Jerome Hughes
You've Got Arianna: AOL Buys Huffington Post for $315 Million in Cash, Appoints Huffington Editor-in-Chief of All of Its Content -
Cali Lewis
The best commercials from Superbowl XLV:
dave mcclure
RT @HowardStern: A talking facebook car? can't wait to hear a message from a girl who wouldn't bang me in high school as I crash into a wall.
The Black Eyed Pea's Wikipedia entry shortly after their performance at the halftime show... -
Sarah Lane
Nice work on that audio @martinsargent! Ima buy a Camaro tomorrow!
Kevin Fox
USAir plane lands in the Hudson River
Picture 12.png
But I only learned about this from Thomas Hawk first because of reverse chronological posting. ;-) Had I been reading in the order posted, Kevin Fox would have been my "news source." - michael silverton
bump. - Mona Nomura
You know someone somewhere caught it on video. I expect it by this evening, as soon as they find an agent. - Kevin Fox
currently 21F in NYC. brr. - ⓞnor
Amazing rescue. Wow. - Jim Mitchem
Someone took a picture from the ferry - Mona Nomura
Is there anyway i can mark this as "i don't like this" i feel guilty marking this news as "i like this. - Adam Jackson
How about just change "Like" to "Bump"? - Roshan Vyas
Definitely feel bad about "Liking" this. Bump suggestion is good - mashable
Launched this around my office, and people are suprised about me knowing this already. - Stephen Lecheler
I think "Like" should be "highlight" instead. - Richard Lawler
Behold the power of live journalisim. Just got a huge burst of data from Scoble about the plane crash in New York. - Stephen Lecheler
That Twitpic picture made it on MSNBC and CNN wild. - Mona Nomura
suyun üzerine düşmesi büyük şans kimse ölmemiş. hatta tv den gördüm az önce bir vatandaş sevinçle çıkıyordu uçaktan. - Volkan Yılmaz
I found out about this and the Steve Jobs news via Twitter. Change is happening... - Louis Gray
Crossposted: This is "augmented social cognition" in everyday action -- moniter, moniter, signal spike, relay, relay, process, relay, react, involve, resolve, reset. Rudimentary, yes, but worthy of closer research! - michael silverton
Hudson river plane crash nyc - sources, all collection up to date, now krunch'd at - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Waiting at PHL for the first US Air flight I've taken in a long time. I'm glad everyone is ok. I was relieved to hear the evacuation was orderly and hope ppl take this as a reminder that once and a while you should actually read the instructions for the emergency exit. - Sarah Brinkerhoff
Michael, good point on "source" How news gets propagated from now on is going to get very interesting analytically. - Melanie Reed
The path that got me the news on this oddly was having TwitterGadget open in Gmail: CNN BreakingNews pushes it to my Desktop slightly faster than NTARC twitters it in my TwitterGadget window. I immediately tweet to my followers and then go to check FF - Melanie Reed
macro- blogsearch has in general 270 macro blogs on this story ; compared with maybe 100.000 twitters on this, extremely slow as expected ; btw, coincidence that google took down 4 of their services today??? maybe they needed new server space for * this* [did google/nasa crash the hudson plane ?? [cp 2.o theory]... more... - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
^^^ PAGING SPAM KILLER TEAM. Thx. - Micah from YouFeed
Micah, put it in the Spam Group. - Rochelle
Dealt with. (My first thought was 'oh crap, another jet landed in the Hudson??') - Kevin Fox
Yeah, I was kind of psyched out too, Kevin. Rochelle, I'm now subscribed - thank you both. - Micah
I am from Turkey. :) - Cihan Özbek
Kevin, are you talking about the ewing2001akaNicomedy2010 account? I'm still seeing it. - Rochelle
It's not actually spam. Read the comment: it's on topic. The rest of the account isn't spammy either. - Akiva
No, we weren't talking about ewing2001. There was a spammer (username suatuigamala) leaving commentspam in the post. It's an unfortunate artifact that Micah's calling-out now points to an innocent commenter after the spam was removed. :-) - Kevin Fox
Roland Tanglao
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