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RT @twitlive: This Week in Law with @dhowell and Evan Brown is starting soon!
#TWiL this week: digital afterlife and #bitcoin taxation, w/ @NaomiCahn & @walshsuzy. Other good stuff too:
RT @walshsuzy: Facebook rethinks what happens to your posts after you die | PCWorld via @pcworld
RT @JoelShoe: Day 1 of the @uniformlaws spring meeting on Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets (@ Washington Court Hotel)
RT @totally_fried, IRS says Bitcoin is taxable:
RT @internetcases: Seems like we ought to be hearing more from the pro-drone lobby about how effective a swarm of them would be in locating #MH370 wreckage.
RT @PeterboroughWeb: Another great show @dhowell @internetcases @larrydownes @scobleizer - Scary when govts & companies track us 24/7 then go "off the rails"!
Yesterday's #TWiL managed to be great DESPITE my rambling open! Thx again @Scobleizer @larrydownes @internetcases :D
Our pic in honor of today's #TWiL ("Hester Prynne v. Davy Crockett") w/ @larrydownes @Scobleizer @internetcases & me:
Super #TWiL on NOW w/ @Scobleizer @larrydownes @internetcases & me. Prepare to get freaky:
Discussion points for a #TWiL focused on the interplay between law and disruption, innovation are shaping up here:
Part of your homework for this week's #TWiL is Triangulation 136 w/ @larrydownes: @Scobleizer on too! Disruption, ho!
RT @Scobleizer: In an hour will be talking to a sold out room about the future of music in tech. Got anything we should know about?
RT @levie: Wow. Seattle. You've lost your mind. This is how you fall behind in innovation.
RT @Scobleizer: Larry Page at TED makes me skeptical about Glass:
Did you miss #TWiL 250? Don't worry, it's still there: Had great fun w/ @kfortney! (They're friendly slugs, honest.)
Good discussion by Eugene Volokh on the state of the law re public schools and the "heckler's veto:" #bronies
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Why #iphone is banned on Instagram, but #gunforsale is not | Ars Technica -
Police ticket Google Glass-wearing driver for watching “TV” in car | Ars Technica -
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