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How To Opt Out Of Google's Plan To Sell Your Endorsements To Advertisers - Forbes -
An Interview with Roy Kaufman, Copyright Clearance Center | The Scholarly Kitchen -
Patent troll Lodsys chickens out, folds case rather than face Kaspersky Lab | Ars Technica -
Poetry Lovers' Page - Rudyard Kipling: Dane-Geld -
'Destroy all Patent Trolls,' by Jonathan 'Song a Day' Mann (music video) -
Gov shutdown affects transparency, too, as FOIA requests reportedly grind to a halt -
California's Latest Effort To 'Protect Kids Online' Is Misguided And Unconstitutional -
TWiL 229: Trolling, Trolling... Trollhide -
More details, new video showing Iphone fingerprint reader pwned by Chaos Computer Club - Boing Boing -
Fake Online Review Firms Reach Settlement With New York - Bloomberg -
iPhone 5s Fingerprinting Tech. Hacked: The Risks and Ramifications of Your Fingerprints - Not So Anonymous -
Google Removes ‘BitTorrent’ From Piracy Search Filter | TorrentFreak -
Ultramercial: The Case We Love to Hate | Electronic Frontier Foundation -
How Newegg crushed the “shopping cart” patent and saved online retail | Ars Technica -
“Shopping cart” patent troll tries to save itself, gets pounded by Newegg | Ars Technica -
Troll-Killing Patent Reform One Step Closer | Electronic Frontier Foundation -
When Startups Seek Patent Trolls as Saviors, the System Has Failed | Electronic Frontier Foundation -
Courts in two states are tilting the nation’s patent system toward plaintiffs -
Why do patent trolls love East Texas and Delaware? They win more there. -
Verizon birdies tweet 4G LTE activating 'soon' on new Nexus 7 | News | TechRadar -
Hacker group bypasses Apple’s Touch ID with ‘fake finger’ technique -
Apple's advanced fingerprint technology is hacked; should you worry? | ZDNet -
Verizon blocks Nexus 7 and will probably get away with it | Ars Technica -
Verizon Answering to FCC Over Nexus 7 "Block" -
TWiL 228: Operatic Poodles and Flying Pigs -
I’m Under Arrest for What? Fifty Bizarre U.S. Laws | Divine Caroline -
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