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RT @AbbyMartin: 16 yr old creates plugin that shows who funds US Reps in Congress when you hover over their names in any online story
RT @ForbesTech: The U.K.'s "porn filters" block one-fifth of all websites:
RT @helenzaltzman: "Stop pretending your podcast is work." Deep burn from OITNB series 2.
RT @jonarogers: Had to check my podcast player twice - nice to hear @dhowell from @thisweekinlaw on @ShowbizSandbox. #dontcrossthestreams #okcrossitscool
RT @totally_fried: excellent This Week in Law #265 w/ @dhowell I even agreed with @internetcases (god help me)
RT @TrademarkBlog: @dhowell @uspto @atlblog @SCOTUSblog I wish. Those $275 filing fees could add up.
.@TrademarkBlog, ever get confused w/ @uspto? Twitter/trademark/branding mess (plus hilarious). @atlblog @SCOTUSblog
.@natalimorris So many people we know could have been Aaron, so many growing up today could be. Losing him was such an unnecessary tragedy.
The Internet's Own Boy, free CC-licensed download on Via @Doctorow, @BoingBoing
RT @Unity23: .It's going to be an extra exciting TWIT today. W/ @leolaporte @dhowell @Tim_Stevens @natalimorris @twitlive @TWiT
RT @TWiTRoundTable: Happy TWiTday everyone! @dhowell @Tim_Stevens @natalimorris coming up w/ @leolaporte 3pmPDT. Be there, and be square.
RT @dorfonlaw: Technology and Methodology in Aereo and Riley
RT @dorfonlaw: Disagreeing to Agree on Recess Appointments and Buffer Zones
RT @internetcases: Aereo and much more on This Week in Law 265 with @dhowell @internetcases @InternetLawCent and @sonjarwest:
RT @internetcases: Aereo and much more on This Week in Law 265 with @dhowell @internetcases @InternetLawCent and @sonjarwest:
RT @OralArgument: Our friend @sonjarwest was on TWiL today w/ @dhowell and @internetcases. Guess what. She brought up speed traps.
TWiL 265: Monkeys, Ducks, and Unicorns -
Our pic in honor of #TWiL 265 (think lock screen) is by @techlawadvisor! Honorable mention:
RT @FunnelFiasco: I pronounce certiorari "sir she oh rawr ee" because that's how my HS government teacher pronounced it. #TWiL @dhowell @InternetCases
Full frontal #SCOTUS on #SCOTUS action RIGHT NOW on #TWiL, w/ @sonjarwest @InternetLawCent @internetcases & me:
RT @twitlive: This Week in Law with @dhowell and Evan Brown is starting soon!
RT @sonjarwest: #SCOTUS is fighting over the meaning of the word "happens." And to think there are people who find the World Cup interesting …
RT @internetsownboy: We are so excited to share our film with you TODAY! Here's All the info you need to watch:
Great guide to handling law enforcement phone search requests post RIley: via @wentword
RT @TinaGillmor: G3 LIVE recording session today at 12 noon PDT/3pmEDT @stevegillmor @kevinmarks @halley
Ambiguous statements & dubious assumptions for 500 Alex: @ericgoldman, Four Unanswered Questions From Aereo's Loss:
RT @TimCushing: KlearGear must pay $306,750 to couple that left negative review
RT @OrinKerr: Just finished my "significance of Riley" post with 6 numbered thoughts. Some will take a few min to appear.
Is your living room open to the public or likely to be filled with persons not family or regular social acquaintances? #selltickets #aereo
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