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Overview of the Supreme Court’s October 2014 Term -
Court Says Yelp Doesn't Extort Businesses -
Facebook Search Now Lets Some Mobile Users Look Up Friends’ Old Posts By Keyword | TechCrunch -
Apple expands data encryption under iOS 8, making handover to cops moot | Ars Technica -
Apple Won't Decrypt Your iPhone, Even if the Government Requests It -
Apple's iOS 8 features new encryption to lock out government -
Court Rules Yelp May Demand Money for Adding and Removing Reviews - SEW -
DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins - Slashdot -
TWiL 275: First Rule of Mau5 Club -
Made to Order - Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora Quote - Space Goddess The Best - Comic Marvel Film Cosplay Superhero - Pelvic Sorcery by CreativeTsurera -
14.99 USD ****THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER ITEM - which means that once you order it, I will create it. It will take no longer than 5 business days from purchasing this to make it. If you order an already made item along with this, I will ship them all when I finish the Made to Order items. Thank you.***** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gamora- "I am not some starry-eyed waif who'll give in to your pelvic sorcery!” I know you must be saying "She did not just make these." Well I did. I couldn't help it. I wasn't going to make more that my own personal one, but the amounts of compliments and high fives I got were enough to convince me that maybe some of you out there might like one too! Come be dorky with me! It also has glow in the dark paint on the back. There's a lot of it on the back side so it'll glow through. If you're asking "why?" because Space, that's why.... - Denise Howell
TWiL 272: The Louisville Recursion -
BLUE BIRD NECKLACE by lunacyglass -
39.00 USD Beautiful flame worked necklace featuring BLUE BIRD bead, wire wrapped on sterling silver wire, sterling silver beaded chain in 18 inch length. turquoise Handmade in Tweed by Artist Lucie Kovarova-Weir of Lunacy Glass Studio. Lunacy Glass is small family based glass studio in Tweed, Ontario, Canada, established in fall of 2002. Artist Lucie Weir was born, Czech Republic. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Arts (majoring in Animation) from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague, she moved to Toronto, and now lives in Tweed, Ontario. Main productions of Lunacy Glass are Flame worked glass beads, small objects and finished jewelry. They are all created with love and enthusiasm in original designs and small series. Enjoy! Thank you for looking. Please see my other listings. - Denise Howell
RT @SimonZerafa: @dhowell 'Delaware becomes first state to give heirs broad digital assets access' ->
RT @HighTechBill: Adam Carolla settles with podcasting patent troll, agrees to ‘quiet period’ cc @dhowell @internetcases
RT @libsyn: So Adam Curry wants Adam Carolla to drop the podcasting patent law-suit altogether. Here's what we think #TheFeed
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Adam Carolla’s Settlement with the Podcasting Troll:
Our #TWiL guests this week are #codeislaw personified: @LegalNoise & @shinchpearson join us Friday 11 PT/18:00 UTC,
RT @HighTechBill: Calif. court calls for company reimbursements for BYOD phones cc @internetcases @dhowell @RichNet @maria_h_murphy
.@EW did an awesome #awesomemixvol2, and for various [#nospoilers] reasons there's bound to be a #awesomemixvol3, so:
.@EW did an awesome #awesomemixvol2, and Papa Quill is bound to give Peter another tape, right? So, #awesomemixvol3:
Quick, who can name the *other* movie starring Glenn Close with a super nostalgic, super successful soundtrack? #awesomemixvol0
RT @alisternburg: Yesterday's episode of This Week in Law is up: Thanks to @dhowell & @internetcases for having me & @samglover! #TWiL
TWiL 271: A Hero Named Kevin Bacon -
RT @twitlive: This Week in Law with @dhowell and Evan Brown is starting soon!
Resolved: 8/15 #TWiL more #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy than nastiness v. @zeldawilliams, though we will do both. And potato chip spying, of course.
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