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Kinda irritated that I bought @datarescuemac between @MacHeist being announced and Data Rescue having been added.
Wow, Android Browser testing sounds … great:
Nice to see Git Tower 2 making enough progress to warrant a “Coming Soon” page:
Enjoying the @jnack episode of @therecordcast. Lots of sane discussion about making product decisions and tradeoffs.
Dart now has an ECMA spec. It’s appeal is still limited by its one-sided support for now. We’ll see.
This Peach Kings ‘Mojo Thunder’ video is really great: Very stylized drawing style, and the white-on-black is great.
RT @barsoomcore: This is like watching mean grown-ups "teach" a bunch of kids how to play.
Wow — I just heard the Germany/Brazil world cup score. Crazy. Four goals in six minutes against the host country? Ouch.
avelino/awesome-go · GitHub -
Basically, a list of "approved" Go libraries from a self-selected group of contributors. - Geoffrey Wiseman
Liking Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father” (thanks, @allsongs)
Well, a little disappointed by the Women’s final result, but Petra’s tennis was deadly today, can’t really complain.
This Djokovic/Dmitrov Wimbledon match is tense. I was waiting for the Raonic match, but this one’s pretty great too.
Choosing the Right Tool for Remote User Testing - UX Movement -
"The Gunfighter" is bizarre but fun.
"Let the Mass Destruction Begin" The NY Times accurately captures the bizarre feel of this film series.
Wrapping up six racks of back ribs from the smoker. Late night but worth it.
"Are land mines a thing of the past?" Wonderful. Reduction in the use of land mines is worth celebrating.
Defensive BASH programming - Say what? -
JavaScript for Automation ( looks closer to my taste than AppleScript but … where’s Swift for Automation?
Listening to Royksopp and Robyn’s 🎵Monument🎵 again this morning. Good song: (Thanks, @allsongs)
RT @Boroniec39: @torontotechjobs SR J2EE contracts Downtown Toronto. DM for details.
I know there’s a tradition behind it, but I really, really, find referring to WWDC as “dub-dub-dee-see” supremely irritating. My problem.
jas/swift-playground-builder -
"All Our Patent Are Belong To You" Tesla is opening up their technology to spur electric vehicles; great move.
I’ve never met Eric Meyer or Rebecca in person, but I can’t imagine losing a child, and it makes me sad. #663399Becca
Really enjoying 🎵Just One of the Guys🎵 by Jenny Lewis on All Songs Considered:
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