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Robert Scoble
Our next baby's initials spell out RSS. I won't reveal the name until we register the name.
by register the name you mean domain name right? - sean percival
Regis Sanford Scoble? - drew olanoff
wow......... - xero
At least it's not CRS. - Derrich
Adam: he will fill my feed for sure! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Really Simple Scoble? - Laura Norvig
Redford Scott Scoble - Eric
Yeah. Domains and Facebook, etc. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert Stay Scoble? - Jesse Stay
Romeo Stuart Scoble - Eric
My initials are my name in pig-latin when you spell them backwards: SEJ - Jesse Stay
epic EPIC win. - Justin Gerard
Rupert Scott Scoble - Eric
Ruth Sarah Scoble - Mr K
His middle name will be Soroush. That means divine calling in Farsi. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Rihanna Sylvia Scoble - Eric
Rowan Soroush Scoble - Joan Lockwood
RSS is due September 26th. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Congrats, Robert! - Joan Lockwood
Ronald Stuart Scoble - Eric
Reginald Scott Scoble - Eric
Really Small Scoble...of course - Derrich
Robert (named after you) [insert a middle name starting with an s] Scoble - Chris Martin
Robert Silent Scoble - Ninoo
Really Sneaky Scoble - Lon Cohen
Eric that has the best cadence. its a drumbeat name. will be easy to remember: Redford Scott Scoble - Melanie Reed
You should Pubsubhubbub and get RSS here instantly. - Andrew Smith from fftogo
Excellent. I will subscribe. - Louis Gray
Great way to get your wife on the RSS bandwagon :-) - Jesse Stay
Robert Seymour Scoble (sorry, I had to say it). - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
My sons name was available the day he was born and then two damn days later some guy in Australia grabbed it. - Hunter
I'm sure he'll be a Winer, too - Jesse Stay
Really Simple Scoble? - Lindsay
Rakiva Smoskvitz Scoble. (The R and the first S are silent.) - Akiva
akiva - Yolanda
Haha I know the name but I'm not saying! :-) - Dave Winer
Awesome. - Stefan Holmes
This is not the child's actual name: Really Simple Scoble. :-) - Dave Winer
l dont think its difficult to name a child yall wn l had mine l had to create one which l later found found out to be a beautiful long it has a meaning just do it.. - Pam Gwenzi
Its Robert Socble Second - Sidharth Dassani
___ Soroush Scoble. What a fun game! Robert and Rasputin are likely out. And what a marvelous melding of names; American techie communities are full of cultural mashups. Here's to looking forward to 9/26 for mystery's end. - Alex Howard
but RSS is a dead technology! </sarcasm> - Tim Hoeck
Tim: well RSS's birth will be Twittered. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Hahahahahahhaha Robert!!!! - Mona Nomura
My daughter's initials spell MES, and let me tell you - IT'S PROPHETIC. (be careful of the initials). - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Pfft! Robert's following in my footsteps. Audrey's birth was Twittered! - Akiva
Akiva: Milan's was too and his first cry beat Obama to BlogTalkRadio by two years. ;-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
my guess is Rasputin S. Scoble - Logan Lindquist
I'll ponder a guess: Richard Scott Scoble? - Thomas Ward
Damn you, Robert! [shakes fist] - Akiva
Gerber just announced a new line of baby food called RSS Feed. ;o) - Louis Trapani from iPhone
My own initials spell out RSS. LT, good one. - Rob Schieber
Maybe that's not such a good idea, with Steve Gillmor parading around claiming it is dead. XMPP would be more apt, but don't ask me what the initial would stand for. One gnarly name. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Robert Scoble Scoble? - Ryan Kuder
Robert Senior's Scoble? - sebastian☆rocket brother
That reminds me of a humorous website where you could input letters like these and it would give you a humorously formed acronym - I remember bookmarking it and cant seem to find it... - TrafficBug
Robbie St. Scoble? - Bas
Robert Stanley like my dad? - Yant
Robert Scoble
New blog post: you are SO unfollowed! I'll follow on FriendFeed anyone who comments here:
August 5, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
Follow me! - TheHenry
TheHenry: I already am! :-) - Robert Scoble
Please don't unfollow me!! :) - SKAgnozzo
oh yeah! I forgot! lol! #fail - TheHenry
Very interesting approach Robert. If it is working for you that is awesome though. Hope all is well. Give Roc a big hug for me. - C.C. Chapman
Not too much unfollowing please. - Tim
i'm in - Tai Hsia
Can you follow me? - Giorgio
ok I'll allow you - Derry O Donnell
What's going on here? - Andru Edwards
I think you're already following me Robert. - Andrew Leahey
well ok ) - Denverken
Lead, follow, or get out of the way. - Robert Kenney
[comments here] - Nick Humphries
I will comment here! :) - John Ptacek
Great blog appreciate all of your "likes" that I would not have noticed before. Thanks for all the time you spend educating us. - Gary Prechtel
"baby I'm a star" -Prince (off purple rain) - Michael J. Carrasquillo
auto-follow always seemed like a bad idea. people can always msg you but your stream will get totally cluttered if you dont do a little bit of housekeeping. - William Kapes
novel approach, seems sound - Danny Ayers
Okay, I'll bite.. - Tanya
I agree, Twitter is much better this way. - Ryan W
Bring it Scobleizer. - Todd Pringle
I appreciate your work, and your passion for social media. - Evan Travers
sounds simple... - Mateo Yadarola
Scoble follow me baby - Jadito
Oh you are getting quite a response here!!!! I'm commenting so you'll follow me but the thing is you're going to LIKE following me because you'll learn all about Sedona through tons of videos and you'll love it so much you'll want to pack your camera and head out here! =) - SedonaTV
Thanks for the mentions, Robert (and you know I'm not commenting just for the follow - I just like to follow you, which is what counts!) - Jesse Stay
Guess I might as well delete that overpriced twitter app I bought last week. - Shea from iPhone
hey follow me scoble - Andy Jenks
Actually Robert, now I've seen you've tidied up your twitter, I'll probably follow you there again too. :-) - Tim
joining the crowd - good move Robert. - Adam
Meh, who cares really, not like you read everyone you followed. Plus unfollowed you anyways, not like you have to say that's interestined except friendfeed spam. - Steve
follow me - Tai Hsia
welcome to Boulder - Andrew Hyde
@scobleizer just created the most important tech follow list on Twitter. - Christian Anderson
aww shucks, and here I was thinking it was just me who you unfollowed. - Jess Sloss
Scoble in Boulder = Trouble. - Jim Halligan @jim
I feel fortunate that you're still subbed to me on FF. I haven't even noticed whether you unfollowed me on Twitter. But you following me, still hasn't gotten me the chicks. :P Always fun seeing your posts, long as you don't block me, it doesn't matter if you follow me or not. :) - Arlan K.
I did the same thing some weeks ago after avoiding twitter because it got too noisy. It was instantly better. But in the mean time I started to use FF more and I like it better here so I hardly go near twitter now. - Murray Barton
You already follow me here on ff, which i use more than twitter. - dthree
Hey Robert, so for following >1,600 is it that right way taken by Philtro and Filttr? - Martin Adamek
Hey Robert - fight the tweetspam ! - Michael Neale
I'm still trying to figure out the following... so I'm watching how you do it scoble. - Matthew Schrock
Don't think you are following me on Twitter anymore..please do and best regards - Karma Martell
Good plan. I'm looking forward to your results. I'm trying to figure out all these social media elements. I would appreciate your Twitter follow. - David Stanley
hope this new approach works for you! - timepilot
Oh, so now you are only easy on FF. - James Watters
Odd internal response, I don't follow everyone who follows me cuz of the very noise you talk about. And, there's no good reason for you to follow me since I'm unlikely to deliver news of interest to you. And yet, here I am, posting on FriendFeed so you have the OPTION of following me, a stranger who is not the same kind of SMART as you. Who'd have thought... - Della Mauler
This seems like asking for trouble to me, Scoble. But, it's your time and bandwith to do with what you will. Since only a handful of people (by that I think I mean just one) follow me on Twitter, it's pretty easy for me to weed out the bots. The people I follow are my internet nerds (mostly the Rev 3 crew) so I know their interests are in line with mine. Hit me up for some edifying conversations about Lost and video games, Robert. - Jeremiah Green
Interesting statement about original content value of FF independent of twitter. Twitter is where you keep your noise level down... - James Watters
Here you go Robert! [also via twitter: @Scobleizer Therefore: only approx. 1.7 million "active" human @Twitter users contribute 50%+ of all activity, right? #engagement] Regards, @AAinslie - Alexander Ainslie
The green avatar is so disturbing mate. :) - Jordan Windebank
I'll lead, you follow. So where are we going? - Tom Sheppard
I was sad to see you unfollowed me, but now you may follow me again, so all will be well in the world. - Jodi
following the leader... - John Munro
You're still following me - does that mean I'm a smart feller? ;) - Brett Kelly
so glad I mail Robert a business card every month :) - Christian Anderson
Della: the thing is here I can follow you and put you into a list and watch you less frequently than some of my other people. So everyone wins. But only here on FriendFeed. :-) - Robert Scoble
Some of us have been doing this from our start. Kind of cool, eh? But our numbers don't grow quickly so we were tagged as "slow." Nice to see you catch up with us! Also, this may shock you, there sre folks who follow and communicate with only 3 folks on twitter and they are HAPPY! Imagine.... - lynda spangler
Yay. Now he will follow a librarian. - Joe
Follow this dot!!! . - Bwana ☠
Comment! - anna sauce
Good test, count me in... I don't follow tons of people, I follow a few prolific Scoble-types and the rest are more focused in areas I'm interested in. - David Ziembicki
I'm not following tons of people, just a select few. More to follow on FB when facebook has completely integrated Friendfeed-funcionality. ;-) - Wolfgang G. Wettach
I only follow people I know or have something interesting to say, did you really have 160000 people that said something worthwhile??? - Gerard van Schip
Well I commented via your Blog so instead of repeating myself I'll link to comment - Keith - @tsudo
Gerard: everyone says something worthwhile once in a while. The trick is to see it when it happens. Here on FriendFeed, by the way, you have a better shot because good stuff usually gets liked and commented on, so it pulls up higher into my view. - Robert Scoble
come join us here folks xxx - Mark
Okay. But will you read and comment on my stuff? - Melly
Robert, I posted this after Loic's decision and it looks like it will need another update. I think there is value in stating your follow policy. - Keith - @tsudo
cool - Zach Cheatham
Hello? - Vicky
following all the discussion of you unfollowing everyone on twitter has made me think about doing the same thing and starting fresh. - (jeff)isageek
not unless we beat you in the Ashes - Mark
Nice post Robert, and no surprise it's an improvement. ;o) I have seen it for me too. - Rob Sellen :o)
1 thing I find Robert still worth following @Scobleizer when I am not on friendfeed & on my Hootsuite or PeopleBrowsr. therefore not much affected, not much 2 bother me, ego not gone at all. luv your post Robert it is a frank posting - polou/indigo_bow
Follow me Robert, I promise I'm not annoying. :) @cluteman - Greg Clute from iPhone
Robert, thank you! I follow you and enjoy your "likes" and your energetic takes. I also enjoy your Building43 interviews! I am a constant FriendFeed user now. Thank you! - Tobin Truog
This made me realise I must be more active on FF and comment/post more :-). - Mats Pettersson
I think I'll give FriendFeed a go! Never tried it, but looks easy and I need to understand the interwebs better. @CodeSamurai_Com - CodeSamurai
butt-kissing is not a prerequisite for being followed, he will follow you anyways :D - Mark
Count me in! (Please??) - Ricky Maveety
lol @mark. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
You can follow me, but since you follow a lot of people, you probably can't pay attention to the stream of tweets. - Alex Knight
Alex..that's the WHOLE point he did this... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
IMHO 1,647 is still way too many people to follow. - Alex Knight
I will NOT get baited into ... ah CRAP. I follow very few people on twitter, mainly only to find info from Android developers (my topic of choice). If you mention anything about the food you are currently eating, etc.. you will probably not be followed. If you post 80,000 times a day, you will not be followed, since Twitters interface sucks (not so for FF). Also, no offense to other social users, but if you resend your FF/FB/<insert other social site here> entries to twitter, I probably won't follow. - Tim Hoeck Chris Pirillo is Scum. - Mark
good move IMO - Joanna Nicol
nice hanging out at with beach w/ you last week! follow moi!!! - Raina
I always feel like scoble's following me - Rodney J Woodruff from iPhone
Don't forget your Dunbar number, Scoble! There are only so many people you can have meaningfully connect with online. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Mark is right. No butt kissing. Ew. - Robert Scoble
"I always feel like, somebody's watching me..." - Wizetux
Comment!!!! Ohh wait but you already follow me... - Amit Nangare
Follow me, if you aren't already....please. Thanks, - Steve de Mena
here is my comment ZOL - Grim Reaper
Comment? What kind of coomment, Robert? :-) - Mitch Featherston
Whoop there it is! On Twitter @jimgoldstein - Jim Goldstein from iPhone
Oh..Oh... Mr. Kotter...Mr Kotter..follow me! - Scott Booher
Glad to see you're writing more than 140 characters on that blog. Doesn't that feel liberating? Maybe we should be allowed character# based on your metric for powerful/smart/newsmaker - Noah Bloom
You already follow me here on FF, for which I thank you. So, I'll just say thanks for the phone call the other day. :) - Jeff Harbert
I'll take a follow! - Jeff Weber
@shaunhess - Shaun Hess
Ok, so follow me again and I will follow you back. Thanks! - Audrey
Robert - I fail on most of your criteria so I'm not expecting you to follow me. The thing is I don't care if you follow me back - this is social media and everyone has their own choice. I choose to follow you because you entertain and inform me. The relationship is 100% one way and I am more than happy with that! - Pon
Robert - Last night at GDGT Party the person at the Blackberry booth said: 1) She had 'heard of Twitter, never friend feed' uses neither 2) Is SCOBLE is coming tonight 3) Wow, your Blackberry is really "archaic" and find out when contract lets you upgrade. F-D UP? Booth babes need primers. - Liza + = ?
Interesting theory... people who comment more apt to contribute? - Mark Philpot
I know someone else who tried this strategy last year, with similar results. I've been debating it. Once I got over 3K followers on Twitter life just got weird. Started to spend X amount of time every day blocking porn spam. - Patricia F. Anderson
Liza: yeah, sorry for not coming to the party. I went and saw Obama's CTO instead. - Robert Scoble
Steve Lynch: my Dunbar number is higher than yours is. :-) - Robert Scoble
What is the best friend feed aggregation strategy of non-friend streams (eg RSS, twitter, etc)? Imaginary friend per service, then add to lists? Multiple services per imaginary friend or 1 to 1? Or add the services to a group? What are the considerations? - John Brown
Keith: you can repost anywhere you like, thanks! - Robert Scoble
I'm in! - Craig Shipp
still wondering how you are able to handle such a big load of subscribers here and e.g. so many followers with twitter o_0. I am already (sometimes) lost with the few i got till now. Lately with one sweep almost 40 to 50 contacts in twitter disappeard and i have no clue why ... boah, how are you handling the noise? Hell, with so many ppl in, you might have a terrific noise? Or you wear just good headphones ;)? - Ronald
I very much agree that being choosy is the key to Twitter. I'm not nearly on the scale that you are, but in my experience, freely following people (whetther they follow me or not) and then mercilessly cutting back on them over and over again results in a kind of darwinianly better and better signal to noise ratio. - Tim Maly
Touche! - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Hi Robert - Randy Allen Bishop
Liked the blog post and totally agree. I've been meaning to do something similar. What I do is occasionally prune and then add some "better" replacements, so my total is always 2000 follows. - Bora Zivkovic
I don't see how anyone can manage so many users without groups. Then again, with groups you could just make an "ignore" group. - Oscar M. Cantu from iPhone
Great blog post. I totally agree on the noise level. I figure I have blocked a few hundred accounts on Twitter, and my noise level has dropped dramatically. Thanks for the follow! - Tony "Frosty" Welch
Hello Hello! - Sam Goldfield
Robert - I figured you were in DC from FF, but she had NO IDEA what a CTO is. Point is, she was eager to give you a Blackberry, but not me, and I wish I had a Scoble costume to pretend for 5 minutes. - Liza + = ?
@Robert I think you are starting another mass follow again. - Steve Chou from fftogo
Steve: that's not the problem. As long as spam doesn't enter the system I can deal. Keep in mind here I can choose how I follow. I can put you all in a folder that I never look at, if I wanted to. - Robert Scoble
I'm in! - Chris Rossini
Brian, yeah, but I follow you here. So there. - Robert Scoble
Autofollow was a horrible idea to begin with. - David Chieng
I kind of tired to keep an eye on who follows me now,the ones I'm following is much more important.:-) - Steve Chou from fftogo
Whoa lots of comments I'm following you longtime lol - Edgar Rodríguez from iPhone
Robert: we need more intelligent spam-follower-filtering on Twitter! We need to fix this. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
@David +1 I think auto follow is such a bad idea to begin with,and people like Robert now even need to pay to unfollow these people. - Steve Chou from IM
How much did SocialToo charge for running the unfollow script? - Shane
I'm in! - rich brant from iPhone
I heard its 25 dollars. - Steve Chou from IM
I've always been very picky in who I follow on twitter. I follow 40 people, and I can't guarantee that I see every single tweet. I don't scroll back usually, unless it's my "Real Life" column in Tweetdeck that couldn't fit on my screen. - Tom Ribbens
Thanks Steve! $25 is pretty reasonable. Wonder if anyone else will be jumping on the bandwagon - Shane
Thanks for your post. Last time I checked you follow me here on FriendFeed. OK not to follow me on Twitter. - Pilgrim Five
Smart way to clean house. - Jeremy Chone
Let's do it. - Kate
this is like an awesome commentfest - Edgar Rodríguez
You can follow me, but I never say anything. Oh.. wait.... - James Macgill
follow me! - Tate from BuddyFeed
Sometimes the tortoise beats the hare after all... building organically based on getting to know people and interactions tends to avoid the ghastly spammers, seo peeps and bots - Sally Church
Tap, tap... is this thing on? - Yanik Falardeau
This is the best place to follow you. On twitter you only see post headlines, but friendfeed is where the conversation takes place. - Michael Fidler
Ah crap. You're already following me :) - Jason Nunnelley
I'm outside your sphere, but bootstrapping is bootstrapping right? - Travis Bedard
Tuesday night for the first time in 2 months I UNfollowed everyone on Twitter who wasn't following me. Since you had UNfollowed me, yup I unfollowed you. My Twitter account is so /FUBARed! It only goes to page 506 to show who I'm following and after that it is BLANK! I don't even know if they show in my Home stream. So Robert, I value what you say. Know I can tweet profusely - but it's as @replies to others with the occasional micro-blog thrown in. Question, what DID I do to cause you to UNfollow me? - Arleen Boyd
I hope you'll follow me... - Shane Tilton
Follow me, eh? - Joey Gibson
Trying to fill out those dropped Twitter follows? - Jamie Elgie
Scoble: Have you convinced Guy Kawasaki against his "follow everyone that follows you" mentality? - Kevin Pruett
please do what you must to have the most effecient feed mr scoble, the random will still creep through the cracks, ;) - chaz2b
I still haven't really adopted FriendFeed, but I will get interesting here in time if you follow me. - Lance M. Brown
How are your cleanup efforts coming along? - Jennifer Ruggiero
Oops - I also meant to ask, Robert: how are you managing to follow the couple thousand that you are now re-following on Twitter? You must be using groups, I guess...any other methods? I find ~500 people to be a near max in terms of how many folks I can fully read. - Lance M. Brown
Following your inspiration, I unfollowed almost 100 people last night and blocked about 1000 spammers, cam girls, MLM marketers, and the like. Twitter is more like it was a year ago, its almost like I gave my Twitter account an enema and it worked. Thanks for the original idea. - Mark Edwards
Excellent! - Don Strickland
Robert, I started out only following those I know and those I am genuinely interested in. I've only followed back a few of the people who've followed me. I have a second account that I decided to experiment with. I followed about 700 people on there. It has had about double the followers of my main account consistently. I am about to try some new tricks there with an auto-follow script I'm writing but I think I will stay the course with my main account. - Paul The Raven
Robert, I tried the "follow everyone" (almost) method for a short time - then I'd unfollow about once-a-week. Now I try to schedule a "follow new" once a week. TweetDeck's group feature makes following lots of folks bearable. So does FF, but you've been saying that for-ever! - Kathy E Gill
Hey. - Kreg Steppe
I will follow you if you follow me (Genesis) - Keith Barrett
I may not be smart, but I'm smart enough to follow you! - John Pfaff
It occurred to me (and surely to someone before me), that different definitions of "following" might be a big factor here. If I'm following someone, it means I'm following along with their updates. But others might see themselves more as becoming part of a person's "following". Not that they are necessarily reading the person's stuff, but they are willing to be considered part of that person's inflated Twitter posse, as part of the influence-trading aspect of Twitter. - Lance M. Brown
I can't imagine how it would happen technologically, but it would be great if there was a way to ditch followers who weren't actually reading your tweets. - Lance M. Brown
Enjoyed recent posts and look forward to more from you! Keep it up. - One Degree Connected
I don't want to be left out please!! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
All right, I'll bite :) - although I'll say that I did the mass-unfollow-thing months ago - long before it was cool. - Justin from Nambu
Your most active followers are on FF. No loss.If you really wanted to make a bold statement you ought to have blocked all of your followers and started from scratch. - Benjamin Taylor
Been a while since I put you and Shel On the record...Online - Eric Schwartzman
blah. - imabonehead
Good article Robert. I honestly enjoyed the perspective. I found the same to be true, but on a much lower scale, of course ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
i'm in! - Criz
I don't get it - so now you are using Twitter kinda like a normal person, and its some kind of miracle that it works better? - Nick Lothian
I'm impressed you can keep up with 1600 people. I have trouble enough with the little amount I have. I did find that making FriendFeed imaginary friends and putting them in groups for those I'd like to read occasionally (but not on a regular basis) has helped a lot - Tamara, #TeamMarina about some promotion! - Bob DeMarco
i'm in - Joshua Smith from twhirl
9/11 Was an Inside Job - bill giltner
Stop it, or I will have to get a restraining order. - Sriks7
Hey, Robert! - Ronald S from iPhone
In my mind I'm important enough to follow ;-) - Jonathan Callahan
Hello Robert....Whatever your favorite genre is... - Michele Lorito-Chase
Looks like you have a lot of work to do following everybody. - Corbett Barr
now i'll have to write something interesting... - Robert Littlejohn
me! i offer nothing but the warm feeling of having accepted a ff reject. - Marco
ok. so how will you filter the noise now - Kfir Pravda
Ooo, I've won the lottery. You'll follow me now. Wheeee! (how do you have the time to go through all of the names by hand? VA assistance?) - Peggy Dolane
Interesting trend on twitter - I always wondered what sense it made to follow tens of thousands of people, too much noise. I'm finding it hard enough to follow 2900 (looking to cull even that down as I mostly tweet about 30 people!) - Tia Singh
211th comment: WTF - Geer
Good :) - ★ Soner Gönül
I like your ability to influence so many people. I'm following you (mostly here - on FriendFeed) because it's one of the ways to learn how you do it (but, please, do not follow me if you do not see anything you could learn from me :-). - Hanna Wiszniewska
why would you do that? - james
got to get a pic up so i can fit the criteria, I only follow 45 people and some of them are on thin ice ( Im lookin at you Scoble) - James Hunter
"Where in The Net is Robert San Diego?" (cit.) :-) - Luca Perugini from iPhone
I'm not kissing your arse,but i do learn a lot listening to you. - Paul Downing
@scobleizer why would you randomly follow people who comment in this post when you just got done knocking FFollo and having to unfollow a gazillion people on Twitter? - Bryan Zirkel
Bryan: because I'm following people one by one and putting them into lists on my screen. Autofollowing means you aren't doing ANY of that thinking. Also, autofollowing will get you spammers, if they ever show up (and they will). - Robert Scoble
If you follow me, great, but if you don't I'll understand. :) And I ought to do some pruning myself... - Grant Bierman
Let's give it a try. :0) - Tyoma Kazakov
I still don't understand how you want to follow someone who just writes a comment over here. Well, this is not the first time. I did not understand why and how you followed 100k people. I find it hard to properly follow 100 people. - Sumanth Kolar
Sumanth: obviously there are degrees of "following." When you read the New York Times, do you read the entire paper word for word? I don't. Same when I'm following. I only get random slices of some of my lists. Others, which have 500 people on them, get 100% read. - Robert Scoble
I'm still here . . . although tired after teaching all day. Louis Gray came to my PR class at SFSU and WOWED the 50 students [except for one who thinks we are making too much of social media] We won't be following him. - Shari Weiss
I like cheese! - Paul Puri
Shari: Louis wows me too. Glad to see the class is getting into it. - Robert Scoble
He he :) - Richard Holas
I still like the "stranger stream" of Twitter vs "friend feed" of other applications. I don't feel the need to read all tweets from everybody - and tools let me check my fave tweeples. I think mass unfollowing destroys some of the social contract - Robert you are lucky because you are well liked and can do some risky things but companies for example (not Brands of One) would be in... more... - Laurel Papworth
As @charleneli predicted back in January, 2009 will be the year of de-friending on social networks. It's here. - Mark Evans
Laurel: yeah, you have to navigate these waters carefully if you are representing a brand, that's for sure! - Robert Scoble
you can put me on your boring list... - Charles Tanton
i will not get followed back: not powerful, don't have a brand, not a news maker... but i kinda understand the reasons - Dani Martínez
I still think it all goes into how you use twitter. If your using it as a communication tool it depends on if you are looking for broadcast or 2 way. Its interesting to watch as some of the bigger names turn back from the broadcast and go back to the 2 way. - Luke Kilpatrick
@Robert so when you're taking in information from FF do you have a feed of several dozen/hundred "key" people and then categorize the rest, or are you mainly searching? Do you utilize groups at all or mainly just rely on what comes across your feeds? I guess I'm curious as to how you're using FF to collect information. - Bryan Zirkel
I have found Twitter becomes noise rather than a conversation once the following/follower thing gets over a certain mark. I think this is the dirty little secret of Twitter - if it just turns into white noise, rather than a filter, then it becomes less than useful. - Michael Liss
I'm interested in how we'll all feel over the next few years as social networks continue to change and more people and organizations get on them. Obviously, many of us are getting fed up with spammers and are unfollowing them on Twitter and Facebook. I am also having a hard time keeping up with new subscribers on FriendFeed because I know less about them from their profiles and have to... more... - Cathryn Hrudicka
BTW, I feel like I'm finding lots of interesting new people to follow from these discussions that Robert and others are holding on FF. Cool! - Cathryn Hrudicka
Am I too late to comment and get followed? - Hichame Assi
I'm definitely around :) - KyNam Doan
Aren't you following me already? If not, you should be! LoL - Thomas Ward
I'm definitely late to be followed. :D - Faraz Mullick
I don't get it but ok :) - Parvez Halim
LOL! I follow those I find interesting and which can give me useful information. And hope someone follows me for the same reasons. - Flavio
Very interesting post - I've always thought that you guys who follow loads of people must get completely swamped by noise! Like you, I've found it useful to follow companies I use that have interesting products like Zoho and Evernote as a way of keeping up to date with their latest innovations. Excellent idea spelling out your "follow criteria" - it needs to become standard etiquette for social networks so that people don't get offended when they aren't followed back :) . - David Meredith
aren't you doing the same thing here, that you did in Twitter? Choose carefully who you follow, filling your brain with pollution doesn't make you smarter - Allison
Just finished reading the Mashable post on your unfollow exercise. It's attracting attention from all the other big names now. - George Hall (Australia)
Very interesting indeed, I only to unfollow a few, cause I just never had auto follow on.. So now I just unfollow the ones I'm bored of.. - Jaap Willem
Seems like a good idea. Although Louis Gray also has a few valid points on his latest blog post why it might be a mistake - Silver Hage
I've never understood the auto-follow procedure on any social network. Even on Facebook, where it is obligatory, one can still lower the noise by simply hiding the updates of those who want to follow you, but perhaps also have little personal connection and therefore can be hidden. - Noah Gray
It seems like the unfollowing was the easy part. Choosing who to follow again must have been a chore. I think it is crucial in twitter (and FriendFeed for that matter) to have a clear out every six months or so otherwise you get bogged down in an information feed you don't really care about. - Chris Nixon
I can totally understand why you had to do this. I'm following 2700-ish folks on Twitter and I need 3 groups to manage it (using TweetDeck). I feel I am keeping up with most of my local community and the general tech community at large though I'm sure I'm still missing quite a bit of stuff from people who are not in the 3 groups. I also wonder how much more I can actually handle. - Ken Seto
OK, OK, changed my picture. Instead of a green clock (a clock is my personal brand) I put a picture of myself. A lot of people told me to do that.... - Bora Zivkovic
I am still looking for info on holographic technology being used for news delivery. Perhaps it's a technology that hasn't even been invented yet or is sitting on a shelf somewhere. What say you? - Denise
Hoping your new look account has had the desired effect. No need to follow me, I'm not the interesting type, I'll just be glad if your insights, links & content continues. Congrats & good luck - JanLawrence
Here's what's interesting, Robert, I've noticed an uptick in followers even if you reply or RT or like someone's tweet, not just if you follow that person. Then again, perhaps that's the intent - if you like or RT someone's idea, that's a kind of stamp of approval. - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Hej hej! - Peter
I did a purge on Facebook for the same reasons a few months ago. It's under 300 and it's people I actually care about. I've come "this close" to running a purge on Twitter but haven't yet. Maybe this will spark me to do it. I've kept FF tight from the beginning. - Rob Williams
moving from FB to FF ... fewer, longer, more meaningful threads. welcoming your follow. cheers - marc calamia
ok, you´re following me already :-) - Torsten Eckert
alright - follow me... - thx in advance Robert Scoble... - Nilesh
All that commenting in the past counts for nothing? - Kevin Gamble
Hey Robert... Great post... On FriendFeed, I increasingly put people without meaningful and valuable content on a separate feed that I rarely check... Its a more "sensible" way to unfollow, i think... I only unsubscribe if I get pissed at someone etc. I wish, FF gave users the option to only unsubscribe from comments and likes (but keep the main feed). This would be a good tool to control the noise... - Onur Kabadayi
I agree with Robert (duh!). I very briefly made the effort of checking out the new follows and deciding whether to follow back. I think once I hit a thousand I shifted to a model of occasionally saying, "If you want me to follow you, talk to me." Hit two thousand and quit saying anything or checking followers. I don't care if they follow me as long as they either say useful things like real people or don't talk at all. I've never autofollowed back. This strategy works for me. - Patricia F. Anderson
I have a large difference between people I follow (around 2000) and people who follow me (around 1800) - I choose people who are important sources of information. People choose me if they think I am an important source of information to them. I never thought it would have to be a one-to-one relationship as to who is useful to whom: some are informative, others are good listeners and learners. I learn from people I follow and I hope my followers learn from me. - Bora Zivkovic
I also think that those of us who follow larger numbers of people don't use the stream in the same way. It is more dipping in and out of the stream, trusting that the important stuff will be repeated enough to float to the top, engaging with conversations of the moment. I wrote a blogpost on this earlier this year: - Patricia F. Anderson
Someone told me twitter can be separated into two types. (id say at least two) - Kay Proskin
Scoble, I am beginning to think you are a cult leader :). Look at all these comments! I am using FF more and more these days... Useful for that's for sure. - Marc Ostrick
I'm not sure your following me. - Amit Morson
Hey Scobie :D Follow me ! - paniaguai
What the heck. Follow me if you like. I'll be as entertaining & informative as I can. - Aaron Schaub from iPod
Been considering doing the same. Your post just might be the flame that lights a fire you-know-where to get it done. - @katebuckjr
I only follow a few people and keep losing track so lord only knows how you managed to even begin to keep track of a conversation before friendfeed came along - Iain from BuddyFeed
Well done! Who need followers that aren't reading your tweets anyway. - Sean Rasmussen
I'm considering doing same once I'm more confident in my use of FriendFeed. I RT'd this and it resonated with at least one of my followers. - Tony Hollingsworth
'Hand-crafted personal network' is the meme of the moment, and whilst I can see the workmanship, where's the value going to be for you, Robert, in following this rag-tag (no offence people :) ) of folks from a gazillion different verticals. (OK, so they're mostly life scientists). - Andrew Spong
um..... - Spencer
My take: you can't be an authentic, credible voice to your community if you let 'sex & dollars' spammers hang on to your coattails. Spam followers matter.... in a bad way. Allowing them to be associated with you diminishes your potential value to genuine followers. It's a pain. It takes time. It's worth doing. More on this, if interested: - Andrew Spong
Hope to see more "old fashioned blogging", like it better than tweets. Tweets are bound to disappear into oblivion the moment they're posted. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
"Spam followers matter.... in a bad way." - I certainly agree with this. I block pornbots just as quickly as they follow me. I'm less vigilant about the commercial follows, but usually they go away by themselves after a while. - John Craft
You're already following me here (don't care about twitter tough), so i just hope you don't un-follow, even though you probably don't understand what i'm talking about most of the time, since it's in portuguese. - Diego Sana
So what happened to the advantages to following so many people you always talked about? - Bas
Thanks for connecting here, still learning all the advantages of FF - carece
@Andrew Regarding spam followers and the idea that allowing them to follow you somehow dilutes your credibility, I just have to disagree. To me that places the burden on the wrong person. I don't have time to waste pruning those who follow me, unless they are overtly annoying.My stream is public, they can follow me anyway. What matters to me is that the spammers leave me alone. If they don't, I block them. If they keep quiet, I don't care. - Patricia F. Anderson
What is important is not who follows me, but who *I* follow. - Patricia F. Anderson
Funny my twitter feed is much noisier but I have been very selective on who I follow. I have tried to make the feed relevant and actionable. At times I post things that seem out of the norm on my twitter feed but that is mainly for the few people who follow me that don't get it but I am trying to keep up their interest level. I also control who follows me, yes this breaks the model but I think the follow everyone model was broken and reckless - Richard Gallo
Am I interesting? Dunno. I'm often controversial, tho. ;) BTW, we met in person at a Pittsburgh Blogfest, but I really don't expect you to remember that. - Eric Williams
Enjoyed the post. I just started Twitter a few days ago to get away from Facebook. I like friendfeed the best - can't wait until it becomes more mainstream. - Robby Parker
Awesome move. Consider that my comment please :) - Charlotte Barker
friendfeed is definitively more evolved that Twitter. Conversely, user bases of Twitter is still its real (and unique) point of strenght... - Marco Castellani
Don't want you to follow me (unless you find my stream of interest) but it's quite interesting the number of people that comment to get you to follow! - Ben Drury
Hey Robert! So, I would like to talk to you about a social media company I'm working with right now. They launched a few months ago and their trajectory and momentum is pretty amazing. Oh, and I started unfollowing the noise in my Twitter after I commented on your blog post. - Gregg Le Blanc
Great ideas. I've been selective (though it fluctuates) about following people/accounts on Twitter since I joined about 2 years ago. I can't take too much noise. - Joe Lance from twhirl
I'm asking the same thing Bas asked... what about your video on the benefits of following so many people? I took a stab at that method of madness by starting to follow all kinds of people, and following anyone that followed me... but I always felt like I was missing good content from good people because of all the "spam". I started to use TweetDeck to create groups/columns for... more... - Timothy Federwitz
thanks - Keith
I like conversing with interesting people. Sometimes that means commenting to get followed, @cogiva. ;) - Eric Williams
Hi Scoble! - Pete Gilbert
I did almost the same thing - unfollowed about 1000 from my 1500, no attention is way better - Maarten den Braber
Couldn't agree more. It's about time we all grew up. BTW Don't follow me. :-) - Gee Ranasinha
Robert what's the deal with Twitter? - stockmanmarc
Your post makes good sense. I didn't auto-follow & still find folks to unfollow because their noise gets too loud. - Debra Ellis
Very clever. I imagine the signal to noise is sooooo much better. - Chris Brogan
I've been thinking about unfollowing a bunch twitter folks as well. I'll look at SocialToo again. My initial experience with SocialToo wasn't good. However, it was during their infancy. - Ron Hudson
I don't blame you at all. Leo was all over that yesterday. - Daniel B. Honigman
why would simply leaving a comment prompt you to follow me? - David Wescott
You're not going to change your mind and mass unfollow us are you? - walidmREALTOR
Sup! :-) - Jon Winters
I suspect it identifies you as a real person interested in dialog, David. - Eric Williams
Followers are currency and you have plenty to spend - Lee Odden
Bob, did you do anything on Twitter recently ? Did you massively refollow people ? Seems like you screwed up Twitter : down for a while... ;-) - Enikao
Follow me! @carloscomputers - carloscomputers
very cool timing with just before twitter goes down hard! well done Robert! @crbrowning - Colin
@davidorban - David Orban
I've followed you and have really enjoyed your posts. I think I would miss that - Tom
Good to hear that your experiment has stopped the spam @lindsaydavies - Lindsay Davies
ciao Robert! - FullSite
Your ego is amazing. You make it seem like it is a special deal to be followed by you. I'm glad there are many very bright, talented people here who follow others, regardless of class, education, social status and not based on some snobbish criteria. - RuthNH
DON'T follow me! I write in Italian :-) - Lorenzo Strambi
Here I be - Robert
Wow, this is a lot of comments. And kudos for following Followable people who have something interesting to contribute to your day. I'm glad you did it, because that means you'll find AND share more interesting things. This, in turn, makes you more followable too. Thanks for seeing the light, so to speak. - ax0n
You killed twitter. - Melissa Pierce
and now with twitter down, many will flock to here! - Mark V. Fusco
I love rob - Mark from iPhone
Did this take down Twitter this morning Robert? - frank barry
That must of taken a long time :-) I've always been a fan of twitter, but I must say they have struggled in the last few weeks. We are working with their API on a project and their seems to be an issue every other day that causes problems. Do they have what it takes? - Chris Nadeau
I follow under 200 people and it's great. I can't imagine 1k+ . I add about three or four a month. - Mike Janicke
I unfollow people when I find I ignore their tweets/updates. After reading your blog, I think we ALL need to be more judicious. - Janet Barker-Evans
Is this why Twitter is down? LOL! Can't check to see if you unfollowed me. Hope not. You, Shel Israel, and Jeremiah Owyang were some of the very first people I followed way back before Twitter even had 100,000 people on the service. -- It's been a fun ride but, of course, the spammers always show up to make things difficult. - Brenda Young
How do you really know if you should be following someone until you follow them for a while? Sometimes I don't start talking to someone until I see a common interest, then I tweet back and we start talking, but that could be months later. I don't follow everyone back, but I follow back those that interact. I will unfollow once I see that won't happen, or I don't like their tweets. - Nadine Gilden
Twitter is victime of it own success, they have to re learn how to scal better, but more important they have to learn to share better. - abdellah
looks like you'll need to follow at least 343 people LOL - Shari Weiss
@Patricia I don't want potential followers to be put off by who is following me. I wouldn't want them to think I care more about have n+1 followers than I do about what they're going to see if they review who I've allowed to follow me. Not to cull spammers suggests I care more about my experience than theirs. To a great extent, the quality of their experience will determine the quality... more... - Andrew Spong
Friendfeed takes over for twitter finally? - Thomas Resing
1600 ... isn't that a big number too? It could be you'll think again before you follow every one here :) - Mario Gastaldi
Hi... do I get a follow? - Jason Mayoff
If you are already following me. Will you double follow me? :) - Brady
Hi Robert!! :) - Zaneology from Nambu
Still waiting for my Building 43 t-shirt. Not that I'm bitter or anything. ;-) - Donna Tuttle
Be sure to come by Dallas when you swing through Texas! - Zaneology from Nambu
Respect your opinion Robert but we'll have to agree to disagree. Yes I despise all the FakePornSpamBots who follow me. I block as many as I can, but can't keep up. Our views differ regarding what is important to SEE! I treasure home Home stream! I read it, refresh, read, refresh and in minutes I have the pulse of the world... at least MY world! EVERYONE has something of value to share at some point. If I UNfollow tens of thousands, I will miss so much worthy of consideration. - Arleen Boyd
Just another reason why it's good to diversify, I can still read your posts here. :) - Luis Sandoval
Cheers! - Jeff Wiant
Funny. I was catching up on news on Friendfeed for some odd reason. Great post; plenty for new and long-time users alike to consider there. - Alex Howard
I'm still waiting for the ultimate tool to manage my followings - I can only manage to keep up with about 1/3 of those following me. I'd love to see something that can tell me what friends of mine also follow those that I am or those that are following me. Maybe it's out there and I missed it? - TheDiva Rockin
Anyone interested in assessing the quality of their followers should check It's pretty chastening. I aim to improve on my C rating. is a fun, fast way of decoupling yourself from non-reciprocal followers. You can select individuals to purge, or flush 50 random non-reciprocal followers at a time. - Andrew Spong
Robert, your timing could not be better. ;-) - Dave Martin
Great post, with perfect timing! Dang it, Dave Martin just took it off my lips. - Vadim Lavrusik
I hereby rename this comment thread neoTwitter <waves at followers> - Andrew Spong
/me waves - Kevin Johnson from iPhone
Awww, you gotta admit, saturation, the level of influence that you have, because of your high follower, count, is a tool of mass destruction. Seriously, did you think if you recommend an online service that people would not try it out? Was this an asassination attempt - Peter Murphy
I'm glad i'm not the only one who misses /me actions from IRC, Kevin. ;) - Eric Williams
With today's Twitter outage your timing is pretty stinking good, Robert. :) - Chris Cree
Now to get the rest of the world to follow that same logic when it comes to follow/unfollow! I only started being more selective as Twitter (and everyone else) started getting aggressive with spammers or anyone that even remotely did a single spammy tweet. Now if only there were the same contact management tools available for the other social networks as with Twitter. No matter what though, I'll continue updating my status when I eat a peanut butter sandwich! (With Fluff of course!). - Paul Monaco
Twitter couldn't handle the mass unfollow load, blew up... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I've been followed by Robert Scoble :-) - David Finch
Follow iPolitics - Jacob Kobi Gamliel
Now I think that it is time to think about a way to make money using Twitter. - abdellah
@Mark, +1. When in doubt, the default delegation of blame goes to Robert. - Dave Martin
what is critical mass for twitter? Too few and nobody interacts, Too many and spam bots overwhelm, Is it 1K or 2K needed to get a real experience? - WarLord
Of course I thonk it is a different experience if you hand follow reading each bio from the beginning then these mass purges are unnecessary - WarLord
I thought you already followed me. lol - Duane @PreppyDude Myers
Not sure if you do, but here I am... - Aron Michalski
I am intrigued how RT addict will RT now?!! (ps: FF please don't post this to my twitter) - abdellah
I have been keeping my twitter account private a majority of the time lately b/c I am going through a divorce, but I really kinda like it. Have been reducing followers as well as the number I follow. - Jackson Miller
You should follow me here in FF and on Twitter too! - Karthi
hopefully most of us have proven our worth beyond commenting on this single thread - andy brudtkuhl
I like the way you operate, Scoble. Thanks in advance for the follow! - Dr. Frank Ramblings, Ph.D
Nice way of doing it... - Charles
No need to follow me unless you are actually going to engage in conversation with me. - Jeff Hurt
If you're already following and we comment, will you unfollow? *wink Hoping all is well your way! - Dayngr
4&5 are my favorite! Those are big reasons I decide to follow someone too. - Kelly Mitton
I'm lucky. Have never had Twitter spam. But then again I'm no Scoble either :) - Lori Reed
I am the peanut butter eating bot - Benjamin Spector
I'll add my name to the list. I came back to FF after the Twitter DoS outage. Maybe Scoble broke Twitter by all his unfollowing. He was the "glue" holding Twitter together. :-) - Tom Newman
Robert: Here's the bit you missed off the end of your title here: .... and put them in that group I don't read :-) - Jim Connolly
Great post. I'm sure that some people might say that this kind of mass unfollowing will hurt Twitter, but I think it's just the opposite. Users who are following people they have no interest in just to pad their own numbers are diminishing the meaning of "following." - Mark Denton
@Ulrichmargarita - Ulrichmargarita
I don't know how you ever did it the other way. I am not in the tech world near as much as I used to be, which wasn't a whole lot. I just followed some random people I saw on SMugMug-related people on here when I started. You were one of them. I had no idea who you were (and still don't :-), but you talked about Twitter a lot too, which got me on there as well. Both services have really... more... - James Schipper
Follow away! - Ferdinand Perez
ok 400 jackpot - abdellah
Quality over quantity in all things, including (perhaps especially) Twitter. Loved your friending methodology -- those are the same rules I've applied since being on Twitter. Posted them onto Posterous to share the love with credit to you: - Lori Laurent Smith
it's not about unfollowing, it's about filtering... - Barak Hachamov
I started out following everyone on Twitter.Then I got wise. When someone's stream becomes more noise than signal, that's when I consider unfollowing. I realize that threshhold is different for everyone, but I'll take "what I had for lunch" over a dozen bogus "marketing tips" any day. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
Well, I am trying to use FriendFeed more after watching Scoble's video on all those monitors he had up. I'm not a big consumer of information and don't own a TV but this online social stuff has been a perfect fit into my life because I can connect with people who are fountains of knowledge on a specific subject or are "human mashups". I like both! - Adria Richards
Why !? - Bertrand Soulier from iPhone
I've been reading al of this unfollow bits, and this point of yours: - Donna
Hey, I think that today you might make your point about FriendFeed being more interesting than Twitter. Hope you are well. Talked with @fransteps this morning and she is excited to work with you at Rackspace. - Kami Huyse
I've been reading all of this un-follow posts lately, and this point of yours in WHY you unfollowed: "#2 Because I personally care about everyone I am following their noise level is a LOT lower. ." Is exactly what I do. And now I am starting to understand Friendfeed more. and using posterous to do aggregate posts. So is this overload making more people sit up and think first? I think so. At least the intelligent ones. - Donna
I love you Scoble! ;) - Carol Levesque
with all due sycophantism :) - jeff hammond
This is a great move, Robert. It's also a lot more human...I was almost convinced that you were the only person who could actually drink from the fire hose without choking. - Steffan Antonas
That sounds fair. After this morning, I've renewed my love for FriendFeed and Tweetworks. Until the next DDos attacks, of course. I will miss the fake porn stars, but I did when I moved from L.A. - Scott Pierce
Steffan; I agree...there is no way anyone else could do what Robert S. does. It's good to see him become human. - Robert Jones
This has been my problem for about the past six months. I routinely go in and unfollow, get the noise level down to where I want it, and then end up following back a bunch of new people, some of whom I'm incredibly grateful to get to know. When I had track, it was a whole lot easier to manage the stream, but I suspect even that tool would now be out of hand. I have a set of rules for... more... - Karoli
hee hee. i am commenting not so much to beg your follow but what a clever pitch:) - Tresha Thorsen
Robert - I have not read all 416 comments so if this was asked and you answered forgive me. What was the all of a sudden revelation that caused you to reverse stance on Twitter Followers? - Jeff Vreeland
It's difficult to maintain and filter a list on all the social networking sites. I cannot even imagine maintaining the kinds of lists you must deal with, Robert. - Jeremy Brooks
Dude, you broke Twitter! When you unfollowed all of your 100,000 the other day you pulled the rug right out from under it, so it fell down and now it can't reach its beer. :-) - Robert Morrison
Actually I felt rather sad being fav'ed by you on FriendFeed then dumped.. But again. I get more from you from FriendFeed, so oh well, stop talking about Following and Get on more with Tech! :P - Du Senyao Peter
Me Me! lol! - MrBill
i like the idea of importing favorite tweets into friendfeed. i haven't used that favorite feature much because i haven't seen any real use in it. thanks! - Jonathan Blundell
When twitter is down I always wish I could tweet: checkout friendfeed. Nevertheless, how will following folk that leave a message here really improve the quality of your input? While I don't want to judge many of the fine folk on this thread, are they all that interesting? In other words, isn't this the start of the same problem you had on Twitter... - Jon Mountjoy
what like here? this is a comment :) - michelle harris
Well to bounce back on your Twitter is down comment I think it is time to watch this video again Hilarious! - 77Agency
Robert, I'm glad you decided to stop auto-follow (finally). :) - Veronica Sopher
I'm in - Jeroen Sangers from Nambu
works for mw - Brendan Jackson from twhirl
Robert, but why clutter your FriendFeed stream? This comment is not to get you to courtesy follow me on FriendFeed, think you've established you've changed your thinking. :) - L.P. NEENZ FALEAFINE
OK, I have enough people to follow so I will close the comments on this thread. Thank you everyone, I will try to get to everyone today. - Robert Scoble
Jay Rosen
New media (Bora) and pro journalism (Jason Pontin) argue on Twitter over how journalism is done now
have to dig down for the meat of it - more focused on #MITEO right now. - Bora Zivkovic
Lots of comments on the post now, plus discussion continues: - Bora Zivkovic
Jason Pontin
@digiphile 2/2, Also, thinks @Boraz, unnecessary, because WeMedia believe they can directly publish without intermediaries of pro jouros.
That is unrelated to the discussion. There are, if you have read all my Media-related posts, times when journalists are needed, and times when sources can go direct. Do not misquote or misinterpret my stance on this, please. - Bora Zivkovic
Robert Scoble
Why friendfeed is better for Iranian students than Twitter and why I love it so much @zbowling see here:
Friendfeed is better for Iranian students because you can have private groups that the state can't see into. - Robert Scoble
The search here is much better, especially if you have groups of people who you are following. - Robert Scoble
Because of features like "likes" news is easier to spread to your friends. - Robert Scoble
yeah, FF search is the best I've seen for anything real time. - Tony
Technically friendfeed is way ahead of other networks. You are seeing the news in real time here, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Friend management is MUCH better here. On Twitter you can only have one list of friends. Here? Infinite. - Robert Scoble
Why is FriendFeed better than Facebook? Infinite numbers of friends, which makes it better for organizing protests and such. - Robert Scoble
Should we be pinging CNN to get on Friendfeed too, Robert? @DonLemonCNN & others are still hitting refresh on their web browsers. - Alex Howard
Direct messaging is 1000x better here than on Twitter or Facebook. - Robert Scoble
Alex: CNN is clueless. - Robert Scoble
Hah. Well, sure. But we can help them. And by doing so, help us all, no? - Alex Howard
FF just needs Oprah and Ashton to join... everyone I know who isn't a TechCrunch junkie is just hearing about Twitter (over and over again these days), and has no idea that FF exists. - Ryan Mickle
I like being able to get instant emails from friends- "imaginary friends" is the best hidden feature in FriendFeed - joebrooks
Alex: I tried last weekend and at the Twitter conference with CNN, but they don't ask for help. They think they are so cool because they read Tweets on air. - Robert Scoble
joebrooks: yeah, FriendFeed's IM and email integration is so much better than Twitter. - Robert Scoble
If the state is able to intercept the communications, they need not see into the rooms as they already have the http post data. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
(but that's not to say that the majority of what is above is incorrect) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: the state is, although many of the students are using proxy servers that encrypt all communications. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Sorry to hear that -- not that you tried -- but that they didn't listen. So much potential to meld the real-time Web with the cable news networks. Caught myself getting upset with the CNN anchors today. No attribution of Tweets or the YouTube videos they are showing. - Alex Howard
Rob: the only way you can use Twitter and friendfeed in Iran right now is through proxy servers. - Robert Scoble
I'm aware of that, but the data is not encrypted before the proxy, only after - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Also, here when we have a conversation with tons of Tweets like this one you can bundle up the whole bunch and link people to the entire conversation. That's impossible to do on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: one might argue that the fact twitter is open has helped them quite a bit - BryanSchuetz
Bryan: yes, Twitter is getting more than its fair share of mentions because Twitter is simple, open, and public. - Robert Scoble
if it's all private you can't get the mob involved - BryanSchuetz
but once the mob is involved keeping it going in a good direction becomes difficult - BryanSchuetz
Bryan: I told 15 people I was quitting Microsoft and within three days had tens of millions of media mentions. You'd be surprised how fast things move from small groups to big mobs. - Robert Scoble
using "mob" intentionally here as well. Lots of missteps going on from all the people on twitter trying to help but unwittingly making things worse - BryanSchuetz
Friendfeed seems more resilient against disinformation - there is a great deal of disinformation and warnings against it on twitter right now - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert, great points on why Friendfeed would be of use to Iranian students. Given that they're limited to short bursts of transmission or tunneling in on the Web to upload video, I wonder whether students in-country would really be better served. - Alex Howard
While I agree with your technical sentiments, let's remember that this is about the people of Iran. I am more than willing to use as many channels as necessary to provide aid. Yes to Twitter, to Friendfeed, to Facebook. Heck, let's even include Orkut for that matter. But the most important channel of communications is between ourselves and our God. May God's will be made known to all... more... - Lorin Olsen
You can't expect CNN to be this far ahead of the curve. Even though I agree that they would benefit immensely from using services like FF, they are just getting started with this. At least they are trying new things. I think that the "old media" are waking up just in time. It will be interesting to see what television will look like a few years from now. - Wim Mulder
guruvan, perhaps Friendfeed seems more "resilient" because the userbase is at least an order of magnitude smaller? - William Anderson
I think event news will continue to look more like what CNN is doing, sifting through the online media for real people telling truth and giving perspective from on the ground in hotspots - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan you mean they will actually ...whats the word for it... report? - BryanSchuetz
Lorin: you are very close to getting blocked for trying to take the conversation back to some sort of religious argument. - Robert Scoble
William: perhaps, but there is also more leadership here on FriendFeed, and it's not quite such a mob in the first place. the more organized discussions lead people to gravitate toward each other, and natural leaders come forth - I've just over the last hour spent some time looking therough a few feeds, and translating as fast as I can, and seen exactly this - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
William: Twitter was ALWAYS down when it had far fewer people on it than friendfeed has today. Friendfeed is done by five superstars from Google. The technology here is so much better than Twitter's it isn't even funny. - Robert Scoble
You all should watch the Public Feed here and see how much Farsi is being used: - Robert Scoble
In Twitter's defense, they're holding up under the current pressure pretty well. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: true. Twitter has gotten 1000x better recently. They've also been hiring many of SIlicon Valley's biggest tech stars too. - Robert Scoble
scoble I just want that translator bot from the google wave demo in here for that public stream - BryanSchuetz
Can twitter access through third party software like seesmic desktop if it is blocked? - Nyan Min
Yes Farsi is good here Robert !!! - Myrna
Bryan: I mean that the people will report, and the news organizations will try to determine the truth by corroborating stories, and centralizing information, and then distribute more easily digested chunks of the reports - something like twitter is very difficult for average people to digest for news. I have several search streams running and it's very difficult to kepp up - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: I wasn't referring to technical resiliency. - William Anderson
Nyan: not sure, possibly. In China my blog is blocked but I could see my blog on Google Reader. - Robert Scoble
Nyan: It's likely that access through many clients is broken, but it is also likely that the governement does not know of every client. Clients that are unknown, or use transport other than port 80 http are more likely to work from Iran. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Guruvan: I hope so. CNN simply reading tweets on the air is not how I think MSM should be using tools like that. They are tools that can help them find the story, they seem to be making the tools the story, which is doubly irritating because we all understand the tools better than they do. - BryanSchuetz
In the absence of other verifiable news, you might as well read tweets on the air. Especially if you have some kind of backend tweet processing that is filtering things like the more RTed phrases, links etc etc. (not that they are doing that, I don't really know, but I do doubt it....they should maybe hire me to build it) ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@scobleizer The only question I'd have for you on this -- I validate your points -- is in timing. Why advocate for FF now, when Twitter is clearly allowing Iranians to get info out? The tech is great, on any number of levels, but I'm a wee bit surprised to see the push for it pop up. Do you feel that strongly? I know you're personally invested in getting good information and protecting people, given your family, so I view your motives as fairly unimpeachable. - Alex Howard
Alex: I've been advocating FF consistently no matter what the news is for more than a year now. Has nothing to do with now. And Twitter is blocked in Iran, just like FriendFeed. FriendFeed is a better place for students and protesters to organize. Why? Private rooms. Real TIme. And all the other reasons I give above. - Robert Scoble
More clients need to be developed that include FriendFeed to make it more readily available in time of crisis and during information blockades - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
the key in this conversation is not which method is best for us , but what is most useful to those inside Iran. Friendfeed seems to be a much more cohesive way to communicate not as much noise, and the noise can be easily filtered - Kim Landwehr
Yes Kim, I agree what can we do for Iranians here with FF. - Myrna
Alex, Robert is just setting everything up for the next revelution so we can get better information quicker. - Jason Remnant
Lets be honest, it will take more than a nifty social networking/micro blogging site to get the vote. - Kevin J Hatton
Kevin: that's true, but small things can make huge changes in culture. Remember the one woman who refused to sit at the back of the bus? - Robert Scoble
Jason: Exactly. Each one needs to be carried out better. Most importantly, each time we learn faster/better ways to deal with governments clamping down on communications. The internet is designed (inherently) as a tool of Freedom. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@Robert Scoble I would have to agree with your point. - Kevin J Hatton
Greg: that's true. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Aren't all discussions based upon spiritual premises? Ethics and politics are both derived from the deep-seated stirrings of our spirits. But I appreciate your point. I'll try not to preach. But that's hard for me as I am an evangelist by my very nature. BTW, so are you! Nevertheless, the point I was trying to make is that we should be glad for every channel, including Twitter.... more... - Lorin Olsen
Lorin: we're talking about friendfeed here and I used to be a fundamentalist Christian and don't appreciate efforts to bring religious evangelism into conversations here for a whole lot of reasons. Iran is run by religious people, remember. - Robert Scoble
Rob Nelson: Also, is operational. - Nick in Manila
Nick: Operational in Iran? Brett's post of their drop in traffic from Iran would suggest that both http and https are blocked, and the only thing getting through from Iran is proxies (and those are being blocked at a pretty good clip too) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob - You're right. You had commended on Iran being able to snoop http: protocol of FF. I was just pointing out FF also uses https. They can't snoop it, but they can indeed block it. - Nick in Manila
Running something like FF or Twitter servers internally would let CNN and friends organize information and interoperate better. Sounds like a growth opportunity for FF. - Ernie Oporto
Quick how-to setup a proxy if you have the means: (mac instructions on previous page) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And Nick: /you/ can't snoop https, but most any government can. It is not very difficult. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It is easy to follow comments/likes. It is more valuable with previews to images. And if a part of your audience is using Twitter, you can sync it to FF. - Burcu Dogan
mathew ingram
MediaShift . How Journalists Balance Work, Personal Lives on Twitter | PBS [via feedly] -
The overlapping of the personal and professional, and thus the emphasis on trust and meaningful relationships, is often what makes Twitter so powerful. - mathew ingram
Louis Gray
Twitter’s Real Time Spam Problem -
I fell prey to "Trend Spam" earlier today while looking at Palm Pre tweets. This problem is only going to get worse so Twitter needs to address it in a similar manner to Google addressing the google bombing problem a few years back. - Michael Koby from BuddyFeed
I just experienced the problem with Air France emerging topic and half of the search results were true spam. Usually the spam users are with the default avatar and nickname with digits and I was just thinking how Twitter can solve their problem. Maybe filtering the search results and displaying users with some basic twitter experience and at least same number of followers as the one they follow will solve the problem - Nenko Ivanov
With anonymous users on systems - these kind of problems always seem to come with the territory. - Kay Designer
Wait, spam is Twitter's only problem? ;-P - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
LOL, Bwana! I'll have to bookmark that one. It was on-point! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Adam Lasnik
Michael Arrington: “Getting it right is expensive. Getting it first is cheap.” Your thoughts?
My thoughts: The entire post reads like an OMG THE INTERNETZ IS FULL OF RUMERZ!!! Which is, of course, true. It also points out that if you have an ounce of reading comprehension, you would be able to discern the fact that the reports were rumor. And :: shocker :: citizenry blogging does not have a huge budget. All of it is old news. Why NYT did you rehash old themes? [sarcasm] Oh, wait, think about who I just directed that to.[/sarcasm] - Miss Elle
On the one hand, I see why Michael is upset. On the other, I remember when he ran that rumor. I thought that the Timesman's comparison of the situation to the old days of yellow journalism was apt: Sacrificing credibility for traffic is a dangerous path for any publisher of online content to run, even when confronted by circulating a rumor as clickable as "Could Apple Buy Twitter" from... more... - Alex Howard
Robert Scoble
Facebook is lucky it missed buying Twitter and now should eat Yelp -
Facebook actually already has the technology - they just need the database. You can add reviews to any Page right now. They just need a public, searchable directory to search for all those reviews. Great thoughts, Robert! - Jesse Stay
Honestly, I would like to see Amazon buy Facebook. Now THAT makes sense. - Devlin Dunsmore
Facebook is more a builder than a buyer - Christian Anderson
Devlin: Amazon should be very scared if Yelp and Facebook get together. - Robert Scoble
Great observation and post. If Yelp don't pan, how about Facebook buys Brightkite which seems to just lack a user base. Then Facebook would pick up proximity tools and the social networking could flourish on a local level. - Dave Blankenship
Dave: Brightkite could be an important piece. I want to see restaurants near me, and Brightkite's engineers understand how to build location-based services better than anyone. - Robert Scoble
Great topic. Thanks for lunch today; I'm gonna write a thumbs up Yelp review for Pacific Catch and post it on Facebook. ;) - Mark Evans
love the idea. but wouldn't that be redundant to their move of turning fan pages to profile pages -- to get business on FB and to enable engagement from FB users? - Raymond Zialcita
Raymond: that is EXACTLY what Facebook announced two weeks ago that they were doing! Listen to this interview from that announcement: - Robert Scoble
yep i know robert. so why would they need Yelp? again love your idea. cant they just create their own yelp-like functionalities. - Raymond Zialcita
The other area I think Facebook will do well in is inside the Corporate firewall. Think Yammer, but with all the other features Facebook brings to the table. I expect this in the future. - Jesse Stay
Yelp sucks. Plus, they still don't have permalinks to individual reviews and horrible to organize / filter. No thanks. - Mona Nomura
Robert: The main problem is, and perhaps this is changing, people aren't in the "consumer" frame of mind on Facebook. It's not a technology thing, it's a human thing. A company that can take Facebook's data with FB Connect and use it in a context where the user has more intent to buy something has a much better shot at making more money of Facebook's data than Facebook. explains it well. Your phone book analogy only works if the user has intent, and so far on FB that hasnt been the case. - Devlin Dunsmore
Devlin: change happens. You just watch. Three years ago Facebook was just for college kids. You watch how fast things will change when they add Yelp like capabilities to the social graph. - Robert Scoble
Dave: I like the Brightkite idea. I use it fairly frequently despite the face that I there isn't an app for my phone. I've met more people face to face because of it than any other social media tool. - Rick Bucich
The only reason you'd buy Yelp is if you think their content is that great (it isn't) or they have difficult to replicate code (they don't). I don't know if you're following the recent bad press and increasingly bad relationships with local biz created with Yelp's sales techniques, but I don't know why they'd grab Yelp when they add their own biz review functionality relatively easily. - Beau Giles
Mona, every review has "link to this review" right under it. Sounds like a permalink to me. - Andy Bakun
you ar edefinitely right on "bribery" being the way this will go.. the downside to that is it makes ratings pointless from a quantity standpoint.. ratings by your social graph become more important (or maybe a "more authorative" person.. whatever that is) - Riaz Kanani
Adam Lasnik
I know, I know, approx 98.6% of u already love XKCD, but for the few who haven't discovered it yet, here's a sample :)
he's a king. - simone righini
Jay Rosen
Just by trying to do it, I found that a "day" of mindcasting is link flow adjusted by repeating themes that rise and fade at varying rates.
Explanation requested. A day of mindcasting at is, say, 8 to 20 tweets. That's 200 to 500 words, plus links. Many of those links do not repeat; they're new and cool but divergent, and the stream is mostly that: a new post here, a document over there, an idea, a refutation. BUT... some in the 20 a day collect around a standout controversy or key debate or big-to-me event, and those "threads" can be short or long, shallow or deep. They range from a simple daily schema (3-4 Tweets over one and a half days like Mark Moford's column today) to an ongoing thread (Santelli-Stewart-Cramer, 20 to 30 Tweets over weeks) or a characteristic-to-me theme (curmudgeon studies, hundreds of Tweets over many months). That's the varying rates I spoke of. So the flow is Jay's new media newsfeed in divergent micro-posts flowing "against" repeating elements that give form and thread (and value) to the flow over time. Mindcasting reaches the users with BOTH kinds of value. "It's the mix!" - Jay Rosen
A satisfied customer! @studentactivism: @jayrosen_nyu Got it, thanks. I agree. And I find that the themes reveal themselves at least as often as I plan them out." Yes, that too. It's part of the mix: patterns injected, patterns emergent. - Jay Rosen
@karthauser: @jayrosen_nyu "Mindcasting is link flow adjusted by repeating themes that rise and fade"--And memes are what emerge systemically?" - Jay Rosen
Thus: people who equate message length--140 characters--with the length of a thought you can sustain over Twitter are wrong, or just limited in their thinking. Using myself as an example. "More and more cracks in the wall for the View from Nowhere..." is a thought I feel have sustained over Twitter. See: - Jay Rosen
Another thought I have been developing in a sustained away with a term that returns amid new illustrations and an accumulation of links: the ideology of fluff. - Jay Rosen
Robert Scoble
20 things about friendfeed
hor d'oeuvres? where? - Michael VanDervort
I'm watching your video right now - sofarsoShawn
Robert, I am unable to watch your video (never been) in with GNU/Linux and Flash 10. Although I have no problems in any other video platform. - Ricardo Galli
It is the first service to bring all our content into one place - paul mooney
Watching your video. Definitely learning a lot. Much to take in. - Marty McPadden
This is a great tuturial Robert, I am learning about all kinds of features I never knew about. Too bad Friendfeed doesn't have a video/visual tutorial like this for all the newcomers (albeit more concise for them). - Brian
Yes - and screencasted, not video of screen. - Hal
Have they ever come up with a good way to sync my twitter follows as imaginary friends without having to add each individually? - Hal
Was it just blurry for me or is it blurry for everyone? I think I could have learned way more from it if I could see what you were was doing. Looked like you were doing some cool stuff. - MarkCarras
awesome job Robert - watching it right now. It's great you're not over the top in describing it's usefulness...rather a sensible overview of it's benefits. - Zee.
That's great info, Robert. Thank you. Lots of stuff I didn't know. - Drew
Thank you for taking the time to put this together. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Love it Robert, thanks, I learned a lot. - Ginger Kenney
Great vid. Really showed off some awesome capabilities. - Joe Brinkman
Chris: my computer is messed up. :-) - Robert Scoble
I love FF and have been using it for a few months (though not exclusively), but I still picked up a few powerful tips that I didn't know or understand before. Thanks, Robert! - Helen Hoefele
Robert did you make this video for Arrington? I hope so, that way he'll start participating more...same goes for Guy Kawasaki too. :) - Susan Beebe
Nah, just trying to explain the features. - Robert Scoble
This friendfeed thing confuses me to no end. Maybe I'm just dense, but I've never been able to figure out how to organize things here so that the cool stuff perks to the top, then there's keeping track of things I like or whatever. I hope your vid is damn good cuz it's downloading now over a dialup line. yup, they still haven't fixed my highspeed yet. :-) Edited to put a smiley after that last statement, hehe. - Eddy Cole
It's a really good introduction to both basic and advanced FriendFeed use. Perhaps more interestingly, helps explain how Robert manages his massive inbound data flow. - Michael Krigsman
Ross the Friendfeed intern did some tutorials a while back, but FF sure failed to keep up with creating new ones as the feature set (and interface) evolved. Ross's videos here: - Mitch
I think that if I knew that I could see all of my twitter activity from within friendfeed, then I would use it in leui of a twitter client - but I don't feel like taking the time to add imaginary friends. - Hal
What we really need is a "Friendfeed Tour" room which is added by default to ever single new account. It could be moderated by the FF crew and include links to a whole bunch of goodies for new friendfeeders. - Mitch
Next installment: 20 ways to being a bigger FriendFeed monster than Robert Scoble? =) - deepikaur
Comprehensive. Needs a screencast treatment instead of pointing vid cam at the screen. - Tom Landini
This should go on the ff homepage - Michael Fidler
2009 is the year I start really drinking the FF Koolaid. I started a week early, technically, but then the good resolutions are the ones worth getting ahead of right away. This video was helpful for understanding how to make the most of the service, Robert. I'll be sharing it with others, especially if I slip into the social media rabbit hole that this service can be for many users. As always, thank you for sharing your experience. - Alex Howard
I find that friendfeed has a lot of passive users. Their activity comes from the aggregation of other media, not from any attention on friendfeed itself. Robert is very active on FF and so gets a lot of immediate conversation going, but many have it set on auto-pilot. I find this is less the case with twitter. Perhaps it will change. - Marcel LeBrun
Robert, I love the down to earth presentation on this. Very approachable method of video, and informative. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I've been waiting for this video. Good stuff. - Andrew
Thanks for this - its great to have a practical 'how to' guide. - Graham Hills
Nice! Didn't really get Friendfeed until now. It would be phenomenal if I could manage and write to everyone of my aggregations via friendfeed. Hate to have 3+ Backends for my Blogs etc - Sebastian
Robert, I've been using FriendFeed for a while now. Thanks! This was superb. - Pilgrim Five
"Hide" feature!? I have no "Hide" link under my entries - how did you get one of those?! I want one! I have "Comment", "Like" and "More". - Isha (Marysia)
Thanks for posting. I never knew that Friendfeed could be so useful. I didn't even know there was a like feature till you pointed it out. I just thought it was another one of those lifestreaming aggregators. - Thao Ly
Marysia: "Hide" is only available on entries if you are in the home screen. So click on "Home" and now you should see Hide. - Robert Scoble
"Hide" is available in any list at the top level. For instance, if I create a list called "Tech Bloggers" and add six people to it, "Hide" is visible if I click the Tech Bloggers list on the left side. If I open the reveal triangle and click on one individual's ID, then "Hide" is not available. - Will King
Thankfully this was a tutorial. I still expect Robert to use a computer nearly as fast as Commander Data. - Kevykev
Great video Robert. Really enjoyed checking out all the features on FriendFeed. You seem to have it set up really well. I wondered why you didn't use a screencast recording program so we could watch what you were doing on your screen a bit more easily. I don't want that to sound like a criticism though because I really appreciate the effort you went to, recording the vid. - Paul Richards
I'm bumping this post, because this video is so good. Just sent it to a friend who just signed up to help explain the experience along with the FFundercats Episode 25 podcast. These are great resources. - Eric - Final Countdown
Robert Scoble
Want a news tip? Amazon Kindle is sold out. Hint here: -
Want a news tip? Amazon Kindle is sold out. Hint here:
I just bought a version 1.0 machine. It's sold out. Will they make more? I doubt it. So, why are they still accepting orders? I just bought one and will let you know what shows up. I'm hearing that new version comes in next few months. is the link. - Robert Scoble from Bookmarklet
it must be orders for the new version? will they be same price? - Neelesh Ramputh
Actually direct link to page is here: - Robert Scoble
Availability Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is sold out. Please ORDER KINDLE NOW to reserve your place in line. We prioritize orders on a first come, first served basis. Note that Kindles cannot currently be sold or shipped to customers living outside of the U.S. - Robert Scoble
Really waiting to see what improvements are made in the next version. Love that fact it doesn't need to be connected to a computer. I've worked on getting reading back into my life and I see a Kindle actually saving me money long term as well too. - Dean Clark
Neelesh: I bet that orders placed for current version will be fulfilled with new version. If I bet right I'll be among the first to get a new Kindle. If I bet wrong I'll have to return a unit. - Robert Scoble
Even during Kindle's busiest time, Christmas 07, the wait was only 5-6 weeks. I doubt demand or supply will cause that much of a delay now. Do we expect 1) amazon to have a new version ready on announcement, and 2) an announcement within the next 4-6 weeks, or 3) amazon to make customers wait potentially longer? Sans a hot inside scoop, I wouldn't bet $360 on a new rev. If v1 isn't doing it for you, what real cost is there until waiting for the official release of v2? - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher: the first ones to get it will get to make everyone jealous, just like with version 1. - Robert Scoble
And sold out could simply mean you're ahead of a deliberately-paced supply chain. This would be the 4th time, in my memory, that the unit has sold out and required a waiting list. Is this time especially special? - Christopher Galtenberg
Dude, Robert, I think I remember a red-faced video of you hating on v1 :) Man, if they mess up with v2 (or if Robert gets stiffed with a v1) stand back everyone :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher Galtenberg: a new version has been rumored for "first quarter" of this year. So, I'm taking a risk. You're welcome to join me and take a gamble. Amazon does take things back if it turns out we're wrong. - Robert Scoble
Man, I am still stoked with my v1 (got a nice skin, so the unintentional clicks cease, feels good). Good luck tho! Excited to see that smooth v2, hope you get it! - Christopher Galtenberg
Get that v2. It will likely be the last. Google will trounce Amazon as soon as the settlement with the Authors Guild and Publishers is blessed by a judge. - AJ Kohn
Should there be a disclosure that this is a Scoble affiliate link? Is this Scoble's FriendFeed revenue strategy? :-) - Louis Gray
@Louis: Holy crap. I didn't see that but you're right, it is his affiliate link! Smart man that Scoble. - AJ Kohn
Louis: you caught me red handed! Actually @god told me to try this revenue model. (Seriously, he did, the guy who runs the @god account is very smart and it made sense). - Robert Scoble
@Robert: It's a shame Amazon runs such a scam on their affiliate program. You don't get credit unless the referred person buys in that *session*. Lots of referred sales that never wind up going back to the affiliate. - AJ Kohn
AJ: yeah, I figured that. Well, I bought by clicking on the link here. Will let you know how it works out. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Don't get me wrong. You'll make some money, just not as much as you should IMO. Hoping you get a v2! [edit] By the way, I'd love to see you interview the Google Book Search team to see what they have to say about the prospect of enabling digital downloads of all their scanned material. - AJ Kohn
Your old Kindle is getting great use, Scoble, I use it all the time and will almost certainly buy a book immediately if there is a kindle link on amazon (even if there IS an affiliate lol /rolleyes, I can't believe that's actually an issue... shark jumping! yay!) - Eric Rice
I have 2-3 people a week look at my Kindle, as what it is and then say "I have to have one!" .. I foolishly waited for a while for the usual reasons "$400 for that" and regret it. If I needed another right now, I'd buy the old version despite knowing there is a new one coming. - Warren Whitlock
OMG I guess I'll have to wait for the 2.0 can you hook me up w/ a free one? I heard you got connections ;) - sofarsoShawn
The Kindle has sold out several times. They have serious supplier issues. I highly doubt you'll get the mythical v2 unit, but I'll be jealous if you do. I love my Kindle to death! And Amazon will catch you and bust you for buying through your own affiliate link. It's against the ToS, and they police it. Be careful. - Josh Bancroft
Robert Scoble
@netvalar now wants to know about friendfeed's rooms. Here's why they are the coolest tool for Twitter users:
It used to be that doing a Google search was the only thing you needed to do to find information and that the flow of information was slow enough that anyone could follow. Those days are LONG over. Now that we have , , and, among others, we need a new answer. Rooms are that answer. Here's why. - Robert Scoble
Let's say you have a bunch of searches you want to mash up along with a few RSS feeds from blogs. Maybe one from a product site or a conference site. Etc. How do you do that? Well, you could build some weird contraption in Yahoo Pipes, but I find that a room is the best place because of friendfeed's community platform. For instance, next week I'm going to the World Economic Forum in Davos. I created this room to follow that: - Robert Scoble <<--World Economic Forum room. - Robert Scoble
Do you see what's going on there? I've brought feeds from Google News. Twitter (for several different search terms). Google Blog Search. And from several official Davos blogs too. All mixed together into that room. - Robert Scoble
so the rooms are similar to yahoo pipes but less tech savy? I could set up a room for a new blog and then also add in bookmarks of web posts that were related then right? - Netvalar
Rooms can be private. Venture Beat, for instance, does all of its workflow in a room that you can't see unless you are on staff with them. - Robert Scoble
Rooms are full-fledged members of friend feed. You can like and comment items and share them with your friends. You can link to items, just like you can link to any friendfeed items here. If you own those items you can moderate them (I can delete any items in the Davos room, for instance). - Robert Scoble
Netvalar: yeah. Yahoo Pipes is pretty daunting for normal people. Rooms just require you to subscribe to the feeds from searches and from blogs. Just like you add items to your account here. Yup, you can mix together RSS feeds from blogs and those from your favorite bookmarking site like - Robert Scoble
My favorite room is the Apps Room: - Robert Scoble
Great I thought so but haven't taken the time yet to look into it thanx for taking the time to inform me - Netvalar
Rooms encourage communities to form and work together out of the view of the "noisy assholes" like me on the main "Home" feed on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
It's interesting that more Twitter users don't discover these. They are an AWESOME way to track Twitter Search - Robert Scoble
This is totally cool. I feel some FF addiction growing up deep inside. :-) - Cristian Vidmar
hmm I was thinking of a different use but the work together thing I wonder if some of the musicians I work with would be interested. Well it at lest would be worth placing into a blog post for those readers who are trying to improve their street teams - Netvalar
Oh, and thanks for sharing, of course! - Cristian Vidmar
Scoble, pls direct him to this post of mine too - Zee.
Checking out post Zee - Netvalar
Hey Zee think you can place the links to FF part 1 and 2 too - Netvalar
Zee: please do link in your articles, thanks! - Robert Scoble
Scoble what would be the best URL for me to reference in a blog post for the help you have shared with me today on this subject? - Netvalar
Netvalar: you can link to all of these friendfeed items (you can get a permalink to them by using the "More" menu and clicking "Link to this entry." If you want to link to me, probably is best since that's where all my original stuff is aggregated together. - Robert Scoble
so now I just need those other links from ZEE a bit more reading on my part and a musicians guide to FF with links to and those posts should be done within the hour or shortly thereafter - Netvalar
A bit of work on my part but I got those other 2 links now part 1 Part 2 there in case anyone stops by the URLs are availble - Netvalar
Will definitely add the link as soon as I get to the on iphone right now. But I'm floating on air right now,did I read that right Robert? Your favorite room is the Apps Room?? Yahoooooo! - Zee.
Netvalar, I'm on my iPhone now but if u search for "Guide to Friendfeed" on google, all 3 posts i've done so far should be there - Zee.
Zee: yes, the Apps room rocks. Thanks for creating it! - Robert Scoble
Wow, I've been here for a while and thought I knew most of the coolest tricks but now I really GET what rooms are about and how to utilise them best, thanks Robert :) - Nicola Quinn
Might have to put that in the rooms description... :) "Scobles Favorite Room..." - Zee.
put your autographed photo down, zee... - Terry O'Fee
hey, thanks for pointing that out robert - I've never taken the time to explore FF properly, but rooms does look really useful - Sam from twhirl
might just change the apps photo to Scobles face...(I kid I kid..) - Zee.
wipe the drool off too while you're there .. hahah - Terry O'Fee
Is there a simple way to filter my Google Reader stream to different FriendFeed rooms? - Andreas
Andreas, there is a feed for every room - Fredrik Hansson
Fredrik: So then how do you direct an item in your Google Reader's shared list to a specific FF room? You can import the whole shared list but that's not what I'm after. I want to add yet another filter (need to use Yahoo Pipes?!) on top of Google Reader to extract articles, blog posts, etc to certain FF rooms. - Andreas
Once caveat: People don't see your "Likes" on items in a room unless they're subscribed to that room or visit it. If it's something you want to spread around, put it in your main feed. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Good stuff, Robert. I've been thinking about innovative uses for FF Rooms a lot this past week (jump-started by your frequent mentions), and I really like the Venture Beat private room example you give, good to know that businesses are waking up to the potential. In a way, FF is providing a lot of the functionality that Twitter is missing, as an overlay. Problem with Twitter is that it's difficult to get some permanence to your feed(s) including searches, FF solves that: - Alex Schleber
Here is an example of a Twitter "Track" Room on keyword "Psychology", note that you likely want to do a few tricks with the query to keep it useful, e.g. "psychology filter:links -RT" (to avoid duplicates and much chatter) - - Alex Schleber
7 Ways To Utilize FriendFeed Rooms (May '08) - Bwana ☠
rooms are cool but I love lists, makes the biggest difference for me - nothing else like it - mike "glemak" dunn
If you are new to FF and want to meet more people, subscribe to some rooms and participate. To be honest, I met over half the people here through rooms at first. I would love to find out the most effect and exact twitter search terms (whether it is using "" , or, and) in getting the maximum results for the search. - Amani
Andreas: I tag the item in Reader with a specific tag and then subscribe to my tag's RSS feed in my Room. - Nick in Manila
I have to say that I didn't understand the appeal of Rooms until I tried this technique and created to track Kindle info and satisfy my tech-nerd-reader itch. Thanks Robert! - Daniel Norton
Robert Scoble
Twitter is changing API rate limits. I think this was a shot at friendfeed. Here's why:
Here's the details on the changes and impact on companies like SocialToo: - Robert Scoble
Friendfeed growth has gone way up because of friendfeed's new feature to import Twitter followers. I'm seeing that in a big way. I bet that looks dangerous to Twitter and that allowing other services to piggy-back on Twitter like this isn't a good thing. What do you think? - Robert Scoble
Here's details on the new Twitter importer: - Robert Scoble
If FriendFeed is not a replacement to Twitter, why would Twitter expend their finite resources to take a(n indirect?) shot at Twitter? If you ask me (you're not), I'd guess it's more of a pass the buck strategy to charge the API community and let them figure out the revenue model. Twitter can't be bothered with that. - Matt Albiniak
I foresaw this coming. That's why I architected's follower processing in a completely different way. - Dewald Pretorius
Why I think the API limit will lead to a revenue model -> - Nick Halstead
Wrong. Friendfeed doesn't use the API. They're over XMPP. - netik
netik: for content, yes, but for followers, I'm pretty sure they are using API. - Robert Scoble
maybe there is a business model in charging for high volume use of the api. There are several apps that I would pay for - Daniel Patricio
And Scoble is the general of social! If he says "friendfeed" you say "how high, sir" - Stephen Breen
That sucks big time! but then again twitter will be faster. There is many apps that use well over 20.000 requests per hour yep SocialToo is one of them... I'll have to change my lil twitter mobile app now .... :( - Live Crunch Blog
The API limit is per IP address: it's easily accounted for using delegates to handle the requests. The lack of notice kinda sucks, but I'm hard pressed to see the insurmountable technical problem with their new rate limit. - Mark Trapp
This will only affect services that hit the Twitter API tens of thousands of times per hour from a single IP address. Mashups like Qwitter, etc. Totally makes sense. I don't think FriendFeed and other services that get to use the special XMPP firehose had anything to do with it. - Josh Bancroft
While we are talking about SocialToo, I tried to use that to auto follow all my followers and it didn't seem to work. Jesse, can you call me at +1-425-205-1921 and we'll see if I'm doing something wrong. - Robert Scoble
Stephen - I just vomited a little. - Jennifer Leggio
Josh: I tried using friendfeed's new feature and it didn't work. I think it is hitting the API too many times to try to get my 50,000 followers out. - Robert Scoble
Robert - the rate limit hasn't been implemented yet. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
I think charging for high volume API users makes sense. At this point Twitter has no revenue model, they need to start making money somehow. I don't know if there are any Twitter clients charging for their service, but it doesn't make sense to me that Twitter doesn't make money from those who can or do. - Chris Mayer
Mark: that's why I said "changing" instead of "changed." The changes are coming Friday, Jesse Stay reports. - Robert Scoble
Sounds more like protecting their data than their servers, and I would want to do the same thing in their position. If you allow people unlimited access to all that social network data, you make it much simpler for somebody to write an app that moves entire networks off Twitter onto another platform. As a business, they have a lead in the market they have to protect. - John
Nick, just read your post and I agree whole heartedly. All these free services can't go on forever. - Chris Mayer
I really doubt this is a direct response to FriendFeed. I suspect FF is just the tip of an iceberg, most of which is hidden underwater, or in this case... still in development or private testing. I know at least two services that are trying to reconstruct the mythical firehose via rapid polling from whitelisted IP addresses. - Ken Sheppardson
@Mark Bean - try using the YouTube API - they throttle like it's a treasure down there. Can't seem to get more than 1 request per second. - Niv
Jennifer: Sorry 'bout that :) There needs to be a facebook group for Scoble the General. - Stephen Breen
it's much bigger than friendfeed. This could be a shot at many existing applications and more importantly potential future applications. One more reason to advocate for a distrusted open source messaging platform. - Howard Ross
I wonder if it's time for developers to band together and build a distributed system ala "SETI@Home" that uses spare API call bandwidth to rebuild the data stream for high volume applications. BitTorrent for the Twitter firehose, so to speak. - Ken Sheppardson
Steve: it's a new form of interactive blogging. Plus, it gets Twitterers to come over here and interact. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I'm pretty sure that the problem with importing your friends is in our system, not Twitter's. We'll get it working for you very soon. I'm sure that the timing of their rate limit changes is a coincidence. Managing rate limits is an important part of building a stable system, and allowing any one client unlimited requests is dangerous. (we even rate limit our internal services, for example) - Paul Buchheit
Paul: cool, thanks for letting me know. If you ever want to test things out with my account, let me know! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert: The fact that you're probably not the only one who has tried to import your friends list...just to, you know, see what happens... probably doesn't help matters ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Robert, I was going to suggest this as well - it depends how much of the process Twitter is doing on the backend, and how many servers they have it distributed over. If they're able to do it on one server, this could cause issues. The potential is there, however - Apache and other servers make it easy to process more than one thing at the same time, up to hundreds of things, in fact. - Jesse Stay
But like others I think this is just the tip of the iceberg, not the reason. - Jesse Stay
Twitter's API changes weren't SOLELY a response to FriendFeed's Twitter importer. Considering how long it's taken Twitter to decide on a business model (did they ever hire anyone for that position), they couldn't have reacted to FriendFeed's Twitter importer that quickly. By the way, the Twitter importer worked fine for me, but I only imported less than 400 (it's smart enough to figure out which Twitter followers are already on FriendFeed, so it doesn't import the whole list). - Ontario Emperor
@KenShepperdson: Love the idea of 'BitTorrent for the Twitter firehose' & 'developers to band together and build a distributed system ala "SETI@Home" that uses spare API call bandwidth to rebuild the data stream for high volume applications' -- gotta do *something* or charge devs for high volume API calls, right? - Alex Howard
Alex: The thing is, I thought it was Gnip's mission statement to pretty much solve this problem. But then they dropped XMPP support and things got wishy-washy RE whether they were really going to provide a "full feed", Twitter decided to pull that effort back in house, and things have sorta been scattered ever since. I wonder how many people's machines we'd have to harness to reconstruct everything... - Ken Sheppardson
I like FF a lot more than Twitter for a lot of reasons. Better for conversations, better visually for photos, better tools to hide/filter/lists, etc. I think it's a vastly superior platform to Twitter. That said, Twitter has the momentum right now and is more likely to make a jump to mainstream. The flurry of celebrities signing up is a very positive sign for this sort of jump for them. I could see where Twitter would want to keep a very close eye on what FF is up to as their most significant competition - Thomas Hawk
As long as Twitter feels that they are keeping the competition of FF at bay, having as open a system and API as possible continues to build good will with the community. But if/when Twitter feels that FF becomes more significant as a competitor and within striking distance they very well might sacrifice community goodwill for a business advantage. Just speculation on my part. It would be harder (though certainly doable) for FF to grow their business with impeded access to the Twitter API. - Thomas Hawk
How many Twitter API calls are needed to get a user's follows? Couldn't FFd offload these calls to it's users' twitter accounts if needed? - Alexandros Georgiadis
I have actual historical usage data of Twitter and FriendFeed posted here - - courtesy of the FF API. - Brandon Watson
Louis Gray
What’s Twitter’s Real Motive for the API Cuts? -
As I said yesterday, I suspected that this move was related to the Twitter revenue model and how 3rd party developers might cut into revenue streams. Perhaps Twitter wants a slice of the big pie by revenue sharing with All third party apps? Interesting. - Larry Lewis
Harry McCracken
What Does Microsoft’s Bad News Day Means For the Future of Windows? -
Louis Gray
RSS Bankrupt? We’re in a new world -
Yeah, I use the iGoogle Gadget version of the Google Reader. I can sit and scan the available posts really quite simply. I wish the iGoogle reader had two features. 1. "SHARE this entry" (not just Star it), and 2. after I scroll past an headline (even without clicking on it to read), MARK AS SEEN. - Scot Mcphee
Sarah Perez
Louis Gray
Twitter is limiting API access again, which will see many of the apps you like weakened or dead:
*cough* Friendfeed's fault? :) :) - Bwana ☠
I'm not a techy person at all, but I can say with confidence that this whole API thing is really ticking me off. What's the point of limiting tweets...we are on Twitter to chat. Just get that back-end stuff fixed already (like I said, I am sooo not a tech person). :) - Jennifer Windrum
The comments on that post pretty much said it all: a quick addition or two to the API calls and the load problem vanishes. Can't imagine why they're adamant they won't do that. Strange stance to take. - Mark H
I haven't been too impressed with the tone I've seen taken by Twitter in many of the e-mails and threads. What this does is mean that every service that taps the API in this way will be restricted to working "sometimes" or for "some people". Socialtoo, which Jesse runs and I help out with, might be closed to big users who would use their unfair share of API accesses. Another alternative is for developers to reduce features or frequency. - Louis Gray
Is it possible they've got nobody there who can form an SQL query more complicated than "select * from users where id = X"? That would explain a lot. - Mark H
ROFL Mark! - Jesse Stay
I suspect the monetization pressure is starting to mount. Free flowing API helps growth and userbase, but after a point they'll likely sacrifice growth and userbase to monetize some of what they already have. - mikepk
so will this affect FriendFeed? - Thomas Hawk
There are already ample opportunities to monetize by removing the cap for developers who pay. But as Jesse's post and comments show, they're uninterested in that, or in any other methods to start earning money. - Chris Charabaruk
Thomas, I can't speak for FriendFeed, but I believe they still are one of the XMPP partners and are outside of this issue. - Louis Gray
Why wouldn't Twitter just set fees on developers using high levels of the site's API? - Sonya Smith
#failquest twitter is limiting APi access? Sigh. - Drew Lucas
@Kevin They could easily acquire the resources by working out deals both with high API users, and with the bodies that fund them. They aren't bothering to do that. - Chris Charabaruk
Works to the advantage of friendfeed and other such services. - Richard A.
Thanks, Marshall. - Louis Gray
hmmm so sad (sarcasm here) - sofarsoShawn
Thanks Marshall - very well done post! - Jesse Stay
Socialtoo blog whitescreens on my iPhone. - mjc
good reporting Marshall. - Thomas Hawk
I'm confused. What's wrong with using multiple IPs? If you do more than 5 requests a second, get another IP. Heck, you could even jerry-rig a server so you didn't even need to buy another one. - Mark Trapp
Well, I have recently noticed that things on FriendFeed getting to twitter has been slower in the last few weeks or so. - Wizetux
if Twitter follows through on the API query limits. Will those apps written on their platform be grandfathered? or does the cap apply to all comers, current and those "on the come"...? - Gregg
I think they're shooting themselves in the foot here - Jaemi Kehoe
I think we should wait to see what Twitter is going to do here. API limits may mean they have somthing in the works. - Roberto Bonini
I find it interesting that previously Alex talked about how it is his job to enable opening up the system ( -- "I open up as much of Twitter’s functionality as I can without (hopefully) making the system insecure"), and now twitter makes the system more closed by setting limits on the very tools/features that define the twitter experience. - Andy Bakun
Sarah Perez
Making Friends: LinkedIn vs. Facebook vs. Twitter [cartoon] -
Tamar Weinberg
with the salmonella outbreak & fear, do you think there's a danger of eating PB flavored ice cream? we totally forgot & bought some.
I think they would have pulled it if it was. - MarkCarras
Mark, I'm not entirely sure that's true - there are still products being recalled day to day. More here: - Tamar Weinberg
Have they found a particular consumption amount to get a person sick? - Mona Nomura
Not a clue -- but I like PB ice cream, so I'd probably exceed that amount. - Tamar Weinberg
Salmonella isn't that bad really. I'd risk it. Worst that happens is you get explosive diahrrea, go to the doc n get to sue somebody - Will Higgins™
haha Will you sound like me. - Mona Nomura
Don't give it to kids, adults get better on their own - Will Higgins™
is that so Mona? Didn't you just complain about eating too many donuts? :D Nah, we're tough cookies. Just not PB cookies. - Will Higgins™
I want some Nutter Butters. :( - MLx
I was thinking the same thing, Will, but I'm not exactly in a position where I can take that kind of risk. It's not me I'm worried about :P - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar Weinberg
Let them sing it for you -
via "“Let them sing it for you” is an interesting text to speech application where you type in some English text (or should I say ‘lyrics’) and the service will use actual sound clips of famous music stars to convert those words into a song." - Tamar Weinberg from Bookmarklet
Lance Shields
Starting a Social Media Forum and How Money Talk is an Ice Breaker -
The story of how I started a social media community in Japan and how talk about how to make money in social media makes for a good icebreaker. - Lance Shields
Dave Winer
I used to think this song was only Canadian, but I guess Americans have one too! Good ol folk music :) It's the kind of song that should be sung to/by crowds in Washington :) - Will Higgins™
Louis Gray
Observations from a Google Reader Spring Clean -
Robert Scoble
A "crappy" day in California (photo):
Under these solar panels is Pacifica's waste treatment plant. More on the plant shortly after this is uploaded. - Robert Scoble from email
The plant uses $900,000 worth of electricity a year. These panels save them $150,000 a year. Under the panels are huge vats filled with microorganisms that "eat" the sewage. Out the other end is water clean enough for fish to swim in. - Robert Scoble
This is one of the most advanced water treatment plants in the world. It generates sludge that looks like earth. Doesn't smell. Old plants cause a bad smell. This one found a way to "scrub" the bad odors with microorganisms. The whole thing is controlled by Microsoft Windows and a bunch of PLC's. More on this plant when we put up the video in about a week at - Robert Scoble
That's an amazing system there, every city needs this instead of dumping it all into the water. What is done with the sludge that comes out? - Melik Yuksel
Cool sh*t. - Will Higgins™
The main use of the power is ultra-violet light which sanitizes the diseases in the water. Half of the power is used just for that process. The bulbs they are using cost $500 each. A new process is being tested that reduces the electricity cost by $200,000 a year and uses bulbs that cost $50. - Robert Scoble
Man, you don't want to know what my town's waste treatment plant in NY looks like... - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Melik: it is used for fertilizer. The water is used in a wetland and will soon be used to water stuff like a golf course in the community. This plant cost $52 million to build back in 2000 and $3.5 million to add solar to. If built today the plant would cost double that. - Robert Scoble
Aram: many plants use harsh chemicals to sanitize its sewage. This one uses no chemicals. Which makes the end water much better quality. Most communities don't have a plant this advanced. Especially in China and India where they really need this kind of technology. - Robert Scoble
The water that comes out of it isn't drinkable, but is very close (they showed me a glass and it was clear and didn't have odors). - Robert Scoble
It's a great job to have. Recession proof. :-) - Robert Scoble
That sounds pretty impressive. I can remember train journeys (commutes) where you could smell an old school plant from inside a train and at X distance away from the tracks etc. - Patrick Jordan
And here in Quebec City, we're expecting -30F to -40F for the next four days. Ugh. - Jason Carter
The regulations suck, though. The plant manager wants to put more solar in, but the state won't let him because of really tough environmental restrictions on the hillsides that surround the plant. Oh, by the way, this thing is right in the middle of the city. Rocky's house looks down on the plant. That's why they needed to come up with ways to control the odors. - Robert Scoble
How prescient was my uncle in Hudson New Hampshire? An architect whose son was also a designer. 30 full years ago they built a 'green' house, and blueprints for green industry. He said if we don't ALL do it now, the planet will be toxic by 2078. That was in 78. Oops. His name id John Paylian, and he wrote a book about it. - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Lee: yeah, something like that! Heheh. I joked with Rocky and said "this plant can even handle YOUR sh1t." ;-) - Robert Scoble
Ed: that's exactly why we did the video. Hopefully other communities will put pressure on their politicians to build one of these. Pacifica's residents played a HUGE role in getting this one built. Not cheap. Not easy. But now the water here is much cleaner than it used to be. - Robert Scoble
@WillHiggins literally so! :) - Prolific Programmer
Robert Scoble
If you are laid off, here’s how to socially network -
I've found a good rule of thumb to be that unless you are absolutely sure you will never need the Internet to help get you a job, act as though you may be laid off next week. What would you want attached to your name? Like I said on your tweet, probably the biggest faux pas I see is people bitching about their job. It's unprofessional. - Mark Trapp
Robert I think this advice is for even when you have a job. I can't recall where but I remember reading that it's essential to network when you _have_ a job. Not only will it help you get a job when you don't have one, it'll help you move upward and diagonally across the proverbial ladder. - Bhavishya Kanjhan
These are some very sound and actually wise principles to adhere to. Thanks, I'm definitely marking this as a favorite, and will refer to it many more times in the future! - Carlton Hackett
@scobleizer This is a terrific post that just oozes common sense. Key though is, do this 2 years before you are laid off. - Vernonkell
Great post. And I finally realized I was subscribed to a partial feed of this entire time (which I thought was the only feed available); that has been rectified. - Tamar Weinberg
@bankwatch - how so very true, but there are ways of speeding up the process. - Dan owns
Awesome post. Seriously. Thanks! - Phil Glockner
Really appreciate this timely post. Just had a very talented friend in publishing who was laid off and am hoping your post can make a difference for her. - Kirsten Hamstra
Great stuff you are really helping people - Thomas Power
Love it! I'm embarrassed to say I've been freelancing and wanting work in the social media space and have completely neglected my blog. I have incorporated links to the various social media tools/sites in my email signature (thanks AK for pointing this out!) and have received questions and comments about them. Thanks for the very timely post and opportunity for a very helpful discussion. - Jill Howard Allen
If one follows all of the advice in this post, they might not need a job...they could become self employed. - April Russo (FForever!)
That's a great post, Robert! An aside: I had to look up LOLCats, just to make sure I knew what those were. I guess I'm not looking for a job in entertainment or in working with children, eh? :-) I think my inner Capricorn ages me! - Yule Heibel
when i started contributing info to the online world, i realized that i was no longer anonymous. i try to follow these simple rules: 1) be professional with everything posted (images, text, vids, etc), 2) dont associate with unprofessional folks (i.e. those who post with disregard), 3) add value. The sooner you start networking and building a quality online presence the sooner it can be utilized for career gain. - TJ Trapp
Some good advice, some complete yawn-able BS. Be yourself, build enough social capital that your boss is scared of what YOU can do when you talk shit. Thats why I did :) - sean percival
also i doubled my salary twice last year :) #whatrecession - sean percival
So who should I be taking to lunch so I can get my story in the right ears in order to get the right next job? - Iphigenie
Joelle: what do you want to do with the rest of your life? - Robert Scoble
Enjoyed this post a lot, Robert. You've made a good point for me that I need to "marry" a couple of my blogs into one that states how I bring technology to ministry. I tend to keep these separate. And I also tend to do less blogging while I'm in school. I'll try and make more effort on the blogging. I'm in math courses right now as I'm finishing my degrees and I tend to get my head buried with those.;) - Melanie Reed
Hmm... do LOLTads count? - Lindsay
Very nice post. I like the helping others part especially. What is your feeling about virtual business cards? Networking is still crucial. - Amani
Mona Nomura
Should you be held accountable for what you publish online? - Cnet "Yelp user faces lawsuit over negative review"
A review? No. It's your personal opinion. Are we censoring that as well? - Shevonne
Censorship and accountability are two different things, no? - Mona Nomura from IM
Here I think it's combined. The only way that chiropractor can win is if he can show that the events the guy said happened, didn't. - Shevonne
Exactly, logicalextremes. This is a good wake up call. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, but more people must think before they speak - especially with the ease of data distribution. - Mona Nomura from IM
It seems like the chiropractor filing court papers is what lowered his referrals. Therefore, it shows that he is the cause for himself losing business; not the patient. "Biegel, who was a "sponsored" advertiser on Yelp and encouraged customers to write reviews on the site, received about as many referrals per month from Yelp while the review was up as before, but fewer after the lawsuit was filed, Blacksburg said, citing Yelp documents." - Shevonne
Libel is libel... what is the debate? - Brian Roy
"seems" which is not a fact. - Mona Nomura from IM
Reading this guy's other negative review, his comments can go both ways. I wish I could have read the original review. Maybe if I email him? Hmmmm.... Here is his Yelp profile, if anyone cares: - Shevonne
From the grad class I took, this is very hard to prove. This is one of the reasons celebrities don't even bother sometimes. There was another case where a business owner was sued by a company for her negative review. I think they settled out of court. - Shevonne
What if you spread the review by sharing it into FriendFeed or Twitter? Should you be held accountable for that? - Mona Nomura
You should be held accountable for things you say whether online or not. Interesting here is that the dynamic of power has changed. With traditional MSM the outlet is generally in possession of money and legal resources and can legally defend itself. With individual publishing capability almost universal (via blogs and micro blogs) the publisher no longer is capable of strong defense. - Brian Sullivan
Someone up there said it, defamation is defamation and the same legal standards apply regardless of venue of the communication. Only functional difference is the publishing requirement, which would likely be deemed satisfied as a matter of law when you post on the internet. Same whether on Yelp, Friendfeed, Twitter, Facebook, Seesmic, anywhere. - Martha
So what about people that spread / share the information? - Mona Nomura
Of course you should. You can seriously hurt someone's business by what you write online, therefore you should give it due consideration before you write it. The real debate might be more about how fair libel laws are really. Obviously if people feel worried about what they write in reviews, then it might reduce willingless to post reivews. Then again, if people have to consider the... more... - Sam from twhirl
@Sam - In this particular case, the chiropractor admits that what hurt his business was HIM filing the lawsuit; not the review. - Shevonne
this chiro is digging himself a big hole and knows it. However, you CAN edit your own Yelp reviews so perhaps there is evidence of libel somewhere (as mentioned above by Mona, "seems" would likely rule out libel/defamation). But, yeah, Yelp is a prominent feature of Facebook connect and cross-posting to one's profile, this litigous chiro will set an example of what not to do, imho. - Andy Sternberg
Sam - bingo. It's about causing people to THINK before they act. Too many people don't, imho, since I haven't heard of a case (yet) where people are actually held responsible for their actions. Censorship? That's a load of crap. - Mona Nomura from IM
held accountable sure, litigated for personal opinion.... HELL NO. - Joshua Schnell
This is opinion so the chiropractor has no case here. He should have just made things right with his customer and the guy would have likely altered the review. It would have saved a lot of time and a lot of money. - Seth
Simple rule: write reviews from fact and your perspective, not emotion. If you're angry or upset, wait a day or more to write the review. Explain the details as you saw them and not what you thought was happening nor what you thought the other person was doing or thinking or trying to do. Only _your_ side of the story and how _you_ experienced it. - ·[▪_▪]·
Bingo - and many do not possess the rudimentary writing skills, Robot. Hence, this case. @Seth: Disagree!! - Mona Nomura from IM
@·[▪_▪]·, you're right. Always wait until you are calm enough to write a sound review. =) - Shevonne
"A word flies out, a sparrow; it returns, an ox." - Polish Proverb - Phil Boiarski
If I am not mistaken, Scales V. Noto, as determined by the Supreme Court, states one cannot be held accountable for the actions of a group they participate in. Not sure if this can be applied to a website where you publish your own reviews, but who knows? - B.J. Mendelson
That is a very interesting law, Brandon - Mona Nomura from IM
Ridiculous. I can freely give my opinion on whatever I like. If you wanna waste money and sue me for it, so be it. - Andru Edwards
Mona, you know I'm going to say no, you should be able to express your opinion freely. - Kol Tregaskes
Censorship != accountability. - Mona Nomura from IM
I think this starts to tread close to unbearably sticky ground, namely because I doubt anyone has tapes of the conversations, so it gets down very quickly to "he said, she said." I also wish I knew where the burden of proof was for libel. I feel like it might be too easy for people to go on suing sprees if they got their way too easily. Either way though, I think this is a little... ambitious on the chiropractor's part. At least he's suing the actual reviewer instead of Yelp... - David Wynn from fftogo
Mona and others - check this overview of SLAPP and Cal's new Anti-SLAPP legislation here Not an easy area at all to tread. While I am all for speaking freely, I am always careful about controversy, particularly on the internet. Having a real legal claim and being able to file suit and cause someone huge headache are two very different animals. Go Anti-SLAPP! - Martha
@koltregaskes exactly. But that's the point. There's a fine line between opinion and fact. It depends on how it's worded. "You're a cheat!" or "I felt that you cheated me!" - ·[▪_▪]·
Sure you should be held accountable; service providers should be held accountable for their practices. If this "doctor" doesn't want a bad review--he needs to treat his/her customers right. Can you imagine shitty restaurants or playwrites suing for negative reviewers? Give me a break. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
It goes both ways. The customer is not always right, you know. I've seen people cuss out retail workers over a bagel. A BAGEL., then had the audacity to write about it on Yelp saying the workers provoked him to behave that way. Are you kidding me? Give ME a break! - Mona Nomura from IM
And Rob, if you read the article, it was over a billing issue: "This is clearly Christopher Norberg's version of conversations with the doctor relating to a billing dispute and his opinion of how the doctor was behaving," - Mona Nomura from IM
At my business, when a potential employer calls about a prior employee of our s, we only confirm the dates they worked, a bad review and the employee might sue for defamation, a good review and the new employer might sue if the employee proves to be no good. - Robert Hafer
And you are totally right to do that Robert, because of so-called "self defamation" in the employment context. - Martha
I hear what everyone is saying and I think it comes down to tact, common sense, common courtesy, and critical thinking. Unfortunately, with the ease of publishing, the above is not exercised as often as it should be, hence the need for radical action to be taken to make that statement. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
Rob Michael, apparently you don't have to imagine restaurants suing reviewers: "The Irish News must pay £25,000 plus court costs to a west Belfast Italian restaurant owner" An interesting post with other links too: - Micah
+++++++ Mona, word to that! - Martha
All location specific. If you return from a trip abroad and review services provided abroad, you are governed only by the laws of your locality. However, the courts may look at the business locations of the review publisher for liability. So if CNET has an office in London, it may be sued by a UK citizen for a negative comment made in it's site, even if posted by a US citizen from the US. - Cole Jolley
accusations of fraudulent billing can be dicey, but posting opinions does differ. This will be an interesting case to watch. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
If there is a billing dispute that I cannot resolve, I would blog it or send it to Consumerist with copies/scans of supporting documentation. Yelp may not be a suitable forum to go into detail over an isolated incident. - Morton Fox
Ken - it was already resolved, thte reviewer changed his review. - Mona Nomura from IM
Denise Howell
David Meerman Scott on the USAF's blog/social media response flow chart. -
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