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RT @JavaScriptDaily: Espresso.js: A React and Backbone-inspired MVC Framework -
RT @elijahmanor: cssnext: Use tomorrow's CSS syntax, today playground:
RT @igrigorik: 58% of navigations (in Chrome) are over HTTPS: - up 31% in 2 years! we're shooting for 100%.
RT @BillMoyersHQ: Sen. James Inhofe, who wrote a book calling climate change a hoax, is likely pick to head committee overseeing EPA
RT @benadida: I continue to be surprised that @pmarca, one of the innovators who benefited the most from net neutrality, is now against it.
"A <canvas> font and typesetting"
iOS devs, you may have some great stuff but do you have support for teleporting Goats like Android does?
RT @njm: “how to manage a team — you work for them"
RT @ebidel: Polymer 0.5.0 - now with dope material design spinnerz
RT @rodneyabrooks: The always smart Kevin Kelly. The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World | WIRED
RT @cdixon: They can put a man in the moon but we still don't have a way to fix typos on Twitter. :/
"on" - Micah
"Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works"
RT @madhava: Tracking Protection, a privacy experiment, now in Firefox Nightly: #fx10 #chooseindependent
"It is critical to have at least one person with at least a functional understanding of each of the composite parts"
Pay a ton for a crappy ERP where you need more time to customize than if you built it? (Vs "not our core competency")
"I bet there’s a stong inverse correlation between metric-driven corporations & how trustworthy they appear." @tobie
This is Success: Why 1000/100/6/50ms? Blink and we will get there.
RT @ChromiumDev: "State of Blink" slide deck: Covering Blink status, goals & priorities
RT @littleidea: Docker: The Fine Print from the always insightful @nukemberg
Blog Post: I discuss the role of soul, purpose, and regulation as you geek out on measuring everything that you do.
RT @snookca: Write only the CSS you need. No more.
"The hash collision took just 10 hours and cost only 65 cents plus tax"
RT @bradneuberg: This is pretty cool: browser polyfills as a service:
RT @SocketIO: Amazing visualization of the elections by @CNN with #threejs and @socketio – via @johncnn
RT @bcantrill: Our @SmartDataCenter/@MantaStorage open source announcement on Hacker News:
Brackets looks perfect with the Bespin logo that @mart3ll gifted us back in the day. Atom and Brackets make me happy.
RT @mart3ll: Excited to test out from Adobe. Looks awesome! I replaced its icon with my old Bespin logo! :)
RT @firt: Baidu Browser double cheating on Android users: starts w/space to appear first and adds a fake "recommended" string
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