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"It's like Zillow's 'make me move' for relationships!" #SocialNormsAreChanging
"Reactive programming is the new OOP" I hope it is better than that :/
RT @Vjeux: <MagicFrame> lets you seamlessly output React content through an iframe. Impressive that it even works!
"The rate of innumeracy is unknown but chances are that it affects over 50% of us"
RT @rizzledizzle: We've open sourced a reusable pre-permissions library for iOS from "The Right Way to Ask Users for iOS Permissions"
Congrats to @bcantrill. He and Jason were an amazing duo, and I look forward to his next chapter.
RT @kpdecker: GC Fun: Error maintains reference to the context if `stack` is not read under v8.
RT @alexismadrigal: CAPTCHA's are becoming security theater. Google's machines can solve them 99% of the time.
RT @kangax: Jeez, @Mozilla adding ES6 features faster than I can update compat table #firstworldproblems
RT @stoyanstefanov: @joemccann “Another software technology will come along and kill off the Web [...] in the next two to three years" - Forrester Research 2000
“Dust off your drop shadows and gradients, and introduce them to your flat color buttons and icons.”
"The Web can enable rich always-up-to-date, safe, frictionless, easy-to-share, instant-on, multi-screen experiences."
"make the correct deduction: use a good programming language."
I have been waiting for some time to see @twitter pick up @gnip
EMFILE: Man I am so tired of seeing this, normally via node since the async nature makes it so easy to try to do so much in parallel.
RT @bgalbs: “@salil: I'm putting on a small open source conference Tue Apr 22 SF” I'll be there with @dalmaer… looking forward!
Using the human event loop: "I now try to let ppl be productive even when their primary action requires some time."
RT @rob_dodson: Just released: Shadow DOM CSS cheat sheet. Contains up to date selectors and examples.
RT @SlexAxton: I call overly nested/indented code 'Tea-Party Code' because it's so far to the right and doesn't make any sense.
RT @cdixon: Software eats software development
RT @slightlylate: Native software is the best possible advertising ChromeOS will ever get:
RT @brownpf: Brilliant - Dilbert's take on #agile and #prodmgmt
"Do you remember when we had tons of wasteful packaging and manuals instead of having them show up online?" #InTheYear2000000000
Pet peeve: "®" and friends in sentences. I always take them out of any sentence. I just can't help it. Sorry.
RT @kristiancarter: Movie cancellation of the week
RT @brianleroux: Any iOS devs out there using ?? Looks sweet.
"Objective-C in the Cloud"
RT @0xabad1dea: Cloudflare challenge was solved. Secret key was extracted by two different parties. Kind of a big deal 🔓🔑
"Ghostly AJAX Requests"
“We have been unable to successfully use Heartbleed on a vulnerable server to retrieve any private key data.” #please
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