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RT @ScottKellum: ”The mobile web” is a mirage. As we get closer to a mobile critical mass it will fade into just “the web”
RT @kadavy: Look everyone! I increased conversions by 32% by having the EXACT SAME landing page! ;)
RT @devgirlFL: Mixing Cordova/PhoneGap Components with Native iOS – Part 1 - @phonegap
RT @addyosmani: SO hot. The <x-gif> @polymer element now uses ES6 modules: Nice work @glenmaddern!
RT @strickland: The worst part about iOS Development is not Objective-C, it is Code Signing and Provisioning.
RT @headinthebox: IMHO, this is by far the best intro to Rx I've seen so far ;-)
RT @haroonmeer: Wow. Interesting development.. What happens when @twitter accepts payment to promote one side in a propaganda war?
"Programming is Language (not Math)" p.s. Is math a lil language too?
RT @simonw: Hooray! @mrdoob has already built a VRML-to-WebGL/three.js renderer: (thanks, @aubergene)
RT @domenic: Check out this awesome CSS colors API from @tabatkins: I <3 that the methods are specced as JS
I wish I could email <> "remember to be at Bob's surprise birthday!" vs having to find the list and nuke them etc
RT @csoghoian: Mozilla's HTTPS cert validation code was originally written by an undergrad, then auto-translated from Java to C.
RT @kartar: New Post: The Docker Book released! #book #docker #devops #sysadmin
RT @joestump: “I really need to know if it’s 97.8% done or 98% done.” said nobody ever, but Kindle’s iOS app seems to think people do.
RT @toddmparker: Think you know mobile web development? This presentation on the hot mess that is Android will make you weep.
RT @bear_travis: With, you should start seeing CSS Feature Queries in the #webkit nightlies. Thanks to @parb for the implementation!
RT @hugs: A modest proposal for an oh-so-very-JavaScripty Selenium WebDriver library for #nodejs.
RT @paul_irish: : new site dedicated to articles and talks about the next version of JavaScript.
Blog Post: Long term thinking in Engineering and War (Comparing consultants in the Iraqi war and software projects)
RT @addyosmani: Great write-up on authoring Critical-path above-the-fold CSS by @benedfit: ~ includes tooling & practical advice.
RT @importantshock: God, I love Haskell: replace one `map` with a `parMap rseq`, run with -N8, and get a 718% speedup.
RT @Dries: Science vs engineering /via @highermath
RT @slightlylate: For @sgalineau. Pitty I didn't get them in time for I/O.
iPhone happened to have an average phone. iWatch will happen to have a watch.
RT @csuwildcat: This looks cool: an open source browser built on Chromium and Node.js with the entire GUI in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
Chrome's New Model: The Throttled Async Touchmove Model
"Welcome to Swift Blog" I always find apples naming interesting ("the"!)
RT @brianleroux: Lots of interesting concepts in Breach recycled from browsers that came before.
RT @mikeal: npm roadmap “converting the CLI to an API” THANK FUCK!
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