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RT @openwebdaily: WebKit first to implement Level 4 extension of CSS :nth-child()
Now this is a wellness startup to invest in! :)
RT @BBCScotlandNews: The referendum is over. 'No' has won. #indyref
RT @scotthurff: In case you missed it, I analyzed how new iPhone screen sizes will mess with your designs:
Ellison as CTO??? Splitting CEO role? Man, lawnmower truly don't care.
All features are equal. Some are more equal than others.
RT @stshank: Chrome is using “-goog" vendor prefix for some Web technologies. Change from earlier plan:
Resolving URLs the easy way vs. the responsible way
RT @jshttp: Announcing mime-db: a basic repository of mime type information. Currently pre-release and listening for comments
How the Facebook iOS team uses functional / reactive approaches to their app
I was excited about the native Asana experience, but I guess I need to resume my own client that actually stores data
A great look at choices with work life balance. Choose life?
RT @schill: Just now, got the subtle humour of "nomen: true" (hint: allow dangling _ in identifiers.)
RT @alexey_r: Notepad conference
A good week. @bgalbs on the new and Savings Catcher has been a huge launch for customers
RT @myfear: Finally Gavin King himself on #ORM vs #SQL #Hibernate
RT @jaffathecake: Firefox proposal: flag http pages as insecure in the UI - fascinating discussion
RT @jayrobinson: Sure, I’d love to spend 48 minutes listening to Evan Doll talk about iOS Tools used at Flipboard.
RT @kangax: @valueof came across your medium; the sequence of post titles is just perfect when reading bottom-up : )
RT @benatkin: do you see poor form here? I sure do. come on @strongloop, transfer express back to the expressjs org.
RT @Souders: In typical @filamentgroup fashion, a great article from @scottjehl: "How we make RWD sites load fast as heck"
Fun to see our Walmart Android app as the example for deep linking!
The flux capacitor is here and it comes with some immutable JS
RT @Stammy: If your code tests don't pass, drop and gimme 20. New initiative to promote fitness at work.
I have been waiting for the new @asana app for an age, can't wait to try it... my productivity world runs on asana
RT @jonathanstark: Smart watches are for knowing things, not doing things.
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