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RT @kevinmarks: #annotation @JakeHartnell: in 2018, web annotation will be implemented in the browser we can refer to anything
RT @justin: The Windows appx format will only download the package resources and bits it needs to run the app on your device versus a full size bundle.
RT @dshaw: Lab from @walmartlabs has been getting a lot of love lately. What's your favorite testing framework? #nodeup
RT @_tomash: my opinion about TDD (test-first approach) in one image
Blog Post: Jerry Seinfeld talks about not breaking the chain, but how about learning to repair it? #TestDrivenXover
"He not only suggested making the delay before each new character random, he actually went ahead and wrote the code"
I want to track what I have done. I don't care if there is an Internet connection. Store locally too!
This was the only April Fools I enjoyed. Nice comment. #ItWasGoodToBeOfflineOnAprilFools
An app that I was just about to recommend lost all of my data. Personal data. Never lose user data (as trust is gone!). :(
RT @addyosmani: Grunt task for simulating slow connections: & the module it uses:
RT @docker: Testing Across @nodejs Versions Using @docker by @rvagg
"So what does Often Be Coding look like for someone like me?"
RT @sarahjeong: oh my god i’m puking a little
RT @natebrix: Time article rewrites history by giving Google, not Microsoft, credit for AJAX.
RT @radian: Our long national slide nightmare is over.
RT @estellevw: My intro to flexbox presentation: (It's better live. If you want to hear it live, attend my full day CSS3 workshop).
RT @Souders: Love the speedy UX in the @Link_Bubble Android app (via @lynchy010). Wish this was built into browsers.
Hilarissing: my four year old coined this word as a mix between hilarious and embarrassing and it was embodied today!
In the year 2000 we will have solved the problem of keeping a plane cool while boarding.
If they launched "WebScaleSQL" on April 1st they would have fooled me. Really?
Stripe Merchants Will Soon Be Able to Accept Bitcoin Payments
Verifying myself: I am dalmaer on pL68BC2225Y2Goe0LiV_9TUpNVLuRFnVi8OF /
RT @benwerd: Diversity doesn't just need to be protected, it needs to be nurtured. It's an asset. Monocultures are weaker.
RT @madhava: Great visualisation of real min viable products or the cupcake->wedding cake model: "@ferblape: Loving this slide!"
RT @SlackHQ: Use @github with Slack? Good! Look here: v2 of the integration rolled out. Details in image. v3 planned! 🙆 #changelog
If the user shakes the phone when your app is running what should it do? /cc @bgalbs
I have an Oculus Rift and think of it as much more interesting that Glass, but wow :)
RT @bgalbs: Trying to improve my fuzzy memory with the Narrative Clip from @getnarrative cc @dalmaer
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