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RT @chriscoyier: ✽ Guest post by @bear_travis today on CSS filters and how you can use them with progressive enhancement.
RT @adamnash: Special thank you to @PalantirTech for hosting my "Personal Finance for Engineers" talk today. Slides are online.
RT @nodejs: Good news Node.js >= v0.10.2 and all of v0.8 are not vulnerable to heartbleed — but we'll update to 1.0.1g anyway
RT @thatcks: By the way, I am so angry about this OpenSSL disclosure because it is a 'replace your certificates NOW' bug. That is a very big deal.
RT @mtnygard: Serious question: is it better to rewrite a library that's had a lot of implementation problems, or is it better to keep hardening OpenSSL?
RT @bgalbs: I just published “The Courage of Conviction” about @BrendanEich and his demonstration of courage and integrity.
RT @holman: currently raising a round of VC in order to hire great people to raise a round of VC so that we can expand our team and raise a round of VC
RT @thomasfuchs: I don’t get why CSS has “@media”, but not “@user-agent”. Instead have to do ridiculous hacks and/or JS tricksery.
I printed out Fortran programs for my professor. The kids today get pull requests from their professors.
RT @Complex_Tech: .@mike_thomsen on HBO's new show "Silicon Valley" and the absurdity of the tech world:
Getting the details right on app permissions
I can't a-wait for async functions (so I use transpilers!)
RT @avibryant: "Don't branch" was the hardest culture shift for me at Etsy. I'm still trying to figure out when it's appropriate.
A fave DB and MOM.... Goodness.
RT @AdrianRossouw: The Tragedy of Mozilla
This post is the single best facts/timeline on Mozilla story there is to date. It's the one I've been waiting for. Also, efficiently poetic. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I often wish I had a handy copy of the Design of Everyday Things :/ #TheyGoThroughTheDoorsButHaveForgottenThePain
His code and legacy will always live on, and I hope he rises from the ashes as his browser did. #OkIAmDone
“Enabling Transactions in Node.js using Domains”
RT @Souders: Making sure people know: If ur saving JS in localStorage & eval it later then encrypt it for security (cc @tobie)
RT @joewalnes: Classic attempt to SQL injection attack speed camera traps (via @hackaday) #littlebobbytables
RT @glaforge: These days you do anything with #javascript :O Even OCR!
RT @victorporof: Excellent video explaining how computers add numbers together, using dominos:
I love it when I feel like you are trying to trick me to tap on the wrong target. Endearing. Builds trust. Not :p
RT @adamyeats: No matter what language you work in, whitespace is *always* significant.
RT @avibryant: Two things I like about 1) it encodes what I think of as the best practices in this space
RT @gvanrossum: Pyston: a new JIT-based Python:
"I threw together this prototype that listens for commands if and only if the system has a person’s attention"
RT @johnolilly: Anyone who thinks the Mozilla situation is simple or obvious is just mistaken.
All I know is that I can't find a "winner" today. What an absolutely freaking cluster on all counts. Gutting.
“The Microsoft Office team’s source control usage, and how close it is to an ideal Trunk Based Development model.”
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