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RT @robertnyman: RawGit - serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type header - (via @slicknet)
RT @pamelafox: "Guess the Programming Language" ..some of them are pretty difficult. Here, I'll help you out.
RT @ebidel: "Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML" My @polymer #iobytes for #io14
RT @patrickc: sounds like a more radical, programming-oriented Olin.
RT @WalmartLabs: We're excited to announce @StylrApp is joining @WalmartLabs to enhance the in-store #mobile experience!
RT @TechCrunch: @WalmartLabs Grabs Its First "Silicon Alley" Startup With Acquisition Of Fashion App Stylr by @sarahintampa
RT @joenrv: It's coming :) - Google has updated the ART documentation. #AndroidDev - by @juanda95 via @flyneapp
Swift is to Rust as WebKit was to Gecko #fork
"The little can that the ref has isn't tear gas!" Yup, some great new improvements at the World Cup this year.
Blog Post: how the World Cup is iterating with low and high tech UX improvements.
"You should consider optimizing your company for adaptability not efficiency in the modern age"
RT @andy_matuschak: Some nice Swift here: Generics, pattern matching, method-as-function, explicit overrides, trailing closures…
RT @pdehaan: promise-pc - A Promise implementation of the producer consumer problem. by @DjAnimake
Enjoying comparing the role of the environment: Reggio Emilia in school space and Bret Victor in seeing space
RT @codepo8: <github-card> A web component to show a profile-card for your Github account.
RT @slicknet: Node.js High Availability at Box: Hat tip to @davglass and @PayPal (@juxtajeff, @eriktoth, et al) for insights.
RT @HenrikJoreteg: Google wants to build a browser feature in two weeks for a demo for G I/O. Is this how web standards work now?
“A new device called Cue could be the first iOS accessory that uses boogers as a primary user input.”
RT @WalmartLabs: Two @WalmartLabs associates placed in the finals at @HelloWorldOpen coding championships! Congrats! #mobile:
"Receiving a patent really meant that you bought a lottery ticket to a lawsuit, I avoided them whenever possible."
RT @elonmusk: Regarding Tesla patents
RT @openwebdaily: CSS background-blend-mode now supported in both Chrome and Firefox. @stopsatgreen shows 2 simple usage examples:
RT @scottjehl: If you need to load CSS asynchronously, here’s a function for that: From this discussion:
RT @jspedant: mozilla/sweet.js ( is now using esfuzz ( for fuzz testing ( So cool!
RT @progrium: Bret Victor applies his toolmaking approach to the non-software world
“If you want to be an iOS developer, you will still need to know Objective-C.“
RT @pkedrosky: The World Cup's most pessimistic fans are in England.
“WWDC 2014: A cement conference cheered by cement enthusiasts but leaving writers asking what the fuss was all about”
RT @ebidel: 3 years after I filed the bug, Chrome FINALLY supports storing File/Blob objects in IndexedDB!
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