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Man, how fun would it be to be able to say "I am Eric Schmidt from Google" and being the other one.
A reason to buy a Chromebook: best way to demo your Android apps in a product review meeting?
When I push on a material it goes down, but in our UIs the element raises up. Hmm.
RT @maboa: A guide to Google's design principles
Congrats to @mattsmcnulty and team on Polymer bringing us Material Design!
RT @domenic: I converted a bunch of Node code to Traceur-based ES6: fun stuff.
RT @github: Introducing the Revert Button
Blog Post: “Hey Siri, I am off to bed” Are we developing technology that will enable us to do good vs. entertain us?
RT @kangax: 2005: Check out this DHTML script I made 2010: Check out this jQuery plugin I made 2014: Check out this Web Component I made
OH: "The problem with A/B tests is that there isn't a 'they both suck!' option!" #YouHaveToAimWellFirst
RT @swissmiss: Custom made sketch preview tool for iOS by! (via @tim_mckee)
RT @HNTweets: Using deep learning and D3.js to predict personality from Facebook Posts: Comments:
RT @_joshnh: I’m a fan of this iOS control panel + multitasking concept:
RT @1Marc: I didn’t know JavaScript had method to make native objects immutable
RT @TheEricAnderson: Just finished SideComments.js, a JS component to give your site/web app @Medium style commenting. Check it out!
RT @toddmparker: Damn. “@hakimel: Made something weird with checkboxes. Because why not.”
RT @MrLeePerry: Mind blown! “@mearabai: Arabic numerals were originally designed so number of angles on a symbol equals the number.”
RT @salil: @Dropcam This one goes up to 11
Slingshot: surely a "Silicon Valley" episode? "We need more content creation, so lets force it. The quality will obviously be high not feet"
RT @nathansmith: “[Amazon Fire Phone] will give you nutrition information for food you point it at.” <scan food> Phone: "You disgust me." <feel ashamed>
RT @igrigorik: Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path for fast mobile websites: - my new Udacity course, check it out! .. \o/
RT @JCStame: Optimize for change and adaptability, not cost/performance, and old engineering thresholds. @vkhosla #gigaomlive @gigaom
Om sweet Om. The perfect functional marriage of Clojure all the way down to the front end.
RT @robertnyman: RawGit - serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type header - (via @slicknet)
RT @pamelafox: "Guess the Programming Language" ..some of them are pretty difficult. Here, I'll help you out.
RT @ebidel: "Interacting with Google Services using nothing but HTML" My @polymer #iobytes for #io14
RT @patrickc: sounds like a more radical, programming-oriented Olin.
RT @WalmartLabs: We're excited to announce @StylrApp is joining @WalmartLabs to enhance the in-store #mobile experience!
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