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RT @Dries: Science vs engineering /via @highermath
RT @slightlylate: For @sgalineau. Pitty I didn't get them in time for I/O.
iPhone happened to have an average phone. iWatch will happen to have a watch.
RT @csuwildcat: This looks cool: an open source browser built on Chromium and Node.js with the entire GUI in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
Chrome's New Model: The Throttled Async Touchmove Model
"Welcome to Swift Blog" I always find apples naming interesting ("the"!)
RT @brianleroux: Lots of interesting concepts in Breach recycled from browsers that came before.
RT @mikeal: npm roadmap “converting the CLI to an API” THANK FUCK!
"Bitsquatting frequently resolved domain names makes it possible to exploit computer hardware errors via DNS."
RT @billrobbins: This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs.
"Today we’ll look at how to wrap React components using Custom Elements"
There is a difference between drafting on an open source code platform and having access to the rich ecosystem #AndroidVsLinux
RT @javawithjiva: Did you know? The collective noun for a group of programmers is a merge-conflict.
RT @SlexAxton: CSS Colorguard. Detect colors in your CSS that are visually very close (and should be merged). Please report bugs!
RT @bradneuberg: Great talk by @ebidel on Web Components
A list of micro examples of various Web features
RT @bgurley: Arguing we aren't in a bubble because it's not as bad as 1999 is like saying that Kim Jong-un is fine because he's not as bad as Hitler.
A nice post from @AtomEditor on the new React renderer and it's perf++
RT @AdhamDannaway: Every designers worst nightmare...
RT @igrigorik: 36% battery life improvement on Android L preview: - yes, please! awesome work by Android + Chrome teams.
"I’m pretty sure that Prezi is among the top 1% of the most complex JavaScript applications on the net."
RT @jamis: The more I learn, the more I'm convinced that there's nothing that can't be learned.
Shall we create "Slingshot for Code Reviews" where you have to share code before you can see the other persons.
RT @matthew_d_green: The Bitcoin Robin Hood is my new favorite person on the Internet.
RT @jvelo: Nice use of the blockchain : creates proof that a document existed at a certain time.
"TLS has exactly one performance problem: it is not used widely enough."
RT @vpieters: A nice small tutorial about little transitions and animations in user interfaces. /via @smashingmag
RT @vvuk: First Steps for VR on the Web: -- early builds and info, more coming soon!
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