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Research Impact India
Steve Koch
Pranav's air freshener laser shutter. User:Pranav Rathi/Notebook/OT/2010/10/31/Laser Shutter .1 - OpenWetWare -
Pranav's air freshener laser shutter. User:Pranav Rathi/Notebook/OT/2010/10/31/Laser Shutter .1 - OpenWetWare
Andy Maloney
There is an RSI article about using an old hard drive as a laser shutter. Unfortunately/fortunately I didn't know about it when I built this one. Well, at least the design is now in the public domain. - Andy Maloney from Bookmarklet
We're using several of these in our lab, too, using the instructions in the same paper you're citing. These things are really great! - Björn Brembs
Jason Bobe
3rd Party Tools - 23andYou -
cool tools for your 23andMe data - Jason Bobe from Bookmarklet
Mike Chelen
DIYgenomics displays genetic information associated with health, drug effects, and physical condition #android #diybio -
DIYgenomics displays genetic information associated with  health, drug effects, and physical condition #android #diybio
DIYgenomics displays genetic information associated with  health, drug effects, and physical condition #android #diybio
DIYgenomics displays genetic information associated with  health, drug effects, and physical condition #android #diybio
"Personal genome information application: view the specific genes and SNPs (location of potential genetic mutations or "typos") that research has linked to different conditions. Three views are available: health condition risk (Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cancers, etc.), drug response for over 200 drugs (statins, warfarin, clopidogrel, viagra, caffeine, alcohol, etc.), and athletic performance (endurance, strength, recovery, tendon strength, etc.). Bonus: upload your 23andMe personal genome data to check your specific profile for the different conditions. (Email your 23andMe zip file to the mobile; click on the attachment in email or in downloads manager and an option to import it into DIYgenomics will appear. Delete private data later if desired from the DIYgenomics app menu.) Developers: v 3.0 Michael Kolb, Melanie Swan; v 1.0 Michael Kolb, Lawrence S. Wong, Melanie Swan. The software is open-source: DIYgenomics is a non-profit... more... - Mike Chelen from Bookmarklet
Mackenzie Cowell
Jason Bobe
Scientists Create Real-Life Pac-Man Using Microorganisms -
Scientists Create Real-Life Pac-Man Using Microorganisms
"Scientists Create Real-Life Pac-Man Using Microorganisms Scientists have remade Pac-Man using paramecia—microorganisms that you can control with a real joystick while a digital microscope relays images to a computer screen. They call it "Pac-Mecium" and it is not the only game they are playing. The user control the paramecium by just moving the joystick, which is connected to a controller that "controls the polarity of a mild electrical field applied across the fluid chamber, which influences the direction the paramecia move." I wonder how they make Pac-Mecium turn into super-Pac-Mecium. And who is chasing the poor Pac-Mecium, anyway? Evil amoebas? I sure hope so. The biotic game was created by a team lead by Stanford University Bioengineering professor Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, who thinks his games will increase awareness on these organisms and how science is going to affect the behavior of animals, human included. They also created versions of other classic games, like "POND PONG", "Ciliaball" and "Biotic Pinball." In the latter one, the paramecia are in charge of rolling the ball around the board." - Jason Bobe from Bookmarklet
Andy Maloney
My Instructables showing how to make a DIY objective heater/temperature controller. -
My Instructables showing how to make a DIY objective heater/temperature controller.
Apparently this post is quite popular. I never would have dreamed it but I've gotten over 700 views in one day. I'm flabbergasted since I thought I did a horrible job with it due to what I feel was a lack of pictures in the Instructable. - Andy Maloney from iPhone
That's amazing for one day! And the guy you're commenting with seems very cool as well. - Steve Koch
Can't wait to see how your stir/heat plate write-up takes off too :) - Steve Koch
It would appear that I've some how stirred up open science exposure with this post. It's also apparent that the Instructables community is not afraid to post comments, which is refreshing. - Andy Maloney
It's also apparent that this site may be a great place for people to post materials and methods sections to a community that will be receptive to it. - Andy Maloney
Jason Bobe
Environmental Scientists, Biologically Active Compounds, and Sustainability: The Vital Role for Small-Scale Science† - Environmental Science & Technology (ACS Publications) -
"Toward a Sustainable Monitoring Network for Biologically Active Compounds It is becoming more and more apparent that minute concentrations of biologically active compounds elicit adverse impacts on environmental and human health. Chemical and biological monitoring of these compounds and their effects is expensive and requires a sophisticated expertise in the resource managers. At the same time, there is a wealth of information suggesting that these compounds are widespread and that small-scale scientists and citizen scientists are concerned about these compounds on a local level. Clearly, the dissemination of expensive and highly sophisticated biomonitoring systems to small-scale and citizen scientists is not a sustainable (or even advisible) solution to this burgeoning problem. We therefore propose that an integrated feedback system be developed so that technological advancements can flow from large-scale to small-scale and citizen scientists, while locally generated data can return from these scientists back to university and government laboratories." - Jason Bobe from Bookmarklet
Andy Maloney
My Instructable on how to make a DIY Stirrer/Hot Plate. -
My Instructable on how to make a DIY Stirrer/Hot Plate.
Cheap and easy. - Andy Maloney from Bookmarklet
Andy Maloney
I am making my dissertation writing completely open and based on my open notebook. Here's the first chapter. This is in the rough draft stage but there is more to come.
Another preview of the future of (mainstream) science, imo. Historians and sociologists and philosophers of science, please note and give due credit to such concrete-action early adopters. - Bill Hooker
You kick a ton of ass, Andy! - Steve Koch
Cool, Dude -- will be referring my thesis students to this, especially since I am using a class wiki for some of their work in a pseudo-ONS fashion. In fact, just sent them the link:-). Will also be a good case study for the relationship b/w science and writing which they are discovering is not such a one-to-one kind of thing. - Mickey Schafer
Steve Koch
Pranav is amazing. This is the laser shutter he built out of a $10 motorized air freshener dispenser.
Steve Koch
This is really cool. Pranav and Anthony show off their low-cost optics enclosure system. -
Looks like it's going to work really well and possibly amenable to filling with helium. Great work Ant and Pranav! - Steve Koch from Bookmarklet
Mackenzie Cowell
"iphone 4 screen magnified by PS3eye w/ inverted lens 3088 x 2312 uM = 3.088 x 2.312 mm 640 x 480 pixels 326 ppi 4.25 x 3.18 cm 4.25 cm / .03088 cm = 137.63 3.18 cm / .02312 cm = 137.63" - Mackenzie Cowell from Bookmarklet
Jason Bobe
Citizen Science, Microfinanced Research, Patent Trolls, and Pharma Prizes - Reason Magazine -
Coverage of the Open Science Summit 2010 - Jason Bobe from Bookmarklet
Andy Maloney
Haven't posted in a while but I think some people will be able to use a cheap microscope objective heater that is super easy to build and works fantastically. Just ignore my extraneous notebook stuff included in the page.
You rock - Steve Koch
Not really. The write up is not very in depth and I'm sure it will confuse people. Of which, I apologize in advance for. I just hope someone can use it to build something similar and to use the guys at TeTech. But thanks for the vote of confidence. - Andy Maloney
Feel free to ask questions about the build if anyone wants to build one. - Andy Maloney
Well, I didn't read it all, but with all the great photos, I'm sure people Will be able to replicate you rock for getting it done so quickly anyway! - Steve Koch from Android
OK, Now I've read the whole page, and I think it is great--all necessary information seems to be there, plus humor throughout. I have a couple comments / questions. - Steve Koch
1) why would a lightpipe help any further? with the objective heated above ambient with your new system, doesn't that buffer the sample from the heating of the microscope body? I'd say your newly flat kinesin speed data demonstrate that is true. So, I wouldn't think lightpipe would help any further. - Steve Koch
(Thank you once again to Erik Schäffer and Diez for explaining this effect to us, BTW!) - Steve Koch
2) I'm skeptical about the remaining initial heating effect being due to photons. But could be wrong. (I guess once you analyze the dim diode data you'll know). But if it is photons, then I don't see how you can solve the problem--whatever your light source, if it's as bright as you like it, then it will heat the sample. - Steve Koch
If it is photons, easiest solution is to just use data >10 minutes for now. - Steve Koch
Maybe it's an effect of the slide changing the thermal gradient on the heated objective? Maybe if you have a blank slide on it ahead of time it would help? In any case, to reiterate, I think you've solved the major problem of long-long time temperature increase! - Steve Koch
Haven't looked at it, but let me guess: It doesn't involve a large trash bag and temperature controlled switch with a hair dryer plugged into it. That was possibly the most ghetto microscope heating setup I've ever seen, but it did seem to work ok for my colleague. - Mr. Gunn
Steve: #1) I see what you are saying and maybe it is #2. I'll just have to look at the data to find out. Not using the Hg lamp is for some reason alluring to me. Maybe because I got a "sunburn" from one and I just don't like them. - Andy Maloney
Mr. Gunn: That sounds like the most awesome thing ever! Although I'm not entirely sure what the garbage bag is used for. - Andy Maloney
Well, the LEDs should last a lot longer and be easier to align, right? - Steve Koch
Oh, the bag was to try to slow down the drying out of the slides. There were live cells in there. - Mr. Gunn
Gene design in less than 10 minutes! See video here:
Mike Chelen
"Backyard Brains offers a series of exciting and affordable entry‐level Brain Recording Kits that provide the ability for a new user population to learn about the brain! For the first time ever, school children and amateur scientists will have access to similar tools used by neuroscience worldwide to study Electrophysiology: the electrical activity of neurons. By following a few simple steps, everyone can experience how the brain is able to communicate our senses, memories, hopes, and desires!" - Mike Chelen from Bookmarklet
Andrew Perry
Mike Chelen
Mike Chelen
Fwd: via @huffingtonpost: BioCurious: The Bay Area Biology Collaborative Lab Space (via
Andrew Perry
3D printed gel box, "dremelfuge" (Shapeways | onetruecathal's designs) - (via
Mackenzie Cowell
openchemistry | Openchemistry makes chemistry learning content free, open and available to the world. -
"The purpose of OpenChemistry is to make chemistry learning content free, open and available to the world with the aim of creating a community of educators, students and lifetime learners who are interested in producing and consuming original content in chemistry All work by openchemistry is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, which means that you are free to use and modify it for any purpose. All we ask is that you include a link back to openchemistry in your credits." - Mackenzie Cowell from Bookmarklet
Although there seems to be a spam entry on Tue first page that has been there since August... - Cameron Neylon from Android
looks like my lectures are still there :) - Jean-Claude Bradley
Mackenzie Cowell
Mackenzie Cowell
Standard Virtual Biological Parts: A Repository of Modular Modeling Components for Synthetic Biology. [Bioinformatics. 2010] -
"Standard Virtual Biological Parts: A Repository of Modular Modeling Components for Synthetic Biology." - Mackenzie Cowell from Bookmarklet
sarah cale
Any DIY Bio/amazing tinkerers/ amateur science experimenters extraordinaire or misunderstood projects out there? We are hosting an art meets science fair in Toronto, Canada and have an open call for submissions to present your projects. We would love to see what you have been working on! Check out for more information.
Any DIY Bio enthusiasts here in Baltimore, MD? I'm putting together an iGEM 2010 team and welcome anyone between HS and a Masters degree to come participate. We will be meeting at Catonsville, MD's CCBC campus and will be working with Dr. Tom Burkett's Biotechnology lab. We need to hear from interested parties asap. If you are not a student but...
Mackenzie Cowell
Sabin+Jones LabStudio Exhibitions:Siggraph 2008 - bioart -
Branching Morphogenesis explores fundamental processes in living systems and their potential application in architecture. The project investigates part-to-whole relationships revealed during the generation of branched structures formed in real-time by interacting lung endothelial cells placed within a 3D matrix environment. The installation materializes five slices in time that capture the force network exerted by interacting vascular cells upon their matrix environment. The time lapses manifest as five vertical, interconnected layers made from over 75,000 cable zip ties. Gallery visitors are invited to walk around and in-between the layers, and immerse themselves within an organic and newly created "Datascape" fusing dynamic cellular change with the body and human occupation, all through the constraints of a ready-made. - Mackenzie Cowell from Bookmarklet
Mackenzie Cowell
Nikon MicroscopyU | The Microscope Optical Train -
Nikon MicroscopyU | The Microscope Optical Train
Nikon MicroscopyU | The Microscope Optical Train
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nice overview of microscope optics, always loved how physics can be applied to other scientific fields such as biology - Mike Chelen
Mackenzie Cowell
Free Courses Online: 250 Free Courses from Top Universities | Open Culture -
Free Courses Online: 250 Free Courses from Top Universities | Open Culture
Download free courses & lectures from some of the world’s leading universities, including Stanford, Yale, Berkeley, MIT, Oxford, Harvard and others. - Mackenzie Cowell from Bookmarklet
MIT OCW seems to cover a wide range of subjects, and with reasonable depth - Mike Chelen
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