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AJ Batac
This. - Mike Nayyar
Please can anyone tell me what 'Team Frank' is all about? intrigued..cheers - Jason
Thanks, Bruce. I was having trouble with FF search in trying to find the thread! - LB needs a vacation
Thank you, Bruce - Jason
Happy to help. - Bruce Lewis
This was the first thing I saw when I logged in :) - Ashish
This is gorgeous. The result of a tatted up cow:) - Liza + = ?
Mee toooooo! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
me Three, - Roberto Bonini
Me too! - Halil
FriendFeed forever! - Barbara R. S.
Yup. - Steven Perez
AFFirmative. - Kevin Johnson
Hooray! - Fleagle
Hear hear! - Franc, a rememberer
Oh. - sofarsoShawn
Right now, Mark Zuckerberg is sitting in a dark room, looking at monitors on the screen. A big red button marked "Kill Friendfeed" sits on the armchair to his right. As he giggles menacingly under his breath, his finger hovers ever-so-gently over the button... - Fleagle
pleather <3 - CarlC
yep! - Kamil
++ Fleagle. "And suddenly, a question pops his head. How come, why not here on my own developed turf? He sips the last of his milk glass, raising the finger off the button, and decided to give them another day." -The book of SocNet, 12:10 - Zu from AOD
Bu yazı fontu kim de var acaba. - Tesbih "KOD 111"
Haha, always fun to stumble on an old post and see how you reacted at the time. #SomeFFLove - Zu from AOD
AJ BATAC Git burdan. O.O - Tarık
Kol Tregaskes
Tumblr founder says that users who complain about site issues should “go away” -
That's awful from Tumblr! - Kol Tregaskes
:-/ - Halil
Thiarles Wächter
Paul Jacobson
Digg User Rebellion Continues: Reddit Now Rules the Front Page -
Oh good grief. Digg users whine more than Facebook users when changes to the site are made. - Paul Jacobson
Thiarles Wächter
Kamilah Reed (K. Gill) hall of fame. *THE* source for the world's most f*cked-up animated gifs. Move over 4chan - hall of fame. *THE* source for the world's most f*cked-up animated gifs. Move over 4chan hall of fame. *THE* source for the world's most f*cked-up animated gifs. Move over 4chan sucks for not letting me share one of the best images, though. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill) from Bookmarklet
It screwed up even making a still version of one of the ones it did let me share. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
OMFG, is OPEN now. I am DOOMED. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
AJ, did you find this already? You need to get in there and show 'em your stuff. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Paul Jacobson
I have a Nokia N900 to test for a couple weeks. I'm using a FriendFeed embed to comment on my exp as a I go for anyone who is interested
My first real experience with the N900 was using Nokia Maps on the device on my way home. The UI is fairly different to the UI on my N97 but it located me very quickly! - Paul Jacobson
The N900 runs Maemo 5 which is a Linux-based operating system. While some of the application icons are the same as S60 devices, the UI is very different and I am slowly getting used to how to do stuff on the device. - Paul Jacobson
There are a couple things I really like about the N900: email handling (presets for various email services and easy mail account setup), conversations view for IM and SMS (combines both into a seamless messaging flow) and the fact that I can run Firefox with Weave (can't figure out how to make that my default browser though). - Paul Jacobson
The N900 now is a little like the iPhone in its early days. There isn't nearly the wealth of apps you see on the iPhone or Android devices and not even as many as I have available on my N97. That being said, there are quite a few apps available although clearly with a tech/geek bias. - Paul Jacobson
I moved a couple .mp4 and .mov files across to the N900. It picks them up but won't play them for some reason. - Paul Jacobson
That's certainly a turnoff. Tell us about the screen and keyboard :) - Mitch
The screen is great. The viewable area is roughly the same as an iPod Touch/iPhone. The resolution is pretty good too. I have seen video playback on the N900 and it looks great too. I don't know why these videos are not playing. I thought the keyboard would be a bit difficult to use after the N97 but aside from getting used to a different layout, I find it to be pretty easy to use. I have also enabled the onscreen keyboard and it works well too. - Paul Jacobson
Now if only I could figure out how to change ringtones ... - Paul Jacobson
Paul .. change ringtone on your N900 .. - Marius
As a Linux person I would love to get my hands on a N900 .. have been playing around with the Maemo 5 SDK and development environment .. - Marius
the .mp4 and .mov not playing is a codec issue .. since those are both licensed formats you will have to add the codecs yourself ... Nokia are not allowed to distribute it by default .. - Marius
Marius: Thanks for the ringtone link. I didn't notice that I could scroll down to expose the other options. How would I add the additional codecs to the device to support mp4 and mov playback? - Paul Jacobson
Although I realise the N900 is Linux based, I am not familiar enough with Linux to understand whether other Linux apps would run on the device and, if so, which ones. - Paul Jacobson
will see if I can find link to the mp4/mov codecs .. Maemo is just Debian with another GUI .. like Ubuntu is Debian with Gnome .. apps that does not use a GUI (ie command line) can mostly be used as is ... other apps needs slight changes to run .. you can add the maemo-extras repository and then have lots of other maemo based apps to install ... lots of extra apps is added each day ... crap .. I need one of these to play with ... - Marius
Oh, wait, I saw something about enabling the extras repository somewhere ... In the meantime, I am transferring some media to the device now using Salling's Media Sync which can also be used with other devices. - Paul Jacobson
It isn't a very easy transition from S60 to the N900's Maemo interface, at least not from my N97. I can imagine it could be that much harder to transition from an iPhone (assuming anyone would want to make that transition). - Paul Jacobson
i am more interested in the fact that it is a linux device which would mean it would interface much better with my linux desktop/notebook than other devices - Marius
Marius: Well that is an interesting prospect. I don't know nearly enough about how Linux works to appreciate how the N900 would interface with a Linux machine. It would be pretty cool if the N900 somehow sync'd with your Linux machine on your desk, allowing you to use the N900 as a sort of hub away from your office. - Paul Jacobson
I have this persistent feeling that no matter what my impressions of the N900 are, I am just grazing the surface of what the N900 is capable of. In a way it feels like the N900 is wasted on me! Haven't been able to say that about a mobile device before. - Paul Jacobson
i think since at the base the n900 is the same as an other linux machine, it would interface much better than say a Symbian, Windows, iPhone or RIM device ... I only just have to look at how easy I find to to move stuff between my laptop and other linux based machines. But then I am speculating here since I cannot try it out and it looks like we in SA will not get the n900 - Marius
The battery life on the N900 is terrible. i am barely making it through a day (as in daylight). - Paul Jacobson
ouch - Mitch
I just switched back to my N97 while the N900 charges. Just want to see what it feels like to go back to Symbian ... - Paul Jacobson
I switched back to my N97 again this evening while the N900 charged (notice a pattern?) and I'm back home, about to switch back and I'm feeling a little reluctant. When I use the N900 I miss Google Maps, better Nokia Maps, working Exchange sync and Gravity. On the N900 I really appreciate a better UI, better geotagging for photos and video, better shared services integration and much better Web browsers ... - Paul Jacobson
Any comment about the use of Skype with the N900?...Thys - Thys Mouton
I didn't use Skype all that much when I had the N900 but it is very nicely and tightly integrated into the OS. Very nicely handled. - Paul Jacobson
Andrea Beggi
Da domani ferie. Due settimane senza l'internette: vi ho voluto bene.
ahahahahaha - SimplyGiulia
buone ferie - Molengai
enjoy! - elena chesta
Povero... - Niki Costantini
In Corsica non esiste un mezzo a costi ragionevoli per avere una connessione dati. (Non voglio perdere tempo con le SIM locali) e in 7 anni mai trovata una wifi aperta. Ce ne sono a pacchi, ma tutte blindate. - Andrea Beggi
i Corsi sono ostici. L'open source lì non deve avere molto successo :) - dadevoti
sprazzi a Bonifacio, ma non più - Andrea Beggi
se hai crisi di astinenza fai un fischio e ti lanciamo un cavo dalla Sardegna :) - Isola Virtuale
cristo! e se mi trovo in difficoltà a chi domando? :) - Antonio Vergara
e se ci fosse un attacco ai blog che gestisci? quanto staresti male sapendolo e non potendo far nulla? - Novecento
Terrorismo psicologico :d - Sed Non Satiata
Non vi azzardate a telefonarmi dicendomi una cosa del genere :-) - Andrea Beggi
Le mie le hanno un paio di amici, quelle di ciascun blog le ha il legittimo proprietario. - Andrea Beggi
divertiti :) - CaramellaMenta from BuddyFeed
divertiti, a presto! - blimunda
Buone vacanze Andrea :-) - ↂGiorgiँ Zarrelliↂ from BuddyFeed
va là, che sarà una meraviglia! fai un po' di bagni belli anche per noi. un bacio a tutti e buon tutto| :-* - Mitì Vigliero
stacca tutto!!! bon voyage - Dario Salvelli
Quoto Luca Sartoni. Cerca un'altra foto! - Samuele
A me la foto dovrebbero farla con mio figlio che mi tira e io attaccato al computer. - Arimcatepetl
10 Things Android Does Better Than iPhone OS - Shared 38 times. Tagged Android (500) apps (206) features (234) hardware (96) iPhone (700) multitasking (38) . Android Takes a Bite Out of Apple When Android first debuted on the HTC Dream (also known as the G1) back in October of 2008, it was deemed an "iPhone Killer." While it didn't quite slay Apple's handset, it was the first step in a revolution against the tyrannous iPhone. The initial Android platform bested the iPhone OS on several levels, but lacked some key functionalities that the iPhone could provide. Since then, Android has grown - not only meeting all of the functionalities of the iPhone, but besting it in nearly all aspects from an extensive list of devices to a growing Android Marketplace. Here is our list of the top 10 things Android does better than the iPhone. 1: Android can Run Multiple Apps at the Same Time Starting with version 1.0, Android has been able to run multiple applications... - RSSmeme
O que o seu e-mail diz sobre você -
Bate certinho com os contatos que tenho! =] - lip
Cristiano Dias
Cristiano Dias
Paulo Coelho
If you have a dream, don't waste your energies explaining why
Matheus Loures - Novo Volvo C30 chega ao Brasil a partir de R$79.990 e terá 5 versões, incluindo a Top T5, que custará R$119.990 - Novo Volvo C30 chega ao Brasil a partir de R$79.990 e terá 5 versões, incluindo a Top T5, que custará R$119.990
Derek van Vliet
Paul Jacobson
Firefox/Projects/3.7 and 4.0 Theme and UI Revamp/Direction and Feedback - MozillaWiki -
"The original goals of the Theme/UI Revamp Project were to identify problems with the current Firefox UI and propose solutions to those problems. Strong emphasis has been placed on Firefox's visual appearance on Windows. Particularly Windows 7 and Vista (i.e. the future). We are also looking into ways to carry some of these ideas over to Mac and Linux. Since restructuring the theme touches and depends on so many other elements the project has expanded slightly in scope. It now encompasses not just the current visual style, but also how best to handle UI placement, arrangement and also the evolution of some new features. After a few iterations, and a lot of discussion, the UX team has settled on a firm initial direction to be implemented in a future version of Firefox." - Paul Jacobson
Shrek Forever After: International Trailer -
Leandro Koiti Sato
Delicious Bookmarks Extension (Beta) - Galeria de extensões do Google Chrome -
Delicious Bookmarks is the official Chrome extension for Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service. - Leandro Koiti Sato
Great extension!! - guilherme
Alexandre Rocco
Como pagar boleto vencido pela Internet? -
Pra quem fazia isso na mão, o site vale a pena. Só o nome que não tá legal, me lembra a merda do rebolation! hahahaha - Alexandre Rocco
Cindy Dalfovo
Jesse Stay
Google Changes the Way You Read My Feeds – You Still Have no Control -
monkey trapped
Stay classy. - Louis Gray
I don't see how this isn't classy. The picture gets your attention, yes, but the article makes a serious point. - Jesse Stay
Would you wear a t-shirt with this image on it in public? If not, then it's not classy. The photo is also completely unrelated to your rant. - Louis Gray
Louis, you bet - I think it's a hilarious picture, and very much reflects how I feel. - Jesse Stay
trapped - Jesse Stay
Louis, Buzz sucks. How can you say otherwise and still maintain a straight face? Buzz is among the worse social media services ever created. A scrolling text box as you type? C'mon now. Revealing personal contact lists... Like the internet needed access to my personal Rolodex? Trojan horsing the launch through Gmail? - Mark Davidson
Mark, I agree - they deserve no praise right now. The way they've approached this has been completely wrong. I'm very worried after today's update that future updates are going to be taking even more control away from us as well. I agree there's a problem, and it's a good thing they're trying to fix the problem, but the ways they've tried to fix all these problems thus far have been all wrong. - Jesse Stay
vahatriniaina, I rarely look at it for that same reason. It's almost worthless to me. I'll respond if you comment, but I can't get much value off of reading it right now. - Jesse Stay
Jesse... You're such an unbeliever ;) - Johnny from iPhone
Louis gave me a great idea with the T-Shirt thing - we should do a Buzz-related T-shirt design contest ;-) - Jesse Stay
My Entry: "I IZ IN UR GMAIL, REVEALING UR CONTACTS" - Johnny from iPhone
If anyone other than Google launched Buzz Louis would have the same view as most of us. - Jason Williams from iPhone
Jason, that's silly to say. I've been supportive of lots of small products, like Simler, Socialmedian, Shyftr and the rest. Don't forget that when FriendFeed first launched, it too did not have lists, or much management, and all things bumped to the top. There is a lack of long-term memory here. I was very strong on FriendFeed back then too. You can look all those posts up going back almost 3 years. - Louis Gray
This is not a FriendFeed vs. Buzz battle for me at all. I have embraced the FF community more than practically anyone outside of the Worthington estate. I think Buzz is a natural progression and am glad Google is giving us a new platform, and theoretically, an alternative. It is continuing to improve, but is a 1.0 product. - Louis Gray
I like this thread's SASS. - sofarsoShawn
Louis, FriendFeed wasn't forced on you though - Apples and Oranges - Jesse Stay
I am responding to Jason's comment. Even you can't agree with Jason's comment, Jesse. - Louis Gray
Wait, did anyone see the girl in the monkey's fir. It's a miracle, so much detail, also. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Louis, I don't, but I'm starting to wonder - you've been awfully pro-Google lately. If this were any other company and you had your entire contact list exposed, and no privacy controls within an existing workflow of yours that was previously private at another company would you be taking the same position? I don't like that the answer to that question is yes for you. - Jesse Stay
I'll go out and admit that if this were a smaller startup I'd lay off a bit, but the fact is this is Google we're talking about. I hold them to a much higher standard. - Jesse Stay
Maybe I shouldn't? - Jesse Stay
I would ride any company who thought it was no big deal to make email contact lists public without a specific opt-in, Google and startup alike. The problem is that so many people were already in Gmail that it was huge, and not a small impact like a new service would have had. I dont have an issue with the idea of Buzz - you want a FF-esque thingy? Fine. But doing it through an email account with no choice and no privacy in the matter? Bad for business. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
If it was any other company than Google, it wouldn't be an issue to begin with. The problem is specifically because Buzz is a Google product and they violated the public's trust on multiple levels. What really throws me for a loop is that this is on the tail end of Facebook's privacy issues. A key difference though is, nobody uses Facebook as a Rolodex and before signing up for... more... - Mark Davidson
Mark - yes. And as Google is breaking into academic markets (a number of universities are now moving to gmail for student & faculty/staff accounts), it raises a lot of questions when they pull something like this. (Not to mention the many people who use gmail as their primary business/work accounts.) The other interesting thing was that at first, even if you clicked the "turn buzz off" link, it didn't unhook you from people being able to see you and your contacts! To me, that's just dishonest. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
so Louis, does that mean you defended Facebooks privacy snafus too? - Jason Williams from BuddyFeed
Jason, closest answers are here: and here: The first link is from 2007. - Louis Gray
Just because you yourself have chosen to become open does not mean that companies should decide that for you, no matter what you believe. There are many reasons why people would want certain things about themselves private and it has little to do with "something to hide". Your assumption that if we put it online we should expect it to be open is a fallacy also. Privacy notices are... more... - Jason Williams
Louis, I share my email address and phone number all the time on the web. I grew up in a time and age when people's names, addresses, and phone numbers were shared in a publicly available book called, The White Pages. But that doesn't mean I leave my home and car unlocked. As tech savvy as I'm guessing you are, you seem to be oblivious to hacker culture and how data points can be... more... - Mark Davidson
This is also small scale stuff... Like people seeing who I have been communicating with in a non-public forum. It creates uncomfortable situations. Customers don't like comfortable situations - Johnny from iPhone
Rodrigo P. Ghedin
Orkut ganha botão para compartilhar notícias -
Isso é muito útil. - Rodrigo P. Ghedin
Cristiano Dias
Cibele Gomes
Inglorious Bastards. Fantástico.
Evelling Castro
Tech Support Cheat Sheet -
Isso merece virar muita coisa: mousepad, caneca, camisa, bloquinho e wallpaper. (designer com ideias) - Evelling Castro
Zulkarnain K.
Another way to share pictures on Twitter: FriendFeed
Oh, I hadn't noticed that before but I haven't spent a lot of time in the Beta UI. It drives me nuts. - Paul Wade
Good Idea! - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
thanks for the headsUp!! Cool indeed :) - Aline Ohannessian
thanks - Tips-Box Team
I never posted bigger pics to FriendFeed so I don't know. The only way to find is to try it. - Zulkarnain K.
Been doing it since recently. Quite effective. Definitely more reliable than TwitPic. Except that there is no way to post *ONLY* FF photo posts to Twitter. - vimoh
Maybe it's due to fact that FF is not a photo hosting service. - Zulkarnain K.
Yeah, so your pictures are shared on Twitter, commented and 'Liked' on FriendFeed. Great! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
and you can share multiple pictures from FriendFeed. - Zulkarnain K.
What about TweetPhoto, now that it's finally open? - Tyson Key
I do this as a matter of course. Stopped using TwitPic or any other service because of this. - CannonGod
jean boechat
Pertinência no comércio paulista. (via email) on Twitpic -
Pertinência no comércio paulista. (via email) on Twitpic
feira da fruta - jean boechat
jean boechat
@isaiasmalta que diachos seria bing /?
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