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Re: Support the new Domains (gTLDs) -
"Thank you for launching the website to advocate TLD Universal Acceptance. Would you know of a good code repository for email and URL validation that's new gTLD compatible? That'd be a handy resource to expedite universal acceptance." - djchuang
Re: Connecting the dots at TEDxOrangeCoast -
"Great to see this #TEDxOrangeCoast video of Poet Ali posted on the YouTube channel for TEDx Talks - it got the only standing ovation in the 2014 edition at" - djchuang
Re: My Hope for Beulah, the Local Church and Edmonton -
"Thanks for sharing a bit about your big transition, you have a knack for making your moves across the continent :) One consolation: you'll have better BBQ in Nashville :)" - djchuang
How author Randy Alcorn went from “mostly Arminian” (those who emphasize man’s free will) to “mostly Calvinist”
How Twitter, Facebook, Google, And Other Silicon Valley Giants Can Fix Their Diversity Problem | Fast Company
I checked in at The District at Tustin Legacy on #Yelp
#article It’s Official: Mormon Founder Had Up to 40 Wives - #NYTimes
[new post] List of dotBrand websites launched to date
I checked in at Portola Coffee Lab on #Yelp
#news Matt Damon is being re-'Bourne' in 2016, sans Jeremy Renner #bourne #resurrection
Coming soon, very soon, within the hour... A convo w @pagitt on @socmediachurch about his spiritual journey and social media
SF Restaurant will give you 25% off for a 1-star Yelp Review #counterintuitive #huh
# "to anyone under the age of 30, the idea of paying for reviews or online content of any sort is probably puzzling"
I checked in at Chick-fil-A on #Yelp
RT @mikeerre: FREE EBOOK: What if God is more about deepening the mystery of faith, not removing it? ##DCCeBooks via @David_C_Cook
#article Lasting Marriage Relationships Rely On 2 Traits kindness + generosity
reminder to self: stop checking email so often, keep it to 3 times a day, like I used to do
#article What It's Like to Be Third Culture, and Why It Matters to the Church by @PeterWChin
"American’s trusting optimism is naïve, even infantile" in Quartz article on e-payments
#heard "You prepare for what you believe you're called for..."
RT @JacksonWu4China: THE 3D GOSPEL for Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures
#overheard a professor say that all those red marks on the student's essay are her love language #hilarious
intrigued to hear about @TorreyHonors education program built on many conversations & reading great books to learn how to read the Bible
I checked in at Coast Hills Community Church on #Yelp
#video "it's not about the nail" shown at @Saddleback this weekend's sermon #awesomeis by @RickWarren
#video "it's not about the nail" shown at @Saddleback this weekend's sermon #awesomeis by @RickWarren
RT @luv2laffmmm: @Saddleback #awesomeis the amount of sass in Rick Warrens small group
RT @TraceyMHarrison: Be the friend you want people to be to you. RT: Fighting For Awesome Friendships #AwesomeIs
"New Site domcomp Compares Price Of 10+ Registrars Across Over 600 Extensions" good read
I checked in at H Mart on #Yelp
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