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RT @SocMediaChurch: #statistic There are now over 1 Billion Websites on the Internet
"@tonymorganlive: Worship Leaders Are Not Rock Stars" some of them are.. :)
Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
#overheard 70% of Vietnamese last names are Nguyen #unverified
Re: Idea #11: Graphic Designers Making Bible Stories Come to Life Visually -
"Found another one called Typographic Verses - "run by Jonathan Ogden (@ogvidius) as a place to share great typographic designs of Bible verses and lines from hymns. Designs are done by Jonathan Ogden and also submissions from guest designers"" - djchuang
Re: The New .CHURCH Domain Name: Why It Matters To Your Church -
"Thanks for getting the word out about .CHURCH domain names, and today is day 1 for the priority access!" - djchuang
failed on my 1st time doing self-tag for #southwest baggage check; did the sticky part around handle perfectly, but tossed my claim tag :(
I checked in at Dallas Love Field Airport on #Yelp
Noticed the new #avis logo is unitalicized.. Wondering if/when #national and/or #hertz will lose italics too
#found a magazine reducing issues by 50%, categorizing itself as an "alternative media" in contrast to social media
Re: Toll Roads Still Transitioning to No-Cash System -
"Good to read of this update to extend this transition period. My hunch is that seeing the toll road signage, even though there are 400+ of them, it's hard to glance at a sign and understand quickly that people without toll passes can pay the toll online. The wording of "One-Time-Toll" doesn't seem to convey that, and I'm kinda stumped on how to communicate this new concept quickly. Maybe, "Pay Toll Online" would work better?" - djchuang
About Google+ with Dustin Stout on Social Media Church -
About Google+ with Dustin Stout on Social Media Church
[raw] conversation with Matt McKee of ROAR on Social Media Church -
[raw] conversation with Matt McKee of ROAR on Social Media Church
RT @SBTalkItOver: "Do the world a favor and be you. Everybody else is already taken." - Derwin Gray, "Courageous Enough to Face Your Fears" #saddleback
I checked in at Starbucks on #Yelp
#new #post List of CMSes used by Popular Church Websites
[new post] List of CMSes used by Popular Church Websites
I checked in at Istanbul Grill California on #Yelp
"Americans love to ask people 'what do you do'? ... people are obsessed with work. Your job is your identity."
#veryinteresting just received an invite to an online press conference, have to promise to embargo any writeups until 9/9
#article Thomas Hawk Digital Connection » The New and Improved Flickr
RT @annabroadway: A challenging, practical read, especially in light of events in #Ferguson: "Racial Reconciliation 2.0" -@rudycarrasco
Have you been to a Headphone Party? Here’s why Quiet Events are making a lot of noise
RT @FastCoCreate: .@Oreo launched a free cookie delivery service. Yep, free cookies.
Timestamps for finishing tear down for church service at University High
RT @DerwinLGray: Hey everyone, meet Nancy, she was just baptized after the 9am service at @Saddleback!
RT @RNS: What if people prayed together? "Only 13.7% of Evangelical churches in America are multi-ethnic." #Ferguson
RT @6ftdan: Cloudinary is freaking sweet! Everything a web developer could want from a website image hosting provider! @cloudinary
#heard: "I'm convinced that all human religion is a system of control predicated on fear." @Skye_Jethani #saddlebackretreat
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