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Re: The New .CHURCH Domain Name: Why It Matters To Your Church -
"As it is with any domain name, people learn & remember your domain name through regular usage and repeated exposure. That means putting the domain name on business cards, email signatures, bulletins, social media, signage, and have it resolve as your website URL (and not use .church as a redirect, so that people see it in the address bar and in their bookmarks). I've been doing this with http://SocialMedia.Church since day 1, and traffic has been holding steady & growing." - djchuang
Conference on Cross-Cultural Missions Controversies 3/13   Recently updated ! -
Asian Americans: The Next Generation at Turnaround 2020 Talk -
Re: The Best Jobs for All 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types in One Infographic -
"ENFP. I've never seen these job recommendations for my type, interesting suggestions, I've not gone anywhere nears what this chart says.. yet.." - djchuang
Re: - Updated, Tentatively Supported » Who supports the new gTLDs | Support The New Top Level Domains -
"In June 2014, the Domain Name Association wrote this letter to Apple for TLD Universal Acceptance cf. DNA Asks Apple To Recognize New gTLD’s in It’s Safari Browser, Apple ID & Apple Devices" - djchuang
Re: » Who supports the new gTLDs | Support The New Top Level Domains -
"On 1/26/2015, was able to create a new Adobe ID using email - not sure how many of the new gTLDs are supported or not, but it is progress.." - djchuang
Re: - Unsupported » Who supports the new gTLDs | Support The New Top Level Domains -
"I was able to update my account's email address to - not sure if this means new gTLDs are working everywhere for accounts, but it is progress.." - djchuang
Re: Support the new Domains (gTLDs) -
"Thank you for launching the website to advocate TLD Universal Acceptance. Would you know of a good code repository for email and URL validation that's new gTLD compatible? That'd be a handy resource to expedite universal acceptance." - djchuang
Re: Connecting the dots at TEDxOrangeCoast -
"Great to see this #TEDxOrangeCoast video of Poet Ali posted on the YouTube channel for TEDx Talks - it got the only standing ovation in the 2014 edition at" - djchuang
How church websites can be easier to use 4 -
Does Eddie Huang Represent Asian Americans? 4 -
Cosmic Fist (4/5) -
"Kind of a generic restaurant, attached next to an ethnic supermarket, Vietnamese and Mexican combo. Behind this food counter were Mexican staff. Menu has basic food categories: breakfast, sandwiches,…" - djchuang
Where are the Good Preachers in the Chinese American Church? 3 -
How the Church can be Unleashed for the Next Generation -
Unleashing the Potential of Chinese American Churches 6 -
2014 OC Christmas Tour: Worship Christ the Newborn King 2 -
A Christmas mass choir at Disneyland every year 3 -
Re: My Hope for Beulah, the Local Church and Edmonton -
"Thanks for sharing a bit about your big transition, you have a knack for making your moves across the continent :) One consolation: you'll have better BBQ in Nashville :)" - djchuang
Real Millennial Pastors of Churches for Millennials -
Mobile Giving and Online Giving for Churches -
Are you a Korean American Pastor? -
How author Randy Alcorn went from “mostly Arminian” (those who emphasize man’s free will) to “mostly Calvinist”
How Twitter, Facebook, Google, And Other Silicon Valley Giants Can Fix Their Diversity Problem | Fast Company
I checked in at The District at Tustin Legacy on #Yelp
#article It’s Official: Mormon Founder Had Up to 40 Wives - #NYTimes
[new post] List of dotBrand websites launched to date
List of dotBrand websites launched to date -
I checked in at Portola Coffee Lab on #Yelp
#news Matt Damon is being re-'Bourne' in 2016, sans Jeremy Renner #bourne #resurrection
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