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chaosdude78 on Got a used Mac, but it's so slow! -
"White plastic MacBooks are the lowest-performing models that Apple sold when they were in production, and they've been discontinued for several years. There are some steps that you can follow to achieve the best performance possible. First step is to run a clean install, if you inherited the computer, it may have remnants of past usage causing slowdowns. Second, identify the model and research how much RAM the machine can take vs what is installed, maxing out the RAM will help increase multitasking performance. Finally, invest in an SSD for your machine. Spinning HDDs, especially the slow ones used in laptops, are usually the bottleneck when running day-to-day tasks like Skype and browsing the web." - David
chaosdude78 on Phone System (800xfinity) completely broken by area code -
"This has been happening for several months, I've been unable to reliably reach a rep via phone for an ongoing issue. This would make sense as to why nobody I've talk to is aware of the issue since the number of people with a different area code vs where their service is located is likely relatively small." - David
chaosdude78 on How do I get subtitles (.srt) to show up on a .mp4 movie -
"If you want to use iTunes, Quicktime, or an iOS device, you'll need to mux the subtitles into the MP4. [Subler]( is an excellent tool for quickly adding metadata and tracks to an MP4 file. Subler is also awesome for converting MKV files to MP4s without having to re-encode everything." - David
chaosdude78 on [Humble Store] Free Metro 2033 -
"Already owned it, here's a download code:" - David
Hey recruiters: Jr-level hires are never an urgent hiring need.
Visual Effects are Not the Answer
I love the colorful commentary that Siri puts on everything.
We lost our voices at @GetUncubed, but met some great people. @bradsdeals
Re: Google Maps for iOS - Its even worse that the animations which are oh so important to material design weren't translated over.
Google Maps for iOS is a big fuck you to users. It uses none of the UX patterns and conventions of iOS.
RT @RyanTweetThings: Good coding talks with the Discover devs at #builtinbrews. Nice office space!
Amazon’s new business model: Announce product, sell thousands to Prime users at discounted pre-order rate until people realize they’re bad.
Smart Mass ferroputty. @ 640 North LaSalle Street
Apple doesn't even denote the "Retina" status on the Retina iMac box, further proof that non-retina will soon go way of the dodo.
chaosdude78 on Worst intersection in the city? -
"Lasalle and Ontario. It's not a bad intersection, just rude drivers. Starting around 4-4:30pm, cars begin to pile up and get stuck in the intersection during a light change. Rather than wait for the next green, cars drive right into the intersection and block oncoming traffic from moving, exasperating the problem." - David
chaosdude78 on A mystery -
"iOS allows applications to register protocols which the app can listen for and then take control. For example, the YouTube app is subscribed to the "youtube://" protocol. This allows the application to take control when the system is directed to that URL scheme. For example, this YouTube link ( will open in a browser while this link (youtube://v=naleynXS7yo) will open in the app if you have it installed." - David
chaosdude78 on Attempting to use iPhone 5 (A1429) on GSM network -
"I meant that as plural-5, you can check the status of an iPhone at:" - David
chaosdude78 on Attempting to use iPhone 5 (A1429) on GSM network -
"iPhone 5s sold via Verizon are unlocked, check here to see if it will work with Straight Talk in your area:" - David
chaosdude78 on Health App not using iPhone as a source for steps -
"I had this happen to me as well and I had to reinstall iOS 8 and restore from backup." - David
chaosdude78 on Why is my memory usage so high? Details inside. -
"That is perfectly normal. Memory is only purged when absolutely needed for another use. You wouldn't want to open a backgrounded app just to realize it's state was lost for the sake of free RAM." - David
chaosdude78 on AT&T iPhone 5 help, how can I get it unlocked? -
"Since the device was reported as stolen, its not possible to go through official channels to unlock the device. You can try your luck with services like this: which I've used without problems but always with clean devices." - David
chaosdude78 on Apple iPhone Six, Does it matter what carrier? -
"There are a handful of different iPhone models around the world. When buying "Full Price" or "Device only", they are unlocked. Check out [Apple's LTE Information]( for which model to get." - David
chaosdude78 on I'm not an iOS developer, but I am curious why designing for the different display sizes is such an issue? Why can't the language support styling like CSS and media queries? -
"It can be, but the parts of the toolkit that support AutoLayout are new and many developers haven't adapted yet." - David
chaosdude78 on Access iCloud Drive UI like the ones shown in advertisement on iPhone -
"They may do so in the future, or another developer may create an "iCloud Drive Explorer" app. In Yosemite, there is a folder you can explore in finder." - David
chaosdude78 on Access iCloud Drive UI like the ones shown in advertisement on iPhone -
"It is app dependent. When selecting a file to open from an application that has been updated to support iCloud Drive, you will see the file system." - David
chaosdude78 on If I buy an iPhone6 full price from Apple will it be "unlocked"? -
"As I said, that is what I've done on the past and what I did earlier today through our business account. One thing of note though, is that the SIM cards in the iPhone 6 are different than previous models because of NFC capabilities and might not work." - David
chaosdude78 on If I buy an iPhone6 full price from Apple will it be "unlocked"? -
"In previous years I have purchased iPhones at full price on launch day and they were unlocked. Apple will not call them unlocked because they are designated as carrier phones. However, in the past I have paid full price for both "Verizon" and "AT&T" iPhones on launch day and they were unlocked." - David
chaosdude78 on Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown -
"It's a long-running joke of his to draw attention to people that use "finally" to make itself like a non-trivial time has passed. Especially when related to Apple product releases/enhancements." - David
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (3DS) DK Jungle -
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (3DS) DK Jungle
chaosdude78 on (ELI5) How do you retain scroll position throughout back/forward navigation? -
"This is generally handled by the browser. Unless you are writing a complex, single-page-style application, you should be getting it for free." - David
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