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chaosdude78 on [Humble Store] Free Metro 2033 -
"Already owned it, here's a download code:" - David
Hey recruiters: Jr-level hires are never an urgent hiring need.
Visual Effects are Not the Answer
I love the colorful commentary that Siri puts on everything.
We lost our voices at @GetUncubed, but met some great people. @bradsdeals
Re: Google Maps for iOS - Its even worse that the animations which are oh so important to material design weren't translated over.
Google Maps for iOS is a big fuck you to users. It uses none of the UX patterns and conventions of iOS.
RT @RyanTweetThings: Good coding talks with the Discover devs at #builtinbrews. Nice office space!
Amazon’s new business model: Announce product, sell thousands to Prime users at discounted pre-order rate until people realize they’re bad.
Smart Mass ferroputty. @ 640 North LaSalle Street
Apple doesn't even denote the "Retina" status on the Retina iMac box, further proof that non-retina will soon go way of the dodo.
chaosdude78 on Worst intersection in the city? -
"Lasalle and Ontario. It's not a bad intersection, just rude drivers. Starting around 4-4:30pm, cars begin to pile up and get stuck in the intersection during a light change. Rather than wait for the next green, cars drive right into the intersection and block oncoming traffic from moving, exasperating the problem." - David
chaosdude78 on A mystery -
"iOS allows applications to register protocols which the app can listen for and then take control. For example, the YouTube app is subscribed to the "youtube://" protocol. This allows the application to take control when the system is directed to that URL scheme. For example, this YouTube link ( will open in a browser while this link (youtube://v=naleynXS7yo) will open in the app if you have it installed." - David
chaosdude78 on Attempting to use iPhone 5 (A1429) on GSM network -
"I meant that as plural-5, you can check the status of an iPhone at:" - David
chaosdude78 on Attempting to use iPhone 5 (A1429) on GSM network -
"iPhone 5s sold via Verizon are unlocked, check here to see if it will work with Straight Talk in your area:" - David
chaosdude78 on Health App not using iPhone as a source for steps -
"I had this happen to me as well and I had to reinstall iOS 8 and restore from backup." - David
chaosdude78 on Why is my memory usage so high? Details inside. -
"That is perfectly normal. Memory is only purged when absolutely needed for another use. You wouldn't want to open a backgrounded app just to realize it's state was lost for the sake of free RAM." - David
chaosdude78 on AT&T iPhone 5 help, how can I get it unlocked? -
"Since the device was reported as stolen, its not possible to go through official channels to unlock the device. You can try your luck with services like this: which I've used without problems but always with clean devices." - David
chaosdude78 on Apple iPhone Six, Does it matter what carrier? -
"There are a handful of different iPhone models around the world. When buying "Full Price" or "Device only", they are unlocked. Check out [Apple's LTE Information]( for which model to get." - David
chaosdude78 on I'm not an iOS developer, but I am curious why designing for the different display sizes is such an issue? Why can't the language support styling like CSS and media queries? -
"It can be, but the parts of the toolkit that support AutoLayout are new and many developers haven't adapted yet." - David
chaosdude78 on Access iCloud Drive UI like the ones shown in advertisement on iPhone -
"They may do so in the future, or another developer may create an "iCloud Drive Explorer" app. In Yosemite, there is a folder you can explore in finder." - David
chaosdude78 on Access iCloud Drive UI like the ones shown in advertisement on iPhone -
"It is app dependent. When selecting a file to open from an application that has been updated to support iCloud Drive, you will see the file system." - David
chaosdude78 on If I buy an iPhone6 full price from Apple will it be "unlocked"? -
"As I said, that is what I've done on the past and what I did earlier today through our business account. One thing of note though, is that the SIM cards in the iPhone 6 are different than previous models because of NFC capabilities and might not work." - David
chaosdude78 on If I buy an iPhone6 full price from Apple will it be "unlocked"? -
"In previous years I have purchased iPhones at full price on launch day and they were unlocked. Apple will not call them unlocked because they are designated as carrier phones. However, in the past I have paid full price for both "Verizon" and "AT&T" iPhones on launch day and they were unlocked." - David
chaosdude78 on Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown -
"It's a long-running joke of his to draw attention to people that use "finally" to make itself like a non-trivial time has passed. Especially when related to Apple product releases/enhancements." - David
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (3DS) DK Jungle -
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (3DS) DK Jungle
chaosdude78 on (ELI5) How do you retain scroll position throughout back/forward navigation? -
"This is generally handled by the browser. Unless you are writing a complex, single-page-style application, you should be getting it for free." - David
On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY Z - Trailer (HBO) - YouTube
RT @tim_cook: Heartbroken by the news of Robin Williams' passing. He was an incomparable talent and a great human being. Rest in peace.
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