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chaosdude78 on Access iCloud Drive UI like the ones shown in advertisement on iPhone -
"They may do so in the future, or another developer may create an "iCloud Drive Explorer" app. In Yosemite, there is a folder you can explore in finder." - David
chaosdude78 on Access iCloud Drive UI like the ones shown in advertisement on iPhone -
"It is app dependent. When selecting a file to open from an application that has been updated to support iCloud Drive, you will see the file system." - David
chaosdude78 on If I buy an iPhone6 full price from Apple will it be "unlocked"? -
"As I said, that is what I've done on the past and what I did earlier today through our business account. One thing of note though, is that the SIM cards in the iPhone 6 are different than previous models because of NFC capabilities and might not work." - David
chaosdude78 on If I buy an iPhone6 full price from Apple will it be "unlocked"? -
"In previous years I have purchased iPhones at full price on launch day and they were unlocked. Apple will not call them unlocked because they are designated as carrier phones. However, in the past I have paid full price for both "Verizon" and "AT&T" iPhones on launch day and they were unlocked." - David
chaosdude78 on Standard Markdown is now Common Markdown -
"It's a long-running joke of his to draw attention to people that use "finally" to make itself like a non-trivial time has passed. Especially when related to Apple product releases/enhancements." - David
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (3DS) DK Jungle -
Wii U - Mario Kart 8 - (3DS) DK Jungle
chaosdude78 on (ELI5) How do you retain scroll position throughout back/forward navigation? -
"This is generally handled by the browser. Unless you are writing a complex, single-page-style application, you should be getting it for free." - David
On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY Z - Trailer (HBO) - YouTube
RT @tim_cook: Heartbroken by the news of Robin Williams' passing. He was an incomparable talent and a great human being. Rest in peace.
Macintel: The End Is Nigh – recent Intel shortcomings remind me of IBM's in the 00s, but Apple has an ace in the hole
Getting roped into that "authentic diner experience" (@ Golden Nugget - @eatgoldennugget in Chicago, IL)
iOS feature request: label hotspot as "ask to join" too many AT&T + Xfinity hotspot locations auto-joined when I don't want to.
I was skeptical going in, but I loved Guardians of the Galaxy.
How could a free version of Windows 9 save Microsoft? They don't make money off of hardware like Apple does.
The newly-announced Square chip-n-pin is just another example of how easy it is for some areas to be completely disrupted in one day.
RT @AndroidPeterson: I've done four cheese Tostito rolls. There aren't four cheeses in there
Where’s the questioning of AT&T for the same thing? FCC Questions VZW Plan to Throttle Some Unlimited Data Customers.
What is the target? At $300 you can build a better-equipped PC + with those specs, Windows must run horribly.
Anyone else having problems with jittery video playback in Yosemite?
chaosdude78 on When a "bug" in your site might actually a bug in Chrome -
"I've seen that on the android browser and Chrome on Android. Webkit allocates the space for a "width: auto" element before the font loads, thereby calculating the layout with the incorrect typeface. When the correct font is loaded, if the characters in the new typeface don't share the same width, they may wrap to another line." - David
RT @gregmaletic: Monument Valley costs $6 less than its own soundtrack. That’s how dysfunctional app pricing is.
chaosdude78 on rMBP 15" vs 13" -
"Retina MacBooks cannot have their RAM upgraded." - David
JayZ + Beyonce @ Soldier Field
RT @Netflixhelps: Ready for a streaming marathon on your Apple TV? Now you can watch without ever hitting the play button:
RT @engadget: Apple TV now auto-plays the next episode of whatever you're watching on Netflix
Glad to see the past two years of my life pay off – today we launched a completely new Go and check it out.
20 days later and still no better, what's the deal with daily outages? Come and fix my internet! @comcast @comcastcares
2 for 2 on rainstorms and flooding.
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