WTF??? Did y'all hear about Timothy Geithner's plan to rescue our economy? It seems like a hail Mary pass if you ask me.
WARNING! Explicit Lyrics! We're on the air!
I think the concept for my next record should be about misanthropic cynical curmudgeon who meets and fall in loves with a social butterfly.
Golly gee whiz. Reinstalling my Pro Tools system is so much fun.
LOL @ MC's getting mad @ these skinny jeans rappers. Back in the days older MC's got mad @ us for rocking baggy jeans. How times changed.
Spread the word we're on the air right now!
We're doing a live on air test of Generation Next right now.
All apologies to everyone. I fixed my Twitter, Plurk, Tumbler and Ping settings so now you'll only see my Pings across my entire network.
Name 3 music artists you want to hear on the radio.
Q-Tip, Jean Grae, U-N-I, Pac Div, Blu, Black Milk, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, TiRon, Jay Electronica, and John Robinson are the truth!
It's time to make the doughnuts.
I just updated my Facebook profile. LOL, it looks crazy now but one day it will all make sense.
R.I.P. Hip Hop Connection.
Peace Seattle, I will be at Nectar tonight: The New Mastersounds, Giant Panda, Guerilla Dub Squad & DJ Woogie D. Show starts at 9:00pm
Why am I pondering the notion of sneaking off to go see The Watchmen again?
Koornk,, Multiply, Yammer, Utterli, YouAre and Imeen. That's it, I'm done for the day. Time to go to Massage Envy.
Zoho!, Yahoo360, Friendster, ArtistData, I wonder how many I've done so far?
Wow! Friendster still exists?
I'm taking a break I've been at this massive D.I.Y. social network sign up spree since 4:00 am this morning.
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