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Michael Hanscom

Michael Hanscom

Just google me, I've filled out far too many of these little boxes. :)
Dear @twitter: This sounds horrendous. Please allow us to opt-out of this, if it must be a part of the service.
RT @TedGenoways: I want to start a Twitter account called "Read the Fucking Article." Comment 2 seconds after a link is posted, you get the auto reply.
RT @WillMcAvoyACN: "If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me" isn't the statement of someone serving and protecting you. It's a drunk guy at a bar.
Gorgeous skies this morning, with rain clouds moving across the valley. Took this walking to work after parking. #f
From the walk back to the car after work this afternoon. 95 degrees, and I'm wearing bla...
Twitter vs. Facebook for breaking news: “algorithmic censorship” #ferguson #f
Seriously disturbed by the lack of name badges on the #ferguson police. No accountability there? #f
"Yes, we need more facts, but the ones that exist are revealing." #ferguson #f
Good Twitter list of #ferguson reporters here: #f
A brief look at how fast #ferguson tweets are going out.
A brief look at how fast #ferguson tweets are going out.
RT @jaredbkeller: Twitter: Ferguson Facebook: Ice bucket challenge.
Actually took this one yesterday evening, after a wedding reception party for some friends.
RT @gfish: Did you know pie charts are one of Eastern WA's primary exports? Looks like a good crop this year.
Book forty of 2014: Jumper (Jumper, #1) by Steven Gould
Working on ripping our DVD collection to my computer. Will be nice to watch movies we own without being treated like criminals first. :p #f
Giving the bald-and-bearded look a try. I think it's working for me.
Blatant false advertising. These are neither large enough nor strong enough to hold a po...
Well, Alpine, actually, since pine isn't IMAP compatible, which I'd need to work with Apple's iCloud mail.
Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet The screenshot kind of makes me want to install pine on my Mac. #f
So…just how many times has Anonymous misidentified a prominent suspect?
SPD Releases a List of the Military Surplus Gear They've Received in Recent Years #f
For #throwbackthursday: In 2001, shortly before moving down to Seattle. Obviously, clean...
In other news: it's raining outside. :p
Gaah! My iPhone just started blaring an emergency alert tone and popped this alert up. That’ll get your attention! #f
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