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Michael Hanscom

Michael Hanscom

Just google me, I've filled out far too many of these little boxes. :)
Saw the @trekmovie #trekselfie tag today. Here's a gem I found this weekend at an antiqu...
Continuing to get scruffier after going clean shaven last week. Almost at the point wher...
Um…WTF @foxnews‽ @mmfa: Something is very wrong with this picture... #f
The German-settled colony planet of Leavenworth. #RollWorld Image @RollWorldApp, #TinyP...
Good list of top sci-fi comedies; sometime I need to track down those mentioned that I haven't seen yet: #f
Meet Nell Pickerell, transgender at-risk youth of yesteryear: #f
Book thirty-eight of 2014: Homeland (Little Brother, #2) by Cory Doctorow
Fun with lens flare. Apparently I'm in a J. J. Abrams movie tonight.
Neat stuff:'s DNA testing identifies my genetic ethnicity as 58% Great Britain, 14% Western Europe, and 14% Ireland.
Found this guy hanging out outside our garage. Creepy and cool!
It'll be a while, but it's goofy how much I'm looking forward to taking a weekend to watch the extended versions of all six LOTR films. #f
The first trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is out! #f
Nifty; I hope the DoubleTree gets this! Hilton to Adopt Digital Check-In, Smartphone-Based Room Keys Worldwide #f
A few days of not shaving, and I'm showing definite signs of scruff. Everyone is happy a...
Book thirty-seven of 2014: William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return by Ian Doescher
Book thirty-six of 2014: These Are The Voyages: TOS Season Two (These Are the Voyages, #2) by Marc Cushman
Found at an antique store this morning: The Gentleman's Companion, Vol. I (Being an Exot...
Picked up a Batman t-shirt today. When paired with the pajama pants I already had, I loo...
Me, Prairie, and a goatherd. We decided to visit Leavenworth on a whim.
I got curious what this spherical distortion effect would do to a selfie. This was eithe...
And if you didn't know, yes, that was a real possibility:
Some part of me will always be sad we didn't get a '90s Superman film written by Kevin Smith, directed by Tim Burton, starring Nic Cage. #f
Most common causes of death that THEY keep covering up: This is frighteningly accurate. #f
Book thirty-five of 2014: Help Fund my Robot Army!!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects by John Joseph Adams
First tweet from the Yosemite beta. Barely poked at it yet, but liking the look so far.
Beta 1 of Yosemite is downloading, #nwc37 FFFS photos are prepping for upload, @norwescon website update progressing. Multitasking FTW! #f
My face feels weird. You don't realize how much insulation even a 1/4" goatee provides until it's gone. #f
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