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Michael Hanscom

Michael Hanscom

Just google me, I've filled out far too many of these little boxes. :)
My face feels weird. You don't realize how much insulation even a 1/4" goatee provides until it's gone. #f
Well...this was an interesting experiment. It's been years since I tried going clean sha...
Thunderstorm over Ellensburg! :) #f
Sucked into the vortex! Oh no! Where will I end up?
Help Fund my Robot Army!!! & Other Improbable Crowdfunding Projects -
Book thirty-four of 2014: Uglies (Uglies, #1) by Scott Westerfeld
Prairie needed the car today, so I was a (responsible, of course) bike commuter.
Thirty-nine songs about Morrissey, and @rhapsody forgets the Warlock Pinchers' "Morrissey Rides a Cock Horse" #f
I just backed "Margaret" by @jasonwebley and friends on @Kickstarter #f
Random link led to a site with iPad decals. Two categories: "girly" and "nerdy". Because it's one or the other, of course. #notbuyingit #f
Tired. Not long before bed, I think.
Small-town first world problems: I don't have a long enough commute to allow me to listen to podcasts. #f
I've seen people noting the similarities between them, but nobody seems to have gone further than that. If my art skills were better…
A bit surprised that after some (admittedly brief) googling I can't find any Dr. Who Pandorica/Hellraiser Lament Configuration mashups. #f
Ooh, nifty: BitLit lets you "claim" printed books to get free or cheap ebook editions (if the publisher is part). #f
Living dangerously - swinging in a kilt! ;)
Shambling Towards Hiroshima -
Community: Season 5: Disc 2 -
Community: Season 5: Disc 2
Community: Season 5: Disc 1 -
Community: Season 5: Disc 1
Ever caption I try to come up with for this one sounds like I'm depressed. I just liked ...
At least it cooled off. It's only 92 now!
I didn't bother opening it, but the spam subject line "THIS Made Hitler CRY..." made me laugh when I saw it in my inbox this morning. #f
The Norton Reader: An Anthology of Expository Prose -
Fresh picked green beans and cherry tomatoes from Prairie's garden to go with dinner tonight.
My nieces, all face painted at the farmer's market.
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