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Doug Kaye
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Doug Kaye
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Doug Kaye
the cluetrain manifesto -
10 years old! - Doug Kaye
I have never actually read it, and yet I think it's ingrained in me through osmosis - Christian Burns
Doug Kaye
the cluetrain manifesto -
10 years old! - Doug Kaye
Doug Kaye
the cluetrain manifesto -
10 years old! - Doug Kaye
Brian Walsh
Our basil is growing like crazy
You need to see In the daytime. - Doug Kaye
Christian Burns
I thought 24 was a dissapointment. Total let down.
Yeah, but at least it's over. - Doug Kaye
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang recording live 3PM Pacific
It was action packed last week. Tune in folks ;) - David Damore
Is the podcast RSS feed up to date finally? I so rarely get to listen to these live! - Robert
I'll be tuning in :) - Michael Forian
Going to discuss Twitter dropping replies? - Mason Lee
Where's the chat room? - Doug Kaye
Doug, their main chat is on IRC:, #twitlive - Robert
They also have a friendfeed room: - Robert
Robert, last I checked the RSS feed hasn't been updated in weeks. - Mike Doeff
I missed it, but I heard at the end something about you uploading it to Youtube? I think that would be great to have that as an easy way to catch up with your shows. Easy skip into important parts if comments or links are to a specific timecode in the video, support for HQ even HD mode (if you were recording HD which you are not). You need my type of early setup Director account (signed... more... - Charbax
HI Steve... caught the tail end of your show... twas good! :) - Michael Lynch
I use to listen on my way to and from work, I can't watch the live show. Any chance the i-tunes version could be uploaded after every show again? - Jeff Weber
I miss it. MP3? - Dan Weinstein
mp3? video? anything? or are we religiously real-time now? - Christopher Harris
Christopher, don't take it personal. Not publishing the show means something, but you may never find out what that is. - Christian Burns
christian couldn't you just tell me? - Christopher Harris
christian i guess as the moment you couldn't, because you're probably sleeping or about to sleep, because your side of the planet is facing away from the sun right now, kinda like mine does when the gillmor gang is on.... - Christopher Harris
Hey, Mine too..... Fortunatly i can stay up late tonight...... - Roberto Bonini
I don't have time to do real-time... would really appreciate the mp3 - Jeff Weber
Jeff: Precisely! - Igor Goldkind
Is there a DVR equivalent for BitGravity/ that will allow me to record the show to mp3? Real-time only podcasts feels like TV pre-DVR. - Jeff Weber
I believe there have been a few GG's now that took place in real-time but have never been released for download. Bummer too, GG is one of my favorite shows. "Real-Time" is great, but "Anytime" is better! - Jeff Weber
Steve, I assume this is being done on purpose along the lines of the old GG "Parts 1-4" split, but can you explain to those of us who don't have easy access to the real-time stream when and if we'll see a Gang podcast? (And if not, why not?) - Andrew Jaffe
I think some kind of answer on this issue would be nice. The silence from anyone involved in the show is frustrating. I can't see any reason not to release it as an MP3. - Martin Bryant
you'll have to bear with us until our plans can be fully implemented. - Steve Gillmor
Could be wrong but I believe Steve mentioned that they'll be on YouTube but Google has to work out some issues. I would still prefer to get them in iTunes as podcasts (audio), can rarely catch live and really don't need video for a talking heads show while driving. - PXLated
sounds like you already heard the show - Steve Gillmor
Robert Scoble - Prolific Programmer from IM
amazon? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Google - Asankhaya Sharma
you - sofarsoShawn
I'd be surprised if the answer wasn't Google. - Doug Kaye
I would have guessed NSA - Andrew Smith
Is it surprising how many of these companies are secretive about how many servers they have? - Pete D
it's an ambiguous things - do the servers show how beefy your product is, i.e. how much number crunching and storage is really needed for all their sophisticated needs - or does it show how inefficiently done it was? - Iphigenie
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Seriously, are there any compelling reasons why someone should choose Canon over Nikon or vice versa when buying a DSLR?
currently you can pick up a XSi for $699 on amazon ( ) and then use the $200 rebate from canon to make it $499, but it's usually about friends' lenses - - mjc
Like I'd touch my brother's lenses? Akiva's on the other hand. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
My uneducated opinion is to go with whichever brand has the menu style that you like the most. - Rochelle
Price, unless Nikon and its accessories have gotten much cheaper recently - xero
Go with whichever camera's control layout you like better. - rønin
Hehe, Rochelle, that's no help. I could care less about UX...I could use either most likely. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Ronin is saying the same thing I am. - Rochelle
It's all about lenses. Research the lenses you want to shoot with and then buy the body that supports those lenses. - Akiva
Well, not just the menu style though. Canon tends to be more button intensive while Nikon's got more toggles and switches and wheels. - rønin
Umm, Canon's design (at least on the 5Ds) rely on a wheel. And both seem to have comparable 50mm primes. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
How it feels in your hand is a big one. Layout of the button and menu. - Zach Flauaus
I'm beginning to think that the answer is "there is no reason to pick one over the other". - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I like Canon, but I can't justify why I would pick it over Nikon... they both rule to me. I went with Canon simply because of brand loyalty. I have two other Canon cameras - Bwana ☠
Perhaps they have done a poor job of differentiating... - David Damore
Glen, we are both Americans...I bet we agree more that we disagree. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I didn't mean Canon doesn't have any wheels, it's just that controlling a Canon is usually something like "push button, scroll" while a Nikon has a bunch of toggles and switches thrown in as well. - rønin
If UX is not a factor, then price may be a consideration especially with the high end lenses. Canon lens system also has the upper hand in newer and more offerings in the high end primes as well as constant f/4 zoom lenses. - rønin
I only like Nikon DSLRs because Akiva likes Nikon and he got me into Nikon DSLRs. That said, I have a Canon PowerShot E1 that I like, too. - Rochelle
Yeah, Rochelle, I'd like Nikons just because of Akiva too, but there's my brother's ego to think about. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, then I think Robert should choose AND buy the camera for you. :) - Rochelle
I could have gotten his 5D for $1000 :( - Scoble, Alex Scoble
You can buy Akiva's D70 for a lot less! :D - Rochelle
Rochelle, poor form for comparing a 5D to a D70. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, I know. :P - Rochelle
In a word, real compelling reasons with any real regard to the two. I bought my 5D because the school where I work has tons of Canon lenses I can check out for free, a big deal. Glass costs a lot. - Derrick
Well said, Derrick. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I have an old Rebel 2000 you can buy cheap ;P - xero
Why did I go Canon? Canon's full frame sensor camera costs $3,000. Nikons costs $5,000. - Robert Scoble
Alex: if you wait for your wedding you might find that going with Canon is a better choice! ;-) - Robert Scoble
I interviewed Brad Mangin of Sports Illustrated tonight and he was using a Canon. He also was complaining about it. So there! :-) - Robert Scoble
Alex, I bought a Nikon D90 ~6 mos ago and love it. But I have to admit that most people I know who have owned both seem to prefer Canon. - Doug Kaye
I feel like I stopped into FF just for a second to see this thread. Quick answer, no, nothing really. I honestly do not think I have anything to add that hasn't been said, but the 2 most important ideas to keep in mind when buying a new DSLR... #1 - Personal preference and comfort with camera layout and aesthetics, #2 - Access to good glass and gear. If you already have gear, it's nice... more... - Justin Korn
I went with Canon XT Rebel, older model on sale at FRY's, 8-megapixels is decent quality, Canon lenses are great and the supplied 18-70mm lens rocks, also with a T-mount adapter. (thread-mount) I was able to use the 400mm telephoto from my Canon A1 35mm film camera in Manual mode for wildlife and moon photos. Liked the F2.8 Canon 70-200 zoom but a bit pricey (even without Image Stabilization!) - Nicholas Chase
In the past I had always say that you should checkout what your immediate friends have around you. Are they Canon or Nikon owners? Less so on trading lenses; as these are usually too precious for your friend to lend you. It is more like what Justin mentioned about. It has to do with gear advise and setup. BTW: I recently (this year) became a Canon-man and now taking the expert advises and investing on L lenses, so I guess I will be Canon-man for some time. - Vinko
Leo Laporte
Live now, the Gillmor Gang with Steve Gillmor, Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Mike Arrington, Loren Feldman, Hugh McLeod. Dicuss here.
Finally somewhere we can chat. :P - Phillip Stewart
:o - rob
Best. Trek. Ever. - Ken Sheppardson
To the extent that you don't really mean RSS, yes, RSS is dead. - Ken Sheppardson
Does anyone honestly expect RSS 3.0? That's the question. - rob
RSS is dead. Long live Atom. - Ken Sheppardson
lol@ Robert dead = not interesting - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
HTTP 5.0? anytime soon? - rob
It would be wonderful if there was an agenda and/or fewer people. I want to enjoy this, but it's very hard. - Louis Gray
RSS is less relevant, with the advent of real-time, and almost real-time, social media - Phil Essing
Maybe have 3 folks each week and rotate? - Louis Gray
no RSS readers will evolve - rob
didn't Steve just write about this? ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
RSS readers are no more or less dead than email clients. - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter has replaced RSS, for me. - Phil Essing
FF is an RSS reader - rob
Yes, stop talking over each other - Matthew
the infighting in the beginning made this an ugly show - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
RSS is not dead in any way. It's a tool to move data around wherever you want it to be. - Louis Gray
chaos Louis - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
it si just a new form of RSS reading - Ryan Gerritsen
ok, what about ATOM? - rob
no but there are some twitter clients/social desktops that are rss readers - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Dave Winer must be pissed! - Steven (optionshiftk)
I agree - Ryan Gerritsen
you can always catch up with stuff in your RSS Reader, but sometimes a great link to something either through Twitter or FF will pass by without knowing that it ever existed, maybe both services are very useful if you keep up with it on an hourly basis or something, but RSS FTW! - Ahmed
I doubt Winer is pissed (no about this) he knows RSS isn't going anywhere - Phil Maxwell
RSS is dead when people stop using Google Reader. - Phillip Stewart
RSS aggregators are dead, not RSS - Charbax
I view hundreds of items per day and share the best. RSS powers all the best tools, including all major portals and aggregation services. This is of course silly. - Louis Gray
Sometimes everyone wants to come on... and I don't like turning people away - Tina Chase Gillmor
But I still think Google can filter and recommend items from RSS much better in Google Reader - Charbax
Steve is right. Office is dead. No one can justify paying 200 dollars to edit text. - Steven (optionshiftk)
It'll take some reliable, widely adopted push standard to kill off RSS. Twitter's not that. - Ken Sheppardson
Everyone on Friendfeed is using an aggregator. :o - rob
100 percent of windows users I know still use Office - Ryan Gerritsen
This is successful Link Bait - Matthew
Paul is Dead!! - Steven (optionshiftk)
I still use google read - not much but some...I use the rss reader on my opera mini on the phone - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Paul is dead, right? - Tina Chase Gillmor
open office? - Donnie Murdock
agreed louis - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jason is going to set us all straight - Tina Chase Gillmor
Thought Steve would appreciate the bit about the Beatles conspiracy - Steven (optionshiftk)
I agree with Louis. Whenever I listen to Gillmor Gang the lack of structure lets it down. That and the varying quality Skype connections. - Martin Bryant
He was more correct with sauce. - rob
Major stuff on Twitter, niche stuff in RSS - Matthew
"Every news story of interest"... no, it's not flying by. There are still people out there without 500,000 followers who don't get 100 "Likes" who are saying things that are important. - Ken Sheppardson
martin, the lack of structure IS the Gillmor Gang. the problem for me is that today seems to be 'puffed egos on ice' day. - Karoli
Jason makes sense in terms of real time. There is also a need for an archive or to redirect data somewhere new. - Louis Gray
If Google improved Google Reader, add friendfeed like features into it (more than only starring and sharing items), then early adopters will go back to it - Charbax
I know who everyone on this show is, except for steve gillmore. Checking teh googles - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Ken: prove that. - Robert Scoble
It should be called RTR real time readers - Ryan Gerritsen
No! Jason is wrong. Digg is not dead. The "Upcoming" recommendation engine gives it a fresh feel. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Robert: You mean by pointing to people who say "important" things who don't get 100 likes? - Ken Sheppardson
Right. - Robert Scoble
I havent looked at digg in over a year - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
twitter clients are mostly stream, but rss reads like GReader offer features like bookmarking and sharing favorites - Matthew
I had big hopes for Digg recommendation engine, but the one they released wasn't impressive - Charbax
Are we including ATOM in this RSS debate of syndication? - rob
Robert, there's no question that Ken is right. Having 100K+ followers does not indicate that it's the only source for important data. Smaller people say important things and get little visibility often. - Louis Gray
I still use GReader every day - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
same as Gunny over here! - Ahmed
Rob, ATOM died long ago. It lost the battle. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Louis: if you are seeing them and you aren't liking their stuff in friendfeed it's your fault. - Robert Scoble
I use rss to import one liners from twitter to friendfeed? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I thought the Jabber guys where all about ATOM? - rob
useful to me - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
They aren't on friendfeed. So your point didn't hold. - Robert Scoble
I can like them, and you know I will, Robert. But I believe Ken is correct in that you can't force visibility of good content. - Louis Gray
All those guys are on Google. - Robert Scoble
Imagine Google Reader with real-time recommendations (based on your starred/liked items) and real-time Jaiku powered conversations around each item and feed - Charbax
Louis: yes you can. you like them and they are visible. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Not everybody who's important is on FriendFeed or Twitter. That's my point. - Ken Sheppardson
RSS as a consumer commercial name is fading and river of news streams are winning the battle - Alberto Saavedra
@Robert loving your multitasking skills, fast typing with one hand! - Ahmed
Ken: if they aren't on friendfeed they aren't important. :-) - Robert Scoble
Does Techcrunch have fulltext syndication? - rob
haha well done RObert - Ryan Gerritsen
Dan Farber always has mic problems - Matthew
if I was in charge of "" I would always be seen wearing an Aloha shirt - Josh Haley
Ken has a point - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: You don't actually believe that, do you? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
FF and Twitter are what you make them...and you can make them incredible news readers - Ryan Gerritsen
Ken: more and more it's getting close to that. - Robert Scoble
oooooh, some background ... tell more Mike - Tina Chase Gillmor
The "how to be hated" post: - Louis Gray
Robert: The day you believe that, you lose your role as a concentrator for this stuff. - Ken Sheppardson
Arrington strikes as a real miserable person... always feuding with someone - Phil Essing
Ken: more and more the important people will be found on friendfeed. You guys just included two more in this conversation. - Robert Scoble
Thats also true Robert...but some may be slow to get here - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
If they all agreed with each other it wouldn't be any fun at all - Tina Chase Gillmor
How about Calacanis? how can he be a hated guy? :S - Ahmed
I have to agree with Robert... - Ryan Gerritsen
Phil - my 1/1 interactions with Mike have been good. I spoke to him quickly yesterday. But it is easy to throw stones at those at the top. - Louis Gray
Christopher: Mike is a nice guy. He fights with people to aggregate attention. - Robert Scoble
The day we all believe likes, follows, etc makes something true, we're all in serious trouble. - Ken Sheppardson
I know all these guys.... all nice honestly... sorry to burst your view - Tina Chase Gillmor
Im opinionated, but don't seem to make any enemies in the process. - Phil Essing
haha Robert - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I'm more likely to read an article in a Reader than on a site as there is less distraction. Unless it's got fulltext syndication. - rob
Ken: it is not to believe, it is to promote what you might find interesting for other along with yourself to read or listen to - Ryan Gerritsen
it all started going downhill for Mike when he went to LeWeb and insulted the European entrepreneurs.... - Ahmed
Arrington may be a great guy... I don't know him. I can only react to what I witness, myself. - Phil Essing
Rob: Agree fully. - Nick in Manila
The other day this Marx quote showed up on Twitter/FriendFeed and everybody started retweeting and Liking it. It bounced around and got amplified -- "Owners of capital will stimulate working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to... more... - Ken Sheppardson
Thing is, Marx never said it. - Ken Sheppardson
Twitter and FriendFeed are #2 and #3 referrals for me behind Google (combined with Google images) - Louis Gray
And if everybody just takes "Likes" as gospel, we're dead. - Ken Sheppardson
Once WoW get's a Twitter client, and a Digg API you'll get more traffic, OK? so go make it already. - rob
retards? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Go learn. Read. Listen to people not n Twitter/FriendFeed. Techmeme doesn't equate authority. - Ken Sheppardson
the crunchpad should run Android on ARM processor - Charbax
"Developmentally Disabled Please" I agree! - rob
Don't be retarded. - Phillip Stewart
I loved the part where Arrington gave Feldman shit about spreading lies about him. - Dave Winer
FF finally is realtime. Winer, Gillmor et al finally did killed RSS. - Brad Kligerman
Chickens come home to roost Mikey - Dave Winer
What a bunch of idiots - Dave Winer
Welcome, Dave :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Dave: welcome to the Gillmor Gang. - Robert Scoble
be nice Dave - Tina Chase Gillmor
Who made Dave Winer God? - Stephen Pickering
Hey Dave! - Ahmed
Stephen: Dave is God. - Robert Scoble
Not really, but he is the guy who gave me blogging, gave me RSS, and improved my life immeasurably. - Robert Scoble
Arrington: I don't think Dave's 'yelling' - Chris Heath
Wait.. is Jason defending Dave? - Ken Sheppardson
@Dave are you going to take that from him? :S - Ahmed
He blocks liberally on FF, which means I can't see anything he's saying now. - Josh Haley
Ken, apparently... - Chris Heath
Who is josh? - Chris Heath
jcal is such a smartass - Phil Maxwell
How can you say RSS is irrelevant? - Byron McCollum
Dave - Josh Haley
dave is a god - Donnie Murdock
Robert, did you get kicked out of your room again? - Chris Heath
I didn't do anything to him. Got nothing against him, etc. well, yet. - Josh Haley
Was that Canter? - Ken Sheppardson
Chris: someone came in and started talking on the phone. - Robert Scoble
RSS readers will evolve - Donnie Murdock
Ken: yes. - Robert Scoble
You can't ban handshakes! - Ahmed
gun rights? - Phil Maxwell
everyone should just bow nowadays ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Let's ban limp handshakes - Tina Chase Gillmor
Banning handshaking (literally) is just as insanse as the 'rss is dead' (literally) - Chris Heath
How about banning conferences - Charbax
Thanks Jason -- and I'll listen to the podcast so I can fast forward. - Dave Winer
in some countries "like mine" it's a sign of respect to handshake people! - Ahmed
I agree Tina - Chris Heath
I propose we all french kiss each other when we meet - Tina Chase Gillmor
Q: What do handshakes and RSS have in common? A: They're equally as dead. - Ken Sheppardson
Actually, banning handshakes is a good idea. Leading method for things to spread. - Tanath
chipping away at humanity - Josh Haley
@Tina that sounds nice LOL - Ahmed
Arrington is like Larry David and Howie Mandell heheheheheheh - Stephen Pickering
Is Steve syndicating the show anymore.. my podcast feed hasn't updated since the 18th - Dave Senior
wear gloves - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Just explain you're like Howie Mandel. - rob
do a fist bump - Tina Chase Gillmor
Leo - thanks for the clearheaded logic - Chris Heath
it's like that guy from "Boston Legal" that doesn't handshake, keeps his hands on his thighs all the time.... - Ahmed
We could spit instead. - Ken Sheppardson
Spit on each other. - Ken Sheppardson
touch anuses - Josh Haley
Needs better moderation. Too much talking over each other. - Byron McCollum
roflmao - Chris Heath
We shake hands for the same reason we wear suits and ties. - Ken Sheppardson
Eskimos, Maoris touch noses. Be thankful it's just the hands. - Josh Haley
Yeah, Hugh *never* attacks TechCrunch - Ken Sheppardson
just thought I'd throw it out there that I have awesome corn on the cob and a smoked turkey sammich - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Wear a button that warns people that you don't shake hands cuz you're a germaphobe - Tina Chase Gillmor
The moderation could be filtering by "likes" - Charbax
Christopher: In theory. Roll with me. - Ken Sheppardson
let's just sniff each other like dogs - Tina Chase Gillmor
thanks, Gunny. Now I'm hungry :p - Josh Haley
Doc FTW - Ken Sheppardson
+1 Doc - Chris Heath
Looks like Mike is a "hugging" kind of a guy - Ahmed
Crazy hostility. - Byron McCollum
Canter's on the line. This will get fun now. Where's Jason... - Ken Sheppardson
Mike reminds me of Dvorak - he practices the same schtick. - Leo Laporte
lol - rob
:-) - Chris Heath
how did twitter save Santa Barbra? - jccalhoun
-hiss- - Chris Heath
Oh, snap! - russellcoleman
Robert: The answer to that question is YES - Ken Sheppardson
why am I listening to this again? - Josh Haley
I'm putting my hand over my mouth and saying geeeeeeez to myself - Tina Chase Gillmor
"Don't Destroy my Network" nice - rob
@Josh maybe because you are bored and need to listen to a bunch of geeks talking... - Ahmed
Good question Josh - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jesus, why is arrington even on the gillmor gang? when he's not being an ass, he's talking about the time someone else treated him poorly. Me me me me... woe is me. meh. - Phil Essing
Why did leo leave and why was this show so short? - Stephen Pickering
Seems pretty short. - Phillip Stewart
It's not as if you don't have a dozen other people on the call you can attack... - Ken Sheppardson
No, it was DAve. - Ken Sheppardson
unbelievable how you guys talk to each other. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
mike, baited the hook at least, no? - Chris Heath
I'm being hard on Arrington? Perhaps, he should consider being less of an SOB. - Phil Essing
If RSS = Dave Winer's thing, then you're attacking his baby. - rob
RSS is dead? then how is FriendFeed going to suck in all my content? - Rob Clark
It's personal for Dave Winer because its his baby. I can understand that. - Stephen Pickering
leo had henry's lacrosse game to go to - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
Dave said the other day that RSS was dead himself on his blog - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
dave winer calling people names? noooo Of course I live in a flyover state so he doesn't care if I hate him... - jccalhoun
or in a comment - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
yes, RSS is Dave Winer's thing. Steve knows that. But this isn't personal. It's about what's going on and what Steve thinks. It's not personal - Tina Chase Gillmor
A lot of the crap on Twitter comes from an RSS feed... TwitterFeed. - rob
a participator in current technology - Matthew
i has a busket - Phil Maxwell
yes, but Robert's point earlier that dead=not interesting to talk about was valid - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
steve gillmor= davinci? sheesh - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
It's not personal with me either. - Robert Scoble
OMG, Gillmor is Leonardo Di Vinci and the FriendFeed guys are the Beatles! - Stephen Pickering
Gillmor says things are dead once in a while. He said links are dead a few years back. - Robert Scoble
He said Office is dead three years ago. - Robert Scoble
Is that Loren cracking up? - Ken Sheppardson
I'll be honest: I wish Loren had been able to talk more. He was on point and among the most polite on the show. If these could be 3-4 people I think it would be greatly improved. - Louis Gray
rss needs track - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
a lot of ego's clashing leads to personal attacks - Kim Landwehr
agreed louis - Chris Heath
Why did Leo leave? - Chris
I haven't used office in years myself - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Funny, I don't remember Loren being polite. - Vezquex
links are alive and well on twitter ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
So, when Gillmor says RSS is dead it's just a statement about how important he finds the technology. - Robert Scoble
Chris: Leo had something to do with his family. - Robert Scoble
what is he talking about? - Phil Maxwell
true that Kim - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
about the Belguims not giving into the germans? - Phil Maxwell
looked disgusted - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The rotary phone is dead... RSS is merely becoming less and less relevant - Phil Essing
Jesus guys... this episode should be called the Kindergarten gang... stop it now.. - Nathan Smith
Gilmor saying something is dead is his way to make it dramatic. - rob
Hi, Guys. Did I miss another one of *those* shows? (Got here too late.) - Doug Kaye
does dead mean developmentally dead? - Matthew
RSS, who cares - Nick Rae
Steve does - russellcoleman
Didn't I liked it at all. - Wayne S Price
How is twitter different than an RSS feed with only one 140 carachter field without metadata per item? - Charbax
RSS is not dead its just evolving and morphing into something else - Kim Landwehr
Yes Doug you did...its went wayyy down a road it shouldnt have possibly - Kevin Hart
Twitter isn't push is it - Charbax
Alive? just poll the RSS feed a million times a second. - rob
we don't talk about FTP either....but still we use it...RSS is in the same kind of state - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
So mike you going to run away...dont do that - Kevin Hart
it's a building block, and stones aren't interesting to talk about most of the time - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
uses of rss are evolving, but is the protocol? not really right? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Isn't Kinnernet supposed to be in Israel? - Charbax
Things come and go guys, diversity on the internet is the important thing... some people get twitter, some are more comfortable with RSS, others with newspapers... talking about things being dead is just headlining. - Nathan Smith
Mike, I agree there were too many on the call. There are a number of ways to improve the call, which would include having fewer folks and an agenda. - Louis Gray
I agree with him. - Michael Forian
I agree about too many people on the call - russellcoleman
talking about someone when they aren't there to respond is incredibly LOW class - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
I guess thats possibly true Mike...sad. but guess thats true for anywhere but oh well. Like to hear your opinion on such things on the gilmore gang and such...oh well - Kevin Hart
tell them Scoble - Nick Rae
Gillmor should post the video on Youtube after every show - Charbax
Louis, the GG has never had fewer people or an agenda...thats kinda the point of the show. it just kinda flows. its a bunch of back end people talking about all the things - Kevin Hart
We need GillmorGang Survivor: Just get everybody who has ever been on on the same call, then after the show you have to vote one person off... - Ken Sheppardson
heh - Phil Essing
Keep cutting folks until you're down to 3-4 - Ken Sheppardson
Love that Ken :-) - Nathan Smith
bye Mr Crunch - Charbax
Ken, and we should make them all use Redboxes - rob
Michael I tried to bring in technology and you weren't interested. Google's new Sky app was very cool but you wouldn't have any of it. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Who wasn't interested/ - Ken Sheppardson
Agree'd mike, ive listened since like ep1....and yea it used to be more tech. i dont care about government politics. dont care about who hates who... but guess every show goes through ebs and flows.... thanks for the few moments Mike... - Kevin Hart
no scoop in it if you announce it on the show - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
We can hear STeve's call witn Winer. - Ken Sheppardson
The last gillmor Gang on RSS is from April 19th? Is there a new feed to get the new shows? Or is it love only now? - Omar Egan
There aren't any good voting systems yet on the Internet as far as I know, a basic internet poll can be tricked and is not the right way to vote online - Charbax
gillmor got his feelings hurt - Nick Rae
Steve: your call is on air. - Robert Scoble
It's all SCOBLE's fault ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Scoble needs a headset. - rob
The private call is being aired. Might as well leave it on... - Louis Gray
these guys need to stop taking thing's so personally - jccalhoun
thanks for the heads up - Tina Chase Gillmor
I think everyone's just in a bad mood this week for whatever reason - Stephen Pickering
It's a loss not to see Michael on the call more often. He's dead honest and it does hurt, but that's how it goes - Ville Vesterinen
alpha geeks must sheppard lil alpha geeks. - rob
Audio isn't all that much of a priority on TWiT live, eh? - Michael Forian
The guys need to take a chill pill - Nathan Smith
Michael Forian -- this isn't really a TWiT show. Adio quality is much better on the real TWit shows - jccalhoun
@Michael Forian: Gillmor Gang is not an official TWiT netcast - Phil Essing
tough week - Tina Chase Gillmor
Like O .. M ... G ... if i wanted a lame reality show Id watch Mtv - zefyr
lol - Nick Rae
Forgive, But Remember - It Never Pays To Hold a Grudge - Louis Gray
Michael Forian, the gillmor gang uses phone teleconferences so there's the lowest common denominator for the audio - Chris Heath
jccalhoun: oh, I know. But still! ;) - Michael Forian
Agreed, Gillmor Ganger's need a Clonazepam before each show - Stephen Pickering
Guys... agree to disagree on this episode... best friends again next week... you guys need to all get together for a beer! - Nathan Smith
Good to hear Scoble. Appreciate all of the people on the call. Valuable insights - Ville Vesterinen
Weird week. - Ken Sheppardson
People being people...we all share whats in our heart eventually - Owen Greaves
yeah very strange.. rather surreal - Nathan Smith
I haven't taken any of this sersiously. What's wrong with me? - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
UAV is Online - Matthew
I understand why the audio quality sucks for those on phones, but why was Steve Gillmor's audio crappy? - Phillip Stewart
that's the right attitude Ken - Nathan Smith
Every week is weird. Why can't they have a structured show like TWIT where it isn't constant personal attacks? - Stephen Pickering
Phillip: we're all on cell phones or Skype. Gillmor is in Pacifica. Leo's studio is in Petaluma. - Robert Scoble
Great example of how trying to communicate in 140c isn't sufficient in a whole lot of cases, e.g. see Winer's comments. - Ken Sheppardson
Stephen: because of the personalities involved. - Robert Scoble
I think Gillmor likes it this way. it is Gillmor's show - jccalhoun
Stephen: we're like that in real life too. - Robert Scoble
I see a valleywag post in the future - Matthew
Aaaahhh... Leo and Paul... great palette cleanser.... - Ken Sheppardson
Sometimes the show feels like I'm attending a STONING! - Owen Greaves
Matthew: Valleywag? That's dead. - Robert Scoble
Gillmor Gang is a very "raw" show, which sometimes works to its detriment. - Phil Essing
Owen: it feels like that sometimes too! :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, ISWYDT - Matthew
Anyway, I'm outta here. - Robert Scoble
Yeah it was almost like the stoning scene in "The Life of Brain" this show - Nathan Smith
It's like a modern Roman Gladiator Arena - Charbax
Yeah, I know. Everyone will be fine like you said in a couple weeks. I think Mike was just in a cranky mood, probably from a stressful week, something about CBS - Stephen Pickering
Later, Robert. Keep workin' ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
have a good afternoon robert - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Good night from England guys - Nathan Smith
Thanks, Robert, hope we can catch your interview with Jimmy Wales - Stephen Pickering
Jay: Depends on what you mean by "something" - Ken Sheppardson
I'm hoping for more live videos and friendfeed chats from kinnernet - Charbax
I know Gillmor Gang is raw, and there's a lot of value that comes from that, but I thought when he joined Leo's network, Leo would bring a little structure to it as well as audio quality, and he has for the most part, this week just kind of fell apart. Its all good. - Stephen Pickering
I didn't really mean it that way, i.e. "zing". Lots of folks on the call, some discussion around Steve's "RSS is Dead" thesis, Dave Winer made some comments in Twitter/FriendFeed that sorta sent it sideways... - Ken Sheppardson
It still boils down to respect for one another....there was a shortage of it today. - Owen Greaves
exactly owen - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
it's a fun show, especially once friendfeed sends it sideways - Charbax
@Stephen: Yeah, Leo often ends-up moderating the Gillmor Gang, along with Gillmor, and when he does, the show is better for it - Phil Essing
Owen, yeah, your right, and they wonder why no sponsors? This could be the no 1 tech show or Social Media show, with the talent, if they could make it more structured. - Stephen Pickering
stephen, not to put leo down but i think he sets some stuff loose just for "entertainment value" - Preternat (Ken Cadby)
382 comments, this is getting cool - Charbax
You're right Phil. All in all it has gotten a lot better. This week is just an exception, and Leo had to leave - Stephen Pickering
in a few weeks, there will be thousands of comments per show - Charbax
Well, fundamentally, GillmorGang isn't Leo's show. It's a long-running conference call that's just recently moved to TWiT as infrastructure/distribution. - Ken Sheppardson
thousands of people chatting, friendfeed will implement chat filtering mechanisms in real-time like "Show or highlight only top 10% of the best comments by best chatters" - Charbax
Yeah, Ken, I think that's just in his blood from working in Radio all these years. you gotta do some of that to keep it interesting. But he's also Professional. I've never seen him pick a fight, personally like many of the other members do on Gillmor Gang. - Stephen Pickering
Youtube will implement real-time chatting as well eventually, overlayed on the videos - Charbax
Yup but eventually it will be all over Youtube and you can switch it on/off as overlay on the video like the annotations. - Charbax
It is a "Gang" however. the DNA is in the name - Tina Chase Gillmor
Stephen, you may be right about grooming with an eye on sponsorship money, but the people that make up the show do it on an inside baseball / think tank basis, and the rough and tumble and rawness is part of its dna. - Micah
Tina, we're on the same helical wave length! :) - Micah
Dont defend it Tina, just post the recording so I can see what the fuss is about. - Francine Hardaway from IM
I'm surprised there are no sponsors for the show, Leo's other shows, besides TWiT, don't receive nearly a fraction of the comments this show receives. - Matthew
Micah: People still want to be treated with respect or they most likely won't come back regardless of the format - Owen Greaves
I didn't actually hear this particular show, so I should just wait and see and close my trap. Thanks, Owen. - Micah
not only do people want to be treated with respect, but they want to see others treated with respect - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I don't mind watching animated arguments as long as people can be respectful towards each other - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I saw it live at LeWeb08 in Paris, they were insulting europeans and people were booing, it was fun - Charbax
Micah & Rob: I'm from canada and we are overly polite here so my view is biased :) - Owen Greaves
I think you're right on Owen. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I don't mind the honesty it's refreshing but it crossed the line today - Owen Greaves
I am looking to do a show similar to this but not for the Internet Elite...for the small biz owner trying survive - Owen Greaves
It did cross a line. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
matthew, during leo's other shows most of the chat happens at #twitlive - for this show there's a lot of chat in there too... - Chris Heath
thanks for the link to that Chris - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
no prob - Chris Heath
errr... no prob, rob - Chris Heath
rob, what line? I left 30 minutes in...had enough of mike arrington's baiting, just wasn't in the mood for it. things got hot and mean? - Karoli
as for politics and alliances, @mikearrington, when hasn't it been about that? for as long as i can recall, the politics of tech has been at the fore. there's a struggle afoot right now to get the upper hand on real-time, the cloud, all sorts of uncharted territory. It has always been political, always will be... - Karoli
Chris Heath, Yeah, I follow that chat as well. But only this show and TWiT have brought in an audience on FriendFeed, even though Leo sets up rooms here for his other shows. - Matthew
matthew, it probably has to do more with timing... i see leo's ff chats for the others shows during the day, but i'm at work and can't listen... i assume there's a lot of other people like me - Chris Heath
Karoli: they pretty much all crossed the line...I think that it chilled not long after you left though. I thought Dave, Steve, and Mike all crossed lines. Different ones each - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
jeez let us never speak of this episode again.. - Richard Walker
And Xanax ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I'd like to hear it too. I have to do some driving today and have time to listen. - Dave Winer
I wouldn't imagine that this is a great show for a new listener to start with. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Ended up here after reading a Bobby Llewellyn tweet - now I know who his next CARPOOL interviewee is :) - Bigrac
It was a great episode! The caller interaction must be part of the show now. - Justin Luey
When will we get to hear it? - Dave Winer
What's happened to this episode? It hasn't appeared on the GG RSS podcast feed. Is it ever going to? - John Francis
Is the podcast over? I think doing it live only is a huge mistake. - antonio rodriguez
Howard Rheingold
Howard, I've always wanted to ask you: (a) do you paint them yourself, and (b) how many pairs do you think you've had (yes, total)? - Doug Kaye
dave davison
Obama's inauguration speech - Two ways of looking at it. -
Obama's inauguration speech - Two ways of looking at it.
But for an automated option, Wordle is pretty good. - Doug Kaye
yep -I agree on the cost value propositon. Have you put some of the IT conversations archives through Wordle? - dave davison
and more in agreement with your wordle comment - this one on - dave davison
this wordle makes me say "uncle" - dave davison
Leo Laporte
Live now, The Gillmor Gang with Steve Gillmor, Robert Scoble, Loren Feldman, and Marc Canter. Discuss here...
I call this period of trying to get technology to work, "churning" - David Burke
It's part of the reason a lot of folks steer clear of tech... - David Burke
I like seeing someone else struggle. LOL - Allan Bunt
My Skype connection went away. - Robert Scoble
Is Michael Arrington on this weeks show? - Daniel Rowley
Having problems -.- - Gavin
Oh technology - Molly Song ;)
Loren, Marc, Mike, Robert, Steve, Leo for this week's Gillmor Gang - Alberto Saavedra
Daniel: I believe he's on. - Robert Scoble
If they should happen to get the show on the road, what's the topic for today's conversation anyway? - David Burke
David: the usual bull. - Robert Scoble
i was just going to say that - Jackson Pollock
hollyweird squares - Jackson Pollock
As in horns? - Jason Hansen
kitty wants to get out of the studio but is trapped - Tina Chase Gillmor
jcunwired: yeah, it's going to be tough. - Robert Scoble
I love QIK on my Blackberry - Jeff Gignac
I love Qik on my iPhone - Scott Breakall
NEW build of Seesmic Desktop is out and Facebook is now integrated.! + you can unfollow people direct from Seesmic Desktop and lots of other new things.. \o/ love it.! - @LarsenTweet
I can't figure out how to get rid of the left column in Seesmic Desktop - Jesse Stay
why do these apps use Adobe AIR?? - Jeff Gignac
Adobe Air supports MAC and Windows, thats why - @LarsenTweet
Jeff: What's wrong with Adobe AIR? - Daniel Rowley
TechCrunch is making money because it has the best content - Jesse Stay
When pigs fly-Swine Flu - lawrence kenski
i did not say anything was wrong..i just wondered why apps use it..sorry - Jeff Gignac
Jeff: Now you know why ;) - @LarsenTweet
hahaha - lawrence kenski
This version of Seesmic Desktop is definitely better than the last two. They keep improving bit-by-bit. Still like Twhirl better though, for now. =) - Wilford Tibbetts
yes, yes i do and i am a much better person now. thank you Qbat - Jeff Gignac
I'd like them to trim Seesmic desktop down a bit, that's why I like Twhirl, it doesn't take my entire desktop. - Colin
Colin - Yeah, that's also another reason why I like Twhirl. It's compact. - Wilford Tibbetts
Jeff: Ok, no problem, just wondered, some people really don't like it. - Daniel Rowley
Twhirl has nicer sounds than tweet deck too. Quite soothing - lawrence kenski
Kenski - Oh yeah! That dang TD chirping is rather annoying. I use TD sometimes and I have to go back to Twhirl within 5-10 min. lol - Wilford Tibbetts
Arrington on grudges, funny hah - Colin
modern AMERICAN media. Fox, MSNBC, bla bla bla. Over here I have no clue what beefs the biggest media outlets have. - Jackson Pollock
Well said Steve, we are all subjective, we are subjective beings! - Colin
why would you want your society to be laid out as a left right, right wrong, black white ballgame where for one to be right, the other has to be wrong. it's such an american concept and it creates more conflicts than it debates - Jackson Pollock
facts are a commodity ... we need opinion - Tina Chase Gillmor
Publish everything, filter later. We're good with the publishing, not so much with the filtering. - Cliff Gerrish
Pollock: Tell that to Burr and Hamilton. - Jason Nelson
I agree Leo, unfortunately objective reporting seems to have been pushed aside for a more opinionated, "entertaining" news source. It seems bizarre to have bias when it comes to reporting the facts. - Daniel Rowley
Pollock - Not everyone can be right all the time. Humanity is a creature of conflict(among other things) and I like it that way. Through conflict we advance and grow. 60% of all tech, and advancements have come from conflict. - Wilford Tibbetts
One thing I don't like about many tech news sites is the dominance of op/ed in articles that should be straight reporting of news. But the other extreme of sites that just regurgitate press releases is bothersome as well. - Jim Metzendorf
wilford: I just clinch in horror watching american news media. Everything is so bias to one side or another. It's not that I can't disagree with certain people or certain news media outlets, but as a kid grows up, at one point he is more or less forced to define himself as a Fox viewer or an MSNBC viewer. Now fight eachother. It's not there in other societies like it is in the US. - Jackson Pollock
Flipo: Great point... And MSM doesn't even pretend to be objective anymore. - Jason Nelson
you can teach journalism in the schools. You can tech people to gather the facts and present them. You can't always teach people to think and share their ideas and thoughts - Tina Chase Gillmor
There's a place for both, but it's important not to mistake opinion for fact. It seems all too common for people to believe anything they're told. How can it be right to be influenced in your opinions by which news channel you watch. - Daniel Rowley
Pollock - Oh, our news media is defintely more into airing the extremes instead of the more common Center, politically. I wish they wouldn't do that, but it brings in ratings, so they try to invite guests they KNOW will be annoying. lol... - Wilford Tibbetts
leo has a great story about richard stallman for this conversation. he hung himself bigtime on the screensavers - Jackson Pollock
I'll do it for you Michael. - Daniel Rowley
Tibbetts: News media develops personas to market to and works to not offend imaginary sensibilities. - Jason Nelson
Wilford. Yes. A lack of regulation lets one person or one company take over a certain percentage of the media to spread their word to the people. - Jackson Pollock
Kyle: Agrees. I don't care for the Seesmic Desktop either. - Jason Hansen
Pollock - I'm wary of "regulating" News Media. It smacks of govt interfering in our First Amendment Rights to me. I'm very against that idea. To say the least. lol... - Wilford Tibbetts
Nelson - True. Personally, I think people need to be told the truth cold, hard, and bluntly. People need to be offended. Which, also means I sorta like the annoying far-Left far-Right bickering on the news. LOL! - Wilford Tibbetts
Hansen - I've switched back to Twhirl for now. Seesmic Desktop has gotten better, but it's still to 'cluttered', I guess. - Wilford Tibbetts
Just tried Seesmic again for about 5 minutes...went back to Tweetdeck - Darren Rowley
Wilford. Well that's what differs Americans from others.They love quoting their constitution made 250 years ago, and not look at how the rest of the world does it, and has been doing it for 500 years. Government regulation is not your enemy. In certain countries (most western developed countries), government owns certain parts of the infrastructure and makes sure it's on the right path. Here, government owns a telephony company, the biggest TV-network, the oil (and therefor oil production). It's fantastic - Jackson Pollock
I'd love to see people integrate Microsofts FeedSync for 2-way feeds. - Jamie
Hi Darren :). - Daniel Rowley
Tibbetts: Agreed, enjoy your perspective. Would like to see an Authoritarian vs. Anarchist. - Jason Nelson
Hey Dan, you'll have to explain this FF thing to me....I am just not getting it ! - Darren Rowley
"cobbling together portability" - yup, I think that's where we're going. - Laura Norvig
Pfft. I would argue the "government" owns the same in the US in a corporatist fashion. The Constitution need not apply. - Jason Nelson
Robert is back - Tina Chase Gillmor
I don't know. I just find that if government controls some part of the infrastructure that that is communist and evil and taking away my rights. Am I better off with a cost cutting, profit making privately held company owning my hospital? I just don't think so - Jackson Pollock
I just DON'T find* :) - Jackson Pollock, I made it for you Mike Arrington. - Colin
Pollock - I disagree. I do use my brain and just don't quote my Constitution without using it. I want my govt as far away from regulating my Rights as possible. I don't mind them improving roads, and the like, but I believe a Capitalist society will improve things just find without having govt owning bits of businesses. - Wilford Tibbetts
Nelson - Yeah, the Authoritarian vs Anarchist would be fun to watch. LOL! - Wilford Tibbetts
these guys all sound like birds flying through the air - Tina Chase Gillmor
Pollock: We need to "retailify" healthcare in US not institutionalize more bureaucracy. - Jason Nelson
Conner - I hear ya. Only reason I'm here is for the chat and then I'm off. lol - Wilford Tibbetts
Wilford. But I live in a capitalist country! That government controls hospitals, schools (all levels), transport, energy production, communication and oil/gas production doesn't mean that I have any less rights or any less freedom or anything else. They're one player in a market of many. They provide in many cases the line where competition happens, and make sure that two privately held companies don't jack up prices - Jackson Pollock
Jerome, probably because of what you just said about hotmail to gmail. Friendfeed's user base is so small compared to Facebook or even Twitter. - Laura Norvig
Jérôme: I think it's to do with user saturation, the number of people able and willing to use Facebook for example, will far outweigh those for FriendFeed. - Daniel Rowley
Pollock - Meh, I prefer govt stay out most things. The Federal Govt, anyway. - Wilford Tibbetts
Pollock: Has a monopoly in energy production and distribution retarded innovation? - Jason Nelson
Email isn't a model -- 90% of the system is spam. The model should be spamless. - Cliff Gerrish
I wonder what the puppets think about this? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Say if I were to break my arm right now. I can go to the government held, national hospital and have it checked, x-rayed and cast before the night was through. Or, I could go a little further down the road and have the exact same procedure done at a cost, with perhaps slightly better service. The point is that nationally held institutes don't have to mean bureaucracy and bad service, it can be just as good a competitor as a private company - Jackson Pollock
it does not do???? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Pollock - Maybe. But I'm not that hot on the idea of socialism in the first place, so maybe that's coloring my viewpoint. LOL! - Wilford Tibbetts
Same thing for the news media. I could turn on channel 1, and see the channel that is owned by the government. Get neutral, commercial-free news reporting. Or I can pay a fee and get channel 2, which is privately held, and still neutral, with commercials. 99% of the population has both, and 99% watches both - Jackson Pollock
Wilford; yes, I realize that's a popular viewpoint over there :) - Jackson Pollock
Pollock: Competition between government and private? Instead of TARP wish US would have thought about that. - Jason Nelson
Did Kevin just "shh" Mr. Gillmor! Oh, goodness. - Daniel Rowley
Verified w/ credit card? Isn't that a bit 1st-world-centric? - Nick in Manila
Nelson - Agreed. So long as it's competitive and not a demand by govt to do it this way or not at all, I'm fine with it. TARP was definitely a mistake, imo. - Wilford Tibbetts
Nick: What would you suggest? - Daniel Rowley
Dave Winer just tweeted that he's listening to GG and it's the same old thing. Really? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina - What does he mean by "same old thing"? - Wilford Tibbetts
Tibbetts: Agreed. And I don't think it's a long-term solution. More of a quasi-micro-financing short-term stimulus. - Jason Nelson
Nelson - That's what I'm thinking as well. I would prefer they do a long-term solution, but too many Americans want a 'quick-fix' instead of something more stable and long lasting. - Wilford Tibbetts
Dave Winer says all of you on the Gillmor Gang are missing everything :-) - Jamie
Well, we're in a very special point in time right now. The reason my country was not very hurt by the downfall was because we don't live on credit-cards and mortgages. But essentially, yes. Why would the US be AGAINST socializing medicine, when every other country runs great that way. You can pay for the top-of-the-line in medicine over here too, but you don't have to. Very few people do, because there isn't that big a difference between that and the norm - Jackson Pollock
LOL! Missing everything how? - Wilford Tibbetts
Wilford... dunno. ask him ;-) He links to his own blog from 2002. Still don't get it. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina - Meh, I'll just listen to the Gillmore Gang instead. =D - Wilford Tibbetts
PeoplePond has an identity verification service. From their homepage "PeoplePond's identity verification service will give your audience confidence knowing your profile and online assets are yours and not someone posing as you spoofing them." - Neil Simon
i don't want to see it at the top of the page, google should create a separte profile search only page like it has images - Wayne Sutton
Dave should join our conversation - Tina Chase Gillmor
I love Mikes bluntness - Jamie
im sure we can get Winer on the call - Jamie
yeah, blunt works - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, puppets? - Karoli
oh bullshit, Arrington. Facebook hasn't won anything. - Karoli
Kevin Marks needs to breath. Why is he shouting! - Daniel Rowley
Jamie, I mean our FF conversation - Tina Chase Gillmor
oh - Jamie
Nelson - Thanks for the Follow bro. Following you back. =D - Wilford Tibbetts
I maintain - Google doesn't get social. - Jamie
Tibbetts: Right back atcha. :) - Jason Nelson
Jamie; ever heard of youtube - Jackson Pollock
they bought it. - Jamie
and they run it - Jackson Pollock
outed as a fish-hater again. Bastard! - Tina Chase Gillmor
exactly - Jamie
I set to point to my Twitter last week. - Colin
Tina, I don't like sushi. i like fish, though - Karoli
and the social features on youtube are weak - Jamie
Google doesn't get social. not yet. but they're working on it - Karoli
it just so happens that the content is always going to be "social" in that people want to share the stuff they find. - Jamie
Yelp can be gamed just like anything else - Karoli
compare social features and digg is the winner. it only means so much, comparing accounts and hits are way bigger/better benchmarks for social communities. it's all about the ads and the influence - Jackson Pollock
i used yelp last weekend. did better with google maps - Karoli
Mike and Robert nailed it today - Alberto Saavedra
great in cities, pretty crappy in the rural areas - Karoli
you're here in london Jerome? - Jamie
Karoli... I get your fish point. I should try harder on the sushi front - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin, I'm glad you went with the decaf today. - Doug Kaye
Mike is 100% correct. - Jamie
Twitter isn't winning either - Karoli
I like Yelp. Just started using it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Facebook is not winning! - Jason Nelson
Tina, it worked great in the city. but in the middle of california (think buttonwillow) it sucked - Karoli
Facebook had status updates before Twitter was born. I don't see the copying there. - Jamie
if anything they are taking ideas from FF. but then FF's entire premise is based on the Newsfeed. In short, FB do not get enough credit. - Jamie
I freaking LOVE Craigslist - Tina Chase Gillmor
Twitter was born out of the facebook status updates. they wanted to do it on mobile. and to non-facebook friends - Karoli
are any of them offering a professional model and succeeding? no? none of them are really winning, just waiting for the next funding from whoever.. - Terry O'Fee
teens don't like Twitter. they love FB - Tina Chase Gillmor
twitter was conceived as a service for friends, real-life groups - Jamie
That and Rocketboom - Jackson Pollock
Karoli: Agreed. - Jason Nelson
the follow anyone who interests culture came by accident. - Jamie
Tina, not my teens down here. they don't like FB that much, more use twitter - Karoli
lol facebook is aol 2.0 - Wayne Sutton
Wayne totally agree with that. I avoid it most of the time. - Karoli
Loren; stop looking in Silicon Valley. stop looking in the US. There are 6 billion people on the planet and 300 million in the US. - Jackson Pollock
Karoli - interesting. Our teens find FB everything. they love chatting through it - Tina Chase Gillmor
I see the same thing in Europe Tina. FB is huge here. - Jamie
Jamie; exactly. it's not all about the US. - Jackson Pollock
tina, for our kids it's all around mobile. they like txt twitter better than txt fb - Karoli
in fact I dont know *any* kids on Twitter - Jamie
im only in my early 20s - Jamie
Skype is MSN/Yahoo 2.0, it means nothing - Jackson Pollock
Twitter is a much more mature audience - Jamie
Jamie you're too old. LOL. we're talking 15, 16 yr olds. twitter has traction with old folks, but kids use the txt features - Karoli
kids don't care about talking to the world yet. They only care about communicating with each other - Tina Chase Gillmor
I just dont agree - Jamie
Targeted advertising. - Daniel Rowley
Jamie - I actually know several under 18 teenagers on Twitter. They use it regularly along with FB. - Wilford Tibbetts
And Facebook doesn't? - Jackson Pollock
FB has 100x the number of under 18s - Jamie
FB will go public. 18 months later the stock will tank and someone will buy 'em up for much less than the IPO price. - Doug Kaye
Jamie - Didn't say otherwise, bro. Did I? ;) - Wilford Tibbetts
they made $50 million a year when they were bought the first time - Jackson Pollock
im just saying - twitter hasnt taken off with the kids just yet. - Jamie
Doug Kaye! How are you man?:) He was in this exact conversation about Skype on twit 22 - Jackson Pollock
why can't the tide move away from FB? - Adnan
Need to connect old media (movies, sports, journalism) with order management and directory services. I see TLC show on renovation and order the room through local contractor in blue and oak. - Jason Nelson
its an interesting phenomenon because the kids were on Facebook before the tech scene jumped aboard on the launch of Platform. - Jamie
the tech scene were the late adopters in this respect. just like they were late with myspace - Jamie
Jamie - No, but it's beginning to. Slowly, but it's gaining ground I think. - Wilford Tibbetts
Some things just never change. Not even the people, eh? - Doug Kaye
Robert's camera (laptop) is swiveling with him and giving me motion sickness - Tina Chase Gillmor
Someone should tell Leo that Doug is here - Jackson Pollock
just heard that these comments were duplicating on Twitter. test, test... - Karoli
bring on the puppets! - Tina Chase Gillmor
tina sorry - Robert Scoble
Robert; tell Leo that Doug Kaye is here - Jackson Pollock
wow, this is a new level in real time - Tina Chase Gillmor
i missed who Mike Arrington is talking about - Karoli
THE doug kaye? - Jamie
from ITConversations - Jackson Pollock
Naveen Jain. - Robert Scoble
the end? - Tina Chase Gillmor
that was quick - Karoli
this show goes way too fast :-( - Jamie
oh geez... the show is not over - Tina Chase Gillmor
here's the encore - Tina Chase Gillmor
It's kind of like the universe. It's not a place, it's a point in time. - Jackson Pollock
suggested list is crap, no? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Well Leo's name came from the user requested; This Week in Geek, which he changed, and the entire thing happened on the air on TWiT 4-5. - Jackson Pollock
Anyone know how to stop FF from posting 3 times whenever I make a comment? lol... - Wilford Tibbetts
wow. LOL at Leo - Karoli
LEO was the only one who swore today! - Tina Chase Gillmor
I cant help but feel those saying theyd asked to be removed from the list is fake pride. - Jamie
Wilford, I stopped sending the comment over to Twitter altogether - Karoli
To my Twitter account, I mean. - Wilford Tibbetts
That sounds perfect for him - Jackson Pollock
Karoli - Whenever I Tweet, it also happens. Which is weird. lol... - Wilford Tibbetts
Well, let people tell him that, he doesn't have to tell them - Jackson Pollock
it's like stamping on a cockroach - Tina Chase Gillmor
Wilford it's in the way you have your settings regarding Twitter/FF integration - Karoli
Mike, that's the difference between a nice guy and a guy trolling for info. just sayin' - Karoli
Oh, that's why Mike always walks away from me? - Tina Chase Gillmor
It's so fun to see what Scoble has become. I remember being 15 back in 2004 and watching him walk around with his camcorder on channel9 talking to people. He loves talking to people. When TWiT started, I followed them both, and to see Leo and him come together for the first time on TWiT 59. - Jackson Pollock
just kiddin' - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, i never get into the 20 foot circle around his divine presence. ;-) Robert Scoble, on the other hand, I have had great convos with. - Karoli
I love 'em all - Tina Chase Gillmor
Robert is kind of like Woz. Very pure and good hearted, and looooves to talk to people and learn new stuff - Jackson Pollock
Karoli - Oh.. Okay, I'll change them, see if that works. - Wilford Tibbetts
Tina, you're just a sweetie overall. :) - Karoli
I just save me friend from the death of his MacBook keyboard death, set him up with a USB keyboard, and he is really happy with it. I told him to never clean his computer by directly spraying it with cleaner, he didn't listen, resulting in him killing his MacBook keyboard, he has learn a valuable lesson about how to properly clean a computer. Unplug from wall, remove battery, and only! use a damp soft cloth to clean it. - Beverley Solis
gesture economy :-) - Jamie
links are dead! - Jamie
Tina, i think it's time to do another newsgang live, don't you? - Karoli
office is dead! - Jamie
all hail the office is dead theme. track is king. - Karoli
karoli - stay tuned - Tina Chase Gillmor
I like Scoble but get turned off by his abusive taunting of those he labels "stupid" in the spirit of saving the community. - Jason Nelson
Office is not only dead but forgotten - Tina Chase Gillmor
I attribute it to Merlin Mann - Jackson Pollock
the kids felt the same way about facebook 4 years ago. - Jamie
I think real-time FriendFeed is one of the most addictive services on the 'Net. - Doug Kaye
Twitter rules, why not write about it all the time - Tina Chase Gillmor
Karoli - I think I got it. *crosses fingers* LOL! - Wilford Tibbetts
Well, what do you read in the media about Twitter that isn't; 1: about celebrities or 2; about technologists - Jackson Pollock
we are in a bubble and Twitter is in it with us - Tina Chase Gillmor
Jason: that's stupid! - Robert Scoble
Indeed. - Wilford Tibbetts
here, we don't care about mainstream! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Does Digg have to destroy everything though? Why not stay the way they are and keep making money? - Jackson Pollock
Scoble: LOL! Classic!!! :) - Jason Nelson
Oops, forgot to say jcunwired - Indeed. LOL - Wilford Tibbetts
What's track? - Dale Dietrich
You don't get rate limited, Twitter just crashes - Colin
Like today, a Saturday - Colin
Track gets better if you can superimpose location on top of it - Jamie
"searches with > 10 likes from within 2km of the earthquake" - Jamie
I have all of the Chinese earthquake posts in searchable format, Robert - Karoli
GTalk transcripts - Karoli
personally, I think the most valuable resource I've seen from FriendFeed is the live, transcribing of podcasting more or less. Searching audio is a pain, and if I'm trying to figure out what podcast and what episode had a certain topic, I can search the chat that went on. Crowdsourcing at its best - Jackson Pollock
One thing about "likes" and adding meta-data through clicks in any way, like Digg as well, not everyone actually hits "like" or "Digg", and that skews things - Colin
everything needs to be filterable - rob
Is track more about archiving or about finding things liked by people in your social graph? - Laura Norvig
has chris saad been on the gillmor gang since that incident? - Jamie
track and search are two different things - Jamie
jamie... don't think so - Tina Chase Gillmor
Give us a concrete example please Gilmour? - Dale Dietrich
Isn't search a fundamental component of Track? - Bwana ☠
track is push, search is pull - Jamie
OK, now say what you said so my wife and other non-techs understand - what makes it compelling to them? - Don Bonaddio
But you're filtering/searching terms - Bwana ☠
Jamie, well put - Jackson Pollock
What good is the push without a filter? - Bwana ☠
FriendFeed needs to make the leap and become the place that everyone uses to post info (like many of us) rather than use it as a feed aggregator. - Lawrence Di Stefano
A saved search turned into an RSS feed turns pull into push. - Laura Norvig
Digg has had this for years though - Jackson Pollock
easy, they're my paycheck - Don Bonaddio
Don Bonaddio she doesn't have to remember to look for data about things she cares about. it's pushed to her. - Karoli
Stefano: Agreed. Don't you think the latest update does that? I think it takes the emphasis off (perhaps too much) aggregation. - Jason Nelson
That is Leo-speical connections. I say that, I get a "too bad, a**hole" back - Jackson Pollock
Karoli, gotcha, but how easy is it for her to set up? - Don Bonaddio
jcunwired - Comcast :-) - Don Bonaddio
don, friendfeed or twitter? - Karoli
most definitely, it's comcastic - Don Bonaddio
not in love with this format when the number of comments gets large. too hard to keep getting to the bottom of the thread. - Karoli
robert; let's get channel9 - Jackson Pollock
karoli are you viewing the permalink? - Jamie
Karoli: Have you popped it out? - Jason Nelson
it stays at the bottom then - Jamie
i popped out the convo, yes - Don Bonaddio
but I only know this cause i follow the folks who know the details - Don Bonaddio
might as well keep this extra 30 minutes in the cut for the show - Jamie
Well Howard hated Imus - Jackson Pollock
oh my, the show's gone to the goats - Don Bonaddio
dry balls, hmmm? - Tina Chase Gillmor
goatcheese - Jackson Pollock
curry goat ftw - Jamie
Goat milk is good for you. - Tina Chase Gillmor
patrick in the house - Jackson Pollock
My son worked on the latest CoD. - Doug Kaye
(proud father) - Doug Kaye
He's working on the new Transformers game now. - Doug Kaye
bye everyone.... my little daughter needs help with her school project - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina; thanks for a great conversation - Jackson Pollock
see you Tina - Jamie
I love this show but it's weird when it degenerates into "in-crowd" chit-chat. - Laura Norvig
less is more guys :-P - Don Bonaddio
the thing to remember about the show Laura is that these people are friends off the show - Tina Chase Gillmor
Don... just walk away ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
live folders in android 1.5 look very interesting. - Jamie
it's hard to look away Tina :) - Don Bonaddio
everyone twitter me with a suggested end point for the download - Tina Chase Gillmor
uh oh - Jamie
scoble cant stay away - Jamie
OK that's it.. we're going to an always on model - Tina Chase Gillmor
can't stop listening cuz I don't want to miss the nuggets of gold - they can come at any time! - Laura Norvig
I heard "Pre" and had to come back! - Robert Scoble
You're a sick, addicted man Robert Scoble ;) - Colin
Not to mention Latitude. - Robert Scoble
Scoble can stop anytime he wants ... yeah, right. - Laura Norvig
Doug; my 15 year old brother is so in love with the Gnomedex episode of ITConversations, where Woz spoke. He's an aspiring electro engineer, and listens to it over and over and over again, just like his brother did 4 years ago:) - Jackson Pollock
quite disappointed at the Pre's media solution - Jamie
Jackson: that's weird. :-) I was at that presentation. - Robert Scoble
syncing music etc - Jamie
JP: Those two Woz episodes are still the most-downloaded shows. >500,000 each. - Doug Kaye
am i the only one in the world with the Blackberry and never had an Iphone? - Jeff Gignac
Robert; i know, there is a picture of two friendly faced young guys, Scoble and Pirillo - Jackson Pollock
BB is still best for business/email Jeff G. - Don Bonaddio
I dont really agree - Jamie
Windows Mobile has a better business/email story - Jamie
IN THE US. Never had a dropped call in my life here in Norway. - Jackson Pollock
The iPhone isn't a phone. That's the key. - Cliff Gerrish
the interesting thing about market share is that Apple made more profit with the iPhone than Nokia as a whole in the last quarter. - Jamie
Don, thats why i like and use my BB...not really been a MAC/Apple guy - Jeff Gignac
same here in the UK Jackson - Jamie
it must be an AT&T thing - Jamie
dear God I have to get up and walk away... someone help me - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yeah Jeff G., I have BB for work and iPhone for personal use - Don Bonaddio
Not really fair to blame that on the engineers that built the phone. Blame it on the businessmen that suited up with AT&T. - Jackson Pollock
ATT is fine over here in the East - Don Bonaddio
I hate flash. People should be able to build good web experiences without flash. - Laura Norvig
standard is whatever the winner says it is - Don Bonaddio
h264 + html5 is all we need - Jamie
Mike: "The only reason I care about Flash is video." Agreed. Well, MP3, too, for us audio guys. - Doug Kaye
Trying to get the core iPhone base to switch to something else, is no different than getting an iPod user to switch. Don't forget brand, fashion object, experience, relevance. The iPhone is much more than something you can touch and review, it's got it's own whole mythology. - Jackson Pollock
Doug; key features of flash / as compared with mp3 for audio? I see for example Leo doing both on - Jackson Pollock
I think Steve needs to come up with two endings for the show. The "false" end and the "real" end. Or maybe we should sign off ever. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Microsoft put Flash everywhere -- it wasn't Adobe. - Cliff Gerrish
Tina, the show started when he signed off. - Cliff Gerrish
Cliff - true - Tina Chase Gillmor
Flash client does a good job of MP3 streaming as opposed to playing a stored audio file sync'd through iTunes. - Doug Kaye
id rather have the synced mp3 - Jamie
Maryam is not going to like that - Tina Chase Gillmor
great show all - Jamie
thanks all... loved the chat too. fantastic - Tina Chase Gillmor
great show Leo - Jeff Gignac
.am armenian registry - Jackson Pollock
400+ comments - Jamie
maybe the drunk shows killed it? - Tina Chase Gillmor
All of this is pretty US-only isn't it. Hard to sell to people across the globe. Audible works better - Jackson Pollock
cool, new seesmic desktop with twitter AND Facbook - Don Bonaddio
Don has the new seesmic desktop shipped yet? I don't see it. - Robert Scoble
I just got an email with a link Robert and downloaded it - Don Bonaddio
well. 02:18am. I have to get back to work - Jackson Pollock
Peace Out! - Jackson Pollock
also, Windows 7 RC available to MSDN and Technet Plus today - Don Bonaddio
actually 4/30, d'oh, - Don Bonaddio
Tuesday to everyone in the Preview program - Don Bonaddio
i think MS has a winner here jcunwired - Don Bonaddio
it's what Vista should have been - Don Bonaddio
true, yet it was still kinda clunky - W 7 is clean and more robust IMO - Don Bonaddio
sorry to hear that :-P - Don Bonaddio
I'll bet. I use OSX, and W7 pretty much daily. At work I use an 24" iMac with Fusion hosting a W7 Virtual machine so I can use Outlook for Exchange email/calendar - Don Bonaddio
haha - Don Bonaddio
yeah, it does some great stuff with media - Don Bonaddio
got that right - later - Don Bonaddio
The audio quality is not good on your Bitgravity stream. It sounds like people over modulate at times. The Stickam stream seems better to me. - JustAFeed2000
Robert Scoble
Seesmic just got me back from TweetDeck. New Facebook integration rocks.
Used Seesmic Desktop since it was released and I must say, its FUN when we can give feedback to team seesmic and you get answer from them almost at once, AND the best: they try to fix it for you - @LarsenTweet
I was watching when you typed that :) - Simon Wicks
I think in about 1-2 days. Think that was what Loic said - @LarsenTweet
Frank: ? :P - @LarsenTweet
Still looking OK? - Robert Scoble
yes Robert. GREAT - @LarsenTweet
OffTopic: Is it just Larsen that is displayd after my messages? or Larsen aka Qbat ? - @LarsenTweet
Hope they can keep memory usage down to DestroyTwitter's levels - Manuel Mas
@ Joseph Zitt I want to replace my eee 701 with an eee 901 it has loads more memory and battery life. - Aidan Mann
Until the UI is fixed, and it's off AIR, I won't use it. Native apps, FTW! - Daniel Brusilovsky
I downloaded the last version of SD and it overwrote all of the user lists I had worked so hard to create. Until that is fixed, I won't be using SD for more than updates. I posted my feedback to Seesmic's user forum and no one responded. Lovely. - Rachel Polish
I went back to try it out but I am going to stick with TweetDeck. I think Seesmic needs to learn from TweekDeck. - Rohit
Agreed! I've just created a userlist called ScobleFeed, it only has one user... ;-) - Luke Gregory has got more potential than TweetDeck, and doesn't require any plugins/downloads either. - David Semeria
Rachel, that user list bug should be totally fixed now. Daniel, you have no idea what it takes to create and maintain native apps as advanced as SD on both PC and Mac, I talked to Evernote today and they have LOTS of people to be able to do that. - Loic Le Meur
Great job, Loic! It's great to have prompt response on our feedback and questions. - Gerald Neo
That's just because Seesmic got preference by Facebook to present and see the OpenStream code before TweetDeck. Seesmic got a lucky, free head start. I'm happy for Loic in that matter, but TweetDeck will launch the same stuff, I'm pretty sure. Props to Loic for keeping good relationships with the Facebook team to be able to get opportunities like this. - Jesse Stay
I am still super impressed with Tweetie desktop. - Daniel Zarick
Thanks, Loic! I will check it out again and am excited about the Facebook integration. - Rachel Polish
Now all we need is Friendfeed integration and I'd love it. - B.J. Mendelson
Giving it another try, but on initial start-up, I am still seeing some of the «issues» that have been irking me since the beginning: too much wasted space in the UI, CPU consistently over 5 to 10% usage, refresh problems lists not getting update or notifications not appearing & my twitter account icon not showing. I will continue to run it for a few days see how... - Thomas V. Fischer
They got me too. Until tweetdeck does multiple profiles! - robwest from Nambu
Seemic Desktop is a great example of iterative/customer focused development. A few more iteration and they might get me to switch from Tweetie (which is an amazing application) - Edwin Khodabakchian
Does Seesmic Desktop suffer from the same memory leak issues as TweetDeck? - Chris Poulson
TweetDeck is a lot better lately. But I don't care, I run TweetDeck/Seesmic on its own laptop that gets rebooted once a day. So steal my memory, please! - Robert Scoble
What memory leaks does TweetDeck have? I run it on my Mac and never had any issues. - Joe Lima
Joe: if you are following lots of people, like I am, it used to leak memory until it would eventually freeze my machine forcing a reboot. It no longer does that. So far neither does Seesmic's new desktop. - Robert Scoble
I don't get Seemsic interface, staying w Tweetdeck - Bob Morris (polizeros)
I'm getting tired of changing clients every week. I'll stick with Nambu until more dust settles. - Doug Kaye
polizeros: you can make Seesmic look very similar to Tweetdeck by dragging things to create columns. Until I got that I didn't like it as much either. - Robert Scoble
why is it a "seesmic" desktop while it has twitter, facebook... but not seesmic? it's got a cute UI but less features than twhirl used to... - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Excellent! I was just getting ready to switch. - Kelly Williams
Can't wait for the FriendFeed integration coming soon! - Garin Kilpatrick
Dave Winer
@Beregond brings up "both sides", as if there was always just two, opposite, views. This is the biggest lie of them all, pure smoke.
ie, evolution vs. Intelligent Design - Doug Kaye
drew domkus
Doug Kaye
Roses in HDR
Three exposures (+/-2.0) tonemapped in Photomatix and tweaked in Lightroom 2.0 - Doug Kaye
John Proffitt
Anybody else want to go to STAR TREK on opening night - May 8 (or maybe the after-midnight show May 7-8)?
Sure, but not in Alaska. :-) - Doug Kaye
Scott Loftesness
Did you watch Helvetica - the movie? (Now on Netflix Instant). What did you think of it? Discuss it here.
I really enjoyed the cinematography in Helvetica - even though I was watching it only on my MacBook Pro's screen via Netflix Instant. The story started getting a bit boring for me about an hour in. Overall, a nice experience - but not over the top. How about for you? - Scott Loftesness
It was gorgeous in Blu-Ray. I'm sort of a font geek and I love the post-modern stuff, so all the miscellaneous shots and graphics were cool. Personally, I did get into the 'Helvetica is great' vs. 'Helvetica sucks' debate. It's a good way to show off the Blu-Ray and HD technologies, but definitely not for everyone. - Doug Kaye
Monster Cable is utter scum, but I've got to give them credit for unprecedented irony. (RT via @ryanblock)
utter scum, sounds nasty. - Carlos Ayala
Too funny - Devin Baines
trust me, it's better than "udder scum" - Veronica
I agree Veronica, Monster Cable is SCUM. Two coat hangers and duct tape work better than their cabling... - Allen Harkleroad
Not sure which is the greater scam, Monster or Bose. - Doug Kaye
beautifulbaby “’I Love you as high as I can hop,’ laughed Little Nutbrown Hare… 'But I love you as high as I can hop,' smiled Big Nutbrown Hare - and he hopped so high that his ears touched the branches above." An incredibly sweet tale about the love between a parent and child, Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney tells the story of Little Nutbrown Hare expressing his love for his... more... - ismailpopoola
Chris Messina
Or the original in San Rafael. - Doug Kaye
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