Peter Murray
RSS Reader Market in Disarray, Continues to Decline -
Hmmm -- this is surprising. Or, perhaps as more likely, I'm yet again behind-the-curve of trends. I was a later adopter of blogging, a late adopter of Google Reader, and am as-yet non-adopter of daily Twitter use. FriendFeed is a daily check for me, as is my "Twitter Times" page ( Perhaps that is a sufficient use of Twitter-by-proxy to be "mainstream"? FriendFeed and Twitter Times work for me as a much better way to consume the deluge of tweets. - Peter Murray
I used Bloglines and like it. Hope it doesn't go bust. Must admit, though, that I have a heard time keeping up with all I should read. I need a summarizer. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
I would say "I hate to say it, but that RWW article is mostly anecdata"--but I've grown skeptical enough of RWW that "I hate to say it" doesn't apply. I still follow 500+ blogs via Bloglines, with considerable ease--but I don't subscribe to wildly frequent blogs. (And following the 480 or so library blogs that I follow is part of my job and much of my other resource work, so I'm definitely an outlier.) - walt crawford
Oh, good. If I'm an outlier, at least I'm in good company. - Peter Murray
Well, Peter, which would you rather be: An outlier or a conformist? - walt crawford
Outliers of the world, unite! - Stephen Francoeur
I stopped using google reader for blogs. Going with FF. I'd bet many other libns are using Twitter and FB for their social news feeds. - Joe from iPod
Being an outlier is fine with me, unless I'm missing out on something really good. :-) - Peter Murray from BuddyFeed
Like JHW I find bloglines still gets the job done (have tried google reader but go back to bloglines). For better keeping up, don't try to do it all. Find someone who is really good at keeping up in one specific area and just follow that person. For higher ed technology I follow josh kim (IHE's learning tech blogger). I'd say he's a good example of a summarizer. - steven bell
In a world with too much information.... "The Summarizer" is a new movie coming to a theatre near you, July 2010. Starring Nicolas Cage and Catherine Zeta Jones. - Joe