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Michael Roberts
Cliff Mass Weather Blog: Should you take a chance on a season ski pass this winter? - http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2009...
Data suggests this may not be the best snowboarding season :-( - Michael Roberts from Bookmarklet
Michael Roberts
Yeah Ok, So Facebook Punk’d Us - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
Facebook pranked the techcrunch guys with a "fax this photo" feature. Well played facebook, well played indeed. - Michael Roberts from Bookmarklet
Michael Roberts
Recording Industry Helps Rapper/Single Mom Get A PhD, Though It Tried To Weasel Out | Techdirt - http://techdirt.com/article...
A former child star remembers that Warner Music added a throwaway clause to her contract. The clause read they would "fund her education for life". She uses this to get an undergraduate and graduate degree in psychology. Of course Warner Music tried as hard as they could, not to pay. She has now started a practice helping urban African-Americans. - Michael Roberts from Bookmarklet
Keiji Kanazawa
Wow. #dollhouse Epitaph One was amazing.
I haven't picked up the DVD yet to see it. I have high hopes. - Michael Roberts
Muneer Mirza
Another baby elk seen at hurricane ridge. http://yfrog.com/7hj5yj
Another baby elk seen at hurricane ridge. http://yfrog.com/7hj5yj
Wow, kind of worrying that they are so used to humans that they come into the parking lot. - Michael Roberts
for some reason I kept thinking about the movie Tommy Boy for the rest of the day. - Muneer Mirza
Muneer Mirza
Watching Sarah make paneer. Interesting...
We'll see if it actually works... - Sarah Cosentino
Ooh, I've been wanting to make my own too. http://theasiangrandmotherscoo... - anna sauce
paneer update: okay--it's done now... taste 1 was okay. i don't quite find lukewarm cheese appetizing. let's see what taste 2 is like after it spends the night in the fridge. - Muneer Mirza
paneer update 1.5: I'm incredibly parched right now. i suspect that that this may be due to the bite i took earlier. i could be wrong. - Muneer Mirza
I think your exaggerating. I'm sure they're great. - Michael Roberts
Sarah Cosentino
3 years ♥.
happy 3 years. - Muneer Mirza
Congrats! Happy Anniversary. - Michael Roberts
Paul Stamatiou
"Those who can't code, QA." -famous developer
It's views like that which make recruiting for QA positions nearly impossible. When reality is the opposite. - Michael Roberts
Keiji Kanazawa
Will Twitter ever add threading? i.e., "in-reply-to"? Or is trying to figure out threads part of the joys of Twitterdom?
Thats why people should move to Friend Feed... threaded conversations, they are the new black. - Michael Roberts
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