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Benjamin Golub
Nicely done. I suppose you POST crawl data into it or...? - Aviv
Nope, I hit a special URL (using curl via cron from my server) and App Engine does the crawling - Benjamin Golub
Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense - Aviv
Yes, and it's crazy fast! - Benjamin Golub
what about rssmeme? or is there too much crawling involved? - Aviv
technically with rssmeme you could have the crawl super fast if you add all the google shared feeds to google reader and then have AppEngine hit up Reader (although not sure if urlfetch supports cookies). That should make for an interesting hack - Aviv
I'm going to look into getting RSSmeme on App Engine next, it's just a "bit" bigger than FriendFeed Stats :P - Benjamin Golub
After DNS propagates the old URL (http://www.friendfeedstats.com) should point to the App Engine...I hope - Benjamin Golub
Nice! Looks like it went pretty well. Of course, that means all the data is gone now :P - Brandon Titus
Yes, it's gone, I could import it all if people get really antsy, but it's not like it was running for very long in the first place. People won't even notice after a few weeks. - Benjamin Golub
trying to search user gets file not found- must be that missing data - Nathan Eckenrode
Yup, if it doesn't find you then it 404s, use FriendFeed more often and it will find you! http://friendfeedstats.appspot.com/bgolub... works for instance - Benjamin Golub
Only my stuff for April is on FFstats now. Will this be fixed? - Corvida
I'll look into importing the old data from my server to App Engine....but it might be a little while (or never). - Benjamin Golub
Wow, appengine is turning out to be painfully simple to implement. Congrats on such a quick port! - Bwana ☠
It's simple to port if you originally developed in Python :) - Benjamin Golub
Does BigTable prevent you from doing complex db operations? It seems like the inability to join or use "OR" is limiting? - felix
Ya, it is limiting (and that's why I doubt RSSmeme will be ported to it) - Benjamin Golub
very interesting - accexine
Robert Scoble
Fwd: Facebook acquires FriendFeed. Interview with Paul Buchheit, cofounder of FriendFeed. - http://btre.blogtalkradio.com/74_2996... (via http://friendfeed.com/scoblei...)
Well that was fast, Robert. - Adam Reyher
Wow. I honestly did not see THAT coming.... - Carter ♥ JS
Nice work Robert. - Alex Calic
ya talk about real time news, thanks - sean percival
listening - Chris Saad
im not sure its such a great thing facebook and friendfeed sitting in a tree. - Eran Even-Kesef
Good job Robert - Ruchit Garg
Definitely, I'm listening now. Wow! This is breaking news! - Manu Ullas
hopefully this turns out okay, don't want friendfeed to get ruined. great interview, that was fast reporting! - Dakota O'Neill
What are your thoughts Robert? - Amani
WD mate - Chris Saad
That was quick. Thanks robert. - Akshay Dodeja
Hoping this will lead to an improved/cleaner interface for Facebook...I prefer Friendfeed - Rick Bucich
so, so sad. I like(d) Friendfeed much more than facebook - Francisco Kemeny
home run for FF.. Facebook will be able to give developers a treasure trove of data one thing that Twitter is dominating on right now. Twitter has a huge developer community but isn't managing that. Here FB is poised to be huge - John Furrier
So classic that Robert has the first interview about this...Where's Louis? :) - Anthony Farrior
I think FriendFeed can help Facebook more than the other way around. - Manu Ullas
"very cool...." - Carter ♥ JS
How do they plan to mix the teenagers with the geeks? - Jordi Soler
Amani: I am excited! Facebook has 800 employees and 300 million users. This makes both companies much more important. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
here was a comment on SiliconANGLE blog .. very funny .. "Hey, since we've copied almost every innovation you've had, guess you might as well play on the company softball team!" - John Furrier
Nice strategic move - Interesting to see how this will integrate and looks in 12 months - Alex Vermeule (@alexve)
to be honnest I was predicting google offer, then facebook preceed google on this, they are doing well, now rarding FF this is great, the sucess is to know when to pass to something else, the future will make the abtle wave, facebook rude for all geek it is time to code. - abdellah
You rascal Robert, bet you had wind about FriendFeed and FaceBook merger before today? Yes? Have not used either SM apps. much UNTIL Twitter locked my account. May have been a fortunate mishap as it turns out. Getting to know the beauties of both apps. =) - SashaKane
Awesome. Thanks. - M. Kong
Robert wastes no time on the reporting. CNN needs reporters like this. - JonSupermurray
Not sure I am so jazzed about it....but congratulations to the FF crew. - Kreg Steppe
Honestly, I won't get used to following Robert Scoble in Facebook. Seems out of place to me. - Jordi Soler
Wow! I was not expecting that. - Devon Govett
Letter 'F' affinity and alliteration merger, classic playbook move. - James Watters
Did I hear someone laugh in the background when you asked about FF users being disappointed? - Paul Saarinen
Agreed Jordi - Rick Bucich
A good interview Robert. - Thomas Hawk
Thanks Robert! - shared and linked over on Phreadz : http://tech.phreadz.com/v... - kosso
Robert, mind if I transcribe this? (Unless someone else already has.) - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Congrats on getting this story Robert. I agree--this is great, realtime journalism! - Sunshine
No mention of twitter? - Ivan Kirigin
Hahahaha...all that time you invested over here on FF paid off today! LMAO - Francine Hardaway
Francine: just watch what happens now. :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
do you have a small amount of FriendFeed shares Robert? - Torsten Eckert
NOOOOOOO. Damnit! I am praying that Facebook doesn't wall up Friendfeed. I was starting to build a site around Friendfeed :( - beersage
beersage: as Facebook is trying to break their users into a more public world, I doubt that you really have anything to worry about there. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Starting to listen to this now. Hoping you are right, Rob. - beersage
I hope so to. But regardless, I think that it was in reality necessary for FriendFeed to sell to really put the technology in front of a sufficient number of eyeballs. Facebook is probably the best acquirer that FriendFeed could have. (I would have not felt the same had FF been acquired by Google) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The thing with Friendfeed though is how I can share things outside of a 'wall.' I prominently feature the FF widget on my site. I'm just concerned of losing that capability as I was tinkering with delivering a new site w/ content primarily running through my Friendfeed account. I am to this day unable to do much outside of the wall. I am unable to subscribe to Fan Page updates in Google reader for instance. That is what concerns me about FB acquiring FF given my goals. - beersage
Robert sounded quite breathless in that interview. Thanks Robert. - Roberto Bonini
Great interview great Job!! - Kevin J Hatton
Wow! I'm in shock. I can't wait to hear this interview. - Micah from iPhone
This deal was about getting Paul and the team and nothing else - Stephen Pickering
@stephan, are you serious? FB is buying a concept, a technoloie, a structure, a content and a user list - abdellah
now how could a team that left google resist under a unique perception system, where the leader vision is upon any thing - abdellah
Unconvincing Paul Buchheit, the team is more exited of being part of bigger story - logical for them to move on - patrickdh
They want a way to turn their white pages into a yellow pages and the only guy on Earth who knows how to do it, is Paul - Stephen Pickering
It was only about the technology and the people. Most people are on also FB anyway. - James Myatt
My guess is that Paul got a tooooooooon of options and will soon be the No.2 guy at Facebook - Stephen Pickering
Glossing over of that "short term" question by the FF boys. It just seems more about the individuals at FF than it does the users of FF. "Their (Facebook) long term goals" Nice interview, Robert! - Melanie Reed
Well, it looks as if pass-through of FriendFeed Likes, Comments, etc. to Twitter is down. Will it be for good? Did Twitter do this in response to the acquisition? Or is it just a regular (though curiously timed) hiccup? - Alex Schleber
twitter dow!! - abdellah
Alex, my Facebook posts have been going through FriendFeed to Twitter today. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
How did you record the phone conversation with Paul Buchheit? I went to BlogTalkRadio.com but... it‘s not clear at all :-( - Florin Grozea
Florin, rough transcript here: http://friendfeed.com/brlewis... - Bruce Lewis
To do this call I used BlogTalk Radio's Cinch: http://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/ - Robert Scoble
Thanks for this, Scoble. - mp3WatchWorld
this is why your own personal website is always more important than friendfeed, Twitter and all the rest. that's never going anywhere - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
That's So CAJ!
Yay! I thought this week would NEVER end. Now two weeks of vacation interrupted by a wedding on the 15th. If anyone in NoVA (Woodbridge/Fairfax area) might like to get together for drink or something next week or the week after, let me know. Random pictures follow with one of them being me. (And I'll be super nervous right after I hit "Post".)
That duck one is hilarious. - τorƍue
Has anyone posted a congratulations thread for the FriendFeed team? I mean, over the past month they have rolled out a new interface and features with not one hint of a Fail Whale (as I can remember). That deserves at least some kudos. I'll start:
Congrats to the team at FriendFeed... Well done :D - Johnny
there was a 30 minute ish failwhale during beta. heh :) - mjc
Great job FriendFeed, keep up the hard work! - Jay Neff
Congratulations FriendFeed, you guys rock! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Even without icons, it is my place where I dwell. Kudos, FF team. Big ups to all of y'all. - Derrick
Derrick, are you using Firefox? If so, go grab the Greasmonkey script: FriendFeed Service Icons - Justin Korn
Justin, I am...but that sounds like work. I don't know how to go to there. :( NOT TECHY --> - Derrick
FriendFeed team, I down this can of Yuengling Lager in your honor. Great work! - Mark Traphagen
well done - Ryan Dadey
Love it, fantastic work FF team! - Janice from fftogo
Nice thought Johnny, i'm thankful on a daily basis... IMO FF's the best of the web for 2008/9 - Majento
Thanks! - Paul Buchheit
Congrats guys! i for one LOVE the new interface. Kudos! - Drew Lucas
+1 JW! CONGRATS FF TEAM! Awesome work! - .LAG liked that
I have no clue how ya do what ya do but thanks. - Steve C, Team Marina
thank you friend feed team, this is the place i've waited for so long to be :) - chaz2b
<3 - Josh Haley
Hoorah! - Ron Bailey
Well done. - Victor Panlilio
Well done. - Patrick Jordan from BuddyFeed
*golf clap* - Rahsheen
Kudos to the FF team! :) - AJ Batac
Like a sweet ball in football (soccer) - we say "well played!!!" - Amani
Props to everyone on the FriendFeed team! - Aaron Draczynski
From the announcement thread, it was a good start. And on this, thanks again, appreciate the efforts. Keep the engine running like that and you'll be kings. - Zu from AOD
Thanks for all ff team - Murat Buyurgan
Yay, FF team! - Anne Bouey
respect! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
GO Team FF, GO! Keep it open, keep it rock solid, and forge ahead on everything else. - Micah
Goes Without Saying. - ianf ⌘
Piling on with my congratulations! - Chris Aldrich
Congrats for a smooth, sexy transition. - Will Higgins™
Well done guys. Thanks a bunch. - Roberto Bonini
Overall great job! (the one <big> stumble with iPhone feed, and the disappointing decision to drop source icons not withstanding, the progress being made is quite remarkable....) - David HC Soul
+1 on the congrats. Friendfeed is nothing if not absolutely reliable. Good job :) - LANjackal
Respect! - Meryn Stol
A big congralutaions goes to the FriendFeed team, loving the new version of the service! Thank you. I have even less of a life now than I did before. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
You know, I never thought of it like that-they never go down. True indeed! - Benin Brown
Great job FF team. Great example of getting new features out with little fanfare. - Lyndon Washington
Just a big *thanks* for all the good time i spend here instead of doing useless things on the internet - stanjourdan
Thank you Friendfeed! - vimoh
Yes it does and it is good for you to point that out, I know they worked hard on the upgrade, so thanks FF folks - if you are in Seattle I'll buy you a cup of coffee. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
"with not one hint of a Fail Whale" - I posted that on Twitter recently. - George Dearing
And What I was most impressed about is the Show of Force from the FriendFeed team when the actual rollout came online. Other services don't have staff that actually use their product. FreindFeed is great in that respect. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
there were numerous congrat threads johnny - here's one example http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - mike "glemak" dunn
Congrats! - Jeremiah Owyang
I salute you Sirs. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Congratulations Friendfeed team. You really made a great job! - Diego Espinoza V.
Well done, friendfeed! Congrats! - Rosemary Sorg
I will 64th that... great job. :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Love you guys! FF rocks! - David Cook
Congrats are definitely in order. It's one of the fastest loading, smoothest running apps on the Web. - Mike Elliott
Congrats for an awesome product. - B.J. Mendelson
I am back! This is great! Thank you - Valerie
What a great social media platform. Well done FriendFeed team! - F. Jay Hall
This is a great idea. Congrats on the upgrade and hoping it doesn't stop here :) - Jason Williams
++++ so funny -i was just thinking today "i wonder what twitter would be like if the FriendFeed team was running it" no offense meant to the twitter team who are obviously smart and talented as well but as johnny pointed out the diff is hard to miss - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congrats to the FriendFeed team. Great job! After the UI change I find myself using FriendFeed more and more each day. - Cristian
thanks for continuing to advance friendfeed in new and interesting directions - Mike Chelen
Runners high
Kevin Fox
FriendFeed tip of the day: Go to the 'Best of Day' page, click on the 'feed' icon, grab the URL for your 'best of day' feed, then go to your Gmail prefs, click on 'web clips', get rid of all the default subscriptions and add your 'FriendFeed Best of Day' feed. It is most awesome.
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I'm going to try now - M F
Me, too - Jemm
great tip. I've always just turned that feature off. Good to be able to make something like that useful. Who get's the credit for this little trick? I'll blog it. - Rob Thomas
Not sure I'd use that. I just watch the realtime feed... for the moment. - Richard A.
Credit: Me. :-) - Kevin Fox
nice tip! - vijay
great one! - Dieter Schwarz
Nice. Why do you get rid of all default subscriptions? - Amani
Because if I don't then I get maybe one 'best of friendfeed' for every 20 'USA Today top stories' items. You don't have to get rid of the defaults. I just wanted to increase the personal relevance. - Kevin Fox
Makes sense to me. I think I just learned something new today. Thanks for explaining. - Amani
Also a good idea for Mac OS X Screen Saver preferences under the RSS Visualizer. - Mark Trapp
Done. - no name
Brilliant. - DeWitt Clinton
Simple yet cool! Sad Gmail has ads among webclips time to time :-( - Лёша
Great hack! - CES & nootropics
I am currently reading Friendfeed Best of Day in Google Reader (along with FFHolic Most Discussed). How does this approach compare? Any advantages? - Sean McBride
Nice one! Just did it! - Nate Pilling
Sean, I guess reading through Google Reader means there is a history that you can look back through vs reading directly on FF which is transient. I usually just read via FF. However, I do have a RSS feed off of AideRSS of an OPML of all of my subscriptions. This lets me catch up on the hottest posts quickly. - jho
convergent kfurification device - j1m
Great Idea, Thanks! - Michael Fidler from twhirl
Sorry, I didn't find the Feed button. - Dallas Cao
You use the same FireFox theme as me! - Noah
I like that tip. - Ronald S
Nice, I didn't even know about web clips. Thanks! - Jeremy Schultz
OK? The new guy has no idea how to find the 'best of the day'? - Sean
AAhh.. I just found it. LOL Thanks much @Haggis - Sean
thanks. I hardly pay attention to the Gmail clips out there... - siva s
nice, just found this hot tip using ?days=20 - Karl Rosaen
Robert Scoble
Yo Mac fans, new iLife comes out tomorrow! - http://newsblaze.com/story...
There are already images of shipping notifications on the net... Cannot wait for it! - Holger Eilhard
Firing up Bit Torrent as we speak - Michael Yurechko
Michael - didnt see the trouble with iWork then no? - Simon Wicks
This is great. My wife will really dig the new iPhoto features... - Francis Ouellet
Looking forward to the new iMovie - Didn't like the last version - loubortone
Thanks for the heads up. And yes, let's hope they've fixed iMovie. - amzam from twhirl
hmmm... i don't have my shipping notice yet - and i don't even have my iWork that was shipped last Monday... taking forever! - planetMitch
@Yurechko - i sure don't condone illegal software acquisition... didn't you read about the worm imbedded in the iWork torrent? - planetMitch
Lovely. A great product. - Håkan Dahlström
@planetMitch Nope. I just downloaded the trial and gave it a shot. - Michael Yurechko
Is it worth the upgrade? And is iMovie better? - Michael Hill
Placed my order with Amazon. I'm looking forward to the face recognition feature and iMovie's image stabilisation. - Paul Grav
I ordered immediately after the Keynote, but my shipping status shows Feb. 2 :( - Bryan Bartow
For my needs neooffice is fine. - Richard A.
And as soon as I type that, I go check and it shows it shipped today! :) - Bryan Bartow
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Now I finally can buy my iMac. - Meryn Stol
finally! - sofarsoShawn
what features do you think are cool in the new iLife? - barce from twhirl
The photo geo-tagging looks pretty cool. - Paul Grav
I'm in no hurry to buy but sooner or later I'll get myself a copy. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
I'll have to buy a new Mac because the iLamp can't run Leopard which is required for iLife 09. The $3000 free program! - Gib
Kindle  News
Kindle  News
1.2.0 Kindle firmware update | Kindleist.com - Amazon Kindle News Blog - http://www.kindleist.com/2009...
Marshall Kirkpatrick
i worked for hours on this post about Twitter's trial implementation of OAuth http://www.readwriteweb.com/archive... (just announced today)
Lots of good points here, can't wait til more systems use 'pull validation' rather than 'push validation' I would say that the system that taught people to communicate in short burst is Instant Messenger, and Twitter is basically like IM with the world. - Jeremy Meyers from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Manic Street Preachers – The Everlasting - http://www.last.fm/music...
Robert Scoble
I am running socialtoo.com and will autofollow everyone who is following me now. Why? So you can all DM me. And because I use TweetDeck. :-)
i am a tec envangelist and photo geek...you're like my role model. Been following you for some time and would be honored if you do too - Mohamed Salem Korayem from twhirl
Maybe I should try this TweetDeck thing... - Rahsheen
if @tweetdeck would add multiple account support (more complex then it seems I know) it would be the crowned king of winTweet apps - Daniil
if the font of tweetdeck can be changed, I will try, etc. tahoma.. - Roamlog
Didn't you hate DMs 2 minutes ago? - Shey
Shey: I still hate DMs, but I give up. People are using Twitter to do business now and they use DMs. TweetDeck made DM's at least passable for me. - Robert Scoble
Trying the same with socialtoo but it doesn't seem to autofollow. Maybe it's just pending? - Cristian Vidmar
Robert, just FYI, you broke Twitter again. ;-) Their engineers are working on the problem and your auto-follow should work shortly. - Jesse Stay
Cristian give it several hours and it should work for you. We're running it a lot less now because of the limits. That will change next week as Twitter adapts their API though. Also, I have another feature hopefully coming today that will make that more immediate. - Jesse Stay
Scuttlebutt says that the next TweetDeck release will include multiple account support. Saw some tweets about it early this morning, dunno if it's for real, though. - Chris Charabaruk
What happened? Robert Scoble asking for Direct Messages? The planet is slowly starting to cave in on itself... - Tyson Key
Tyson, good one. Robert, good luck. - Shawn Thompson
Jesse, thanks! - Cristian Vidmar
I unfollowed and followed Robert...didn't see any auto follow though. Just an fyi. - Moushumi Kabir
Moushumi, we're waiting for Twitter to fix his account (it's a caching issue on their end). It should happen soon (I hope). - Jesse Stay
TweetDeck has totally restructured my usage of Twitter. In fact, it's made it eat into my FriendFeed usage a bit and makes me wish that there was something similar for it. - Akiva
Heh, it seems that I've been using Twitter much less, as of late, and FriendFeed pretty much daily. I never thought that'd happen... - Tyson Key
Frienddeck is pretty cool, Akiva. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Jay, sorry, I should've been specific: I want a desktop app. - Akiva
Paul is supposed to be releasing an AIR version shortly. There is a Frienddeck room if you want to check in. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Thanks, Jay! - Akiva
Hi Jay, I have just launched the first version of the FriendDeck AIR application. Infact this comment is from the AIR version. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Ah ha. I just realized that I was getting some more follows on Twitter but socialtoo wasn't autofollowing back. I guess they're backed up. I'll be patient. :) - Paul Wade
Thanks, Jesse. - Moushumi Kabir
TweetDeck is my new favorite piece of software. - Kyle
I thought you ddin't care for DM's, but I love SocialToo. - Michael Fidler from twhirl
If you refresh the page on Robert's profile you can watch his following count go up - it's all working now. :-) - Jesse Stay
Jesse, interesting to see. - Moushumi Kabir
http://Socialtoo.com is really cool, well and Jesse makes it fabulous! :) Tweetdeck is amazing... really makes DMs manageable. - Susan Beebe
How many DMs do you get in a day and what percentage of those do you respond to? There can't be enough time in the day to read and respond to all of them and post all the original content you do even using the magical TweetDeck. - Daniel Norton
@garyvee has like 31k ok twitter and responds to everyone I don't see why @scolbleizer can't do the same - Chris Heath
maybe garyvee can follow tweets better. My mind crashes juggling multiple apps. :) - Moushumi Kabir
Robert Scoble
@netvalar now wants to know about friendfeed's rooms. Here's why they are the coolest tool for Twitter users:
It used to be that doing a Google search was the only thing you needed to do to find information and that the flow of information was slow enough that anyone could follow. Those days are LONG over. Now that we have http://search.twitter.com , http://news.google.com , and http://blogsearch.google.com, among others, we need a new answer. Rooms are that answer. Here's why. - Robert Scoble
Let's say you have a bunch of searches you want to mash up along with a few RSS feeds from blogs. Maybe one from a product site or a conference site. Etc. How do you do that? Well, you could build some weird contraption in Yahoo Pipes, but I find that a room is the best place because of friendfeed's community platform. For instance, next week I'm going to the World Economic Forum in Davos. I created this room to follow that: - Robert Scoble
http://friendfeed.com/rooms... <<--World Economic Forum room. - Robert Scoble
Do you see what's going on there? I've brought feeds from Google News. Twitter (for several different search terms). Google Blog Search. And from several official Davos blogs too. All mixed together into that room. - Robert Scoble
so the rooms are similar to yahoo pipes but less tech savy? I could set up a room for a new blog and then also add in bookmarks of web posts that were related then right? - Netvalar
Rooms can be private. Venture Beat, for instance, does all of its workflow in a room that you can't see unless you are on staff with them. - Robert Scoble
Rooms are full-fledged members of friend feed. You can like and comment items and share them with your friends. You can link to items, just like you can link to any friendfeed items here. If you own those items you can moderate them (I can delete any items in the Davos room, for instance). - Robert Scoble
Netvalar: yeah. Yahoo Pipes is pretty daunting for normal people. Rooms just require you to subscribe to the feeds from searches and from blogs. Just like you add items to your account here. Yup, you can mix together RSS feeds from blogs and those from your favorite bookmarking site like Del.icio.us. - Robert Scoble
My favorite room is the Apps Room: http://friendfeed.com/rooms... - Robert Scoble
Great I thought so but haven't taken the time yet to look into it thanx for taking the time to inform me - Netvalar
Rooms encourage communities to form and work together out of the view of the "noisy assholes" like me on the main "Home" feed on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
It's interesting that more Twitter users don't discover these. They are an AWESOME way to track Twitter Search http://search.twitter.com - Robert Scoble
This is totally cool. I feel some FF addiction growing up deep inside. :-) - Cristian Vidmar
hmm I was thinking of a different use but the work together thing I wonder if some of the musicians I work with would be interested. Well it at lest would be worth placing into a blog post for those readers who are trying to improve their street teams - Netvalar
Oh, and thanks for sharing, of course! - Cristian Vidmar
Scoble, pls direct him to this post of mine too http://thenextweb.com/2009... - Zee.
Checking out post Zee - Netvalar
Hey Zee think you can place the links to FF part 1 and 2 too - Netvalar
Zee: please do link in your articles, thanks! - Robert Scoble
Scoble what would be the best URL for me to reference in a blog post for the help you have shared with me today on this subject? - Netvalar
Netvalar: you can link to all of these friendfeed items (you can get a permalink to them by using the "More" menu and clicking "Link to this entry." If you want to link to me, probably http://www.friendfeed.com/scoblei... is best since that's where all my original stuff is aggregated together. - Robert Scoble
so now I just need those other links from ZEE a bit more reading on my part and a musicians guide to FF with links to http://friendfeed.com/scoblei... and those posts should be done within the hour or shortly thereafter - Netvalar
A bit of work on my part but I got those other 2 links now part 1 http://thenextweb.com/2008... Part 2 http://thenextweb.com/2008... there in case anyone stops by the URLs are availble - Netvalar
Will definitely add the link as soon as I get to the office...am on iphone right now. But I'm floating on air right now,did I read that right Robert? Your favorite room is the Apps Room?? Yahoooooo! - Zee.
Netvalar, I'm on my iPhone now but if u search for "Guide to Friendfeed" on google, all 3 posts i've done so far should be there - Zee.
Zee: yes, the Apps room rocks. Thanks for creating it! - Robert Scoble
Wow, I've been here for a while and thought I knew most of the coolest tricks but now I really GET what rooms are about and how to utilise them best, thanks Robert :) - Nicola Quinn
Might have to put that in the rooms description... :) "Scobles Favorite Room..." - Zee.
put your autographed photo down, zee... - Terry O'Fee
hey, thanks for pointing that out robert - I've never taken the time to explore FF properly, but rooms does look really useful - Sam from twhirl
might just change the apps photo to Scobles face...(I kid I kid..) - Zee.
wipe the drool off too while you're there .. hahah - Terry O'Fee
Is there a simple way to filter my Google Reader stream to different FriendFeed rooms? - Andreas
Andreas, there is a feed for every room - Fredrik Hansson
Fredrik: So then how do you direct an item in your Google Reader's shared list to a specific FF room? You can import the whole shared list but that's not what I'm after. I want to add yet another filter (need to use Yahoo Pipes?!) on top of Google Reader to extract articles, blog posts, etc to certain FF rooms. - Andreas
Once caveat: People don't see your "Likes" on items in a room unless they're subscribed to that room or visit it. If it's something you want to spread around, put it in your main feed. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Good stuff, Robert. I've been thinking about innovative uses for FF Rooms a lot this past week (jump-started by your frequent mentions), and I really like the Venture Beat private room example you give, good to know that businesses are waking up to the potential. In a way, FF is providing a lot of the functionality that Twitter is missing, as an overlay. Problem with Twitter is that it's difficult to get some permanence to your feed(s) including searches, FF solves that: - Alex Schleber
Here is an example of a Twitter "Track" Room on keyword "Psychology", note that you likely want to do a few tricks with the query to keep it useful, e.g. "psychology filter:links -RT" (to avoid duplicates and much chatter) - http://friendfeed.com/rooms... - Alex Schleber
7 Ways To Utilize FriendFeed Rooms http://www.bwana.org/2008... (May '08) - Bwana ☠
rooms are cool but I love lists, makes the biggest difference for me - nothing else like it - mike "glemak" dunn
If you are new to FF and want to meet more people, subscribe to some rooms and participate. To be honest, I met over half the people here through rooms at first. I would love to find out the most effect and exact twitter search terms (whether it is using "" , or, and) in getting the maximum results for the search. - Amani
Andreas: I tag the item in Reader with a specific tag and then subscribe to my tag's RSS feed in my Room. - Nick in Manila
I have to say that I didn't understand the appeal of Rooms until I tried this technique and created http://friendfeed.com/rooms... to track Kindle info and satisfy my tech-nerd-reader itch. Thanks Robert! - Daniel Norton
Jeremy Toeman
Retweeting @segdeha: How Not to be a Key Online Influencer: http://www.davidhenderson.com/2009... (via http://morganpyne.com/)
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: View your FriendFeed in real-time - http://blog.friendfeed.com/2008...
FriendFeed Blog: View your FriendFeed in real-time
FriendFeed Blog: View your FriendFeed in real-time
I am going to spend all evening in the real-time version of the debate room at http://friendfeed.com/rooms.... You can view your real-time feed at http://friendfeed.com/realtime - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
MG: you can also embed a real-time feed for a room in other web pages, so you can embed a real-time view for your next liveblog event (we thought of you when enabling that feature). - Bret Taylor
Amazingly awesome. If friendfeed were a person I'd have the hugest crush on it. - EricaJoy
gotta say it's immensely satisfying to use the share bookmarklet in one page and see it pop up instantly on the mini window - Karl Rosaen
I LOVE this new feature: http://scobleizer.com/2008... but damn, now I'm really not going to get any work done! - Robert Scoble
Time to watch FriendFeed scroll on ... and on ... and on ... - Great Scott!
Nice work guys. You've re-invented crack. - Ryan Kuder
+1 Ranjit - Great Scott!
Popping out the live window is really useful because you can click through and see the original post in it's entirety. - Frankie Warren
interesting to see the debates in RT. only problem is that i couldn't deal with twitters election site because it moved so fast. - Anika
@scoble, re:"This is also functionality that Facebook or MySpace does not have" facebook does have a "live feed" feature - Karl Rosaen
Really? Where? I never have seen Facebook's live feed. - Robert Scoble
i just noticed it last night, tab next to 'posted items' on the home page. it has 'log mode' and 'full stories' - Karl Rosaen
On your home screen Robert, News feed, status updates..... live feed - Simon Wicks
It's called live... not so sure it actually is. it's on the homepage up in the tabs for the newsfeed. - Frankie Warren
It is live. Stuff I posted right now appears within a few seconds. - Robert Scoble
The comment link isn't big enough. I have too many Friends. Keeps scrolling. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
pardon my language but this is fucking crazy... - Zee.
Sorry Robert, I was referring to Facebooks "Live Feed" - Frankie Warren
Agreed, I've had to chase the Comment link down 3-4 times already. - xero
all about the lists Chris - Zee.
This is AMAZING, and FAST. - Dave Gilbert
Yah, chasing the comment link is annoying. I am working on something for that now. The update rate was not exactly this high during a lot of our testing ;) - Bret Taylor
Am I missing how to embed the realtime somewhere? - Ryan Kuder
You can use an iframe! - Gavin
True, good point - Sherif Mansour
Although, it would be nice if the comments appeared in-line tot he initial post, instead of a new post - Sherif Mansour
Ryan: on any room you can see the embed link: http://friendfeed.com/rooms... for instance. - Benjamin Golub
to keep congruence with the normal page, i'd like to see 'likes' show up here too - Karl Rosaen
can u imagine the redraws if that were the case? I was thinking about this myself and it seemed a good idea till I actually implemented it. - Prolific Programmer
yeah, i suppose so, glad to hear it was tried out (i assume u work at ff?). maybe 'most liked' graph on the side or something that would update as the votes came in... or not - Karl Rosaen
FF Team, you guys rawks! - AJ Batac
Thanks, Benjamin. I've now got a realtime feed embedded in a post on my blog. It looks awesome: http://ryankuder.com - Ryan Kuder
crikey- that is cool... - Zee.
Is there a way to just watch one persons feed in realtime? not their friends just them. - Shawn McCollum
I have to respectfully say I'm not a fan. While I suppose it could be interesting for live blogging, etc... I'm a proponent of thoughtfulness over speed and quantity. We already have enough twittering in the world, enough 24-hour live news coverage. We don't need to know more sooner. We need to understand more better. - Adam Lasnik
Fantatic. - Russellreno
@Adam Atleast it's there in case you ever want it - Gordon Swaby
You guys are the cats pajamas. - j1m
But wait, how do I flip it? I want new things to arrive on the bottom, like in all my other chat clients. I have a much easier time reading from top to bottom. (Also, can it auto-pause when I'm not scrolled to the live end of the feed? And if not, can the pause button stay in view when I scroll?) - j1m
I didn't see the real-time update here,maybe my office computer is too slow,or maybe it is the issue with IE6. - Steve Chou
Now it is working,and it is awesome... - Steve Chou
Also, why no list of accumulated Likes? And I miss the More button. (As you can tell, I'm completely addicted.) - j1m
WOW! WOW! I like it ;) - Kyle Weller
Jason Shellen
Aaron Sorkin Conjures a Meeting of Obama and Bartlet - Op-Ed - NYTimes.com - http://www.nytimes.com/2008...
"The people who want English to be the official language of the United States are uncomfortable with their leaders being fluent in it." Potentially the first and last time I link to a Maureen Dowd column. - Jason Shellen
Chris Messina
OH: "Twitter's going to keep removing features until it becomes Facebook."
I don't get it - what is Twitter doing that is making it more like Facebook? - Jesse Stay
I don't know. It was an OH. It defies logic. ;) - Chris Messina
I don't get it, but that's why it's funny.WTF? - Rahsheen
I don't know, but when twitter allows you to add apps on your profile we should be worried. - Colide81 (James)
I don't know, but liked seeing the series of "I don't" comments. :) - John McCrea
lol - just realized the "OH" at the start. Now I get it ;-) - Jesse Stay from twhirl
I don't get it. - Colide81 (James)
I don't like how Twitter keeps making me click X on their Election Ad - Brian Hendrickson
I don't know why I am replying but I has a baffled! - Joe Dawson
I missed the memo, what is the idea with "OH" is it shortened Oh Hai or something? - Rob Diana
Rob -- OH means "overheard" :-) - mathew ingram
Wait for it...OH! - Jesse Stay from twhirl
Thank you Mr. Ingram. Somebody needs to send out a notice when things like this happen. Or was I out that day? - Rob Diana
check out overheard.it - Andre
Twitter has always been about holding their ground on their minimal feature set, not budging on behavior much. kinda curious where this was overheard? It sounds like a non-sequitur :) - karl dotter
I don't know, but I wish I could Like individual comments. A +1 to Guillermo. - Chris Charabaruk
[News.com]: Opening ceremonies video online, but not on NBC - http://x.techwheat.com/1MX
"NBC is waiting to show the ceremonies until prime time, one of several marquee events not being shown live. Unofficial video, though, has popped up on other sites." - tech.newsjunk.com
The best part about living on a border town like Detroit is that I have already seen the CBC coverage of the opening ceremonies. SPOILER ALERT: There were fireworks. Lots of them. - Derek Coward
Jason Calacanis
Paris Hilton, McCain, Olympics, The Pharcyde - TWIYT #8 - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Paris Hilton, McCain, Olympics, The Pharcyde - TWIYT #8
holy $h#@!! this one could possibly be my favorite episode. - Percival
Robert Scoble
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
iPhone 3G Coming 8am Friday - Confirmed! - http://www.apple.com/retail...
iPhone 3G Coming 8am Friday - Confirmed!
Not too excited about IT. But am excited about new appstore! - Leif Hansen
Dave Winer
identi.ca gets a Replies tab and becomes a billion percent less shitty
Totally agree. - Robert Scoble
sam, I think the point is that if Twitter et al implement Open Microblogging, importing won't be necessary - Kevin L
It needs some "recommended friends" to avoid looking really lame to newbies. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you just want to get recommended there too. Come on, admit it. - Kevin L
klecu: nice try, but I've been talking about this before I was on recommended systems here: http://thenextweb.org/2008... - Robert Scoble
I'm still trying to figure out a reason to use identi.ca. Playing around with it. We'll see. - Dennis Jackson
I don't understand why it was launched WITHOUT a Replies tab in the first place... - Mark Douglass
I agree with Dennis Jackson, minus the "playing around with it" part. - ChaCha Fance
Yes, it lacks some basic features, especially if people are looking at it who are coming from twitter. Not having replies really annoys me, enough not to use it. - jjprojects
GOOD, that is an essential feature... neat to see it growing so quickly - not only with users, but also features - Susan Beebe
big feature - Dobromir Hadzhiev
@critics: Identi.ca is worth supporting, because it is open source. The very reason means that it has the potential of attracting third-party developers that create plug-ins, improve the platform or simply host their own Identi.ca-installations. That's a huge thing. Think about Firefox: It is based on Mozilla/Netscape's code, which was created. AOL didn't do anything with it, but others came and created Firefox (and Flock, Sunbird, Songbird, etc.) because it is open. That's Identi.ca's biggest feature. - sebmos
Next step must be API. - Sergey Petrenko
sebmos: I'm still learning about Identi.ca. Your comment kind of pushed me back on the site to research it a bit. I can see this going somewhere. :) - Dennis Jackson
Replies tab on Indenti.ca is big. I'd also like to be able to export my subscription lists. Edit/delete would be nice too. - Jeff Evans
Nice to see this feature already. I was talking to the dev yesterday and was asking if I can jump in and provide a solution for it. Cool to see that the guy already did it himself :-). - Alex Popescu from feedalizr
So if we wildly extrapolate identi.ca's usability increase, it could potentially surpass Twitter in 3 months and Friendfeed in 6. The question then is: will users migrate and become critical mass on the new service? By now we know that critical mass is more important than QoS, as evidenced by the bird and the whale. - Ignace Rodriguez de R,
http://identi.ca/your_ni... --- for output of your identi.ca subscriptions -- thanks evan - Jeff Evans
this is so effing awesome! - Sarah Perez
(s_dance) - Hao Chen
identi.ca is irrelevant. It's a step backwards from FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk
Whoa, that must of been some seriously shitty software before now, but still shitty I see? - Andrew Baron
This still is not the distributed version you wanted Dave. And I -with all the respect I owe to its makers- don't think that it will success if all the twitter crowd come in. I hope I'm wrong - directeur from NoiseRiver
I think Replies is a setup in the right direction. In fact. it might be the main step. Awesome. - Andrew Ruess from twhirl
For me, it's still just idont.ca.re - Alan Le
Agree with Alan Le. identi.ca doesn't seem like much of an upgrade. It's a distraction from a better solution - getting everyone over to FriendFeed. - Jon Galloway
Yep, i'm with Jon there... I really don't see the fuss Identi.ca . Why are we getting excited over replies...ridiculous. - Zee.
These products are all so new. There's plenty or room for experimentation. - Harry Myhre
Thanks, Dave! And thanks to everyone who had comments and critiques. I know that people have a choice in which service to use. I'd like to make sure that a) the software has features equal or better to other µblog sites b) the architecture is truly scalable -- from small commodity web hosting to >1M user megaservices. - Evan Prodromou
See How Often You Visit Web Sites in Firefox 3 [Firefox 3] - http://lifehacker.com/396598...
Awesome. I use Wakoopa to track (and publicly show) the time I use each application. Unfortunately, it shows what I already knew: I use Firefox 99% of the time. It doesn't tell me HOW I use FF. I wonder if there's a way to locally capture how much time is spent on each site in FF... - Kevin C. Tofel
This is one of the reason I moved my bookmarks back to the browser with FF3. Loving it so far. - Sean Brady from twhirl
Dave Winer
MP3 of Keith Olbermann's special comment to Hillary Clinton. http://pownce.com/davew...
Thomas Hawk
12 Ways to Never Miss a Photo Opportunity - http://thomashawk.com/2008...
I agree you always need your dslr. My worst photos are the ones I never got to shoot because I did not have one of my cameras with me. - Jon Erickson from twhirl
I can't wait to get a DSLR - but how do you manage to carry around something so big? What are the better compact ones? - Shey
I carry around a Canon SD100 with me all the time--I can't carry my DSLR around with me, but I can carry my little camera. It takes fabulous photos for such a tiny camera. - Kris Millering
I carry a Canon XTi almost everywhere. Once you're used to it, it's not a big deal. If you want something smaller to carry everywhere, check out the Canon G9. It's not an SLR, but it can shoot RAW and has manual controls. - Jeremy Brooks
I'm using a Powershot S80 right now, and while I have a lot of manual controls, I'm still missing out on a lot of great DSLR capabilities. I just shudder at the thought of having to lug around a big camera everywhere I go. - Shey
I carry a Canon S5 IS, but I might need a smaller one for my belt clip. My small one broke a screen on "Year 2 Day 2", just out of warranty. - Mitchell Tsai
I carry my Canon G9 everywhere now. I love my 5D and those L lenses but I just can't carry them around all the time. - Michael Hocter
Hey Thomas, you mentioned that you had your first 5D stolen. How did that happen, and what do you do differently now? - Dave Roth
Dave, I had my 5D stolen in the Bahamas. I had it in my backpack and wrapped the backpack in a towel under a chair that I was sitting in at what I thought was a fairly safe resort with security. I was watching my kids at the pool and went in just for a second thinking I was keeping a pretty good eye on it. Later that night when I opened my backpack I realized it was gone. :( I'm even more careful now watching it. - Thomas Hawk
Thanks for the follow-up. I definitely don't want to become a victim. - Dave Roth
Shey: In a nice bag. I use a Crumpler messenger bag for day outings, and a Crumpler backpack for traveling. - Tom Harrison
Thomas: I had a compact camera pick-pocketed from me in Belgium. A Mediterranean guy pretended to do a martial arts move on me while shaking my right hand. His left hand pulled my camera out of my velcro case (I now use clip/zipper cases), and I didn't know for a few blocks. I checked my wallet & pockets for lost money immediately, but was new to carrying a camera. He was SMOOTH, very impressive... Our US thieves aren't so classy - just a knife or gun. ;-( - Mitchell Tsai
Unfortunately, if I forget my camera, I'll have to settle for my cameraphone. It's not too bad, actually, with the right lighting and some fixups in Photoshop. - Morton Fox
I carry a PowerShot S3 IS with me whenever I go out, and make sure it's always on a zipper bag slung around my shoulders. I'm pretty good at this - am yet to lose it once, though I once dropped it out of a moving bus (later jumped out of said moving bus and recovered it). - Yuvi
Evan Williams
Congrats to @stirman for launching http://www.mobaganda.com/ (a ultra-simple Evite alternative). Built on GAE.
Convert Word Documents to Cruft-free HTML [Microsoft Word] - http://feeds.gawker.com/~r...
Google App Engine + Google Data APIs: A Match Made on the Web - http://googleappengine.blogspot.com/2008...
Paul Buchheit
Facebook knows who you are, and that's worth more than you think - http://paulbuchheit.blogspot.com/2008...
I agree with the potential, but I wonder how social network sites that hog the data could also exploit that without getting into trust issues. It would be more effective to exploit that knowledge outside of the network itself, especially when the user is going to make financial transactions (e.g. buying something on the web). - Alexander van Elsas
You made me rethink (momentarily) my assessment of ChaCha, an Indiana "human powered" search engine from the brain child that brought us voice mail Scott Jones. There are some smart people working on it and there is potential there, but this identity thing is important. I doubt stay at home moms making 5 cents a search will be better at finding things online than me. - Clare Dibble
Facebook's biggest opportunity is . . . identity management? I don't think so. - Erick Schonfeld
Identity ownership ...via AlertThingy - Omar Ismail
"Ebay has had a relatively solid lock on the auction market due to network effects, but with billions of dollars in profits, a $42 billion market cap, and 10 years of not innovating, I'm willing to bet that won't last." -- So you're saying Facebook is the new ebaykiller? - j1m
I'm thinking about advertising. For example, when you search, getting served ads for relevant products that your friends use/have raved about in the past. I would be much more likely to click an ad for a product if I knew it was based on a friend's recommendation. - David Adam
Facebook's biggest opportunity is . . . making users mad, IMHO. It's made me mad more than once. - dgw
Someone is going to kill ebay. Google (because of it's massive distribution) and Facebook (identity info and significant distribution) are the most likely candidates. - Paul Buchheit
Erick, I'm not sure what you mean by "identity management", but knowing who people are is very valuable. It's how every organization that really cares about security works. Think of FBI background checks, except instead of manually finding and talking to your family and friends, it's done automatically. - Paul Buchheit
Facebook will use micropayments, I'm pretty sure about that. Not only will that open up new opportunities for application developers, it will open up an enormous revenue stream for that. This isn't exactly "identity management", but it will work because Facebook's users are real people and it's a trusted environment because of that. People will trust their money into Facebook's handy. MySpace, for example, won't be able to do that. - sebmos
I guess that eBay will be "killed" by Amazon and Craigslist (and other similar platforms). Craigslist for auctions, Amazon for e-commerce. But eBay has its own Craigslist-clone running, Kijiji. So who knows. I doubt that Facebook will kill eBay, though. - sebmos
There are things that are valuable. There are things that are profitable. And the two are correlated. But there are (sadly) things that are valuable but won't bring profit, and thus will be underdeveloped, and there also are (sadly) things that are worthless but bring profit, and thus will lead to bogosity in the world. - Amit Patel
Great article! Too bad about the ominous sounding title though. I think it's nothing but positive that the distinction between online and offline behavior is blurring so much. (Obviously you do too Paul, but I still rue the title!) But I agree with Alexander's comment that a more publicly accessible model will help a lot too. How to let it live outside the network, but remain protected from exploitation by cheaters? - Edward Zwart
I have a large and valuable social network. If an application can unlock the value there (not just to me, but to my employer as well, for instance), then I think Facebook can justify its huge valuation. - Piaw Na
Maybe I'm weird but I've never bought anything on Ebay. It seems to require me to put too much trust in random and unaccountable strangers. Now if Facebook were to make their Marketplace into the ultimate combination of Amazon's Used&New and Ebay but backed up with a decent attack resistant trust metric system then they'd be able to justify their valuation. - Adewale Oshineye
Decided to react to Paul's post and thought of 5 ways for Facebook to start justifying their $15 bln valuation: http://tinyurl.com/3szhdh It's interesting to see what other ideas float around about that. The are infinite possibilities, but it's a balancing act in my opinion. - Alexander van Elsas
The line about eBay not having innovated in the last 10 years was interesting to read. Perhaps you could elaborate on that a bit. I don't watch eBay closely and only mostly use it for "direct buy" stuff (I don't like the added info noise of having to track an auction, even though I understand that is exactly what's exciting to some about the service) so I don't know much about it. - Philipp Lenssen
@Adewale trying to overcome existing general problem of uncertainty in trade? trade people were trying to do that for ages :) - A. T.
re: phillipp; My thoughts exactly! - that ebay line struck me as the single most important/intriguing sentence of what was a very cool post. Paul, any interest in writing further about the ebay dilemma?? Just how vulnerable are they and why?? Consumerism (linear) is obviously a major issue in america right now - and yet very few bloggers seem willing/able to work the topic into the discourse of the day (re: dots have yet to be connected). - Will DeLuca
Kevin Fox
Cutest kitten in the world - http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_ov...
Cutest kitten in the world
Cutest kitten in the world
Cutest kitten in the world
I REALLY want this kitty!!! I'm in terrible need of a kitten fix! I need foster kittens soon!!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
calico bread mix. very tasty... errr sorry. cute - Alexander von Halem
Cute! - Mike Reynolds
but does it play theremin? - Allan Hough
is it just me or does it look a little deformed.... (please don't kill me for saying so!) - Nicķ
It's just the breed. The mom (visible in a couple of the photos) looks the same way. - ⓞnor
It's mostly the breed. Its ears are folded back so its head looks disturbingly round. It's more pronounced in kittens (all baby animals have rounder features). - Kevin Fox
so cute 'n innocent:) - Shandiz
Its cute, face looks a little unusual, is this a special breed of some sort? - Christopher Yeo
More kittens ... but this guy (girl) is really cool :) - Charlie Anzman
I can't help it, every time I scroll down my friendfeed these catch my eye again and I just think "I WANT THAT KITTEN!" *sighs* - Rachel Lea Fox
If I have one, I am in terrible that my bigger kid will eat it :-D - terababy
Outstanding. All I can say is http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1... - Amir Gharaat
So small! - funkyboy
Amazing! - sandosh vasudevan
so cute - harry
Small is better - priyanhere
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