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Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 10am PT participate at http://www.building43.com/realtim...
morning - Kevin Marks
Good morning - John Taschek
San Francisco is tiny - Kevin Marks
how about friendfeed, Robert? - Kevin Marks
Well, hello.. - Kevin Costain
Are those oranges behind you Kevin? - Kevin Costain
tiny? SFBA tech is 6x...Seattle? - clive boulton
http://studentforce.wordpress.com/2012... ... All about mobile development (of course for highered) - studentforce
did Steve just use Secure and Exchange in the same sentence? - Kevin Marks
they are Oranges, almost ripe now - Kevin Marks
wonder how the galaxy note 2 "phablet" will compete with the ipad mini? - Dave Gilbert
for PC replacement duty - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 paired w/ monitor, wireless mouse, keyboard http://gigaom.com/mobile... - Da
GoPro's architecture expanding with apps https://itunes.apple.com/us... - clive boulton
so I tried tapestry, and click for every word is the apotheosis of the 'lets make a slideshow gallery for more pageviews' school of web design. yuck. - Kevin Marks
But Robert - how many people want or need to do what you do? - Brian Sullivan
I find the Quora iOS app is quite awesome.. - Kevin Costain
Roberts Sound clouds stuff is great. Loved the 4SQ interview - Tony Stanislawski
Google has had global voice recogniton for a while - Kevin Marks
will it recognize a Brooklyn accent ?? - studentforce
Peter Norvig's group serves up the best recognition algorithms - clive boulton
You can't do it on the phone because the time to fix your spelling and punctuation errors is longer than typing it on a computer - people are LAZY. - Kevin Costain
I'm already using studentforce as College.Touch on my iPad ... HTML5 - studentforce
I can type on android with Swiftkey about as fast as I can on a keyboard. - Kevin Marks
the google stuff is good at my uk accent now (which apple hasn't been) - Kevin Marks
When people have no other way to do it, they'll do it with a phone of course.. but if we have a more efficient way (a full keyboard), most won't do it. - Kevin Costain
Using the Google Blogger iOS app, for example, is about the most painful way I can imagine writing a blog ;-/ - Kevin Costain
The failure of Pointcast is documented here - http://www.businessweek.com/1999... - John Taschek
I do have to run.... :( Great to catch everyone again ! Have a great weekend. - Kevin Costain
their silos are their competitive advantage - Da
but you can if you have chatter - studentforce
Wired seems to be test driving Glass https://twitter.com/smc90 - clive boulton
Maybe as consumers we will have to pay for these services - Tony Stanislawski
I would pay to have my information aggregated - Francine Hardaway
But it hasn't happened quite yet - Francine Hardaway
Google had to develop Android because it didn't want to be dependent on Apple's iOS platform - Da
Android is a lot better at having apps provide services to one another than iOS with intents. iOS encourages siloization - Kevin Marks
at work, we just went from Windows 2000 to XP last year - Da
The economist cover this week is a marker - Kevin Marks
they screwed their ecosystem ... that's why they have been losing their platform expertise/cache - studentforce
Windows8 and Office have become widgets - studentforce
Microsoft seems to have a skunk works remaking the culture of rivalry and non-collaboration - clive boulton
Kinect for Enterprise would be exciting - Da
if apple doesn't screw it up it can build on its momentum - studentforce
WebRTC is going to be cross-platform Airplay - Kevin Marks
Windows 8 is like buying tires for a car - studentforce
john has always been a dreamer !! - studentforce
Android having a way larger marketshare than iOS may be blunting Apple's momentum - Da
MS is a commodity - studentforce
Kevin, what is the economist cover? - Francine Hardaway
Yes we do, Steve. - Francine Hardaway
Amazon Facebook Google Apple the big 4 squid, MSFT nowhere - Kevin Marks
I may wait for the next iteration of the Mini - Francine Hardaway
XP>Vista , Windows 7>Windows 8, Windows 9!! - Da
Just saw it Kevin, thx. What about next XBox? - Francine Hardaway
iPaaS is the next three years in Cloud: http://sandhill.com/article... - studentforce
That IS the future of product. I agree. - Francine Hardaway
Google's retail outlet is Best Buy - Da
google's retail outlet is every random manufacturer in china - Kevin Marks
Next Mac iterations fitted with ARM and Touch? - clive boulton
Buttcasts? Enjoy Paris Robert - Francine Hardaway
Thats the new spam. Your 3D printer gets a virus and starts printing dildos until it runs ou of feedstock - Kevin Marks
Francine: 3D printed sex toys. http://venturebeat.com/2012... The world will never be the same. - Robert Scoble
Thanks for joining us. I'm off to Paris! - Robert Scoble
I'll be in London + Cambridge - Kevin Marks
Safe travels Robert. - Mike Doeff
Dave Gilbert
reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA - http://www.reddit.com/
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Puts things in perspective! - Dave Gilbert
Puts things in perspective! - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
ALEXANDER McQUEEN SS10 : PLATO'S ATLANTIS - http://unnouveauideal.typepad.com/motwary...
Otherworldly.... - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Ivan Navarro : Narration Through Light - http://cyanatrendland.com/2010...
Where do you go after Dan Flavin? - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Archival Field Trip - Wistful Shopping at Al's Attire - http://www.archivalclothing.com/2010...
I love Al's Attire -- left my measurements there last time I was in San Francisco but don't own anything yet. - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
GQ Names Billy Reid 2010 Best New Menswear Designer In America - http://www.selectism.com/news...
I love his Green Hills (Hill Center) shop in Nashville; a great atmosphere, and great staff. - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
SITUATION 2010: BIKES IN THE SNOW - http://halcyonbike.com/situati...
That's my Motobecane in front of the Frothy Monkey (bottom pic). Only fell once! - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
What's noteworthy about this? Where do I start? - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Notice the black & white leather roller skates -- this girl is all about her own wheels. - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Velorbis Balloon Scrap Deluxe Gents Cycle | Velorbis Classic Bicycles - http://www.velorbis.com/classic...
Nice bike! - Dave Gilbert
Jay Rosen
(After reading coverage of the Friend Feed deal...) If value is being captured upstream from where you are, just buy the dam and dynamite it.
nice turn of phrase - Bora Zivkovic
That's what going down, is it not? - Jay Rosen
Looks like it, absolutely. I was just admiring your use of language. - Bora Zivkovic
This calls for an open-source, federated, run-on-any-server alternative to FriendFeed that, like the Internets, cannot be owned (and disowned) by any single corporation. - Gary Burge
Agreed. I'm pretty pissed about this deal, actually. And I don't trust anything the participants say about it. Why do I--a proud citizen of the open web--care if a walled garden gets better at search? - Jay Rosen
Wave, rssCloud, Pubsubhubbub... this is the stuff to turn to eh? - Dave Gilbert
+1 PubSubHubbub (but I'm biased) http://pubsubhubbub.googlecode.com - Brett Slatkin
I learned as much about the deal from this photograph as I did from the news coverage http://friendfeed.com/paul... Maybe I should Tweet that. - Jay Rosen
Yes you should - I also thought that picture (both of them together, really) was the most informative piece all day - Bora Zivkovic
Did you see the photos on Mashable of the empty FriendFeed offices this afternoon? http://mashable.com/2009... - Josette from fftogo
Dave Gilbert
"Fame" flashmob at Nashville Farmers' Market
Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
'Dopamine and norepinephrin...“explorers"...seroton...“builders”...testosterone...“directors”...estrogen & oxytocin...“negotiators.”
Dave Gilbert
Reading A Vindication of Love, by Cristina Nehring, a defense of love as described in Plato's Phaedrus & Symposium
Dave Gilbert
Sony Pictures CEO says nothing good has come from Internet
Sony Pictures CEO: "I'm A Guy Who Doesn't See Anything Good Having Come From The Internet. Period." - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
NYTimes: In German Suburb, Life Goes on Without Cars
From The New York Times: In German Suburb, Life Goes on Without Cars By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL A young development in Vauban illustrates a trend of planning communities to thrive without automobiles.... http://www.nytimes.com/2009... Get The New York Times on your iPhone for free by visiting http://nytimes.com/iphonei... - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Romantic & intricately detailed Naval artwork. - http://fanthefiremagazine.blogspot.com/2009...
Romantic & intricately detailed Naval artwork.
Romantic & intricately detailed Naval artwork.
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"naval artwork" - Dave Gilbert from Bookmarklet
NYT: Big-screen Kindle coming from Amazon this week - http://www.engadget.com/2009...
could be great for news paper crossover - Ryan Gerritsen
Interesting. Thanks for sharing! I'd still really like to see full color and flashy page flip with touch screen! - Matthew Ray
I just got my sci-fi on Kindle today - Tell No Lies But Keep Secrets - $3.19 - http://www.amazon.com/dp... - Monique
yeah, interesting. NYT usually isn't *totally* full of crap on this stuff :-D so i'm hoping there's something to this. starting to worry about Plastic Logic's big screen device, which looked so great at DEMO last fall, and originally due early 2009. it looks like that slipped to trials in late 2009 and "due in the market in early 2010." giving Amazon time enough to beat them to the punch, possibly. - Karim
srsly? - j1m
They need to put WiFi on this. And unlocked HSDPA. And a wacom style stylus touchscreen. Otherwise again, Amazon will miss the correct mark to start making revolutionary amounts of sales on this worldwide. I guess, perhaps Amazon is not interested in selling many Kindles? - Charbax
Don't think this will save newspapers. Updates once a day? Monochrome? No good for Web browsing? - Dave Gilbert
@Charbax, they can't do either. Amazon's not primarily in hardware development/ deployment business, but in the content distribution business, however one sees it. Subsequently, they can not extend the scope of Kindle's functionality if it means you'll be using it for something else than as wireless front-end to their ordering system (and perusal of so bought e-books). - ianf ⌘
This bit was intriguing: "[...] If you're seriously able to handle yet another twist in this madness, WSJ also points out that "people familiar with the matter" have stated that Apple is "readying a device that may make it easier to read digital books and periodicals," but it's hard to say if this is simply regurgitation of unfounded rumors already going around or something entirely... more... - ianf ⌘
@Dave Gilbert: no, of course this won't do. No special-purpose device, not even such of tabloid proportions needed (at least) to peruse newspages, will save them in their current form. For a while it looked like there could be some hope for a cellphone-sub-like scenario, where some major global newspaper cabal underwrites, i.e. sponsors subscribers with cheap newspage-sized thin... more... - ianf ⌘
Why would I want a device that would allow me to read articles updated only once per day, and when I read those articles I'd have to switch to another device to jump into the realtime conversation about them? - Dave Gilbert
I hope this comes and textbooks are replaced by it. I am sick and tired of paying for used books and buying new ones for three times the price. Not to mention, I wouldn't have to lug around bulky, heavy books again. - Brandon Titus
Dave, you don't have to convince me, even had it updated constantly (which it might given the nature of e-media) and allowed a degree of freedom in web exploration. But this is the least of my [presumptive] worries - instead, if such a device comes out too early for the public to embrace it, and flops badly, it will effectively shut down research in this direction for half a decade. - ianf ⌘
@ianf yes and consider that we are now communicating with a group of people realtime about an article published in the nation's flagship newspaper and linked-to in a blog. Wonder why NYTimes doesn't have a FF account? If you and I used a Kindle we'd have to read the article on that and then switch to another device to do this. - Dave Gilbert
I wonder if, in Walter Ong's terms, FF and realtime in general are "secondary orality" or something we might call "secondary literacy"? Anyway, NYTimes et al., on Kindle updated once per day are old wine in new wineskins--primary (old-school print) literacy with new-media veneer. - Dave Gilbert
I'm sure they do, have an account on all the biggest social media networks, but for monitoring them, not dissemination of content. That said, with the advances in LED pocket projectors, it isn't wholly inconceivable that a cell-sized pocket device projecting on any suitable surface could be the killer hardware for any OTA-newspage delivery in the near future. Jus' shooting the breeze, mind. - ianf ⌘
Dave, Kindleized NYT wouldn't be updated once per day, constantly more like it, but at a price. I agree on new-media veneer though. The problem is the newspaper/ publishing industry is in serious flux, nobody has any solutions, and it will take some time until the next "monetizable" model solidifies and becomes the new given. It won't be bloodless, and it won't be pretty, but it will... more... - ianf ⌘
@ianf yes much like music biz with its own industrial vertical subsuming a widget-producing -distributing apparatus. BTW, NYTimes is on Kindle already and it updates once per day for thirteen dollars per month. And why wouldn't I just want to use my iPhone or imminent iTablet to read the free version? NYTimes app on my iPhone already caches NYTimes so I can read it on a plane. I do it... more... - Dave Gilbert
I hope it's NOT true. I don't own a Kindle, but the current (and 1st Gen) one look big enough as is. - Thunderwing from twhirl
The Kindle has been touted as a possible reader for eTextbooks. The only thing going for it is its portability. Pedagogically sound eTextbooks require color for visuals and the ability to embed interactive learning objects. The current Kindle is equipped for neither. - Michael Ritter
the current market for eTextbooks seems to be horrible -- i just did a quick search for eTextbooks on "algorithms" (http://i41.tinypic.com/30bfnua...) and 3 out of the top 4 books were MORE EXPENSIVE as DRM'ed digital textbooks than they were as non-searchable dead trees. What The Frak? All Amazon has to do is price their eTextbooks a little lower than the print versions and the Kindle could pay for itself in the first year of school. - Karim
and it's not just portability. it *really* makes a difference reading text on a portrait screen rather than one more suited to an aspect ratio for feature films. - Karim
@Dave, observe that you can read NYT on the iPhone ("freely") only as long as there is NYT to be had on the net. It's not entirely inconceivable that the era of big newspapers is largely over, and that, e.g., NYT will survive mainly as Manhattan-local rag of record for the chattering classes that can afford its future $20/day? cover price. We're not in a chicken-vs-egg situation here... more... - ianf ⌘
oh snap. pictures. http://www.engadget.com/2009... :-D - Karim
no color, no deal. still fugly; i'll await Apple's mediapad. - Anthony Citrano
This needs to be pointed out in that Engadget preview: "[...] select students are being issued the new, larger screen Kindles (in the fall semester with pre-installed textbooks for chemistry, computer science and a freshman seminar. Five other universities [...] are also said to be signed up for the trial" – which tells us that THIS IS A TRIAL, folks, limited production run of these,... more... - ianf ⌘
ianf, you said, "THIS IS A TRIAL, folks, limited production run of these, couple hundred units maybe, not any launch to the general public." Amazon just announced it will ship this summer. it follows you must be hyperventilating by now. ;-) - Karim
Yes, I am, thank you, Karim, for pointing that out. Of course, "will ship" has been written on every headstone of vaporware dotcoms. I still maintain it is a trial, even if few containers' worth of these will end up in ordinary users' hands. - ianf ⌘
[doffs hat] glad i could help. :-D so you're saying we should re-open this thread when it ships, then? ;-) - Karim
I'm not saying anything of the sort. I stand by my earlier opinion of Amazon's Kindle-halfheartedness expressed a.o. here <http://tinyurl.com/kindlehalfh> but not solely there (earlier in that thread as well). Amazon's a global book pusher, why should they more than dabble in the dog-eat-shit hardware development business? - ianf ⌘
was just kidding about re-opening the thread, ian. :-) non-core items (laptops, cloud computing, cat food) make up at least a third of their revenues, so clearly they have branched out from books. for all i know, Kindle hardware might be a loss leader for them. in 2001, people were probably asking why Apple ("global computer pusher") would be interested in selling little music appliances. ;-) - Karim
Dave Gilbert
The ‘Face Book Fad’ Is More Than a Century Old - Bits Blog - NYTimes.com - http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009...
NYTimes piece fails to mention debt scrapbooks owed to rhetoric - commonplace books; classical antecedents as well - the topoi. http://bit.ly/Og2Ap - Dave Gilbert from Bookmarklet
Dave Gilbert
Going Dutch - How I Learned to Love the European Welfare State. - NYTimes.com - http://www.nytimes.com/2009...
Going Dutch - How I Learned to Love the European Welfare State. - NYTimes.com - http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/03/magazine/03european-t.html?_r=1#
"“People coming from the U.S. to the Netherlands focus on that difference, and on that 52 percent,” said Constanze Woelfle, an American accountant based in the Netherlands whose clients are mostly American expats. “But consider that the Dutch rate includes social security, which in the U.S. is an additional 6.2 percent. Then in the U.S. you have state and local taxes, and much higher real estate taxes. If you were to add all those up, you would get close to the 52 percent.”" - Dave Gilbert from Bookmarklet
Dave Gilbert
The Father & the Sun: "Vatican to Build Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant" - http://www.inhabitat.com/2009...
The Father & the Sun: "Vatican to Build Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant"
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"Vatican to Build Europe’s Largest Solar Power Plant" - Dave Gilbert from Bookmarklet
Julian Darley
RT @docgotham: Just met Paul Volcker at Vandy Owen party with Em. Wow is he ever tall! / one trusts the conversation was stimulating (sic)..
LOL - Dave Gilbert
Dave Gilbert
Phill Niblock – Unmentionable Piece for Trombone and Sousaphone - http://www.last.fm/music...
Lovely piece of minimalist art music with two entrained marching band brass workhorses. - Dave Gilbert
Tim Anderson
Had a great discussion with Dave Gilbert of Griffin on the value of metadat for my music industry class
Thanks Tim, it was a pleasure. Good questions from your students too. - Dave Gilbert
Jeremiah Owyang
Anyone recommend an external battery solution for a MacBook Air? What's the best solution?
I own the Macbook Air External Battery Charger from Quickertek. Expensive, but works great: http://www.quickertek.com/product... - Dave Gilbert
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