Kids love robots: fact. Exhibit A. #ExpandNY #Lego #Mindstorms @ Javits Center
youngest engadget fan evar. Also most adorable. #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
the family that VRs together, stays together #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
RT @LittlePeeg: Why have a Mars colony by 2025? To "inspir[e] kids to be astronauts instead of pop stars." Amen! #ExpandNY
when Mark Setrakian showed us the secrets of Hollywood's alien robots #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
when everyone wanted to learn how to build their own VR headset (go figure) #ExpandNY
i for one welcome our friggin' adorable robotic overlords #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
when you've never seen a kid more excited about a snake robot in your life #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
when #ExpandNY's STEM program made me cry with delight to see young people lit up & inspired by…
3D-printed fruit: not only super cool, but super adorable. #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
RT @danielwcooper: I love Becky Stern, Adafruit's head of wearable DIY tech. I kinda wanna be her when I grow up. #expandny
i'll take two. #360cam #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
RT @ProjectAra: Want to know one of the craziest ideas for an Ara module? Check out this Q&A with Paul Eremenko ahead of #ExpandNY
RT @LSH: See the possible future as technology, inventions debut at Engadget #ExpandNY
OH: "i skipped school to come here!" #ExpandNY (we approve.)
#ExpandNY: so cool to hear CEO (& former teacher) charlesbest tell the story of how donorschoose has…
when @rachelhaot kicked off #ExpandNY and welcomed engadget to New York on behalf of gov. Cuomo @…
this is the face of engadget, people. no one rocks the Madonna mic like @numeson #ExpandNY @ Javits…
this is the face of engadget, people. no one rocks the Madonna mic like @numeson #ExpandNY @ Javits…
so it begins...! #ExpandNY @ Javits Center
why don't we play this game where i have a walk sign but you're in an expensive vehicle in Manhattan which gives you the right to plow thru
when you feel like you're living the pre-apocalypse in SF but then you go to New York
“it’s like FarmVille for entrepreneurs” RT @VentureBeat: Zynga chairman Mark Pincus starts new Superlabs incubator
dude totally, and i think it’s running Android Moonpie RT @PorterHaney: @doctorparadox OMG rounded front?!
BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy Gel 1.5" leaked
we are so great at expansion but we have no narrative for downscaling. could be our ultimate species downfall
explains everything | When you're in charge, power (and testosterone) corrupt--no matter how honest you are:
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