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hey gamers, go on and win yourself an Xbox One w/Titanfall & other goodies (plus snag some deals!) via @joystiq
best wireless inkjet printer you would recommend for a home office?
RT @EngadgetEvents: What's the Engadget Expand Insert Coin competition all about?
when you need a signed agreement to generate a signed agreement #corplyfe
gustatory outsourcing: Get groceries delivered in 1h + $10 off first order + free delivery. via @Instacart
How To Cultivate A Creative Thinking Habit via @FastCompany
pssst, hey makers and hardware innovators: start your engines for a chance at $25k & exhibit space at #ExpandNY!
"Doges and Grumpy Cats, living together. Mass hysteria" | Why The Digital Ad Economy Is Heading For a Correction
JOB CREATORS RT @TechCrunch: Fired Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro's Severance Totaled $58M by @alex
when idle office chatter turns to the subject of @johncolucci's dongle breaking, i think of @marshacollier #SBCviolations
so gumshoe, such real-time! RT @isaach: cnn pushing the boundaries of breaking news
money flowing to money management | Betterment raises $32 million -
bi-weekly is the new weekly
RT @margafret: Silicon Valley isn't in a bubble of its own, that bubble is a historic class structure and that structure expands across the whole world.
another year, another Form 4868 #taxslacker
Automattic, Steward of, Snaps Up Longreads
remember the heady days of OPML?
monopsony crits you for $12,716 per month, you die RT “@lasnark: @doctorparadox It's the world of warcast” #comwarnertimecast
the thing about email notifications is that they send you email
my kingdom for perfect groupware!
of all the loosely stitched-together hogwash... RT @scottbix No, women don't make less money than men
Revenge on the Nerds: Why It's So Cool to Laugh at the Tech World Now - The Atlantic
shit's getting weird(er) | Anarchists Protest Kevin Rose Of Digg, Demand $3 Billion
if marriage has nothing to do w/employment, why do HR, payroll, & benefits svcs care about my marital status?
your one-time password will be engraved upon an angel's wing and sent to you via cargo ship #verysecure
RT @alanajoy: I'm looking for #singlemothers that are #executives #entrepreneurs or #freelance #consultants et al to contribute content to a project. (RT)
um RT @CNET: Tech-shuttle fights get weird as protesters blockade and puke on a Yahoo bus in Oakland.
when a textarea in a form asks a detailed question & doesn't let you know up front that there's a 300 character limit #UXfail
global warming aside, can we not have a rational public conversation about how we live on a geological planet that like, changes and stuff
when a web service wants you to "sign up" before they even tell you what the frak they're gonna do for you
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