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something like that… "9th Circle," was it? RT @tayhatmaker: @doctorparadox what was the Shine CMS called again? Hell's Maw?
path to profit RT @tayhatmaker: because what the tech industry needs right now is to operate with even more isolation from the real world
it is just never a dull moment, on April 1 or otherwise
… oh, internet you so cray #april1 #halp
when you follow a link in an iPad reading app and get a splash page prompt to download that site's mobile app instead of content #facepalm
guess the Shine has worn off | Yahoo Mulling Plans to Ax Its Women’s Site | Re/code
weird annoyance in iOS 7.1: how the frak do you tell what state the caps key is in?!
help out a cool Oakland theater, just needs a nudge... | Finally a Facade for The New Parkway on @Kickstarter
relevant ad is relevant
he is not wrong. hope it's tasty! RT @pitchforkmedia: .@trent_reznor says @Neilyoung's Pono looks like a Toblerone
low-speed car chase, LA-style
oh wow, just made the mistake of trying to follow a link to Financial Times. ok, i won't read your website then
Deep Thoughts: Do young Earth creationists think Aronofsky's Noah is a documentary? #inquiringminds
wow, why let banks rip you off when Walmart can rip you off even better!* *for a fee
what is this look, Wall Street Hillbilly? Backwoods Billionaire?
Spam of the Day (Week?!) is in: "i am representing Bacon Supply Company in-regard to a purchase of ( SOCKS ) from your establishment."
Mozilla employees tell new CEO Brendan Eich he needs to “step down” over anti-gay political donations | Ars Technica
"i love the VPN!" said no one ever
Erdoğan, what are you doing #condemnedtorepeat
what happened to wikis(outside of wikipedia obv)? Are they still alive outside of the enterprise? Are they still alive *in* the enterprise?
to summarize today's news: Facebook and Sony are fighting for your face, while Coldplay lost the fight for Gwyneth Paltrow's ear
RT @Digidave: Okay future. You win. We will all look stupid in a few years wearing something atrocious on our faces.
cue the hype machine (finally) turning its attention to equity crowdfunding RT @stevekovach: So do Oculus Kickstarter backers get nothing?
...holy crap | Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion, plans to 'unlock new worlds for all of us' via @engadget
RT @ginatrapani: Been working crazy-hard on this for almost a year. Finally: @thinkup is open to the public! Join us:
How tech became the enemy - then and now - SFGate
on growth hacking vs. understanding growth
could you describe the ruckus, sir? RT @MollyRingwald: 30 years.
RT @gigaom: Before the “explanatory journalism” craze started to catch fire, there was Syria Deeply
woo hoo, glad you can make it!! #ExpandNY RT @AnnaGetsPithy: @doctorparadox @engadget So excited to make this one!
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