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Robin A. Eckert, MD

Robin A. Eckert, MD

Integrative Physician, Compassionate Healer, Professor, Integrally informed Contemplative
RT @WhiteHouse: "One of the brightest lights of our time." —President Obama on the passing of #MayaAngelou:
RT @Kiva: Beautiful words from #MayaAngelou remind us we're all in this together.
RT @WorldAndScience: 'Don’t tell me the sky is the limit, When there are Footprints on the Moon' - Brandt Paul
RT @Anti_Idiocracy: New -ism in addition to racism, sexism, what's not talked about is the trend of Anti-Intellectualism, and the disregard of Facts and Science
RT @Anti_Idiocracy: Anti-Intellectualism; Anchor Brian Sullivan at CNBC said today “Somebody said Man Walked on the Moon, I don’t buy that, but some people do”.
Officially boycotting @dominos @legalzoom @proflowers @autozone @eharmony 4 Rush Limbaugh support. #BoycottRush He has gone too far
Essence of Karma Yoga: Offer the Benefits to the Greater Good, Practice Gratitude, Act Impeccably, Let go of Outcome! Over and Over again
Profoundly Sad that Portals to Answers are Slammed Shut due to the Vilification of Truth via the Lens of False Belief! Great Potential Lost!
Entertain the idea that Autism Spectrum Disorders is not just a neurodevelopment disorder but a disease affecting multiple body systems
About to Present, Autism is Treatable to the Academic Elite, may the message be received.
Arsenic Loving Bacteria! Anything is Possible! What an amazing World We Share
Arsenic Loving Bacteria! Anything is Possible! What an amazing World We Share
Examined the moment carefully so you can recognize the gem presented to you.
‎"Sometimes, to Lose Balance for Love, is part of Living Balanced Life" ~ Ketut
Reductionist Scientific Investigation in Biological Complex Systems, is like listening to Wagner with only a piccolo!
‎"If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe." ~ Carl Sagan
Bone Soup Today!
God!!! Buzz Kill! So Be it! !!!
I am so over halloween already, okay?
gratefull to all those before me who have found the way, I rest upon the shoulders of .........__________?!?
What's up w/ Oregon's Med Cannabis initiative? I''m just curious, since Ca Li is pathfinding the way towards Cannabis for everyone!
Are you serious? 2 weeks to live? I'm very gullible, bless you child, Love eternal & extended, we R connected, so be it Much Love! Forever!
Imagine John Lennon, 70 years young! ......Wow......
May We become better vehicles for healing and relieving suffering in the World
Getting Out of My Own Way!
Our bodies are programed for innate healing, sometimes we just need to get out of our own way.
Our bodies are an amazing transient biological dance upon the greater fabric of Consciousness, You Are a Miracle!
When faced with adversity, know that by transforming your own pain U ease the suffering of all. Lean in to it, discover the impermanence
Sometimes a Healing Journey Must take Many Twists & Turns. Cultivate Patience and steadfastness and repeated return to the present moment
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