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Kevin Murray
The Circle of Life (revised)
Hah! - Robert Scoble
woops in my haste i dissed flickr. sorry flickr. - Kevin Murray
My wife would agree! - Brian Bufalo
true - sure takes a lot of time if you let it - Mark Conrau
Man it looks like we're sliding down a social-negativity cone - Ymag
So true these days ! - Mike Schmidt
Where's the bathroom? :) - frankiecarl
And the fridge? ;) - stanjourdan
Friendfeed is the center of life! - Ashish
Revised again: Fridge & Toilet Added: ;) - Kevin Murray
Facebook should rather be in a different universe altogether - sofarsoShawn
I agree with sofarsoshawn. take facebook out and its darn close. :) - timepilot
And Twitter would be in the lowest circle of hell ~ but yes,very close; though yes I just tweeted this - sofarsoShawn
LOL - TheHenry
You mean, my life is normal? - Michele Lorito-Chase
exactly - Val Vladescu from IM
And where is this t-shirt? - Louis Gray
Agreed...I want this shirt! - Carlton Hackett
Brilliant - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Nice.... - Danny Bonthuis
Good one! - Gianluigi Cuccureddu
Why no life? - Kristo Magno
why no arrow at least from flickr into friendfeed? - ian kennedy
Ian Kennedy, May be flickr is lazy,so it leaves that work to RSS and facebook Or one can say same about FF? - Ashish
T-Shirt Waiting To Happen! :) - The Pageman
T-Shirt & Travel Mug (in case we actually leave the house) Did it @ Cafe Press: Please note 1) I'm not an artist so I hope you like the organic nature of it. 2) I'm not looking to make any $ on this, any proceeds will be donated to my favorite charity Here is the link: - Kevin Murray
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