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Kol Tregaskes
DNG, RAW and JPEG: What I Use & Why » JMG-Galleries – Jim M. Goldstein Photography -
"Almost 5 years ago I wrote an article on the pros and cons of using RAW versus JPEG and why I was shooting in RAW (see RAW vs JPEG: Is Shooting RAW Format For Me?). These days the argument of using RAW versus JPEG is well… not an argument at all. Most photographers realize that shooting in RAW provides a great number of benefits and many if not all the reasons to avoid using RAW have been nullified thanks to a variety of technical innovations including larger capacity compact flash drives & hard drives, maturation of RAW converters, development of photo specific editing/management software and faster more powerful computers. Now the question that faces photographers is should I convert my RAW files to DNG?" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
I've never even thought about using DNG. Anyone use DNG? - Kol Tregaskes
Aperture doesn't support Panasonic G1 raw files yet, so I use DNG when I can. But there are, alas, some tricks. - Eric Johnson
I'm fine using DNG and Lightroom /Photoshop. - Donald Townsend
Robert Scoble
Keeping kids online safe -
I am glad that the movement is swinging away from just only trying to prevent our children from experiencing the dark side of the internet. We need to place reasonable safeguards as well as opening the lines of communication between parents and children. I work in a school and see every day how hard many parents find it to have uncomfortable discussions with their teenagers. I would love to see a resource that helps encourage and facilitate a positive and open communication between parents and their kids. - Phillip Miller
this is where Glubble will help you. We provide parents the tools to support their children discover the web and social networking. Instead of locking children or the computer down, or trying to be the experts for parents, we let parents take the responsibility and build a safe and fun web for their children. This way parents can teach their children to be good citizens in the online... more... - Alexander van Elsas
Kids are part of the problem themselves. At my school lots of trouble begins online at social media sites and can even end in fighting. Othertimes it's the other way round. A child is bullied at school and then bullied online too. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
Our kids are only allowed to use the computer in the public areas of our house (ie. not their rooms). I am not so naive to think this is the only solution, so I have had discussions with my older kids (11 & 8) about appropriate use, sites, etc. As far as them posting information online, I told them to think about this: If you wouldn't stand up in the middle of your school lunch room and share the same information with everyone, it's probably not a good idea to put it online. - Dave Gambrill
Avynn's computer is in a common room, right where I can see him from my office. We have no censorship of any kind on his computer. So far the worst thing he watches is machinima based around Half Life 2 and sometimes Monty Python. He's 12 now, so we'll probably need to have a talk about porn sometime before too long. He doesn't have any friends yet who even know what email or IM is. That'll change in Middle School. - iTad
Alexander, I'll have to test that out in anticipation. I haven't given up waiting on my little miracles. :) Nice to be prepared though. Thanks for sharing! - Melanie Reed
@Tad - Watching Monty Python already, eh? Sounds like your kid'll be okay. :) - Steve Lynch from twhirl
I agree that education is the best form of prevention -- kids are smart, make sure they know how you feel (and why). - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Locking computers and the web down too much gives kids a reason to want to break free. It is so much better to give them a cool experience and teach them about their behavior on the web at the same time. My ultimate goal is for a child to be able to say that his Internet is way more cooler than mom's or dad's Internet. And parents need to be educated and get involved as well. They can't just rely on tools but should be actively involved. They want to, but often do not know how - Alexander van Elsas
As much as you try, you cannot "protect" your kids online, except by educating them. The weakest links are their friends. I've seen first hand how friends will introduce new people into a network that no one in the existing network knows. Kids don't realize that these new people are "strangers" because they assume "a friend of a friend" is safe. That's one thing I've had to teach my kids -- that friends of friends are strangers unless you know them in the "real world." - Dominic Jones
And the cc: line in emails is the most common way strangers get into your kids' networks. - Dominic Jones
Sorry to hog this, but if I can help one person it's worth it. Teach your kids never to share their passwords with their friends. They often do this for things like neopets and webkinz when they're going to be offline for a while and want a friend to take care of their "pets" or keep in good standing on Club Penguin or something. Their passwords often are the same for a variety of sites, including web mail. - Dominic Jones
I grew up before the age of social media and there was lots of bullying, malicious gossip and harassment, not to mention the creepy guy who stood on the corner in a raincoat. (of course, bringing guns to school wasn't unusual then, you just had to keep them on the gun rack) The Web is just the latest tool for bullies and pervs. - Robert Hafer
@ Robert Hafer Today, the creepy guy in a raincoat is a sweet-looking 10-year-old girl who is popular with everyone and has all the latest gadgets but absent parents. - Dominic Jones
Don McAllister
Would an iPhones carrier be able to detect if someone was using "illegal" tethering other than looking for unusual traffic patterns?
unlikely ports - i.e. bt type ones would be a give away - h1ro
I don't work for any carriers, but I'd assume a rather large consistent influx of data might send them a sign as to something strange. - Wayne Dixon
I don't think "a rather large consistent influx of data might send them a sign as to something strange" because this would also be the case if one watched lots of YouTube videos on a mobile device like the iPhone. - Donald Townsend
I think it's all based on the user-agent data the browser sends back to the carrier, this is the only way i can think the carrier knows you are tethering - Kiel Walker
Ryan Block
The @gdgt Palm Pre roundtable with @leolaporte, @zpower, and @joshtopolsky is up!
Have to wait till I get home to download it and put it on my iPod. - Donald Townsend from BuddyFeed
Susan Beebe
Snabiz | iPhone@Netwalk - first OCR app for iPhone -
Snabiz | iPhone@Netwalk - first OCR app for iPhone
Snabiz | iPhone@Netwalk - first OCR app for iPhone
Snabiz | iPhone@Netwalk - first OCR app for iPhone
I only wonder if it works without any lens extra because the iPhone is not very good at macro shots. The captured card doesn't show any distortion and is very sharp. Too good to be real ... - Donald Townsend
Nice app, but 6 bucks? Hmmm... - Don Martelli
I would think it would best if you have a Griffin Clarifi case on so you can take cleaner close up pictures - it helped with getting better snaps of Barcodes for a barcode search app I use. - Gary
Leo Laporte
Could Apple Be Interested in Twitter for Its Halo Effect? | Technomix | Fast Company -
According to a well-connected Silicon Valley source who spoke with Gawker, and who may have been recruited by Apple for a senior position, Apple and Twitter's management are engaged in serious negotiations. In fact they may be close to sealing a deal for as much as $700 million, with the intention of announcing the purchase at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference in June. - Leo Laporte
Might be a clever move if they then don't shut out non Apple users in the end. - Donald Townsend
so apple isn't capitalism 2.0-we still hope for constructive capitalism- may the good are evil too? - Boris (aka electrouncle)
So now, Apple will get to "approve" each and every tweet before it is sent! :-) - Rob Smith
Maybe I am just imagining this. But I could have sworn I heard or read somewhere that Twitter was valued much higher. If so Apple is getting a steal. - Nick O
So, if Twitter has gotten as big as it is by having its famously open API, and Apple is notorious for walling their gardens. How exactly will Apple incorporate Twitter effectively? - Sunny Molini
Never going to happen; it's ridiculous to discuss. - Peter
$700 million seems way too low. And what could Apple bring that Twitter doesn't already have? Seriously. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Scott Beale
the Mac version of @tweetie is coming out this Monday, April 20th, here's a preview
Its going to be hard to decide between tweetie for mac and Nambu - Dickie Maxx
Is it free? - Richard A.
I hope! - Michael Forian
TechCrunch article says free ad-based version of @tweetie, and pay version at $15 (although first comment says no official price yet). - Niklas Morberg
Absolutely can't wait. Tweetie for the iPhone has everything you'd ever want in a Twitter client, IMHO. While Tweetdeck has a load of features, it's not Tweetie. Looking forward to this and will happily drop some coin for the app. - Anthony Baker
Easy choice, Nambu, free across platforms :-) - Richard A.
I like the Seesmic client very much but a real application not Air based is much more interesting. - Donald Townsend
Looks good from the video. I'm guessing it'll be a paid app, just like the iPhone version. - Dom Barnes
I hope it's free - Outsanity
What is it with people and free? I understand that the economy is in the shitter (boy do I ever) but if you can't afford a $15 app maybe Twitter isn't the best way to be spending your time. Tweetie is developed by one guy just trying to make a living. Sheesh. - jakebf
Alex Cristache
10 Beautiful Non-Blog Websites Powered by WordPress -
The time when WordPress was used strictly as a blog platform is long gone. WordPress has evolved into a mature CMS that gives designers and developers the right tools to create amazing non-blog websites for their clients. As proof for that stand these 10 beautiful websites powered by WordPress. - Alex Cristache
WordPress is extremely versatile.You can employ it for various projects and oftentimes you don't even recognize it's WordPress at first sight. - Donald Townsend
Donald, that's the designer's skill. And even if you recognize the WordPress behind it, what's the harm? It makes me appreciate the creator even more for his creativity and skill. - Alex Cristache
Leo Laporte
Building an empire | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA -
Building an empire | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
""Live streaming takes the Internet to the next level," said Jake Gold, chief technology officer at "Leo is a great example of the replacement of TV."" - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
Mmm, ego stroking. :D - Mike Nayyar
Leo is a pioneer and I'm sure he's watched closely by the big networks. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
"Million dollar business"??? Hope it is true Leo - you certainly deserve it. - Euan
Nice article indeed. Great business. Listen to you almost every day - Robert
Been following Leo for years. I loved Screensavers and Call for Help. I am so glad he decided to break the paradigm and show the big boys what a geek with motivation can do. GET SOME LEO!!!!!!!!!!! - Robert C
The TWiT podcast is better than ever recently. - Phillip Stewart
Great exposure Leo! FWIW, Brian Brushwood has been an awesome contributor to TWiT. Revision3 is letting him go to waste just doing Scam School. - Paul Reynolds
I agree, Brian was fun - JimmyDee
Leo is the man! He's a leader and I hope he gets lots of appreciation for his trail blazing!! - Susan Beebe
This inspires me - I'm starting a stickam show! Thanks Leo! - Joe Mescher
Kol Tregaskes
“I'm trying to import from one WordPress site to another, the XML file is about 1.3Mb but every time, so far, the import gives me a 500 - internal server error after a few minutes.” -
"Is this some sort of limit on my host or something wrong with the import?" - Kol Tregaskes
Probably a PHP upload limit. Best way I've found is to use mysqldumper - Andy Roberts
theres a db export utility plugin of some sort that can be used for this purpose - TrafficBug
Had the same problem and then exported everything as an xml file which I divided up into smaller chunks. I then imported one xml file after the other. You can split the XML files with any editor. In my case I had to import about 1500 entries. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
OK, ta. I just kept importing the same file and it worked. The only problem is that it created duplicated categories. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Steve C, Team Marina
How did you find FriendFeed?
A FF founder forced me into it over Christmas dinner. - Steve C, Team Marina
When I would search for things, FF posts from the History of Blogging profile would always turn up in my results. I joined so I could follow that profile, and hated it for the first month or so. - FFing Enigma
Probably other twitter peeps. I resisted for many months though since I was happy with my lifestreaming solution. I gave in and was pleasantly surprised with the community - Rodfather
Scoble mentioned it on Twitter. - Morton Fox
Heard about it on Twitter, if my memory doesn't fail me. - Chris Charabaruk
Via Scoble's tweets. - Parth Awasthi
I don't even remember. Probably read about it somewhere. - Dee @
Scoble - vijay
I followed Robert here as well. - Brian Sullivan
Got a new BB Curve and started searching for social media sites out there. - Just Mrs. V
A friend suggested FF to me as the better option when I queried him on how he liked Pownce (obviously it was good that I came here instead of going there!) - Hookuh Tinypants
I don't even remember. Probably Mashable or something. - Jandy
My brother, Robert. Maybe you've heard of him? Hehe. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Katie got me hooked! She introduced me to Twitter too! In fact I think it is pretty much ALL Katie's fault that I have become such an internet whore and am no longer productive at work!! It ain't my fault! LOL!! - Meredith
i have no idea at all - Simon Wicks
::::evil grin::: My plan is working!!!! - Just Mrs. V
Leo Laporte - Chris Rivait
laporte : net at night - Live4Emma (L4S)
i remember when Katie was a precocious look at her :-p - Live4Emma (L4S)
Roshan Vayas :) - Mona Nomura
when I applied for the scripting job with rocketboom, been here ever since - alphaxion
I wish I could remember. I found Twitter first and then from the folks there, found FF. Just wish I could remember how I found Twitter. - Yolanda
my friend M F invited me - Manuela
mashable possibly if not it was go2web20 - Cee Bee
Jeremiah Owyang was talking about it on Twitter - anna sauce
Mark Trapp told me about it. - James Ferguson
Through Thomas Hawk - Juan Pablo González
James Ferguson told me about it. Does that blow your mind? - Mark Trapp
gReader told me about it - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Steve Isaacs brought me here. - Aaron Hood
I think I did a google search for "Online profile Overload" and seven clicks later I heard about it. - tehKenny
I found FriendFeed thanks to a Malagasy blogger gal, Jogany ( ) - Thierry R. Andriamirado from twhirl
On Twitter - Shawn Farner
Scoble Tweeted about a conversation he had going on here which I joined. I blogged about it right away at and have been promoting FF ever since. I'm still waiting for you all to add your FriendFeed Friends Lists at - that post gets promoted every time someone asks about FriendFeed and provides dofollow links back to your site. - Gail Gardner
Still finding my way around...but then, I'm still a novice to this sort of thing - Terry Jones
Via facebook, before I found twitter, but only now learning the value of FF - Yant
Can't really remember, but Scoble inspired me to pick it up and use it more. - frank barry
Points finger at scobleizer :) - Holger Eilhard
Likemind Istanbul - Yunus Tunak
Blog post by Scoble... :) - Frode Stenstrøm
Post on RWW - Ivo Mortani
It must have been a blog somewhere I don't remember precisely but for the first eight months or so I used it nearly exclusively for its private rooms where I set up different feeds - M F
I found it quite entertaining and full of verve. - Morgan
TC blog post (can't believe I'm the only one), but I still wasn't interested. With the release of the real-time feature, I bookmarked it. When time allowed, I registered. Finally, I started using it a couple months ago. - coldbrew
I tried Twhirl as a twitter client and checked it out. I don't use Twhirl anymore, still on FF. - Richard Lawler
a colleague had a FriendFeed link in her Yahoo messenger profile - Rick Bucich from twhirl
October 1, 2007 via a TechCrunch article - AJ Batac
Felicia Day (story of my life!). - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Aye pretty good! - Chris Nixon
via netvibes (one of the feeds on my tech news tabs) then bookmarked it on .... to rediscover it months later - travel20
FF user Nine invited me last summer. As someone who likes to register at new sites, and who would follow Nine just about anywhere (except into the bathroom), I signed up immediately. Took me a bit longer to start actively using FF, though. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Edythe invited me last March - RAPatton
I can't even remember and it was only about 2 1/2 months ago. Sad loss of brain cells. - Martha
Pea and Monique, and Melissa and MisterJT, mostly. I held off for the longest. Now I'm all up in this joker. - Derrick
via a post on Thomas Hawk's blog - Justin Korn
Probably trough Scoble Tweets. - Alex Sauceda
I think either Scoble or Loic - Jaimey Walking Bear
Probably the Techmeme coverage of Louis Gray's post about FriendFeed: - Hutch Carpenter
hmm... the cosmos conspired to lead me to light - Shivanand Velmurugan
The Scobleizer - Tim
Dave Winer blogged about it being better than Twitter - Tim Ostler
Rafe Needleman & Dan Farber did a video about it for Webware - Marcus Beagley
personal friend (nice robot) turned me on - Kelly W.
I saw people talking about it on Pownce. At first I thought the idea was totally obnoxious. That I would want to re-add friends all over again in an effort to aggregate my social networks was just too burdensome. I was convinced that socialthing would be a more enjoyable experience. And as is usually the case, I was very wrong. :) - Andrew
And is that "nice robot" cheaper than a Roomba, cause it could make a killing on the singles scene at bars. - Steve C, Team Marina
I think Scoble introduced me here as well. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Tamara J - Bren
it, FF, found me, should I be scared? - chaz2b
Co-founders pitch - Girish
Scoble - MiniMage
the question is how did friendfeed find me? (sorry, couldnt resist). I honestly can't remember...probably some blog post - Zee.
LOL, I think FF owes a certain someone a nice trinket of some sort. ;) - Patricia F. Anderson
what's friendfeed? - Kelly
+1 kelly - Jessie
The Amber held me hostage until I joined. - Tsali - A dude man
Bret Taylor sent me an invite in 2007. - El Conejo Viejo
Through Twitter. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Heard Leo Laport talk about it on TWIT. - John O'Hara
Either through Emily ( or Sarah Perez (, I can't remember which I heard it from first. - Alix May
I don't recall - Herb Hernandez
Lisa L. Seifert invited me. I used it as an aggregator and fed it into GReader for months. Then I kept seeing interesting conversations on Lisa's feed and got sucked in. DYLS! - Jeanine W.
I found it a while back and never really used it, got back into it when I saw Mona start getting into it. - Andrew Trinh
Louis Gray and Robert Scoble raved about it on Twitter so I came and never left - Sally Church
Related to one of the founders through marriage. ; ) @Steve: Going for the all-time comment record, eh? - Michael Scarpelli
It was mentioned as a good Facebook app when I said the FeedHeads app was the best in a comment back in October of 2007. See it here: - Louis Gray
I found it through Jason Toney's blog. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
my brother made me do it. :-P - Jessie
Through an article in PCMag. - Ron Bailey
Jessie's is a repeat, her brother also made me do it. He's a pusher. - Steve C, Team Marina
they threw me off twitter and I needed a way to make sure people weren't libeling me. I looked for an aternative. Plurk sucked... so... - NoahDavidSimon
plurk. - Anika
From reading about it from Twitter posts - John Collis from Nambu
from Twitter posts - Batu
Blame Haggis for me being here. - Christian (Simply X)
Chris Brogan told me about it on Twitter, when I was looking for a life streaming service that could support everything and consolidate all my activities into a single feed. - April Russo (FForever!)
Appeared in a feed I monitored as part of my coverage for Lifestream Blog. Don't remember exactly from where though. - Mark Krynsky
Recommendation from a friend and social-media guru. - Kol Tregaskes
+1 Michael, Steve's such a comment whore....must be rooted from him not being Norine's favorite..... - Kelly
Can't remember, word if (social media) mouth. Probably Scoble, Arrington, Loic or Duncan Riley. - jjprojects
heard about it on TwiT or net@night - Donald Townsend
Ditto @Donald. - Todd Brunner from twhirl
When Duncan called someone (Louis?) a C*nt - James Beake
it would have been talked about in a blog a long time ago. or maybe techcrunch - james from twhirl
I come here from - ybs
Heared about it on Twitter. - Sweyn Venderbush from twhirl
Scoble ranted and raved about it enough for me to try :) - Roberto Bonini
TechCrunch.. - noname
A lot different than it was when it started ... Still here but not sure how 'friendly' it appears to newcomers?? - Charlie Anzman
The charming Mr Steve Isaacs made me do it! - Vicky
Jemm force me to come in here.D - Neya
Scoble mentioned it on Twitter or his blog. Loved FriendFeed's freer form and threading. Nambu for iPhone recently cinched it. - Ernie Oporto from Nambu
Well, I Watched a Youtube Video about it :P - nfan12 from Alert Thingy
Through Steve Rubel's blog! - Karthick R
scoble to blame - imran
Jerome Flipos made me crack up, and yes Michael & Kelly everything I do is a desperate failed attempt to win the blessing of my mother in law. - Steve C, Team Marina
Twitter - Ross Mayfield
(blushing) i feel like such a pusher... - Benton
I'm just jealous that this is more comments than all my posts will ever get combined. : ( - Michael Scarpelli
@Michael, at least you have the love of our shared mother in law to comfort you while I wallow in tears in my pile of comments knowing that magic still eludes me. - Steve C, Team Marina
is okay, sometimes good, sometimes so so, and at other times great! but really it's the shit - sofarsoShawn
I don't remember "forcing" anyone to join, but aren't you glad you did anyways? - Jim Norris
Yes, we are, Jim. Thank you. - Anne Bouey
@ Jim I was drunk and don't remember clearly I could have sworn there was a gun involved i'll ask Drunk Norine and Drunk Pam for confirmation. - Steve C, Team Marina
the need for a second feed that I couldn't get thrown off of. I joined every social net out there. my plan was to run feeds into all of them through hacking twitterfeed. this ended up being unneeded because someone created and hello.txt. my guess was that I would need as many social nets as possible because I wasn't going to play nice. I knew that from the get go. it became more... more... - NoahDavidSimon
Sheila - I presume some other stuff happened between the birth and the founding though? ;-) - Brian Sullivan
Sheila - serious comeback! Isn't that the best way to find FF? :) - Shivanand Velmurugan
via Robert Scoble uing it - Rob Cairns
The sister of one of the founders invited me. - Soup in a TARDIS
@Sheila What a coincidence! So did I! Albeit, a different founder! - Anne Bouey
Saw it mentioned on Mashable in a sentence saying something about "DeviantArt is the FriendFeed of" something that I can't recall now. And I was like, What's FriendFeed? The rest, history. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
From friend. - Daniel Schildt
Robert Scoble
Paul Harvey died today and over on Twitter there's a TON of commentary. I LOVED him and his voice. I will miss hearing him say "good day" or "and that's the rest of the story."
Paul was the best-known radio voice in the USA. Tons of news about his death here: - Robert Scoble
Paul has been part of my life ever since I can remember. It's going to be weird not hearing him on the air anymore. I thought it was weird when KGO pulled his spot from the mid-day slot. I knew then that something was up. - Robert Scoble
I loved his "Page Two." - Len Edgerly
The art of Mr. Harvey's speaking was his rhythm and periods of silence. He rewarded his audience for listening keenly to his words. - Phil Earnhardt
It's sad to see/hear him go! RIP Paul. - Jeff P. Henderson
That's a fond part of my life - he'll be very missed. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: yeah, he really changed how we all thought of American Radio. It's like another chapter in the book of my life has closed too. I guess that's where the feeling of loss comes in. Oh well, time to open a new chapter... - Robert Scoble
Is that possible? Someone to fill that void. Will it come in something other than radio? (Who reads books anymore?) - W. Kirk Crawford
Kirk: I don't think anyone can take his place. But new voices will spring up. I think the new voices will be found online. It's going to be very hard to break into old-school media because they are closing down and the "shelf space" is getting less and less. - Robert Scoble
Yes Robert, it's up to us to keep that memory moving forward. - Jesse Stay
Now you know why I follow you, somewhat. - W. Kirk Crawford
Kirk: who knows? I have a radio station offering me an hour. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, go for it. You have nothing to lose and almost everything to gain. (You might lose some time.) - W. Kirk Crawford
Kirk: transmitters? We don't need no stinking transmitters! - Robert Scoble
Robert: roflol I haven't heard ref to Mike's nacho-monkee rif in awhile...and the Star Trek double-rimshot nod really adds value. lol I realized this was a REAL Kirk but it was terrific looking at your comment from that perspective. - Melanie Reed
I used to love the segment when he'd announce a couple who'd been together 50, 60 even 80 years. Angel, his wife passed away last year. He loved her very much and always used to talk about her. I think he is very glad that he can finally be with her again. - Tokyo Dan
Paul did have an incredible measure delivery. His voice was a real gift. Agree with you Paul.E - Melanie Reed
Considering how much he's spoken over the years, I'm sure we can digitally reproduce him reading current events. Just give it to some geeks. It will sound awful/amazing. But, along with everyone else, I will miss him on my afternoon drives. Sad stuff. - Mike Nayyar
This is how I felt when another great passed away.. Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune who was syndicated in The Japan Times where I read him every week. - Tokyo Dan
Nothin' but love for Paul Harvey. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I used to listen to him every evening but that's been ages ago. Nevertheless I've still got his voice in my ears. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
Leo Laporte
Bill proposes ISPs, Wi-Fi keep logs for police - -
Republican politicians on Thursday called for a sweeping new federal law that would require all Internet providers and operators of millions of Wi-Fi access points, even hotels, local coffee shops, and home users, to keep records about users for two years to aid police investigations. - Leo Laporte
Believe it or not it's called the "Internet Stopping Adults Facilitating the Exploitation of Today's Youth Act," Is that even grammatical? - Leo Laporte
I guess they love EU laws on this matter, huh? - Andre
Another bunch of controlling legislation using child abuse as an excuse to snoop on everyone? - Ian May
***and home users*** o_O This is craziness. - Robert DeBord
If you read the article it is similar to the one the Dems put up a few years ago. Both sides have wanted this, not just the Reps. "This tends to be a bipartisan sentiment: Attorney General Eric Holder, a Democrat, said in 1999 that "certain data must be retained by ISPs for reasonable periods of time so that it can be accessible to law enforcement." Rep. John Conyers, the Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said that FBI proposals for data retention legislation "would be most welcome." - Joe K
At the end of the day this helps big business.... Picture how this effects community wireless groups like NYCWireless ( pushing more people into verizon / tmobile accounts - Sean Reiser
Scott, I'm not saying I'm for this bill. It will be bad for everyone. I only wanted to make sure that people are aware of the Dems involvement in this and to not just lay this all at the feet of the Reps. People should contact their congressman and express their disapproval. - Joe K
Previous proposals have been aimed at ISPs only. And despite the article, the 2007 proposal was from Lamar Smith and the "law and order" Republicans. "the Bush administration has been pushing for such a rule privately since mid-2005. " - Leo Laporte
From the article Leo Posted...Even though both requirements are central to a Republican-led effort, neither data retention nor Web labeling are that partisan. A Senate committee approved a telecommunications bill that included Web labeling by a 15-7 vote in June. And Rep. Diana DeGette, a Colorado Democrat, has been the most vocal proponent of data retention in the entire Congress. - Joe K
How about this. Instead of pointing fingers at either side. Lets get a list of politicians that have shown support for this bill and get people organized to contact them and express our thoughts. - Joe K
It annoys me how the language of these madcap proposals always seem to invoke "the safety of our children", the implication being that if you don't support said proposal you must be favour of children being harmed... - Andrew Terry
Safety of children (child pronography, etc.) have a history of being misused by legislators to filter content and restrict freedoms of users. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
of course, did the government think about the kind of infrastructure needed to do such a thing? I didn't realise a coffee shop needed a full time IT admin. Guess it's a hidden boost to the IT support sector? - alphaxion
This is unenforceable for home users. Many people don't know how to update their OS or secure their wireless access point, let alone produce an access log upon demand. - Will King
This is such a bad law. Not very happy with my party at the moment. Good thing is that since congress is controlled by the other side, this won't go through without significant Dem support. Hopefully they will be on the right side of this issue (pun intended) - Brian Milby
Scott Im not saying it fair, because the other side did it.Either side using child porn to inflict these laws is an outrage. The reason for my comments was to make sure that when the finger start pointing, they point equally at any politican, no matter which side that would support this. Your comment seem to still want to keep the partisanship alive. I for one am an independent, and will vote for whatever side I like. The persons voting record means more to me than a (D) or (R) in front of their name - Joe K
Scott, Glad to hear that you would speak out against your own party on an issue that you don't agree with. Just like I have said many time now, I completely and fully disagree with this bill. Scott I may be wrong, but I have never seen anywhere that states that All members of the GOP support this bill. If you could find a credible resource that can confirm that, I would appreciate that. Its seem that you really want a party to blame instead of the politicians that have or might support this. - Joe K
Robert Scoble
Test of new Twitter tool coming soon: which Twitter iPhone app do you like best? (Answer here).
either mobile web version or twitterific - Graham English
I am all about tweetie recently - Dave Senior
Tweetie is the best, Robert. - Vince DeGeorge
Twitterfon has been killer for me, especially because it's free and still retains plenty of power. - Mike Nayyar
I like Twitterfon because it does RT's the right way. - Robert Scoble
I like Twitterfon as well - thanks to integrated replies and DMs. - Louis Gray
Twitterfon, it does RT nicely and shows you what the convo was about - Sally Church
I'm between tweetie and twitterfon. - Edgar Rodríguez from twhirl
Twitterfon. I tried Twitterific, but the free version at least didn't have nearly the capability of Twitterfon. And I haven't tried Tweetie, because I'm so happy with Twitterfon that I haven't felt the need to pay for it. - Jandy
Tweetie, definitely. Haven't used Twitterfon yet. - Akiva
I used Twitterrific a lot but after installing TwitterFon it became my default App quickly. - Jay Barcelo
Tweetie. - Patrick Jordan
twitterfon is the app is use on my touch - Samuel Lewis from twhirl
Tweetie is the one. - Neville Hobson
Tweetie FTW - andy brudtkuhl
Tweetie of course! - Jonathon
Has to be Tweetie - Richard Coppen
Could use TwitterFon or Twitterrific or even - Patrick from twhirl
Tweetie, though I wish I could change the retweet format to RT instead of (via...) - Robert DeBord
Twitterfon is a winner. - Orli Yakuel
Tweetie for sure. - Amani
Tweetie! - Scott W.
Tweetie!! - David Finch
right now Tweetie - Donald Townsend from twhirl
None, not an iphone user. - Richard A.
Tweetie user here. - Adam Turetzky from twhirl
twitterfon - but i also have the free twitteriffic - twitterfon is better ... i also use LaTwit for laconica/twitter/xmpptrack - Chris Heath
Tweetie! - Paul Reynolds
Twitterfon by leaps. I'm only missing retweets, but those can wait until I get to Tweetdeck I guess.. - embee
Tweetie. - Brad Brooks from BuddyFeed
Twitterfon ftw!! - Xee Momma
Tweetie. Have tried them all. - Tommie Nordholm
I like Tweetie the best. - Aaron Draczynski
Tweetie - after initially Twitterific - Bo Stern
I want to say Twitteriffic as i paid for it and use it on the desktop too, nicest interface i think, if only it had more featues. I use Tweetie from time to time, but im sticking with twitteriffic as my fave. - Simon Wicks
Twittelator free, give a try! - Luca Perugini
New "Meet Pre" video demonstrates new functionality, incredible calming effect -
That's how you feed the hype, morsel by morsel, and every crumb of information is swallowed and reurgitated endlessly to feed even more of those craving every news bit about the Pre. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
oliver gassner
Should I go for the g1 or wait till palm pre hits europe? I kida like the treo-format.
Depends on how you use your mobile phone. The Pre will offer a different experience. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
stewart mercer
Escape From City 17 - Part One Hd -
Interesting project to interweave reality and virtual reality into one. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
Robert Scoble
We're broadcasting on a 10,000 watt radio station (I'm being interviewed on air by the owner, Michael Zwerling). Really fun radio! Live now. Listen live at
Old time radio and social media ... - Donald Townsend from twhirl
Hi Robert! Aren't they currently talking about twitter? Go ahead tell 'em about FriendFeed! :) - directeur
It would be really awesome if you could upload some video from the show to 12seconds. Keep it local! :) - Nick
Amazing, I can get this great on D-up! Hi Robert! Hi to the guy in Chesterton, IN! (honeymoon went there) - Melanie Reed
Holding to say "Hey" right now! - Ron's Home And Hardware
Where did you stay, Melanie? Dunes? - Ron's Home And Hardware
"Radio-Theater of the Mind" Love it! Why not mix with Social Media! - Melanie Reed
@Ron's Home and Hardware We went to the Dunes but we stayed at an inn in town near a Bob Evans. Loved it. Divine connection really. I now do research about G. K. Chesterton for ministry. ;) - Melanie Reed
Oh, sure, the Hilton Gardens, awesome! So cool to talk to Scoble & Michael! - Ron's Home And Hardware
Good to hear you, John (1/2 0f Ron's Home and Hardware) ! one of first jobs was a buyer for a hardware dept. - Melanie Reed
Awesome, Melanie! Who'd you work for? - Ron's Home And Hardware
@Ron's Home and Hardware Just a little "5&dime" in Elkhart, Indiana at the Pierre Moran Mall - Melanie Reed
you're my hero! - sofarsoShawn
I know exactly where that's at...I was the GM at a chain restaurant less than 5 miles from there about 8 years ago. You still in Indiana? - Ron's Home And Hardware
@Ron's Home and Hardware I'm still a Hoosier. :) - Melanie Reed
Good girl! If you're ever in Indy or around Chesterton again, let me know. I'll take you and your loving husband out for dinner :) - Ron's Home And Hardware
@Ron's Home and Hardware Thank you so much for the invitation! I hope we can return soon and when we do, we will certainly take you up on your very kind offer. Many blessings to you and your family and your business! - Melanie Reed
Amber Mac
Hi! @chrisdick and I are thrilled to welcome our son Connor into the world this morn at 2:45am! We are all healthy and happy!
Glad to hear you're both OK. Welcome to geek paradise Connor. - Donald Townsend
Congrats to you and chris and welcome Connor. - Todd Proffitt
Aw! Congrats!!! - John
Blessings and Grace upon you, Chris, and Connor - Jim Adams
Congrats and best wishes!! - Gabe Diaz
Congrats! Good luck with your future sleepless nights. =) - LonelyBob
Congratulations to the both of you!! :) - Steve de Mena
I wish you both the best! - Ginger Campbell, MD
Leo Laporte
Why are we so obsessed with the registered sex offender side of the puzzle when the troubled kids are right in front of us? Why are we so obsessed with the Internet side of the puzzle when so many more kids are abused in their own homes? I feel like this whole conversation has turned into a distraction. Money and time is being spent focusing on... -
It's a lot easier to deal with processes and things than real people. - Todd Hoff
It is nearly impossible to shield children and teenagers online from pedophiles and perverts who are intent on propositioning to them. There are more people out there who might be interested in such behavior than known sex offenders. For this reason it is important to teach children and teenagers. They are young don't know much about the world and dangers out there. When growing up it is normal to try out things, play with fire. I have encountered lots of young girls who chose teasing nicknames in chats. - Donald Townsend
Håkan Dahlström
What was your first digital camera? My first digicam was an Olympus C-1 Zoom.
Nokia 6120 classic :) - Sasha Kovaliov
Hmmmm a Fuji, but don't know what kind. I know it was like 3MP - Shevonne
The Sony Mavica that used floppies =) - FFing Enigma
I had a Kodak EasyShare CX7430 at one time. If I remember correctly, the left menu navigation joypad button failed on it, and the battery cover fell off. It seemed to have problems with building the photo album on SD cards over 1GB too, and worked intermittently in still mode with them (although interestingly, it had no problems with 1GB+ cards in video mode). - Tyson Key
An Agfa cl30 I believe. It came with an Iomega Click drive for storage. - Eric - Final Countdown
A Konica Minolta 420Z. Bought in the days when I still shot film. How quickly things changed after that. - CdL Creative
Sony P72 - Brian Sullivan
Our second one looks like i could have been an older model of this one. Our first, I can't even remember the name, it was 1998 and it looked like a Flip, but you took the pictures from the little side. We still have it somewhere around here. - Anika
Mine was one of the first Sony Cybershots. Was teeny and took it everywhere then I destroyed the sensor taking video of a sunset and couldn't replace it with the same model :( - Nicola Quinn
Canon ELPH, I think, but I can't remember the model. It had like 3.2 megapixels and was one of those perfectly squarish cube ones. - Derrick
An Apple Quicktake. Only did black and white and 640x480 resolution. - Robert Scoble
Minolta Dimage 7Hi - Dave Roth
That Olympus was my Mom's first (so kinda my first). My own first camera was a Canon Powershot SD550. - Aaron Hood
Canon PowerShot A70. - Peter Kruit
Canon PowerShot something :D - Neya
The Olympus D-320L in 1997; it had an amazing 1024 by 768 pixels resoltion. Here is one of my favorite pictures from it: - RAPatton
Kodak DC-40 -$700...point and shoot circa 1995...Ouch! - Jamie Ginsberg
Sony P72 for me as well. Been a Sony guy ever since. - Juan Pablo González
I got a Polaroid PDC 2300Z some time in 2001. It was a bulkly little 2 MP point & shoot that cost about $400. The flash would kill the battery very quickly so I always kept it turned off... and discovered that I liked ambient light pictures very much. - Tom Harrison
I remember having a Fuji digital camera (can't remember the model) that took SmartMedia cards (up-to a whopping 128MB!), and a 2 megapixel sensor, or something like that, years before the Kodak. Now I just use my Nokia's camera. - Tyson Key
Casio QV-10 back in 1994(?) An amazing 320 x 240 resolution for a consumer camera back then! hahaha! - Kyle
A Sony DSC-F1 - which was still working when I sold it one year ago. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
The first Canon Digital Ixus (My parents still use it :) - Jemm
@Spidra - Sounds great! ;) - Tyson Key
Kodak Easy Share C763 and I still have it. It was my first dig cam. I thought I would never get to have one and then I got it as a gift. I was delighted with it then, (though I realize that there are things it cannot do and I wish it could do as I had an idea for a book that required night photography) and I delighted with it now. The book idea will have to cook until I can find other means to do it. - Melanie Reed
fuji finepix! - Andrea | amnesiak1978
Canon Powershot S45. I started late :P - Shey
A little 5 MP Samsung Point and shoot. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Kodak DC240. 1.3 MP. Used 4 AA batteries which drained very quickly. - Rodfather
A Kodak that sucked. ALl my Kodaks sucked. I've had two and just ran into issue after issue. I love my little Canon!! - Just Mrs. V
mine was a Kodak too and It sucked , after a couple of weeks the audio suddenly stopped working...they're quite cheap looking as well - Manuela
Casio Exilim 2MP...pretty awesome at the time. I even paid for express shipping from Amazon - Ryan
Canon Powershot A40. - El Conejo Viejo
Canon PowerShot A50. That was one bulky camera! - TVTechGrl
$10 laptop will be available in India within 6 months Very cool.
Looks like its not what they originally reported :\ - Fee501st
I really have to say, I don't buy into that. Components get cheaper the more they get integrated but you can't integrate a display or it is a very small one, 4'' or less. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
@Donald, its not going to have a display - - Fee501st
Donald Townsend
what´s that? - Alex
That's an accident. Didn't mean to tweet this. Cursor jumper windows. Once posted I couldn't delete it completely. - Donald Townsend from BuddyFeed
Where do I spend my time and how much time is needed to make an impact? -
I suppose you can save lots of time if you just feed your blog into major social sites like you do with friendfeed. The more these sites interconnect the more your content spreads over the net. That's what you want in the end. In addition you comment on entries of others to get them interested in you. - Donald Townsend
Robert Scoble
Yo Mac fans, new iLife comes out tomorrow! -
There are already images of shipping notifications on the net... Cannot wait for it! - Holger Eilhard
Firing up Bit Torrent as we speak - Michael Yurechko
Michael - didnt see the trouble with iWork then no? - Simon Wicks
This is great. My wife will really dig the new iPhoto features... - Francis Ouellet
Looking forward to the new iMovie - Didn't like the last version - loubortone
Thanks for the heads up. And yes, let's hope they've fixed iMovie. - amzam from twhirl
hmmm... i don't have my shipping notice yet - and i don't even have my iWork that was shipped last Monday... taking forever! - planetMitch
@Yurechko - i sure don't condone illegal software acquisition... didn't you read about the worm imbedded in the iWork torrent? - planetMitch
Lovely. A great product. - Håkan Dahlström
@planetMitch Nope. I just downloaded the trial and gave it a shot. - Michael Yurechko
Is it worth the upgrade? And is iMovie better? - Michael Hill
Placed my order with Amazon. I'm looking forward to the face recognition feature and iMovie's image stabilisation. - Paul Grav
I ordered immediately after the Keynote, but my shipping status shows Feb. 2 :( - Bryan Bartow
For my needs neooffice is fine. - Richard A.
And as soon as I type that, I go check and it shows it shipped today! :) - Bryan Bartow
WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Now I finally can buy my iMac. - Meryn Stol
finally! - sofarsoShawn
what features do you think are cool in the new iLife? - barce from twhirl
The photo geo-tagging looks pretty cool. - Paul Grav
I'm in no hurry to buy but sooner or later I'll get myself a copy. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
I'll have to buy a new Mac because the iLamp can't run Leopard which is required for iLife 09. The $3000 free program! - Gib
Robert Scoble
I'm sitting with @techcrunch (Mike Arrington) and he said that in Germany someone spit in his face and ran off today. Unbelieveable.
Wow, the person could've had the decency to tell him why, if he was going to commit such an act - Shevonne
UNbelievable! - Sampad Swain
Does Arrington speak German? - Ken Sheppardson
oh how horrible...trying not to laugh.... - Erin @queenofspain
Did that surprise Michael after his anti-European comments last year? (Not that I condone the behavior) - Robert Brady
I'd say this is very strange. Who would have a reason to do someting like this? - Donald Townsend from twhirl
odd. - Thomas Hawk
Wow... Apologizing for my compatriots! This is not only weird but disgusting. Feeling somewhat ashamed... - Jens
@Robert What anti-European comments did he make? - Shevonne
I guess we have some work to do in Europe re-establishing our reputation. Still, that's boorish. - Francine Hardaway
must have been a Scoble fan who didn't like Arrington's bullying intervention ??? - Adrian
wonder if they saw this voting opportunity - Richard Binhammer
I've seen that in German adult films. I think it's a good thing. :P - timedalkat from twhirl
he's famous he has to expect stalkers - Thomas Power
He obviously forgot to invite the guy to TechCrunch 50. - Michael Forian
Can we get some more context, please? This sounds like something that might kick off a huge stink, but I'd like to know why that happened. Was the guy even german? Did they talk before? Just strange.... - Frank Koehntopp
Maybe they French Kiss differently in Germany :O - Scott W.
maybe he spat first or even worse - Bob Sonin
I'm sure that's it. - Ken Sheppardson
Seriously, people are arguing that this might have been an OK thing to do??? - Jason Green from twhirl
This is one of those situations where it is morally acceptable (and should be legally acceptable) to beat the stuffing out of someone. - Dean Rodgers from twhirl
highly disturbing. - Orli Yakuel
I think there is a relationship between this and Mike's post on Techcrunch about European Startups at LeWeb - Ahmed from twhirl
Oh, it's just the latest fad in Germany. Considered an honor. It's when they don't spit on you that you need to worry. - Kevin Leroux
Sad. Just plain sad. - Parth Awasthi
That happened to me in Tokyo. In a bar a Japanese guy kept referring to me as Yankee. I told him that he should use that word carefully cause some Americans take offense. He replied: "I know!" Then he spit in my face. But that was in 1972. - Tokyo Dan from twhirl
@ScottBourne you got me wrong here - I'm afraid Scoble's post sounds like the guy was german, when from Mike's original post it's pretty clear it might have been anyone. He happened to be in germany at the time, but the guy spitting may have been from any place in the world. I'm *not* condoning this by any means - I have the highest respect for Mike, and even if you don't, personal attacks are NEVER justified. - Frank Koehntopp
Just proves that society today is breaking down no matter which country you are in. What ever happened to "respect for others/elders". - Chris Wright from twhirl
I think it was uncalled for. Mike has never assaulted anyone. We all know he's the sort of person to just shrug these things off. So the fact that he's having to take time away from the Job he loves, means this has obviously affected him in a big way. Can't believe the guy ran away, what a coward. - Marcus Beagley
Getting spat on is utterly uncalled for. Its ridiculous. Getting threats against one's life, is ridiculous. I have a response of sorts...well, some thoughts, so to speak - - Colin Charles from twhirl
Next thing these goddam Foreigners will be Throwing Shoes at President Bush!! - Billy Warhol
It's disgusting but there are worse things than being spat on...verbal abuse in a public forum is much worse (speaking as someone who has experienced both). You can wipe spit off (me: it was from a Bush supporter) but harsh, unnecessarily mean words can leave lasting scars. - Liz
Billy, that's "former president Bush", as I'm sure you know. - Mr. Gunn
Not cool. No one desrves that treatment. The coward who did it should speak up. Tell Mike not to let the turkeys and the idiots get him down. - David Parmet from twhirl
Mike did wait till he got to Davos to tell this story, many bloggers were at DLD why didn't someone else write about this two day ago? - paul mooney
Paul: it happened yesterday morning, then he had to leave to come to Davos. He wanted to take some time to consider it. Often we can't write about things that happen to us the minute they happen. - Robert Scoble
he twitted it (neologism in action here). he did. - Marc Brandsma
maybe he was Francesco Totti :) - vitzbank (aka claudio)
The blogger should not become the story - paul mooney
Please extent to Mike my love, sympathy and good wishes. No one deserves that kind of treatment. - Francine Hardaway
thought: will the rush to defend Mike equal the rush to defend Kathy? Or has Mike made himself an unsympathetic persona? Clearly no one should be physically assaulted or bullied out of blogging or work...but will the uproar be as big? Will there be a rally to his side? - Erin @queenofspain
Inexcusable! Whether Mike is perceived as nice or not is no basis for physical assault and insult. This is ugly, plain and simple. - susan mernit
He probably didn't deserve to get spat on (IMO very few people do), but doesn't his letter make TechCrunch sound like it's a wholesome site full of journalistic integrity? He's not taking any blame here? Maybe his time off will give him time to think about how things got to this point. - Paul Reynolds
Wow that is RUDE and cowardly to run off like that... what a jerk! What is astounding is that the individual did not express WHY he had such disdain for Arrington.... totally makes no sense - Susan Beebe
Wow ... while TC and Arrington may "push" their views, spitting, threats and the like are inexcusable. Mike, I am sorry you are going through this. I hope the rest of us are adults and know how to behave. - Darren
Reminds me of the whole "pie-in-the-face" mess that happened to Bill Gates a few years back... - No Name from twhirl
Maybe he miss-spat... - Susan
im not saying its right to do what this guy did, but it makes you think about what to say on your blogs and public. i remember a story (or two) where someone hunted down and attacked a person from the net for stupid comments on a message board... - Terry O'Fee
Robert Scoble
Is Twitter Killing Blogs and Blogging? -
"Twitter +is+ blogging." - Robert Scoble
in a nutshell, yes, its taking attention to satisfaction away from blogging, its an easier, low cost to entry way to your mind out on the web - Dan Rockwell from twhirl
Blogging is, and always has been, just cheap and easy content creation and management which is pretty different to Twitter. Twitter basically replaces the role of blogs for some of the things that people used to use blogs for when they first appeared - dashing off quick links, status updates, and so on. And disagreeing with Robert, i think it's worth thinking of the two things as separate - they'll play different roles in communications in the future. - Ian Betteridge
Twitter is microblogging, Twitter enhances blogging and Twitter can be used separately from a blogging platform for many specific tasks, including blogging. Sure, they are separate, but they work together and reinforce each other. - Chris Loft
I don't think this is a competition, it's quite hard to resume a blog post in a couple of twitter messages and, at the same time, be relevant ... especially when people following you are already following tens, hundreds, <number here> of people! - Lucian Nicolescu
Twitter is Blogging for the ADD crowd - 140 characters and in 2 days you forget what was said - geekazine from twhirl
Agree with Rutger. Friendfeed is more of a blog killer... - Håkan Dahlström
No, not really: Can I write a 500 word post on FriendFeed? FF is a blog *comment* killer, but that's only part of the story with blogging. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
Rutger, good point. As I mentioned, blogging is really "just" cheap, easy content creation/management. The discussion element is, to my mind secondary - not in the sense of being unimportant, but not really at the core of what defines it. And, of course, what you're describing is basically a freeform discussion forum :) - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
What Rutger said. - El Conejo Viejo
Twitter is nothing more than IRC, sure a lot of people think it's microblogging but that's only because they use it five minutes a day. Blogging is more interesting than ever now. Friendfeed and the way it's used show how interesting blogging is at this moment. Show me a person that uses twitter as passionately and I may believe twitter is killing blogs. - Richard A.
Yes: FriendFeed could evolve into a really interesting blogging platform, if that's the direction they want to take - or, of course, offer better integration to existing platforms. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
No, it's helping. Link sharing is the de facto way to be a good community member. The 140 character field is a perfect teaser, and the link is perfect to extend the conversation. FriendFeed is a wonderful enhancement to this process as well. - timedalkat from twhirl
Why are we still having this discussion? Microblogging is here to stay. Twitter and Friendfeed *can* make you smarter bloggers. But so can any time you spend away from your own blog and focus on *others* and their work. Seriously. - Barbara K. Baker
It is killing link blogs and "superficial" blog uses, so overall probably helping in terms of substance and quality. - Randy Holloway from twhirl
@randy, so it's keeping those that shouldn't blog too busy to post ;-) - Richard A.
Both Twitter and FriendFeed are sources for information. If you know how to use them, it can enhance your blog. So I don't think Twitter nor FriendFeed are blog killers. I'd say it's the opposite. - Umit Namli
I don't think so. Two very different media encouraging different types of interface. I think they are complimentary rather than antagonistic. - Martha
For me FF did (Twitter not so much) -- I used blogging as a catharsis and found FF fufilled that need so I stopped blogging - - Brian Sullivan
Umit: it's always worth remembering that media doesn't just serve as source of information, but also engagement through entertainment. People like commenting, because it entertains. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
True Ian.Guess it all depends on how you use Twitter and FriendFeed. But if you'd ask me "Is Twitter killing blogs and blogging", my answer would be "No". - Umit Namli
Robert - Twitter is a Micro Blog and it gets people talking. This is good for society. I don't believe Twitter hurts blogging - it just enhances it. - Rob Cairns
Doesn't this depend on how people are using this? I liken this to CNN Headline News vs. The Newshour with Jim Leher...if you want the quick hit of info. to share and/or discover, Twitter is a great platform; alternatively, if you want to dive into a deeper conversation, research, experience, blogs play that role. - Christian
Robert, Madagascar is going through troubles now. So many people are awaiting for news but events are feeding too fast: Malagasy people is discovering Twitter and FriendFeed's power as writing blog articles take long time and you need to find many infos in ONE page. You can visit and - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I usually don't have time to maintain my old blog, but I think twitter allows me to share to the community anyway. Combining twitter with sites that allow for comments and discussions give me more value than posting a blog that hardly anyone reads... - Frode Stenstrøm
I am cowed into speechlessness. - Moses Kpetigo
I post my tweets on my blog so I see it as an adjunct. - Phil Boiarski
so twitter as blogging is therefore committing suicide ~ ie this person's next blog post. Ie. someone missed the mark by a long shot. - sofarsoShawn
I think that it is. It has killed my blogs. Twitter is a lot more interactive and fun. - Adam Jackson
Twitter is interactive live blogging but I won't say it's killing blogging. Twitter is to blogging what a video clip is to a feature film. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
How the Bogus War between Google and Twitter/Friendfeed begins - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Killing blogging, no way. I personally think its taking blogging to an all new level. Not only can you promote blogs on twitter, the readers can now interact with you in a entirely new way. Twitter fills the cracks that the blog leaves behind. - Sloan Bowman
I've dabbled with "full-blown" blogging but most days don't have the time to write "essays". Or anything to say that's worth that number of words. I like Twitter for its immediacy and the way it makes you express the thought succinctly. Equally I like FF for being somewhere between the two. "Medium" blogging rather than full blown or micro. It's a mood thing yanno. - CdL Creative
Twitter is blogging -- just 140 chars per chunk. - David Feng
the one evolution that social networking services like FriendFeed and Twitter have over blogs is that we really can't see who's interested in our stuff. we can track RSS views, but we've no idea who they are. - Jason Salas from IM
Jim - the closer we get the traditional media demographic data, coupled with the new metrics, the real value of social apps will really shine through - Jason Salas
The days of stand-alone blogs as a primary revenue source are over - Bob Sonin
Marcos Marado
Worldometers - real time world statistics -
Worldometers - real time world statistics
great! - Sasha Kovaliov
Impressive! - Rui Pires
So frightening to see the world population increasing so rapidly :) - Onur Özdemir
but the total world pop. doesnt match with the numbers in "in real time" - Onur Özdemir
Great recommendation. Thanks for sharing. - Donald Townsend from BuddyFeed
The yearly book titles published in a year is wrong which makes me nervous about the rest of it. Cool but ... accurate? - AJ Kohn
Quite like the idea, but the accuracy of the numbers is to be questioned. - Umit Namli
Robert Scoble
Happy sixth birthday WordPress! -
I love Wordpress. The hosted version I use,, has been the most reliable service in my life. That's a huge testimonial to how good it is and how well Matt and his team thought it all out. Thank you! - Robert Scoble
So you're saying that WP and my daughter were born on the same day? I still think I got the better end of the deal! ;) - Lucretia Pruitt
WordPress birthday is one day before mine? Must be a good sign. I love both my blog and site. They are a great company and really get their community too. WordCampSF was an amazing experience this year. - Morgan
As great as it is, I'm doing a lot of yelling at it right now lol - Dean Clark
Happy Birthday Wordpress- I use you for my blog and I love it. - Rob Cairns
Happy Birthday WordPress! - Drew Lucas from twhirl
Six years, already? Can't believe that much time has gone by. I came from Movable Type and started using Wordpress prior to version 1.5. Switched my last blog to WP when MT had problems handling the large amount of posts. With WP I have always liked the simplicity and ease of use. I hope it stays that way. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
Happy B-day WP! - Adriana
Happy birthday. Great platform - Håkan Dahlström
Yeah... Happy Birthday WP. If anyone told me some 2 decades ago, that i would ever leave a birthday with for some lines of codes ... oh well... things changed and WP definately changed my life, too. - Sascha Pallenberg
Happy birthday to WordPress. I use the self-hosted one and it is by far the best blogging platform you can use. Very much recommended to all bloggers! - HowToMakeMyBlog
Now I know why I was having so many problems designing a new theme yesterday. I guess it was upset that I hadn't wished it a happy birthday. Happy birthday WordPress, now be nice to me today. - Keith James Designs
Now please go away to make room for _good_ software. - ·[▪_▪]· introduced me to the blogosphere and enabled me to share my voice with people from the US to the UK and beyond. Happy 6th birthday WordPress, you old-timer you! - Joe Mescher
Long Life WordPress: Code Is Poetry! :-) - Adriano Gasparri
Robert Scoble
Instead of going to the Crunchies I shot this video of Diana Ross:
That's my first HD video on Facebook shot with a FlipCamHD. - Robert Scoble
Very cool. :) I missed this party, but your party was a blast! :) - Daynah
Daynah, thanks, it was a fun week! - Robert Scoble
The video quality is awesome - Paul Povolni
nice video - though quality suffers considerably when there is a lot of movement and change of light in the shot - Donald Townsend
Donald: the most important thing you can do with these small cameras is use a monopod. This was my first video and I was just playing around. Future ones will be better. - Robert Scoble
I like to use a little flexible leg tripod for my Flip Ultra. I can put it on a table and just quickly push and pull on it until I get it pointing at the right angle. - Gregg H.
great video. love the flipcam, reviewed the HD one and most awesome. - david amodt
Can't see it. I don't have a facebook account. it sucks that you have to login to see a video! - lautaro
My wife just got the Sony T500 - the pictures look awesome in Facebook HD. - Jesse Stay
I wish I was your Facebook friend so I could comment on the Facebook video :-( - Jesse Stay
"I Will Survive" is an appropriate 2009 theme song for start-up's. - Mike Doeff
Is "FlipCamHD" the same as the Flip Mino HD? - Maneesh
Maneesh, Yes, I think that's what Robert meant. - Daynah
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