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Security is important, @Vanguard_Group. We'd like it if you supported two factor auth. #SupportTwoFactorAuth
RT @marcoarment: Good for Amazon for having an HBO Go row in their feature comparison chart for their AppleTV clone, even though it’s a negative for them.
My favorite startup of 2013 is hands-down @doordash Love them! Wish their delivery radius for Fuki Sushi were just slightly larger though :)
Security is important, @AmericanExpress. We'd like it if you supported two factor auth. #SupportTwoFactorAuth
Wow. Blown away by how good the #ChromebookPixel is. Gorgeous screen. Great trackpad (a first on a Chromebook!) More:
Happy Birthday Camera Awesome! 13M downloads, faster than Instagram's first year! 250M photos! Android 'soon' :)
Whoa! Apple's Lightning HDMI adapter contains ... an ARM SoC?! $50 computer! Who will hack it first? #gogogo
RT @scottgu: Today we posted a root cause analysis of the certificate outage we had on Windows Azure last Friday:
Great article. 'The Coolest Experience I Had as an Apple Store Employee'
RT @t3rmin4t0r: If a server slows down in the cloud and the admins don't hear it, does it still make a noise? -
RT @t3rmin4t0r: How php 5.4 does objects differently & better -
RT @bigwebguy: @VerizonFiOS perhaps not the best time to market your reliability considering DC area issues. I've been down for 55 hrs. And counting.
My #Teslagate conclusion: @NYTimes exaggerated. @TeslaMotors exaggerated. Car amazing. Superchargers need to be closer. Controversy sells.
RT @kevinmarks: » @arstechnica: Even Obama knows patent trolls are “extorting” money by @joemullin« #fixpatents
RT @waxpancake: Boy, I hope @mailbox is taking security seriously. With access to 800,000+ Gmail accounts, they'll soon be a HUGELY desirable hack target.
#Teslagate is like @TMZ for geeks.
RT @kevinmarks: » @dbfarber: Obama: We're only halfway there on patent reform via @CNET« #fixpatents
rofl. Heard around the the office: This controversy should be called #Elongate
RT @dpatil: More on the Tesla data story here:
If @NYTimes is right and 32 > 51, I’m going to have a lot of bug-hunting in SmugMug’s codebase to do. #Teslagate
RT @ktguru: Hauntingly gorgeous shot of Golden Gate disappearing into fog @DonMacAskill
Interesting #Teslagate article by @rzgreenfield misses important point: How is 51 miles less than 32? “fell short”?
.@b6n Dunno, but if so, sign me up. Ditto on broadband.
RT @b6n: Is there a wildly successful mobile carrier that costs more but differentiates on customer service?
Also wish @TeslaMotors REST API had used OAuth or some other revocable token mechanism rather than 3-month cookies. What if I lose device?
RT @b6n: @DonMacAskill @TeslaMotors Mutating GETs argh argh argh
Too bad the @TeslaMotors REST API does ‘writes’ with GET. Should be PUT (idempotent) or POST (non-idempotent). Looks like mostly/all PUT.
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