Don MacAskill
JPG Magazine dead. :( Says they exhausted all avenues to save it - but they never talked to us. We'd love to save it. Can anyone help?
Surely FF / Twitter can rally to save this thing? I don't even know what's involved, but I'm very interested in seeing SmugMug can do it or help or whatever. The photography is soooooo good... - Don MacAskill
I was bummed out by that as well when I got the notification this morning. I just joined the site a month ago but was really impressed by the membership. - Lindsay
I would think they'll be selling off the assets. Would be great see this publication continue in some form. - Mike Doeff
I think it would be neat if Smugmug bought it, and I could tie my JPG submissions to my Smugmug account. I have no idea if it would be financially viable but as a customer of both I'd be quite happy to see that happen :) - Eric P
Heh. Eric, I've been wanting to do something similar with for a while. That is, tie an existing photo sharing/printing service with my community product. Photographers could then have an easy way to sell prints/books/etc. seamlessly through the site. It's odd to me that entrenched community and print sales haven't bumped into one another yet, as it seems like such an obvious play in the photo space. Every site out there seems to focus on either or. - Ryan Gillespie
JPG Magazine free for SmugMug members--genius. buy it out of bankruptcy print it at breakeven - Jason Calacanis
As a Smugmugger I'd love to chip in and help you guys save JPGmag - Roberto Bonini
don-put markham in touch w/ exec team. let me know how else i can help. -sigmund@jpg - sig naah
I must say I hadn't really known about it, as I am normally over at, and don't do many tree magazines. I just signed up on the JPG website, which looks great, and if the SmugPeople get behind it, I'll chip in however I can, FWIW. Looks like it'd be a shame to lose such a great resource. - James Schipper
If SmugMug walks away from the JPG implosion interested in a cheaper asset purchase, 52 Clix is open for discussions. ryan@52clix - Ryan Gillespie