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Wondering why @flightcar's insurance covers owners from theft but not renters of same vehicle?
If you have the next hour free, I think @KQED's live interview with SF @MayorEdLee is going to be quite interesting
RT @Caterina: Excellent article on the SF housing crisis by @kimmaicutler I agree with @dotben "best @techcrunch article ever"
Ed Snowden appearing on the Putin interview seems very ill-advised. Or he was put up to do it, which is chilling.
RT @frankieboyle: Hats off to anyone who wants to immigrate after listening to these cunts #europedebate
Wow @NickFarage went and mentioned a British "White working class" - finally he shows the racist foundation to his views #europedebate
Ouch, all of @CoinBase user emails + full names leaked. Partial list here -> #Bitcoin #Fail
Wonderful to see @WPEngine CEO @HeatherJBrunner on @BloombergTV today> Women Should Consider Tech to Build Career:
I just published this about the NSA: “When words can no longer be trusted”
CNN's floating theories that MH370 could have disappeared due to supernatural reasons, just like we hear "stories of supernatural at church"
Ed Snowden spoke at TED yesterday (much better than the SxSW talk btw) > 'Here's how we take back the Internet'
Wherever "AJ" is right now, he must be feeling like a total idiot
RT @toodlepip: SXSW 2013: Doing Business in the USA Summit via @sxsw < welcoming @dotben @manoushz to spkr line-up
Checked into tomorrow's Southwest flight 2 seconds after check-in opened (used bruit-force page reload on mobile site), got B group. Damn :/
I'm pro manned space travel. If we send two humans to Mars and back, but they don't land, I don't see what inherent value that brings us.
Apparently, though, the London Mayor has declared London is a better city for tech than Silicon Valley! Oh, Boris, you are a tosser...
Just been asked by London Mayor's office if I'd like to move @WPEngine to London (they didn't know I'm British). Obviously the answer is no!
Lots of old skool bangers tonight. Just heard DJ FemmeFatale "what a great way to ring in 2004" on this 1Xtra podcast I'm reminiscing
Lots of old skool bangers tonight. Just heard @Femme_Fatale_Dj say "what a great way to ring in 2004" on this 1Xtra podcast I'm reminiscing
Bemused as to why Italians are voting Berlusconi back in. Ditto Bush/US and Morsi/Egypt. Welcome to democracy, isn't it wonderful?
Threatening to take the Ducati out on it's first ride of the year...
If Google want to make Glass stylish I feel they should be talking to Lindberg or @OliverPeoples, not $99 frame designer @WarbyParker :/
Eating dinner at Bin38 in the Marina while talking about VC rounds. I feel like such a douche bag. With @tmpuig.
The Prodigy. Breathe. Currently being blasted very loudly. That is all.
Finding out the blog/site you enjoy reading so much is actually hosted on your startup… what a feeling. :D
Staying up till 4:20am and then getting up again at 6am for my flight… this is going to become regrettable later today :/
It's almost 1am in the @WPEngine office and only now after listening to Bauer a few times have we thought about doing a Harlem Shake video…
The only reason I own a printer is so I can print flight boarding documents. Southwest should pay for my paper + toner bill ;)
Not able to sleep tonight.
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