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Burak Kartal [ Mackrulz ]
RT @shugairi: "شتم رجل أحد الصالحين.. فالتفت الصالح إلى الرجل وقال له: هي صحيفتك فاملأها بما شئت.."
Burak Daylan
Burak Polat
2010 National Pigeon Champions — Lost At E Minor: For creative people - http://www.lostateminor.com/2011...
2010 National Pigeon Champions — Lost At E Minor: For creative people
2010 National Pigeon Champions — Lost At E Minor: For creative people
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sondaki bomba :))) - Çizmeli Kedi
oha - Nucro
Tom Schoffelen
I really need a new website...
about what ? - Abdessamad Aouad
*drools* >>How to Make a Hanging Gutter Garden | aHa! Home and Garden - http://www.ahahomeandgarden.com/garden...
*drools* >>How to Make a Hanging Gutter Garden | aHa! Home and Garden
*drools* >>How to Make a Hanging Gutter Garden | aHa! Home and Garden
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"Why Bother with a Gutter Garden? For me, I have plenty of space to grow all the edibles I want, however, many apartment dwellers are confined to balconies, or small patios, and a collection of containers can start to look cluttery and cost a lot of money up front. Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home to grow flowers, edibles and create a stylish space divider or privacy screen without spending too much money. Oh, and the slug issue – that’s just it, there is none! Not to say this design is pest free. You’ll still have to deal with flying pests, but you can easily wrap some row cover material around the gutters to allow sunlight in, but keep the flying buggers away from your spinach. Note to self: this is great blog idea – more to come on this issue. Other gutter garden designs have suggested anchoring them on the side of your house. Although this is not a bad option, I’d rather not drills holes into my siding or worry about water... more... - Anika from Bookmarklet
That is cool. - Lindsay
so beautiful pictures :) - Abdessamad Aouad
TheNextWeb Forum
Trish R
Making progress!
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I've very competitive. Obviously I learned this from my dad because we are comparing how our tomatoes are doing. He is growing tomatoes in the ground and I"m growing them in buckets and mine are doing much better. I am determined to have better tomatoes than him this year. :-) - Trish R
Wow! They're really growing! - Derrick
Yeah, I'm excited! Some of the tomatoes already have blooms! - Trish R
Have you had any trouble with any kinds of pests so far? - Derrick
No, and I haven't used anything yet for bugs. I will probably spray them with insecticidal soap once they start making fruit. I've had to chase the squirrels away several times but they haven't done any damage to the plants. - Trish R
I've noticed that my container plants start out better than those in the ground, but they don't always end up as big (in the long run) as those in the ground. I think it might be a matter of needing more space to grow for the roots, but I'm not sure. - Katy S
That's happened to me before, too, when I used a container that was too small. That's also why I used 5 and 10 gallon buckets this year, to make sure each plant had enough room. - Trish R
It actually worked out for me, since I had way too many tomato plants for one person, anyway, but I would use the larger sizes (like you did) in the future. - Katy S
I'm going to have too many tomatoes, too, but I plan to can them and make sauce and salsa. Part of the fun for me is just the challenge of growing them. - Trish R
Excellent! I made a lot of sauces. Plus, my neighbors (who could see how many tomatoes I already had) kept gifting me with their extras so I had even more than planned. It is fun to grow them. I like to try at least one different variety each time. I've been playing with some of the heirloom varieties, lately. - Katy S
Half-and-half roof model < Bird feeders - Sunset.com - http://www.sunset.com/home...
Half-and-half roof model < Bird feeders - Sunset.com
It has a living roof! Perfect for sedum or thyme. I think I need to make this. - Anika from Bookmarklet
HDMI girişi öbür tarafta sanırım - İrfan
HDMI? - sy
bundan istiyorum yine ofisinize gelip elden alsam (A) :) - Süha Yunus Erol
iPhone ilk versiyonu ne geziyor burda yaw - Bahaeddin [ MacinLife ]
İlk gozagrim o benim. - sy from iPhone
smugy - sy
kaç tane alayım diye düşünüyorum. :) - batuhan icoz
ahah, çok düşünme... (; - sy
aslında ihtiyacım çok yok. 4 tane yetecek gibi. :) aksam yada yarin e-posta atayim. - batuhan icoz
bayıldımm - Dilara TAN
sizin evde yer açılınca alırsın Dilara... (: - sy
araya kaynamasın... - sy
bunların yeni paketleri n'oldu Ali bey? - sy
paket yapıyorlarmış - ali yasar
SMUGY'nin kaç usb girişi var, ikinci el mi, sıfır mı, ben iPadSmugy'i tercih ederim. - Ceyhun Akgun
smugy'lerim sırtlarına vurulacak her yükü kaldırabilecek güçteler... harici bir kapıya gerek yok yani... (; - sy
ben icleri de dolu saniyordum bunlarin jelibon gibi yani ama icleri bosmus :) disardan bakinca oyle gozukuyorlar - Dilara TAN
içlerinin boş olmasının sebebi var Dilara, bir yere sabitlemek istersen üzerine bastırarak vakumlanabiliyor bu şekilde... - sy
evet sy kullandikan sonra farkettim ben de ama jelibon gibi duruyor ayni ozellikle japon sekerlerine benziyor :)\ - Dilara TAN
bak gördünmü adam yine aramadı bütün gün? - ali yasar from iPhone
bi iş var bu işte ama anlamadım? - sy
Henüz gördüm (: Hayırlı olsun - Cahit Che
mersi... (: - sy
Abi bunun sarı lacivertli olanı varmı ? - Erdinç Zaman
Laci var da sarılar üretimdeler. - sy from iPhone
khaled mimoune
عدو الإستمرار في النجاح و التطور هو التيه و سط التفاصيل الكثيرة #ArabicDay
عيد الأضحى بالمغرب يوم الأربعاء 17 نونبر كل عام وأنتم بألف خير :) http://www.anamaghreb.com/...
Mustafa Alkan /breath>
Robert Scoble
RT @Durf: World population rankings: 1: China 2: India 3: Facebook 4: USA 5: MySpace 6: Indonesia 7: Brazil 8: Twitter (via @mikamika59)
Booshaka is Your Source for Breaking Facebook News « Black Web 2.0 - http://www.blackweb20.com/2010...
Booshaka is Your Source for Breaking Facebook News « Black Web 2.0
"How many times have you discovered breaking news by logging on to Facebook and checking out your news stream? If you happen to live in an area outside of your home town, Facebook can be the second best way (RSS feeds are #1) to keep tabs of what is going on back home. Now, there is another source that will allow you to logon and see what is trending on all of Facebook. This source is called Booshaka." - Amani from Bookmarklet
Flickr Photography
I'm Sitting Down Here, But Hey You Can't See Me
I'm Sitting Down Here, But Hey You Can't See Me
RedEyes© posted a photo: Model : Wink Location : Chillenden, Kent Camera : Nikon D300 Lens : Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 @ F4.5, 1/1250th Sec, 70mm, ISO 200, Spot Metered 1 x SB900 Camera left Bare
"So far, DLNA and network-enabled sharing has been a relatively nascent feature in modern phones. While it's more than possible to send media to our phones, doing the opposite is far more difficult, if not impossible. On the Android, TwonkyMedia Server is one of the first apps to take advantage of Google's flexible development platform in such a way, turning wifi-packing handsets into portable UPnP media servers. Now with the Droid X, Motorola is looking to continue that trend. But what of the industry's other popular platforms? BlackBerry fell off the media wagon years ago, while Apple's iPhone — once one of the best media playing phones money could buy — is beginning to seem stagnant. The Droid X, meanwhile, includes 8GB of onboard memory, with another 16GB microSD card included in-box. That amounts to a whopping 24GB of media space, all shareable over the air." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
*Treasure Valley
Google is starting to push your "social circle" into the search result set .. I DON'T "like" this. I want pure results w/o friend's input.
can you post this in our page "All things Google" http://www.facebook.com/pages... - Abdessamad Aouad
"Facebook doesn't make it easy to delete your account, but a growing number of people appear to be turning to Google to find out how to do just that. Google Suggest, the drop-down box that offers suggested search query completions based on absolute and recent upticks of popularity, now guesses that if you start typing "How do I..." that you'd like to know how to quit Facebook. Note that deactivating your account, something that Facebook responds to in a pretty shocking way as well, is not the same as deleting it. Search maven Danny Sullivan noted the suggestion on Twitter this morning, but a growing number of industry watchers are talking about people deleting their Facebook accounts. Some, including at least two members of our own staff, have already done so. Google Suggest suggestions are often humorous, but the screenshot below is pretty serious stuff. "So how do you delete your Facebook account? Even that is pretty remarkable! According to the #1 search result for the query, which... more... - sofarsoShawn from Bookmarklet
Anterpreet Singh
tianna simmons
i need a car and a job
i need a job and a car - Abdessamad Aouad
"CarDar is an Android application for marking your parking spot, letting you wander off, and helping you find your way back again. Features * Parking history * Notes – Useful in situations that GPS is unavailable such as parking garages. * Parking meter notifications (full version) * Google map driving or walking directions. * Manually mark your parking spot if GPS is unavailable. * RADAR view (full version)" - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
The satellite imagery view is total genius. Really helps you find your way around. - LANjackal
Tested today when I parked my car 800+m from a party. Works best when combined with the Radar app. - LANjackal
DROID, N1 or Droid Incredible :) - LANjackal
primospot.com was first ! - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
But it is it better? CarDar is the only Android app for that purpose that I've seen an actual review of - LANjackal
nvm, I found out about PrimoSpot: http://www.appbrain.com/app... Coverage is limited to NYC and Boston only, and it actually costs money, LOL. Rule #1 Android App Development: There must be a FREE version of your app. I'll pass, thanks - LANjackal
Great. can you post it on google street view group http://friendfeed.com/googles... - Abdessamad Aouad
That group has a private feel and I'm not so sure I'm interested in it ... - LANjackal
Aline Ohannessian
Robyn Hawk
Facebook HELP! I need to change the name of a Facebook Fan Page - anyone know how? @MariSmith - anyone?
Thanks - but it already has a vanity url - I wanted to change the actual title of the page...starting over.... - Robyn Hawk
Guillermo Bravo
Google wants to index all things. - Abdessamad Aouad
John Federico
I'm addicted to Clicky web analytics' real-time "Spy" tool http://gadgetboy.posterous.com/im-addi...
good service - Abdessamad Aouad
Marc A. Ross
How Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Think About Real-Time Search – GigaOM http://gigaom.com/2010...
i like real-time search :) - Abdessamad Aouad
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